Raees (2017) Script

Light a fire Fire it up Work it up Hey kids! How are you?

All good? All good You didn't even greet me, Raees Got down straight to work, eh? Greetings!


Who gathered the most today? We brought you the entire market First-class!

Hey, add some more chemical here Gujarat A State in Independent India where every day is a 'dry day'

Dry day means no trading of liquor The penalty for selling liquor is ten years imprisonment However, prohibition begets rebellion Even today Gujarat is considered a liquor-free State Yet, illegal liquor worth 250 billion is sold here every year This would've been impossible if it weren't for Raees

Take a bath, Raees

From Umbergaon to Kutch, the longest coastline of India stretching 1600 kilometres is part of our Gujarat Raees, you read



In the north of Gujarat... Come here

I don't want to, but you boys compel me to beat you Hush Read now D P R. Very good Step down, son

Nothing to worry, Aminaben Raees' eyesight is weak. He just needs glasses I hope it's not urgent...?

Ammi, I won't go to school without glasses Relax. Why?

Is it a new idea to bunk school?

For his weak eyesight, the kid is quite sharp I can't see what's written on the board. Miss Ratna beats me What are you saying? She hits my tiger?

How much will it cost?

Don't worry about the money, Aminaben You can pay me later No, doctor. I don't want him to have a borrowed vision, but a clear one We'll get it done in a few days

If I sense trouble, I'll holler 'Bhaijaan'

That's your cue Make it fast



Bhaijaan! Hey!

Who's there?

Are you stealing the spectacles?


Are you stealing the glasses?

Stop, you thief! Hail Gandhiji!


Idiot. Where did you get this frame from?

From Gandhiji. Gandhiji?

It won't work Nope Why don't you come tomorrow?

I'll make real glasses for you. Go on I have no money No money?

2 rupees fees is a must Rule is rule, no?

Take it and make the payment. Problem solved Give me five!

Go on... hey, idiot Come back here Give Gandhiji back his frame He needs it more Go on

It's awesome, Sadiq. Just like binoculars!

Look! Gandhiji is smiling Qasim is cleaning the car Chakor is inflating the tyres Look! The cops are going to raid Ilyas' liquor den

Our business is in danger, Sadiq. Let's hurry

Jamil, clean it up. Clear everything Boxes, bottles... hide everything!

Leave nothing outside! Hurry up!


No one escapes! Greetings!

Spread out! Not again!

Find out where he's hidden the liquor! Are you looking for some treasure?

Check the sacks! There's nothing, sir Open it! What are you looking for?

Hurry up! Search well. Anything there?

You! Come here

You like to whistle, eh?

Shall I make you whistle? What say?


Why did you slap him? Ask him Ask him why I slapped him What's inside? What is it?

Goods. It's my business. Goods?

Or, is it fodder for riots?

It is a ruse for your shady business, isn't it?

Being a cop is your job, selling scrap is my business Get this loud and clear For us, no business is small And no faith is greater than business

140 people died in Fatehpura last night after drinking spurious liquor Police arrested Ilyas, a bootlegger

Is it true that no business is small?

And no faith greater than business?

It's true As long as it doesn't harm anyone Get that?

Sleep Speak up, buddy. What's the plan?

How do we earn now? We'll sell liquor Fool. Ilyas is in jail. Do you also plan to go?

The cops arrest those who sell hooch, not imported liquor So?

We'll work for Jairaj Seth He sells imported liquor It's difficult, Amit But I'll give it one last try for you Bye. Chandu!

What's the problem?

Seth, roadblocks are set up everywhere. Delivery is impossible today Amit called thrice... What if I deliver?

Who's he? Both of them used to work for Ilyas

Six bottles Can you deliver?

I'll take 3 bucks per bottle. Hey, Four-eyes Are you trying to extort? Hey!

Don't you call me Four-eyes! For those thick glasses, what else do I call you, Four-eyes? I told you not to call me Four-eyes!

Freaking Four-eyes!


3 rupees per bottle

Hey, give me the bottles

Never call me Four-eyes!

Get that?

Where to? I live here Show me your licence. It's at home Check his licence

Want to check, sir? Beat it!

Employ the boy from tomorrow He's as shrewd as a merchant and as fearless as a warrior

Greetings, Seth Sadiq, the cops are causing trouble at Narol Chowkdi Tell Raees to get the consignment cleared. I'll see to it




Up! What's so funny?

Here's your cut Release the stuff That settles it. Move it Let it go! Well, it isn't settled yet What's up, bro?

Come over here Your pockets were empty, I filled them. - Right You gave me a flat, now fix it That'll settle it How can I fix it? Inflate it How can I?

Blow into it. C'mon!

Do it!

Be ethical in business. It saves time and honour Blow it

We unload his stuff, we manage his warehouses and he takes all the profit! Get some onions How long are we to work our tails off for Jairaj?

Let's set up our own business We are not cut out for business Enjoy the bird in hand We are Gujaratis. Business runs in our blood In this business, we need backing, not blood Not backing Guts You forgot Jairaj's words As fearless as a warrior, as shrewd as a merchant I've got it all

I'll win this one too, Ujjwalbhai Take a look now, Ramnikbhai. I'll go one more round blind I'll check mine. Greetings, Seth Greetings

You bring me good luck, my Ace You're funny, Seth Not aces We're mere servants

My tiger's not in the mood What's wrong?

Seth, I've been working for years under you I want to set up my own business now Business, why?

I'll hike your salary Enjoy Sadiq, reason with him I tried, Seth He's made up his mind. He won't give up


Come on

My boy has grown up. No, Seth He'll set up his own business. It's not like that So you must've decided about vendors and distribution You are here. How can I even think of other vendors?

You know, in our business, you have to spend money like a drunken sailor I hope you are cash rich? What are you saying, Ramnikbhai?

Obviously, he has the money Sadiq?

He has the money, right?

How much stuff do you need?

Worth 400,000 rupees?



Raees, how much do I give you?

Seth... just... worth 100,000

Never mind Pay the money, take the stuff

Seth, I don't have the money now I need some time Not even 100,000?

He doesn't have the money. He needs time

You have worked for me all these years... I'll give it to you Three days

Give me cash in three days and take the stuff Fine?

72 hours

Else, you get zilch!

Keep it The clock will keep ticking Your turn

Why did you shoot your mouth off?

If we don't pay up in three days, Jairaj will destroy us, you know that

Greetings, Raees. Greetings, Qasimbhai The car's a cracker!

It costs 100,000. Want to buy?

Forget it. This motorbike is fine with me Try it once. It rides like a plane!

Next time. Bye. Move it!

God keep you Hey! Careful!

You'd have killed it!

Who will compensate for it? Lallan, you idiot!

He's not even hurt! What if he was hurt?

Would you pay me 500? 500 rupees?

I'll buy his entire family for 500!

It's the time of Eid. I bought it for 300 It won't sell below 500 to 1000 here. You know that?

Move it, Lallan Don't mess my brains!

Is he going to build a castle out of it?

Hey... where do you think you are going?

Where to? Tell me...

Raees, you're back so soon?

My mind just worked up a miracle Let's see what your car's got Sadiq, hop in Give me the keys, Qasim Take care. Drive only till the square and back It's a car, not a date Relax. I'm leaving my motorbike behind. Hop in Careful

Raees Hey, speak up. What's the plan?

You bartered your motorbike for the car, and now the car for the goats Are you setting up a slaughterhouse?

As Lallan said, it's Eid People even pay 1000 for a goat. 1000?

Who will pay 1000 here in Fatehpura?

Not in Fatehpura but in Mumbai We're going to Mumbai?!

We have to pay 100,000 to Jairaj in three days. Do you have a better plan?

Do you have one?

Ask him Excuse me. Where can we set up shop?

Over there. Up ahead Herd them ahead. Move Over there Greetings. Greetings Can we set up shop in the corner?

Whose goats are they? Mine Do you have the permission?

Permission...? No

Where have you come from?

From Gujarat Pick up your goats and get lost. Beat it We'll set up by the corner Hey! Don't you get it?

Brother, it's Eid We'll also make some money. You'll have our blessings If we slaughter you along with the goats, we'll be blessed Raees, it's not our territory. Come on. Hey, Four-eyes!

Can't you hear?

Get out of here!

Darn! Four-eyes needs a hearing-aid now!

Hey, Four-eyes!

Never call me Four-eyes!

Of all the people, you had to mess with Musabhai If you sensed trouble, why didn't you holler 'Bhaijaan'?

It'd have alerted me. You hardly gave me time You just whacked him Was I at fault?

All right, my mistake. You passed out in one blow!

Let's go. Musa is waiting Man is always accompanied by an angel and the devil Anger is evil because it's the devil's forte Your boys started it We were here to do business

Your goats made for great biryani What have you to sell now?

A goat is a lion's prey, not business Well, no business is small And no faith is greater than any business My mother taught me

My loss is great, and I have little time to compensate I have a right to their blessings If you agree, we'll take it and leave

Come here

Your glasses

It'll help you see the road ahead Musabhai...

can we get a plate of biryani to share?

We're hungry

For all the festivities around, we'll be observing a fast!

Forget Jairaj. How will you repay mechanic Qasim?

What is it? Do we look like clowns?

They made a circus out of us!

And here you are eating away!

The biryani is worth 100,000. You should have some

I could eat a horse!

Well, you hardly took a beating. You deserve a lesser share Stop kidding. They crushed my stomach

Ace, we have 3475 in all What do I do with it? Shall I give it to Jairaj?

Or, repay Qasim?

Ice your wounds

Creditors come knocking even before we set up shop!

Darn, you followed us here?

Hajibhai sent me from Mumbai, to talk business Let him in. Come on

Tell me

Reason for the favour?

Take Musa out

I hold nothing against Musa And we don't kill. Right?

Listen up If I wanted to take orders, I wouldn't have set out to start a business Take the money and scoot. Move it

Musa sent it for you He told us to kill Musa, and now he says he's Musa's man Who are you?

The name's Nawab I'm Musa's Man Friday

You could've given it to me in the train Sure But Musa likes to test the waters Raees, don't take the money!

In trying to smite Jairaj, don't walk into a deathtrap. - It's not a loan It's for your goats. Raees!

Musa liked your philosophy about business and faith Raees!

No one can harm those who Musa favours

What if we had agreed to bump off Musa?

My left hand never misses its mark Goodbye


What's up? Jairaj Seth wants you. Your time is up Get back to work Tell Jairaj, I have stopped dancing to his tunes My time starts now!

Ammi, I'm going to start my own business God willing, I'll make a lot of money

But I will never let anyone come to harm Pray for me

Understand the business, Sadiq. We'll buy stuff from Jairaj's vendors and sell on the streets of Fatehpura. That's great Cut the middlemen like Jairaj out!

Here now, there now! Life is a journey The city of my dreams traverses, bundled in a bottle If you have the wisdom, patience to boot, and a lot of guts, you have nothing to worry This world is fake You have to turn crooked to fix it Follow your passions push your will far enough, and luck will shine on you It's the spirit of business It's the spirit of business It's the spirit of business It's the spirit of business

Let me not take a step back Help me return the favours Repay, I must Let me not take a step back Help me return the favours Help me in my endeavour, Lord Help, Lord! May I never break someone's heart Never I don't care how the world goes by I just listen to the call of my heart Everyone is answerable in life or in death In the spirit of business!

In the spirit of business!

In the spirit of business!

In the spirit of business!

Hi, Hasmukhbhai! How are you?

I'm fine. It's an awesome party!

Hang on

Hey, gymnast!

Excuse me Who invited you here?

Excuse me... Beat the drum!

Whose guest are you?

Mr Serpent?

Whose guest are you?

Excuse me. Whose guest are you?

Now, please don't point that finger!

I am Hasmukhbhai's guest. Whose guest are you?

I am Hasmukhbhai. You are Hasmukhbhai?

Yes You are Hasmukhbhai? That's me Your smile proves it Is this your party? Of course So you're serving people hooch. Hey, duffer!

This is not hooch. It's scotch It's scotch

Party's over Attention We'll have to end this party here But we'll surely continue the party at Gandhinagar police station For your convenience, we've organised transport. Fall in line A blue police van is waiting outside. Remember, friends, don't push around. And ladies go first Have a safe journey to jail. Thank you The last Mughal! You will rot in jail!

Sir, the opposition will certainly raise this issue Fix a meeting with Pasha. I'll talk to him Sir What took you so long?

Sorry, sir. Bobby was having breakfast Let him go I can't. She's quite flirty Who are you talking about?

Bobby, my doggy Not Bobby! I'm talking about Hasmukhbhai and his party

Sir, give me a paper Please, sir

What's this? Paper and pen I can see that Give me in writing what you just said. I'll release him right away What? In writing?

It's an order, Majmudar. Release them Sir, my name is Jaideep Ambalal Majmudar Ambalal is my late father Even if his spirit asks me to release Hasmukhbhai and his party, I'll take it in writing. And you are merely...!

Give it in writing, I'll release them You'll surely get it in writing. Your transfer orders!

Get out

Transfer him to Fatehpura. He'll come to his senses Come on, bowl. Bowl him out, Sadiq!

Come on. You are out!



Go, get the ball, Sadiq Should I go? Sure? Forget it I hit it, I'll get it Of course, you will go! Freaking actor What's so funny?

Shut up!

No big deal. It's only a ball Her father will open the door I bet. Aasiya will open it God help him He hit bull's-eye

Ball? Yes Not again I warned Sadiq not to hit here but he is incorrigible He always hits sixers and sends me to fetch the ball I didn't. It was him

Raees The stairs. Where?

Ah, right where they are

I love you I see no one but you around I have so much to say Let me pour out my feelings now I love you I love you I love you I love you



Not you Actress Sridevi

Why do you always beat about the bush?

I can't help it. When you smile, it strikes me dumb!

And I just feel like watching you!

Then take me to Our World God willing!

When I make Our World, you will be the first one to see it And yes, you will have a say out there

But my love will rule Amazing My love, right? Nope Our World

Will you be with me?


Devji Sir?

Sir Will you do me a favour? Tell me, sir Will you get some soda, ice and accompaniments?

Sure, sir. Please

Listen. Yes, sir?

Forget it. It'll be difficult for you to organise it I got it. I will organise it, sir What do you want?

Beer? Vodka? Rum? Whiskey? Whose?

Jairaj's? Ramnik's? Ujjwal's?

Or... what's the name of the guy with glasses?

Raees? Right. Raees

Write. Sir What do I write, sir? Resignation letter

Write the locations of the liquor depots or your resignation Write Sorry, sir My mistake. Well, Devji, one bottle won't make a difference Get me an entire truckload. Okay, sir

Whose truck is it? Jairaj Seth's consignment Kodnani has got his cut Sir, this truck is loaded with liquor Park the truck You've got your truckload, sir. Now?

Call the media. Let's party Sir!

Cards, darn it!

I've been nurturing the cops from the lower ranks to the higher ups for donkey's years Still, my stuff gets bulldozed

Find out who did this!

Majmudar ruined Jairaj A sword seeks nothing but a head Majmudar has tasted blood It was Jairaj's stuff, soon it will be ours Don't take him lightly. A huge consignment is due


Inspector Majmudar wants to see Raees

You look different in the picture, sir Well, they say I'm quite photogenic

You know whose consignment it was?


You worked for him, didn't you?

I used to. I quit What do you do now?


What you call business is actually crime Come on, sir. Come on, sir!

Make two halves

Go on. We have information, sir Raees' truck is arriving from Kalol. I see The truck number is GAF 1722 Okay

Oh Tea from a cop station. Get used to it

You'd better shut shop Or, I'll make it difficult for you to even breathe The air of Gujarat is replete with business You can stop me from breathing Can you stop the air?

At this rate, you will soon run into trouble Get that?


Thanks for the half teacup, sir

Our truck won't arrive tomorrow But our consignment will surely reach Consignment will arrive without the truck. In what?

In this. In a cup?

Assume that the teapot is the truck and the cups are vehicles Once our truck is on the highway, Rasool will reach with four vehicles

We'll transfer the stuff to our vehicles Then the vehicles will spread out and enter the city via different routes And Majmudar will be left waiting eagerly for the truck It's hot! While we receive the delivery!



Check the truck. Get in Check inside. Open it!


Devji. Sir?

Tea time

"Your beauty, mesmerising"

"The entire neighbourhood is crazy for you"

Get lost, wastrels!

One slap will put you in your place!

Oh, my!

At least she'll touch my cheek!

Father's down with cough again Greetings, doctor. Greetings Something's wrong with my eyes It's you! You forgot the rule?

It hurts badly. Please examine me too Capital N and capital O That means...? NO If you understand that, why do you barge in every time?

Don't jump the queue. Go, get out Move. All right, I'll wait

Go on, collect the medicines Okay And send the duffer in

Yes, dear Here you are You are next


At the doctor's, I mean



Give him these pills after meals Thank you

Hello, sir. Who are they, Devji?

Petty criminals, sir. They are out on parole They can be our informers Where did you pick up the groom from? Sir, I was picked up from the wedding altar before I could...

Before I could even say 'I do.' Sir, he is from Raees' area

Send them away You come with me Get going. Sir, I've done nothing I swear, I didn't do anything Do you know Raees? I don't know anyone, sir How does he do his business? Sir, I really don't know anyone All I know is that I'm getting married today Sir, the qadi is waiting. If I don't get back on time, he'll leave to perform other marriages. What will you do outside... when you know nothing?


Revoke his parole! Please don't send me to jail again!

Or, I'll be a bachelor all my life!

Sir, at least let me get married Do you want to complete the rituals? Yes, sir In that case, find out where Raees hides his stuff Do you agree? I do Agree? I do, sir You are married! Off you go now Run before the qadi takes off Thank you, sir

We have to band together to save the business from Majmudar, Raees I agree I'll be the chairman of your syndicate

Don't fly too high Or, you'll get cut If I was scared of getting cut, I wouldn't fly kites I'd hold spools Gotcha!

He got him!

Raees, have you forgotten Jairaj's favours?

I remember the favours. Right, Sadiq?

He had given us three days I give you three weeks. Think over it I'll be the chairman of the syndicate, nevertheless

Hang on

Catch The clock will be ticking


You cut the wrong kite You goofed up!


It soars higher and higher The heart soars higher and higher like a kite It soars higher and higher The heart soars higher and higher like a kite It's just a game, so to speak Yet, my heart takes flight like a kite, whilst those eyes are as sharp as a string Tied to the kite is a string's destiny It soars higher and higher The heart soars higher and higher like a kite As the two hearts soar, they unite high up in the skies

I had no idea that the melody of your love would stir my heartstrings Neither did I know that you would traipse into my heart and stay for ever

Come rain or shine, not a moment shall we stay apart Tied to the kite is a string's destiny It soars higher and higher The heart soars higher and higher like a kite This kite shall for ever be with you It'll always be drawn to you As the two hearts soar, they unite high up in the skies As the two hearts soar, they unite high up in the skies Higher and higher, they soar I do I do

Hello? It's me, sir. The groom Remember me?

Yes. Tell me I have information about Raees Go on A huge consignment of Raees is arriving tomorrow, sir If you bust it, he'll be completely ruined Good

All entry points to Gujarat are secured. He can't breach it this time No one leaves his post until his truck is found The swine will have to come out to do business This time he's a goner. Check those trucks Sadiqbhai, Majmudar has the whole of Gujarat under surveillance It's impossible to pass through

Let alone a truck, not even a bottle can enter!

Majmudar is not going to relax security soon The swine's dead set against us Indore Highway? Blocked Umbergaon? Closed Udaipur? No chance at all We're in deep waters, Raees

Hey, turn around. No, Sadiq We won't drown We'll swim across

As shrewd as a merchant, as fearless as a warrior!

Get him out. Climb up and check

Miss Ratna was right The coastline of Gujarat is indeed the longest

Thanks for the help

I had heard that Damla Seth rules the seas, not the government I witnessed it today. I've heard lots about you, too It'll be fun to work together God willing

He shook hands with Damla If you want to save your business, do something about Raees, Seth

Tomorrow is Muharram He'll surely go to mourn

Majmudar is here! I hope there's no trouble Raees will handle it


Do you know one Salim Shooter?

Well, he was murdered yesterday

Did you notice? Or, were you mourning?

Pass it on

Kalupur goes

That's Taufiq Talli

Put some powder

And there you go!

And there goes your cover...


Your game's over You'll go in on charges of murder Don't worry about evidence. I'll dig it out anyway Arrest them. Sir

Bhai, the police picked up Four-eyes in a murder case Whose murder? Some Salim Shooter Is Raja with you?

Yes, he is

Sir You'll have to release Raees Why?

He's confessing that he killed Salim Shooter


He's surrendering. Arrest him

It's in writing, Majmudar. Arrest him

Jai Hind!

May I ask you something?

How did you address your father?


Father. What else?


What are you droning about father? What is it?

Fine Try this

What if someone calls you father?

Aasiya, who's going to call me father?

Hey! What are you doing?

Raees, I'll fall!

No! Raees, I'll fall!

Things will fall, Raees!

The phone's ringing! Yes. Pick it up Here... pick it up The phone! Yes, pick it up Here Hello? Raees, Musa here Yes?

Jairaj hired the assassin to kill you

I give you Jairaj

O Laila

They call me Laila Laila! That's me I am everyone's dream date They call me Laila Laila! That's me I am everyone's dream date If I clap my eyes upon someone, he is sure to be bewitched He is completely floored That's me! Laila O Laila

These moments are so enchanting My eyes are playing games with me

You are here I can't believe my eyes My heart desires to feel you They call me Laila Laila! That's me I am everyone's dream date

O Laila

They call you Laila That's you! Laila You are everyone's dream date

Sir, this is the beginning of organised crime If Raees isn't stopped now, he'll burn the whole of Gujarat After this terrible incident under your jurisdiction, are you teaching me?

Now you give me in writing why I shouldn't be transferring you!

You can transfer me anywhere I won't spare Raees You can take that in writing!

I've committed a crime, Aasiya!

After I was transferred out of Fatehpura, Raees got an open field to play. There was no stopping him Raids were out of question Because Raees would gift the police a truckload of liquor every month This month's stock Convey our regards to Raeesbhai. Sure No more bulldozers Just cameras flashing

Officers posed for the cameras and made the front pages of newspapers with 'seized'liquor The press, the police, the government, all were a satisfied lot Raees has sent shirts for you See if the colour suits you It's perfect.

Bye There was one man who could tilt the balance Greetings, Pashabhai. - The leader of the opposition Raees wants to lend colour to your life He sends a colour TV for you. Wow But crafty as he was, Raees won over everyone with cash and consideration Raees, you know the problem with the mill It can shut down anytime We women must work to make ends meet Help us, Raees We want to buy sewing machines and fend for ourselves But the banks aren't giving us loans

Can you make bags?


That's not a big deal All right then, I will give you sewing machines Let me also place the order for 10,000 bags right away What will you do with so many bags?

Buy groceries for Aasiya?

I'll do what postman Hari does Home delivery

God! So many phones!

Have you changed your business? Are you selling phones now?

I'm not changing business. These are for you Now don't you complain that I keep the phone busy!


The day you do this for me, pigs will fly!

No, I'm serious, Missus From now on, Raees will be at your service, round the clock All you have to do is call and order


He is flattering you He's come up with a novel idea. Home delivery of liquor Hey, Sadiq! Why are you lying to her?

It's the truth. Truth, my foot!

Wait till you get married! You'll know, wives are a terror No, thanks. It's your problem. Don't yell at him!

Talk to me. He's fooling around. I was talking to you Why did he have to butt in? Trying to flatter me, eh?

You think you are a charmer? No. Sadiq...

To heck with Sadiq! Sadiq, did you hear...?

Look at me What did you say? 'I did this for you, I did that for you'

You did nothing for me. Ass!

Freaking Four-eyes!

Scared you, didn't I?

A bit

I pine for you Don't torment me more, O cruel one O cruel one I'm drunk in your love Don't intoxicate me more, O cruel one O cruel one Those eyes, mesmerising Your words, alluring I fall head over heels for you a hundred times over My heart ceased to be mine, ever since I fell in love with you You are the one who beats in my heart Don't stir the heartstrings more, O cruel one O cruel one

Come close to me Lend fragrance to my breath Please do Why should I alone express my love?

Why don't you express it, too?

Please do You are going to kill me some day, Your defence indeed is deadly You are the beginning You are the end The story of my love is all about you You are my leading light Until death do us part, O my cruel lover O my cruel lover

Faizan Faizan Jai Hind, sir!

Sir, sweets from Surat. It's your favourite, isn't it?

What's up, Ramlal? You're taking good care of me Do you want leave? No, sir It's a boy, sir Congratulations! What have you named him?

Faizan For a Hindu father, you give your son a Muslim name. Secularist, eh!

Not I, sir. Raees has become a father He has sent you an invite

Make sure you reply to him. Sir He has become a father of a boy, not the father of the nation

Give it back It's my favourite Remember those good old days? We even stole Gandhiji's spectacles!

It was foolish, seriously. Your signal saved me that day, too Else, he'd have thrashed me You say it was foolish but I did it out of Miss Ratna's fear Fear? She was a terror!

Don't mention it to her now. We're here to give her the invite She won't hit you for that

How did this happen?

Debt took his life The mill shut down The owner even refused compensation

He's gone!

'So what if five labourers die?'

'You will employ twenty-five more'

'to fill your coffers'

Bhimani Seth. What is it?

The labourers toiled for you for years. You must give them what is rightfully theirs. If you want rights, go to court Why have you come here?

Get Deepak Debt-ridden workers are killing themselves How will they pay for court cases?

Did I tell them to die?

Think it over

Done I won't pay the labourers You take something and back off

Before the movie ends, the workers should get their money Else, it'll be the end of you Get that?

Place it here Greetings, uncle. Bless you, dear This is for Faizan, from all the mill workers Greetings. Greetings Greetings Isn't it beautiful?

It's really very beautiful

Why did you have to do this? It's not a gift, son It's our blessings to you You helped us get our money and saved our families This is the least we could do for Faizan Thank you!

Jai Hind, sir Why are you moving the vehicle from the crime scene?

If the highway isn't cleared, there'll be a traffic snarl, sir We have to clear it, sir Where was the truck headed to? Fatehpura, sir

Empty truck?

It was loaded with liquor, right?

Whose stuff was it?

Whose stuff?

Damla Seth's

Stop pimping. Do your duty. Get it?

Get Damla. Sir

Jai Hind, sir Sir, Damla Seth can't come. Why not?

He's away in Fatehpura

You may go. Sir

"Those drunken eyes"

"intoxicate me"

The Chief Minister, at Raees' party?

Mr Chief Minister! Sir... sir...

Raees! No politics today, please How are you, sir? I'm fine Give him a break!

There's ice-cream for everyone, guys. Okay, sir Raees, he is Mr Hasmukh. He is into construction He executes all the government projects I wanted you to meet him You know Damla Seth Aasiya, this is the CM. Hello Let's have a drink

You drink like a fish here, and in the parliament, you take to sloganeering 'Ban liquor, save Gujarat'

Not in vain, sir I believe in political agenda. I can see your political agenda Elections are approaching. Cut the opposition crap and join me

Mr CM!

The CM has bought a property near Maninagar He has assigned me to construct a building. - Great But the hitch is, it's occupied Encroachers, you know. And... he wants your company to get the place vacated Can it be done?

Surely, if it's the CM's wish I'll take 30 percent

Deal, Raees You are right, sir Damla is here with Raees The Chief Minister and Pashabhai are also here You quit the city but you haven't forgotten Raees Can't help it Raees and I share a strange relationship We can't be together, yet he won't let me go away Cops! Run! It's a raid!


Sit all of them up Get him Sit him up


It's the cops!

Prohibition Act, section 66 and 67! You are going in for ten years Haul them in. Bhagat!

Sir! Seize all the liquor And seal the port. Sir!

Raees' lifeline and pipeline... blow them out of the water!

Transfer Majmudar to some godforsaken place, sir!

He is a constant pain in my neck He's a police officer, not a pawn I can play around with

He arrested Damla

Majmudar has started a fire in Kutch The flames could torch me and eventually reach you

If it isn't doused now,

everything will be razed


Type a transfer order Majmudar's?

Transfer him to the control room here. He'll rot along with the old files Sir

It happened, as usual An official order, enclosed!

And I left, with bag and baggage

India is always losing!

By transferring me to the control room, they thought I'd be like a snake, defanged and harmless But as they say, it turned the tables!

Sir, we've got all the numbers on Raees' home delivery lists Tap them

Do you do home delivery? Yes. How many bottles?

New stock, sir. Two bottles, please Only ten bottles? Order hundred, sir.

Involuntarily, Raees pulled me closer to him From this spot, I could hear his very heartbeat From this point to that, 200 acres of land has been transferred to you You have made a huge investment Your dream to make a housing colony, 'Our World' has finally come true Raeesbhai, this is the right time to start the construction Right Start right away then Fine Bye, sir Convey my regards to the CM. Bye

Did you hear about Pasha? I know He's taking out a procession to ban liquor The swine has gone crazy I'll fix him. Call him

Pasha here. Greetings, Pashabhai A procession to ban liquor?

What's this new farce? Oh, come on, Raeesbhai Elections are at hand Besides, the liquor agenda is my ticket to victory This gimmick is inevitable. You know, Pasha, your procession will hamper my business Why don't we find a way out?

You find a way out, I'll take the procession out

The procession will start from the party office and go up to Gotri Okay Pasha here. At least, change the route Don't lead it through my territory. Impossible The road to my vote bank runs through your neighbourhood Do as you please. The procession will pass through

What now? Get this clear, Pasha

If this procession takes off, it will be your final journey

How about some tea?

Did you send for me, sir? Yes, Popat Hot news Before it cools down, break it to the press

'Raees issues an open threat'

'If Pasha takes out a procession, it will be his final journey'

You torched his castle, and he has no idea what hit him!

Do it and watch the fun Right, sir And the circus begins!

'Raees' open threat: If Pasha takes out a procession, it will be his final journey'

Hello? Are you crazy to issue an open challenge in the media?

I didn't speak to the press. Pasha has dug his own grave I told you not to make a fuss. Just sell liquor. Leave politics to me Hang up!

Shutters down!

Keep your vehicles off the road!

The procession is coming this way. Please maintain peace!

Are you ready? Yes, we are!

Let's see who is man enough to stop this procession!

Who is man enough?

It's the call of Gujarat! Victory to Pashabhai!

It's the call of Gujarat! Victory to Pashabhai!

Close the shops!

Deploy the barricades! Keep people off!

The procession is passing through Raees' neighbourhood Situation under control. Copy Down with the government!

Down with the government!

Let's see who is man enough to stop Pashabhai's procession!

Let's see who is man enough!

It's the call of Gujarat! Victory to Pashabhai!

It's the call of Gujarat! Victory to Pashabhai!

To war!

Turn around!


Hack him!

Start shelling! Fire!

I warned you not to pass through my neighbourhood It hampers my business

Now you know

who is man enough!

Who's the real man!

Who's the real man!


Raees lived up to his challenge. What action will you take now?

Look, we... Swati Trivedi, Maha Gujarat Times Raees is your friend while Pashabhai is your rival Did Raees act on your orders? Gujarat politics hasn't stooped so low The police are doing their job. You don't let the police do their job Are Majmudar's frequent transfers due to your proximity with Raees?

Raees will be in jail within the next 24 hours Is that a promise, Mr CM? Sir!

Yes? Go on Why should I go to jail?

Send Pasha to jail. He created all the mess What about my business?

I'll give you all the facilities in jail Do your business from jail. Who stops you?

Oh, really?

I'll have you released when you tell me It's only a matter of a few days

Is that a promise? I'm with you Don't worry

Greetings, bhai. Greetings

Hello? Who is it? It's me At this hour? Is all well?

I'm missing you Liar Listen. We made 22,000 in cash today That's not what I called you for I told you, I'm missing you


Really? Only 22,000? Darn it!

Freaking duffer!

Business meant life to you And finally, they traded you Pasha and the Chief Minister have joined hands. Take a look

'Coalition politics completely wipes out Raees'

I told you to get used to tea at the cop station

Get ready to contest the elections Raees, politics is not meant for us. I'm arranging bail for you The winds blow south, Sadiq To be free again, I must win the elections Is it easy to win elections?

We'll need votes as well as cash You organise the cash I'll garner the votes

Raees has done a lot for the people We'll surely win the elections

Listen carefully! He is Raees He's a class apart Love him, and he'd even give up his life for you Act smart, and you'll see the worst of him That's Raees That's Raees That's Raees

He's as fearless as a warrior and as shrewd as a merchant As cool as a cucumber yet as fierce as fire Right or wrong, business is his faith Business is his first love That's Raees That's Raees

He is Raees He's a class apart

Bail granted

Raees registers an historical victory in Fatehpura None of his rivals could even save his deposit That's Raees The name's Raees

He is Raees He's a class apart

I told you, you'd be the first to see Our World when I make it I'll show you today. Really?


Over here In a straight line, on both sides, tall houses are standing Children are flying kites on the roof The sky is enveloped with kites And... over there... no, right behind you, there's an English-medium school

Children are speaking fluent English

Good morning, Miss Ratna

Here... a hospital in memory of my mother The Parsi doctor will be in-charge I'm sure he'll still charge only 2 rupees Aasiya, the air will be rich with everything here There will be no fear of starvation or the curse of poverty The mornings will be spent feasting while the nights in celebration

Amen Amen

It's a fantastic scheme, Raees Right, friends? Of course But the amount is too big for all of us

Qasim, who is asking for the entire amount?

You don't need to pay the entire amount now You have to pay only half the amount And the rest in ten years You can pay in monthly instalments for the next ten years

Is ten years too short a period?

Don't worry, don't be apprehensive I guarantee you. This is my neighbourhood, you are my people You own your house from the very first day All of you will get the deeds of agreement. I guarantee you that Your word is final. Let's do it

'Our World'

'Our World'

Greetings Mr Majmudar! It's been so long Tell me. Are you here to meet me or to conduct a raid?

Well, rest assured. Everything is legal about Our World Liquor pays for the construction. What could be more legal?

Luck favours you these days Days and nights are meant for people, Mr Majmudar Lions rule for ages Try tea from Our World. Come here, kid It might change your perception. Cheers To me, you are still the same I have changed a bit, Mr Majmudar You can't tap this politician's phones now. No, no I don't need to listen to your phones anymore

I'm here as the Superintendant of Police, Crime

Trust me, I had no hand in your transfer this time Honestly I know

All your hands are tied

That's why I came here to reason with you Make sure you don't give me an opportunity Never. I never gave you one Hang on, SP If you say, here, in Our World, I'll book an apartment for you I'll book a place for you in my world

He won the elections yesterday, and today he is building Our World Raees is going to become a messiah! Sir, you have an urgent call from Delhi



Turn on the TV. Sure Yes, sir?

In Uttar Pradesh, rioters targeted a train carrying passengers returning from Hajj Several people are being reported killed The incident has provoked communal riots in many parts of the country Police have imposed indefinite curfew in several districts I don't want riots in my city. You will handle Zone 1, Shambu Zone 2 is the most sensitive Majmudar, you will take charge there. Sir Ten days of curfew has brought the entire State to a standstill People have little access to food, water, milk or medicines

Give this to aunt Laxmi. Sure Listen. This is for Dulari's baby Deliver the bottle of milk to her right away

Distribute the meals in police vans

Raees sends food for all of you. Raees! God bless you!

The children have been starving. Easy

Why don't you answer the calls? Creditors are calling up The construction guys and the grocers Why aren't the bottles delivered yet?

Can't help it. No orders due to curfew Don't mind this. But you must either stop the construction work for some time or the free meals. No way I can't do that. Sign here Stop free meals to the Hindu colony. It'll ease the burden Hey!

Did you ever consider religion while doing business?

None should starve to death. Neither Hindu nor Muslim They are our people Neither the free meals will stop nor the construction of Our World

I'll organise the money Stop the meals, my foot!

Mr CM, I agree you have the riots under control You must control Raees now His Our World is becoming everyone's world It will be no one's!

Those who are buying Raees' dream will soon grab his throat I'll make a pauper out of that king in a trice!

I'm putting that site in the green zone

How much money do we have? About 200,000 That's all?

Have you swallowed the rest?

What are you saying, Raees? Don't interfere!

I'm talking business here He should have the accounts. Tell me What? Give me the accounts You want accounts?

Accounts of what? The money spent on the elections?

Or, the money spent on acres of land for Our World?

Since the last three weeks, we've been distributing free meals to four colonies It doesn't come for free!

I swallowed it? He's asking me the accounts!

Don't you yell at me!

Are you doing me a favour by giving me the details?

I've been noticing. You get worked up over every little thing What is wrong with you?

He isn't annoyed over the money but over the CM The CM put our land in the green zone So what?

The deeds are in our names, right? He changed the law No construction can be done there. Only farming What happens to Our World?

People's houses, money...?

The money's gone!

Everything has fallen apart, Aasiya How can it fall apart just like that?

There must be a way Think. Talk to the CM He might understand... Cut the crap!

No need to use your brains I don't need anyone's advice!

Go on, get back to work Go!

What good is yelling? Will it get our money back?

Or, will it help build the colony?

To heck with the colony! Hey! Raees!

Stop it, Raees! Shut her up!

Move, Sadiq


Tell everyone the truth

Or, assure them that everything will be fine

It will be For God's sake...

For God's sake, leave me alone!

That's it!


At the crossroads of life and death, I find myself today!

O Destiny, I thought you were a friend And I walked on, in your footsteps, latching on to you, holding you dear!

Yet, you compelled me to do things I'd never have done otherwise!

We could never understand each other

I'm tired, Aasiya!

Greetings, Raeesbhai. Greetings

Bhai, Four-eyes is here He's up to his neck in debt I know Nawab, what about our Doha delivery?

The cops are very active, bhai Haji, Ejaz, Haribhai, everyone has refused Let Raees in Send him in. Go on

Greetings, bhai. Tell me Can I help you?

I need a small loan, bhai In fact, you need a huge amount Trust me, bhai I'll repay it, with double the interest

I can't give you a loan

But I can put you on to something...

What about the Doha assignment?

Bhai, it's final. Ejaz is delivering it Stop him The boys are already en route...

Don't worry, I'll handle him. Put Raees on it Bhai, listen to me...

Let Raees do the job Gold is arriving from Doha, to be delivered in Mumbai

I'll do it The riots are over but the curfew is still forced How can we deliver it? Sadiq, if we can avoid curfew and reach Mumbai, so can the gold. We can do it Think over it. If you can do it, fine Ejaz is on it anyway. No, we'll do it Sure? Sure Give him the money

Thank you, bhai


What's this? I hope it's not drugs No. Nope It's only the packaging You have all the gold there Is the gold there? Yes Let it pass then


Inform Raees that his truck has left. Okay, sir Will it be tea or booze?

Booze... in a teacup!

No one's losing his money on Our World, Sadiq We'll repay everyone God willing!

Today, in a series of explosions, five blasts rocked three metropolitan cities of North India People were hauling the injured to the hospital in cars and scooters That's when we realised the intensity of the blasts We can identify the body only if it is intact, not if it is blown to pieces A wave of fright and anger has swept the entire country No organisation has taken responsibility for the blasts yet The explosions are linked to Gujarat The explosive used was smuggled in through the waters of Gujarat I have no idea, sir. I'm just a driver!

All I do is deliver the goods

Where did you pick up the stuff from?

From Porbandar, sir I know nothing, sir!

Whose stuff was it?

Damla Seth and Nawab smuggled it in On whose orders?


Hello? It's a terrible mess-up, Raees The packaging materials with Musa's gold weren't plastic They were RDX bombs!


How can they be bombs?

If they were bombs, couldn't the officer detect them?

RDX is a new type of bomb They were used for these explosions

The swine Musa betrayed us!

Raees, this time the cops won't arrest us, they will shoot us down!

Get out of there. See you when I see you

Good God!


I had no idea what I was doing!


In trying to save my people,

I've burned down the entire city, Aasiya!

Good God!

I've burned down the city!

Run! Run!

There are no eyewitnesses to place Raees on the port, sir Damla shot himself, while Nawab is absconding We can never prove it in court. Let the court do its job, Majmudar You go and arrest him He's a master at destroying evidence. Last time he was jailed, he came out a politician. God knows what he'll try this time

Even I want Raees, sir

To maintain peace, war is a must this time, sir

I can't give what you seek in writing, Majmudar

Let's go Who wants it in writing anyway?

The cops will be here any moment. Run, Raees!

I won't run I'm not a coward, Sadiq! I'm not!

You are innocent. And to prove that, you should live

If you don't escape, they will... kill you!

Sadiq is right Get out of here, please! No!

If I escape, the cops will make life miserable for you Reason with her, Sadiq Take Faizan and Aasiya to Sanjanwala's Now. Right now!

You know that it's the only safest place for them And you? You know that, Sadiq I'm not going anywhere without you. Don't argue with me!


Aasiya, trust me I'll fix everything But right now, this is the right thing to do


I won't run

I don't know, sir!

You can break our bodies but not our resolve!

Pick up the swine's family! We are innocent!

Please let us go! Find each one of them!

Where's Raees?

Thrash all of them till you find Raees!

He's a brother to me!

I'll charge all of you under the Terrorist Act! - Raees... was our only support during our bad times!

Raees is here Send him in. And listen Take his gun

Okay What news? Raees has gone underground But Sadiq is at Sanjanwala's. Find Raees. Yes, Devji?

We found Nawab Make preparations. Sir Now! Listen up!

You betrayed me, Musa You made me smuggle in bombs in the name of gold You have done a noble deed. You will be blessed with heaven

Killing innocents doesn't lead one to heaven, Musa Raees, listen to me I'm going to Doha Come with me. We'll be safe out there I'm going nowhere I'm not letting anyone go either. Kill Four-eyes!


Innocents were killed, Musa

My principles were laid to waste in no time

I'm a businessman

But I don't trade in religion

One last thing

Never call me Four-eyes!

Hello? Doctor, let me speak to Sadiq It's Raees

Sadiq here. I've set everything right, Sadiq Are you all right?

We are fine

Are the cops there?

No... Bhaijaan!


I'm coming Come, Bhaijaan Who called? It was Raees, right?

Why did you call him here, Sadiq?

What are you going to do with Raees?

I just want to chat with him. Take her away He is a businessman, sir. He never betrayed anyone Do not be unfair to him, Mr Majmudar!

Devji... Sir?

Shoot him at sight. Sir!

One bad decision has brought upon a great calamity!

But I won't let anyone come to harm They are innocent I alone am at fault

Pray that we meet soon I'm coming, Ammi

Sir, a van is headed towards the doctor's house How many people are in the van? No idea Is Raees inside? It's hard to see Target all the doors of the van. Shoot on suspicion It could be Raees' ploy

The van stopped at the gate Brace up for every situation. Anything can happen

He is getting off, sir. Shoot!

I'll answer my superiors. Shoot!

Raees is not alone, sir! He's brought the press along!

What? Yes, sir. A van full of reporters Shall I shoot, sir? Hold your fire!

I repeat, hold your fire. No one shoots!

Guns down!

Back off!

Fall back!

Fall back, will you?

Hold them back Move it!

Bhaijaan, eh!

Hold them back

Enough of the adoration! Let's go Take care. Take him away

When you knew how this was going to end for you, why did you return?

Would you have spared my people if I didn't?

I had to return to save my flesh and blood

But what you are about to do, Mr Majmudar...!


What happened?

You don't trust the system anymore?

Or, yourself?

Both, perhaps

Can you live with my blood on your hands, Mr Majmudar?

Give these to my wife and tell her the truth

I promised her

that I won't run

I feel this is the perfect distance to shoot, Mr Majmudar

What say?

Turn around, Raees Not in the back Shoot me in the front, sir I can. You know that


Is it true that no business is small?

And no faith greater than business?

It's true As long as it doesn't harm anyone


What if someone calls you father?

The mornings will be spent feasting while the nights in celebration Amen

In trying to save my people, I've burned down the entire city!

I'm not sure if I was right or wrong then But Raees' words ring in my ears even today Can you live with my blood on your hands, Mr Majmudar?