Radio On (1979) Script


# I...

# I will be king.

# And you...

# You will be queen.

# Though nothing.

# Will drive them away.

# We can beat them.

# Just for one day.

# We can be heroes.

# Just for one day.

# And you...

# You can be mean.

# And I...

# I'll drink all the time.

# 'Cos we're lovers.

# And that is a fact.

# Yes, we're lovers.

# And that is that.

# Though nothing.

# Will keep us together.

# We could steal time.

# Just for one day.

# We can be heroes.

# For ever and ever.

# What d'you say?

# Du...

# Könntest du schwimmen.

# Wie Delphine.

# Delphine es tun.

# Niemand.

# Gibt uns eine Chance.

# Doch können wir siegen.

# Für immer und immer.

# Und wir sind dann Helden.

# Für einen Tag.

# Ich...

# Ich bin dann König.

# Und du...

# Du Königin.

# Obwohl sie.

# Unschlagbar scheinen.

# Werden wir Helden.

# Für einen Tag.

# Wir sind dann wir.

# An diesem Tag.

# Ich...

# Ich glaub' das zu träumen.

# Zu träumen.

# Die Mauer.

# Im Rücken war kalt.

# So kalt.

# Die Schüsse reissen die Luft.

# Reissen die Luft.

# Doch wir küssen.

# Als ob nichts geschieht.

# Nichts geschieht.

# Und die Scham fiel auf ihre Seite.

# Oh, wir können sie schlagen.

# Für alle Zeiten.

# Dann sind wir Helden.

# Nur diesen Tag.

# Dann sind wir Helden.

# Dann sind wir Helden.

# Dann sind wir Helden.

# Nur diesen Tag.

# Dann sind wir Helden.

# We're nothing.

# And nothing will help us.

# Maybe we're lying.

# Then you better not stay.

# But we could be safer.

# Just for one day.

# Oh-oh, ohh oh...

# Through constant decay.

# Uranium creates the radioactive ray.


# Durch stetigen Zerfall.

# Entstehen radioaktive.

# Strahlen aus dem Uran...

On the first day of internment, 342 men were arrested.

They included community and civil rights leaders...

Socialists, Republicans and many others who were in the streets.

Get the women!

I'm off.

Do you still want to go?

I can see no reason not to.

What's the matter?

What is the matter?

Nothing. Just you.

Go on. You can turn off the fire.

Oh, shit.

Single shots in the Whiterock area, but their condition is not known.

Police have arrested 23 people after raids in Bristol and the West Country.

The arrests follow a police clampdown on pornography in the area...

...particularly the marketing and distribution of illegal obscene film material. soon forget...

...24 hours a day. More music than any other station in the UK.

This is a request from Martha, for John...

...on maintenance up in Osterley.

She's asked for Help Me Make it Through the Night.

Here's something better.

# Blue Gene baby.

Sweet Gene Vincent.

# Skinny white sailor, the chances were slender.

# The beauties were brief.

# Shall I mourn your decline with some Thunderbird wine.

# And a black handkerchief?

# I miss your sad...

# Virginia whisper.

# I miss the voice...

# That called my heart.

# Sweet.

# Gene.

# Vincent.

# Young.

# And old.

# And gone.

# Sweet.

# Gene.

# Vincent.

# Who, who, who slapped John?

# White face, black shirt.

# White socks, black shoes.

# Black hair, white Strat.

# Bled white, died black.

# Sweet Gene Vincent.

# Let the blue cats roll tonight.

# At the sock hop ball in the union hall.

# Where the bop is their delight.

# Here come duck-tailed Danny dragging Uncanny Annie.

# She's the one with the flying feet.

# You can break the peace, daddy sickle grease.

# The beat is reet complete.

# And you jump back, honey, in your dungarees.

# Tight sweater and a ponytail.


Oh, hello, Mother.


I got a package yesterday but... I haven't heard from him in months.

What's wrong?


What do you mean, 'In the bath'?

And the police?


No, I'll drive down to Bristol.


I'll see if there's anything I can do.


Yeah. OK.

Urban Landscape.

...Germany have shot and captured a gunman. who has been holding up to 15 hostages in a bank since yesterday afternoon.

Three of the 15 escaped before the gunman was captured.

...and the others were released.

Britain's prostitutes say they'll reveal the names of politicians and churchmen. who come to them for sex

...if there's opposition to a bill aimed at relaxing the law on soliciting.

They say they are fed up with hypocritical public comments by men in power. who visit them as clients.

A soldier died after being shot in Ulster yesterday evening.

A colleague on patrol with him is critically ill in hospital.

The men were ambushed in the Whiterock area of Belfast.

Further arrests have been made in the West Country.

...following a police clampdown on a highly organised pornography racket.

...specialising in the marketing and distribution of obscene films.

The total of arrests since yesterday stands at 27.

Heavy snowfalls last night in the North of England, North Wales and Scotland.

...have made driving conditions atrocious, say the RAC.

Dozens of roads are blocked in Scotland.

...and many people have been stranded for the night.

In the Midlands and North England...

...heavy falls are blanketing areas still recovering from Thursday's blizzards.

The time now is 7... 04 and here is the weather forecast for today.

There will be frost early and late, some sunny intervals and scattered showers.

There will be some fog on high ground, winds south-west.

Maximum temperature... two degrees centigrade.

The outlook for Sunday and Monday... Most dist...

Ten years ago, you had to fight not to get it all cut off.

Now they want to leave it all on.

I don't suppose there's much demand for Boston haircuts these days.

Always Crashing in the Same Car.

# Every chance that I take.

# I'll take it on the road.

# With kilometres.

# And the red light.

# I was always looking left and right.

# Oh, but...

# Always crashing in the same car...

# Jasmine.

# I saw you peeping.

# As I pushed my foot down to the floor.

# I was going round and round.

# The hotel garage.

# Must have been touching close to 94

# Oh, but I'm...

# Always crashing in the same car.

# Yeah, yeah.


# Radioactivity.

# Is in the air for you and me.

# Radioactivity.

# Discovered by Madame Curie.

# Radioactivity.

# Tune in to the melody.

# Radioactivity.

# Is in the air for you and me.

Whole Wide World.

# When I was a young boy.

# My mama said to me.

# There's only one girl in the world for you.

# And she probably lives in Tahiti.

# I'd go the whole wide world.

# I'd go the whole wide world.

# Just to find her.

# Or maybe she's in the Bahamas.

# Where the Caribbean sea is blue.

# Weeping in a tropical moonlit night.

# Because nobody's told her 'bout you.

# I'd go the whole wide world.

# I'd go the whole wide world.

# Just to find her.

# I'd go the whole wide world.

# I'd go the whole wide world.

# To find out where they hide her.

# I'd go the whole wide world.

# I'd go the whole wide world.

# Just to find her.

# Why am I hanging around in the rain out here.

# Trying to pick up a girl?

# Why are my eyes filling up with these lonely tears.

# When there are girls all over the world?

# Is she lying on a tropical beach somewhere.

# Underneath the tropical sun?

# Is she pining away in a heatwave there.

# Hoping that I won't be long?

# I should be lying on that sun-soaked beach with her.

# Caressing her warm brown skin.

# And then in a year or maybe not quite.

# We'll be sharing the same next of kin.

# I'd go the whole wide world.

# I'd go the whole wide world.

# Just to find her.

# I'd go the whole wide world.

# I'd go the whole wide world.

# To find out where they hide her.

# I'd go the whole wide world.

# I'd go the whole wide world.

# Just to find her.

# I'd go the whole wide world.

# I'd go the whole wide world.

# To find out where they hide her.

# Yeah...

How long have you been in?

Four years. Why?

I just wondered.

What made you join?

Fuck all else to do where I come from.

There's no work, no prospects. No nothing.

Got kicked out of school when I was 15.

Couldn't get a job.

Sat on my arse on the dole for two years.

Three years.

I thought, 'Ah, fuck this. I'm going down to London to get a job. '

Yeah, that's a right joke, that.

I arrived with £2.50 in my pocket. Nowhere to stay.

Ended up hanging about Piccadilly Circus with a right shower of nutcases.

Used to deal in dope down at the tube station... a bit of pimping... up the poofs in the pubs at night-time...

...take them round the back, take their money off them, and tell them to fuck off.

There's one bloke, name of Felix...

Jesus Christ, was he a nutcase!

I suppose you've got to be with a name like Felix, eh?


I went back up to Glasgow when my old man died. Went to the funeral.

My mother told me she had a job...

...I could get at this factory.

A button factory.

So I turned up. You have to sit at this machine, take a bit of plastic... put it in the machine and you pull this lever and it goes bzzzp... Bzzzp.

It drills these two holes. And that's it. There's your button.

You take it off and you put another one in.

Mindless bloody work.

Couldnae hear a thing 'cos of the machines.

Couldn't smell anything 'cos of the burning plastic.

No, well, I stuck it for about three months.

Then I was talking to a couple of squaddies in a pub one night and they told me about the army.

I thought, 'It sounds all right. I'll try it. '

So I signed up. Really?

Did my basic training and was sent over to Germany.

Had a great time. Smashing.

How many times have you been to Ireland?


Two four-month tours.


I never really understood what the problem was about.


Who's that?


Bastards! Bastards!

You ever seen a man die?


We were on our second tour.

My unit had to go and pick up this guy...

...from the Catholic flats.

Me and this other bloke... A squaddie...

...we get this cunt, we bring him down the stairs... be taken in for questioning.

So we get him outside...

...and then they start shouting and yelling from all the windows...

'Go home, you murderin' Scottish bastards! Go home! '

They start throwing their bottles and...

...and their plants in their pots...

...and handfuls of shite.

You know, they actually throw shite at us.

Stupid Irish bastards.

Anyway... The bloke made a run.

And I said, 'Get him. '

This... This other bloke just ran after him.


Just as he grabbed him...

...the fuckin' shooting started.

He got it all down the right-hand side of his face.

It just fuckin' exploded.


Do you like music?


I like good music.

Andy Stewart, Rod Stewart. It's all the fuckin' same.

Ah, who cares?

When are you going back?

Next month.

But I'm not going.

This is one Scottish murderer who's going home.

I'm not getting my fuckin' head blown off for any bastard British government. Fuck 'em.

What'll you do? Just keep moving.

Just keep moving.

I've got friends, I've got relatives.

That's the first place they'll look.

I know that. But I've done that already.

I've been gone over a week.

You don't look so far off a squaddie yourself, you know that?

Mistaken identity.

Pull over.

Pull over!

In there!

I need a piss.

You bastard!

Come on! You fucking...

Fucking cunt!



You'll have to use the crank.

Thank you. How much? A fiver.



You an Eddie fan, huh?


He crashed round here somewhere.

Yeah, he crashed on the A4. Not far away.

What's that, some time ago, huh?


'60? Mm.

Long time.

Smashed his head.

What did he do Come off the road?

It was a taxi. Him and Gene Vincent... Mm.

...coming back from a gig at the Hippodrome.

The taxi crashed. Bristol. Bristol Hippodrome?


Hit a lamppost.

# Step one.

# You find some girl to love.


# Step two.

# She falls in love with you.

# Step three.

# You kiss and hold her tightly.

# Well, that sure seems like heaven to me.

You know, the policeman on duty was Dave Dee?

Dave Dee. From Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky...

...Mick and Shit... ... And Arsehole.

He was a copper, eh?

I think he was a police cadet or something.

He's an A&R man now. Yeah, right.

Who is he to decide whether you make it or not?

Yeah, I sent him a tape once.

Hm? I sent him a tape.

What did he say?

Fuck all. He didn't send it back.

Maybe it got lost in the post or something.

You got a... You have your own band, right?


What, just local stuff? Yeah, for the moment.

For the moment? You're gonna... You're going places?

I hope so.

Good luck. # And you will see...

# That as life travels on.

# And things do go wrong.

# Just follow steps one, two and three.

# Well, that sure seems like heaven to me.

Er... How much petrol would you like?

Fill her up.


Right, that's five quid.

My mate'll pay.

Found it in the till.

See you round, Eddie. No, you won't.

# Three Steps To Heaven.

# The formula is really very simple.

# Just follow the rules and you will see.

# And as life travels on.

# And things do go wrong.

# Just follow steps one, two and three.

# Well, that sure sounds like heaven to me.

Bristol City 0.

Birmingham 0 Coventry 0.

Derby 0 Leeds 1.

Everton 1 Nottingham Forest 1.

Middlesbrough 2 Aston Villa 0.

Norwich 2 Chelsea 0.

Football League Division Two.

Bristol Rovers 1 Leicester 1.

Urban Landscape.

Who the fuck are you?

I'm his brother.

I didn't know he had one.

Who are you?

This is my flat.

I'm sorry. I thought he lived alone.

I thought there might be some things to clear up.


What did the police say?



There'll be an inquest.

Did you find him? Yes.

I couldn't work out who did.

I'm sorry. It must have been a shock.

What do you think?

Look, I don't want to be rude...

...but I really don't have too much to say about it.

I've had policemen throwing their weight around.

They've even had their dogs up here.

What are you looking at?

Eh? What's there to do round here?

Nothing. Why, what you want?

Speed, coke, methadrin, acid, cheeseburger?

No. No, I don't want any drugs.

Oh, yeah?

What about girls? You know, step one, find a girl you love.

How about... somewhere I can hear some music?

Oh, yeah? Want to buy a radio? A couple of quid. Nice radio.

Just somewhere I can go and hear some music.

A club or something. Depends, really, don't it, eh?

Oh, I see.

I'll buy you another hot dog if you tell me.

Yeah, cool.

Know just the place for you, mate. Round the corner.

Platform 1. Really great. It's lots of class.

Platform 1? Yeah. On the corner, on the right.

Here you are, then.

Thanks a lot, mate. Cheers. See you.

Lucky Number.


Do you? Oh, yeah.

How are you this evening? Nice to see you again.

Geh dann mal über und fragt den Kerl, wann der nächste Zug fährt.

Geh du doch! Ich habe keine Lust.

Also ich, mit meinem Englisch, 'When does? '

Geh doch!

Na, was heisst denn 'Zug' auf Englisch?

Train. Train.


Ingrid, komme mal hier! Er versteht mich nicht.

Frage du, wann der nächste Zug fährt.

Does the train still come? I haven't the faintest idea.

Was hat er gesagt? Er hat doch keine Idee.

Oh, dann fragen wir mal noch ein Taxi.

Er... Are there any taxis?

I'll give you a lift. Oh? OK.

Ja? Der schaut harmlos aus. Komm mit!

Did you go to the disco?

We went as a joke.

My friend likes to dance.

And you? You go for the girls?

They wouldn't let me in.

Ich frage mich, was ist das für eine blöde Frisur.

Sieht aus wie ein Teddy-Bear.

Was ist das? Vielleicht ein Kaff?

Ich möchte etwas zu trinken.

Das Zimmer ist furchtbar.

How long have you been here? Huh?


Ich verstehe kaum Englisch.

Hocken hier fest in dem blöden Kaff?

Um zu hören noch, was wir überhaupt nicht finden können.

Na, endlich.

Na, was machen wir jetzt?

She's a bit strange. She's not so happy at the moment.

She hates men.

There's no word in English for that.

The only word is for a... a man who hates women.


Die Muttersprache ist nur eine Vatersprache.

Is this your daughter?


She lives with her father.

But they have gone away.

I cannot find them.

Her father wants to keep her.

Can he keep her legally? Hm?

Does he have a court order to keep her?

It doesn't matter.

When you don't speak a language... makes you so... homesick.

You go home... But your own language is...'s not always possible to understand.

What's her name?

Alice. She's nearly five.

Tomorrow I go to Weston.

You think she's there?


An aunt by her father lives there. Maybe she knows.

Her father's English? No, he's German.

He works in England.

He's a businessman.

His aunt come from Germany because of the war.

How do you say?

A refugee.


Why do you have to know? I don't.

I just wonder which side he was on.

What would you do then? Do you think it's as simple as taking sides?

What do you do in Bristol?

I came to find out something... About my brother.

Your brother?


And did you find out... what you wanted?

I don't know.

Maybe it wasn't so important, anyway.

Looks like rain.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

How do you call them?


'Pylons spoil the countryside. '

That's what everyone says.

How do you say that in German?

Hochspannungsmasten verhuzen die Landschaft.

By themselves, they are beautiful.

Well, maybe some of them will survive.

You known each other long?

Since yesterday.

Ich habe dir noch nie was Recht nehmen können.

She's never approved of anything I do.

She gave my nephew a terrible time.

First, she didn't want to marry him and... now she wants to bring up the child herself.

It's not right, you know.

I think all young people can do today is think of themselves.

They're not afraid.

So they become selfish instead.

I think young people in this country don't know what it is to be afraid.

Everyone's afraid.

Not so afraid to go into the streets.

That... That happens to other people now.

Just, you know...

...everyday things.

Did you come over after the war?


The year this house was built.

Hast du Michael gesehen?

I saw him yesterday.

I told him where you were staying.

Und war Alice mit ihm?

Of course.

It's not right for you to take the child, you know.

For two years, you couldn't have cared less.

Es ist nicht wahr.

Du hast überhaupt keine Anstalten gemacht, sie zu sehen.

Ich hatte kein Geld.

Lass sie in Ruhe!

Sie ist glücklich bei ihrem Vater.

Und er versteht sich sehr gut mit ihr.

Says a man who left me nothing.

Du wolltest nicht mit ihm gehen.

Hierher, wo ich die Sprache nicht kann?

Ein Land, das ich nicht mag, und wo ich keine Arbeit finde?

I have my own life in Germany.


Was ist das für einen Beruf für eine Mutter?

Wie oft arbeitest du diese Tage?

Genug, dass es für uns beide reicht.

Sie ist Deutsche. Ich möchte, dass sie in Deutschland aufwächst.

Ein Kind braucht seinen Vater.

A mother too.

Alice kann überhaupt kein Deutsch mehr.

Sie ist jetzt wie ein richtiges englisches Kind.

Excuse me.

She's like a real... English child.

Now, isn't that typical?

There's no respect left.

She's so...

What's her house like? She was in Germany 40 years ago.

Did she have any news? No.

But she's sure that her dear boy will telephone soon.

Why does the English always want to live by the sea?

As a last resort. Huh?

They always think it's going to be better than it is.

Find this useful?


I want a s...

...double room.

Ich möchte ein Doppelzimmer.

Ich möchte ein Doppelzimmer.

May I see you home?

Darf ich... Sie nach Hause begleiten?

Darf ich Sie nach Hause begleiten?

Last night...

I thought we would sleep together.

But we won't.

How do you say that in German?

Letzte Nacht dachte ich, wir würden zusammen schlafen.

Aber wir werden nicht.

You'd take this car?

It doesn't suit you.

I'm sorry about your daughter.

Don't worry. I find her.

Today or tomorrow.

Things are not so bad.

Come on, I'll drive you home.

Frozen Years.

# They get no hint from the past.

# They'd be heroes if they could win.

# We'd be free from the frozen years at last.

# We're in the frozen years, we're in the frozen years.

# Caught in the frozen years.

# Caught in the frozen years.

There's a line that goes...

'She's delicate, she seems like Vermeer. '

The mirror.

The mirror.

The mirror.

She seems like the mirror.

Where's the sound?

I turned it down because you were sleeping.

Subtitles, anyway.

Lucky Number.

# For me, myself and I is all I've ever known.

# I never felt the need to have a hand to hold.

# In everything I do, I take complete control.

# That's where I'm coming from.

# My lucky number's one.

Watch it!


# My lucky number's one.

# Ah-ooh ah-ooh!

# I... I... I-yi-yi.

# I now detect an alien vibration here.

# There's something in the air besides the atmosphere.

# The object of the action is becoming clear.

# An imminent attack... You've ruined the fucking shot.

# The evidence is strong... It was an accident.

# Ah-ooh ah-ooh!

# Something tells me my lucky number's gonna be changing soon.

# Something tells me my lucky number's gonna be.

# Oo-ee oo-ee oo-ee oo-ee oo-ee oo-ee oo-ee oo-ee.

# You certainly do have a strange effect on me.

# I never thought that I could feel the way I feel.

# There's something in your eyes gives me a wild idea.

# I never want to be apart from you, my dear.

# I guess it must be true.

# My lucky number's two.

# This rearrangement suits me now I must confess.

# Number one was dull and number two is best.

# I wanna stay with you.

# My lucky number's two.

# Ah-ooh ah-ooh!

# Number two.


# Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby.

# Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby.

# Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby.

# Baby baby baby, better come back later next week.

# Can't you see I'm on a losing streak?

# I can't get no...

# No, no, no...

# Hey, hey, hey.

# That's what I say.

# I can't get no # Satisfaction.

# I can't get no # Satisfaction.

# I can't get no # Satisfaction.

# No, I can't get me no # Satisfaction.

# No, no, no, I can't get no # Satisfaction.

# No, no, no, I can't get me no # Satisfaction.

# Oh, no, no, no, I can't get no # Satisfaction.

# Oh, no, no, no, I can't get me no # Satisfaction.

# No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no # Satisfaction.

# No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

# Satisfaction.

# No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no # Satisfaction.

# No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

# Satisfaction.

# No, no, no, I can't get me no # Satisfaction.

# Well, I can't get no # Satisfaction.

I don't believe it.

Ohm Sweet Ohm.

# Ohm.

# Sweet ohm.

# Ohm.

# Sweet ohm.

# Ohm.

# Sweet ohm.

# Ohm.

# Ohm Sweet Ohm.