Rabid (1977) Script



As far as I can see, these guys are completely legit, Danny.

The bank has checked them out. They're just as convinced as I am.

They're willing to go all the way with us.

You know the idea of a franchised operation for plastic surgery resorts is a natural It's one of those magnificent, inevitable ideas.

Banks are always quick to say that when everything's rolling easy.

But, you take it from me, the first signs of heat from the medical association, the first cries of professional outrage, the bank will call back it's note and leave us hanging by our thumbs.

It's not the financing that's bothering you, Dan.

Your voice has that edge to it.

I've never denied it.

I just sure as hell don't want to become the Colonel Sanders of plastic surgery.

Why not? Sounds great to me.

We passed it.

We didn't pass it. I remember that farm.

We passed it. That farm is past Concession Road 12 We were supposed to turn at Concession Road 11.

I don't remember that farm, Dad.

We didn't pass it. I very distinctly remember that farm.

If you would just stop this vehicle long enough to look at this map I will...

All right!

You're both right and I'm all wrong.

We'll turn around and go all the way back.

Goddamn thing!

Shoulda never sold the station wagon.

Oh, Christ, Bob!

Huh? Oh, Christ!


Lloyd! My God! I just saw a motorcycle exploded in that field.

I think there's somebody under it. I better tell the boys inside.

Is Dr. Keloid there? It's urgent.

Yeah, what is it, Steve?

There's been a motorcycle accident a few minutes down the highway.

Should I take the ambulance and go get 'em?

Yeah, sure.

What am I suppossed to do? Go back to the three of the largest investment groups of North America and say...

Steve? You still there? Yes.

Hang on till I get there, OK? I'm coming with you. Meet you at the front.

Oh, now, Dan. We've got a lot of decisions to make...

You and Murray work it out, hon.

Just make the pill easy for me to swallow, OK?

I don't know why you'd married him.

Bob, get back!

Be careful, Bob!

Get in back, hold him back there!

Get the car run, let's go!

They're over there, Doctor! They were speeding!

Oh, my God.

How is her breathing? Heavy.

The man's got a broken hand, separated shoulder, concussion.

We can send him to the General.

But it's definitely major surgery for her, and right now.

I know we're not, but we've got no choice.

How is her blood pressure? Steady.

I'd say she's got a half hour to live and it's three hours to the nearest serious hospital.

It's us or nobody.

It must be bad.

Oh, my God.

Get it up!

The guy in the van has got a concussion, separated shoulder, broken hand.

Maybe some Demerol when he becomes lucid. OK, Dr. Keloid.

OK, boys. Take her into pre-op.

Tell Dr. Karl to set her up for the works.

We're ready for you, doctor.

What's that all about?

Somebody said something about an accident.

Couldn't they throw a sheet over it or something?

I don't buy it, Dan. You haven't seen her.

I don't have to see her.

Neutral field grafts have never been used internally.

We could end up with a terminal cancer patient on our hands.

Aw, c'mon. We can monitor, Roxy.

She's got nothing to lose. Literally.

So when do I get to see Rose?

Not for a while.

Why not?

Oh, Jesus.

I didn't kill her, did I?

She's not dead.

Now, I know everyone here is familiar with the standard techniques of skin grafting, but what we're going to do is a little out of the ordinary.

I'll explain it as we go.

We're removing full-thickness skin grafting material from the patient's thighs as per normal graft acquisition procedure.

However, before these grafts are applied to the damaged areas of the patient's breasts, abdomen, and so on, they will be treated so that they become morphogenetically neutral.

They are then called neutral field grafts.

Well, when the thigh skin tissue is treated, it'll lose its specificity as both thigh tissue and skin tissue.

For example, if it were grafted to a burned cheek, it wouldn't just be thigh skin with the color and texture of thigh skin it would actually develop as facial tissue.

In other words, neutral field tissue has the same ability to form any part of the human body that the tissue of a human embryo has.

Let me add that there is always a possibility that carcinomas will form when neutral field grafts are used internally.

In this case, we're using a radical plastic-surgery technique to compensate for our lack of heavy medical hardware.

Can we treat the graft material here, Dr. Keloid?

No, Dr. Karl. The graft tissue will be frozen and sent to the Sperling Institute.

We'll have to keep the patient in an operation-ready state until it comes back to us.

Now I know this is going to be trying for all of us, but it can't be helped.


No. Her body is still in a state of total shock.

She can't possibly be moved to a city hospital yet.

Her grafts seem to be healing well.

We've been monitoring the internal grafts electronically and there is definitely new tissue growth happening in the abdominal cavity.

Her helmet probably saved her from brain damage, but until she's fully conscious...

You won't know that either.

Hart, what can I tell you? There's no magic.

Look, I've done my best.

You're welcome to visit Rose any time you want.

Please, believe me, I will personally telephone you the instant Rose shows even the slightest signs of regaining consciousness.

Jeez, when I saw that thing burning, I never figured I'd be standing here talking to you a month later.

How's your hand? Oh, it's ok, I think.

They're taking the cage off later on this afternoon. That's when I'll find out.

The pin stays in my shoulder for another month, though.

Doesn't seem to bother me except when it gets damp.

Last time I've got my ears done I've really felt when the weather changed.

It's probably something you gonna have to live with.

Yeah, I guess so.

Hi Lloyd. Hi.

How are you doing? Great, not too bad.

Looks terrific. Good.

C'mon, Hart. I got a pack of hungry investors waiting for me. Ok, Bye, bye.

I hope you've got some friends who'll help you unload that pile of junk.

I've got a bad back. What're you going to do with it? Use it for an ashtray?


Rosie, sweetie, take it easy! You need that juice, sweetie.

It's keeping you alive.

What are you doing, Hart? Are we all right? Are we...

I'm not Hart, Rosie.

Hart's back in Montreal waiting for you. I'm Lloyd. I'm a friend of yours.

Hart? Back in Montreal. Waiting for you.

Oh. I... I guess I was dreaming.

I don't think you were just dreaming.

You and Hart were in a really spectacular motorcycle crash.

Crash? Yes.

You're bleeding right now. I'd better get Dr. Keloid.

Oh. No! No. Don't go. I'm all right.

But I'm freezing cold.

Oh, you're so warm.

Look, I think I'd better... Hold me!


I'm dying of the cold.

Oh, God, that feels so good.

Ah, look... you don't even know where you are, do you?

Oh, God.

Look, this is really weird.

Are you sure you know what you're... Ow!

Hey, I think I... I think I cut myself.

I think I cut myself or something.


Who is it?

Mr Walsh! What on earth has happened to you?

I don't know. I can't remember anything.

Were you sleepwalking?

Could you have fallen against something outside and then come back in without waking up?

I doubt it. Never done anything like that before.

Get me some stuffing, maybe a sponge or two as well.

This wound isn't clotting at all.

I think we're going to have to shoot in some coagulants to get a scab to form.

Right away.

Does this hurt?

Can't feel a thing.

You can't?

My whole right side has no feeling in it.

Just this aching kind of tingling.

Dr. Keloid.

Maxim would like to see you.

Well, right now?

He says it's very important. He's waiting in the hall.



our friend here may have had a stroke. The General's the best place for him.

But before you plug him up I want 10 cc of blood drawn directly from that wound for tests.

Then get Steve to drive him into the city in the ambulance. Tell him to take lots of plasma with him.

We're going to have to forget about the coagulants until the General has a chance to do an ECG on him.

Will do, Doctor.

Yes Maxim, what's up?

You told me to check around the grounds to see if I could find out how Mr. Walsh got hurt? I couldn't find nothing outside. No blood, nothing.

Then Nurse Rita call me.

Watch your feet, Doctor. The police may want to examine it exactly the way we found it.

Why the police?

Mr. Walsh fellow attempted to molest the poor girl while she was still in a coma.

I've seen things like that happen before.

Maybe he was drunk.

Hm. Her grafts have taken amazing well.

Judy Glasberg.

You back again?

Daddy didn't think the new nose was different enough, so I'm in for more alterations.

I keep telling him it looks just like his, and he keeps saying, 'That's why I want you to change it.'

What's that?

I'm terrified to find out what it really means.

All right, you! Hold it right there!

Oh. Whatta we got here?

Hello, sweet honey pie.

What're ya drinkin'?

You come in to get outta the cold?

I got something ya can take a drink off of, an'it ain't no whisky, neither.

Honey pie.

You've got blood on your mouth.

Do you like me, ha?

I kin tell ya do.

Come on!


Lloyd, where are you going? You can't leave yet.

They haven't figured out how come you're bleeding all over the place.

Aw, it's slowed down to a trickle.

No problem. No problem, ha?

How's your arm? It's fine.

All right.

If the night nurse comes around, I'll tell her you're in the can, how's that?


Take care of yourself. You, too.

Take me to Camelford. I'll tell you where to go from there.

Rose? I thought everyone was asleep.

Do you mind if I get in with you?

I've been lying in bed for such a long time, my body aches all over.

I'm so glad I ran into you.

I think I'd better get out now.

I'm getting all wrinkly.

Oh, no. Not yet. You haven't even told me your name.

Judy Glasberg.

Mondom neki: "Miért hagyod, hogy a nejed dirigáljon neked?"

Mister, are you ok?

You look a little bit sick.

Do you mind if I pull over the side of the road?

Hello? Hart!

I'm in terrible trouble. I want you to help me.

Rose? Is it really you?

Where are you? Are you all right?

Hart, can you hear me? Yes, I can hear you.

Listen, you've got to come quick and get me.


Tell me what's wrong?

You all right, dear?

Rose, what's wrong?

Christ! What was the number of that place?

Doctor, I think you'd better come with me.

I think...

I'd like to talk to her alone first.


Rose... I'm Dr. Keloid.

Dan Keloid.

I'm here to help you, sweetheart.

Oh, dear.

It's all right.

Rose, we won't talk about anything right now except how you're feeling, OK?


First thing I want to do is to check out some of the skin grafts we did for you.

What's the matter, Rose? Are you in pain?

Talk to me, Rose.

It's the only way I can understand what's bothering you.

I'm hideous, Doctor.

I'm crazy and I'm a monster.

C'mon, Rose.

There's just about nothing we can't fix if we know what's wrong.

Now, I don't want any more games. Do what I tell you.

That's enough.


Look at Potato-man! He is in love with Ketchup-women.

Not now.

Excuse me.

Who is this? What do you want? Do you know what time it is?

Listen Murray, I hate like hell having to bother you like this, but I'm going out of my skull.

It's ok. I was up anyway with the baby.

What's the matter? I got this phone call from the clinic.

And? From Rose.

Who? From Rose!

She's supposed to be in a coma, for God's sake.

She said she was in trouble. She wants me to help her.

She wants me to come and get her right now.

Look, Hart - she's confused and she's scared.

Did you phone the clinic back and try to talk to Danny?

I did. I got to talk to a tape recorder.

I left a message.


OK. I tell you what I'm going to do.

I'll phone Danny right now at his private number, and I'll tell him that your Rosie is making phone calls in the middle of the night.

Then I'll pick you up in an hour and we'll go up to the clinic together. How's that grab ya?

Ok, Murray.

Thanks a hell of a lot. Yeah, Keep well. See you soon.

Does that hurt?

No, it doesn't hurt.

How long have you been conscious, Rose? Do you know?

Couple of days.

Do you feel weak?

I feel strong. I feel very strong.

Rita tells me you refused to let her attach you to your intravenous nutrient bottles. Why?

I don't need them. They make me feel sick.

I don't understand.

They've got to be your only source of food.

They're not.

They haven't been for a couple of days.

Not since that man... Man?

What are you talking about?

I'll show you.

Half a BBQ chicken to go. Yes, sir.

Half a BBQ chicken to go.

And... will that be all?

Hey, Mister. Did you know you're bleeding?

It's nothin'.

Musta had a rough night, Buddy. I can't remember too good.

Here is your order, Sam.

Hey, Buddy. I think that one's mine.

I said... I think that one's mine, Buddy.

I gotta eat. I gotta eat. I gotta eat...

I don't hit nobody with glasses.

Now calm down!

You're sure you want to do this one, Dan?

Louise and I could handle it with no trouble.

I'll be fine.

You were pretty groggy this morning.

Cut yourself shaving?

I'll be fine.



Do you want me to complete the stitching, Dr. Keloid?

I need... I need something to cut with, Dr. Rushton.

You want the scissors now, Doctor? Yes. The scissors now.



Rita, Dr. Keloid's gone crazy. He's killing everybody!

There's blood everywhere! We've got to do something!

Calm down. Come quickly.

The man, later identified as 43-year-old Fred Atkins of Camelford, went berserk this morning during an argument over who was to be served first, and bit the counter girl on the arm.

The man was subdued by an unidentified truck driver and the place's cook, but died of unknown causes before police arrived.

Local health authorities suspect that rabies might be involved and have vaccinated everyone concerned.

And now, after a brief pause for station identification, we'll...

The place they were talking about on the radio.

Wanna stop off for a bite?

Not hungry, thanks.

Hey, look. What's going on there? What?

The place is crawling with police.

You're right.

Oh, Christ, no!

What's the matter? It's Rose. It's got to be.

Something's happened to Rose! Take it easy, Hart.

They wouldn't need three cruisers for that. It's something else for sure.

C'mon! C'mon!

Take it easy, will you?

Bill, what's going on?

Where's Dr. Keloid? Murray, thank God you're here.

It's been a nightmare.

I'm trying to find my girlfriend.

She's a patient here.

She was here last night but nobody seems to know where she is.

We got a young girl downstairs. You wanna take a look at her?

Is her name Rose? We don't know. We didn't ask her. C'mon.

Tell the chief I'm downstairs gettin' an ID. Be back in a flash.

So you are Dr. Keloid's business partner?

Yeah, that's right, I am. Now...

Come with me, please. Excuse me.

Bill? No, you go, Murray.

I can't. I've seen it.

Mr. Cypher, please!

Couple of my men got bitten.

Those rabies shots are killers.

Think I'd rather take my chances on getting sick instead.

How is he, doc?

You said they've got bitten.

Bitten? By what? By that.

What? Go ahead, take a look.

Can you confirm the identification of this man as Dr. Daniel Keloid?

C'mere. Can't see anything from there.

Is that Rose?


No. No, that's not Rose.

Rose, would you like a bite?

Steak on a bun. Real good.

Um... wouldn't mind just one bite.


It's fabulous.

It's ok.

Last time I ever patronize that greasy spoon, I can promise you that.

C'mon sweetheart. There's a girl. Get it all out.

I'll lift you back in. We'll get you some soup or something at the next stop.

Something wrong?

Hey, buddy!


I musta dozed off. Yeah, I was driving...

Well, that's good.

We find too many of you boys taking pills to keep yourselves going all day and all night.


Next time, though, try to pick a better spot to pull over.

This road's kind of narrow.

Oh, thanks. I will. Sorry.

OK. Have a nice day.


Hi. where are you going? Montrea. Where are you going?

Same place. Great.

I was beginning to think I'd never get back home again.

Claude Lapointe, Quebec Bureau of Health, official business.

Sorry, boys.

You can't go in unless you're willing to stay.

The whole station's under quarantine.

We think we've got an epidemic.

Hello, Mindy?

How are you?


Listen, I thought that Rose might try to get in touch with you.

Yeah. She what? She called you?

She's on her way over? That's incredible.

You wouldn't believe what's been happening. It's crazy time.

Well, listen. When she gets there, tell her I'll be stuck in the Camelford cop shop for at least forty-eight hours.

When she gets there you'll keep here for me.

Ok, Mindy. Bye.

Hey, anybody here seen Eddy? He's got the lead truck and I can't find the son of a bitch.

I think I've seeb him in the back before. He didn't look too good.

Whaddya mean he didn't look too good? Smooth Eddy always looks good.

He looked sick. Like, nauseous.

What the fuck we runnin' here, a nursery?


Hey, Eddy, you in there?

God damn truck drivers, you can't trust them...

...and health officials have said they consider the outbreak of the new strain of rabies as being potentially 'the worst of this century.'

At the police station in Camelford, Kathy Draper talked to Quebec Bureau of Health official Claude Lapointe.

This is not just a question of swine flu or something like that.

We have already several deaths on our hands in this one small area alone, and the main problem is... we don't know what we're up against.

Are you saying that this is not an outbreak of rabies?

I'm not saying that. I'm not saying that, exactly.

But it must be a new strain of rabies, because there are symptoms involved which we and even the world health community do not seem to be familiar with.

What are these symptoms?

Well, the period of incubation of this disease is very brief, maybe six to eight hours at the most.

Now, that's quick, much quicker than normal rabies.

Then the victim begins to sweat, to shake, to foam at the mouth.

That's not so rare. What is rare is that the victim always with this new disease becomes violent and wants to bite somebody new.

And this crazy phase is followed by a coma and then, in every case we know, by death.

It's very strange.

What advice would you give to our viewers?

The disease spreads through the saliva of the victim... the saliva is very contagious.

It dribbles into open wounds and cuts and causes immediate infection.


So... don't let anybody bite you. And if somebody does, find a doctor who can give you rabies shots immediately.

I heard you mention the Black Plague of London just before we went on the air. Is that what you mean by...?

Surprise. I'm amongst the living.

Got anything in there I might want to read?

I'm starting to go stir crazy already.

It's actually pretty exciting stuff if you know how to interpret it.


I can't see straight.

I'm just going on automatic pilot.

Oh, boy.

I just can't believe they're all dead...

George, for God's sake! Can't you understand what I'm saying?

Stay back!

Sit on the floor and put your hands on your head.

Get into the cell. Do what I tell you!

Gimme room. I'm coming in quick.

They gave him rabies shots.

He got bitten up at that facelift place and they gave him his shots right away.

They didn't do him any damn good, did they?

Where are you going?

I think I have to go out for a while.

Rosie, I feel so stupid.

I haven't been much of a hostess.

Why don't you stay here? There must be something in the fridge I can tempt you with.

Thanks, Mindy, but it's not that.

I just have to get out into the fresh air again.

It's a real experience for me just to walk down a street.

Let me come with you.

No. You stay here and finish your laundry.

I won't be gone too long. OK, Rosie.

If you get dizzy or anything, call me.

Ok, I will. Don't worry.

'Scuse me. I didn't mean to touch you.

Well, pardon me for existing.

I thought you did it on purpose.

No. Really. I was taking my jacket off and it brushed against you.

Oh, well, I'm sorry.

I like seeing these movies but men are always bothering me.

I guess I'm a little paranoid.

Well, look.

If I come and sit beside you everybody will think we're together and you'll be able to watch in peace.

All I ask is a couple handfuls of popcorn.



I'm going, Rosie.

I've left you some coffee on the stove. Turn it off if you go out, OK?

OK. 'Bye.

Aren't you going to wish me luck?

Are you OK?

Brushing my teeth.


Good luck.


See you later.

You'll pardon me, Mr. McLaren, but I think the mayor should be taking this epidemic more seriously than he is.

A city is a complex machine, Mr. Lapointe.

Needs constant attention.

The mayor will listen to you, but you're not the only one. It takes time...

Why have we stopped, Clark? There is no way to get around this truck.

Well, isn't there anyone around?

Do we have to turn around? Oh, here is somebody, sir.

Clark... roll down your window and ask them why the road is blocked.

It may be strike trouble. Be careful. Yes, sir.

They've got the disease! Look at their eyes!

...we spoke with a director of the World Health Organization who had just arrived from England to take charge of liaison with Health Bureaus in Western European countries.

Dr. Gentry, do you honestly feel that this is a time for martial law?

I don't think there's any question that martial law is needed in the city of Montreal at this point in time.

It's a necessity.

It has already been established that victims of the disease, and it is not rabies, though it may be related to the rabies virus.

Victims of the disease are beyond medical help once it has established itself to the degree of inducing violent behavior.

What you're saying, then, Dr. Gentry, is that...

What I'm saying is very simple. It may not be very palatable for your viewers.

Shooting down victims of the disease is as good a way of handling them as we've got.

If we lock them up, they immediately go into a coma and die shortly afterwards.

We've now got a vaccine that we think will work in a preventative way, but for those who are alread incubating the disease...

C'mon. Rose is waitin' for me. OK, kid. Let's go.

All those receiving shots of the new vaccine are being issued plastic ID cards.

Viewers are urged not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary, and are reminded that if they do they must carry their vaccine cards with them.

Police, army, and militia officers may demand to see them.

Give me the keys. Here you are.

Remember to keep your windows up and your doors locked once you get into the city.

Maybe the bug can't get you now, but that...

...that won't protect you from the crazies.

Take care now. Thank you.



Mind if I sit down?

I don't mind.

Nothing like Christmas, huh?

Ah... you smoke?

You know... cigarettes?

Do you want a cigarette?

Have you got a light?

I lighter?

I'll ask that guy over there for a light.

I'll be right back.

You gotta light, buddy?

Stop or I'll shot!


Get out of the way!



Rose, are you home?

You never guess what happened to me on the subway today.

The whole city's gone crazy.

Have you been out?

Have you gotten your shot?

I can't go out.

I can't go out.

What's been going on?

What's the matter with you?

Poor kid.

Well, don't worry.

I'm here and going to take care of you.

...and the crisis has now been officially granted epidemic status by officials of the WHO.

The Prime Minister was reluctant to officially declare a state of emergency, but as any citizen in the streets can tell you, martial law has come to Montreal.

How long are wee gonna be stuck here?

I can't believe it.

It's like we were at war.

Listen, Hart. We're going to my place first.

I'm not going to relax until I know that everything there's OK.

Once we're there, I'll give you the keys to the car and you can go get your girl.

OK. Thanks.

Listen, phone me when you get there. Yeah, I will.

Look, maybe you should bring Rose back here with you until this thing blows over.

Yeah, ok.

Listen, Murray. Yeah?

Thanks for the car, right.

Don't forget to lock the door. Yeah.

I'll see you soon. I'll call you.


I'm home.


Cecile? I'm home.


Hey sweetie!




I'm home.



Oh, God!

That's it, Rosie.

You just get as much sleep as you need.

Don't think about anything.

Let your mind drift.

And so after using some rather elaborate tracking procedures and applying them to a map we find that the disease does in fact seem to have a very specific place of origin.

Which is...?

Which is the Keloid Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery, a few miles outside the town of Camelford.

You can see with your own eyes how everything has spread out from there in geometrically increasing proportions.

Now this pattern, in conjunction with some of our other statistics, indicates that hthere is a strong possibility that there is a special factor at work in the spread of the disease.

You mean a carrier.

Well, at the risk of setting off a futile witch hunt... Yes.

Someone like the infamous Typhoid Mary who incubates the disease and transmits it, but is herself immune to it.

What were they doing at the Keloid Clinic, Dr. Gentry?

Ok, Jack. I got another.

Oh, no!

Rose, you can't!

It's dangerous out there.

Mindy. I don't want it to be you.

Of course it should be me.

Who else but your best friend, Rose?

I'll take care of you.

Oh, I ache all over.

I'm hurting from the inside out.

Well then, what you need is a nice, deep, hot bath.

It'll seep in and relax you. It won't ache anymore.

It's not my fault.

It's you.

It's been you all along. What are you talking about?

You carry the plague. You've killed hundreds of people.

No... no... you don't know what you're talking about.

I'm still me.

I'm still Rose. No, you are not Rose!

What did they do to you at the clinic? What did they turn you into?

I have to have blood.

It's all I can eat.

And it's my fault.

It's your fault!

It's all your fault. Stop!

There must be some way to fix this...

We'll go to the police... No.

We'll go to the hospital...

No, we won't. Just leave me alone.

Wait! No!

Wait! Leave me alone! Let me go!

Rose, listen to me.

Listen to me, you're right.

We're in it together. We'll figure it all out together...


I've seen you around before, haven't I?

I just moved out of this building. They keep sending my mail here.

I... yes, I'm a friend of Mindy Kent.

I was supposed to meet her here, but she must have gone out.

Hello? Hart.

It's me.

I'm glad I managed to get you.

Rose, where are you?

Are you all right?

Did I hurt you?

We should be together. Please, tell me where you are.

Well, what you said to me hurt me.

It scared me.

It scared me because I suddenly knew you might be right.

And if you were right, about my being a carrier, I mean...

I murdered Mindy. I murdered a lot of people.


So I decided to try a little experiment to prove that you were wrong about all that.

You see? I'm being very positive, aren't I?

So I found myself a partner for my experiment,

a normal, healthy guy, and I took a little of his blood... just a bit... and I've locked myself in with him.

I'm going to stay here with him until I'm sure he's not going to get sick.

And then I'll know that I'm not the one who started it all.

Rose, look. You gotta get out of there, right away.

You're commiting suicide, you know that?

Hart, I just want you to be with me over the phone...

I mean just a few hours, just until I find out.

I mean we can live together over the phone, can't we?

Oh, please. Listen.


Rose! Get out of there!

Please, Rose, just drop the phone and walk over to the door and run outta that place as fast as you can.

You're not giving us enough time...

No, Hart.



Get out of there!

I'm afraid. Run!