Ram Aur Shyam (1967) Script

Ram, today is your father's 15th death anniversary.

Ever since he died, I have been managing his businesses.

Some opportunistic mill workers are trying to use... the opportunity of your father's death anniversary... to raise afresh demands which I have already rejected.

They wish to make a presentation before you.

They don't believe that you are a retard... that you can neither think nor decide for yourself.

These morons think that you can solve their problems.

That's why they have invited you to the party this evening.

But you won't attend the party. You won't step out of the house.


Get me clear. It won't be good if Ram steps out of the house.

Why won't we go? Of course we will!

The accountant said his daughter is going to dance at the party.

You'll take me, won't you? Your father will get angry!

Right, sister? Your Uncle is right.

We won't make it public. We'll go there on the sly.

"Strange are the customs here..."

"For the honest, life is difficult"

"The dishonest thrive"

"Hush! Someone might hear"

"Hush! Someone might hear"

"If you are heard..."

"the soldiers will tie you up..."

"and they will take me away, my love"

"Hush! Someone might hear"


"Alas, I must tell you of life here"

"Right is might, in every lane. And downright thievery"

"Downright thievery"

"But for love's sake, I'll protect you"

"Don't go around alone, take my hand"

"Come on lass, take my hand"

"Why are you so eager?"

"There's trouble on the streets"

"If a thief gets to hear..."

"he'll snatch your ring from my fingers"

"My love"


"Someone might hear"


"The rich of this world are so deceitful"

"So deceitful"

"They will make you suffer, they will rob you"

"What they say is true..."

"You got to bribe your way through"

"Got to bribe your way through"

"If you think that's amusing..."

"You think that's amusing?"

"I'm scared"

"If someone hears you..."

"you will be fined"

"My love..."

"hush! Someone might hear"

Please come on the stage.

Friends, today we are gathered on the occasion of... the 15th death anniversary of Raja Yeshwantrao Rane.

We wanted to felicitate his son Ramchandra, the owner of the mill.

But we have been told that he is unwell. In his stead...

I pray to Gajendra Babu on behalf of the workers... to pay heed to our woes and to help us in times of distress.

On behalf of the workers, I give him this petition.

I ask him to say a few words of assurance.

Let's go now! Wait! Let's see what happens!

That's the owner!

He's here!

Thank you for coming here, sir! Please accept this garland.

Long live Ramchandra!

Down with Gajendra Patil!

Sister! Hide me somewhere! I've made a serious mistake!

What happened?

What has happened? That which shouldn't have!

Ramchandra insulted Gajendra Babu. Gajendra Babu is very angry now!

All you do is add fuel to fire! May my tongue rot if I'm lying!

The laborers were screaming: "Down with Gajendra Patil"

No! Don't hit him! Out of my way!

How dare he disobey me?! I'll flay him alive!

Daddy! Please don't beat him! I asked him to take me there.

Don't beat my brother any more! He just took her along.

He won't do it again. Forgive him, please.

He deserves it!

Step out of this house without my permission, and you're dead!

Mummy... Daddy, I can't bear this misery, this insult any longer!

I don't want a life like this! I'm coming to you!

Leave me alone!

What are you up to?! I'm an idiot!

I've no right to live! I'd rather be dead than... be flogged like an animal! It was all because of me!

If you leave us, we'll kill ourselves!

For heaven's sake! Don't say that! Without you, we'll die!

Don't say that, dear! Then swear by her... swear it by me, swear it on our dead parents... that you will never think of suicide!

Say it! Say it, Uncle! Your Uncle doesn't love us!

We'd rather kill ourselves! Don't say that. I swear it!

No matter how much I am brutalized...

I shall bear it in silence!

God! Is there no one who will come to our rescue?

Hey you, Shanta... out!

Just you wait. I'm coming.

Go to hell! May your tractor burn down!

You dare throw stones at me?

Don't you act smart. You trampled upon my nursery!

As if you planted gold! Shut up!

One of these days, I'll get you married to some old leper.

Find yourself an old leper. It'd make a nice match.

What did you say?


Go on! Scream some more!

What's it?

Hey Mr. Shyam!

Why are you screaming? Your wife just eloped!

You witch!

You're always pulling her leg. One of these days...

I'll cut off her head and I'll bury her in the field.

Later. As of now, there's a film heroine waiting for you!

What film heroine? The heroine of a film...

Here?! Yes!

And I talked the director into giving you a role.

Their hero is absconding. They don't have a hero now.

So you dress up in his clothes, you fight the goons... and in the end, you get to save the heroine!

Where's the shooting? Beside the pond.

Go on, hero!

He's beating them up in right earnest! Let him do it!

He's actually bashing them up!

Bash them up!

Oh it's you, director sahib! Sorry, I didn't notice.

Did you like my job?

Who told you to bash them up? You've ruined my shooting!

Hey, he's the director! Why are you beating him?

He has no right to scream at me! You expect him to worship you?

You left your brains at home? What do you think this is?

A film? Or a wrestling match? He told me to bash them up!

The dress, please. Why is this fellow screaming?

Who wants your clothes?


You're a misfit for films.

Who told you to start fighting for real?

Who knew they'd fall like ninepins? In films, it's shadowboxing.

Mummy is here. Let her come!

Good you came, Aunt.

We were just talking about you. Sure.

How's the pain in your knee? I bought some tiger fat for you.

Tiger fat? For my knee?

And the cow dung for your face? Sorry, forgot it.

You'll make your father proud! You'll make a clown out of my son!

Give him a hiding! You?

You know what he tells me? What?

He says, forget plowing fields.

Says, there's a film heroine waiting for you!

A film heroine! No!

Did you say it, or didn't you? I did?

Why don't you ask him? Is he a suckling baby?

Why did he go along? I'm going to thrash you!

Don't you touch her! She's always poking her nose...

She's a lady! You're a loafer! She's a witch!

You're always after me! You go in there!

If you step out of here, I'll break your leg!


I'll make sure you get over this obsession with cinema!

Ever seen the Meena-Kumari-act? Enjoy yourself!

How are you, my love? The lion has been caged!

Still have it in you? Scoundrel, take this!

Go on. Shout yourself hoarse. Bring the skies down.

Shut up!

Enough is enough, Mummy. Open the door.

I was to go to town to buy seeds. My tractor is out of order.

Mummy! Snake!

Help! Snake!



Where's the snake?!


I'm your doctor. I want to help. All of us want to help.

We want you to recover. Your fears are baseless.

The fear was rooted in your mind when you were a child.

Try to recall. How did you begin fearing your brother-in-law?

If I say anything about him, he will get angry... and he'll beat me up again. He won't tell you anything.

Feel free to talk. Go on.

It happened when I was a kid.

Gajendra used to visit us with his father.

We were flying kites one day, and Gajendra lost his kite.

I started clapping and shouting "Gajendra lost his kite"

The servants joined in too. And Gajendra went berserk.

He picked up a stick, and he began beating me.

When he hit me I screamed, but he hit me again and again.

He drove me to the staircase, and then he pushed me. I fell.

I stayed unconscious for several days.

Ever since then... whenever he looks at me with anger in his eyes... something comes over me. I am petrified!

I can do nothing, I can say nothing...

Oh I hate myself!

I do nothing, I say nothing!

I don't know what happens to me. I didn't know...

He's obsessed with fear. It's the impact of brutality.

Any cures? Take my advice.

Get him married. To a good girl.

Given love and care, he'll recover.

Oh how I wish my brother would get married and have children.

But my husband might never let him marry.

Do you think your husband is your brother's enemy?

Why did you bring in the doctor on the sly?

I am concerned for Ramchandra. I have chosen a girl for him.

From a family of aristocrats. And she's very beautiful.

She brings a dowry of millions. Who are you talking about?

Her father and yours were friends. Gangadhar Rao's daughter, Anjana.

Coming, Daddy.

Look at you! You look shabby.

Mr. Gajendra is coming to see you.

Go on. Get dressed.

You're presenting me to suitors almost every day.

At this rate, my life is going to become one endless fashion parade.

Why aren't you wearing any jewelry?

Do I look ugly?

To me, you are the prettiest.

How I wish your mother was alive.

Bless your daughter. She's getting married.

Must be them.

Welcome, Gajendra.

Thakur Gajendra, the late Yeshwantrao's son-in-law.

And he might be your brother-in-law-to-be.

You must've seen Anju when she was a child.

It's different now. Words aren't enough to praise her beauty.

Superb! Now be seated.

How about a snack?

Why take the trouble? But I have to.

I am the girl's father.

Marriages are best discussed over a course of sweets.

Let's sit down.

Anju is my only child. All my worries will be over... if I can find a good boy for her. Ram is no less worthy.

Very polite, well-mannered and of excellent character.

Here's the photograph.


Would you like to see, Ms Anjana?

Think it over before you decide. We don't want fireworks later.

Can you tell a man's nature from a photograph? Why didn't he come?

She has a point. Answer, please. Why hasn't he come?

Wasn't necessary. Ram can never object to what I decide.

He seems to be obedient? Might be.

But Daddy, wouldn't it be better if we met each other?

Better let boy and girl assess each other before they decide.

I assure you, Ram will never give you a chance to complain.

He's very cool-headed. The question doesn't arise.

That means we have your consent? Now I didn't say that.

My daughter prefers plain speak. And she makes her point.

Gajendra, you and I have no more say.

We're going to our farmhouse on Sunday, aren't we?

If you say so, we could drop by. Let boy and girl meet.

No problem. But before that, the dowry and settlements... must be sorted out. Whatever I have is hers.

But her choice that comes first. Anything else, I'm game.

From what you say, she seems to be a spirited one.

Yes. But she's very beautiful. And worth millions in dowry.

Don't you worry, Mummy. You son thinks before he acts.

Mr. Rao and his daughter have arrived.

Get Ram dressed, and bring him downstairs.

Welcome, Mr. Rao.

We're fortunate to have you as a guest in our house.

House? This is a palace!

This is Mr. Gangadhar. And his daughter.

And she is? My mother.

Your mother?


You were the son-in-law who moved in with his father-in-law.

But I didn't know... your mother has moved in too?

Is that so amusing?

No offence meant... to daughters-in-law who move in with their mothers-in-law... or vice versa?

I'm not going downstairs! They'll make fun of me.

They dare not!

God willing, she might take a liking for you.

No one will like me! I know it! I can't even talk properly.

And she's educated. So what?

Here comes the feast. Anjana, you're being feted.

After the wedding, she'll become the toast of the household!

Who asked you to speak?

Forgive me.

Why do you insist on seeing Ram before the wedding?

Why not? This concerns my life. I won't take a blind decision.

Quite contrary to tradition.

You think we'd hitch you to a cripple or something?

Could be a possibility too. Rather than repent later... it's better to get to know each other. Right, Daddy?

Gone are the days when girls were given away into slavery.

This is the new age. Getting cross won't help.

Your tea is getting cold. I'd rather wait for Ram.

Here he is.

Come on, Ram. Come, Uncle.

Come here, Ram.

He's so simple, so docile... not like the boys these days.

Be seated, sir.

Sit down, Ram.

Why, they are so silent. Why don't you talk?

How far have you studied?

What need education for ones who are wealthy?

Mr. Ram isn't about to go asking for a job, is he?

Your tea is getting cold. Yes, let's have tea.

How much sugar?

Uncle doesn't drink tea. He drinks milk.

Such a simpleton... give him a cup of milk.

Drink it up, Ram.

Don't go away like this! You don't know my brother yet.

He's a beautiful person. If he marries someone like you... he will change. For the better. As of now, I must leave.

If he gets someone like you, his life will be changed.

We'll give you everything... the house, all this wealth... and we'll go away from here. What do you mean?

Ram is going to inherit all this wealth.

Say yes, please! Please do not embarrass me.

I cannot say anything now. Shall we, Daddy?

Anjana is just a bit nervous. But we'll be back again.

Come dear.

The sister loves her brother! She gives up everything!

Once I'm gone, will he be able... to manage this business for even a day?

Accepted that he has a good character... accepted that he comes from a good family.

But if you ask me to marry him, I'll say no thank you!

The way he stared at me! I became apprehensive.

I felt pity for him. The straight types...

Iose their nerves when it comes to this.

But you didn't notice something. For someone... who is a sole heir to such a large fortune... the boy is very timid. Is being timid a plus point?

He would do whatever you tell him. Tell him sit, and he will sit; say stand up, and he'll stand up. That's what we'd end up doing... for the rest of our lives ...sit-downs and stand-ups!

For a marriage to work, a boy and a girl should have... at least something in common. True...

He is a nerd! I wonder what kind of conversation we'd make.

Conversation could be a problem! But there's no hurry.

Think it over. I have thought it over.

About the late Yeshwantrao's will ...when does my authority... over the businesses and the estates end?

31st March next. All properties will be handed over to Ram.

Get the lawyers to draft a document... to ensure that all control over Ram's businesses and estates... is ceded to me till perpetuity. Will Ram sign such a document?

His sister, you know... Neither brother nor sister... never had the guts to oppose me. If Ram resists, I'll use a whip.

You may leave.

If he gets wind of this, he might become stubborn.

Why doesn't he just drop dead? He'll die. Of course he will.

After he has signed the papers. He's a thorn in my side!

After I've had him to sign the papers...

I'll eliminate him.

He'll die. Of course he will.

After I've had him to sign the papers.

He'll die. Of course he will.

After I've had him to sign the papers.

Sit down! Here's the pen. Sign!

Afterwards, you'll kill me? Sign it! Now!

What's on the menu? Mutton and chicken... curried, roasted, chops, and in biryani.

And eggs, curried and in masala. What will it be, sir?

2 plates each. 2 plates sir? Of each?

Mutton and chicken curried roasted, chops, and in biryani... and eggs curried and also in masala?!

2 of each. Hey Abdul!

And the goat's... Brains?

2 of that too? Hey Abdul!

Anything else, sir? Let me finish this first.

Then we'll see. Then?! Hey Abdul!

Your check, sir?

Anything else? Nothing. The kitchen is empty.

Two mouth-fresheners, please. Available outside, please.

Hey Abdul, the check.

Your check. The money, please.

What are you staring at?

Out with the money.

I'll pay, after I eat something. Haven't you had your fill?!

What more do you want?! I haven't eaten yet.

May I get some rice and dal? I'm hungry.

You've emptied the bloody kitchen! And you still want dal and rice?

Wait! Let me put some salt and pepper on me... and then you can eat me! Not you?

All right, may I have some tea? How many dozen cups?

Only one cup. Just one? Thank you.

Tea over here.

Here you are... now out with the money.


The money! So much for one cup of tea?

Who pays for what you ate? I didn't eat all this...

I can swear it by my mother! No, you don't?

You are a conman! I haven't eaten!

Hey Abdul! Hey manager! Come over here.

He ate all that, and now he says he hasn't eaten anything!

Frisk him. I haven't eaten!

He polished off all this! Now he says he hasn't eaten!

The money! Or the police? Search his wallet.

No! I didn't eat that! Only 20. 4.75 short!

Who pays the rest? Forgive me, may I have my tea?

Forgive you? After all you ate? Take his jacket, and throw him out!

Take that off! But my tea...

May I have my tea? Get out!

What do you want? Get out of my way.

My purse! Thief!

Hey Shyam... You? Here?

Cut the hysterics.

Where's your car? Over there?


Come in, come in please.

Please take the stuff from the gentleman.

Is Daddy's luggage packed? Yes.

Where is he? Upstairs.

Please be seated. I'll join you in a moment.

What is it? What are you doing in my room?

Caught you. My book is here. Forget it. Guess what happened?

What happened? Ram turns out to be Tarzan!

And I thought he's an idiot. He had us fooled!

How come? Some loafers accosted me.

One even snatched my purse. Really?

Yes! And here comes Ramchandra, and he bashes them up!

He fixed them up proper! They scrambled!

Remember, I said he's a nice boy? He was just nervous the other day.

Come, you must meet him. He's here?

Yes. I brought him along. Before that... we must come to an understanding. Understanding?

Yes. You like the boy? Of course, he's a nice fellow.

Will you marry him? What do you mean?

If you like him, you marry him. Makes sense for me to meet him.

I haven't the time for every tom and dick.

That won't work. I want a straight answer.

Yes or no?

Yes, but you won't tell him what I said about him, please?

Okay, I won't. Come on.

Here you are in town, and we don't even know!

At least you could've telephoned. Telephoned?

The other day at tea... that was a neat act.

When was this? The other day!

Oh, the other day at tea? An act is an act after all.

Today was dramatic too. You do put in a good act.

I have the flair for it. Drama, tragedy, comedy.

How I wish I could play around these roles.

But there's no one to give me a chance.

Don't I say that things Isn't what they seem?

So the most unseeingly of them must be true!

Point! Kabir the seer, said that too.

"Black is colored, and White is called pale"

There was something else in the verse... I forget.

Then its: "That's why Kabir weeps"

Hear that? Sparkling conversation!

And you wondered what kind of conversation you'd have.

Brilliant sense of humor!

You're here in the nick of time. We're taking the evening flight... to Kodaikanal. You're coming. How could I come?

The way you came here. What'd folks at home say?

Besides, I haven't spare clothes. You will be taken care of.

No buts. Say what, dear?

Right. Now go and take a bath.

What? Take a bath. Hurry up.

Is that necessary? That's strange of you!

If a lady told me that, I'd throw myself into a well!

If she wants you to take a bath, you take a bath.

What's this discussion all about? I'll take the bath.

Whimpering gets you nowhere. All you want are bonuses, loans!

Someone's mother dies! Someone's sister falls sick!

What do you think I am? A financier for your woes?!

No one gets anything! Get out of here!

You did the right thing telling them off.

There's no sign of Mr. Ram yet, and these people...

Any news from the people who are looking for Ram?

They have combed the whole city. But there's no news of Mr. Ram.

He might have had enough of getting whipped.

I fear he might've decided to drown himself.

Not dead yet.

Mr. Rao's writes. The moron is visiting his girl!

"I'm doomed to die for love"

"No one can help me now"

Stop it!

You've drenched me! Forgive me, I didn't notice.

What are you doing out in the morning chill?

You're lucky I took this walk. Wait, I'll show you.

Your trees are infested with worms.

Worms? Look at these white mounds.

Had I not sprayed the insecticide, your garden would be destroyed.

So you also know everything about gardening?

Only about gardening.

That reminds me of something. What?

In the beginning, I thought this is some big joke.

But this is becoming serious. What do you mean to say?

Suppose you were told that I'm a cheapskate... that I don't own those factories and mills and all that wealth?

What if you were to come to know that I'm not what you think I am?

Oh I know all that. You aren't what I presumed you to be.

The one who was trembling the other day... turns out to be the one who bashed up those guys.

Look, I think some stories are getting mixed up.

If this is getting mixed-up, then I like the mess.

Breakfast ready!

A cup of tea? No. This is trouble.

Trouble? What? You won't believe this.

Tea intoxicates me.

I feel tipsy. Tipsy?

Tea isn't an intoxicant. It makes me tipsy.

No more acting. And remember what Daddy said.

When a girl tells you to have tea... you have the tea, come what may.

Have it. You're forcing me.

I won't be held responsible for this.

Please, may I have some more?

Some more?


"I'm your muse, you're a drunk"

"I'm your muse, you're a drunk"

"Am I drunken in the ecstasy in your eyes? Or are you entreating me?"

"My heart blossoms"

"I'm your muse, you're a drunk"

"I'm your muse, you're a drunk"

"Careful, lest your cup brimmeth over"

"In your wayward eyes, is there a dream for tomorrow?"

"I'm drawn to you in drunken ecstasy"

"I wish I live the rest of my life in ecstasy"

"If love is what you seek..."

"all I can give you is my youth"

"You are my muse, and I'm drunk"

"You are my muse, and I'm drunk"

"I came into your world, and I forgot myself"

"I don't care for consequences"

"I've lost my senses"

"Is this song of love to be sung forever?"

"Will love blossom? Our times are come"

"You say you want to have fun? No, don't corrupt me"

"I'm your muse, you're my drunk"

"Am I drunken in the ecstasy in your eyes? Or are you entreating me?"

"My heart blossoms"

"I'm your muse, you're my drunk"

"I'm your muse, you're my drunk"

My respects to a man of religion. May fortune be yours.

Is this out of some film you've just seen?

This scripture was written by Tulsidas, the poet.

Go on, please.

Go on.

Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Your mother is dying to see you!

Been years since my mother died! How could you say that?!

Hey folks! Come over here! Look what Shyam is up to!

Hurry up! Come here!

He's running away!

Get him! Catch him!

No! Please! Don't do this! Leave me!

Don't you try to run away again! I won't! Ever!

I'll inform his mother. No! Let me go!

But I'm not Shyam!

What happened, Shanta?

Come and see, your Shyam is back.

Shyam? Back?

Hurry up. I'm coming!

Shyam! My darling! You left me all alone!

What kind of a dress is this? I've joined a monastic order.

We were on our way on pilgrimage. Your men abducted me!

Please! Let me go! Darling! What's it with you?

You're my Shyam aren't you? No!

He's putting on! One tight slap will bring him around.

Why should I put up any act?

Son, am I not your mother? No! I have no mother!

My mother is dead! I have no mother!

What's come over you, my darling?

Look at me, darling. I'm your mother, am I not?

No! Oh my God!

My mother is dead. You want your mother dead?!

No, don't scold my baby! He must be under an evil spell!

Don't you worry! I'll call the witch doctor!

He will exorcise the ghost! No! Don't do that!

No! Not the witch doctor!

Look at me! I'm your mother! No!

Goddess of Spirits! Drive the ghost out!

Cure Ganga's son!

Speak up! Who are you?

A novice. In a monastic order. Not again!

You're Shyam! Say it!

That is your mother! No! She isn't!

Arise, Goddess of Spirits!

Evil spirit! If you do not let go of Shyam...

I'll drink your blood! I'll hack you to pieces!

Say it! Is she your mother?

Stop hitting me!

Why don't you believe me?!

No! Please! Spare me!

Say it! No!

Say it! Yes!


Are you Shyam? Yes!

Is she your mother? Yes!

Please! Don't do this! You're right!

Hail The Goddess of Spirits!

By the grace of the Goddess, he is exorcised!

Sure! Gone! For good!

Let him rest now. He's going to be all right.

What are you doing? Returning the jacket.

Keep it. It looks great on you. But it belongs to your father.

He might say I stole his jacket. You've already stolen... the one thing he values most. This, you can keep.

If you insist.

What's going on over there?

Packing. To leave.

Good times seem to fly.

These few days with you were the happiest days of my life.

Never have I been so happy. I am very apprehensive.

Hope you aren't sorry afterwards. That will never happen.

I wish to tell you something. Say it.

Tell me a thousand things, a million things.

I could listen to you all my life!

And you wouldn't have said enough!

I didn't expect to fall for you.

You don't know what I'm going through.

All I think of is you. I am fortunate.

I have found the greatest gift. I am so lucky!

When I think of it, oh I could cry!

If you're through with your meeting... do step inside. We'll miss the train.

Slow down, Ram. Take it easy.

Let a hungry man eat his fill.

He'll bless you with all his heart.

Not a bit shy when it comes to having his fill. I like that.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner he has it all in every go!

Mr. Gajendra is here. I'm coming.

Here comes your man. Well, let him come.

Now which is this one? Your brother-in-law.

My brother-in-law? Which one? Forgotten him already?

Yes! Brother-in-law! Arrived, has he?

Don't mind my saying this, but I don't like him a bit.

I don't like him a bit either. Why are you so scared of him?

Even his father couldn't scare me! You were trembling the other day.

Which other day? The day we went over for tea.

Oh, that day?!

Gone are those days. Just let him come. You'll see.

He's here to take you home. Be seated Gajendra.

Have breakfast. No, thank you.

Relationships between brothers-in-law... have always been edgy.

Not to be cross. So what if Ram has spent a few days with us?

Yes, no harm done? You wouldn't know... what his sister and his niece have been through after he went missing.

Your niece has taken ill.

What I don't understand is how you dared to leave home like this?

It isn't fair of you to scold him for every other thing.

Ready to go home now?

Ready and willing. To go anywhere. Come along then!

You first. Sharp words?

We'll hear more once we're home. Sure you will!

Come on Gajendra, sit down for breakfast.

Eggs for the gentleman, please.

The all-important question... when is the engagement?

Anytime you're ready. I'm ever ready.

Isn't someone supposed to ask what we have in mind?

Who asked you to interfere? You've had had a nice time.

Don't you think you should be going home quietly?

Excuse me, may I have a word with her?

I didn't finish what I was about to tell you.

Enough time for that later. Now you're coming home.

Sudakshina! Come down! Ram is home!

Back home victorious? Time to celebrate?

What an outfit!

You should've heard the way he was talking to me!

Two days with his in-laws, and he puts on airs!

Why am I being pushed around? You expect to be feted?

Give him a whipping!

Why did you run away?

I asked why did you run away?

Well, you see...

Brother and sister are in it together.

They must've come to know that he has to sign the papers.

Sign, what?

As if you don't know!

My darling brother! Where had you been?

You left your helpless sister all alone!

Why, you didn't even tell me! Enough of your dramatics!

After I'm through with this scoundrel... he won't recognize himself!

For heaven's sake! Don't beat my brother!

Forgive him! Please!

He's my father's only son! Take all his money, his wealth.

But don't beat him like an animal!

Tell your darling brother that he'd better sign the papers.

Else, I won't spare him! You have my word!

My brother will do whatever you tell him to do.


Uncle, you're back!

You left me all alone!

She has fainted. Let's take her upstairs.

Kuku, open your eyes! Look, your Uncle is here.

Open your eyes, Kuku. What's wrong with her?

She cried and cried for you. Ever since you left... she hasn't been eating or drinking.

She wakes up in fits and starts and she asks, where's my Uncle?

Oh I can't bear to see this happening to her!

Talk to her. Give her hope, Ram. Else, she'll die! Please!

Kuku, open your eyes.

Open your eyes, Kuku.


You left us because my father used to whip you?

Because my father whipped you? Is that why you left me?

Look how badly my mother got beaten up after you went away!

Look at that! Don't say that, Kuku.

It's none of his fault. We're destined to suffer!

We can't live in peace! We can't even die in peace!

I hate to see what you have to put up with.

We'll share our sorrows. But give me your word... you'll never leave this house! If you go away ever again... my father will become angry, and he'll beat us all up!

Give us your word, Ram. Say you won't, Uncle!

Give me your word! I beg of you!

No! Don't do that! Don't ever leave us, Uncle!

Say it Uncle, say you won't ever leave us!

Don't cry, my child.

Till such time that you weep tears... till such time that you live in terror...

I shall never leave you. This injustice, this brutality...

I shall put an end to. This I swear.

Why are we in this temple, Shanta? To pray, what else?

Why, don't you like it? I like everything you say.

You've changed so much. You used to hate the sight of me.

You were always bashing me up. Now you've become so nice.

You hear me out so patiently.

How about sentences? No more monologues.

I'm afraid Shanta, I might lose you if I open my mouth.

You don't speak such vile thoughts before the Gods!

To God I pray that I may have you with me always.

God never refuses anyone who prays fervently.

Eat the offering I made to God.

Doing it on the sly? Forgotten your friends?

"My lover is coming home to me"

"I'm fretting, my heart is joyous"

"My lover is coming home to me"

"I'm fretting, my heart is joyous"

"The wet-wet season of greens pales without my lover"

"Ever since my lover has come, I'm discovering myself anew"

"In the time of love, I have lost my heart"

"I'm dancing like a gypsy"

"All night, I can't sleep"

"I'm fretting"

"I'm fretting, my heart is joyous"

"The sharp look in his eyes has killed me"

"Day or night, he doesn't care. He wants me always"

"I've lost my heart, oh what's come over me?"

"I'm like an urn"

"My heart hums a lovely song"

"I'm fretting"

"I'm fretting, my heart is joyous"

"My lover is coming home to me"

"I'm fretting"

"I'm fretting, my heart is joyous"

One more cup of tea?

A cigarette? Don't disturb me!

A beedi, perhaps? Stop pestering me!

I said no! Sorry!

He's going on and on! Don't disturb him. Let him read.

Are the papers ready? The registrar has the papers.

Ask the signatory to sign. I'm getting late for court.

Bring Ram down. Right now. Right away!

Remember what I told you? Just sign whatever he tells you to sign.

Understand? Yes.

I'm beginning to understand everything.

But not to worry. Everything is going to be all right.

What the hell is it?

Gajendra Babu is calling you. Hurry up.

10:30 already!

Another five minutes, please. Been over an hour now!

So what can I do for you?

Don't you know you're supposed to sign the papers today?

Please take his signatures. Johnny-come-lately. Sign up.

May I go through the papers? Please make it fast.

So you don't intend to sign? Just because you told me to... you expect me to jump off a cliff, or hang myself from a tree?

What do you take me for? A moron?

But they told me you'd simply sign it.

What? They said you would!

Who told you that? They said that!

Said what? That you'll come and sign it.

I've come, but I won't sign. You won't sign it?

In that case, you may leave. You may leave too.

Is this some miracle?! Gajendra ran away!

Justice, delayed sometimes. Never denied.

Do these scoundrels think that they can get away with anything?

God created Ram to destroy the evil... and to protect the virtuous. He sends me here, duly modified.

Ram! What are you doing?! Stop it!

Get out of my way! I'm going to flay him alive!

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?!

Did you ask for me, sir?

I have considered the Union's demands.

Why not give the workers a share of the profits?

I have decided to award a 3-month bonus.

What are you up to?! Why, what happened?

Accede to one demand, and they will come up with a dozen!

Before wasting so much money, you should've at least... consulted Gajendra Babu. What is his locus stand?

And who are you? No one at all!

The money is neither his, nor yours, nor mine.

You don't know these workers! But I know you inside out.

Sir? I've been auditing these books.

These books are fake. The entries are wrong.

The expenses are not supported by vouchers.

Give me one good reason why you shouldn't be fired.

I'm very poor, sir! I've served you for 20 years!

You've been ripping me off for 20 years!

I want every penny accounted! Else, I'll skin you alive!

Absolutely right. And justified.

I used to be an accountant in a bank.

Made a few slip ups, here and there.

And the bank collapsed!

Who might you be? And what brings you here?

I expected that question. Ever heard of Kajalgaon?

Kajalgaon... good old Kajalgaon. The village elders in Kajalgaon... advised me to ask you for a job. What?!

I can take care of whatever he used to!

You may leave. Go on, get going.

You're trying to snatch my job of 20 years from under my nose!

You've siphoned off your gratuity for 20 years!

Who the hell let you in here? Get out of here!

Sir! Tell him to get out! Go on, sir. Tell him.

Is he in a position to ask me to get out?

Who gets out, he or I? You get to decide, boss.

Considering the situation, it'd be better if you left.

Sir? You had better leave.

He will scrutinize your accounts. What are you saying, sir?!

He's just a little boy! He gets to scrutinize me?!

Any objections? None at all, sir!

Then please leave.

If you can beat the daylights out of Gajendra Babu...

I guess I'm small fry. Get lost.

Found you, my Lord! At long last!

Are you joking?

Do you know what insurmountable difficulties I face?

Whatever the difficulties, I'm willing to help, Shyam!

Not Shyam!

I'm Ramchandra.


Stop screaming!

What is this chaos?

This is my birthday cake. You'll take a bite, won't you?

I don't eat these disgusting things!

Open your mouth.

Open your mouth, Gajendra Babu.

I told you to open your mouth!

Misbehaving your daughter's birthday? Aren't you ashamed?

Don't you ever behave like this here.

Now leave.

Hold it right there!

Look! A pearl just dropped out of her eye! See how it shines!

Just like the rays of the sun!

A priceless pearl! It's mine!

I'm not about to give it to Kuku!

Now she's going to smile!

"Happy times are here, this is the end of our woes"

"Here's the season of love end of the gloom"

"Ram has worked a miracle"

"Shyam has cast a magic spell"

"Happy times are here, this is the end of our woes"

"Here's the season of love end of the gloom"

"Ram has worked a miracle"

"Shyam has cast a magic spell"

"In bright sunlight, the darkness is dispelled"

"Every new day brings a new hope"

"You must sing"

"You must play the drums"

"Our Munni will break into a jig"

"Happy times are here, this is the end of our woes"

"Here's the season of love end of the gloom"

"Ram has worked a miracle"

"Shyam has cast a magic spell"

"No more stories of helplessness in our home"

"Let love bring us all together"

"Our days are changed..."

"we will reach our goal"

"Let's sing the song of life always"

"Happy times are here, this is the end of our woes"

"Here's the season of love end of the gloom"

"Ram has worked a miracle"

"Shyam has cast a magic spell"

"No one will go hungry"

"No one will go thirsty"

"No more servants, no more masters"

"In your home, you are King..."

"free to sing your song"

"Sing, and you'll find yourself singing the song of life"

"Happy times are here, this is the end of our woes"

"Here's the season of love end of the gloom"

"Ram has worked a miracle"

"Shyam has cast a magic spell"

You're wearing an old dress. Why not the new one I gave you?

Don't get worked up, Mummy. Uncle is getting engaged.

Not I. Just go and wear it.

Where do I put this? Why did you bring this here already?

This will go with the girl tomorrow.

Go put it inside.

It's time for everyone to come and no one is in sight.

Hello, Ms Sudakshina!

So here we are.

You are looking so pretty. May you be happy always.


Stuck to the chair or something? They've been calling and calling.

The party is on, and everyone is waiting for you.

I can't do this!

Anjana thinks I am Ram!

How am I going to face her when she comes to know the truth?

If you're such an angel, why did you have the affair?

You should've told her clearly. I tried to. I wanted to.

I tried to screw up the courage to tell her. But not one chance.

No one would hear me out! And now...

Okay, if the office is closed, where is he?

Send him home directly when he arrives.

Everyone is waiting for him.

I apologize for the trouble we are causing you.

Sudakshina, take Anjana upstairs. Let her rest till Ram arrives.

Come, dear.

Napoleon paced up and down while his armies waited.

Any decision yet?

It's eleven in the night. No point waiting any longer.

Please send Anjana down. We would like to leave.

For God's sake, please wait a little while.

Ram will surely come. This is intolerable!

We have been ridiculed in public! Forgive us.

Ram is here! My brother has come!

My uncle has come!

Has he come? Yes!

He's here now. Why are you crying?

Because he is late?

Come on downstairs, we'll tell him off!

What is the matter? Why are you crying?

Mummy, what happened? Is Ram all right?

Mummy! Say nothing has happened to him!

I nearly fainted when I saw Sudakshina!

She was in tears... I thought of the worst!

What happened?

Why is everyone silent?

What is the matter, Daddy?

Let him own up.

What happened Ram? Why are you silent?

Forgive me. I will not enter into an engagement with you.

I will not marry you like this. I cannot cheat my conscience.

I know I'm hurting you. Forgive me, if you can.

Take me away from here. At once!

Yes my dear.

Let us leave.

"Darling, in the cold fires of your love..."

"Darling, in the cold fires of your love..."

"I'm lost"

"Oh I'm lost"

"You stole my heart somewhere along the way..."

"You stole my heart somewhere along the way..."

"with that look in your eyes"

"Oh that look in your eyes"

"I'm crazy..."

"I'm your lover"

"I'm crazy..."

"I'm your lover"

"Don't desert my heart"

"Just like today, come to see me again tomorrow, all alone"

"Like the sun and the moon, I've risen, set, waxed and waned"

"But now I'm lost"

"Oh that look in your eyes"

"Darling, in the cold fires of your love..."

"You stole my heart somewhere along the way..."

"with that look in your eyes"

"You cast a spell on me with your beauty..."

"and you stole my heart"

"Darling, touch my heartstrings, you've awakened me to love"

"You've made me fall for that loving look in your eyes"

"Oh that look in your eyes"

"Oh I'm lost"

"You stole my heart somewhere along the way..."

"Darling, in the cold fires of your love..."

"I'm lost"

Are you hurt?

What happened? I fainted.

What's your name? Shanta.

Who was that with you? He's my fiance.

You're bleeding. Are you all right?

I don't think I'm in a condition to drive.

Will you go to drop me off at home?

Yes but let me tell me mom and I'll bring a car also.

What is the matter, son?

This must be a plot! Ram even used to be scared of my shadow!

He would tremble when he spoke to me!

And now he could kill me with that look in his eyes!

Mr. Rao must be behind all this. Nonsense. Had he been...

Ram wouldn't have refused Anjana. There's must be a secret!

Our lives are tied to the secret. I must get to the bottom of this!

Never in my life have I seen such a scoundrel!

You're still in love with him? You must be out of your mind.

He has a place in my heart. I cannot pull him down.

I hate to hear such lowly things spoken about him.

There must be some reason compelling enough.

He's a fraud!

Ram has cheated us!

I saw him flirting openly with the girl sitting downstairs!

You might have been mistaken. If you don't believe me... you can ask her. This is just why I brought her along.

Is your father all right?

He's better, thank you. It was very kind of you... to come all the way to drop him. He's old enough to be my father.

He was bleeding. I felt sorry for him.

He asked me to accompany him. So I came along.

Now I'd like to go home. I'm afraid, it's getting late.

You're Shanta, aren't you? Yes, why?

Do you know Ramchandra?

Now who doesn't know Ramchandra? He's a God.

The whole world worships him. I worship him too.

Not Lord Ramchandra. I'm talking about the late Yeshwantrao's son.

He's rich, owns mills, factories. If he's really that rich...

I'm afraid I wouldn't know him. Then who was the man with you?

He ran when he saw my father.


Who is he? How is he related to you? This is embarrassing...

He isn't Ramchandra, is he? No. He's Aunt Ganga's son.

He has a big farm. How long have you known him?

We grew up together. He used to be so rash!

But he's improving. We call him Shyam.

I knew it! It could never happen! My father has made a big mistake!

What mistake? It's nothing.

You're so nice!

There's the car. You must be getting late. Now go home.

Remember to invite us for the wedding.

How did Shyam's photo land up here?

This is Ram. Not Shyam.

You must be mistaken. I don't live in sin!

I'd never stake claim to someone else's man.

But this is my Shyam! I could tell him with my eyes closed.

No! This is Ramchandra. I'm supposed to marry him.

This is a fantastic story! You're telling a lie!

Get out of here! All right, I'll go away.

Give me Shyam's photograph. You have no right to keep this.

Give it to me! Leave it!

Let go, I say! And get out!

This girl is not to blame!

The scoundrel changed his name! He took advantage of both of you!

You did us a great favor by coming here.

Take my advice. Stay away from this impostor.

I'm very sorry about Ram's behavior.

But now I have discovered his Janus face.

Everything is going to be all right. I assure you.

You scoundrel! You acted like a simpleton, and you fooled me!

Then you turn city-slicker, and you trap Anjana.

I'm going to talk to your mother!

You're mistaken, I tell you! Mistaken?

You think I'm blind? I saw your photograph in her house!

If you're innocent, why did you run when you saw the old man?

Because he wanted me to marry his daughter.

What?! If you scream so much... how can anyone have a conversation with you?

Your trick isn't working, Shyam! My name isn't Shyam!

My name isn't Sham.

Then who are you? I'll hit you if you lie to me!

This is the truth. When I was screaming to tell you the truth... you people beat me to pulp! I clammed up. What could I do?

You don't know this. I ran away from home to save my life!

He wanted me to sign a paper, and then he'd kill me!

He's a devil! Devil? Who?

My brother-in-law. He's referring to me.

So here is Mr. Ramchandra. In hiding with your beau?

Get him.

Don't you dare!

Fool, the one you're risking your life for, isn't Shyam.

This one is Ram. He's a retard.

Whoever he is, he's mine. Anyone who touches him is dead!

Bring her along too.

My suspicions turned out to be true.

Ram isn't who we thought he was. He's a impostor. He's dangerous.

I have substantial proof against him.

Have you informed the police? Yes.

The police will be there at Anjana's birthday party.

Have you sent him an invitation? He'll receive it this evening.

You have tried your best. But there's no way out now.

How are you going to respond to this invitation?

Why did he invite us after all that has happened?

He has forgiven us. He's magnanimous.

No better a chance for us to make amends, Ram.

We must attend. You'll go won't you?

I surely will.

How come he's here? You will know, soon.

No one would've guessed that a man who looks so straight and simple... could be so crooked.

Happy birthday, Anjana.

I have written a letter to you. I'd be grateful if you read it.

I know I have fallen from grace. But may I have a word with you?

That won't be necessary.

Now for the curtain call. Go ahead.

Attention, ladies and gentlemen.

On this happy occasion, Ramchandra will sing a song.

I hope he won't refuse me.

What are you doing? This is your chance... to speak out in public. Go on.

Put this chance to good use.

No, don't be shy. You sang so well the other day.

Go on, sing. Anjana will be happy.

"Let lamps light up the night as pretty as a bride"

"Let my grieving heart burn, to light up the night"


"accept my heartfelt love"

"accept my heartfelt love"

"Tomorrow... I will be gone from your life"

"The lamp will still burn, the firefly will be gone"

"Tonight... accept my heartfelt love"

"I wish you a happy joyous life"

"I still haven't refused your love"

"I wish you always remain as beautiful, my love"

"Oh, just smile at me for once and see..."

"then your lover will be gone forever"


"I will be gone from your life"

"The lamp will still burn, the firefly will be gone"

"Tonight... accept my heartfelt love"

"I wanted to tell you the truth about myself"

"But you never understood the secret of my love"

"Today I stand on the brink..."

"for you read my love as hatred"

"This stranger won't stand in your way anymore"

"Tomorrow... I will be gone from your life"

"The lamp will still burn, the firefly will be gone"

"Tonight... accept my heartfelt love"

"Even if you won't love me..."

"I shall still turn back"

"The Moon and the stars will kiss your feet"

"But I'll be lost forever like a speck of dust on your path"

"With me, my tale will be lost forever"

"Tomorrow... I will be gone from your life"

"The lamp will still burn, the firefly will be gone"

"Tonight... accept my heartfelt love"

Ask me why I slapped you! Ask me!

I do not wish to ask anything. If you hate us so much... why did you invite us? You misbehaved with my brother!

The right and the wrong of it, you will soon know.

He insulted us in public.

Now he pays for his deceit.

The son of Raja Yeshwantrao stands in silence?

Why, what has happened to our brave Ram?

Speak, speak in your defense! How will he defend himself?

This man whom you take for your sibling... is a lowly impostor. He isn't your brother.

He's right. He's not your brother. He's not part of our family.

He isn't one of us because you can't flog him like a beast!

He isn't one of us because he stands upright before you!

Because he can challenge you! That's why you say all this!

He isn't your brother because he isn't your sibling.

This man who poses as Ram isn't Ram at all.

He's just a peasant from nearby Kajalgaon.

Call his mother. Let everyone see who he is.

Shyam, my boy!

You ran away from home again! What's wrong with you?

Who are these people? Why have I been brought here?

You're lying! He isn't your son. He's my brother, Ram.

Ram, tell her that she isn't your mother!

You expect my son to disown his own mother?

Will you say that I'm not your mother?

Look at me, son! Will you say that?

Will you say such a thing?!

Don't be afraid of the truth. Tell her you don't even know... who she is or where she is from! Say it! Why don't you say it?

Will you say that, son?

Have I not brought you up?

Have I not been a good mother?

Will you ditch your poor mother for the sake of the rich?

Will you wrong me?

Say it, son!

Am I not your mother? No! Don't cry, Mummy.

Don't cry, Mummy.

If this is Shyam, where is my Ram? Where is my Ram?

Brace yourself for the bad news.


Your brother is dead.

Shyam took advantage of his physical similarity with Ram.

He abducted Ram, and killed him to get his hands on Ram's wealth.

Then he walked into our house posing as Ram.

This man you think is your brother is the man who killed your brother.

Ram's blood-stained clothes were found in his house.

This is a lie!

Then let the truth out.

Please identify these objects.

Does this locket belong to your brother Ramchandra?

These clothes... think before you answer.

These clothes belong to my brother!

What did my brother do to harm you?

I did not kill him.

Why did you kill my brother?

You are under arrest for impersonation and murder.

No! None of this is true! This is a conspiracy! His!

I have killed no one!

I haven't killed anyone!

He's the one who is after the money.

Please! Spare him! Don't hit him!

Stop it!

No one touches this poor fellow. Come down, Ram.

Why have you locked that girl up? Bring her over here.

You ran away, all because of a simple signature?

You've landed yourself in trouble... you've put her in trouble too.

Sudakshina and Kuku have cried themselves sick for your sake.

Don't you care for them either?

Go on, sign the papers.

Then we'll go home. With Shanta.

Your sister and Kuku are waiting eagerly for the two of you.

Now don't be afraid.

Ram! Don't sign the papers.

Don't! He wants to kill you! You told me that, remember?

Don't worry Ram, I'm here with you!

We'll die together if we have to.

We won't let his wish come true!

Shut up! Don't interfere. This is family business.

Ram is my wife's brother, you know?

I know just how much you love him!

Besides, if you did love him, why did you drag us here?

Why did you lock us up in here? Ram, don't sign it.

Will you listen to this idiot ...or will you listen to me?

Will you sign it, or won't you? I'm telling you! He won't!

I'm asking you! Answer me! Will you sign? Won't you?

Ram won't even spit at your papers! - Shut up!

Ram, are you blinded by love? Do you challenge me?

Speak up! Will you sign?

Do what you will, I won't sign.

The Inspector of Police is here. He wants to see you.

Lock them up.

Why didn't you read this before? Because I was angry at him.

If this is true, we've joined hands with an arch villain... to send an innocent man to the gallows!

If anything happens to him, I'm going to die!

How long will you go on asking the same question?

Until you own up. Then keep asking.

Keep me awake until I drop dead; starve me for years...

yet I'll proclaim my innocence.

I am being framed. By Gajendra!

I'll prove my innocence!

Thanks. By the way, you aren't going out, are you?


If something crops up, I might have to contact you.

He told you everything he knows. What else is left to say?

This is a murder case. You never know what comes up.

How do you do, Shyam?

You don't see the condition he's in?

Shyam has escaped!

Proves that he's a criminal on the run from the law!

What if he drops in on us? What do we do then?

He has never succeeded against me. He tried to, but he lost.

Shyam is at large, and Ram hasn't signed the papers yet.

If the police get to know that Ram is alive... and that he and Shanta are being held in the outhouse... and you abducted them... and the fact that... all the allegations are false we could end up behind the bars.

The police will get to know nothing!

Tonight, success will be ours!

Ram will grovel in front of me for saving his beloved.

He will beg to sign the papers. And before daybreak tomorrow...

Ram and Shanta's corpses will be buried in Shyam's fields.

All this happened because Ram and Shyam look so similar.

But identical looks are found only in twins.

What are you trying to tell me?

Don't mind my asking this, but is Shyam really your son?

Didn't you hear him calling me "mother" in front of everyone?

Shyam might even be sent to the gallows.

If his mother hides the truth, the innocent boy might die!

No! Don't wish my son ill! May he live a hundred years!

I'm not his natural mother. But I brought him up as my own.

How did you find Shyam?

25 years ago, I traveled on a pilgrimage with my husband.

One night, when we were out visiting relatives... we heard a baby crying. We found a beautiful little baby abandoned.

He was wailing. But he was dressed in fine fabrics.

Robbers had snatched his ornaments and his earrings... and they had left him all alone in the jungle. I couldn't bear... to see the baby crying. I picked up the baby.

Soon afterwards, my husband died of a heart attack.

There I was, all alone. Without husband, without a child.

How could I have lived? This child was a gift from God.

I came back to the village. With the baby.

I brought him up as my own.

There was some talk about one Raja Yeshwantrao's twins...

A baby had been lost.

By then, I had begun to love Shyam. I was attached to him.

The thought of losing him was disturbing! So I just kept mum.

That's my crime.

So my guess is correct. Ram and Shyam are twins.

Please! I beg of you! Don't take my son away from me!

It'd kill me!

Nothing in the world can separate us.

I may have been born of another. But you gave me a mother's love.

Mother, I came to tell you that I haven't cheated anyone.

I haven't killed anyone.

A helpless woman took me for her brother.

An innocent girl stirred me. I vowed I'd see them happy.

I have no love for money, or wealth.

What I can earn with my two hands is enough for me.

I'd rather die than do anything that will give you a bad name.

Bless me, Mummy.

Till I have erased the blot on my name... till I've done my duty as a son, as a brother, as a human being... till I've avenged my brother's death... till I've brought his assassin to justice...

I'll parade him in public!

See you, Mother.

Won't you forgive me for what I have done unknowingly?

Not your fault. I shouldn't have concealed the truth.

I don't want to stay away from you. Take me along.

I know your love is true.

I promise I will return to you.

Thank god I found you on time. I have to tell you something.

Ram is alive!

My brother? Alive? What brother?

Later. Where is Ram? Gajendra is holding Ram.

And Shanta. They are locked up.

Gajendra wants to kill them tonight.

Over my dead body! Thanks for the news.

The police have cordoned off the entire village.

They are crawling all over the village.

Nothing on earth can stop me from finding my brother.

I am not afraid of anyone! I am not afraid of Gajendra!

I am not afraid of his whip! I am not afraid of death!

In your love I have found the strength to defy.

What have I given you in return? I nearly killed you!

You mustn't say that. I am fortunate...

My misfortune! That's what it is. I'll do whatever Gajendra wants.

I'm ready to sign the papers. Let him kill me. But not you.

You've done him no harm.

Do not worry, Ram. As long as I'm alive, no one can touch you.

Shyam? You... here?

Thank God the two of you are alive.

But they want to kill us.

We are brothers. We were separated at birth.

God has brought us together to vanquish the evil.

The devil is here. Now what do we do?

Don't worry. Ram, you going to have to do what I say.

What are you guys doing? Go bring them down.

The decision is going to be made today.

For the last time, what do you want?

Say yes, and you live. Say no and you die.

What can I say? You're holding such a big revolver!

I guess I have to save my life. Then you will sign.


Whose name, sir?

Your name. Fast. Or you're dead.

Please remove that. It's scary! Look, I'm shivering.


What have you written?

I wrote my name.

Are you joking? What's your name, you moron?

My name is Shyam, and you are the moron.

Look, there's Ram up there.

Don't fire at Shyam. He's my twin!

Get him! Don't let him escape!

How long will you hide in the shadows?

Are you coming out? Or do I go in?

You killed my brother!

You want to join him? I'll dispatch you!

Your time is up!

Has a rat ever killed a lion?

Great show!

I'm not afraid anymore! Look who God has sent to help me.

My long-Iost brother! Sent to me!

I'll get rid of the two of you!

Caught in your own web! Only death can redeem you now.

They have all run away. Let him go. Don't kill him.

He doesn't deserve mercy. Your time is up. Start praying.

No! For heaven's sake! Don't make your sister a widow!

Please! Let him go. Forgive him!

Hear? The one you brutalized all your life, is trying to save you.

We give a new life. For the sake of our sister.

Look, how pretty the brides are looking!

The brides have come. Ram and Shyam will be here too.

I've lost face!

I'm fine where I am.

You should join in the celebrations.

Here's my gift for them.

Congratulations, Mr. Rao. Congratulations, to you too.

Both your brothers are getting married.

Where are the garlands?

First, where are the bridegrooms?

The garlands.

This one for Shyam.

This one for Ram.

But which is which?

Which one is Ram? And... Shyam?

Which one are you?

And which one are you?

One of the two is yours. The other one is yours.

So just go ahead and take your pick.

Caught him!

Garlands for the brides too.

Go on, Shyam. Anjana is