Rangeela (1995) Script

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"Let's dan ce"

"Let's set off a storm togeth er"

"Dance with me and steal some color from the world"

"Get colorful"

"Get colorful"

"Let's dan ce"

"Let's set off a storm togeth er"

"Dance with me and steal some color from the world"

"Get colorful"

"So very colorful"

"Th ere are so many faces... mine ought to be recognized"

"There are so many big names... may mine be mentioned too"

"Life would be great"

"The days would be mine, so would the nights"

"And ajoyous tune played all thetime..."

"Dan ce away"

"Let's kick up a storm togeth er"

"Dance with me; let's steal some color from the world"

"Get colorful"

"Get colorful"

"Come to me, friends; drive away my problem"

"The goodies fight among themselves; I'm the sweeter on e, they all say"

"They take me for a kid!"

"Th ere's so mu ch of ten sion arou n d"

"What would a man do..."

"who doesn't know how to live it up in the world"

"They look for their destiny in the parrots..."

"in the stars up above..."

"they hunt for their fortune... but can't tell what it is"

"Should one believe in oneself..."

"all obstacles would be easy to overcome"

"And the world would be in our hands"

"Dan ce away"

"Let's kick up a storm together"

"Let's steal some color from th e world"

"Get colorful"

"Get colorful"

What's up?

You've ruined my dream!

What a dream!

I was dancing and singing and swaying away... an d th e world was swaying with me.

I'm not going to forgive you for this!

Oh indeed. As if... Where's my file?

It's there on the table!

And where is the table?

Under that heap of files. Found it!

"Enjoy yourself, O drunkard..."

Not you too! Well?

Who else has been bothering my wife? Look at the princess's airs!

She's late for work. And she says I've ruined her dream!

That's not right, Mili.

She ruined your dream while you slept.

And she ruined my dreams while I still live!

Have I ever complained? As if you'd be a big shot!

Listen, darling... Yes?

I had always dreamed, "that I'd never be a somebody"

"What have we to be...?"

Aren't you going for your bath? "Why must we bathe...?"

What are you doing...? Have you gone mad?

Stop it!

You must be happy that your daughter even dreams of wh at she wants to be.

All right. But dreams are fulfilled only when man rises from his slumber.

But you dream only when you go to sleep, understand?

What is it?

What are you doing? I'm studying.

Are you really studying? Or are you asleep?

He's studying... he isn't dreaming.

Here I go...

My word, Motilal! You've taken to your books so early in the day!

I don 't intend to spend 3 years in Class 10 like you.

My little brother...

I wasn't killing time in Class 10. I was learning to dance.

Becau se I'm n ot goin g to be a clerk after those studies.

I want to become an actress.

Sister... Well?

Could you give me an autograph?

How about a kick...? Will that do?

Mili! Aren't you leaving? I'll fix you, all right.

The camera isn't rolling.

Wh eth er th e cam era's rolling or not...

I'm a director whose mind is always at work.

I'm not competing with th e directors h ere.

I'm competing with Hollywood. So let me see the frame.

It's so very dark... I can 't see anything.

Dark...? It must be because of this cap.

As I said, "Hum Aapke Hain Koun" is said to be a hit movie.

It has broken all records.

All that is okay. But do you know the inside story?

No, I don't.

It was my script. Yours?!

I was supposed to produce the film originally.

And all those sequences are actually part of my marriage!

Really? But I said it's okay...

Suraj is my own boy. Let him direct the film.

An d everyon e praises th e film today.

It's Suraj who is walking away with all the credit... but it was my story, after all!

Gulbadan hasn't yet reported for sh ootin g.

It's a 9'0 clock shift. And she isn't here at 12!

She's going to make beggars out of my kids!

Idon't think I will ever see this film.

Don't stand there and grin. Go and call her!

Here she is... so very punctual!

Welcome, madam.

Get a chair for mummy!

Set it here. Of course, madam.

Do you know the story before the song sequence?

My baby doesn't know anything.

Our heroine is in the village. Out there, the cold breeze...

Would you like a cold drink, dear? Sure.

Could you send for some fruit juice?

Get a glass of fruit-juice. Two glasses.

As I said, there's a cool breeze blowing in the village...

I'd like a milk shake with custard apple... okay?

A milk shake with custard apple. Make it two.

Yes. Go on. With lots of ice.

This isn't a season for custard apple. Get it from somewhere!

It's available only in November. So get it in November!

I've been explaining a sequence!

You 're screamin g! You have scared my little girl!

Send for the fan... Get the fan!

Is this dress okay?

Let's sh oot th e son g first. I'll n arrate th e story later.

The shot is ready.

Tickets worth 10 going for 30...

Want one?

Tickets worth 10 going for 30...

How much ? 30 Rupees.

Two tickets for me. So cough it up.

What? 60 bucks.

Th ey're corn er seats, I h ope? Of course. At opposite ends.

Give me some tickets, Munna. Mine are finished.

How are you doing? Great.

I come on foot and hail a cab to go back home.

Tickets for 10 Rupees going for 30...

Do you have any tickets? Want an advance booking?

You're kidding. How much is it going for?

Didn't you hear that? For 30 Rupees.

Could I have it for 15 Rupees? You get to watch halfthe film.

Oh damn it... Come back here.

Ilike your face. Go and watch the film.

Tickets for 10 Rupees going for 30...

Come here. What is it?

Come here! Me...?

You've been selling tickets in the black-market?

Me? Do I look like a black-marketer?

What was that about 30 Rupees then ? I was looking for tickets myself.

I'd happily pay 30 bucks for a ticket. But there's no one around.

Do you think I'm a fool? Raise your hand!

Stop kidding sir... how'd I raise my hand at you?

Raise your hands... go on! Hey! You're bullying me!

Look at this, folks!

Th ey let th ose wh o in stigate riots, go scot-free.

There was a scandal involving billions in the stock market.

Did th ey arrest an yon e? No.

But they will harass a poor guy like me who wants to watch a film.

Go ahead...

Did you find something? No?

You have humiliated me publicly, haven't you?

What's going to happen to this country...?

Get lost, fellows! This ain't no drama!

What sleight of hand!

Hey black egg... get lost. Scram!

Where's the rest of the gang? They've left.

Let's make ourselves scarce... things are heating up here.

What happen ed?

What kind of a director are you to make her do such a dance?

Aren't you ashamed to give her such difficult steps?

This director is a fool!

He watches MTV and gets us to do weird steps...

Does anyone ask an actress to do such difficult steps?

What ifsomething had happened to my girl?

Don't get excited, mummy. I'll handle it...

Does it hurt? Don't worry...

I'll have the steps changed. Like hell you will!

You sh ou ld've kn own better th an ask her to do such steps!

You aren't hurt badly... Shut up! How isn't it bad?

What do you know?

You don't become a director by merely wearing a viewfinder.

The poor baby has sprained her ankle...

It's pack-up for the day... Pack up!

Hear me out, mummy, pleasem! Didn't you hear me? Pack up!

Come, dear... let's go.

Please, mummy! I'll have it changed!

I can't figure out of if we have signed the girl or her mother!

Why do the girls' mothers ever attend a shoot?!

I'm going to quit this place and head straight for Hollywood!

What the hell! I'll go bust, ifyou go to Hollywood!

I don't care what happens to you! That old hag...

Calm down, please. I'll somehow make them see reason and bring them...

Why are you getting worked up?

Sorry, Kamalji. It's pack up.

Would Julia Roberts' mother ever treat Spielberg like I've been treated?

Kamalji's leaving. What else will he do?

He's such a fine actor.

But the lady always finds some excuse to throw a fuss.

I think she'sjust not interested in her work.

Why must we bother? We're getting paid.

How can you say such things?

We come here so we can learn something and become good actors.

It isn't that wejust come h ere, dan ce an d leave.

Sorry, lady. I have no ambitions. I'm happy where I am.

Go ahead if you want to make it big.

How're you doing? Fine.

Switch on that fan.

Get us some tea. Quick.

Read that sign. You pay cash.

If I had the money, wouldn't I go to a five-star?

I'll settle your account tomorrow. Sure?

Of course. Whom else have I paid?

Go on. And get me some cookies.

Did you get those tickets, Munna?

What're you screaming for? Mili! Come here!

Why are you screaming? Sit down. Have a soft drink.

No. I'm going home.

Sit for a while. I'll join you. get a cold drink for her.

Prakash! You're smoking again? I'm kicking the habit tomorrow.

So... how's the shoot going?

Don't even ask me.

The lead-lady made us work so hard on a simple step today... that we had it coming out of our ears.

I've been telling you to give it up.

You're going to wear out your sh oes in th ose sh oots.

You start lecturing me now...? It's true.

I've seen life there on the footpath s. Try and think of something better.

You're wasting your time like a worthless loafer.

Find somejob in a nice company. To hell with jobs!

Rather than play a rich man's dog, I'll enjoy my life out on the streets.

I'll be my own boss... Right, Pakya?


You're never going to change. Where are you going, Mili!

"Listen to wh at I h ave to say, guys..."

"Lead your life like I do"

"lt's okay if I don't own cars and bungalows"

"lt's okay if I don't have a bank balance"

"lt's okay if I don't own TV's and videos"

"lt's okay if I can't fl au nt fan cy cloth es"

"What must I worry about all that?"

"l'll lead a carefree life"

"Listen to wh at I h ave to say, frien ds"

"Lead your lives the way I do"

"lt'd be great to own cars and bungalows"

"With a bank balance to color your days and nights"

"TV's and videos would be the icing on the cake..."

"to dress up well would add to your status"

"Value the good things in life"

"Mend your ways a bit"

"Listen to the philosophy I follow, friends"

"And spend your lives the way I do"

"Look at me..."

"l'm a prince who acts on his whims"

"Wait for the world to call you a prince..."

"Don't call yourself a prince"

"The name is Munna..."

"l do just wh at pleases me"

"Why should I worry about how business is"

"Why must I ever keep track of people coming and going"

"You're ignorant about the ways of the world..."

"in such a world you will never make it"

"Listen to this philosophy, friends"

"Lead your lives as I do"

"Who knows about tomorrow"

"l live for today"

"Only those with out any confidence..."

"talk the way you do"

"Don't you ever say such athing"

"They think I'm really tough"

"The heart of a lion I possess"

"No matter what, I hold my head high"

"l wish you could see beyond your nose"

"But you know nothing"

"Listen to me, guys"

"Lead your lives like I do"

"lt's be great own cars and bungalows"

"Oh to have a bank balance that would color your days and nights"

"TV's and videos would be such fun"

"Dressing well would add to your statu s"

"Why must I worry about all that?"

"l'd rather lead a carefree life"

"So listen to me, friends..."

"Lead your lives the way I do"

Kamal was fed up of the lady's tantrums and left...

What ice cream will you eat? Vanilla, raspberry, pineapple...?

Idon't want an ice cream. I'm buying it for you.

Have some. I don't want it. Let's go.

Strange! I'm treating you to some Ice cream, and you don't want it!

So what am I to do?

I didn't like that, Mili. -What?

I felt like buying you an ice cream. And you refused it!

Oh come on, Munna. You take offense for every little thing.

I didn't want an ice-cream an d so I refu sed it.

I only asked you to have an ice cream! There you go again...

Did I say something wrong? What's right and what's wrong...?

You start a fight everywhere... What are you doing?

One banana. What loss is it to you? Pay up quietly!

What will you do if I don't? Want abloody punch?

One moment... how much is it? You're not going to pay, Mili!

Will you take it away for free? You're asking for it!

I've already paid you, so keep quiet. c'mon, Munna... c'mon!

You don't know me, punk! I'm famous around here!

Mess with me and you'd never be able to sell bananas here again!

What the hell was that, Munna? You shouldn't have paid him!

Won't he ask you for money when you pick up a banana?

It's not about money! Can't I pay him?

But you didn't pay him. He acted as if I'd stolen a fortune!

It was you who started it, Munna. But he started the fight!

All right! You're not at fault. Nor is he. I'm the one to blame!

So why fight with me if it was your mistake?

What are you doing all alone, Motilal? Mili won't play with me.

Not she... go ahead and bat. I'll bowl an over.

Mom! Here I am.

Munna's going to drive me mad someday. Why? Did he get into a fight today?

It wasn'tjust a fight. It was a scene!

What happened? We were walking together... and there was this ban an a-seller. Munna picked up a banana.

Know what Munna said when the poor man asked for his money?

What? "What loss will one banana make?"

You're laughing! And I know what I've been through out there on the streets.

Munna is mischievous, I know. But he's good-h earted.

Most orph an s go berserk with out th eir parents.

But not him. He's a nice boy. Nice, my foot!

Where the hell is it?

For a boy as little as you are, you play shots like Tendulkar.

Kn ow wh at? What?

Anyone can score sixers off your bowling.

Really?! Let me see. Score a sixer...

You've had it, my boy! You're going to get a thrashing!

What's happening out here?

Motilal... who smash ed the pane?

It was Munna. What?

Who was batting? You? Or me?

I'm sure Munna's responsible for all this, Mom.

Is he innocent only because he's your brother?

Yes, he's my brother... so what are you going to do?

Quiet, Mili.

Tell me the truth, Motilal. Who broke the pane?

Munna did. You're lying!

Weren't you the one who was batting? But you said you'd score a sixer.

When did I say that? You said it, of course!

Will you bully me because I'm akid?

A kid, eh...? You're acting smart with me!

He's blaming me! It's all over, okay?

The story's over! What's over?

Go and take a look at the kitchen. So?

Whoever has done it will clean the mess.

That's exactly wh at we don't know. Who did it?

Munna has done it, I say! You're lying again!

Don't you touch me! No? I'll give you a slap!

I know you well, fatso. Go on and clean the mess.

But... No arguments... go on.

Very well... I'll fix you later.

Go ahead and laugh. You're always waiting for a chance to laugh at me.

My sweet will.

Ican laugh at anything and anyone I wish.

Fleally...? What's this between you now?

I've had enough of their fights already.

Come on inside and freshen up. I'll give you something to eat.

That's something!

I'm leaving... I'm going to the movies.

Which film? Th at Raj Kamal starrer...

Mr. Bond? Yes.

D'you h ave tickets forth e film ? Sure. I have two tickets.

Wait till I get ready... Not you.

I'm going with a friend. Won't you take me then?

Why must I take you along?

Please, Munna... I've been dying to see the film.

Will you poke fun at me again? No.

Will you be angry with me? Never.

All right. Go on and get ready. I'll change, too.

Kamal! Congratulations!

This film of yours is a super hit too!

There was this distributor who called from C.P.C.l.

He said the film would gross more than 10 million.

The distributor from Delhi said the same thing.

The film is bit weak in Fiajasthan, no doubt.

But it will pick up by word ofmouth.

In Bengal and Punjab, it's going to break all box-office records!

This is what I came to tell you.

Well then, I must leave now.

How about the heroine's call-sheet? I've spoken to her mom.

She said she would confirm tomorrow.

My God! The movie must've begun. How are you?

C'mon now... we're already late. The movie must've already begun.

It's full of songs in the first half.

Watch the songs on TV ifyou miss them.

No way. I'm going to watch the whole film.

Tickets for 10 Rupees going for 30...

Munna! There's your friend. Pakya.

Tickets for 10 Rupees going for 30... so?

He's selling tickets in the black-market!

He's had such a black life... what else will he do?

What's that about his black life? You'd be shaken up... ifyou get to know the story ofhis life.

Pakya's moth er died when he was just 5 years old.

His fath er, th e alcoh olic, kicked th e bu cket soon after.

Pakyahadjust one intention in life. To get his only sister married.

He lived only so his sister could be married.

But his bad luck. The suitor's parents asked for so much of dowry... that he has been selling tickets in the black-market ever since.

Tickets for 10 Rupees going for 30...

No one could know Pakya has such a sordid story behind him.

The truth about a man is never obvious from the way he looks.

Let's go.

Sh ow u s to our seats, bu ster... h as th e movie started?

This cinema hall is a furnace! Start that fan!

Will you let us watch the film, please?

Please let us watch the film. Stick to your wife, old man.

Enjoying yourself, lady? Shut up, Munna!

You won 't even let them watch the movie in peace!

What a great shot! I bought it today. Fteadymade.

It's him I'm talking about. Not you.

He wears a hired shirt. I've bought mine with hard-earned money.

Right? Oh yes.

Take th at foot off!

Watch the movie... not my foot. Look ah ead.

I've bought a ticket, too. So you own the theater, eh ?

You 're sh owin g off to the girl, are you ?

Really? Wait till I fix you...

Get up! What did you say? Don't touch me!

I won't touch... I'll kick you!

Hey Mili...

At least hear me out!

Why aren't you answering me?

I've been calling out to you... at least answer me.

Get out ofmy way!

What have I done...? Why are you so angry?

Don't talk to me, I say!

What have I done? What have you done?

Why did you get into a fight with him? Didn't you hear what he said?

I did. And I even saw what you did. Who asked you to put your foot up?

Great! You find fault only with me! This isn't right, okay?

I've taken enough, Mili...

Can't you live without getting into fights?

Now tell me something, uncle. Why do you go to the movies?

Why do you go to the movies? For the fun of it, isn't it?

When lpay for myticket, won't I even sit comfortably?

Sure you will. Then?

That doesn't mean you will kick the man sitting in front of you.

Now don't make up stories! I haven 't kicked anyone!

What's wrong if my foot happened to touch him?

Nothing wrong at all. He was having a whale of atime!

What's happened, Munna? Nothing, aunt!

She takes everything to the limit! So what if I stretch ed my feet?

Was th at gu y more interested in my foot?

Everyon e goes to th e movies to enjoy them.

That doesn't mean you can kick people around.

Tell me... isn't that rather cheap?

Isn 't it? Absolutely.

Talk to me! I'll answer every accu sation!

I don 't want to talk to you, I said. See?

You decide this, uncle. She doesn't even listen to me.

And it was such a rotten movie. It drove me crazy.

Listen... not a word about the movie, okay?

Why not? Because Raj Kamal, your favorite, starred in it?

Will a rotten film be good just because he acts in it?

You're a big shot, aren't you? I'm the public!

I have a right to my opinion.

If I don't get value for my money, he's finished!

Even your favorite, Raj Kamal. Really?

Of course!

My fingerm!

Are you hurt...? What happen ed?

Let me see...

You're always bothering me!

Dad! You're laughing...?

See th at?

It looks as if the stars h ad descen ded to th e earth.

With a house behind every star... and a story behind every household.

They all look similar from a distance.

Munna... wh at are you doing here?

I've been looking for you. And you're dancing here all alone.

The lead-lady threw a fuss and walked out again.

I thought I'd rehearse for a while.

But wh at brings you here?

I created a scene at the theater yesterday, didn't I?

I went home and thought about the whole thing.

I felt very sorry.

I'm a hot-tempered guy, you know. I flare up when provoked.

So I've brought two more tickets.

I'll show you the film today with out anymore fuss.

Oh, get lost.

Is this the set wh ere you shoot? The place you're so excited about?

All that blah blah... what's go great about it?

We have better decorations during our festivals in the streets.


"What are you looking for...? Tell me"

"Tell me“ ..

"You can have anything you want"

"Such is the magic I work"

"You will have everything you want"

"What do you want...? Tell me"

"Take it..."

"You can have my heart if you wish"

"What else will I wish for except your h eart...?"

"Take a look at the things you can see from here"

"Everyth in g belon gs to you"

"What have I to do with all these things...?"

"l belong to you; you belong to me"

"What are you looking for...? Tell me"

"Ask me... how I feel"

"Let me have your heart, darling..."

"how about it?"

"Try an d u n derstan d wh at I'm sayin g"

"Come and take look at th e breath -takin g view"

"Let me introduce you to the spring"

"Forget the views and the spring..."

"Come closer... my heart beckons you"

"What do you want...? tell me"

"Take anything you wish"

"Such is the magic I weave"

"You will have anything you wish"

I've got to say something to you. You won 't tell an yon e, will you ?

Of course not. What is it?

I haven't spoken about it to anyone. You're the only one.

No sweat.

Mili... What has she done now?

Have you had another fight? Listen to me!

You start speaking even before I've said something.

Mili... her folks likes me a lot.

They love me so very much.

Her Mom and dad... they're like family to me.

As for Mili...

I like her very much.

You u n derstan d wh at I say? Sure.

What? You like Mili. Her mom and dad too.

I... I want to marry Mili.

What? Come again, Munna!

I want to marry Mili. Marriage?

Munna's getting married!

Hey... forget it.

I'm serious. And you 're joking.

I'm delighted! But why're you telling me all this?

Go and tell your bride. I'll only be a guest!

That's the problem. Mili doesn't take me seriously.

What if I propose to her and shelaughsatme?

Why would she laugh at you? You don't know how she is.

Forget all th at. You want to marry her, right?

So you'll have to propose to her soon er or later.

You 're right.

Okay, I'll propose to her. The moment I find an opportunity.


She was scared!

You're such a crybaby, Mili. How're you going to manage?

I'm going to scream even louder! D'you know how scary it is?

This is nothing. In America they have better games.

America indeed! As if you've been there!

He has a railway pass. He travels there everyday.

That's enough. Why do you keep bothering her, Munna?

See? And you keep blaming me, mom! Enough!

Aren't we going anywhere else? C'mon...

Where's your daddy?

Did you enjoy the ride, Mili?

Don't ask her,uncle! -Shutup!

Remember the ride we took on the beach before we married?

Sure. And you had run out of breath after the ride.

Th at was because you were with me! Really?

Stop it... not before the children.

Let's go... are we going to stay here? Yes. Let's fight in the car.

No. Look at that ride there. Are we to do only what you wish?

Quiet! Are you going to fight even here?

Go any place you want to go. And we'll go wherever we wish.

We'll meet at lunch. Okay?

Talk to her!

Don't be silly... there are people around.

This is the right time, I say! Strike when the iron is hot!

You're crazy! This is no place to talk about love.

This is afair... and we need silence.

Silence? So I'll go away. Why must I spoil thefun?

There she is... Go on! And pour out your heart.

Where's Pakya?

He's gone to fetch some ice cream.

There's something I must tell you.

Actually, there's something I've got to tell you...

Hurry up! I'm getting late!

As I said... isn't this a great place?

Listen... there's something I must tell you.


As I said... Go on.

Actually... that ride we took, you know?

I was scared too.

Scared, weren 't you ? Terribly scared.

Isn 't that true? I knew it!

Liar! ...c'mon!

No! Don't hit me!

Kam alji '_>

Who are you ?

Me? I'm Mili.

I see you everyday. At the studio.

I'm a dan cer for ch oreograph er Saroj Kh an 's trou pe.

What?! Gulbadan 's getting married?

Not just getting married. She's walking out of our film too!

Walking out? Why? We have a lot of love scenes.

And Sudhir doesn't approve! Now who is Sudhir?

Her driver.

What has her driver to do with our film?

He isn'tjust her driver. He owns the car!

Th ey're gettin g married.

You don't mean Gulbadan is marrying her driver?!

Exactly. I went to meet her Mom early this morning.

Her mom told me that since they go from one studio to another... they fell in love and are going to get married.

Imagine, Dada! A film heroine and her driver. In the car.

Th ey roman ce in th e car.

And they marry in the car!

Not even Speilberg could dream of it!

To hell with Speilberg! You're obsessed with him!

She's going to settle down and I'm going to be ruined!

What's going to happen to me? And to my film?

I'll be lynched by my creditors. -Just tell me... what I've got to do?

Take the call, Motilal. Haven't I anything else to do?

Yes, Mili here.


Yes, I'm free...


Listen to this! Watch out...

Kn ow wh at? You're not going to believe me!

What happen ed?

You know Raj Kamal, don't you? -Which Raj Kamal?

The film star! Raj Kamal! So?

He telephoned me, Munna!

Pvejust spoken to him! Why did he call you?

Guess! -Tell me.

Try and guess! Tell me... I'm no astrologer.

He wants me to play the female lead in his next film!

He has called me over for a screen test tomorrow!

What are you talking about? It's true! I swear!

Thisisit, Munna!

I'll deliver such a performance, speak my lines in such a way...

I'm going to shock all of them!

Your eyes are the most important thing in acting.

Whatever lines you speak... th ey mu st come from your h eart.

You must feel them... Okay?

Do young;

Can young;

Speak your lines!

Can young;

Why must you cry?

It happens to all of us. It happened even to me.

No, it doesn't.

I couldn't speak two lines.

Ihave no rightto be there in front of the camera.

It's not your mistake.

Let's can cel th e sh oot today.

Go home and rehearse your lines. We'll shoot again tomorrow.

You'll do it tomorrow. Don 't worry...

Everything will be all right.

"Come back to me, my love. I sing for you"

I'm not in! It's me, Munna!

Hide the bottle...

Open the door! -One moment!

Sit down here quickly...

Hold this paper... What is it?

You read Flakesh's lines, okay? Who's Flakesh ?

The hero of the film. Read the lines after me, okay?

Let's get cracking.

What? Are you in love with me?

My God! I hadn't ever dreamed you'd talk to me like this.

I've never thought like that about you.

I don't even know what to say to you...?

Don 't stare at me! Read those lines! It's your part after mine!

Well, sure... One moment.

Now what do I say...

"You mean you don't love me? And lthought..."

Give it to me. What now?

Is that the way to read... like a parrot?

Can 't you read it with some feelin g? Bloody idiot!

Nonsense! You barge into the room and ask me to read Flakesh's lines.

Now who the hell is Fiakesh? I'm not reading anything!

All right. Don't read it! Of course I won't!

You don't need to do anything.

Do you know what happened there... at the studio?

I talk so big out here.

And there... I couldn't speak a single line when it mattered most.

Not a word. I h ad forgotten everyth in g!

Ilooked like afool!

It was only because of Mr. Raj Kamal... that they agreed to give me a secon d ch an ce.

They want me there at 9 tomorrow. And it's already 11.

I wanted to reh earse my lin es with som eon e.

So I came to you.

Who will help me, ifnot you?

Why should you cry over such athing?

How would I know it matters so much to you?

All right. I'll speak those lines with you.

Once you have practiced with me, you'll be an expert.

"Are you in love with me? O God!"

"l've never thought of you like that"

Idiot! They're my lines. Damn! I goofed up!

It's the other lines I speak. Fiakesh's...

Will you show me how to say it?

"You know my sister loves you, Fiakesh"

"Do you want me to tell my sister that you love me, and not her?"

"That you want to marry me?"

"Do you realize what she will go through after hearing that?"

"Let alone saying such athing to her..."

"l can't even think of such a thing"

"My sister is a very emotional person"

"lf she even gets the feeling that you're in love with me, not her..."

"she could even commit suicide"

"Don't let that happen, Ftakesh. Save my sister, please"

What's the time, mister? 5.30.

What's the time? 5.30.

What's the time? I told you. 5.30.

Why are you asking me again and again? So what's wrong?

I only asked you for the time. I didn't snatch your watch.

Go ah ead an d read th e n ewspaper.

Mili! Watch out... what are you doing?

Shut your eyes! What happen ed?

Shut your eyes, I say! But what's up?

Shut your eyes... Go on.

Open your eyes now.

What's this? Idiot! It's a check!

I'm the heroine now! Don't tell me!

You've got the film? Yes!

Didn't I tell you, Mili? My training's gonna help you!

She's a heroine now!

Stitch a shirt and trousers in four hours. Hurry up.

Four hours? Of course.

I'm giving my heroine a party for the first time.

I must look like a hero. Say what?

Where are you taking her? To a 5-star hotel.

I'm taking my heroine to a 5-star h otel forth e first ever time.

After a great Chinese meal, I'll tell her how I feel.

It's hit or miss today. How will I do it in four hours?

Want me hang you up there...? I'll handle him. Go on.

Hurry UP-

She's changing.

Paint your house again, aunt. Your daughter's now a heroine.

Just paint the house, Munna?

We're going to get a new bungalow now.

A great new bungalow.

Motilal, go to the tailor and ask him to fetch my dress.

Have I nothing better to do? Shirker! You do nothing!

Well? Say something!

You look ravishing.

The car has arrived, sis. Has it?

What car? Mili's going to Kamal's party.

Wh at party? To celebrate the success... of his film, "Mr. Bond". They've even sent the car.

A Maruti 1000 !

Do I look okay, Mom? My hair...?

Give Mr. Kamal my regards.

See you later!

Munna! I've got your clothes!

Here's your shirt and trousers. Go and change!

You're gonna look great! Don't yell.

Keep it in my room.

What's wrong? You were the one who asked me to fetch it...

I've asked you to keep it in my room. Strange.

What a party!

What a glittering function. A real showman this Raj Kamal is!

Do you call this a party? It's rubbish!

I had launched my film. In America.

Know Bill Clinton? He's very close friend of mine.

In his backyard, we put up this huge set.

We broke a coconut to launch the film... and blew up the set with a bomb!

We shook up the Eiffel Tower!

But Eiffel Tower is in Paris, isn't it?

Exactly! It shook under the impact!


Mr. Kamal's over there. This way, please.

Hello... will you have something to drink?

No thank you. Have something?

So you are Mili... wonderful!

Do you know me?

No...? I'm the one who has propped up the whole industry.

Kn ow Flekh a? Flekh a?

The film actress...?

Oh yes. Flekha...

I was the one who gave her the name Fiekha.

Sh e's so fam ou s.

Who...? Fiekha.

What did I give her? Her name.

I was the one who gave her the first break.

And Sridevi. When she first arrived in Bombay from Madras... lwas the one whotaught her Hindi. What did lteach her?

Hindi. Whom?

Sridevi. Forget Sridevi.

Take Amitabh Bachchan. I've known him since he was a kid.

When he had left the industry and was going away to Allahabad...

I stopped him at the railway station. I asked him why he was leaving.

He said things weren 't working out and that he was going away.

I asked him to hang on. I called Prakash Mehra... and got him to sign "Zanjeer". Which film...?


So which film did I get Amitabh Bachchan to star in?

Iwas the one. I'll make your life too.

So you were the one who got Amitabh Bach ch an "Zanjeer"

Of course. Th ere! He knows it too!

Smart waiters we have nowadays!

And who called you here? The producer P.P. did.

He is a childhood friend. Really?

Don't touch me! My name is P.P.

Really? Congratulations! Get out!

Bum! You drink free liquor and talk nonsense... Get out!

I didn't know what to say! He spoke such nonsense!

He talked as if he knew everyone from Flekhato Amitabh... right from their childhood!

You will meet even stranger people. And everybody has a story to tell.

But I'm not here to tell stories.

It's as if one gets to see such a big world... far removed from our daily lives. Everything is so beautiful!

Th ere are so many beautiful things.

Th ere's mu sic, dan ce, story, ph otograph y... all of which go to make afilm.

Who do you have in the family?

My Papa, Mom and a little brother.

He's a bit of a cartoon. He's not interested in films.

But when there's a song being played on TV... he keeps looking for me in the maze of all the dancers...

"There you are, Mili", he says!

Who do you have in the family?

Let's go. We're getting late.

You've woken up early today.

When did I sleep that I'd wake up?

I couldn't go to sleep... thinking about the things that happened at the party.

"L can't go to sleep"

"l find no peace"

"Will someone get me some tea...?"

What are you looking for in the newspaper?

I'm looking for something written about the party...

The party took place only last night. Who'd get the stuff so early?

It'll take some time. It was no ordinary party, daddy.

It was a grand affair! D'you know how many influential people attended?

It was simply terrific!

They used to take a picture every oth er min ute.

I was tired wearing a smile for all the pictures!

What is it?

Well? What's so funny?

I come to you dressed so well. And you laugh at me!

What's wrong with you?

And what's wrong with you, Munna? What stuff are you wearing?

Stuff...? This is style, baby.

Th e latest fashion. Better th an the hero of your film.

Really? But what's all that style for?

It's my happy birthday.

Your birthday?

Well? Can't I even have a happy birthday?

I'm going to give you a party.


Here you are... ltipped him with 2 bucks.

Why did you have to bring me to such a big hotel?

I'll show you what life is all about.

This place is open 24 hours a day. They've spent so much.

What is it?

Where'll I get a bite?


The guys here know me.

Where do you want to sit? Here?

This chair's slipping!

A" YbOdy here?

Boy! Come here!

He wants to know what you will eat.

So talk to me in Hindi... what can lhave?

No English stuff. Give us something that is filling.

Get us some onions, to begin with. And some brain-fry, usal and bread... egg-cu rry an d rice with some curry.

Munna! You don 't get that stuff here!


A rotten place! Do you guys spend only on the furniture?

All right. Get us anything you like.

And lots. I'm loaded with dough.

Think it's you who's eating.

Listen, switch on the fan.

Switch on the fan. The air conditioning is on, sir.

So turn it this way.

Th at Deepak of Tikuwadi... Deepak?

That chap who met us at the fair.

Oh yes. The guy with the bicycle? That's him.

What happened to him? He has settled down in life.

Settled down? I mean, he got married.

Really? Whom has he married? Chameli. Who lived in his colony.

They've got married.

Th ey're very h appy-

That's what I think too. One must settle down.

You 're right.

You think so too, isn't it? Just what I think.

One must settle down in life. Life would be settled if one...

What are you talking about, Munna?

Well... you think one must settle down in life, isn't it?

That's just what I want. To settle down in life.

I mean... all I've told you isthat one must settle down in life.



You? What are you doing here?

I came here with my friend, Munna.

I know... you 're a good fighter.

What are you doing here? I came to see Mr. Kamalakar Rao.

Kamalakar Rao? The director? Yes.

Wantto meet him? -Of course!

So let's go. Right now?

I'll be back soon, Munna. Let's go.

Hurry up and bring it! One moment. I'm coming.

White Gulab Jamum, mom? It's Flossogolla, not gulab-jamun.

But I asked for gulab-jamun! This is Mili's choice.

So I made rossogollas. Mili! Am I not your son?

Don't give me those filmi lines! I'll make gulab-jamun tomorrow.

I want it today. Or I'm not going to eat.

Don't be stubborn, son. This is extremely delicious.

Try some... Not you. Keep it back there!

Just one...? The doctor has forbidden it.

The doctor forbids sweet for me. You forbid me from drinking...

Looks like everybody is stopping me from living!

What are you doing? Didn't I say I'd make some for you tomorrow?

You're partial towards Mili. And you keep shouting at me!

Iknow I'm not yourson! One slap you'll get!

Eat quietly... No, mom! Not for me.

Why not? I'm on a diet.

I'm the sucker! I woke up at 6 to make rossogollas for you... and you're dieting, the doctor forbids sweets for him... and this chap doesn't like it! Even Munna has refused to eat!

Why has Munna refused to eat? He loves rossogollas.

I sent Motilal to call him. He says he's not hungry.

Why didn't you come and eat? -l'm nothungry.

Not hungry...? You're okay, I hope?

I'm first class. So why aren't you hungry?

Just like that.

All right. I'm not going to eat either.

Why not? -Just like that.

But I am terribly hungry. So eat if you're hungry!

I won 't. Why not?

Because I want to eat with you.

Let's go.

I can 't u n derstan d your mood n owadays, Mu n n a.

That film industry of yours... it's not right.


Kn ow wh at Pakya said yesterday?

Who the hell is Pakya to say anything about the film industry?

You are he and great experts, are you ?

Don't tell me! I've seen more in the world than you have!

Behind all that glitter, it's so bloody hollow!

Don't I know?

There are a few bad eggs, all right. That doesn't make all of them evil.

Would I work with them ifthey were like that?

Or don't you trust me at all? Did I say that?

That's just what you meant. You're twisting what I said!

You really do think like that.

I said it only because I'm worried about you.

Let's go and eat. C'mon.

C'mon... I'm not hungry.

C'mon, I say... I don't want to eat.

All right. I'm not going to eat either.

Ihave rats in mytummy out ofhunger. Big ones.

Let's go.

The sea looks so beautiful from out here!

Do you own all this land? The Government owns some too.

I'm kidding.

I want to build a house here. A house? Here?

That's right. But there's not a soul here!

Th at's precisely wh y.

People run behind you, Kamalji. And you run away from them.

How do you feel when people assemble in crowds... to shake hands with you, or have themselves photographed with you... or some to even gape at you?

How d'you expect me to feel? I know very well... that they're looking for a Kamal who fights twenty men on screen... wh o ru n s arou n d th ose trees singing songs...

They don't seek the real Kamal who had to go through so much... to be the Kamal he is today.

Tell me, Kamalji. How did you land your first break?

It's a very long story. I want to hear it. Now!

You'll find it boring. I really want to hear it. Please!

All right.

And then... Kamal turn ed "Kamalji"

Th e star!

Suchitra called me funny names too.

When I wore blue, she called me "Neel Kamal" (the blue lotus).

When I did a scene in water, she called me "Jal Kamal" (water lotu s)

She said that Hollywood would call me "Lotus Kumar"

Who's Su chitra?

You'd have gone crazy with laughter, if you had met you.

After I became a star, I had lots of money.

I bought a car. I took Suchitra on a long drive. To Khandala.

She kept cracking jokes and I kept laughing...

I drove at top speed and...

In a matter of seconds, it was all over.

Our dreams of marriage, of a happy home... were all shattered.

I don 't talk about it to an yon e. I can 't help it sometimes...

We'll meet at th e sh oot tomorrow.

I must tell Mili about this!

You will? You don't have the guts to tell her how you feel.

There you go again.

Had you been in my shoes, you'd have known.

Admit it! You don't have the guts. As if you have it!

Know what happened the other day? What?

That female Meena... Deccan Queen?

That's the one. She was passing by Gautan Galli the other day.

Icaught hold ofher and took her to aquiet corner.

"L want to marry you", I said. "l'm going to get a room for us"

"Our kids will go to an English school... will you marry me", I asked.

You said it to her? I did!

What happened then ? What else?

She beat me with her slippers. What?!

Slipper? Here it is!

Smart-ass! You got beaten up. And you still brag!

You talk of daring! But I did it, didn't I?

I'm not a coward like you!

Sh ow th at darin g an ymore an d you'll soon h ave to peddle ladies-footwear!

You need a beating, Peter. You 're freaking out nowadays.

Th ey're sh ootin g a film out there.

Oh yes! They're shooting a film down there!

Let's get down there and take a look.

Let's take a look at the heroine! C'mon!

A few strands of hair down like this... the natural look.

Ju st a few stran ds.

Th at bu s we wanted for tomorrow's sh oot... we can 't h ave it, sir.

Could we manage with an autorickshaw? We'll manage with even a bicycle.

What's okay? The autorickshawm?

I'll call pack up if ldon'thave the bus!

Your producer wants to make the film with nothing!

I'm not into television serials! I'm making a 70 mm feature film!

I'll halt the shoot if I don't have the bus. Understand?

I want the bus! No compromises!

How will someone ever make afilm like this? How?

These rich guys are such misers! And what will happen of art?

I want to create things... how will that happen ?

And I'm not competing with the local guys!

I'm competing with Copolla. With Speilberg!

How do I make them understand? ljust don't know!

You tell me... how can anyone ever make a real, artistic film?

I understand your predicament.

And who are you ? I came to watch you shoot.

The shoot? Get lost... get going!

The shot's ready, Miliji. The heroine's ready!

Will you tango with me?

Su ch an ill-m an n ered crowd. I won der wh ere th ey come from.

You there! Hero! If you're man enough, how about fighting me?

You get into fights in the movies. How about a fight with me...?

"L'm in love with you, Flakesh..."

I love you too, baby!

Don't pay any attention to them. Ju st con centrate on your lin es.

Come, let's sing a song.

Hey darling...!

Kamal... call mejust Kamal.

How can I be so informal?

What's the problem? We've got to work togeth er, meet each oth er...

Imagine me calling you "Miliji" for every little thing!

Well? You think you're very smart, don 't you ?

You're the bully in your locality.

You talk so much when you're up against the cops.

But when it comes to saying something to the girl... you blow a fuse! You 're speechless!

You ought to drown out of shame, you ass!

Looks like I'll have to do something about it.

Had she been here right now, I swear I'd have told her.

What would you have said? I...

What would you have said, Munna?

I... what will I say?

Damn it!

Anybody around?

Wake up, guys!

Shut that thunder!

Are you listening...?

Wake up!

Who is it? Why are you screaming?

Who are you...? Why are you yelling?

Who the hell are you? You've wrecked my windowpane!

My heart is worth millions. Th at has been wrecked.

And you're crying over a measly windowpan es!

Come down here... I'll tell you my love story today.

"What must I do and what mustn't I do is the problem"

"Someone tell me the way out of this predicament"

"On the one hand, I'm very much in love with her..."

"On the other hand, I'm afraid to tell her"

"What I must do and what I mustn't isthe problem"

"Someone tell me the way out of this predicament"

"On the one hand, I do love her"

"On the other, I'm afraid to tell her"

"l thin k everyday th at should I meet her..."

"l'll tell her this, and tell her that..."

"l'll reveal to her the secrets of my heart"

"But she has to come before me and my heart skips a beat"

"And I find myself tongue-tied"

"So what am I to do? And what mustn't I do?

"Someone tell me a way out of this predicament"

"l sure do love her"

"And I'm scared to tell her"

"What am I to do...? What mustn't I do?"

"Suggest a way out someone"

"lt's no big deal. I could have said it to her"

"All I'm scared of is a refu sal"

"Must I tell her now? Or later...? And where?"

"Sh e left, even as I won dered"

"What am I to do...? And what mustn't l?"

"Suggest a way out of this, someone"

"Will someone...?"

"Will someone...?"

Mili... She's gone to sleep.

Gone to asleep? Yes.

So early? She must've been tired.

Come. Have a drink.

What do you get out of drinking?

Some people drink to forget their past... some drink to revive the memories.

And there are guys like me who drink without any reason, Munna.

I want to ask you something, uncle. lhope you won't mind?

What are you talking about!

Have you ever been in love?

Love? What a topic to discuss, Munna!

Let me pour myself another drink. Okay?

It happened when I was in the first year of graduation.

She was into the first year, too.

For four years, we came and went in the same bus... the same timing, the same route.


Our love story moved ahead with th e bu s.

What happened then ?

What else? She married someone who drove around in a car... and I got left behind in the bus. But why?

Not her mistake.

We lost out because I wasn't sure wh eth er I should speak to her.

I just couldn't tell her how I felt!

You're telling me... I learnt a lesson, however.

Cause no delay in speaking your heart.

You're right. Make no delay.

Make no delay.

I must leave now. Very well.


What is it? Have you ever been in love?

What...? Have you been in love?

Tell me! I'll tell you!

She was so very beautiful.

But I couldn't have her. But I've found mine!

You've found Mili?!

Got it? Mili...?

Th ey've got permission forth e outdoor sh oot.

In Goa? Don't shout.

How did she go there? In a car.

I know that. But what for?

She's gone to shoot for the film. What else?

How could she go away like that? She didn't even tell me.

The producer made a sudden program. So she left early this morning.

"A life of loneliness... that's not done"

"You have no companion... that's not done"

"Give someone your love; and have someone's love in return"

"Love is wh at you want in the world"

"To lead a life of loneliness is not done"

"You have no companion... that's not done"

"Give someone your love; enjoy h er affection"

"That's the best thing in the world"

"To lead a life of loneliness is not done"

"You ought of dream of someone"

"You ought to have someone in your arms"

"You ought to have a companion in yourjourney through life"

"You must have a companion in yourjourney through life"

"Life though is a punishment..."

"but to have someone would make it fun"

"To lead a life of loneliness is hardlythething"

"You have no beloved; that is hardly done"

"Give your love to someone; enjoy her love"

"That's the best thing in the world"

"To lead a life of loneliness is hardly done"

"Apart from th e earth an d th e sky, there's so much here"

"The waves lash us... here I am"

"Even the moonlight seems to be saying something to us"

"Even the moonlight seems to be saying something to us"

"Something is saying something to you from the heart"

"Distances won 't do... come closer"

"To lead a life of loneliness is hardlythe donething"

"You have no beloved... that's hardly done"

"Give her your love; enjoy hers"

"That's the best thing in the world"

"To lead a life of loneliness is hardlythe donething"

"lt's hardly don e..."

"it's hardly done"

"it's hardly done"

"To lead a life of loneliness is hardlythe donething"

"You have no beloved; that's not done"

"Give someone your love; enjoy her love..."

Fantastic! If this song clicks, our film's gonna be a hit!

I'm n ot worried an ym ore.

Will the film be a hit, just because the song clicks?

Of course! Look at the record of an y recent su ccess.

"Tezaab" for instance. Th e n u mber, "Ek, do, teen..."

Or the case of "Khalnayak". "Choli ke peechhe kya hai..."

Wasn't that a hit?

You had four hit songs in your last film.

Why didn't the film do well? -Well...

It's up to the director to make a hit film!

Up to whom? The director.

What...? The director, I said.

Whom is it up to to make a hit film? Up to you, sir!

The loudmouth!

Do you know why my last film flopped?

Well, what was the name of the film...?

That's not wh at I'm talking about!

I didn't take the print of my film to the shrine at Tirupati. That's why!

What are you doing up there? Come here!

Get back there! Don't touch me!

I'm Mili's friend, I say! They all say that. Get lost!

You'll get apunch! Don't you touch me!

Th ere... you've had it!

You must know whom you're talking to.

How did you get here?

I've come straight from th e bu s-station.

You know him, Kamalji? Remember... you met him at the restaurant?

Oh yes... Flaju. No. The name is Munna.

What brings you here suddenly? Wouldn't I come today?

But what for? lsn 't it your birthday today?

You haven't told us it's your birthday!

What's so great about that?

Listen! It's Mili's birthday!

What are you thinking about?

Don't think too much. Or you'll miss the bus.

Remember the film you saw? How did the hero... present aring to the heroine and they fall in love?

Go ahead and give her the ring. Play the hero!

Get on with it!

Munna! Look at what Kamalji has given me!

It's beautiful, isn't it?

I didn't want to take it. But he insisted!

It's so very beautiful.

But I don't like it.

It will look beautiful only when you have worn it.

One moment.

What do you do for a living?

I sell tickets in the black-market. What?

I sell tickets in the black outside cinema halls.

It looks beautiful now.

But not more than you are.

Shall we go?

Mun Hal .C'm°n!

Where's Munna? Who's that?

When did you return from Goa? Last night.

And you didn't even meet me! Why should I have met you?

I was dying to know what happened. What was to happen?

Did you talk to her? -Talk to whom?

Mili, of course! Who else?

No, nothing. Nothing?

Nothing, I say! "Why not?

I said there was nothing! Don't bother me!

You went to talk to her, right? But I didn't get the chance. So?

Don't bother me! Go away!

"What is love...?"

"lt's so strange..."

"lt hurts"

"lt gives peace"

"lt gives joy. It gives sorrow"

"What is love...?"

"lt's so strange..."

"lt hurts"

"lt gives solace"

"lt gives joy; it gives sorrow"

"What is love"

"lt's so strange"

"lt h u rts; it sooth es"

"lt gives joy; it gives sorrow"

"l spend my days thinking about her"

"My nights too, lspend missing her"

"l dream of our union"

"An d flowers an d roses an n ou n ce th e arrival of sprin g"

"Bees swarm arou n d th e flowers"

"May our hearts always be filled with love"

"What is love...?"

"lt's so strange"

"lt h u rts; it sooth es"

"lt gives sorrow; it gives joy"

"Like a dream in my eyes"

"Like athought in the form of a dream"

"As we walk through the hot sun..."

"a beloved who would provide me shade"

"Our destination we reach or not..."

"be there storms..."

"it teach es every lover the way of life"

"What is love...?"

"lt's so strange"

"lt h u rts; it sooth es"

"lt's a source of happiness; it gives sorrow"

"What is love...?"

"lt's so strange"

"lt h u rts; it sooth es"

"lt's a source ofjoy and sorrows"

Dada! Mr. P.P. ?!

"Give someone your love... enjoy h er affection"

"That's the dearest thing in the world"

"To lead a life of loneliness is no life"

What's up? -Our first print is out!

Congratulation s... when was it out?

Ijust saw it at the lab.! What afilm!

Our distributors are going to book each theater for 2 years!

If this film doesn't click, I'm going back to Ludhiana!

As for Mili... wh at a perform an ce!

Sh e's fantastic!

When can lsee the film? Any time you want to!

Sweeten his tongue!

You've been sitting here and I've been looking for you everywhere.

There's a screening of my film. At8 p.m.

Beth ere. I'll wait for you. Don't be late!

Bring Pakya along too!

Wh at a fantastic dan cer! I h aven 't forgotten.

Of course I'll remind him.

There's a screening of the film this evening.

I want to give this to Mili.

But I don 't know wh y... I have a fear.

What fear?

After Su chitra's death, I'm scared of every joy.

Lest th e h appin ess be sn atch ed away from me.

How can you think of such things? You ought to be happy. Not scared.

Besides, the two of you will make a terrific couple.

I have just one dream now.

I want to see you married.

"What's wrong with you...?"

"You have been pestering me all the time"

"You are so very beautiful... how can I control myself"

"Go away... I feel shy"

"lt's this ch arm of yours that I'm bowled over by"

"My God...! You are so very insistent"

"Let me go... you've begun to scare me"

"l've decided to spend my days and nights, making love"

"What makes you so scared of my love, O beloved"

"What's wrong with you... You've been pestering me always"

"You're so bewitching... how can I keep myself in control"

"Go away... I feel shy"

"lt's this very ch arm of yours that has bowled me over"

"Your fair arms, your body... they make me so restless"

"Your wet lips and your intoxicating eyes..."

"awaken the desires in me"

"Let go of my arms..."

"don't block my path"

"Say not such things..."

"Let me go"

"What's gotten into you...? You've been pestering me so"

"You're so seductive... h ow can I be u n affected?"

"Go away... I'm shy"

"lt's this very ch arm of yours that has bowled me over"

What's wrong? I've been calling out to you and you're... what's up?

An d I won dered wh eth er I was late.

Shall we go?

I... Yes?

There's something... What is it?

Any problem with the film?

God! Can't you think of anything butthe film?

Not me.

You've h ad so man y releases, Kam al. You won 't u n derstan d.

But to see myself on the screen for the first time... do you know how scared I am?

Have you ever been scared? No. Never earlier.

What does that mean? Nothing. Shall we go?


Look. This is the response before the film's release.

We'll need the army to control the crowds on its release!

Sit down...

Get up, you guys. Who are you?

We're Mili's friends. Th at heroine of yours...

Fantastic! Th ey're all th e h eroin e's an d h era's frien ds.

And the producer's enemies! Are you here for a party?

Never mind, P.P. I'll see the film later.

No, sir. You will see the film today.

Get up... do you want me to call the security guards?

They land up for a free show! Let's go, Pakya.

Go on... don't stare!

Please sit down, sir... you too.

I'll get them to start the film. Okay?

You guys are still here? Didn't I ask you to go away?

Don't you touch me! Or you'll get apunch!

Oh get lost! You too...

Whom do you think you're pushing! I'll teach you a lesson!

I'll smash your face!

Munna! What are you doing?

I asked him to occu py an oth er seat. Th ere are distributors here... and he started abusing and hitting me.

Munna! What behavior is this?

It's our film! And this is how you behave with the guests?

At least listen to me, Mili... That's okay.

Welcome, Mr. Kamal... they're waiting for you.

And Mili was angry with us, Munna!

Let's go.

One moment, Mili...

This way, Mili... this way!

Kamal! What are you doing?

You're a big star now! So this is inevitable...

Never mind all that.

You haven't told me wh at you think of my performance.

What did I think of it? The world applauded you!

Not the world... I want to know how you felt.

Want to know the truth?

That shot on the beach, where you're looking at me... ljust loved it. You looked absolutely beautiful.

I mean it. You're embarrassing me.

I swear...

You looked beautiful...

What for?

For those things I said to you at th e th eater.

I so badly wanted to see the film... that I told you wh atever came to my mind.

I've made a mistake. How is it your mistake?

Th ere were so man y big person alities th ere.

It wouldn't have been proper for me to be among them.

What you did was right. I should have known better.

Munna! Why are you saying such things?

I admit I've made a mistake!

Forget it. How was the film?

I can 't believe it, Munna!

People liked the film so much!

Th ere was applause in every scene! As for me... they adored me, Munna!

I missed you very much when that happened.

How I bored you to death with my fascination for films.

Rem ember wh at a scen e I created... when lcameto your place one night?

I said, "You must rehearse with me"

You sh ou ld've been th ere, wh en th e au dien ce applau ded th at scen e today.

The film has its premiere the day after tomorrow.

I want us both to watch th e film togeth er.

Never have I awaited anything as eagerly as I await this day, Munna.

A dream I dreamt as a child... will now be fulfilled.

And it has happen ed thanks to Kamalji.

Without Kamalji, I wouldn't have been able to do anything.

I don 't know how I'd manage.

Iwouldn't have achieved so much.


You're so late! I didn't know what to wear!

She took so much time, lthought we'd reach for the silver jubilee.

Where's Munna? He's not coming.

He has sent this letter. What letter?

How'd I know? Read it for yourself. But where is he?

I don 't know. But he beh aved very stran gely.

He must be somewhere. Let's go. Yes. We'll see about him later.

Funny chap. What's the fuss for? What happen ed?


You have been watching a colorful evening... "Flangeela" (colorful on e).

Are you happy? Very much!

I want to tell you something after th e fu n ction is over.

What is it? After the function.

Tell me! After the function.

"L'm leaving Mili"

"Th ere's som eth in g I always wanted to tell you"

"l love you very much"

"But I have come to realize som eth in g today"

"You aren't made for me"

"l'm too small a man. And you belong to the world of the rich"

"lt's someone like Kamal that you should marry"

"What Kamal can give you..."

"l will never be able to"

"But I can't bear to see you with someone else, Mili"

"l don't possess such a big heart"

"And so I'm leaving this town. Forever"

"You must think I'm talking nonsense at atime like this"

"But, Mili... I had to tell you how I felt"

"Forgive me, if I have done something wrong"

"l'm leaving"

"Good bye"

What's up?

Get the car, Kamalji! I've got to go!

Imust go immediately! Get the car!

What's happen ed...?

Munna has gone away. -Munnawho?

Munna! You know him, don't you?

He has left.

Did you leave the show for something so little?

You don 't understand, Kamal.

Do you know what he thinks?

He's so crazy!

I don't know how he got this notion that... that the two of us have fallen in love... and that we're going to get married.

He's such a fool!

He's leaving town.

He writes that he loves me.

As if I'm not worried about him at all.

Ilove him, too.

But that doesn't mean you walk out on the one you love.

Where will I look for him? Oh where?!

Where's Munna?

He has left. Left? Where has he gone?

Why do you want to know? Don't act funny, Pakya.

Stop acting filmi with me!

Do you knowthethings he did for you?

With every penny he had saved, he bought a gift... and went to Goa to meet you. But gifts mean nothing to you!

He went to see your film.

He asked me tojoin him.

And you insulted him in front of everyone!


Because you wanted to become a big film star!

And here... on these pavements, he spent nights dreaming of you.

He kept me awake till 2 and 3 a.m. every night.

Why? To talk to me about you!

All the money he had saved for his marriage... he has given me before leaving.

He said, "Use the money for your marriage, Pakya"

Damn it! I've begun to hate love and marriage after knowing about you!

Go away, Mili.

We can discuss all these things later, Pakya.

First tell us where Munna is.

Munna! Mili? You?!

Where are you going?

What's all this about?

Now look, Mili. I wrote whatever I had to say to you.

And what did you write? I can understand, Mili.

I u n derstan d everyth in g.

I don't want to be an obstacle. I don 't want to create a scene.

Be happy, the two of you.

Ijust want to see you happy, Mili. I swear!

Munna! What misunderstanding isthis?

What made you think that I'm in love with her and want to marry her?

How could you imagine such things?

We're actors, after all. We spend time working together.

Th at doesn't mean we'll spen d our lives togeth er.

She left the premiere of her first film to look for you all night.

Mili loves you very much. I swear.

That's what she herself told me.

She's angry. Watch out, buddy.

How'd I know you're in...

Not another word. Or you 're going to get a thrashing!

You didn't tell me when you had to. And you're saying it now!

You could have said it too. Sure, I could.

Did you want me to scream from rooftops that...

Why are you screaming now? -Shut up!

Or I'll give you a pasting! Don't touch me, I warn you.

And you won't touch me either!

What are you going to do? What...?

This is why I didn't tell you. So don't tell me!

You will run away from me, will you? Who do you think you are?

Where will you go? I said sorry, haven't I?

Don't hit me... I said sorry.

Where will you go...?