Raja (1995) Script

"Hey, Birju!"


"You have become such a wealthy man, yet you haven't changed."

"Whatever I am, is due to the blessings of all of you."

Where is the birthday boy? He is here... Look! There he is!


"May you live long, my brother!"

"lf our parents were alive today, then they would have been so happy."

I have not seen my parents.

"But whenever you touched my head to bless me,..."

... then I felt as though they had blessed me.

"Uncle, did you see?"

"Until yesterday, he used to play on my lap, and today..."

"Today, he talks like a big man."

"- Let's go and cut the cake. But brother, Madhu..."

Yes! You will not cut the cake without her.

Best wishes for your brother's birthday.

Wow! A ' Raja'(king) and a ' Rani'(queen)!

This is you and me.

"l am Raja, but you are Madhu."

"Yes, you are right. Come with me."

"Brother, why isn't my name Rani, when his name is Raja?"

"Yes, it should have been so."

"Alright, we will call you Rani from today."

"What are you thinking about, Brijnath?"

"- I was thinking, that... I understood."

Why don't we change our friendship into an alliance?

You voiced my thoughts exactly.

I present this ring as a token of this auspicious occasion.

"lmplying, that we are related from today."

"- Sir, there's a call for you. Excuse me."

There is a fire in the building. What!

"Do not cry, Raja. Everything will be fine."

Look at this...

Everything is over.

"Even if I sell myself,..."

... I shall not be able to compensate for this devastation.

"l knew, that at such times,..."

... only one man would come to wipe my tears.

"lf fate could be changed by wiping one's tears,..."

... then I would certainly do that.

But that does not happen.

I have come to return the ring. This alliance cannot be fixed now.

What are you doing? You keep shut!

"l know what I'm doing. Today, he is not our equal. He is destroyed!"

"Mr.Rana, was our friendship based only on status?"

"Yes! When the status is lost,then the friendship won't exist either!"

"And when the friendship does not exist, then neither can this alliance!"

Take your ring.

Come on. I want to go with Raja.

You have nothing to do with Raja. Come on.

Where are you going? Come on!

"Raja, stop!"

I want to go to Raja!

"Aunty, is brother Birju okay?"

Why are you silent? Is he okay?

"For God's sake, tell me, how my brother Birju is!"

No!... No!!

Brother Birju!

It does not join... it does not.

Brother Birju!

My toy broke.

It does not join... it does not.


What happened?


What's wrong with you? What happened to Birju?

Quickly put him on the bed.

"Sister, quickly telephone the mental hospital."

"Aunty, ask the doctor not to send my brother to the mental hospital."

He will not be able to live without me.

"Raja, he will have to be admitted there. It is for his good."

"lf he sees tears in your eyes, then it will be difficult to take him."

"Wipe your tears, dear."

"Son, I can understand your pain."

But you will have to control yourself.

I want to go with Raja.

They are bringing him. Please be quiet.

"Raja, where are they taking me?"

They are taking you to a better hospital.

There will be specialists. You will be treated properly.

"Once you get okay, I shall take you home."

"l will return home soon, won't l?"

No! I will not go anywhere without you.

I am coming with you. You sit in the ambulance.

I shall fetch your things and medicines.

Okay. I shall wait for you in the ambulance.

Take me to a better hospital.

I have to get okay and return home soon.

My brother is all alone.

"Why have you... doctor, my brother will be coming."

"He'll come, Birju."

I will not go without my brother!

Brother Birju!

I cannot live without you.

They are separating me from you. I cannot live without you.

"No, brother! Nobody can separate you from me."

"l promise you, I shall never leave you alone... Never!"

It's paining a lot. I cannot bear it.

"lf you get hurt Then I feel the pain"

"lf tears well in your eyes Then my heart cries"

"This often happens with brothers"

"Come here, let me love you"

"Let me do away with the evil eyes cast on you"

"l shall stake my life for you, my brother"

"l live only for you"

"l get sleep When in peace, you sleep"

"lf tears well in your eyes Then my heart cries"

"Raja, I hit a goal and we won!"

"Yes, brother. We won."

"Birju, here's a kilo of carrots for you."

"Doctor, how are you?"

How are you? Very fine.

Come home and have tea. No. I've to go to the hospital.

Please have one cup. Fine.

Oh dear!

What nonsense is this? Aren't you ashamed of throwing this on the road?

"l say, show up!"

Nobody will come out like this.

Whose silver spoon is this?

Silver spoon?... It is mine.

It is yours?... Take it.

"Henceforth, throw the litter in the municipality bin."

"Take the money for the egg from him... Let's go, doctor."

"Raja, your brother is unbelievable! What brains!"

That man will never throw litter on the road now.

Nor will he eat eggs. Please sit. I'll prepare some carrot sweetmeat.

Hey listen!...

"ls he the same man, whom you had pleaded with,..."

"... 15 years ago, to come to the hospital?"

The changes that I see in him is due to your love and dedication.

"You are indeed incredible, son!"

"l have done the incredible, Raja."

I have brought such a superb girl for you...

... that you will get a heart attack when you see her.

Here's her photograph.

Isn't she gorgeous?

Fool! You found this girl for me?

"She isn't a girl from an ordinary family,..."

...but from a very respectable one.

Her father owns 8 liquor dens and 15 distilleries.

He is no ordinary man!

"Get lost, fool! My Raja won't marry some ordinary girl."

But a ' Rani'(queen).

"You are right, aunty. God has made one for me."

"But wonder, where she is now."

"Rascal! You eat my hand, thinking it to be a toast!"

You are looking stunning today. Thank you.

Where were you last night?

"Last night, I got so badly trapped,..."

"Sorry sir, I spoilt your clothes."

Fool! Can't you see where you are walking?...

Don't get angry. He is a poor man. Everyone makes mistakes.

Go and do your work.

Amazing man! His clothes got spoilt and he didn't even protest. Who is he?

"He is a very noble man. He does not know, what anger is."

He is Gandhiji reincarnate. People call him 'Shantipati'(Peaceful One).

I can destroy his peace of mind in two minutes!

"Even if you kill yourself banging your head, he will not get angry."

"Want to bet? I will not abuse him. Yet, I'll put him in such a plight..."

... that he will tear his clothes off and scream like a madman.

The same manager will send him to a mental hospital.

"lf I do it, then will you hit your head with your shoe?"

It is God's gift. I keep anger at bay.

"Sir, I want to talk to you for 2 minutes. May I sit here?"

Please do.

"- What is the matter? Well, it is..."

"First promise me, that you will not get angry."

"Why should I get angry? Tell me, what the matter is."

"l would have told you, but l am afraid, you will get angry."

No. You are unreasonably getting scared. I never get angry.

Tell me without hesitation. Alright.

"Well,... never mind. You will get angry."

"l have told you, I do not get angry. So tell me."

Look! You are getting a bit angry.

"l do not get angry. Please tell me, what the matter is."

You are lying. You are getting angry.

"l swear by God, I am not angry."

"Kindly tell me, what the matter is."

Never mind. You are angry!

"Just a minute, madam... Ramprasad, am I getting angry?"

"Yes, sir. A little."

This is not anger! This is anger.

You are sweating. What nonsense...

Your eyes have become bloodshot.

Your nostrils are flaring.

And you are breathing fire!

"- And you say, you are not angry? No! I do not get angry!"

I do not!

Do I look angry? Yes.

I do not get angry!

"Baldie, my friend, do I look angry?"

"Yes, you do. This is not anger!"

"Say, that I do not get angry!"

I do not get angry!

"Alright, madam. Remove your shoe and let it be your crowning glory!"

"Henceforth, do not lay a bet with me."

Why are you showing off? Give me a chance to prove myself.


"l shall throw the match-box from this table,..."

... and it will land in that man's cup.

"Want to bet? If I win, then you'll have to do whatever I ask you to."

You'll have to listen to me now. Fine. What do I have to do?

You will have to kiss the first man who enters the restaurant.

It's okay to joke.

"Abide by the condition, or let her say, that she is a coward."

"lf I have laid a bet, I will abide by the condition."

Hey fatso! Look at the way you drive!

"Hey, listen... I do not want to eat here."

"No, come home!"

"Where are you going, sweetie?"

"Alright, Madhu. There comes your man!"

What nonsense is this? l... I lost the bet.

I was supposed to kiss him. But you came in the middle.

"Madam, a spinster gives her first kiss to her lover,..."

"... to whom she loses her heart, and not to any passing stranger!"

"- Where are you lost? I think, she is clean bowled!"

"Deepa, I have found the king of my dreams."

"Madam, a spinster gives her first kiss to her lover,..."

"... to whom she loses her heart, and not to any passing stranger!"

We have been here since morning. But your hero has not yet come.

"- My heart says,he will surely come. But how can you win his heart?"

"l love him, Nisha. And I will make him mine."

"Let alone love you, he won't even give you a second look."

Want to bet for Rs.1000?

"One does not bet, when one's heart is at stake."

"Why don't you say, you lack the guts?"

It's an insult. Lay a bet! Yes. Go ahead!

Fine. That's a bet.

He has come!

"Please tell me, what the matter was. I will not get angry."

"Let go of me now, or I shall get angry!"

I have escaped from the mental hospital.

"Please tell me, what the matter was."

"Please tell me, what the matter was."

"- I think, she is calling me. Not you but the handsome bloke."

"Hey, handsome! She is calling you. Look there."

"Tell her, hi."

Did you recognise me? I am the same one whom you...

Kissed yesterday. Kissed?

Shall I come there?... I'll come there.

Your words yesterday have cast an amazing spell on me.

I cannot think beyond your kiss.

Such a great kiss?

People are listening. So what?

Why should anyone mind if we talk of romance... Do you mind?

No. He does not mind.

You were right yesterday.

A spinster's first kiss is for her lover.

And I have chosen my lover.

Look! What a daring girl she is!

"Madam, neither am I your lover, nor are you mine."

"He says, to leave him alone!"

Don't consider me an ordinary girl. I come from a respectable home.

"l am the sister of the city's richest man, Rana Mahindra Pratap."

My name is Madhu.

"- A king and a queen? Yes, this is you and me."

I am B.Com. passed. I know 6 languages.

I am 5 feet 6 inches and weigh 55 kgs.

"Now, what do you think of me?"

"Tell her, you think, she is good."

"- Yes, she is good. Then quickly kiss her."

"Someday, I will become the queen of a king"

"Say it again"

"This story is very romantic"

"Say it again"

"l have just found you Do not go now"

"My heart has become crazy about you"

"Say it again"

"Your lowered eyes cast a wonder too many"

"When they looked up once they raised a question"

"ln my heartbeats was a thirst for you"

"Looking at you, I felt, I was in search of you"

"l will place you, my love, In my heart"

"l will run my fingers through your dark tresses"

"Say it again"

"Someday you will become the queen of a king"

"Say it again"

"You are the blossom of a garden I am the flower of spring"

"Write the story of my love On my lips"

"You personify love and beauty"

"My beloved, you are my life"

"Do not shower so many praises For I may lose my senses"

"l may forget the world in love"

"Say it again"

I had seen Abhishek five years back.

But he has completely changed after returning from abroad.

"Please forgive me, sir. He indeed has returned from abroad."

But he has not changed at all.

"He has not let the ways abroad, affect him."

"Therefore, we have chosen him for our sister. There comes Madhu."

"He is the prince of Nigampur, Abhishek Sanyal."

"This is his uncle, and she is my sister, Madhu."

Pretty... very pretty!


Did you say something? No.

No... Yes. She was praising you.

Words won't suffice to praise him.

"He owns many mills, factories and palatial homes."

"There is a personal zoo too, behind the mansion where I live."

Then they must be staying there!

Did you say something? No... Yes.

"She said, that we will get breakfast for you."

You have a very pretty and polite sister... just like my nephew.

"Sister-in-law, who is that clown?"

Don't speak that way. He's from a royal family and is very rich.

Your brother is fixing your alliance with him.

With him? Yes.

I shall not even employ him as my servant at home!

I have chosen my beloved. What!

And I have promised to meet him today.

Don't worry. This container will reach Kolhapur.

And I will personally take these two.

I have to leave early today. I have to take my wife out.

I also want to leave early today.

"Hey, you are not married! What will you do going home early?"

Oh? You are having an affair? ... Go and enjoy!

Are you going to meet Madhu?

"- Who are you? Nisha, Madhu's friend."

I have come to tell you that Madhu is only putting on a charade.

What? Yes.

That rich brat is fond of fooling people.

"This time, she has played the fool on you..."

... for a bet of Rs.1000 with me.

"- You are lying! Suppose, it is the truth?"

I shall never forgive that rich brat!

"Here's your money, Madhu."

All of a thousand? Yes.

Nobody can win a bet with you.

"You have indeed made Raja, a Romeo, in just one day."

I always do what l am determined to do!

I shall not keep the money. All of you enjoy! I'll pay the bill!

Raja?... You?

Don't you dare take my name! I know your true colours now!

"l admit, I did lay the bet. But the truth is..."

"What do you know, what love is? For you, love is only a bet!"

A bet of Rs.1000.

"Fortunately, Nisha told me the truth."

For I had thought your love to be true.

"Henceforth, do not show me your dirty face! Understand?"

"Raja, please listen to me. You misunderstand!"

She provoked me to lay the bet.

But I really love you.

I do not want to listen to anything. Stop following me!

"Listen to me. Please forgive me and say, that you love me."

You won't say? Never!

What are you doing? You'll soon know.

Thief! Thief!!

Hey! A thief is stealing the girl's purse!... Constable!

"Not me! There, in the front."

You steal the girl's purse? You thief!

"- I am no thief! I am glad, you caught him."

"Madhu, what kind of a joke is this? Tell them, who I am."

"- Do you know him, madam? No."

How can a decent girl like me know a thief like him?

So he is a liar!... Come on! I will teach you a lesson!

"Excuse me, sir... I want to talk to the thief in private."

"Raja, there is still time. Say that you love me."

"l will not say that, even if I am hanged!"

"Take him away! He says, he will not get reformed!"

Why did you have Raja put behind bars?

"What else could I do? He was not ready to say, "l love you" '. '

You have dug your own grave! Now he will hate you forever!

What do I do now? Captivate his family.

"You mean, send them also to prison?"

"ldiot! I mean, win them over!"

I will! Everyone will be astonished at the way I do that!

"Abdul was saying, that Raja did not return home at night."

Yes. That is why I am very anxious.

"Oh dear! When a young boy disappears from home at night,..."

"... then assume, something is wrong."

"Shut up, you fool! You always talk nonsense!"

Did you inquire at his factory? Yes. He didn't go to work either.

Oh God! Then where did he go?

I will tell you. He was with me all night.

But who are you? My Raja's beloved.

"Now you will ask, how the story began."

"Aunty, this story is two years old."

Oh my God! You know Raja since two years?

Yes. We have been traversing on the track of love since two years.

But last night...

... there was an accident.

Yes. An accident where two pairs of eyes and two hearts clashed.


"lt was night time, it was pouring incessantly."

We were near some old ruins.

Both of us were shivering due to the cold.

Raja somehow... Iit the fire.

"On one side, the fire was burning. On the other, we were."

"Somewhere in the distant, a song was playing..."

"You are so bewitching lnsanity grips my love"

"l fear, things may go beyond control"

Shut up!... Then what happened?

"Then, he looked at me like the actor, Dilip Kumar."

"l smiled like the actress, Vyjantimala."

Then he winked at me like Rajesh Khanna.

I felt coy like Sharmila.

Then he caught my hand like Amitabh. I got restless like Rekha.

He was overwhelmed with emotion. I got scared.

He embraced me like Dharmendra. I tried to break free...

"... Iike Hema, but..."

But what happened?

"Your loved one has lost her chastity"

"By cleansing the sinners of their sins"

"Goodness me! Implying, everything happened?"

"Yes. Then, he left me in the morning like a villain."

I cannot show my face to anyone now.

"lf Raja does not accept me, then I will kill myself!"

I will kill myself!

"Hey, nobody is looking?... Look! I will kill myself!"

What are you doing? What is the use of living now?

No. You will have to live. Hey! Raja has come!

I will set him right today!

It is your family problem. You resolve it. I will go inside.


Greetings! What's the matter? You look very fresh.

Am I looking fresh?

I had a harrowing time at night. I know.

Where were you last night?

Get lost!

Go inside! You will have to face the music!

You have disgraced yourself!

"Oh God! How did they come to know, I was in jail last night?"

"lmplying, you know where I was last night?"

We have the full report.

"Aunty, it is not my fault. That girl trapped me."

That girl must have trapped him. Shut up.

Is he a small boy to get misled?

Didn't you feel ashamed of tampering with her dignity?

"Come on, aunty! My dignity has been lost, not hers."

"Bravo! You eat the fruit, and throw the skin on others!"

"Let alone fruits, I did not get to eat anything there."

I slept hungry in the lock-up. In the lock-up?

"Yes, aunty. Do you know why?"

"Because I did not tell her, I love her. So she trapped me."

"l swear, if l meet her anywhere,..."

... then I shall put her in a deplorable condition!

I shall not spare her alive!

Be calm and drink water.

You? What are you doing here?

"Aunty, she is the girl who had trapped me... Speak the truth!"

Say or... I'll tell!

Whatever I told you were lies.

"The truth is, that I love Raja a lot."

But he does not love me.

"All's fair in love and war, isn't it?"

What would you have done in my place?

We would have done the same.

Hey! That's enough! And get out of here.

Get out!

Hey! Do not push her! She is my sister!

"Hey, you take care of your sister!"

Where are you going?... Get out!

"Hey you heartless, cruel, unfaithful man!"

"You reject my love?"

"You put your price up because I love you?"

"O cruel one, why do you torment the one who loves you?"

"Oh my Raja, give in"

"Or I will not spare you"

"lf you will not love me"

"Then I will leave the city"

"Do not be so adamant And listen to me"

"Or I will never return"

"There is light because of the moon and not the stars"

"You fall in love with one, Not many"

"l have and will always love only you"

"Being away from you, I will not be able to live"

"lf you don't stop being indifferent"

"Then I will leave the city"

"While loving one another..."

"We may spend our lives Pacifying one another"

"You will think of me every moment"

"At peace, you will not be My thoughts will torment you"

"lf, my beloved, you break my heart..."

"Then I will leave the city"

"You are an amazing girl! A while back, you were merrily dancing."

And now you are crying.

"Tell me something. You love Raja a lot, don't you?"

Do not worry. I shall make things work for you.

"For this, I will have to act a little."

"l have blossomed into my youth today"

"l have bloomed from a bud into a flower"

You had me frightened.

I am in love with you.

How did this change take place?

Now I will demonstrate the change to you.

It was different when we were young. I loved you then.

"But now, I am in love with someone else."

What? You love someone else when I am around?

"Before you disgrace yourself, I will get married to you. Come on!"

What are you doing? I am going to marry him.

Come to the temple. You will come home with me!

"- I am his husband, Raja. What rubbish!"

He will become a widow.

What's wrong with brother? I do not know.

He came home in the morning complaining of a stomach ache.

"So my aunt, who has come from the village, gave him a syrup."

Yes. This is the bottle. Brother Birju drank all of it.

It's the effect of the medicine. But where is your aunt?


"Hey, son! Can't you see and walk?"

Who are you? She is Madhu.

Aunt... Aunt Madhu!

"Hey, aunty! My brother is behaving abnormally."

What medicine did you give him? What did I give?

Hey! Did he drink all of it? Yes.

Oh God! I gave the wrong medicine.

The effect is quite disastrous.

Its effect will not wear off for a week or so.

What? For a week or so? Yes.

But there must be a solution. There is.

But one has to go to a jungle to get the herbs.

Then come with me.

"Hey! You aren't my husband, that I'll come with you."

I shall not come. You will have to!

"lf you do not come, then l will pick you up and take you."

You will pick me forcefully? Yes!

Then pick me up!

"- Aunt, leave me! Listen... Damn you!"

Do not act tough with me.

"Quietly go the jungle, or I will sock you! Fatso!"

"Hey, you scoundrel! You call me a fatso?"

Do I eat from your earnings? You donkey!

You call me a fatso? ... Get lost!

Boozard! Do I eat from your earnings?... Leave me!

"Aunt, I beg of you to let go of him, or he will die."

"Since you are asking me so lovingly,..."

... I shall let go of this rat!


"lf anyone talks to me lovingly,..."

... then I can do anything for him.

Come on. Let's go to the jungle.

Now will be the fun.

I am fed up of driving in the hills.

Where will l get the herbs?

"There is no gain without pain, is there, my Raja?"

What... what are you doing? Shall I say something?

I like you a lot!

"That's enough! If I get angry, then..."


"- What are you doing, aunt? Where did you get hurt?"

That does not matter.

What nonsense is this? Aren't you ashamed of doing this?

She will not improve! She will not!!

The tyre is flat! The city is 200 kms. away.

Let's make merry!

Nothing doing! I shall make arrangements to leave now.

"lrrespective of what you say, it is all your fault."

"lf you had agreed, then there would have been no need for the charade."

And we would not have had to get trapped in a jungle.

"There is still time. Admit, that you love me!"

Why do you keep harping about love?

"- Do you love me a lot? Yes, Raja."

Will you do...

-... what I ask you to? Try me.

Then strip! No!

I want to love you.

Right now.

"No, Raja! This is no way to love."

It's my way.

You want to win me? Then you will have to comply by my wishes.

"- You will have to surrender to me. No, Raja."

"Ask for my life, but..."

"l do not want your life, but your body!"



"l knew, your love was only a pretense."

"Listen to me, Raja."

"You are a farce, and so is your love."

"Wait, Raja!"

"lf this is the only way to win your love,..."

"lf this is the definition of love in your eyes,..."

"lf lust is the criterion of your love,..."

... then take this body!

Come and satiate the fire in you!

Cross your limits and take away my chastity!

"Madhu, your chastity means more to me than my life."

Lust is not the criterion of my love.

Nor have l forgotten my limits.

I have deeply wronged by not trusting your love.

"Forgive me, Madhu."

"Madhu, when my name is ' Raja'(king)..."

... then why didn't your people name you ' Rani'(queen)?

"When his name is Raja, then why isn't mine Rani?"

Yes. Your childhood friend.

"l ask not for a flower or for spring"

"l ask only for your love"

"l ask not for peace"

"l ask only for your love"

"Everything I had concealed in my heart"

"l said it all to you"

"The secrets of love"

"l did not hide from you either"

"Tell me, how it feels when one is in love?"

"An air of restlessness engulfs the one in love"

"And one's senses go reeling"

"l ask not for my senses to prevail or for them to go reeling"

"l ask only for your love"

"There will be none as crazy as you are about me"

"For you I shall give up everything"

"For you I shall give up the world"

"How will I spend my entire life alone?"

"My happiness revolves around your name now"

"l ask not for beauty or for any adornment"

"l ask only for your love"

I am very happy today.

Thank God that both of you are united.

It had to happen. The alliance that you had fixed in childhood...

... had to be realised.

"Yes, brother. She is Madhu, my childhood friend."

"Bless you, dear."

"You do not know, your brothers..."

"Raja told me everything. I know, why the alliance was broken."

Therefore we have decided to have a court marriage.

"No, Raja! No!"

It will be wrong.

I will go to my friend to resurrect this broken alliance.

"l can't believe, that the auspicious time would come so soon."

We'll leave now. We have to make arrangements for the engagement.

There is a lot of work to do. Greetings!

"Hurry up, driver."

Oh? So he is your brother?

Yes. He is our Raja.

Won't you invite your friend inside?

You are far below my status to step into my house.

Mr. Rana!

"You do not know, that Raja and Madhu love each other."

I know it very well!

My sister has fallen in love with a boy...

... whose home I would not even like to step into!

"It's a fact, that we are poor and ordinary people."

But people in love are oblivious to any kind of discrimination.

"The truth is, that marriages are made in heaven."

Not in heaven! They are made here!

You intentionally had your brother trap my sister in his love...

... so that you could settle old scores!

"- No, brother. It's a lie. It is the truth!"

It is a conspiracy of his dirty mind!

"l had heard, that there are some wicked men in the world."

But you are the worst of them all!

I can give a fit reply for your impertinence.

But I am not fond of throwing stones in muck!

And you also listen to me intently.

You will be getting engaged to Abhishek tomorrow.

"lf anyone tries to obstruct this auspicious occasion,..."

"... then, irrespective of whether it will be bier or a palanquin,..."

... it will leave with great splendour!

"Ladies and gentlemen, I would like your attention please."

"Every year on this day, you gather in this mansion."

Because I celebrate my sister's birthday with great splendour.

"But today, there is another occasion to rejoice for."

"l fix my only sister, Madhu's engagement..."

"... with the prince of Nigampur, Abhishek."

Call Madhu. I will.

Why are you so shocked? Brother's announcement is true.

"l will get engaged, but the bridegroom..."

... will not be a prince of any kingdom.

But the king of my heart.

"- What is this nonsense? It is my decision, brother."

Who are you to decide about your life?

Only I have the right to make decisions in this house!

I am leaving the house where I cannot live the way I want to!

You are disgracing us before others for this scoundrel?

"Let me see, how he leaves this place alive."

Then shoot! But the bullet will first pierce your sister!


Shoot if you have the guts!

No! Have you gone crazy? Yes! I will kill her!

"- So who has stopped you? Shoot! Yes, I will!"

And you! You are ready to get shot for him.

"Ask him once, what he can do for you!"


You are disgracing your ancestors' honour for him.

"Ask him, what he can do for you!"

You are forsaking 20 years of our love for his love.

"Ask him, what he can do for you!"

"Ask him, whether he can traverse the distance..."

"... of 20 steps, barefoot? Ask him!"

"No, Raja! You will not do it!"

Leave me!


Look! Your love has accepted defeat walking just four steps!

How can he be with you for a life long journey?

Falling in love is no child's play!

Even the mightiest give way!

Never test the ones truly in love!

Love has made the mightiest bow!

Wow! What a couplet!

Give my Madhu's hand in mine.

Swine! Scoundrel!

Lock her in her room.

Hey! Throw him in the same gutter from where he came!

"Hey, he is Raja!"

What?... No!

Open your eyes.

What happened?

Oh God! Who is the swine who did this to my Raja?

"Aunty, I know who has hit my brother."

I will not spare him!

I will not spare him!

Hey! Where are you barging in?

"Hey, come down!"

"Come out, you scoundrel!"

"Come down, you scoundrel!"

"lf you have the guts, then come down!"

Swine! You come to our house and challenge us!

Stay there! I'll be there!

Come down! I shall send you up!

"You don't know, how to talk! Swine..."

"Brother, help!"

"Brother, call the police! Save me!"

I am Rana Mahindra Pratap speaking.

Look at what he has done to my brother. Arrest this lowly man!

You must be lowly!

Come to your senses!

"You do not know, he hit my brother."

"They hit him black and blue, and threw him!"

I shall not spare you! I shall not!!

"Get lost! How can you harm me, madman?"

Then hear the challenge of a madman.

"lf I do not get your sister married to my brother,..."

... then I will be damned!

I shall slice your brother into pieces before this happens!

"Let alone slicing him into pieces,..."

"Even if you raise a finger at my brother,..."

... then your state will be such...

... that you won't be counted as a man or accepted as an eunuch!

"l still cannot fathom, who could have beaten..."

... our Raja so mercilessly?

If I come to know who it is...

"... then, I swear by God, I will slaughter him..."

... the way a butcher slaughters a goat!

What's wrong with him? Something bad happened.

What happened?

The police arrested Birju. He is in jail.

What? That's real bad news.

"Therefore, Raja should not hear of this."

Or his condition may deteriorate.

But how will we get Birju released?

"The lnspector demands a bail of Rs.15,000."

"l will not accept a bail, Mr. Rana,..."

"... even if I'm given Rs.1,00,000."

He broke a lot of glass in your mansion.

"lf I do not break that many bones of his,..."

... then I will be damned!

You talk of 6 months. He will rot here for around 10 years.

"Yes, sir. I received your bundle. Now, my job begins."

All of you share this. The rest is mine.

That's fine. But we should not keep the money here.

"We have just got information,..."

... that the Anti-Corruption Bureau is going to raid here.

"lf they catch us with the bribe, then we will be sacked, sir."

"- Do something, sir. Take this money to my house."

Just a minute. What is it?

Please come here. Tell me. What is it?

"Sir, give me your hand."

"- Are you an astrologer? Sir, please give me your hand."

Take a good look! You will get beaten with it!

You have a good hand... Five fingers.

"Hey, leave my hand! My hand!"


"Hey, you fools! Where are all of you?"

How did you enjoy? You will beat me?

"My baton! Pandey, get my baton... Open the cell."

Nobody dare move from their place!

We have come from the Anti Corruption Bureau.

"Welcome, sir. You will not find anyone corrupt in this police-station."

Everybody is honest here.

"Don't heed him. Even when he wanted to come out of his mother's womb,..."

... he had asked for a bribe from his father. Don't spare him!

Hey! You keep shut!

We know what we have to do. Understand?

Search him.

I found it! I found it!!

How should l punish you for this?

"Sir, tie his hands and feet, and put jaggery on him..."

... so that the ants eat him up!

"Sir, please forgive me. This mistake will not be repeated."

I'll do whatever you ask me to.

Then release the innocent man. Alright.

"Harpal, quickly unlock the door and bring Mr.Birju out."

"- Hurry! Yes, sir."

Nobody dare move from their place!

But who are you?

We have come from the Anti-Corruption Bureau.

What is this drama? Release our brother. He's innocent.

Silence! Who are you? Why are you crying?

He arrested our brother for no reason.

"And he is demanding Rs.50,000 as bribe for his release."

"We have given him 50,000. Now the fool demands 75,000."

"Sir, they are lying! I will..."

Where did the money come from? This is not a bribe. I...

Seal his mouth.

Constable... release the innocent man.

Thank you very much for releasing a poor man like me.

"- Shall I take my money, sir? You may."

Come on everybody!

I shall teach this dishonest man a lesson.

"Raja, are you okay?"

"l am okay, brother. But you should not have gone there."

Suppose something happened to you? Nothing will happen to me.

Harm will befall only those swines.

"- The battle is mine. No, it is ours."

Don't be crazy.

"They have money, power and people. You cannot win against them."

"We will certainly win, aunty."

"By might, mind or deceit."

I will openly laud...

... whatever you have done to Raja.

That madman gave big talks.

"Watch, he will not even look at the mansion now."

"Hey! Talk of the devil, and the devil appears!"

Swine! How dare you enter in! Get out!

You are like a lit bomb... ready to explode anytime!

"l am not here to fight, but to give Raja's wedding card."

"You look quite mad, but are quite sensible."

"It's good, you fixed your brother's marriage elsewhere."

Get him almond sherbet. With saffron.

"Yes, with saffron... Where is the girl from?"

From here itself... By your grace...

... the alliance has been fixed with a rich family.

You also read it. Fantastic!

"Birju Patangwala invites you for his brother, Raja..."

"... and Madhu, Mr.Mahindra Pratap Gadwal's sister..."

Swine! How could you do such a cheap trick and come here?

Isn't it a custom to give the first card to the bride's family?

Scoundrel! You fix an alliance with us?

You will not go out alive from here!

I shall not spare you alive!

That's good!

Shoot me. You will make things easy for me.

Idiot! How can things become easy for you if you die?

"You stupid fool, you do not understand!"

He will shoot me;, I'll die. Both of them will be hanged to death.

Madhu and Raja's way will be cleared. Shoot me!

"He is right, sir! Do not shoot him!"

Do not shoot!

Do not shoot!

Try to understand. He is right.

He has done half the job by printing the cards.

"The remaining, he will do after your death."

"It's good, you did not shoot him."

You are the only sensible one amongst them. The others are foolish.

You fool! Yes?

Come here.

I do not know about the others.

But you look like a human being.

I will give you an advice for free. Accept it.

Remove all thoughts about Madhu.

Or you will be in such a state...

"... that you will not be counted as a man,..."

... or accepted as an eunuch.

"Mr.Rana, our next meeting will be on the 25th of October,..."

"Brother, he came to our house and threatened us?"

"l swear, never underestimate your enemies."

The madman can do anything.

Uncle is right. There are 25 days more for the 25th of October.

The madman can do anything.

So let's take Madhu somewhere else for 25 days.

I have a bungalow 25 miles away from Alibaug.

We'll take Madhu there and get her and Abhishek married.

Then we will see how the madman claps with one hand!


Madhu will see the rising sun tomorrow only at Alibaug.

Do not worry.

Nobody can separate Madhu from Raja.

"Sit quietly, Madhu!"

Nobody can separate me from Raja. Untie my hands.

Sit! No!

"Driver, faster!"

Take a left turn!

Take a right turn!


Oh God! The bus is precariously placed on a hilltop!


Sit! I am coming.

Come behind!

We got saved!

The bus is going to fall in the valley. Let's quietly go away.

"Hey, where are you going? Sit!"

What are you doing? Why are you tying us?

We got saved! We got saved a second time!

He is tying the veil. He is tying everything today!

What is he doing?

"Uncle, he is hanging upside down."

"l think, he is performing an act in the circus. But why this way?"

We got saved again!

We got saved again!

What are you doing?

He has freed the girl. He will free us too.

"Raja dear, untie me. God will bless you."

I will untie only one of you.

"- Me! No, me!"

Quiet!... You decide first. We'll go for a stroll till then.

"- They're gone because of you. No, you!"

Excuse me... Where does this bus go?

To hell! I'll alight a stop earlier.

"Hey! Do not board the bus! Hey blind man, do not board it!"

Why shouldn't l? Do you own the bus?

I will certainly travel in it!

Fool! Are you on a swing?

He is not even listening!

Is this a bus or a boat? Come this side!

"l think, even God does not want us to separate."

Fine! Then l shall sleep with you.

"Eyes met Heart beat"

"My heartbeat said..."

"A spell of magic began weaving on me"

"l started enjoying it"

"My desires are beyond control Embrace me"

"Come and kiss me"

"l uttered your name Even in my dreams"

"l gained control once you come in front of me"

"You do not know how restless I am for you"

"lt is difficult now, my love To live without you"

"Day in and day out, My beloved will be near me now"

"My luck will be different from others and better too"

"Together we have decided we will never be apart"

"We met and the beautiful season of love is here"

Do you want to accept one another as husband and wife?

Yes. Both of you sign here.


"Brijnath, don't think that l have come to stop this marriage."

I have no objections against this marriage now.

I have always wanted my sister's happiness.

"And if she can get that from you,..."

... then I shall never be a barrier between you and her.

Both of you will always have my blessing.

"l have only one request to make, Brijnath."

I have raised my sister like a daughter.

I had many dreams about her marriage.

If that sister leaves for her husband's home...

"... from her brother's house, instead of a court..."

... then I will be very grateful to you.

It was not our intention to hurt you.

Forget whatever happened. Your wish is our command.

Madhu's palanquin will leave from your house.

"l shall never forget your favour all my life, Brijnath."


You bowed at the feet of the ones unworthy of our kicks?

What's wrong with you?

"Do not forget, in order to save your business from sinking,..."

... you have borrowed millions of rupees from me.

You had promised to get Madhu married to me.

"And if it does not happen so,..."

... then the unthinkable will happen to you.

Are all of you through?... Now listen to me.

"Do you think, I have accepted defeat?... No, Vishwa!"

"l have done this, so that I can overthrow them completely."

I have unarmed the enemy by winning his trust.

"Now watch, how I attack him."

"Sometimes I look at you, sometimes I don't"

"What a spell of magic you've cast on me!"

"Sometimes I feel scared Sometimes I embrace you"

"l am beyond control"

"My anklets chime despite no bells in them"

"Sometimes you look at me, sometimes you don't"

"What a spell of magic I've cast on you!"

"Sometimes you feel scared Sometimes you embrace me"

"You are beyond control"

"Your anklets chime despite no bells in them"

"Do not love me so"

"Do not look at me so, I feel shy"

"Do not rob me of my peace and then say so"

"For my sake, do not refuse"

"Your desires adorn me You saw me;, I became beautiful"

"l was spellbound when I saw you Your style is what made me crazy"

"My love, you are wonderful You're dearer to me than life"

"Do not praise me so I know what your love's about"

"Your love has cast its magic"

"Slowly I'm getting oblivious to the world"

"And getting lost in your love"

Mr.Rana what is all this?

It is only a small token for the marriage. Please accept it.

"No, Mr.Rana."

"You have given the Goddess of your house,..."

... your greatest wealth to us. We do not want anything else.

I am proud of my sister's choice.

... Who has chosen a home where the hearts of its people...

... are filled with a wealth of contentment and culture.

You talk of wealth?

But there are full chances of me going bankrupt. Greetings!

"What's the matter, Ranglani? You look very worried."

A cheque of Rs.1 million...

... belonging to the party at Sitanagar has bounced.

I've telephoned ten time since morning but nobody answers.

I suspect something fishy.

"You will have to go to Sitanagar by the evening train, Raja."

But I cannot leave my brother alone.

It's a matter of only two days.

Try to understand. There's no one else to look after brother.

"What are you saying, Raja? Are we not there?"

"lf he stays as a guest at our house for two days,..."

"... then we'll get a chance to be hospitable. Right, Madhu?"

Brother is right. But you do not know...

"No buts, Raja. Get ready to leave. Take him, Madhu."

I have cleared your way. Take the goat and slaughter it.

"We were waiting for you, Natwar."

"Brother, will he be able to do what we have thought of?"

You cannot trust me? I will present a small demonstration.

"Raja, do not make me angry."

"lf I get angry then,... I will hit you."

"lncredible, brother! You have brought a superb artiste!"

"Natwar,... if you do our job properly, then we'll make your life."

But do not forget your limits because that girl is our sister.

"Trust me, Mr.Rana. Your work will be done."

And that madman will land in the mental hospital.

What are you doing here? I have heard everything.

And I have understood everything.

Your compromise with Birju the other day was a charade.

But I will not let you do such a lowly thing!

I shall tell Madhu everything now.

Don't you dare! If you open your mouth...

-... then I will leave you! No!

Then keep shut! Understand?

Go to sleep now. Call me if you need anything.

I am very frightened of lightning.

What's there to be frightened of? Go to sleep. Nothing will happen.

Do not leave me! Fine. I will sit here. You sleep.

Who are you?

"l... Madhu, I am Birju."

You had me frightened.

What are you doing here? Go to sleep in your room.

"- I am frightened. I said, sleep in your room!"

"l said, I am frightened!"

"Madhu, I like you very much."

"- Birju, what are you doing? Come near me."

What are you doing?

I want to touch you once.

I want to touch you.

Brother!... Brother!

Leave me!... Help!

Brother... he...

Swine! You pretended to be crazy...

... and tried to rape your future sister-in-law!

I didn't.... He escaped from the window. I saved her.

You lie!

"Come on, you dog! You pretend!"

I shall not spare you alive today!

Swine! You pretend to be crazy!

Do not hit me! I did not do...

Amoral man! You try to rape my sister?

I shall break your hands!

Will you kill him?

Save me!

"You pretend, and beg for mercy?"

"- I beg of you, leave him. Move aside!"

"Brother, telephone the people in the mental asylum to take him!"

"Dr.Sinha, I am Rana Mahindra Pratap speaking."

A madman in my house is beyond control. Quickly take him away.

I will kill you!

I will not spare you alive!

Take him away! No!

I am not at fault! Do not send me to the mental hospital!

You're sitting here? I was looking all over the house for you.

"Look, what I've brought for you."

One doesn't get anything at Sitanagar.

"Yet, I have brought a shawl for Mr.Rana and a sweater for brother."

"lt will look good on him, won't it?"

But where is brother Birju?

"Madhu, tell me where he is."

Why don't you answer? Where is brother Birju?

"Tell me, where he is."

Why are all of you silent? Why don't you say where he is?

"For God's sake, tell me, where brother Birju is."

I'll tell you.

Your brother is in the mental asylum now.

"My brother is in the mental asylum, Madhu?"

Who sent him?

Why did you send him to a mental asylum!

His behaviour was such. He tried to rape Madhu.

That is a lie! You accuse my brother!

"Say, it is a lie!"

You accuse my brother!

"Say, it is a lie!"

Leave him!

There is truth in every word that my brother uttered.

People consider their younger brother's wife as their daughter.

Your brother tried to rape that daughter!

"You... you are saying this, Madhu?"

"Yes, I am saying it because I endured that experience!"

You are committing a sin...

... by make such cheap accusations on a helpless man.

"lt can rai0 fire from the skies, blood can erupt from the land..."

But my brother can never do anything so disgraceful. Never!

There is... there is certainly a conspiracy.

Don't you dare try to accuse my noble brothers!

If they hadn't come on time the other day...

... then I would not have been able to show you my face!

"You will have to decide today, Raja!"

"Either l, or your mad brother will stay in your life!"

Don't you dare call my brother mad!

As regards my decision...

I can sacrifice a thousand girls like you for my brother!

Go away! Even I don't want to maintain any relations with you!

"Vishwa, did you see the wonder of my brains?"

The lover has left for good.

And my sister too has returned to me.

Brother Birju!

They will kill me.

"Take me home, Raja."

Nothing will happen to you when I am here.

"Raja, I did not try to rape Madhu."

"l know, you can never do anything so cheap."

Those swines have cast this accusation on you.

But now I am back. Everything will be okay.

I was aware of their intentions I gave in for it was your wish

"Brother, I admit it was my fault"

He refused my love for the man... who tried to...

"But now onwards, I'll not make you unhappy"

You can fix my alliance as you wish Whose alliance is fixed? Let me have the sweets too How are you here? It's my wedding anniversary.

Your presence will add cheer to the party

"- Sorry, we can't make it. We'll go. Definitely"

Please do come. You too.

"Brother, your plan was perfect"

"Welcome, Mahendra Pratap. I'm grateful to you"

Congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary The party is great All due to your grace Congratulations! May you celebrate platinum jubilee Why curse me?

Only I know what I went through for last 25 years Please sit

You look gorgeous.

Serve the guests

"This place is beautiful, isn't it?"

Indeed! But I also find some awful things here But I find everything beautiful here Many beautiful things when seen from within are the most ugliest ones.

I think you are in a bad mood I'll get you a drink How can a drink change my mood?

"Yes, I'm talking to you"

"Listen, l... Get her the drink."

He'll get it

"Madhu, whatever you are doing is wrong"

You show me your sympathy No! I'll not let you drink

How dare you touch me! Leave me alone!

"Go away, my love. I've gotten over you"

"You promised me joy, and you make me cry"

"You have broken all promises. You have betrayed me"

"You are stone-hearted"

"You are not worthy of my love"

"ln your veins, flows infidelity..."

"how will you ever be faithful to me?"

"The sorrows you have given me..."

"l can never forget the atrocities you have inflicted on me"

"You have at last shown your true colours"

"Let me show you the state I am in..."

"let me tell you the story of my life"

"Each one took it for love"

"And I was the obstacle in the path"

"Who's responsible for whatever has happened?"

"And who gets punished?"

"When you get to the know the truth..."

"you will admire my love"

"l even embrace the hatred you give me"

"What! Yes, it's true."

"To separate you and Madhu,..."

... my husband and brother-in-law set this conspiracy.

Natwar is the man responsible for this disgusting act!

"Congratulations, sir! I heard, you've sent Birju to the asylum."

When will I get my reward? You'll certainly get it.

"- Swine! You, Raja?"

You put the blame on my brother?

"Tell me, what the truth is!"

"l will tell, Raja! Leave me!"

You will have to say everything in front of Madhu! Come on!

Give me the keys!

"Driver, start the vehicle."

"Raja, my brother!... Is anybody here? Come here!"

How dare you barge in! Get out!

I have some work with Madhu. My brother...

"Save my Raja, Madhu! He has met with an accident."

"Save him, Madhu."

Save him.

"Now I know, why you are here!"

"This need pulled you here, didn't it? Take it!"

You can buy your brother's life with this! Take it!

I have not come here for money.

I have come here to take you.

"Raja wants to see you. He utters your name, Madhu."

He loves you. You are his life. Come on.

Come on. There is very little time.

Leave my hand!

I have nothing to do with the life of a man who...

... who made me a living dead.

Our relationship has ended. Go! Go away!!

"Hey, madman! Didn't you hear what my sister said?"

"Get lost, or I'll break your bones!"

You were the last hope for him.

Even you turned away.

Where will I go?

What will I do?

My Raja will die.

My brother will die.

My Raja will die.

"Bravo, Madhu!"

You have really done a good thing by throwing him out of here.

"This is what you should have done. By doing so, you have proved..."

... that you are their sister.

Because the dirty blood that flows in their veins...

... flows in yours too!

"Are you crazy, Sumitra? What nonsense are you talking?"

"l am only spewing acid, so that your facade of decency..."

"... gets burnt, and she can see your wicked self."

"Then stop spewing acid,..."

... or it may burn the thread of your ' Mangalsutra'.

"Since the time, the world was made,..."

... man has always threatened a woman with this thread.

While the poor woman silently endured everything.

You are threatening me with this ' Mangalsutra'?

"Then today, I free myself of this bond!"

Now you cannot prevent me from speaking the truth.

"You don't know, how your brothers have conspired against you."

You used to tie a ' rakhi' on their hands.

They have crushed your happiness with the same hands!

"lf you say a word more, then I will cut your body into pieces!"

"Cut, Mahindra Pratap! Cut!!"

I am sharper than your sword today!

"lf you have the guts, then cut me!"

"To convert his defeat into victory,..."

... he did fix your marriage with Raja.

But it was only a charade!

"That night, it wasn't Birju who tried to rape you."

But a hired man sent by your brothers!

"That's not all. In order to save their skin, they tried to kill Raja."

So that his death would put an end to your love!

"One day, looking at your love, I had prayed to God..."

... that I get brothers like you in every life.

"But looking at your true colours today, I pray to God..."

... that no sister should be born...

... in a house where there are brothers like you.

And I rejected my love for brothers like you?

No... I shall go.

"l shall definitely, go to my Raja."

You will not step out of here!

Didn't you hear? You will not step out of here!

I will certainly go!

Your corpse will leave this home. Leave me.

"- Brother? Let her go, Vishwa."

"What! Are you in your senses, brother?"

Yes. I have come to my senses today.

My Sumitra has opened my eyes.

And made me realise every mistake of mine.

"Let her go, Vishwa."

You may concede defeat. But I won't bow before her wishes.

"- I won't let her go! No, Vishwa!"

Don't you dare stop her! Leave her!

"Go, Madhu! Go far away from the lives of selfish brothers."

And never return.

Go and settle down.

"My blessings are with you. Go, dear."



"You were going, weren't you? Now go!"

I will definitely go to my Raja. Shoot me too if you wish!

No. I will not kill you.

But I shall wipe that swine's name off...

... from your heart and mind!

Try. You will be unsuccessful.

You challenge me!

Now take his name!

"- Vishwa, leave her! Move aside!"

I shall say a thousand times.

I will not spare you!

I will leave you incapable of uttering your lover's name!

"God hasn't made man so strong, that he can break..."

... a woman's determination. You'll also see the truth today!

You backanswer!

Say now! Will you take his name?

Kill me if you wish...

...by slicing me into tiny pieces.

Even the drops of my blood will utter only his name!


That swine's love flows in your veins like blood!

"Today, I shall burn that body!"

I shall burn it! No!


"You hit Madhu, you swine?"

No!... What are you doing?

"Raja, no! No!!"

What are you looking at?

"The girl is here, there's fire, and it's the 25th of October today."

Take the nuptial rounds.

It is the elder brother's right to tie this knot.

"No, brother! No!"

Help! Save me!

This is your punishment. Nobody is going to save you.

His death is not our aim. His repentance will be our victory.

Look! He has forgiven you inspite of your atrocities.

Now get up and seek his forgiveness.

Forgive me.

"Brijnath, I have also been unjust to you. Forgive me too."

"Today, I believe that marriages are made in heaven."

No strength in this world can break it.

I will not let you celebrate your honeymoon.

I have escaped from the mental asylum a second time.

"At least tell me now, what the matter was."

Come here. Tell me quickly.

I beg of you...

"Please tell me, what the matter was."

Alright. Well...

Never mind. You'll get angry. I do not get angry!

"- Okay. I'll ask my husband. Ask anyone, but tell me!"

"Raja, he is crazy. Speed away when you get the chance."


Dishonest woman! You deceived me again!

Where are all of you going?

"At least, you tell me, what the matter was."

I will not get