Race with the Devil (1975) Script

Hey, Bill.

I thought you left already.

Well, the girls are late.

You know the how girls are.

I redesigned that. It's been the same old problem.

It's the vacuum. Take a look at it in your spare time.

- See what you can do about it. Yep.

It's your problem. I'm going on my vacation.

Don't worry about a thing.

See you later.

L.q., by the time I get back, I don't want to find this department in a shambles.

You have a good time, Mr. Stewart, ya hear?

All right, sunshine, where is he?

He's not in yet, Mr. Stewart. Where is he?

He's at the track. At the track.

All right, Dave, load 'em up.

Get on it! Come on!

Get on! Come on!

Come on! Here we go!

What he do? Well, he ain't gonna like it.

Well? 17:02.


Damn. It's just not coming on the turns.

Well, look at this.

Hot damn.

Great, huh, brother bear?

Look at this. Hi, honey.

Baby, you look great.

32 feet and gleaming.

Whoo! Chrome wheels.

Yeah. Sure, man.

All right, wooly booger. Okay, hey, rabbit, take it in.

Have a nice vacation. Sure. See you later.

What it do? Jesus, 17:02, frank.

Only thing I can think of is to shave more off the front end of the rotary.

17:02. Well...

We redesigned the thing.

I stayed up all night. Look at that.

- Bill's got the copy. He's working on it. Frank.

A few hours is a lot of traffic on the freeway.

You're right, honey.

Let's go.

Come on. Let's go. This is it!

Come on.


Cruisematic, wife.

Stereo, four channels.


And look here.

Color television.

All right. How's the reception? Perfect. Antenna.

Oh! Wow! ♪ da-da ta-dum. ♪ The saloon.

Now you're talkin', big fella.

And there's more.

Right this way. Double sink.

Four-burner stove... Uh-huh.

And oven.

Full exhaust. All right.

Microwave oven, to brown your bird...


A couple of bunks for the kids. Kids?

And surprise of surprises, a Roman bath.

Now, what the hell's that?

- Ginger? At the last minute, we lost ginger's sitter.

Come on. Come on, ginger.

Alice said you wouldn't mind. Mm-hmm.

Oh, yeah?

That means we gotta stop all the way up, doesn't it?

No, once in the morning and once in the evening. That's all.

Where's the fish?

We don't have fish, frank. Well, we're lucky.

The girls are getting tired, frank.

They want to stop. We should try to find a place soon.

And there's one up here on, uh...

I-472 west, about 88 miles, called hidden valley park estates.

Showers, restaurant, swimming pool.

Huh? Oh, no.

Look, are you kidding?

Those parks are nothing more than mobile tract homes on wheels, you know?

That's why we took our vacation in January--

To get away from the crowd.

We got a $36,000 motor home here.

We don't need any restaurants. We don't need any showers. We got our own.

We don't need anything from anybody.

We are self-contained, babe.

Hey, see that? Yeah.

There we are, brother bear. Our private road to seclusion.

Damn right.

Great, huh, girls? Huh? Great?

Fantastic. Great, babe.



This is beautiful, huh? What do you think?

Well, any port in a storm.

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

Yeah. It's so peaceful.

Look at that river. Frank, you ever skip rocks?

When I was a kid? I was never a kid.

Not bad.

You think you're a hotshot, don't you? I know it.

I haven't been on a track in five years.

You give me 50 yards. I'll race you.

I only race for money, partner. 10 bucks.

You're on. Lead bike sets the course.


I don't know.

It seems to me that you could get away from your bikes for five minutes on a vacation.

Well, maybe when we get up into the snow, we'll get a break, right?

Ginger? Come on, ginger.

Come on, ginger.

Well, that's funny. She never acted like that before.

Maybe it's too cold for her.

Vacations in January.

What's the matter?

Oh, nothing.

It is getting colder.

Let's go on back, okay?


That's 10 you owe me, buddy.

I'll claim insanity.

You'd have to be crazy to try a stunt like that.

Yeah, I'm getting too old for this shit.

You should have seen him hit that mud.

What the hell was that? E or e-flat.

Come here, ginger. Come on. Come on.

Ginger, come on.

Dog doesn't like me, you know? She likes you, frank.

It's just that she can read your mind.

What's the matter with her, honey? Did she go yet?

No. I don't know. Something's bothering her.

I don't want to overload this dinner party with sentiment, but I'm going to propose a toast.

All right.

To the wife I know I'll love forever;

And here's to friends I know I don't deserve; and here's to the best damn vacation we may ever have in our lives.

What was that guy's name?

Went around eakins, bumped into bird, you know?

Oh, uh, Eddie, uh... Moulder. Moulder.

Yeah, fast, slippery Eddie moulder.

That kid was something else.

Boy, it's been some time. Yeah.

Five years. Yeah?

But, you know, when you think of five years, five years from now seems like a long way off, but you know what we've done in five years?


We have put it together, baby. You bet.

We have put it together.

Are they still out there?

Yep. It must be freezing.

Alcohol doesn't freeze.

It's the first time they've really relaxed in such a long time.

They deserve it. It's just that he's going to be so hungover.

It won't be the first time.

God knows.


See you tomorrow. Good night, kell.

Good night.

No, you-- I'll tell you, of the people I know, you're about the straightest guy I ever met.

Hell, you're drunk, frank.

Yeah, I know, but it doesn't deny what I'm saying, you know.

I mean, you and Kelly are just about 101% in my book.

I'm with you. Yeah.

Look at that.

Hmm. What the hell are they doing?

I don't know, but they sure got a big one going.

- It's not a barbecue. Hard to tell much from here.

We can find out.

Come on.

What are they doing?

Looks like they're just moving around.

Well? Yeah, that's what they're doing.

They're just kind of moving around.

They got them some robes, and they're doing some kind of dancing, like a "ring around the rosy." Let me see.

Check that guy wearing the mask, will you?

Let's see if we can get a closer look, huh?

I don't know, frank. They may own this place, you know.

Yeah, that's right.

Ah, well-- pass. I'm going to bed.

Hey, frank, the party's getting rough.

Oh, yeah? Let a look.

Wait just a sec.

- Oh, yeah. Come on. Let me look.


Hmm. Boy, that's not rough. That's choice.

Whew! Look at that chunky little devil running around there.

They've all dropped their clothes, man, four of 'em.

Four little bunnies running around there.


- Right. What is it?

- Wow! An orgy maybe?

- Yeah. Let me look.

What's the matter?

I'm not sure. I think they killed her.



- Roger. Hey, you guys, come on.

Turn off that light. It's getting late, and I'm gonna get stuck driving this thing all day tomorrow.

Shut up! Turn it off!

They've seen US.

Are you drunk? Frank, they've seen US.

- What's the matter? Turn it off!

We're checking out. Right.

Turn off that light! Why? What is wrong? What are you guys up to?

Get in! What?! What's the matter?

Burn it, frank! Get going!

What is it? For Christ's sake, hurry!

What are we doing? Just sit down and hang on, baby.

What's going on? We saw somebody murdered.

What? Some sort of ritual across the river.

A girl got stabbed. You're kidding.

No, no kidding. No joke, no bullshit.


All right, we're at the river.

Just get ahold of yourselves now. I'm gonna gun it.

All right, roge, what is it?

We're stuck in a hole, frank. Damn it. Great.

Honey? Yeah, go.

You gotta take it. Okay okay.

Now do just what we tell you! All right, okay.

Rock it. Okay.


Go! Forward!

Go ahead, Alice. Go forward.

Kelly, backwards! Back.

Go back!

Frank, it ain't working. Cut it!

It's not working. Put rocks under the wheel, frank.

I'll go get some brush. Yeah, okay.


Okay, now...

Okay, baby, forward.


Move it forward!

Go on!


Hold it!

Okay, frank, let's move it.

Don't let her stop. Jam it in low.


They're trying to get in!

- Frank! Stay down, Kelly!

- Get 'em off!


No, Roger, no!


No, Roger, no!


Goddamn son of a--

God damn!

Oh my god.

It's over now. Everything's all right.

Find any prints on there, binky?

Hell, sheriff, they're all over the place.

Get 'em all.

Howdy, folks.

Sorry to keep you waiting, but I got here quick as I could.

I'm sheriff Taylor.

- Hello. How do you do?

I'm very sorry this happened so close to our little town.

Did you have a chance to check this for accuracy?

Yes, sir, that's pretty much the way it was. Mm-hmm.

Dave, at least one of them people was injured.

Make the usual doctor calls. We want to know about anything suspicious.

I already took care of that, sheriff.


I know you people been through a lot, but we've got to go back out there.

What for?

Well, for one thing, Mrs. Stewart, uh-- it'll be a big time saver in finding the right spot.

Another thing, we'll get there right at daybreak, and it'll give US a better chance of spotting any kind of evidence before they have a chance to clear up the area.

Will you be needing our wives? Oh, no no.

Stay in the vogue. Make some breakfast or something, okay?

Well, it gets light around here about 6:00. We better be on our way.

If you're ready, my car is out front.

Roger, I don't want you to go back out there. Honey, it's all right.

You drive, Dave. Yep.

Y'all just stay in the motor home. Everything's gonna be fine.

Lock it up now.

Look at old Harry Dean with them lights on.

Silly son of a bitch still thinks he's playing pinball.


Where you people headed? Aspen, Colorado.

It's a beautiful place up there, all right.

Yeah, it was beautiful here.

Well, that's the bad part of it.

A bunch of hippies move into this area, smoke their shit, stuff garbage up their nose and then in the arm.

When respectable people like you come along--

It's no longer a beautiful place.

These weren't hippies that we saw, sheriff.

It's the same difference.

They all gotta get stoned to do whatever they do.

We picked up a bunch of 'em once, didn't we, Dave? Yeah.

Some lady calls US 'cause she hears an animal screaming out back of her place.

We get there, and these kids, they'd killed five cats.

I mean, skinned 'em.

They was dancing around with their clothes off and rubbing cat blood all over each other.

One of 'em was screaming he's the devil.

At least that's what he claimed. I locked him up.

Anyways, damnedest thing you ever saw.

Well, this time they ran out of cats.

I'm positive this is where we were, but we left a whole bunch of equipment around here, a couple hundred dollars' worth, I'd say.

Told you they was hippies.

Steal anything if it ain't nailed down.

We were right here, and they were right there across the river.

That's right.

Well, I guess we better cross on over and see what we can find on the other side.

Harry Dean, you and booger give this area over here a thorough going over.


I tell you, buddy, this place gives me the creeps.

Yeah, it sure does.

Still smokin'.

Where would you fellas figure the body would have fallen?

Right over there.

That's it. That's blood.

Could be. We're gonna have to take a test.

Better get some, Dave.

Well, no footprints around here.

Nothing but cow tracks.

All right, I'm going to search this brush area around the whole perimeter of the clearing.


- Alice? What?

Look what was stuck to the back window.

"You are warned-- Be silent."

What's a rune? Witchcraft.

I-It's some kind of message.

I don't know what this is, though.

Looks like some kind of hieroglyphics or something.

All right, let's go find a library.


Once my deputies finish their search, we'll have a better picture of the whole thing, but let's look at it with what we got now.

You take where you say you saw the sacrifice, and that places it a little bit between the fire and you, right?

Yeah, I'd say so. Mm-hmm.

And that puts a whole lot of what happened in the semi-darkness.

Add to that the distance and the night and the smoke and the amount y'all said y'all were drinking, It's a wonder you hadn't run up against the jolly green giant.

Here. Here here. This.

"Pictorial history of magic and the supernatural."

Now, who knows what them hyped-up idiots did.

They killed that dog for sure, and then maybe they hold it up and then let it bleed down over the girl you saw.

- Sheriff. Mm-hmm.

We saw a girl killed.

She fell down on the ground. That's what we saw.

Well, didn't you both say that she looked like she was drunk or drugged?

Supposing she just passed out.

You pass out, you fall down.

Leastways, that's the way it is around these parts.

"The encyclopedia of witchcraft and demonology:

A modern-day look." Alice?

What? Alice, look at this.

Okay, let's check these two out.

Excuse me.

We'd like to check these two books out, please.

I'm very sorry, ladies, but these are reference books.

They can't go out of the library.


I see.

Well, we'll just forget it.

Why don't you, um, go put these back on the shelf?

Of course, you ladies are most welcome to browse.

We're open till 12:00 on Saturdays.

Oh. Swell.

Ready? Thank you.

What's that?

Oh, god, it's the noon siren.

Come on. Let's get out of here.

You got 'em? I got 'em.

We'll mail them back when we're finished.

Uh... and I'll contact you at your home addresses once you get back from your trip.

Ain't no use messing up more of your vacation than it already has been.

Anything I need to ask can wait.

Just go on with your trip. Have a good time. Leave this up to me.


We got some damage to the motor home here.

I wonder if you could recommend a garage or a filling station, somebody around town who could help US out.

Oh, uh, sherman young, north end of town.

I'll give him a call for you. He'll be waiting.

Okay. Well, that's nice of you.

We really appreciate all the help you've been able to give US.

Hope to see you fellows again sometime, you hear? So long.

Oh, finally.

Roger, we've got something to show you.

I'm driving, frank. Yeah, you bet.

Ginger, come here.

If I were you, I wouldn't let that big dude out.

Old Sam here eats dogs like that for lunch.

He never lost a fight yet. Have you, Sam?

We got a problem with our rear window there.

Yeah, I know. The deputy called me about it.

See, the problem is, we don't carry nothing like that.

Well, I didn't think that you did, but I figured maybe you could rig something to patch it up with.

Well, I'll sure give it a try.


We've been over some bad roads. Check underneath, will ya?

Check the tires and the oil pressure, the whole trip.

I'll do her.

And something else, too.

That sheriff wanted US to come along to help him find the spot.

Frank and I were in the backseat, and we were talking, and that deputy Dave, well, he just turned right down that road, and we didn't tell him where it was.

You mean he knew where he was going?

Yeah, but wait a minute. That doesn't prove anything.

Those guys have lived around here all their lives.

They know this place like the palm of their hand.

When we told them what the place looked like, they took US there.

That's all there is to it.

I'm not going for that. It's too thin.

Well, look, they called the doctors. They followed procedure.

They took the prints off the back of the Van.

They took the blood sample off the glass and from the scene.

What else can they do? They're doing their job.

Can I read this?

"For hours, aztec warriors and women would chant and sing, the climax of the week-long ceremony.

Then at midnight of the full moon, the high priest--"

- and it was a full moon. I saw it. That's right.

"The high priest would plunge a knife into the chest of a human sacrificial offering, which then gave him satanic power to control the rains, the wind, the sun."

Wow! Where in the hell did you get that?

We borrowed it from the library.

I was figuring I'd take a car window and a piece of plywood, tape it over the hole. Then y'all would still be able to see out back.

No, that's fine, buddy.

Then there's this.

Somebody left that on the window this morning. What is it?

It's a rune.

"You are warned by this rune to be silent."

What the hell's a rune? It's a witch's message, and it's supposed to contain satanic powers.

"Any evil you cause will be returned to you ninefold.

So mote it be."

And there's some sort of writing.

- That's the spell. Aw, come on.

Well, that tears it.

They're trying to screw with our brains.

Yeah. They're trying to scare US off, but why would they be doing this over a dead dog?

- They wouldn't. That's right.

So what are we going to do about it?

Well, partner, I got my own little blood sample.

What? I didn't see you pick that up.

I know. They didn't either.

You guys were scrounging around in the bushes when I picked this up.

I suggest we hit the first big city police department and have this analyzed, and if it turns up dog, terrific, frank.

But if it turns up human, then I think we have to follow through.

And if, uh, if our sheriff Taylor--

If his blood sample turns up dog and our big city cop turns up human, we'll know a little bit more about sheriff Taylor.

We sure will, buddy.

Come on. Please, let's just get out of here.

- Okay, baby. Okay.

Amarillo? Dayton, leesville, yeah.

If we stop over, we can make amarillo tomorrow morning.

Amarillo's perfect.

That's what we'll do.

That's perfect.

All right.

There's a five-star motor park in leesville.

- Is that okay? That'll be just fine.

This looks nice, don't you think, honey?

Yep. Pool and everything. The works.

It's not bad. They gave US a good spot.


Do you feel like a swim?

Yeah. Let's do. Good idea?

We're gonna go for a swim. Want to come?

Uh, no no.

Bubba bear, I think it's time to warm up the martinis.

Suits me. You bet.


What's the matter?

I don't like it here.

I don't like any of this.

And it's good!

Extra point. Got you, frank, once more.

Lucky at love, of course.

It's another fine afternoon of football here in Dallas.

Hello, honey. Yeah.

What's the matter?


What's wrong, Kelly?

Roger, let's go home.

Oh, now, come on. I want to go home, really.

Hi, baby.

How was the swim?

Not so good.

How about a drink? Warm you up.

Yeah, I'd love it.


All those people out there.

We're just in a recreation vehicle park.

There's bound to be a lot of people.

I guess they just give me the creeps.

Honey, I think Kelly wants to go home.

Huh? I think Kelly wants to go home.

Oh, come on.

Maybe it's not a bad idea.

We should turn around and go back.

No way.

No way.

You see that? That's a ski pole.

For five years we've been living in motels and hitting flat tracks.

Now we're going skiing!

Okay. Okay.

Welcome to the park! Henderson's the name.

This is my wife Ethel. Hi.

We live in the road king right over next to you here.

Jack Henderson. Frank.

This is my wife Alice. Hi.

Alice. So this is the new vogue.

I've never seen one before. Yeah, this is it.

Wow! What happened to your back window?

Some kids or something. We don't know.

Oh, that's a shame.

Color TV, stereo.

And look at this, Ethel--

A microwave oven. Oh my god.

Uh, yeah. Wait, uh, you don't mind if I look around, do ya? Oh, excuse me.

I'm sorry. I didn't know, uh, you know, uh...

Yeah. Roger?

This is Mr. Hendricks.

Henderson. Jack Henderson. Henderson.

He's got the, uh, road king next door.

Oh, wonderful.

Plastic, huh? I got real wood in mine.

Well, we got plastic because we thought it was easier to maintain.

Well, you got a point there.

My wife Ethel has to wax 'em down twice a week.

- Ain't that right, honey? Walls, ceiling, everything.

That's right.

What are you guys doing tonight? Why don't you come over for dinner?

- Ethel's a marvelous cook. I'm sure she is.

We were thinking of going out tonight, weren't we?

Oh, yeah, that's right. We were going to go out tonight, weren't we, Roger?

You bet.

I got just the place for you to go.

Got steaks that'll melt in your mouth and country music-- probably the best in the whole world.

♪ Well, I never had much money ♪

♪ and my friends never had much more ♪

♪ but you ran with the best and the way you dressed

♪ you'd think you owned a clothing store ♪

♪ my baby wanted a Cadillac ♪

♪ and went with my friends to get it ♪

♪ so from now on I'm a-livin' high ♪

♪ if I have to live on credit... ♪ You don't mean witches.


I don't know what else to call 'em but witches.

That's the damnedest thing I ever heard.

Yeah, we're going to take care of them when we get to amarillo.

You can bet on that. Let's dance, honey. I'm dancing.

♪ And what I want, I get it ♪

♪ but from now on, I'm a-livin' high ♪

♪ if I have to live on credit... ♪ steel guitar.

Look at that.

Hey, come on.

Come on! Wallflowers!

No, partner. That stuff's too rough for me.

Go on out there, roge. Go on out there and stomp a little.

♪ I've been livin' high and mighty ♪

♪ it's hard to live that way ♪

♪ think I'll jump in my rolls and hit the road ♪

♪ and leave miss californ-i-a ♪

♪ yeah, the people I owe will want to know ♪

♪ I don't know where to get it ♪

♪ from now on, I'm a-livin' high ♪

♪ if I have to live on credit ♪

♪ yeah, from now on, I'm a-livin' high ♪

♪ if I have to live on credit. ♪

Thank you. Thank you very much. Is everybody happy?

Wonderful. Grab a pretty girl. Let's do one of our songs.

This one's called "the misty hours of daylight." David?

Number four. You get the prize.

I'm having a great time. This is the greatest time I ever had in my life.

Well, there's a whole lot more of it.

We all have to sack it in. We have a long drive tomorrow. Yeah.

Ethel and I will just stay here and dance a little bit. Nice meeting you.

Whoa! Whoa!

There it goes. First one of the night.

Last one for me. Let's hit it.

Good night. Night.


I'm tired.

Yes, dear.

I think it was damn nice of him to sponsor US.

You bet it was.


God, ginger!

Damn it.

They killed my dog. Oh, god!

Oh, no, they killed my dog.

Oh, no, they killed my dog.

No! No, don't touch her!

No, don't touch her! No, don't!

Let go now. Let go. Let go, honey.

Come on. Let go. Let go, honey.

Oh, god.

It's over now. It's over now.

Well, did anybody hear anything?

Didn't anybody see anything?!

Well, that door was pried open with a chisel!

So don't tell me nobody heard nothin'!

God damn it, frank, let's get out of here.

She's gone. There's nothing we can do about it, baby.

I know. We'll Bury her tomorrow.


I'm going to be all right.

Get out of the way!

Take it easy, frank.

We're okay. Yeah, I know we are.

We're going to take care of this crap when we get to amarillo.

It's the same people.

They followed US.

You want to make some coffee, babe?

It's a snake!

Get me something! Get me a ski pole!

Roger, no!


There's another one!


Roger, don't move.

Quiet. Quiet. Quiet, everyone.


Baby, don't move.

Don't move.

Rotten, slimy son of a bitch!

Get away!

Oh, god, frank!


I gotta get out of here!

What else have they done?

Roger, what else have they put in there we don't know about?

Everybody all right? Yeah.

Alice, no bites? No.

Huh? Roger? What else is inside of there?!

Kelly. Frank?

She's right, Roger. We gotta check that out.

You stay there.

Be careful, frank.

- How're you doing, frank? It's clean.

Okay, it's all right now. Come on.

Do something about getting out of here.


What's that? It's the fan, for sure.

I'll go get the flashlights. No, don't go out there.

What's the matter? Please.

They could be out there.

She's right, frank.

We'd better stay inside tonight. I'll lock it up.

Yeah, and uh, lights out.

Well, let's, uh, see what we can do about making someplace to sleep back here in all this debris.

Well, what's the damage, frank?

The oil cooler's mashed up against the radiator there.

That's about a 30-minute job. I'll get the toolbox.

I'll get it.


Look at this.

Huh? Wow!

I wonder when they did that.

Probably at that rec park where they broke into the door.

Shit. Yeah.

Well, that's it, buddy.

And I had two chickens talkin' together...

Yeah? To the hen.

One said to the other, "there goes a guy I'm layin' for."

Much obliged, ya hear? Come back and see US.

Howdy. Mornin', gents.

Good morning. What can I do for you?

Looking for a shotgun. I'm looking for the phone.

Over on the wall. Gotcha.

And a shotgun.

I've got a good 12-Gauge pump over here.

Now, this one is $219 plus tax.

Fine gun.

How do you start the phone up?

Them damn lines must still be down.

We had a big wind up north. Blowed this whole area out.

Big wind, huh?

Give me two boxes of double-aught buckshot.

Yeah. That'll be fine.

Big wind. Yeah.

- We'll catch a phone up the road. You bet your ass we will.

That'll be $227.76 all together.

Forget that change. Much obliged to you. Hurry back.

And good huntin'.

Get that plug out.

We have four in the mag and one in the chamber.

Pass me those shells, will you, roge? Sure.


If I see one of those guys come poking his nose in here looking for trouble now, give him one thrill, baby.

Yes, sir. What can I do for you?

Fill it up with regular and check the water.

All right, sir.

You want some coffee? Yeah, that'd be nice.

What happened to your Van? Your back window's all busted in.

Well, I don't drive too well when I'm asleep.

I'm gonna go try the cops again.

Lock up the door after me. Yeah, okay.

Operator. May I help you, please?

Would you please connect me with the highway patrol?

This is the operator. May I help you, please?

Would you please connect me with the highway patrol?

Can you hear me?

We must have a bad connection, sir.

I'll report your phone as being out of order.


You know, your phone doesn't work.

Yeah. It's been out for about a month. A month?

The phone company ain't too swift out here.

How far to the interstate to amarillo?

Well, you go through fischer.

It's about 175 miles right up that road.

Thanks. You're welcome.

Oh, uh, you got a busted headlight on that thing.

Jesus. You'd never guess.


Phone's out here, too. You're kidding.

Big wind up north, huh?


There's some ham and eggs back here for you.

That sounds great. Yeah.

Where the hell are we, anyway? On the road to fischer.

That's where we catch the freeway, right? Yep.

I'll tell you, I'll spell you as soon as I eat.


This'll hold you till you get to the table. Thank you.

Jesus Christ! What the hell made him do that?

What's the matter?

- Check that out behind. It's a tow truck, the one I saw at that gas station.

Hold on. He's slowing up again.

What the hell is he doing?

Watch it! I am!

I can't get around that guy, frank.

Roger, don't go by that truck!


That truck is one of them. Oh, god.

Frank, get that guy!

They're trying to box US in. Yeah.

Son of a bitch.

Hold on! I'm gonna get that son of a bitch.

Shoot him, frank!

I can't get a shot. Stay away from him.

That tow truck's still coming on.

Roger, look out!

Kelly? Kelly?

Come on, baby. Honey.

Come on, honey.

I can't help you much like that.

I'm sorry, baby. Are you hurt?

Oh, wow! No.

You all right?

Oh, god, I'm just glad we're still alive.

Listen, we gotta keep moving.

I'm gonna take it now.

The table got wiped out.

Yeah. How about your side, bubba?

Well, I got a rib that's hurting.

It's gonna hurt when I laugh, if I ever do.

- Why are we slowing down? What is it?

It's an accident. Must have just happened.

Jesus, look at that.

The car must have hit that bus broadside.

Easy, frank.

It doesn't look like any of the kids are hurt.

I don't believe a school bus on Sunday.

Get him!


Do it.

There's somebody on top!

Frank, it's gasoline!

I'm going up top, frank. Roger, no!

Don't go up there! God damn it, stay in here!

Hey, you!


Well, you see anything? No.

There's something up ahead.

What do you see, honey?

It's a detour sign. Some kind of construction.

There's a seal on that truck.

It says "fischer department of public works."

All right.

I'll see if I can find out something from this guy up here.

How far is it to amarillo? 82 miles.

Keep moving. Just keep moving.

We'd better hit fischer pretty quick, frank.

The headlights are broken, you know. Yeah.

Maybe I ought to pull over while there's still enough light for me to see what I'm doing.


On the left there's a road. Why don't you try that?

All right.

Yeah. Yeah, it looks like there's an open spot down there.

One more night in the boonies, right?

Oh, no. Oh, frank.

We're off the road. We're fine now.

We're in great shape. Don't worry about it.

- Yeah. Hit the radio.

I think we all ought to have a drink. Oh, yes.

You're listening to kixz...

How about scaring up some food, honey?

Okay. Good idea.

Give me the big bottle down there that's half used.

Here it is. That's the one.

We don't have anything.

Everything's a mess. Well, now just relax.

It doesn't make any difference what we're going to eat because we're going to drink the driest martinis I've ever made in my life.

You know, you are definitely a charmer, frank.

Hey, everybody, lighten up. It's all over.

Frank, go in the head and open up the vermouth for two seconds.