Raid (2018) Script

'Fund and original penalty.'

'For our empire treasure is more important than forces.'

'Because money is the major concern for Public welfare.'

I guess it's a residence. Why else would we need the women's team?

Thankfully we'll get to eat otherwise, Patnaik cannot be trusted.

Amay sir has even instructed us against opening this envelope.

Sir has come. Yes.

Take off this tea.


The cars have taken a left after leaving the department.

Get someone to confirm their route.

My experience says..they are heading to Benares.

Hurry UP-

Sir, you cannot enter without wearing shoes.

Gandhiji walked barefooted for many years..

So Indians can be allowed in clubs.

And you have an objection over my sandals?

Sir, these are the club's rules.

I am sorry, sir. Don't be sorry.

If you're following the rules, be proud.

Mr. Amay.

What happened, sir?

Rules were getting broken, Mr. Bajaj.

And I don't like breaking rules or going against them.

No, sir.

Who stopped him?

Once again shoes triumphed over sandals.

Doesn't matter.

Maybe some other time.

Definitely not, sir.

I invited you.

How is this possible?

Mr. Bajaj, there's no way I'll go inside like this.

And my home is quite far to go and fetch my shoes.

Please don't force me.

But my shop is close-by.

I'll get shoes for you.

Please, don't insult me.

What are you doing, Mr. Amay? Let it be.

It's a gift.

For a government officer, a gift is as good as a bribe, Mr. Bajaj.

Of course not, you must keep it.


If I accepted gifts..

Then I wouldn't have shifted to Lucknow with a handful of belongings.

Well, you can at least take cost price.

I can afford 21 rupees.

Now you're putting me in a dilemma.

Keep it, Bajaj. Keep it.

It's hard earned money of an honest man.

Who knows whether you'll encounter something like it again.

Are there less honest people in the city?

No, there are.

But I never come across one.

Well, you will now.

Mr. Patnaik. That's 'Tauji'!

The city's biggest..

Landlord, Contractor, Businessman, influential and well connected!

Member of Parliament for three terms.

Supported by 51 MLAs.

I like reading newspapers and magazines.

You don't need to tell me.


It's the first time any government officer is giving something..

And not taking anything.

Well..enough of this small talk, son.

Get the drinks and welcome him.

Amay sir..

This is unacceptable.

We've made special arrangements for you.

I only drink what I can afford.

You finished setting up the house really soon.

We hardly have anything that will take time.

You know, my family had given me such high hopes.

Claiming that the guy works for the Income Tax Dept.

Plus, he's a Search and Seizure wing officer.

My dear lord...

Are you regretting now? Yes..

But, not for the half-empty house..

But, the often missing husband, who's sipping rum with someone else.

Rather than staying at home and sip on something else.

Good idea.

You're stinking.

Is it the same cheap 'horse' brand?

Of course.

Do you think your husband will drink something cheaper than that?

And as for the stink..

There's a reason why the English invented toothpaste and toothbrush.

The English invented toothpaste and toothbrush?

Because they drink without water.


The English didn't invent anything.

We Indians did.

From 0 to ***.

I can prove it.

Then prove it.

"Every time I look at you, you make me smile.."

"I can feel you closer than my own heart."

"You're like a gift bestowed upon me by God."

"There can be none other like you."

"You're the only one I bow to and I don't need any other approval."

III _"

"I pray for your well-being, beloved.."

"and nothing more."

"and nothing more."

"I pray for your well-being, beloved.."

"and nothing more."

"and nothing more."

It's your first Sunday in Lucknow, madam.

Where would you like to go?

PAC headquarter and after that government hospital.

Let's go. These are important places.


Finally, Patnaik sir took some time off.

He hardly ever gets time to catch up with his friends.

He gets bored really soon.

That's why he never stays in one place for too long.

"I was in pieces like shards of glass."

"You're the one who put me back together."

"I don't count the time which I didn't spend with you."

"Nothing else suits me since I was overwhelmed by your love."

III _"

"I pray for your well-being, beloved.."

"and nothing more."

"and nothing more."

Sir, myself Lallan Sudhir. Senior Asst. Income Tax.

She is Mukta Yadav Asst. Income Tax.

And he's Mr. Satish Mishra. Hello, sir.

He's recently joined us as Inspector.

Sit down, everyone.

The number of assesses is on a steady rise.

But there's been no substantial increase in tax collection.

Because, the Government officers..

And the working class people are the only ones paying taxes, Which are just a handful. Exactly.

We must conduct raids after thorough and severe investigations.

It'll be warning for them..

That the department will no longer tolerate tax-evasion.

Carry on.

Thank you.

Don't worry. He's new on the block.

Freshly out of the box. He's going to stir up a little commotion.

Do you read magazines, Lallan?

I'm a little weak in English.

It's in Hindi.

Two months ago they did a story on me and an IAS officer.

Take a look.

They print my photo on cover page.

I've been transferred 49 times in the last seven years.

Until I don't get transferred again for the 50th time..

You'll have to get used to this commotion.

Hello, Bhargav sir.

Come, Lallan.

What's the news?

It's bad, but can be averted.


Its that time of the year to conduct raids.

A number of your clients can fall prey as well.

You can give us a heads up, can't you?

Definitely. For a price. 50 percent now and 50 percent after the job is done.

That's too much, Lallan.

Inflation is on a rise, Bhargav sir. There's nothing Lallan can do.


Is this Amay Patnaik?

Yes, this is Amay Patnaik speaking.

And you are?


I've information on tax-evasion.

Who is it?

Meet me at my office tomorrow.

Try to understand, I can't come to your office.

I understand.

Then someplace else? You must come right now.


Isn't it too late?

If you want the information, then you must come now.

Come to Chandrika Devi's temple.

I'll be right back.

From where? And, at this hour?

The temple.

But, you're an atheist.

You only believe in Mother India.

I am going to meet her.

Go and collect the offerings.

'I've written down some names.'

'You can get their history from your office.'

'Rakesh Singh, Area; Lucknow.'

"N-53-1. Assessment years; '78 -'79.

'79 -'80. '80 -'81.'

'Suraj Singh. Lucknow N-53-1.'

'Assessment years; '79 -'80. '80 -'81.'

Guess you have someone in your sights.

No wonder you've forgotten all about me.

Who is it? Some bigwig?

Routine office work.

The wife is the first to know when the routine changes.

Can't tell you.

You don't trust me.

More than my life.

But rules are rules.

Like the common people, you'll read about the raid in the newspaper..

Or in the news.

Just because I smile all the time..

Doesn't mean that your sincerity doesn't scare me.

Sometimes it scares me as well.

Then what's the point of this sincerity, Amay?

Every two months you're transferred.

Packing bags.

Moving in a new place. Settling, then again moving to a new place..

And then pack up again.

I am tired of it. Aren't you?

Have you read the story 'Salt-Inspector'?

By Munshi Premchand? Everyone has read it.

It was in our class 10th syllabus. What's the point?


The salt inspector in the story didn't take a vow.

But we do.

A man who doesn't stick to his words, can't be a human being.

The only thing that separates human beings from animals..

Is their word.

Humans can give their word..

And animals can't.

'Buy groundnuts on Harding Bridge from the guy wearing a blue-shirt.'

'Now you know what's on the records.'

'But there's a plethora of unnamed businesses too.'

Hello. Now, do you believe me?

Yes, all your information so far has been correct.

I've seen there are more assets than income.

Even the files clearly indicate towards tax-evasion.

But you haven't told me where the black-money is.

Sir, I suggest you carry out a raid first.

You'll get all the information you want inside the house.

How can I trust you?

It's such a big and important raid.

And an important information like where the money is hidden..

Will be given inside the house after I conduct a raid.

I cannot take this risk.

Why? Are you scared?

Look, I am not scared of anyone.

I have the courage to knock on anyone's doors.


My mind says I must wait until I find hard evidence.

But my heart says if I don't take this risk..

Then, I will never find hard evidence.

What do you say?

You call me your heart, your love.

So go with your heart.

It's not the Indian officers..

But their wives who need to be brave.

Thank you, Malini.

There's never been such a huge recovery in any of the previous raids.

The department will become famous.

And, so will you before you retire.

I'll be famous.

What will you get?

Same as always.



I'm signing this satisfaction letter.

Amay, you do know who you're dealing with.

In case you fail to find anything..

Then the first thing he'll break will be the Law.

You must be very careful.

The local Police cannot be trusted.

Get heavy protection from PAC.

Yes, sir. I will.

But, you'll still be responsible for the safety of your officers.

Yes, sir.

I take full responsibility.

If you..

Don't recover anything close to this figure..

Then, he can file a case against you.

You may also face a departmental inquiry.

Sir, we'll recover the stated figure.

All the best.

Take care of yourself and your team.

Yes sir. Thank you.

You all will assemble in the office tomorrow morning at 5:15 am.

Which team will carry out search and seize operation in which area..

This information will be up on the notice board tomorrow morning.

The names of the assesses will be in a sealed envelope.

But only I will tell you when they need to be opened.

Sir, where..

I mean..where will our team go, sir?

Why are you so restless, Lallan?

The sealed envelopes will be handed out to everyone..

Tomorrow morning.

Okay. Good night, sir. Good night.

Hello, Mr. Yogi.

Hello, Mr. Bhargav.

Mr. Sinha, listen carefully. We're in deep trouble.

There's going to be a raid tomorrow morning.

All the loose strings.

He didn't let anyone know.

He just disclosed it to us like breaking news.

No one had a clue.

As usual strong.

As much as my wife?

Will we share a cup tomorrow?

I can't promise about tomorrow..

But, we'll definitely share a cup soon.

I'll be always.

I know my hubby isn't interested in small raids.

You like to take risks and scare the hell out of your wife.

The cars have taken a left after leaving the department.

My experience says.. They are heading to Benares.

Take a left.

We're heading to Sitagarh, and not Benares.

We're not going to Benares.

That was just a ploy to fool the informers.

Open the envelopes.

What's the point of opening the envelopes?

Do you see what I see? What?

White House?

Trouble. What else.

You don't get it.

Stop the car!

I said stop the car. What happened?


What's wrong? Why did you get down?

I don't want to go, you guys can go.

What's the problem?

Sir, if we're raiding the White House then, I won't go.


We belong from the same village.

He's my benefactor.

He paid for my education.

He even employed my brother.

If he finds out, he'll kill my family and me.

How can you say such a thing being a government officer?

Sir, everyone is scared of death.

You can suspend me if you want.

But I won't go on this raid.

Satish, he will not get suspended, make his dismissal order.

And detain him at the headquarters along with two PAC constables..

Till the time, the raid isn't over.

Sir. Yes sir.


We have a warrant for Rameshwar Singh.

We're here to search the place.

You must be joking, mister.

I don't joke in the morning.

Open the gate.

Take a look inside.

Take a look outside.

It's hard to even blink without a cup of tea in the morning.

Let me freshen up first.

Then we'll talk.

You do know that you're misbehaving with a government officer.

And, what are you doing with a respected Member of Parliament?

I am just doing my duty.

And I am doing mine. By showing you your status.

I made a big mistake...

I should've shown you your place on the first day when we met.

Government officers aren't even allowed to swat a fly in this house..

And you want to conduct a raid.

Search and Seize warrant.

Read it out.

Hindi or English. Everything is Greek to me.

Read it out to me.

I've already told you everything..

And you know what I'm saying, Rameshwar Singh.

I am on duty..

So I can't call you 'Tauji'.

That's nice.

You can check our identity cards before we go inside.

As well as search us.

So that in future you cannot claim that we planted something.

Bhikhu. Search them, son.

Search everyone, except for the ladies.

You can even call two witnesses which you prefer.

Well, everyone in this area likes me except for you.

Call anyone you wish to.

Inspector. Yes, sir.

Call Mr. Vijay Srivastav, Principal of JK College..

And Secondary School Headmaster, Mithilesh Mani.

Yes, sir.



Please go inside and gather everyone in one place.

Call us only when the women are comfortable..

With our presence in the house.

Yes, sir.

Can I tell you a secret, Patnaik?

I am a Politician.

I've already taken care of the money.

Go ahead and search..but, you won't find anything.

You'll only go back empty-handed.

The only time I returned empty-handed was from my wedding.

But whenever I went to someone's house at the crack of dawn..

I've always found something.

If you fail to find anything..

Then you'll have to fall at my feet and apologize.

Do you agree?

You're in no position to keep conditions.

But I can accept them.


Sir, you can come inside.

You must introduce everyone.

Satish, note their names.

This is Rakesh Singh.

My younger brother.

And that's Anubhav Singh. Younger to him.

That's Prabha. Rakesh's wife.

Reema. Anubhav's wife.

And my youngest brother. Suraj Singh.

That's my son, Shashi.

And his wife Tara.

And these two are my sisters.

I am Jaya... Why are you getting so restless?


I am giving the introductions. Sit down.

Jaya..and Sushma.

What is this charade, brother?

Who are these people?

He is Amay Patnaik.

DC Income Tax Dept.

He's lost his marbles since he arrived in Lucknow.

That's your introduction.

Do I have to introduce the kids as well?


They are minor. You can send them to school if you wish to.

But their bags will be checked on their way in and out.

You'll search our children as well?

Pardon me..

But that's the rule.

Hey, Mr. Rulebook.

It won't even take me a minute to throw you and your little army outside.


Who do you think you are? Stop there, Rakesh Singh.

Assaulting an on-duty government officer..

Attracts 7 years of imprisonment.

And, if a government officer hits back..

Then, there's no punishment for his actions.

Look, I don't know who you are or from which department.

But this is no way to barge into someone's house and misbehave like this.

I am sorry..

We'll try not to cause inconvenience to anyone.

And this must be Ramu Kaka?

How do you know?

It's just..

Bless you.

Come, Srivastav.


Bless you.

Even the witnesses are touching his feet?

What can we possibly do?

What are you doing? Let me explain you the rules.

You cannot talk to anyone on the phone.

During the raid, you cannot go out of the house.

Nor can anyone come inside.

The money and jewelry which are unaccounted for will be seized.

But you'll get receipts.

And, we'll leave behind some money for your daily expenses..

As long as this matter isn't solved.

We won't give any receipts for documents.

We'll take them with us.

If anyone tries to tear or burn documents..

Then we'll have to take the help of the police to stop you.

You can be questioned as well.

But we'll conduct the search and inquiries only during daytime.

You have the right to get some rest at night.

Ohh..planning to stay for the night.

Father, please ask them to leave.

There are women in the house.

That's why we have female officers.

Don't worry..there won't be any misbehavior.

So, do we go to school, or not?

One single day won't make a big difference.

Stay at home.

Brother, this guy..

He's a lunatic.

Let him do as he wants.

He'll play for a while and be amused.

And then I'll play.

And you know.. I never get tired of playing.

Patnaik..the door's still open.

You can leave the same way you came in.

Let's begin.

What was your name again?

Reema. Reema.

Your name should've been 'Gehna' (Jewellery) instead.

Aren't they nice?

Yes, but they look a bit cheap.


It's worth 100,000. And the bracelets are worth 75,000.

Then you'll have to take them off.

Look up there. Check everything.

Don't leave anything unchecked. What is this?

Rakesh sir your honor is my honor.

Even if we find anything, I won't disclose it. Don't worry.

Get lost!

Don't irritate me!

Did you prepare breakfast for mother?

Yes.. Sister-in-law.

I didn't come willingly, sister-in-law.

After all, it's my job. What can I do?

I am doomed.

We need to make a list, weigh them.

If you've paid your taxes, then you can keep them.

Let her keep the nuptial necklace.

What's the point of keeping the ring and taking off my necklace.

This is auspicious as well.

Show me.

You must take the ring off too.

Check at the back.

Find anything? Nothing.

Are you assured now?

You ruined my quilt. You'll have to pay for it, understand.

Come on.

What? Come on.

These are my last year's returns.

Check it.

I've disclosed every jewelry.

Can I wear them again?

Check properly. Sir..

Check it over there.

Check properly.

Over there.

We checked everything, sir. But couldn't find anything.

Maybe someone gave you a wrong tip. We couldn't find anything.

We didn't find anything, sir. Check properly.



Sir, all the jewelry are accounted for.

I said..we checked everything, but couldn't find anything.

Let me speak to sir.


Sir, the other team is on the line.

Mr. Sinha.

We couldn't find anything.

Should we stop the search?


You are not able to find anything.

Just sweating it out.

We sweat and earn our livelihood.

We will find.

The entire 4.2 billion Rupees.

You better get out of here while you can.

Otherwise, I'll go to the court and charge you..

For taking a bribe from the opposition for conducting this raid.

You'll lose your honor, as well as your job.

Should I send some snacks for you?

Forgive me, sir.

I swear I never wanted to come here.

Why would I?

But those were the orders.

You can clobber me with a shoe.

What's your name, son?

Lallan Sudhir. I heard you, son..

Now, can I answer nature's call too?


Hey..go get some coal for my pipe.

What are you looking around for? I am talking to you.

Who are you? Amay Patnaik.

Amay Patnaik? From The Income Tax dept.

I'm here to conduct a raid.

Raid? For what?

We're looking for black money.

Black money. Is there something like that?

There is. But, we haven't found it yet.

I haven't seen you since morning.

I was in my room.

What are you doing in my closet? Who are you?

Rameshwar. Rakesh.

What are you doing in my closet?

Who are you?

Grandma, where are the keys?

I don't have any key.

What happened, mother?

This is the limit.

You can't just barge in anywhere you like.

She is not well.

At least don't trouble her.

Not well? Who is not well?

You, mother. I am fine.

You're crossing the line.

Keys to the safe. Don't know.

She must have it. I don't have any keys.

If you don't give me the keys, then I'll have to break it.

But.. -Look, the keys are normally with mother.

Mother, where are the keys? Like I said..

I don't have any keys.

You see..she's got a memory problem. That's all.

Then I'll have to break it. No, no...

Listen, don't stress yourself so much.

It's your last day on the job, DC.

You can have your last wish too.

Take it.

Mom, you are hungry. Let's go eat.

I am not hungry. Bring her along.

I said no.. Just a little.

Mother..I've grown up now. Don't be stubborn, mother.

Stop hitting me. Get up. No, I don't want to go.

Come on. Come on. No, I don't want to go.

Have it, mother.

Brother, how can you still.. Don't talk while eating.

But, brother.. I just said.

Don't talk while eating.

Pass me the sweetmeat.

But you.. Didn't you hear?

Don't talk while eating.

Just a little.

You've Diabetes.

We didn't find anything sir, the only place left now is the prayer room.

What are you saying?

We even have a well.

Go and drown yourselves in it.

Lallan, get a pump.

Hold it. Hold it.

Look there. Look down there.


Catch it.

Be careful. Catch it.

Come on.

Sir, there's nothing here.

He's covered in mud already.

Tomorrow it will be on your face.

Sir, madam's waiting at the gate.

I've brought food for you.

How do you know I am here?

I am your wife.

I know how to secretly read file covers.

I know you won't eat here. So.

I am not alone, my entire team's with me.

I never said I brought only for you.

You shouldn't have come here.

You're scared for me.

Now, you know how I feel..

Until you don't return home.

But you'll stay right here, in the middle of this danger.

How can you ask me to leave?

Sir, please come inside. Immediately.

You should leave... right now.

Take one of our cars.


I think I made a mistake.

We didn't find anything.

You might make a mistake in personal life... but never in your work.

You're not used to it.

"I can't sleep a wink.."

"I can't sleep a wink.."

"Without you my beloved.."

"Without you my beloved.."

"My heart feels intimidated.."

"My heart feels intimidated.."

"Without you my beloved.."

"Without you my beloved.."

"I can't sleep a wink.."

"I can't sleep a wink.."

"Without you my beloved.."

"Without you my beloved.."

No, no, no, never. This is a question of our faith.

There will be bloodshed. I said get lost.

No, no.. Get lost!

What are you doing?

I had warned you, please don't obstruct us in our jobs.

Say something, father.

It's a question of our faith.

How can we let them in the temple? Look...

We don't want to hurt anyone's faith.

But the truth is even in our previous raids..

We found money stashed away in the temple.

But you won't find anything in this temple.

Let us be the judge of that.

Take off your shoes, your belts, and purse.

Wash your hands and feet before going inside. -Hey..

Nothing doing? Stop!

There's only one room left.

Go on..


Go on.

Bless us with your grace, O Benevolent One or we'll be in big trouble.

Pardon my insolence.

Mukta, hold this.

Check it properly.

Did you find anything?

Nothing, sir. Nothing, sir.

Are you satisfied now?

I'll be right back.

'You won't be able to recover all of it from this map.'

'But I trust your intelligence and luck as much as I trust your integrity.

'And, please be careful with this letter.'

Lallan. Sir.

Break it.

I said break it.

One thing is sure that tomorrow Isn't the last day of my job.

This isn't mine.


Whose is it?

Whose money is this?

Whose money is this?


Tell me, son.

Which one of you have hidden it here?

You're asking my question, Rameshwar Singh.

Let me know when you find the answer.

Listen, please..

Come out with me.

Officer, leave this place now, And I'll give you 500,000

Only 500,000?

Do you know how many zeroes are there in 500,000?

There are only two zeroes in 1500.

And that's all the government allows.

I'll leave after taking the 4.2 billion rupees which belong to the government.

You don't know..

What I'll do to you, officer.

You'll have to ask for those 21 rupees back from Bajaj.

I never took back anything that I ever gave.

Not even love and respect.

Whose was it?

Whoever has hidden anything else, anywhere else, better tell me now.


Yes, sir.


Come on. Come on.

I guess this isn't yours either..

Which means it's ours.

Rascals! Leave me..

No, no. I won't spare you?

What are you doing? I won't spare you.

I won't do anything.

I am not firing. Let it go.

Don't be so proud, officer.

Let me make a phone call..

And then I'll show you your place.

You fulfilled my last wish.

And, I always return a favor.

Tell me..who would you like to call?

Sir, Rameshwar Singh wants to talk to you.

Why did you connect the phone, Amay?

So that he knows that it's pointless.

DI..stop this raid.

And you can keep your job.

Plus you'll be rewarded too.

Only six more months before I retire.

I don't care if I lose my job.

Hello.. Hello..


Even dogs bark at the lion..

When he's cooped up in a cage.

Cut me loose..

And I'll put you on a leash, or my name isn't Rameshwar.


Give him one of our cars.

Sir, what are you doing?

No one can come in or go out. It's against the rules, sir.

You think such people care about rules.

Let him go.

How far do you think he'll go?

Wherever he goes, he'll run into a public servant after all.

I'll stay back here and continue with the raid..

Until I don't find all the money.

Such arrogance about your integrity.

It's called courage, and not arrogance.

The reason for this country's poverty isn't the poor..

It's the rich, dishonest people who steal from them.

You can go out, Rameshwar Singh..

And try as hard as you can to stop this raid.


Sir, please.. Satish.


Tauji, you?

Hello, sir. Hello..

Stop this charade, Pandey.

First, you order a raid in my house and now you're acting naive.

Raid? What raid, sir?

Just tell me where's the Chief Minister.

He just left for his residence.

At least have a cup of tea, Tauji.

Just tell me one thing, Radheshyam Tiwari..

How can you allow such a thing?

Tauji, no one took the state government's permission.

And anyway, the Income Tax department..

Falls under the Central Government.

There's nothing I could do. Why couldn't you?

Why couldn't you? You're the CM!

Come on, call him right now and talk to him.

Talk to him.

Tauji, I cannot interfere in this matter.

Even you spoke with the Director of Intelligence.

Stop talking, understand!

And just do as I said.

Call him now. Call him.

Oh, do I explain him now?

Listen..go to the prayer room.

And get the Bhagwad Gita.

Have you lost your mind?

Are you thinking straight or not?

I am not the one who's lost his mind?

There's no other way to make you believe me.

I can even swear on my daughter if you like.


Book a trunk call for me.

Stop nodding and do it.

Sir, I may be out of my place but, what you did was wrong.

Rameshwar Singh said something..

And even you acted in a fit of rage and, that's exactly what he wanted.

I know I shouldn't have let him go.

But, am I the only one making a mistake, Lallan?

What do you think about your own self?

I know what you're trying to do.

But I am giving you an opportunity to rectify your mistake.

And, I am giving a similar opportunity to myself as well.

You don't get it, sir. He will go out, and.. Put pressure on me.

To stop the raid.

I can ignore these pressures and phone calls.

But... But what, sir?

Sometimes the orders come from high above..

Right from the top.

And they cannot be ignored.

But it will take at least 14-18 hours for Rameshwar to get there.

And we must finish our recovery before that.

Sir, he will kill you and your family and all of us as well.

I won't let anything happen to any of you.

That's a promise.

Sorry, sir, I know you're a lunatic..

But the problem is you've let a bigger lunatic loose.

There's no point in arguing.

We've less than 24 hours to finish the recovery. Shall we?

Hello. Hello. Hello.

Hello. Hello.

Did you have information about this raid?

I found out much later. What?

Amay Patnaik had exact information, along with proofs.

I was saying if you couldn't stop the raid back then..

You can still do it now.

I've signed the papers, Mr. Patnaik.

But this is pointless.

Because you'll deposit all this in the Government treasury.

And, when the government will try to use..

This money for the welfare of the country..

Then people like them will plunder it again.

Sir, do you stop teaching when any if your student fails?

You don't.

In fact, you try harder next time so that no one fails again.

One second..

Sir, there's call for you.

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

Yes-yes-yes-yes-yes, sir.

He's here. I'll give the phone to him.

Finance minister.

Take it..

Here come the orders for you to leave the White House.

Hello, sir.

Mr. Patnaik, the raid was a success and you also made recovery.

Now please leave.

It's not right to stay at a respectable person's home at night.

Why unnecessarily harass the family?

Sir, we haven't recovered the amount according to..

The information we had received.

As soon as we get anywhere close to that number..

We'll stop the raid.

Anything else, sir.

Well then..

Try to finish it as soon as you can.

Thank you, sir. Jai Hind.

Rakesh, tomorrow is going to be a long day.

Go and get some rest.

Goodnight, brother.

You're really brave.

Spending the night in Rameshwar Singh's house amongst the women.

My duty compels me to.

Move aside.

What if I don't?

What will you do?


What if I scream?

You'll be hacked to bits.

Your rank won't save you if I scream.

So listen to me carefully..

What's going on here?

Just doing my duty as a daughter-in-law.

Don't try to teach me, you wretch.

I didn't grow old without experience.

You old hag, every other way failed to get that officer out of the house.

I thought I'll use my womanly charms to get him out of this house.

But you came out of nowhere and ruined everything.

I am going to wash your mouth with coal.

You can't even find your room and you'll wash my mouth with coal.

What if she had really screamed?

These are bad people, Amay.

Get out of there.

And, you've even enraged the Finance Minister.

You know these politicians are an expert in extracting revenge.

I'll be fine.

Don't worry.

Who are you trying to convince?

Me, or yourself?


Just take care of yourself, please.

No, no, no, Mr. Kumar.

Don't try to teach me, sir.

Look Tauji, if we pressurize him too much..

And if the Press finds out, then the media will come after us.

Tell me something, when you demand money..

In the name of party-fund and I give money to the party..

Don't you get scared of the Press then?

Calm down, Tauji. Calm down.

There's just one way to stop him now.

Let me take a look.

This is a map of our house.


No wonder this calamity has befallen on us.

We built this house according to 'Vastu'!

But my son, Rameshwar, and his younger brothers..

Made changes and ruined everything.


What kind of changes?

Take this pillar for instance.

What is it supporting?

There was no need for it.

This 1.5 feet staircase.

What's the point of making this?

It's convenient even without it.

They have ruined everything.

Let me see.

Oh, my.. whose is all this money?

Is it yours, brother-in-law?

Whoever built whichever part, the money belongs to him.

Yes, of course. You built these stairs..

And our little brother built that pillar.


And, what about your money in the water tank.

We can all see who owns what?

Whose is this?

I've been living in this house for 70 years.

But I never knew where the money was hidden.

How does the guy in the trouser-shirt know?

I am sure he has some kind of a map.

What's the matter, mister?

Will you please tell me what the matter is?

Do you know about the business' which are being run under your name?

Wine shops.

Even the excise department is being duped using your name.

It's all written here.

If we disclose these papers then you will definitely be arrested.

Mister, you don't know my brother. He will never let that happen.

And I will do it.'ve violated all of it.

You'll be charged with treason for laundering money out of the country.

Mister, how can you talk about treason?

It's my elder brother's brother-in-law, who's out of the country.

He's the one who's laundered all the money.

I am more of the patriotic kind of a guy.

And what about the money you have hid within the country?

Fine, as you wish.

I just came to make a deal. Listen, mister.

What will I have to do?

Everything you know..

And, everything that you have hid. You must tell us everything.

Hello, Tauji. Hello, hello..

Sit down. Sit down. Hello..

Did you have tea yet, or not?

I've been drinking tea since morning. I've had enough.

Now, please help me out, Mr. Singh and let me meet madam.

How can I just take you to her?

She's the PM, and not your local DM or Collector..

Who you can meet without prior notice.

You need to take an appointment first, Tauji.

Appointment. I get it..

I completely get what you're saying.

But you see, Mr. Singh, this is an emergency.

There's been a raid.

There's an income tax raid currently going on in my house.

And I need to get it stopped.

So please, let me meet madam. It's an emergency.

Look Tauji, I cannot insist Madam PM..

For a trivial tax matter.

"Tear up the walls..break down the doors."

"Dig up what's buried underneath."

"Whether it's locked away in safes.."

"or stashed away in bags."

"Neatly tucked away somewhere secret."

"Changes the fate of your illegal business."

"Your entire treasure.."



"Black.. It's stashed away."

"Black.. It's stashed away."

"Black.. It's stashed away."

"Which is without a receipt."

"Black.. It's stashed away."

"Black.. It's stashed away."

"Black.. It's stashed away."

"More than you deserve."


Rameshwar Singh's allied MLAs are gathering in Lucknow.

He's sending a clear message that if I don't let him meet you..

Then he will cripple Radheshyam Tiwari's government.

5 minutes.

Mother..why are you angry?


You're so wealthy.

Couldn't you get my kidney stone operated?

All you said "Mother, drink lots of water."

It will come out.

That's because you're old, and..

"You earned it in illegal ways."

"You stole it."

"You stole it."

"You stole it."

"Away from the eyes of the people.."

"is how you amassed all this wealth."

"Cheat! Deceit! Punish or Exploit."

"No one to stop you in your way."

"Everything he touches, turns into dust."

"Cheat! Deceit! Punish or Exploit."

"No one to stop you in your way."

"Everything he touches, turns into dust."

"Though you're late, but this raid was necessary."

"Be that slap across his bloody face."

"Be the book that..."

"wants an account of every penny."

Sir, the quantity of gold coin and jewelry is too much.

We didn't expect this much.

And, we don't have time to measure it in units.

Plus, we're haven't bought enough weights.

I have an idea..

"Changes the fate of your illegal business."

"Your entire treasure.."


Sir, I wish my mother was here..

She would've been really happy to see me being weighed in gold.

Abdul, make three teams.

Send one to me.

And send the rest to Anubhav and Rakesh Singh's factories.

Seize everything.

"Black.. It's stashed away."

Send a team to the Cooperative Bank.

And seal their lockers. Right now!

Seal Reshma Industries and Suraj Rice Mill's bank accounts.

They are involved in Sales tax and Excise evasion.

Inform the respective departments as well.

"Black.. It's stashed away."

"Black.. It's stashed away."

"Black.. It's stashed away."

Sir there's a call for you.

Mr. Patnaik, this is the Prime Minister.

Jai Hind, Madam Prime Minister.

Mr. Patnaik, if your department has some kind..

Of a doubt on Rameshwar Singh..

Or, if you've received some kind of a complaint against him..

Then, can you call off this raid, and proceed in some other legal way?

Madam, we'll know that for sure only after taking a legal opinion.

But if you want, I can call off the search immediately.

Lost your arrogance.

Thank you, Mr. Patnaik.

You're most welcome, ma'am.

Ma'am, I have a request.

Can you please sign the orders and send it to my office?

Why are you insisting on written orders?

Madam Prime Minister..

It's impossible to determine..

Whether the orders are coming directly from you..

Or someone's mimicking your voice and trying to save the assessee.

My office will get back to you, Mr. Patnaik.

I'll wait for your orders, ma'am.

Jai Hind, ma'am.

Madam, what..

You know we can't give written orders.

He is going on according to the law.

You should take legal move too.

No, I.. I..

Pardon me, madam, but..

I have a reputation in my area.

Everyone knows that..

No one can lay a finger on me.

If the news of the raid leaks out then..

It will destroy my influence.

And I represent you.

So it will destroy your influence too.


Manan, keep a tab on this officer Patnaik and report to me.

Yes, Madam Prime Minister.

Aren't you scared?

Thinking that while you're out working..

Something might happen to your wife.

Your wife's all alone at home.

You must be scared.

Do you know what I demanded from my wife as dowry?

Certainly wasn't money.


Courage. Courage.

That's one good thing you have.

You see, Patnaik if something happens to our family..

Then one needs courage the most..

Check the back. Yes.

There's no one here.

Come on..let's go.

Head to the PAC Headquarters immediately.

Are you okay?

If I tell you, You might marry someone else, will you?

Malini, this is no time to joke.

I guess my face is a little bruised.

Due to shards of glass in the face.

They shattered the side glass with an iron rod.

I am sorry, this is all my fault.

Listen, Amay.

He attacked your wife.

Now you must teach him a lesson at any cost.

I've spoken for your Police protection.

Leave for home only when the PAC unit arrives.

And listen, stay at home.

Is this how you are going to keep it?

How will I make it again?

Take him away. Take him away.

Take him away. Come on. Come..

Come with me. Keep it properly.

Who are you bringing that for?

Who do you think they are?

Take him away. Get lost.

Come on. Don't disturb them.

Yes, I've reached home.

I am fine Amay, but when are you coming home.

I am scared.

Don't worry, he's absolutely fine.. as of now.


I'll call you back. Listen, Amay.

Why did you hang up?

Didn't you tell your wife that she should stay at home.

Because her husband doesn't have any more friends in this city.

He's made a lot of enemies.

Before the raid, It was just fine..

But after this attack, you'll be jailed.

You cannot prove anything.

What's happening?

Getting furious?

Do you want to hit me?

Oh yes..I completely forgot.

The Law has put a restraint on you.

But you're free as a bird.

Yet you couldn't do a small thing like stop this raid.

Don't worry about that officer.

He didn't have a problem coming here.

But leaving will be a big problem for him.

But I will fix all that.

It's my own people who have hurt me the most.

I went places, creating an empire.

But, I never had a clue about what's going on in my own house.

It's a fine mess you guys have created..

In the name of fixing the architecture of this house.

My kin is hiding the money robbed..

From my business in my house.

And someone from our family turns against us..

And informs that officer.

What is that you used to say, mother?

Raavan was a mighty king, intellectual.

He was a family man.

So there was no way Lord Ram could've defeated him.

What is that you said?

It wasn't Lord Ram who killed Raavan.

Who was it?

His brother Vibhishan.


Vibhishan should come forward..

And admit to his vile deeds.

I won't forgive him.

But I promise I'll spare his life.

Better admit it on your own.

Because if I find him on my own..

Then no one knows Rameshwar Singh better than his own family.


When destiny has decided a terrible death..

Then so be it.

Son, I've heard that this officer isn't even scared of the Prime Minister.

You should apologize to him.

Raavan should've apologized before he was shot with an arrow.

Have a sweetmeat, mother.

Why aren't you passing it?

Do you wish to hog that too?

Here, mother. Have a sweetmeat.

No, I've diabetes.

I won't.. One little sweetmeat won't matter.

Eat it. I don't..

I said eat, so eat it.

Here, eat it.


Take a bite.

Take a bite.

Come on.

Sir, Tauji's been really quiet since he came back..

But, that's not the kind of man he is.

I think this is the silence before the storm.

Maybe you can get something out of him.

There's nothing he can say now.

All that's left is his statement.

By the time the seal and prohibitory orders are lifted..

A month would've passed.

Sir, this must be the longest raid in the history of the IT department.

We still have to record your statement.

And inquiry as well.

You shouldn't be drinking.

I can be questioned as well..

That's why I am drinking.

One of my own betrayed me.

Even you betrayed your people.

Your country, the crowd.

Maybe that's why your family is doing the same with you.

It's karma.

Come sit, officer.

Let's sit and talk about Karma together.


Sit down.

Even in the Mahabharata the war would cease..

After the conch was blown.

But the conch hasn't been blown yet.

It will only blow when we will step out of this house.

Stop dreaming.

Dreams don't come true.

I know its foolish to dream.

But if we strive hard enough..

Then anything is possible.

If you're scared of getting caught..

Then, here's my last offer to you.

Instead of 500,000 rupees..

I'll give you 500,000 Dollars.

Deposited straight into a Swiss Bank account.

No one will know.

Enough to feed your coming generations.

So you have an account in Swiss Bank too.

This raid's going to last longer than I thought.

What do you get from this honesty?

A good night sleep.

But I guess you need this bottle.

Does your wife wear the nuptial necklace?


But her husband's still alive.

I heard that your wife doused herself with kerosene.


Stay within your limits, officer.

Who started it?

"Swinging on the mango tree branch..."

Come, officer.

You worked really hard to gather my wealth.

But the question is..

How will you go out?

Who will stop me?

His Highness' army.


This isn't right, brother-in-law.

When pacifying and charity doesn't work..

Then punishment is the only way to go.

Is breakfast ready?

Income Tax Department.. Down.

Calm down. Calm down.

Income Tax Department..Down-Down.

Income Tax Department..Down-Down.

Income Tax Department..Down-Down.

You guys kill Collectors and engineers at the behest of politicians.

This money doesn't belong to me.

This is your money.

We're only taking it for your own welfare.

This money is gathered by robbing from you and through bribes.

Don't help them.

It's a lie.

Listen to me. Calm down.

It's just a coop to frame our Tauji.

Income Tax Department..Down-Down.

Income Tax Department..Down-Down.

Live long.. Rameshwar Singh.

Live long.. Rameshwar Singh.

Income Tax Department..Down-Down.

Everyone please calm down.

They barged into our prayer room, in our mother's room.

We can't let them go. You took all my jewelry..

We'll strip every piece of clothing.

Don't let anyone from the team out of the house.

And stay as far away from the crowd as you can.

What's the matter, Patnaik?

When you came here, you were telling me about rules.

Before you go, tell me what will I be charged for..

When this crowd crushes all of you.

Do you know, crowd has never been punished in this country.

You'll all die a terrible death.

Come with me. Come on.

Come. Come. Come on.

Come on. Come on, hurry up.

Come on..hurry up. Come on.

Come on. Come on. Hurry up. Come on.

Sir, what did we do wrong?

We are just doing our duty.

We must get out of here quickly.

How can we just leave, sir?

We worked so hard for this recovery.

As soon as we leave, the evidence will disappear into thin air.

Do you want to die?

I saw all the exit routes during the survey.

There's a road at the back which leads to the jungle.

Go save yourselves. Go!

Come on. Come on. Hurry up.

Come on.

Go that way. This door is closed.

This door is closed. Hurry up.

Over there.

Let's go down there.



Get lost! Get lost!

Come on. Come on.

Ram's off to exile.

Now it is Vibhishan's turn.

Who is it?

Forget it. At least tell me whether it's a male or female?

Where is sir?

Sir. Sir.

We should have understood it already sir.

What are you doing?

You want to save us and stay back yourself.

Go straight and you'll reach the highway.

Try to find help.

No, sir. We won't leave you alone. We won't go.

I promised that I won't let anything happen to any of you.

Don't prove me wrong. Go.

Sir, how can we leave you alone?

Go Lallan, I am right behind you. Go.


You're a tough nut, Officer.

Came back to die.

I wish even my family members were as honest as him.

Stop. They went back that way.

Go after them.


They are mere pawns.

The knight is in there.

I want the knight..

Dead or Alive.

Get him. Get him.

Brother, let's pour kerosene in there and set him ablaze.

"Even if I die.."

"I won't have any regrets."

11569 my Courage II.

"You don't have the intimidate me."

"My decision is final."

"I won't bow, but rather perish."

"I won't bow, but rather perish."

"As long as the blood's coursing through my veins.."

"all your weapons are useless against me."

"I know.."

"we're miles apart."

"But my God.. is still beside me."

"My conscience isn't so weak.."

"that I can't build an abode again from the strands."

"You don't have the intimidate me."

"My decision is final."

Are they safe? Yes, ma'am.

Good. He was rescued on time.

We need officers like Mr. Patnaik.


They are the ones who keep the wheels of our economy turning.

Of course, ma'am.

We can sacrifice a couple of Taujis for him.

Kosh Moolo Dand.

The King's treasure is more important than the King's army.

Understand, Rameshwar Singh.

It's all over now.

At least tell me now who that traitor was.

It was from your own family.

But it wasn't your servant Ramu.

I cannot tell you anything more.

"I am the lamp that burns in the fierce storm."

"The moment..which swims against the tide of time."



This isn't right?

Won't you even tell your wife?

Who was your informer?

Tell me. Who was it?

I can't tell you.

The rules are same for the wife as well.


'I had to give an information.'

'Go and collect the offerings.'

'You will get a reward.'

'For Tara and I, revenge is all the reward we need.'

'We loved each other.'

'But under a political deal, Tauji had her married to his son..'

'..who isn't worthy of it.'

Tauji has threatened to give a very painful death to the informer.

Don't worry, as long as Tara is alive..

This will stay only with me.

That's my promise.

Well, I've been transferred again.

Now Lucknow is in your hands, friends.

All the best. Thank you.

"My conscience isn't so weak.." Bye sir.

"That I can't build an abode again from the strands."

"You don't have the intimidate me."

"My decision is final."

"I won't bow, but rather perish."

"I won't bow, but rather perish."

"I won't bow, but rather perish."

"I won't bow, but rather perish."

"I am a burning flame in the middle of a storm."

"I am that moment which fights against time."

"I am a burning flame in the middle of a storm."

"I am that moment which fights against time."

"Even if I die.."

"I won't have any regrets."

11569 my Courage II.

"You don't have the intimidate me."

"My decision is final."

"I won't bow, but rather perish."

"I won't bow, but rather perish."

"As long as the blood's coursing through my veins.."

"all your weapons are useless against me."

"I know.."

"we're miles apart."

"But my God.. is still beside me."

"My conscience isn't so weak.."

"that I can't build an abode again from the strands."

"You don't have the intimidate me."

"My decision is final."

"You don't have the intimidate me."

"I am a burning flame in the middle of a storm."

"I am that moment which fights against time."