Rage (2014) Script

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Hi, Sweetheart.

Hey, Daddy.

You know, you don't have to pick me up, I can find a ride.

Yeah, I know, that's what worries me.

What is that on the back of your hand, Caitlin Maguire?

Relax, Dad, it's henna, okay?

Padma's mom did it for the girls in class, we're studying Indian culture.

Indian Culture, it washes-off, right?

Sort of, it will wear off.

I got these, the girl at the store said they were the best ones.

Jeez, thank you, Dad.

You know, I don't... I don't take the SAT's until next year.

It's never too early to start preparing, right?

Oh, hey, can we stop at the store for a couple of snacks?

The boys are coming over after Mikey gets off work.

So, Mikey has a job, huh?

Yeah, not everyone at my school is a rich snob, Dad.

Mikey's on scholarship and he washes dishes at Denny's.

Have you finished with your term paper?

Totally. Totally.

All right, it's almost done, I just have to proof it and print it.

I want that paper done before your two little buddies come over, otherwise you'll never finish.

Alea est iacta.


The die is cast.

It's from "Julius Caesar", you know that thing I've been working on for the past six weeks.

The die is cast.

It's impressive.

You got the date locked?

Next Saturday, Caitlin's gonna love it, the band's booked.

She's got the whole place to herself. Good.

Caitlin's Sweet Sixteen, damn, makes me feel old!

What are we gonna do with the... those?

Don't worry about it, I'll tell the bartenders and waitresses, "No booze".

Not a drop, Oh, okay.

Did you talk to the doorman, "no meth at the door"?

Your doormen sell meth? Don't worry about it.

If I hear of anyone even looking at Caitlin's friends funny, I'll kick their asses myself.

No, no, no, wait a minute, these are sixteen year-old kids. Kane, I don't want any incidents.

We're not sixteen year-olds, drinkin and doing drugs, like we're role models.

How much trouble did we used to get into when we were their age?

You know, I seem to remember you double-dipping Betsy, the one with those wavy eyes.

That's right! Yeah, yeah, yeah, right.

Wasn't she your girl for a while?

She was for a while until I found-out that this bad-ass was knocking his bot dong around.

Well, hey, we shared the same honey-pot, right?

It makes us milk-brothers. Romulus and Remus.

Well, this is what I don't understand, how would you remember who you bang, I mean, you've been drinking a fifth of Scotch a day since you were born?

About a bad-ass, mean-ass man you was.

I'm gonna throw a great party, you're a great dad.

I gotta run.

Take it easy, Paulie.

Oh, Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor! Mr. Mayor!

Can you please tell us how many jobs will be provided on this project?

Yes... Phase One has already created more than a hundred jobs, local jobs, for this community.

And today we begin Phase Two.

And Phase Two means that we'll have a park, as well as a river-walk. Mr. Maguire!

What do you intend to do with the profits?

Thank you, Frank.

The Mayor and I feel that this project will certainly stimulate the economy and we intend to put the money back into education and medical, thank you.

Thank you all for coming.

Hey, are you almost ready? We're gonna be late for dinner with the Thompsons and Dean White.

What does Dean White do exactly?

He works for the governor.

I think he's gonna run for State Controller.

Good guy to know.

We're gonna need a few extra contacts. Do you prefer the Noir tonight, or the Portofino?


You know Princeton's nearly 40,000 a year and that's not including room and board?

I know, can we swing it?

I got it covered.

WE'VE got it covered.

We're a team here, right?

Yes, we are a team, but...

No, no buts! None of this "She's my daughter" bullshit, all right?

I love the two of you, and I'm here for you both, you got it?

You know, you're very sexy when you put me in my place.

Is this you changing the subject?

I don't think we have time for this.

You are SUCH a tease.

I'm not gonna shit on no hellion.

Caitlin, your gonna be staying home tonight, right?

Yeah, we just hanging-out here.

Good, because you have a lot of homework that needs to be done by Monday, and you need to focus on your work. Okay, Dad.

Tokarev (2014) IMDB #2401807 fps = 23.976 Length = 1:38:26 First line = 1:18,080 Last line = 1:29:40,160 Created by DonToribio (Subscence.Com moniker) Posted FIRST to Subscene April 28, 2014 I'm serious.

Dad, I know. Listen, we're just gonna hang-out here, watch TV or something.

Lisa might stop by, but that is it.

Michael, I hear you're a working man.

Yes, sir. And how's that working out for you?

It sucks.

But it's nice for a buck or two, and it's pretty flexible, you know?

This summer if you wanna make some real money, you let me know, I can put you on one of my crews.

Swinging a hammer pays a hell of a lot more than working at Denny's.

You'd do that for me?

Yeah, if you give me a hand with one of these boxes over here.


This? Yeah.

So, you gonna ask my daughter out?


I see the way you're lookin' at her.

I didn't think you'd let her go out, you know?

You smoke weed? No.

No drugs at all? No.

Well, then, I... I might.... be willing to make an exception.

Do you think she'd say, "Yes"?

The mind of a woman is a mysterious thing.

I can't tell you what she'll say, but...

"Fortune favors the bold."

You ready?

Yeah, I'm almost there, go start the car, I'll be right there,

Caitlin, I 'm not your mother, I'm not going to lecture you about smoking, although you shouldn't be smoking, but the last time you and your friends hung-out, Paul found cigarette butts in the back yard and I took the heat for it. He believe you?

Probably not, but that's not the point.

The look he gave me... I know the look.

So, you understand? Yeah.

Yeah, Vanessa, I'll be good, I promise.

Thank you. You guys have a good night.

She's so hot.


I think the dock area is the perfect place to build, that part of town is just screaming for re-development.

Uh-huh, I heard you got a lot going on in re-development.

How'd you get started in the business, Mr. Maguire?

Oh, it's getting late, it's already past midnight.

I'm sure everybody'd like to go home and get some rest.

Paul doesn't like to brag, but the truth of the matter is he built his first development himself.

A lot of hard work. That's what I've heard.

Well, I had a full crew with me, but yeah... my first job was swinging a hammer, tends to drive my foremen all crazy, but, there's nothing that satisfies like a... an honest day's work.

Love a guy that's not afraid to roll his sleeves up and get his hands dirty.

Here's to an honest day's work!

To an honest day's work!

They're coming to get you, Barbara!

Stop it!

Hey, my dad kinda likes you.

It's funny.

Yeah, Mike go work for The Big Guy, get in with the family, next thing ya know, you're marryin' Caitlin, takin' over the business, you'll be a made man in no time.

Cut it out, man!

Detective, you here for dinner?

Paul, we need to talk. What seems to be the problem?

I'm sorry, but it's urgent. This is not the time or the place.

Whatever this is, surely we can discuss it in the morning.

Paul, listen to me, this is not about you.

It's about Caitlin.

They called it in about an hour ago, Michael and that other boy, Evan, they sent him to the hospital and got him a sedative.

He was really shaken-up. What this Michael kid told us was that all three of them were together when it happened.

They were playing video games, had a few drinks.

He said that Caitlin tried to get away.

They say that she put up a helluva fight.

This can't be happening.

Wha... wha... what about the neighbors, did they see anything?

No, nothing.

I mean, who would break into your house, grab your daughter, there's no ransom demands, nothing.

I don't know, I don't have a problem with anyone right now.

Right now, but think about your past.

Who would have the inclination to do this?

I know you still talk to O'Connell.

This is my daughter!

I would tell you if I had any idea who was behind this.

Would you?

Pete, I 'm out of the game, you know that!

How long have we known each other? Since the massacre at the Four P's...

Yes, fifteen years, Pete. Yeah, I know you.

Right! You do, you know me.

I just don't want you fallin' back on any of the old habits.

Let us handle this our way, all right, Paul?

Okay, fine, what's your way?

These are by δΘΣτΘP⌠ß⌠Θ which is Greek to me.

Well, we drop it on the News right away.

Within, if it sits on your history.

How many times do we have to tell you, that he's clean?

One of two things is going-down here, the kidnappers either know you or they don't.

If they don't, then the fear of who they're messin' with is our best asset.

Once they hear, they'll probably drop her off at a gas station somewhere and she's back by lunch tomorrow.

And if they know me?

They'll be in contact, and we'll be there.

We have a top on your phone.

Either myself or Detective Hansen will be here at all times.

Paul, we'll find her.

You better.

Why, Paul?

Why Caitlin?

You didn't...? You, too?

I'm sorry.

I just... If I had any idea who did this... just one...

You find her.

Do what you have to do.

Whatever it takes, you just bring her home.

Two unidentified male classmates were injured in that home invasion they're expected to make a full recovery.

Caitlin Maguire is five-six, one hundred and five pounds, with long brown hair and blue eyes.

If you have any information that could help in the investigation and search for Caitlin...

Move! Let's go!

Go, go, Danny, go!

I'm gonna go out. Go out?

I can't just sit here, waiting for the phone to ring, knowing she's out there somewhere, scared.

And I'm supposed to stay here all by myself?

There's cops all over the house.

That's not what I meant.


Be safe, okay?

Where are we off to?


It'd be best if you just stay here by the phone.

Shouldn't you be out somewhere looking for my daughter?

We're doin' everything we can. So am I.


I'm so sorry, Eleanor, please, I need to speak with your son.


You got all these awards.

You know, I started dating Mary when I was seventeen.

That was Caitlin's mom, Mary. Your seventeen, right?


I remember once we were on this date down by the shore... summertime, hot as shit, just wouldn't cool off.

Anyway, this Puerto Rican looking shithead comes walking down the beach, and calls Mary a slut.

You believe that shit?

Calling a nice, Irish, Catholic girl like that a slut, well... needless to say, I had to defend her honor, because that's what gentlemen do, they protect women.

So I went and I got the tire iron out of the trunk of my car and I broke both of his legs.

I'm not like that anymore.

No, I've changed, See, 'cause when Mary got sick...

stage four breast cancer... swore I'd go legit, so there'd always be at least one... one parent around to take care of Caitlin.

They each had guns!

I would expect you to get SHOT... trying to protect her.

Now, I want you to think hard, what did they sound like?


The kidnappers, did they have an accent?

Did they sound Russian?

Puerto Rican?

Did they use any words? Slang? Did they sound like greenbahs?

I... I don't know.

Wha... what did they smell like? Spicy food, too much cologne?

Come on, Mike, you have to give me something. if anything happens to my daughter, I'm holding you personally responsible. I don't know, I'm sorry, I don't know!

It was all so fast, I messed up, ya know.

I wish I coulda done something, I wish I'd been braver.

I wish it was me, okay?

If you remember anything, you give me a call, you got it?

Yes, sir.

Yeah, it's me, I need some help, will you meet me at the construction site?

We're sorry, We'll find this roach who did this, Paulie.

You got my word on it.

I know you're still in with O'Connell, right?

Yep. Right.

You remember that stink that Golden syphed not too long ago?

Did my time, kept my mouth shut, roughed me up.

I need guys I can trust.

The cops are keeping very close tabs on me, so...

I... I understand if you don't want to get involved with this, but I...

I do need some help.

These are by δΘΣτΘP⌠ß⌠Θ which is Greek to me.

Say the word.

I want to find her.

I want to find who took her, and... They're dead, Paulie.

They just don't know it yet, right?

There's two hundred thousand.

Use what you need to get any information, just keep the rest, okay?

We really can't take that.

We're family.

You'd do the same thing for us, Paulie.

We'll do anything you ask. I know.

This could get dirty, so, just how deep do you want this to go?

How deep is hell?

I know just where to look.

The guy's a rat but he knows me.

Just hang back and follow my lead, all right?

Jesus, an elevator woulda been nice.

Knock, knock, asshole!

Oh, shit!

No, no, no, no! I didn't steal anything, man!

I swear! You know I wouldn't mess with you guys! C'mon!

Relax, relax, I know you wouldn't do that, all right, you're too smart for that.

I got one question to ask you, all right?

Who kidnapped Paul Maguire's daughter?

Take a good look, you heard anything?

Nothing! I swear! If I knew, I would tell you! C’mon!

Now, who would mess with Maguire anyway?

My, my, my.

I'm not happy with what I see here, Oliver.

I'll bet you were a sweet little BL, huh, before he got you all jacked-up?

Come here, honey, come here honey.

That's it, easy now.

Put her down, put her down.

What are you doing? Come on, my Little Princess.

Am I your Little Princess?

I got a pretty little Princess Necklace here for you, too.

You don't know anything about the girl, huh, Oliver?

Nothing, I swear! Start talking, Oliver!

Please! Please! Look! Whatever it is you about to do... don't, please, don't, no.

Tell me about the girl, Oliver.

Please, if I knew, I would tell you. C'mon, don't hurt her, c'mon, man.

Please don't, don't. No, no! Don't Doherty!

Listen to me, If there a girl being held somewhere?

I don't know, I don't know!. No idea! Just tell him! I don't know!

No, no, no, no! Talk to me, Oliver!

No, please! Don't!

I love her, no, I don't know! What's that?

I love her, man!

No, no, no, no! Lisa, come here.

I need you to breathe.

Now I believe you. See you around, Oliver Jesus, I can't believe I hit that rope.

What, you've never done that shit before?

Hell no, I thought she was going for a two-story swan dive.

You're one harmful guy. Right, right, you're a saint, huh?

Nobody's seen or heard anything. How is that possible?

Paul, we've been rattling jaws all night long.

Whoever took her, is keeping their shit tight.

Got feelers out everywhere.

Somewhere, someone... has to mess-up.


Paul, We found her.

Thank you for your beautiful soul.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. Thank you for coming, I'm so sorry, my friend, Vanessa, this is Francis... Francis O'Connell.

Hi, I 'm Vanessa, I'm Paul's wife.

Pleased to meet you. Call me Frank.

If you don't mind, Frank, I have a... some things I'd like to attend to at the house.

I'll see you later.

Can we take a walk?

You've done really good for yourself, Paulie.

I 'm proud of you.

Smoke and mirrors, Francis.

That's not what I heard.

You got a nice, big house over there by the Country Club, eh?

And a beautiful wife.

You know, Paul, the present situation aside, you got yourself one helluva life, don't you agree? Huh?

Is this going somewhere?

Things have settled down, and the business is more civilized than it used to be.

In the good old days, you remember, the gutters were running red. Huh?

You remember that night at the Four Ps, and what those Russians faggots did to me?

Of course.

But do you remember what I told you because you wanted to rush-in and kill 'em all?

You said we lost too many already. Exactly.

I don't know what this has to do with anything.

My neck, it's hurtin' to look up to you like this.

Do you mind sitting down?

That's better. Eye to eye.

That's the thing I miss the most, I guess, to be able to stand over somebody and stare 'em down.

Those simple, small things in life that I'm not able to do anymore.

You know, like bangin' a young broad, or kicking somebody's teeth down their throat.

But do I lash out, Paulie?

Do I show my weakness? No.

I bury it a long time ago.

I buried the hurt.

Just like you have to bury yours.

Hey, I'm not finished! Sit down!


Yeah, you better be listening.

Because I know you, and know this unpleasantness is eating at you, and you're determined to do something about it.

I'm asking you, don't.

Let the cops do their jobs, huh?

Things are good, I want 'em to stay that way.


Things don't look so good from where I am, Francis.

If you won't listen to reason, can you listen to a friend.

I did you a big favor when I let you walk out.

I didn't have to, you know that, but I did.

I let you walk out.

It's not every day someone can just walk out of the business, clean, as you could.

But you could, you know why?

Because you came to me and you asked me.

I did you a favor and now I want you to repay me by doing nothing.

Let it go away, Paulie, bury the hurt.

You understand me.


I understand.

Does anyone want cream?

No thanks, I'm good.

Your friend Sheila still come around?

I don't know what we're gonna do with all the food.


Honey, do you mind?

I want to know.

No, really, you don't.


She's a peach, that wife of yours. So, what's the word?

No word.

O'Connell not only said to stay out of it, but to keep an eye on you, too.

So what now?

I still have someone inside the Force, someone who won't report back to your boss.

I do.

I can have him check into the case.

I didn't want to bring this up, because...

we're not supposed to bring it up, we...

No, it was a long time ago, we did everything right.

Are you sure?

Go, go, Danny, go! Go, go!

Where is the key? Where is it?

I ain't got it.! Where is it, asshole?

No! No! No! Give me his gun.

Shit, no, no, no, no!

It's your nasty, clean it up!

No, we... we did everything right.


Tell me about it.

How is it that a man with this many past criminal associations can turn legitimate businessman and I can't get a re-file on my mortgage?

I mean, look at this! Irish mob, Russian mob.

Twenty suspects, no leads.

When have you ever known a criminal to just go clean?

No arrest doesn't mean no activity.

Maybe he's just been careful.

No, I just talked with him a few days ago, he's a wreck.

If he was still dirty, he'd know who did this.

This ought to narrow-down the suspect list.

It's the ballistics on the Maguire girl.

A 7.62 millimeter, fired from a Soviet made Tokarev TT-33.

Well, it gets worse.

It crossed against three hits tied to the Chernov family.

One in 1983, and two in 1988.

What does that tell you?

That whoever killed her, hadn't killed anyone for a long, damn time.

At least not with that gun.

This stays here.

Mr. Maguire.

I'm really very sorry for your loss.

Caitlin was... she was really something else.

Yes, she was.

She worked really hard on that, and I just thought that...

Of course, I'll read it tonight.

Mr. Maguire, Would you like to collect Caitlin's belongings from her locker?

Are you sure it's Chernov?

No, I'm not sure.

But whoever did it used a Russian gun.

It was 20 years ago, how could they know about us?


They took his daughter, and you think that's coincidence.

Yeah, well, I never talked.

And you never talked.

And I'm certain Paul never talked.

So, how would anybody know?

This whole mess just stinks,

Do you want me to tell him?

No, I'll tell him.

Hey. Hi.

Is he in?

Maybe he'll talk to you.

Are you okay?


I know it's hard.

Just because she wasn't my blood, doesn't mean she wasn't my daughter, you know.

She loved you, Thank you.

Stay strong.

He's upstairs.


It was when she was four.

What have you heard?

Ballistics. Yes?

Wanna get out of here?

So, what does that mean exactly?

How's someone like you get as far in your organization without knowing his guns?

Knives are quiet, I like knives.

Tokarev. TT-33.

It's an old army sidearm, HL clip.

And it's favored in the Russian mafia.


Yeah, the Russians. Coulda been a hit.

It coulda been a smaller faction just lookin' for some ransom money.

Not one of 'em takes a shit without Chernov's permission.

We never asked permission to rob the Russians.

We don't talk about that.

I keep trying to get Vanessa to stay someplace safe, but she won't listen.

She won't go. So, what do you wanna do?

Call Danny.

Like old times, fellas.

Let's do this, huh?

You're not understanding, as we have a lot of money to spend and we want to play some cards.

Clearly you have a problem understanding English, we want to play cards.

We want to play cards. Nyet! Private!

No, no, that is NOT what I said, what I said is we have a lot of money to spend and we want to play some cards.

Okay, let us in.



Hey, hey, hey! We need you to move, pardner!

Speak English!

I speak three languages.

How many you speak? Stupid Americans?

That got their attention.

They're gonna come gunnin' for us. No shit!

Always the best way to get information when it's hard to come by.

You stir the pot, they'll come lookin' for you.

Just be ready. We're ready.

Now, Danny, this shit's about to get radical, you gotta cover each other.

Relax! All right, we got this. Not one of your cocaine parties.

Really? You gotta go there, Paulie?

What is it with you and my partying anyway, huh?

All right, let's just relax, okay?

All right?

Jesus, Paulie.

What is this? You know exactly what this is.

It is not safe for you to be here anymore.

Tell me what happened?

Please don't shut me out, I want to know.

What? What would you really want to know? Huh?

What do you want to know? You want to know how many people I jacked-up last night, how loud the screams were?

No, I... Then what!?

Is it over?

It 's just beginning,

What do you think? I need you, you need me.

You told me to do whatever it takes, right?

Well, this is what it takes, pack your bags.

Nothing was wrong, maybe I should've kept my mouth shut.

But you didn't.

Now I'm in this.

I'm sorry if it upsets you.

Yeah, that upsets me.

My husband is a killer.

I think you're enjoying this.

Say, "My husband's a killer."

Come on, repeat after me, "My husband is a killer."

You've always known it, you just haven't seen it until now.

Huh? Is that what's going on? Is that why you're still here? 'Cause it turns you on?

Anything? Nothin'.

All right, we up the stakes.

What are you thinkin'?

We need a vory.

Let me make a quick call.


Yeah, just take him into the back room, keep him occupied for us, sweetheart.

We'll be right over.

Yeah, me too, easy now.

Amber's got a vory over at the Club, she's gonna take him to the back room for us.

Just in case the bot can.

All right, all three of us go in here, it's gonna look suspicious as hell.

All right, so, you two sit tight, and I'll go in and get this prick out.

I got this.

I shoot people in the street.

Do you know who I am?

What? You are nothing to me. Hey!

Do you know me? Huh?

Nineteen years ago I threw you from a car, and stole your boss' money, do you remember that?

In the mask.

Chernov thought I took the money.

He tortured me, you're too late.

I lost these fingers because of you.

Someone put a bullet in my daughter's head, with a Russian handgun.

Who did it?

Was that Chernov?

Someone had to have a turn? Who was it?

Who did it?

Who did it?

No, no, no, no! Don't die. No, no! Don't die!

Who did it? Who did it? Who did it?

Who did it? Who did it? Who did it? Who did it?

A cup of coffee, please.

Thank you.

I 'm here, what do you want?

You can't go around tearing-up the city, this isn't good for anyone.

Don't know what you're talkin' about.

Look, man, this isn't gonna bring your kid back.

I feel you, what you're goin' through.

But if this keeps up, I promise you I'm gonna find a way to put you and your crew away for good.

Shit, Paul!

A few years ago, my kid, Robbie, was ridin' his bike on 6th Street, got hit by a car.

I get to emergency and it's touch and go.


The poor kid is.. is in surgery.

I felt I needed to do something, anything.

Found out where the guy lived.

I see his fender, mangled,

where he hit my boy.

I must've stood an hour at the edge of that driveway, with the gun in my hand.

Then, finally I cooled myself down and I go back to the hospital, Robbie pulls through.

A few days later, I went down to 6th Street, there was construction going on, there was a blind spot.

And I realized, in that moment, that that accident coulda happened to anyone.

If I had killed that man, it wouldn't've changed a thing.

Your kid is still alive.

Anything else?

C'mon, bitch!


Put you weapon down, on the floor now!


All right!




It's okay, you'll be dead soon.

But first...

you're gonna talk.

Somebody put one helluva dent in Chernov's drug operation.

Yeah, and I haven't even started thinkin' about the mess at the Russian joint.

Six skull cross, Chernov's men, huh?

Meet Sasha Barad.

Rap sheet as long as my dick.

Cutting-off fingers.

Somebody's trying to sniff-out a secret.

I have a pretty good idea who.

What's is it?

Someone went into our house, Victor and Sasha are dead

Find whoever did this.

And bring them directly to me.

What's this world comin' to, huh?

When I was a young man, we used to settle our disputes with this.

Words were exchanged, before gun shots.

People KNEW what was coming to them... and why.

These days, they shoot first.

There's no rationale, no protocol, nothing but blood and confusion.

How are we supposed to know what these men want?

Oh, shit!


There should be almost three, big bunch of Russian guys had just gotten out.

How long will it take you and Doherty to get over?

I thought he was with you. No, man, he's not with me.

Just make it fast.

...hang-up and try...

Come on!

God damn it, Danny, take it off, they got Kane!


Go, go, go!

What the hell is wrong with you? Me!? What the hell is wrong with you?

Cuff him! Come on!

Get off him!

Get off!

Are you tryin' to kill everyone in this city? Look at me!

Go to hell!

What the hell's goin' on, Maguire?

This asshole let the kidnappers get away.

I'd like to ask you a few questions concerning your whereabouts last night.

I'm trying to help you here, you got clean once, do it again.

Walk away, let us do OUR job.

We'll find who killed your daughter, I promise you, Paul.

It's a top priority. Bullshit.

I knew you heard about the ballistic report.

Personally, a couple of dead vory brightens my day.

So, why are they after you?

What did you do? Did you piss someone off?

Can I go now?

Sir, are you serious?

I'll take care of this. You gonna let him walk?

Thanks, Peter, I owe you one.

Hey, Paul.

Watch your back, man.

Mr. Kane, you know, who I am, right?

Not personally, no. We've never met.

Your name is Chernov, and you're the bad guy.

That is quite funny, coming from someone who's responsible for the death of several of my men.

Can you offer me an explanation for your behavior, please.

Explanation, I should be asking you the same thing.

Anton, please, allow me to handle this.

Maybe a little water will help loosen your belt up.

Drink up.


That'll not explain things.

Others don't explain.

I ask questions,

you answer them, understand?

That's sexy, I like that.

I taught you to do that. Tell the stripper to leave, Danny.

Paulie, what's up, buddy? Where were you, Danny?

Get out, grab your stuff, get out.

What's up?

You didn't check your phone?

I was just blowing-off a little steam with Amber.

Why aren't you at your house?

'Cause you don't bang strippers in your home. What's going on?

They got Kane. Oh, Jesus.

And you didn't answer your phone.

I told you, I was havin' fun, I...

All this action, I couldn't wind-down, I needed a release.

While you were gettn' high, and getting your dick wet, they got Kane.

Paulie, let me get you a drink, all right?

How's the old bladder feeling?

Is it full?

Why are you killing my men?

Why would you be so stupid, huh?

What could you possibly have to gain.

I can do it much longer than you can.

Caitlin Maguire. Who?

You killed Caitlin Maguire, Paul Maguire's daughter, that's the truth.

The former criminal, who lost his daughter?

He thinks I did it? He knows you did it.

That is a terrible accusation.

Why would I kill the little girl?

Why would I do such a thing?

She was killed with that Russian gun, a Tokarev.

You're not looking so good, Mr. Kane.

I can stop if you like.



We hit the bank guard for the money.

We cut his hand off, we killed him.

We were kids.

You killed Ivan?

You killed my brother?

You started that war.

Call that gimp O'Connell.

When was your stint?

Four years ago I got out.

And how long were you inside? What difference does it make?

Just answer the question, how long?

Five years on an eight year sentence.

Aggravated assault, possession.

Right, yeah, I remember when it went down.

All over the papers.

A crate full of Israeli sub-machine guns and all you got was possession.

Plea bargain? No!

And I don't like what you're gettin' at. What am I getting at?

Paulie... No one has one clue who killed my daughter.

Not one.

Took-up all those Russians last night, not a single one of them knew anything, if they did, they woulda cracked, so YOU tell me.

Paulie, I did not rat and you know I wouldn't rat, it was the driver.

He didn't know shit! Never saw our faces, never knew what hit him.

Paulie, listen to me. But you shot him!

So, now, we'll never know.

Paulie, you gotta listen to me, all right? Just listen to me.

The whole reason I'm back with O'Connell? Uh-huh?

Is because I didn't drop a dime on nobody!

I got a light rap because they misplaced some of the evidence.

How about, still, you went down nine years ago, so that was what?

What? That was two, three years after we split the cash?

So, what are you getting at?

The weapons you got caught with, did you use the money to buy them, and don't lie to me.

Yeah, of course I did. What the hell? What's the big deal?

What's the big deal?

They took Caitlin and they shot her.

Maybe... maybe that's not a big deal to you, but it's a pretty fuckin' big deal to me.

And the only reason they would do something like that is if someone talked.

No one asked you, no one asked you where you got the money for those guns.

O'Connell didn't want to know how you knew how you could pull-off something like that on your own?

Paulie! Yeah?

I've always been loyal. You've always been an idiot!

Screw you, Paulie!

Nothing's ever your fault.

There's always someone else to blame, always someone there to bail you out.

Who... who's bailing you out now? Who's man are you now?

Are you my man? Are you Chernov's man?

Are you O'Connell's man? Take it easy, Paulie! Easy!

Knock it off! You talked!!!!!

I didn't talk!

Someone got to your boss.

They take care of you, make those guns go away. That's not what...

O'Connell talked, and now my daughter's dead!

We swore not to talk about it, not to spend the money, not to draw attention to ourselves!

I'm not a rat! You are a rat!

Rat! Rat! Rat! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

You... you swore it!

Paulie, shit, man!

I loved you, and you swore.

Danny, come on, Danny.


You got to get up, Man. Get up, Danny!


I 'm with you, bro.

What is so damned important you had to pull me away from my nephew's football game?


I believe that belongs to you.

No, hasn't been mine for many, many years.

I have no responsibility. Responsibility, huh?

When I was nineteen years old, I was the number one, light heavyweight champion in the Soviet Olympic Boxing Team, did you know this?

No, I don't like sports.

And especially not Soviet Sports.

I had a shot at number one.

I could have been the champion, except my father had a little problem.

He was a pathetic gambler, and he could no longer pay his debt.

The Russian Mob, the Brita, placed the burden on my shoulders.

I could clear his debt by taking a fall by losing to the champion.

What do you think I did?

I don't know, I don't have a clue, fill me in. Doesn't have a clue.

I took a beating for my father, I lost for him.

No child should have to pay for their father's sins.

But the Bratwa took me in, gave me new life.

When my father fell for the debt again, who do you think they sent to collect?


My father failed, just as your man here failed you.

I told you he's not mine any longer, are you deaf?

You know the Maguire fellow, the one in the news?

The one whose daughter'd been killed, huh?

What about him?

He was the one who killed my brother.

He was the one who started the war between us.

The one who landed you in that chair.

So you see...

I invited you here to ask you to do one thing for me.

Take responsibility.

Let me make one thing clear, I don't take orders from people like you.

Russian scumbag!

Do what you have to do.

Whatever it takes.

Tokarev, TT- 33.

It's an old army sidearm.

It's a favorite of the Russian Mafia.

No, no, do not!



What was so important?

I'm sorry, Mike.



It was an accident...

No! Please!

I didn't mean to! C'mon, you have to believe me! No, no, please, please no.

Okay, We... we... we were hanging out, and drinking, as normal, and... and... and talking about... about how you used to be a gangster.

So, where does he keep the loot, huh?

Shut up!

C'mon, how many times do I have to tell you guys, my dad is a...

A legitimate businessman.


Yeah, has he ever been arrested?

Maybe YOU should ask him when he gets home.

No--- Honestly, he kinda scares the shit outta me.


Have you ever seen or heard anything?

Like secret phone calls or wads of cash lying around?

Wait, did you see that? Totally.

Did you see that? Come on, you know something, something cool.

Come on, spill it.

Caitlin, please----

All right.


Yeah, yeah, I'll show you something.


We went upstairs, she... she said she had something cool to show us.

I'd never held a gun before, you know.

It... it... it was scary and cool and, I know I shoulda put it down.

But I didn't.

Take some of this, you assholes!

Evan, come on, don't make me chase you!

Come on, let's go! It's raining.

So what, it's rain. Are you gonna melt?

All right, come on, Evan, we gotta put it back.

No! It's not even loaded! Don't be an asshole, c'mon.

Give it over. Fine, buzzkill, jeez.

Jesus, you, too?

All right, hand it over.

Oh God! No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Is she dead?


I didn't hear her coming.

I wasn't paying attention, I was a little drunk, and... and... and the gun was so cool, you know. and it felt...

I didn't know she was gonna be right behind me!


It was an accident.

I didn't know what to do.

We dragged her into the woods.

We put the guns back, we trashed the house to make it seem like a home invasion.

I figured... with your history, the cops would think it was a mob hit or something.

I'm so sorry,

I didn't want to kill her.

I was scared. I was scared! I loved her, I swear to God, I loved her so much.

Please say something!

Just end this.


I can't take it anymore.


Hey, baby.


It's okay now.

It's all over.

It's good to hear your voice.

Come home, know you'll be safe now, Are you okay? You sound so...

I killed a man, when I was seventeen.

Caitlin's age.

I got into a fight.

Someone handed me a knife.

Sometimes I dream about that night.

In the dream I see myself, and I try to stop it, but I can't.

Then I wake up, and I wonder what would have happened, if no one handed me that knife.

What my life, what our lives, might have been.


I'm sorry I let you down.