Ram Teri Ganga Maili (1985) Script

The task of cleaning up the Ganga that we have undertaken..

..is a great religious undertaking.

But l have come here to warn you about those political leaders..

..who embark on such grandiose schemes..

..and misguide the innocent public for their selfishness. l have but one request to make.

You must support those who gave their..

..blood to protect the Ganga.

The fresh stream flows toward the south.

But, the water in west has changed its colour and turned salty.

The western culture has taunted at Rama and Krishna.

Ram, your Ganges has turned dirty.

No filth can remain in the flowing water.

And, in such waters the sins of the whole world get washed out.

So, who can say after sighting such a Ganges?

Ram, your Ganges has turned dirty.

The one revered the Ganges and bowed before it.

The one who praised the country wherein the Ganges flows.

There must be something so as he came back and is talking about it.

Ram, your Ganges has turned dirty.

Everybody knows why the Ganges is filthy.

But l must warn you once again.

Beware of leaders who appear to be clean..

..but who possess hearts that are evil.

Brothers, our soul is pure.

But we have gone wrong in our deeds.

Had it not been so, today we wouldn't have polluted this Ganges.

The Ganges that we all undoubtedly revere.

That is why, if we have to keep this river clean..

..we must first clean its' source.

Hail our leader!

And that source lies within us. ln the dirty politics of today!

We have to destroy the crime, corruption from our country.

Or else these sinners, these traitors will wash their sins off..

..in our chaste Ganga and pollute it!

Brothers, l'll become your party president.. l'll keep all these promises.. - He is lying!

Don't get taken in by this rascal's words!

He is a cheat! A hypocrite!

l will kill him! l will kill you!

He doesn't deserve to live! Let go of me!

You can't escape!

Jeeva sir, By wielding a knife..

..l've killed my the ideals of my Gandhian Dad. l regret that we had to use you to defame your Dad.

But today everything is fair in politics and business. l've done as you said. Now you keep your word.

Why not? First, let's go home.

Hello. - Here, Brijkishore sir. l've got your son free. l'm grateful. Have a seat. l'm obliged to you or else in today's world..

Your patriotism, honesty and sincerity couldn't bail him out.

Well, as decided now you must bail me out.

Can one really not live honestly in today's world?

The honest brigade got martyred.

And the others like you are starving.

At least let your son, live in peace.

And look after your old age.

Take these.

Don't you trust my word that you had to bring money? l admit you can buy and sell everything in the world with cash.

But the price of my ideals is not money!

l won't take this money.

lf possible, give my son, Chander a job.

He will get the job.

The day my mill is opened, your son will be Chief Engineer. l'll have his case withdrawn in no time.

You must withdraw your name and help Mr. Bhagwat win.

l'm leaving this money for Chander and his family, not for you.

Long live the Party President!

Come, sir. How is Daddy?

The doctor has asked him to rest but look at him..

He doesn't listen to me. You must talk to him. lf the leader rests, how will the country run?

Congratulations, Mr. Bhagwat. Welcome Mr. Jeeva.


Actually this is your victory.

The victory of our unity, the people.

Long live, Bhagwat Chaudhary!

Long live! - Now you must rest.

Sir, our members want to throw a party..

..in his honour this evening.

You must grace the occasion. Bring Naren too.

Though Radha doesn't say it, but, that's what she desires.

So you won't attend the party?

l don't like them, father.

Mr. Bhagwat hasn't invited you especially for your liking! lt's no mean task to be elected the Party President!

Problems are solved.. - Of business and work, mother!

Not of life.

Then stay here and solve the problems of your life! l don't waste time in needless arguments!

Aren't you taking Naren? How can l take him along?

His brain is elder to him.

He doesn't understand me and his talks..nobody understands.

This is the outcome of your teachings and love.

Yes grandma?

What's wrong with you? Why don't you obey your father?

Father? Where's my father?

He can't see his son because of his money.

And the son can't see his father behind all that money.

For whom is he doing this?

For you..your happiness. l want peace which l get from these thoughts.

Grandma, millions born in this world earn money.

But why can't a Vivekanand be born?

The day people learn to live in love and elation..

That will be the day that each house will sport a Vivekanand!

But that's an awakening which brings many questions.

And you have to find the answers.

By going out of the walls of the house, seeing the world.

By understanding yourself.

Radha must be waiting for you.

Go, my son.

You're so late. l was feeling so restless!

First meet Daddy. l have lots to talk about.

Naren has come. Hello. - Welcome.

How are you? - Very fine.

My best wishes.

What's this? - The book you wrote in college 25 years ago.

Politics and corruption.

ls this a joke? Couldn't you find another present?

He only refreshed his memory.

Earlier there was corruption in politics..

..today it's only corruption!


Just as you went to a brothel away from the dirt of the house. l joined politics to remove the dirt in it.

Long live Bhagwat Chaudhary!

What is this Professor?

We're presenting this to you influenced by your speech.

Unveil it.

2 years ago our college trip brought this water from Gangotri.

And this one has just been brought from Calcutta.

See the difference? To study pollution..

We wish to go to Gangotri.

Please grant us some money from your personal fund.

Sure. Chamanlal, fulfill their demands tomorrow.

Daddy is concerned with praise and they want to collect money.

And l want to say that which l haven't been able to as yet.

Yes, tell me. What do you want to say? l want to know who you see when you look in the mirror.

Who else but myself?

That's what l want to say. l see you when l look in the mirror.

l see our friendship not you in that mirror. l'll take leave.

When will you understand me?

When will you understand my heart?

My.. - ..factory problem?

Now that's my problem not yours. l can see its' solution clearly.

Watch where this water takes your factory and it's problems.

Save Ganga! Save lndia!

Long live Bhagwat Chaudhary!

According to news we've received, today Calcutta..

. . a man was killed in a feud..

..among factory workers and demonstrators.

Sahai and Co. Pvt. Ltd. was burnt by anti-social elements.

..which has caused damage of millions of rupees.

Bhagwat Chaudhary has strongly condemned this dastardly act.

He claims his demonstration was meant..

..to be peaceful and purposeful.

He demanded a judicial inquiry be set up to look into this.

This is a miracle.

The old mill got torched before the new was opened.

And the insurance company will pay for the loss.

You saved the millions you'd have to pay the workers being..

..laid off.

And the best thing is that you'll have buildings..

. .worth millions right in the middle of the city.

Our buildings not mine.

But this sudden protest for the sullying of the Ganga..?

These are the rules of politics.

The motive behind every loot and arson should be chaste. l think l'll pay 10000 bucks to the families of the martyred.

You are so generous.

Your business is expanding like the sea, so give the money away.

Your sins will be washed away. The Ganga will get more dirty.

You are great!

l want to know why you want to go to Gangotri with those boys.

Grandma, l'm asking you. May l go for the college tour?

Why don't you answer your Dad? Why do you want to go? l want to be free from this suffocation.

Suffocation? who is suffocating you?

From my own and myself. l've seen why the Ganga here is so murky. l want to see it's origin.

There must be something there that's not here. lf there isn't..

..then what's the point in worshiping such a river?

Well said!

My beloved Ganga.. do you recall the days..?

When my wagon stopped by your shores.

Poor Naren is stuck amidst foes.

Why do you want to constrict his freedom by your bonds?

Whether a bird teaches her young to fly or not..

He learns on his own for his freedom. And goes faraway.

You are both full of nonsense!

Let Naren go.

Mother, you're supporting them! lf something happens to him. .

Nothing will harm him. lt's my order. He will definitely go.

Grandma! - Go and get ready.

Refusing a young son's wish is strangling him.

You're taking so many clothes! Will you stay there long?

Can't say. lf someone holds me back, l may never return. l've heard the girls from the mountains trap men in a snap.

They practice black magic. You must learn white magic. lf l did, l wouldn't let you go so far.

We have a strange friendship.

We never meet when we're close.

Today when you're going away, l don't like it.

Whether it be planning of war or a trip..

..leave no stone unturned.

Hello. - God bless you.

Take this Alpine hat.

And here's a suede jacket. French. l too have been around but they were different unions.

Let's see how he looks on donning them Sure, wear it.

lf you can't snare a catch now, you won't do it ever in life.

One more gift.

You don't have to develop or bother about this camera.

Just aim and shoot..

Here's the picture.

Son, come here. - Yes, grandma.

Yes, grandma? - Good day grandma.

You are going to Gangotri. Who knows when l'll leave..

Before l shut my eyes..

Get me Ganga!

Fulfill this wish of mine.

Get me Ganga.

Will you make me cry right here?

How will l return with a smile?

What greenery and beauty!

Good day Professor. Good day.

Sudden trip this time? - Didn't you get our cable?

No sir. But we'll arrange everything.



'l've come to take the Ganga and l'll return with her.'

Who is it?

Who are you? l ask,..

lf you embrace death, how will you take Ganga home?

Why? - Take one step forward and see.

Who are you?

Your life. - My life..?

Life and death don't come invited.

You were to be saved so l came by.

But how will you take Ganga without any introduction?

ln this jug.

Tell me truthfully, are you a man or an angel?

Why? - Lord Shankar had trapped Mother Ganga in his locks.

Today you've come to take me in your jug.

Where will l take you? You just said..

You've come to take Ganga. l am Ganga.


Hurry. We're having an emergency meeting.

ls your name Naren? - Yes.

We've just found out the road to..

..Bhairav and Janta Pass is blocked. Due to heavy rains.

So instead of going to Gangotri, we'll have to stay here for..

..some days.

Mingle with the locals and study their customs and traditions.


Where are you running from? Tell you later..

You're the only wise man in this village.

Tell me what Naren means.

Not Naren but Narendra.

He among men who is akin to God.

That is why l wondered whether the one..

..l met was a man or an angel.

Don't delay me with your angel.

Have to take a cable to the inn.

Some boys are coming from Calcutta.

The postal service of the mountains is really strange.

The guests land up and their message arrives later.

Do you believe in fate?

Why not?

Till yesterday l didn't believe in fate and destiny.

But now l feel that life is a game of destiny.

Or how would l get a new life today? - New life?

Yes, l'd probably have died if she hadn't saved me.

l feel this life is hers not mine.


Who has the innocence of the innocents on her face.

The freshness of flowers in her smile.

The sweetness of the waves in her voice.

And her eyes are as deep as the Ganga

l've cut lots of wood. l've made a pile. Did you hear?

Take them to the guest house tomorrow.

l don't understand why these folk come at such times to risk..

..their lives Not all brother, only one has come to risk his life.

That too, my life.

Who are you? - Your life.

My life..?

You can't take care of yourself. How will you take me with you?

You..? Where will l take you?

You just said, you've come to take Ganga.. l am Ganga.

My arms call out for you.

And, you would neither find a Ganga as such. l'm your life and l'm your destiny.

And, you'll get salvation from me, right here.

lndeed, you've to come to me.

And, indeed, l've to go along with you. lndeed, you've to come to me.

And, indeed, l've to go along with you.

What sort of delay is that, since Ganga is yours?

So, do come. Now, come over here, O dear.

From the peaks of the mountains.

And, sometimes from the midst of the trees.

Sometimes with the eyes and sometimes with these lips. l've called for you through all and sundry ways.

The one for whom you've come searching.

And, the one who has called out for you.

She below the mountain and behind the spring.

So, do come. Now, come over here, O dear. l've covered myself with this foggy sheet..

..and l've recoiled myself in this water. ln the loop of my arms and in the habitat of the heart.

So, do come. Now, come over here, O dear.

Come over here, O dear.

Ganga! - Sir?

How did you come here?

First l felt the mountains were calling out to me.

Then l felt must be some melodious stream.

But everything culminated in you.

Were you calling out to somebody your own? ln the mountains we say..

..call with your heart and he'll truly come.

But who are you waiting for?

That which is in your heart but not before you..

He is the one called. l'm standing before you. When did l enter your heart?

This is no mountain.

Where the voice resounds back.

The voice of the heart clashes with the heart.

And then settles there.

Who teaches you these nice, philosophies?

The school of the poor is his heart.

Whether it be good or bad, the heart does what it wants.

Tikam, l've brought wood. Where should l keep it?

Come..you've brought so much wood!

Have these put in a corner. l'm off to the market.

How are you? You seem very happy.

These foreigners bring life to this place.

Don't ask, work too increases. l haven't cooked as yet. Help me and clean the rooms.

Give me the broom.

Hey, girl!

Did you clean the room? - Yes.

Give me my watch! What watch?

Wristwatch! - l didn't find any watch.

First you steal, then you lie! Come!

Come with me! - Let go!

Let me go sir! l did not take your watch! l didn't take it. l'll call the police right away. She'll herself admit everything.

Mugger, bitch! Sir, l didn't steal!

Please open the door. l didn't steal anything.

Open the door!

l'll open it and l'll save you from the police as well.

But you'll have to pay the cost of the watch.

Sir, open the door!

Anybody there? Sir, open the door!

Ganga..? - Sir, he's locked me in!

He wants to..open the door!

Have you locked up Ganga?

She stole my watch. Are you the warden?

Let her go or l'll beat you black and blue!

Are you her brother?

What's going on? What are you watching? Stop them! l'll show you!

Now where will you escape to?

Stop it!

Why are you fighting? l'll tell you, sir!

He has locked Ganga and.. Sir, he's lying!

She stole my watch! Just wait for a moment.

Sir, ask her whether she stole my watch or not!

Did you steal it? - Sir, we maybe poor..

But not thieves. - Sir, here's his watch!

Here's his watch. Last night, both these men went to the bar.

And his watch fell off. A child found it.

He gave it to me and l'm giving it to you. ls this your watch?


Did you witness the honesty of the mountain people?

You consider yourself educated?

Spreading the filth of the cities here! Aren't you ashamed?

Let's go!

Why did you leave? - lt's not their fault?

They are city bred folk.

They'll act according to what they've learnt.

But l too am city bred. Only in dress.

Not by heart. Else you wouldn't believe in Ganga.

Why would you fight for me?

lt must be the blessing of some elderly family person.

That's why you worship Ganga.

My grandma's blessings.

She's asked me to get water from Gangotri. l would definitely go had the road been open.

You want to go to Gangotri? l want to go to keep my faith and my grandma's love. l will take you there, by the mountain path.

Meet me at the first crow of the cock at the lower mountain.

Okay? Tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow morning.. the first crow..

Sir? Did you stay here all night?

How did you know? - Obviously.

The cock will now crow.

Careful! Give me the jug and walk with me.

Strange! Do you practice magic?

ln the city you can't even be sure when the alarm will ring.

And you know about the cocks! l can find out much more. - What?

Walk with me, you too will find out.

What shall l find out?

The smartness of these city clothes! What else?

You know where we're going?

Where the Ganga originates from ice.

Little higher and you'll freeze!

This jacket is from France and Alpine hat from Switzerland!

Wear it in normal cold and you'll be roasted.

As for the cold here, it will stand far and shiver! ls that so? Let's go far and see who shivers!

The cold or you!

What's the matter? Now tell me, who is shivering?

The cold or you? l'm not shivering. - then take off your shoes.

And follow me. - Yes.

ls the water very cold?

Stepping in cold water when it's cold gives you warmth.

l'm coming!

l'm frozen!

You walk less and fall more. l know that Ganga will hold me before l fall.

Where do l keep my feet? On the ground.

The ground has slipped away from under my feet!

l'm freezing! l'll freeze to death! Can't feel my limbs!

Which ones? - Nose and legs!

Legs are all right but l can't feel if l still have a nose!

lt's very much in place. Can't you feel it?


Then it's frozen. lt will get better only if you shut your eyes.

What did you do? Touched my feet?

Sir, in this world, people fall at their mother's feet.

But Ganga first touches everybody's feet.

Do you know who serves like this?

The wife.

Who takes you to your destination when all paths are closed?


And what is she called when they culminate in one person?

Your Ganga, dear sir.

Dear sir..?

lt's so strange. One feels cold when he goes to this Ganga.

Close to you, one feels warm.

The weather of these mountains.

O, sir, the weather of these mountains. lt's indeed great as the whole year has a chilly weather.

This moment is verily pleasant.

So, why should l dread the chill?

When l've the sizzling beauty along with me.

This valley is full of the blooming flowers.

So, who is it that beatified it overnight? lt seems it's our marriage in here.

These are indeed flowery words.

As, it's often said in the mountains.

That, outsiders are no doubt liars.

O stranger, where did you come from?

The moment you came; you carved a niche in my heart.

What should l do as my heart is seeping out of my eyes?

These are some small streams.

And, l've to swear by touching the water of these streams.

The streams keep on flowing.

lnstead, swear by the mountains..

..who remain in the same place.

The hand is in the hand.

So, the path has passed away amidst this sweet chat.

This world keeps on singing.

Listen to us; this world keeps on singing.

That let alone a path; the whole life passes in love.

That let alone a path; the whole life passes in love.

lt was our perseverance that a river took the form of Ganga.

And, it's we, who have seen your two parts.

And, it's we, who're blessed enough to get your holy milk.

May l ask you something? Yes.

The postman says Ganga flows even in Calcutta.

Then why did your grandma ask for its' water from here?

Because she hasn't seen this pure form of Ganga. lf she would, she'd take it with her forever. lt's not only about a pot of water.

But of the faith that flows with the Ganga.

And lives like a drop in a woman's heart.

That drop is called love.

Man drowns in its' depth and becomes a lover.

He lives in Ganga and belongs to her.

He gives in to her.

Do you understand her so well?

Then take her along.

Take her..

There's a letter from Manglu in Paharganj.

What does he say? He wishes me.

Our fathers had decided it and now l'm eligible for marriage.

Ganga too must not be a child. l'll be taking part in the ceremony..

..on full moon night with friends.

Tell Ganga to put the garland in my neck publicly and marry me.

Our welfare lies in it. Your brother-in-law, Manglu.

He's making up relations as if we're already married!

You will be very soon.

Marriages are not made in heaven.

They are made on earth. And that's what father wanted.

l've quit a military job to fulfill his wish.

Didn't get married, wanting you to settle first.

Where has she gone leaving the bread on the fire?

l've made my decision. l want to know yours.

But what's the occasion? Full moon.

We get married without ceremonies in the mountains.

That's the only day in a year..

..when a woman can choose her husband.

Regarding what you said, what happens to Mangru?

Your Dad chose him for you. - But l didn't.

My life and my joys.. lie at your feet now.

Will you let me live by your love?

Are you mad?

Who believes the traditions of these mountains? lndustrialist Sahai won't accept a tribal as your bride..

..because of you!

Naren Sahai has to get married not industrialist Jeeva Sahai!

The man who couldn't give me the love of a father..

He'll give me a doll of money instead of love.

Yes, l do care about grandma.

But when she reveres the river Ganga so much..

Won't she accept Ganga in person?

Read out what Naren writes.

Respected grandma, my greetings. l met Ganga in person and she filled the loneliness in me. l need your blessings so that you too can see her pure form.

Rest when we meet. Regards to elders and love to younger ones.

Your darling, Naren.

As if there's anyone younger than you! Hides his love!

Let him come. l'll get both of you tied together. l'll talk to your father.

Now write just as l say. All right, grandma.

Listen, O sir. The tune of love. l've chosen you, so you do choose me as well.

Listen, O sir. The tune of love.

l've chosen you, so you do choose me as well.

No girl ever takes the first step.

And, she never comes close if she isn't helpless by the heart.

There is no limit to my joy as l intend to spend my life with you.

So, weave the threads of love along with me.

Listen, O sir.

The tune of love. l've chosen you, so you do choose me as well.

lf you affirm to it then the whole thing is set.

And, if you indicate then l'm ready to come along.

And, if you indicate then l'm ready to come along. l'll dance and sing for you, O sir.

So, give refuge to me in your heart.

And, l'll turn your house into a proper refuge.

So, raise an eye at me and give me the token of love.

The blood of my heart testifies for me.

Perhaps, my doom is written at your hands.

l've given my heart to you. l'm ready to give my life for you.

So, accept me as it would be a virtuous deed.

Listen, O sir.

The tune of love.

l've chosen you, so you do choose me as well.

Listen, O sir.

The tune of love.

Dharma Singh! l've chosen you, so you do choose me as well.

Let's go.

Your love adorned me and l became your bride today.

But will your family accept me?

lf they want their son, they have to accept his wife.

Move out of the way.

Their nuptial night will be their last one!

You will never reach my sister and her husband. l'll hack you and your men to pieces and burn you up!

Naren will return on the 15th.

We received his telegram this morning so we came with gifts. l thought we should consult Naren once he returns.

Why do you need his opinion? Our decision is his life's decree.

When things are to happen, everything falls into place.

Come here, Radha.

Live long. Do you know how much Naren loves me?

He has written in his cable. l'm not coming alone. l'm bringing your Ganga along.

Your Ganga.

l'm taking water.

With my grandma's blessings l'll come for my bride. l'll wait for you. Whether you return or not.

Separation doesn't break relations.

l'll return soon, very soon.

l've given you all l had.

Your Ganga will live in rags. l only have one request..

Don't let your Ganga be sullied.

lt's time to leave. Where is Naren?

At least, listen to what Ganga wants to say.

That, verily those people came on my path.

The ones who formed such rules.

That, even though life ends, the promise shouldn't be broken.

l've trust in your promise.

As l indeed know that you're mine.

So, till you don't come.

My heart will keep on singing.

Do come.

Please come, O sir.

How are you, mother? l'm fine. And you..? l'm fine. Where's grandma?

Grandma! Grandma! My son has come!

My grandma! - what are you doing?

You grandma will fall down.

Who will let you fall as long as l'm alive?

Bring the jug from my luggage.

Quickly bless me and listen to some good news.

First won't you ask what the decorations are for.

That's because l've returned home.

No. Today you're getting engaged to Radha.


Mine? - Yes.

At least, listen to what Ganga wants to say.

That, verily those people came on my path.

What's the matter?

Nothing.. l want to say something to you.

What's it about? Say it before everybody.

First you hear it. Then you tell the others.

God knows what he wants to quietly tell his grandma..

The ones who formed such rules.

That, even though life ends, the promise shouldn't be broken.

l too gave my word. l'd give this water to you and bring my Ganga here.

Don't do this to me! Please!

She won't bear it! l've accepted her.

Our union is witness to it not the sacred fire.

lt's a bond of promise not marriage ceremony. lt can be destroyed not broken.

What have you done..!

Grandma! Father..! What's wrong?

Mother! Quickly call the doctor!

What happened? - l.. What happened!!


l don't understand what's happened..

Anything can trigger off a heart attack. l've given her an injection. lf there's no relief l'll arrange for a cardiac monitor.


Get well soon..please..

All that l said is a lie.

Consider it a lie..

You had asked me to bring water..

..from the Ganga for your last days. l brought your last breath!

Yes, grandma..?

Not this, silly boy. Your Ganga..

Bring your bride..


Father! Mother!

Hurry up! - What's wrong?

Something has happened to grandma! Mother!

What did you tell her?

Nothing. - Nothing..?

Speak the truth! What did you say that killed my mother? l didn't say anything! My mother died but .. l won't keep you alive to carry the family name forward!

What did you tell her?

Don't beat a grown-up son! - Move away! l raised my mother's murderer in my own house!

What did you tell her?

Since you went out, l knew something would happen!

You did as you pleased and left me to bear the consequences!

Answer me!

Stop it, Jeeva.

What has he done? Do you want to send out 2 pyres?

This family doesn't need your sympathy Earlier it was you alone. Now this family has 2 blots.

Don't be mistaken. Even l lose my temper.

Will you raise your hand?

Brothel-keeper! Living off your mistress! l tolerated you as long as mother lived. l'll hack and throw you out!

A brothel-keeper doesn't die easy.

Tough to kill him. As for your house.. l never returned to the brothel where l once spat!

Call me names if l ever step here again!

Brothel-keeper! But keep one thing in mind. l don't have a son. lf you harm Naren, l'll turn your stars upside down!

l've tried Naren's number 5 times since morning.

But l can't get him Did he come to college?

No. - Then meet him at home.

l went to his house though l didn't want to.

He's not ready to meet me.

He sent word that he did not want to meet anyone.

Sometime he may have said something to you!

You are good friends. l don't understand what's wrong.

What can l say?

Post uncle, has he sent a letter?

No but a letter has come for Naren Sahai.

When he has already left.

Give it to me. l'll give it to him when he comes.

But l fear, letters still reach the mountains.

He mustn't be late. - Why? ls something the matter?

Ganga is pregnant.

He must be on his way and he'll get lots of gifts.

And a child is the greatest gift which you can give him.

Wherever you'll see for me.

You'll find me over there.

From the way till the caravan.

And, from the ground till the sky. lt me and me and none other but me.

Since, you're walking along with your hand in my hand.

The whole ambience and all the four directions.

Seem to be along with me.

And, there's no path that doesn't come to me. lt me and me.

And none other but me.

Wherever you'll see for me.

You'll find me over there.

From the way till the caravan.

And, from the ground till the sky. lt me and me and none other but me.

You haven't stepped out of the house since grandma passed away.

Radha calls up, many friends came and returned.

What do l answer them? At least talk to Radha.

What do l tell her? - How do l know what's in your heart?

Grandma was right. Sitting within 4 walls doesn't help.

Neither does pain reduce.

You are right, mother. l must do something. l must.

Trust me.

Meet me at Howrah station at 5 this evening.

Why? - Don't ask me that.

But.. - lf possible, get a thousand bucks too.

Yes, l'll get the cash. Wait for me at the inquiry counter.

At least tell me where you're going and when you'll return.

Nobody returns after proceeding on the path of love. l too won't return.

l'll speak on social reform in tomorrow's congregation. l'll talk to the CM tomorrow.

What's the matter? - l want to go out of town.

Sure. Want to go with friends? ls Naren too going? Nobody is going. l'll go alone. - What's wrong?

l know l can't give you time because of my work.

Your marriage is postponed because of grandma's death.

Go to Darjeeling with Naren. l'll call and fix everything.

Don't call up, Daddy! Naren has left!

There's nothing l can't do for your happiness.

Truthfully tell me where he is.

Now he'll never return! Never!

l've lost Naren!

Now he'll never return!

He will never return!

How can that be possible?

He has never gone to college without informing us!

How can he leave the city?

He has left and will never return!

But..where could he have gone?

l'm not worried about where he has gone. l'm worried because the daughter whose happiness is my aim..

..unfortunately loves your son! l'm worried about how easily..

..l can ruin you if Naren doesn't return!

There must be something if Chaudhary says so.

You've pampered him! Did he say anything to you?

No but maybe he has left some letter or address.


Look at this. lsn't this the pot in which Naren bought water for mother?

Yes, it is. But why?

Why are you worried?

Often young men lose their senses.

Get me the Home Minister.

Naren can't go anywhere now.

Hear this again. A fair skinned boy.

Height 5 feet 9 inches. Black bag in hand.

Surround the train so he doesn't escape.

Don't forget the bathroom.

One ticket to Gangotri.

Which bus?

You can't go further. Come with me.

What's my crime? - We don't nab only criminals.

You have run away from home.

Your protection is our responsibility.

Don't worry about me. Let me go, inspector. lf l don't reach in time, her life will be ruined.

Let me meet her just once. Then l'll surrender myself.

Trust me.

Son, don't consider this a cell.

Till your family takes you..

..it's my duty to keep you in this outhouse.

You are under police watch so don't try to make a run for it.

O companion.. O my beloved.

l get my inspiration to live, from you.

You have given me the courage and motivation O beloved, l surrender to you.

All my breaths are indebted to you.

How will l ever repay it?

O dear.. O beloved..

You are the dearest to me.

You are my destination and my support.

O guest of my heart, listen to me.

Feels as if the life is going along with you.

Please come soon.

O dear.. O beloved.

l have won the ornament of your heart.

Difficult for me to live without you now.

May the tears not fall, all day and night.

One has to face separation in love.

O dear.. O beloved.

Just do not know, what will happen tomorrow. l have offered this virgin beauty of mine to you.

O guest of the heart, listen to me.

Feels as if the life is going along with you.

Please come soon.

O dear.. O beloved.

My child!

Where did you go without telling your mother?

YOU could have told me.. l would if l intended to return.

Now you can't even peer out of this room without my permission!

All of you listen! lf he gets out of this room.. l'll fire and kill you!

But how long will you keep him locked?

Till he gets married.

l've lost my son due to my mother's pampering.

l don't want to lose my business and power due to your..

..maternal love!

Be patient.

Just a little while.


You've delivered a son.

Post man.. - What is it? - A son.

Son! Didn't l say my Ganga would have a son? l'm a grandfather! l've got a grandson!

Have some sweet. You too.

Distribute this to the village and tell them l'm a grandfather! l've become a grandfather! l've got a grandson!

Listen, you villagers! l've got a grandson!

Why are you sad? l've made all the arrangements for the wedding. l've even fixed the auspicious moment.

Radha's prayers be answered both of you get married.

My job is done. Come in.


Just because l stopped coming home you've thrown me out of..

..your heart.

Don't say that uncle. Please.

Your father's door maybe shut on me but Kunj knows of your..

..every breath. l know everything. l know that.

There's something in your silence.

Your heart is talking to mother.

But tell me too. l won't let you down. l'll tell you everything.

You'll probably understand what nobody else does.

Come on.

Come on.

where is that rascal taking Naren?

Don't use such words in a temple.

Naren has come out after so long and Kunj is no outsider.

He wants his welfare. l know that! l know what welfare he's up to!

He hasn't sent any word.

Read out the letter that came for him

lf we find his address, l'll send the good news of his son.

Will you be able to hear me read out this letter?

Can't the one who had a son without him listen to a letter?

Dear Naren, love.

Received you letter.

Grandma is elated.

She is convinced only the pure Ganga can give you new life.

By the time you reach here, everything would be arranged.

Grandma has fixed your marriage to me. l wait for you to return so we can be tied in a firm bond.

Waiting for you. Your very own..

He is right.

He's already given me what he owed my love.

The mother may nurture the child.

But the seed is the father's

And if he doesn't get his father's name, he won't forgive me..

..till death!

Even if l don't have a right on him today..

But he does. l'll go to Calcutta to give him his rights.

You'll go to Calcutta? l'll take you there.

The father bids farewell to his daughter at the door.

Not to her husband's door.

Only tell me, where is Calcutta.

The place where Ganga originates is your home.

Where it ends is Calcutta.

Look, neither has the dwarf touched the moon..

Nor the moon the dwarf.

This is just a passing fancy. ln today's world, does anyone be faithful to such relations?

Actually nobody has.

But what relation was it that made you stop going to brothels?

Where lamps were lit by your name.

What is it here that you made this brothel your home?

You gave up everything for her.

Even the caste. - That was different.

Caste, community can't erase my destiny.

Don't blame destiny.

The truth is you love her.

A lot of love which your wife never gave you.

lf she understood me, l'd probably never have gone to brothels. l was alone so nobody cared, but you are not alone.

You're stuck between 2 walls. On one side is your father.

Who thinks your life is his property.

And there's Bhagwat Chaudhary on the other side!

Even the government can't fight his tactics and games.

So what are you? On what basis will you fight him?

Ganga. With her love. lf l win, l'll get life. lf l lose, l'll be free.

This is in your hands. Bring my Ganga. l won't live without her! l can't!

Bring my Ganga!

You're crying?

All his life, your uncle could not be a good man.

Maybe he can be Bhagirath for you. l'll go and bring your Ganga!

This bus will go to Rishikesh.

Get off and ask anyone the way to the station.

Buy a ticket and sit in the train. l've kept the address and the photo in this pouch.

Take care.

Sit in the bus.

You had no palanquin.

Take your son to his father before your bier is carried.

You've sent off your daughter. lnstead of feeling happy, you're feeling disheartened. l'm praying that Ganga's son gets his father's name.

And doesn't die maligned.

Excuse me, where does the post man live? l'm the postman but l don't recognise you.

l'm Naren's uncle.

l've come to take Ganga. He asked me to meet you.

Like letters to mountains you too are late.

Ganga has left. - Where?

Yes, she has taken Naren's son..

..and gone to look for him in Calcutta.

Naren's son! What are you saying?

Yes sir. Our girls are poor.

Without asking for it, they give everything to strangers.

Her brother died.

Wasn't it better she left rather than listen to abuse?

When did she leave? By the afternoon bus.

She wouldn't have reached Rishikesh. l'll catch her on the way.

But how will you recognise her?

Who knows his choice better than me?

She must be one in a million. l'll know her all right.

Let's go.

Do you have a girl called Ganga in your bus? - Well.. l wish to know..

ls anyone among you called Ganga?

Anybody..? - No, none.

There's nobody sir. Thanks a lot.


Sir, my baby is starving..

Sister, where's Calcutta station?

l mean l have to go to Calcutta.

Can you tell me where the station is?

Are you alone?

lt's quite close. l'll drop you there. lt's growing dark. Come with me.

ls this your bundle? Yes. - Here you are.

Come on.

Come on. Don't be scared.

Has this bus come from Gangotri? - Yes, this is the one.

Conductor! - Yes? - Have you seen Ganga?

Who hasn't seen it? - l mean a girl called Ganga.

Little baby, pretty girl, One in million.

Yes, there was a girl in the bus.

But l don't know where she's gone. l know where she must have gone! Driver, come on!

How much did you get? Rupees 7 and 10 paise.

Give. Rascals come here to atone and are ashamed to give alms!


Go and sit with her!

Wait here. l'll tell mother and return.

Mother! - Bitch! lt's turned dark and now you return!

Will your Pop give accounts? Talk softly.

Take..l got 40 bucks today.

Good. Good catch. l've got better earnings. Where?

Standing outside. Come with me.

Very pretty. Cute girl.

Cute baby too. ls it yours?

Shop earning? - What does that mean?

You've got a child and you don't understand?

Come in, l'll explain.


Take a seat.

Give me the bundle. - No..!

Take it in. Take the child.

No rented child for her. Give the child.

Give my bundle. l have to go to the station!

Give my bundle! l must go! - You may go.

First get yourself marked.

What will she get?

Anybody will pay 30-40. l'll pay 50 right away!

Well done! Go with him! l won't go anywhere! l want to go to the station!

Don't touch me!

Go with him! Making a fuss!

Let go! l've paid so l must get my worth! Come on!

Save me somebody! Paid 2000 for her..

Refuses to sit. What are you watching? Get her!


Don't be scared.

Who are you?

The cemetery lies at the shore of the Ganga.

What is Ganga doing in the cemetery?

Father, l want to spend the night here.

Even relatives of the deceased don't stay all night.

Had l not been of a low caste, l'd have taken you home. l'll stay here. - As you wish.

You won't be scared? l fear living humans. Why should l fear the dead?

This corpse will burn all night. Warm yourself by it. lt is very cold.

Priest, l want to go to Calcutta.

Where is the station? l could tell you child.

There's just one problem.

Unless l finish the prayers l can't talk to anyone.

Come to my house. We'll leave from there.

Come in. Go and sit on that bed. l'll show you the way after l finish my ablutions. lt's not very far off.

Why.. did you shut the door? lf it's open, it disturbs my prayers.


Let go! Leave my hand!

You were to show me the path to the station!

Let go!

Let me go!

Child, nothing wrong in it.

Open the door! - Let me go!

Who is it? - Police! Open the door.

What was going on?

Yes, you priest? What were you doing?


Hiding here? Get up!

ls that your child? Take it and come to the police station.

Give your statement about this rascal over there.

Did this rascal force you to come home?

No, l went on my own.

Fat lady, why did you tell me that he took her by force?

How could l bear to see my husband with another girl?

All right. Hear me carefully.

Next time you do this, l'll lock you up forever!

You may leave. You too.

You want to go to Calcutta?

Do you have money for the ticket?

Buy her a ticket to Calcutta and put her in.

Look sister, nobody likes me coming home.

Nor is my name attached to your family.

Yet l feel it's my duty to at least inform you.

This is destruction! Naren's Dad will never agree!

lf you cancel this marriage, Chaudhary will put us on the road!

Nobody will give us alms!

That is why let Naren marry Radha. l beg you! l fall at your feet!

Save us! Say anything to assure Naren.

But save us!


Uncle! - Come, Naren..

l got the news and came running!

Come and sit.

Later. First tell me where is Ganga?

l found nothing about her.

Meaning? - l searched for her.

Made inquiries.

But l didn't find her.

Her brother died so she left the village one day.

l don't believe this. l don't.

Ganga can't leave me and go anywhere. l swear she is not in the village!

She had already turned crazy with your memories.

Somebody said she went absolutely mad when her brother died.

Some even said, maybe she's no more..

No uncle!

My life can't go away from me

l can believe that Ganga could be misled.

But she can't be angry with me!

Never! lt can never happen!

Stop crying!

Forgive me.

Without fodder even an animal won't give milk.

Feed the child some water when a station comes.

This contains water from the Ganga for my death bed. l'd give it if it was normal.

My darling.. my sweetheart..

..is hungry.

From where the bring the milk.. the breasts are dry.

With tears in my eyes.

How to console him? lf possible, go to sleep, dear.

A station has come. Feed him some water.

Where can l get some water? - There.

This..stop the train!

Stop the train! Stop!

Girl! Don't run!

Leave the bars!

You'll fall with the child! Both of you will die!

l missed my train!

lf you're alive, you can get anything. lf the station exists many trains will come by.

What can l tell you? l lost my family.

His address got stolen!

This was the last resort to reach him!

That too deserted me! - But where do you have to go?

Father, can you take me there? l'm blind. l may not be able to see the path.

But l will definitely take you to your destination.

Take the next right.

You.. - l'm not blind.

The glasses..?

To frisk diamonds like you from the eyes of the sighted. l have to act blind.

Come along. Don't be scared.

Welcome. Where have you been?

You totally forget us. And who is this with you?

Manilal has brought a priceless jewel today.

Hear her voice filled with pain. lt will pierce through your heart.

Has she learnt singing?

The Goddess Herself resides in her songs.

Saraswati in her voice, Urvashi-like face..

Goddess Laxmi will kiss your feet.

Just learn to dance.

Destiny has made me dance. l beg you, don't ruin me!

Don't kill my child alive!

Let me leave!

Let me leave! l will not stay here.

Do you want to leave? l won't stop you.

But hear this, woman comes to a brothel when she is ditched.

Go one step down and you'll find Chakla.

Do you know what that is?

A woman's body is shredded worse than a mattress.

You might know who fathered this child.

Even God Himself won't be able..

..to tell you who fathered your child!

l'll be ruined here too. l want to take my child to his father.

But where? How can you find him without any address?

Outside you'll wander and be kicked from door to door.

Every man will want to tear you apart.

And this place is maligned.

No sin is committed here. No trade of humans.

Only wounded hearts come here.

They leave with some balm.

Manilal says your voice is magical.

We don't lack in admirers.

Earn some money. Your son won't get his father's support.

But he'll be supported by his mother's sacrifice.

Arrange for her stay. l'm going to the temple.

ls the room upstairs vacant? - Yes.

Arrange for her to stay there.

Ganga will stay here.

Father, the way you misled and brought me here.

Don't show that path to another.

Else people won't ever trust the blind.

Your Ganga touches your hermitage and enters the sea.

Why did you push my Ganga in the sea..

..of death without meeting me?

You only travel from home to the hermitage.

Mr. Chaudhary is here to see you. l'm going to Benares for a meeting. l'll return in 2-3 days.

Radha has given her list.

Do you want anything from there?

Bring Ganga if you find her somewhere

l would but unfortunately Ganga also flows in Calcutta.

Let's go Jeeva. l'll get him something.

Your belonging.

Your remembrance.

l carry along.

Like a crazy person O the one who has forgotten me.

Come, at least sometime.

That you Ganga..

..awaits you with tears in her eyes.

Who is that singing?

Are you joking? She's a novice, absolutely raw.

We don't want to ruin our name. lf her voice is filled with such pain..

..what must her face depict?

Let's meet her. Definitely, sir.

Come here.

Sir is calling for you.

But, sir, her education is still incomplete.

She is learning the arts. lf she commits a blunder in Chaudhary sir's presence..

Chaudhary's religion maybe patriotism.

But his real life lies in this. why are you risking your life?

Spit your anger in a spittoon.

Ganga will adorn the party in Chaudhary's honour.

Offer a betel leaf to Chaudhary.

ls she a virgin?

She has a child, sir.

The child of a prostitute doesn't carry his father's name.

Nobody's child has his father's name written on his forehead!

Bitch! Do you want to say our mothers too were whores?

We don't frequent markets with the sins of our flesh!

But sir you do sit in the market!

Chamanlal, she has learnt everything but manners.

Disrobe her before she disrobes us.

That was Draupadi to save whom Krishna appeared.

Nobody comes to a whore's aid!

l've gifted my shame to my Mohan long ago.

Don't act coy under the garb of clothes!

Scream, yell.

Else people will say Ganga quietly became nude!

A troubled soul

Says this with tears in her eyes.

O Lord, you Ganga has been sullied While washing away the sins of the sinners.

Had descended on earth..

..with such pious waters.

But perverts, short tempered ones..

..greedy and ignorant have taken a dip in it. lt brought with it, waters which was like pure nectar. lt carried life in its waters, and supported one and all.

A river and a woman..

..both lead their lives, washing away the dirt of other.

O Lord, your Ganga has been sullied.

While washing away the sins of the sinners.

The soul is the one which is precious.

While the body is just a covering.

Don't call the real one as an illusion.

The covering can become dirty.

No one taunt her. Rather she is worth worshipping.

She should be called a Goddess and she should..

..be looked from the eyes of the soul.

One should guard it.

One should guard this valuable at all times.

O Lord, your Ganga has been sullied.

While washing away the sins of the sinner.

She's definitely not professional.

This wounded girl has wounded me today.

You are an admirer, a jeweler.

Tell Tajeshwaribai she can take any sum from me. l'll take her to Calcutta.

You will bring her to my orchard.

What was the need for this? God has blessed us with everything.

Radha will reign over it. - That's true. l'll fulfill anything that's left out.

You must. You condemn dowry for the public.

But it's below the leader's dignity to follow it.

Why did you call for me?

Don't be so harsh. lnstead help the girl's side.

l haven't seen as many weddings..

..as many times you've been married!

You'll arrange the music for the wedding.

Then l'll have to go to Benares.

Because l belong to the greatest lineage of Calcutta. ls it? then leave today itself.

But be here by that night.

You've landed up here too! Still wriggling your way into homes

Even if a dog is bad, he's still loyal.

But you're human!


Take a look.

Did you buy up all Benares?

This is nothing. Half of Benares is in my orchard.

What do you mean? - Tomorrow my daughter will leave.

For whom will l live then?

Thought l'd get something for myself. .

..so what if she has a kid?

She'll entertain you too.

You too must take a look.

Let it be.

He's family. Tomorrow if not today, you have to do this.

Did you think the same when you were being nursed?

Why? Aren't you amazed? l had the same reaction. l didn't buy her for nothing. We'll share her.

Let's get the marriage done. She's the Ganga at home.

We'll take a dip when we feel like.


Did you hear that?

Tajeshwaribai said they don't trade in humans.

Then why did she send me here?

l swear by my son..

Each time l see you, l curse you!

A woman's curse can destroy iron.

But you are human. l fear my curse may ruin you.

Go away from here!

Can't you see where you walk?

You..? - l was going to Benares to meet you.

What are you doing here? And tell me the truth.

Are you going on a hunt or back from a hunt? l no longer do that.

Misleading women, l finally came on the right track. l've decided never to walk on this sinful path.

Maybe poor Ganga might forgive me.

Which Ganga? - A poor mountain girl.

She's come from Gangotri. Wandering with her son.

The child's father lives in Calcutta.

Don't say another word. Take me to her!

Do you know what you've done?

The one you brought from Benares is a fire not a spark!

You are not able to see it but l can see the destruction.

What are you saying?

Look at this.

This is the same girl for whom Naren ran away.

How did this happen? lf Naren finds out this girl is in your house not the hills..

What will be the outcome?

That can never happen.

l'm Kunj, Naren's uncle.

Do you know Naren?

You know him? Take me to him!

Take me to him just once. l beg you..!

Take me to him once! l went to your village for you. l searched for you everywhere but l couldn't find you.

And now that l've found you..

Luck has changed.

l forced Naren to marry another.

By lying that you're dead.

l died the day l sat in the market. l'm carrying my dead body to give him his son.

Take me to him just once!

Then l'll go away from here forever! l can take you to him right now.

But the people who have made you a prisoner of this city..

..bought you for their debauchery..

Will they accept you as the bride of their house?

And till Naren accepts you in front of the world..

People will call your son names.

All this while you were being tested. Now it's Ram's turn.

Chaudhary is calling you.

So late in the night? ls all fine? - Where is Ganga?

She's inside. Should l call her? - Listen carefully.

You'll get the train to Benares in half an hour. lmmediately take her to Tajeshwaribai.

Take this.

Now if this girl is seen within Calcutta..

..l'll have both of you hacked!

Take her and leave right now.

Understood? Take this.

Let's go.

Got it but the Ganga doesn't flow backwards.

Ganga has never returned from Calcutta to Benares nor will she! l won't get married! At the most, you'll kill me!

Then kill me! But l won't get married!

Please leave.

You've made up your mind that you won't get married.

You want to live for a girl who is not in this world?

Mother, you...!

l don't know everything but l know a little about Ganga.

But understand one thing, my son. lf you don't get married, 2 biers will leave this house.

Your father's and mine!

An old saying comes to mind. The groom comes for the bride.

The parents to meet each other.

But the guests come for good music and dance. l've asked Kunjbihari do organise this. He must be on his way.

Welcome Kunj.

Everybody is complaining about you. You're quite late. l've come early so it's not too late. lt's Radha's wedding. l had to find Meera for this musical night.

Now we'll see whether Mohan..

. . is bound by Radha's marriage flowers.

Or a lost Meera's song.

Radha and Meera..

Both loved Krisha.

But what is the difference between their love.

One was emotional, the other devotional.

Radha searched him in the Madhuban.

But Meera met him in her inner self.

The Govind whom Radha lost..

Was available to Meera, whenever she wished.

One side was the flute.. and anklet on the other.

One was a madcap one was wounded.

What was the difference?

One loved the person, the other his image.

One was emotional, the other decotioal.

Meera loved him as Giridhar Nagar, the saviour.

While Radha loved him as a companion.

Radha decked up for him, everyday.

While Meera turned in as ascetic.

One was the queen, another surrendered just like a maid.

Both craved for Hari's love.

What was the difference between their contentment?

One never won, another never gave up.

Your Ganga has been sullied.

Uncle? - Yes, l lied!

But won't you ask why? why did your uncle lie?

Ask your mother the reason! She made me lie.

To stop the destruction of her home.

..who wanted to ruin the Sahai family!

Ruin..? - Sister, tell him that l'm lying!


But how does that affect you?

You are going to marry Radha.

And your Ganga is a singing dancing whore!

A woman with no character. Somebody to be hated!

Home are adorned with things bought from the market.

They don't make a home. Quiet, uncle!

After hearing this, if you still wish to have her..

Ask this white garbed Bhagwat Chaudhary who made her a whore!

Why did he buy her from Benares and bring her here?

Why did he keep her in his orchard as his mistress?

Shame on you! You lust for a girl the age of your daughter!

Radha is your daughter.

How would you feel somebody treated her so?

Shameless! Curb your tongue!

Don't make the mistake of raising your hand!

Or l won't maintain the distance between our age.

The two penny promiscuous woman..

..for whom you're ready to beat me.

May l know how she is related to my dreams?

Would you like to know?

Do you know who she is? She is my Ganga!

She is the daughter-in-law of the Sahai family!

Do you think l'll accept any girl as my daughter-in-law for..

..your sake?

Don't. The one who had to accept her has done it.

You don't matter.

You scoundrel! lt won't matter to you

You've had your revenge for that day's fight!

You settled in a whore house and you want my family too to..

..settle there!

Uncle only settled in a brothel..

But you took my Ganga to a brothel instead of home!

Cut the crap, l've seen many such dramas in my life.

Throw this girl out of the house!

Stop! - Stop it, Daddy.

Stop it.

You can't snatch another's joys and make your child happy.

lf you'd get adopt a daughter, l'd worship you all my life. l'd even accept a step mother if you needed a companion.

But..you're terrific Daddy!

On one hand you're giving your daughter away in marriage.

And with the other, you turned a married woman into a mistress!

Saw the outcome? Your daughter became a widow without marriage!

Forgive me.

Don't ask any questions. l have no proof of my honesty. l'll only ask you to leave with me.

We're not needed amidst these reputed families.

We'll build our home where the Ganga lives.

A singing dancing whore looks good in brothels.

Not in homes. l haven't come to ruin your life. l haven't come to ask you for anything.

The aim of my life is to give you..

Your son. Ganga can bear thousands of abuses on herself..

But she can't bear to see anyone point a finger at her son!

Accept this innocent..

My son!

ls this our child?

This is your grandson, father! The lamp of the Sahai family!

She hasn't brought a stranger. She came to give me my son.

Stop her! She's gone!



Shoot her dead! Stop, Ganga!

You killed Ganga! You killed my Ganga!

What are you watching? Shoot him.

Don't anyone dare come between us!

Or he too will die with Bhagwat Chaudhary!

Rascal! Scoundrel! Why did you kill my Ganga?

Swine! You are polluted not Ganga!

Men like you are filthy!

Answer me, you worm!

Filthy murderer! l won't let you live! lt's best you die! l'll kill you! - Stop! l say, stop!

Stop this madness!

Move out father.

Or the world will say a son killed his father.

Don't do that. Ganga is alive.

l'm taking Ganga and my son away from here, father.

You can't give us life.

Give us death. Here, pick up the gun.

Kill us and get rid of the hatred within you!

Kill us, father! Kill us!

Let's go. We'll go faraway from here.

You are the ocean.

And Ganga is the flow.

The Ganga is united with the ocean.

She achieves salvation when they unite.

Listen to what the Ganga says..

..that such great souls have come to my shores.

Who believed in priciples.

Of laying their lives..

..for their promises.

Our Ganga..

..thus narrates so with tears in her eyes.

O Lord, your Ganga has been sullied.

By washing away the sins of the sinners.

We belong that rare land. ln which the Ganga flows.

The one who resided with the sages.

Also resides with the sinners.

No truth in thoughts and deeds.

They soil the Ganga and then claim to be its saviours.

What can the poor one do?

What can the poor one do, when she is betrayed by her own O Lord, your Ganga has been sullied.

By washing away the sins of the sinners.