Ray (2018) Script

I think...

...any author's work has the influence of...

...his or her inspirations.

Like... I have heard people who compose music, they're

...mostly inspired by nature.

In the same way...

...we, who are into...


...whether that be songs, stories or novels...

...they are mostly inspired by...



So, is Ranjan Ray's inspiration Debanjana Ray?

Dr. Hazra!

''Come down to Bhalukpong. Lonely valleys, the wild river...

...and no people. Perfect place to write a murder mystery.

Are you coming?''


On the way to Dhirang!

Mr. Bibek, Ranjan here.

Sorry to call up so late...

Nothing. Err...

...could you get me a booking at Bhaunkpong?

Arunachal Pradesh.

Say, on the 10th?

For about ten days.

Come on Ritz!


See, what a beautiful location!

Ritz, let's go over there.

Over there, come on, let's go.


Arijit. Aka...

...I mean... in short...

...Ritz. Ranjan.

First time in the hills?

Yes. But how did you figure...

Oh. Astrology?

Face reading? Ah!

That's not my job. That's her job, I mean Roma, my girlfriend.


First time in the hills.

I... Oh no no!

Don't say a thing.

She'll say it all.

Baby? Okay.

Come on. Huh?

Give me your hands.

Turn it.

And now keep this one, here.

Not a ray neither a jay, a mixture, Ranjan.



So? Wasn't she right?

I could say from your boots though.


But she said without seeing anything. A detective?

Of course. Prodosh Holmes!

Oh not at all. A globe trotter. GLOBE TROTTER.

Pole to pole, A shoe's Sole Night and day, I am Arijit and you are...

Ray. Right.

Wow! What a location! Come on, come over there!

Come baby.

Baby go there. Just stand there, yeah.

That's it.

So, how far are you off to?


You're going there too.

This is not done!

Mr. Arijit, there's a lot of tension in your life.

Madam understands everthing you have in your heart.

You're right. Which is why sometimes, I run away.

Come on.

By the way, you're at Dhirang for a holiday?

To write.

To write.

To write?

Oh my God!

A writer? He's changed his subject.

From love to...


Oh Roma, let him speak.

What? Sorry.

No, as usual she is right.


You see I was into love stories before this.

The publisher has asked for a murder mystery now.

So, Dhirang.

Heard the place has got the perfect locations for planning murders.

You're right.

Which hotel are you staying in?

Kamingg Inn.

And you?

Me too.

See, Mr. Ray... Yes.

Every nook and corner of this place has massive histories.

Is it?

I just love this place.

This is the tenth time I'm here. I'll tell you all the stories.

Its going to help you like anything when you write.

Is that so?

I swear.


Mr. Ray writes beautiful songs.

Is it? Really?

He has written one in Assamese.


Why don't you give him your songs.

He'll tune it for you. He sings really well.

Yes, sure.

Mr. Ray.

I wasn't aware of this hidden talent!

What all do you have hidden?

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

Mr. Ray.

To your right side. Yeah!

The Great Tipi falls of Arunachal Pradesh!


[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

Driver, pull over on the right. Yes here.

Here... Yes, stop.

But why stop here?

Come, Mr. Ray.

You've come to the mountains.

Let's have some mountain tea.

Mountain tea.


I must make you drink this. Come.

See this shack? Here, over here.

Only this place sells special Mountain Tea.


Come, Mr. Ray. Yes.


Make us some tea.


Come here, I'll show you something.


Come on.

Come on.

Look, over there.

You can't see if you don't come here.

Mr. Ray.


You're out of this!




Hey baby.

Come, Mr. Ray.

Mr. Ray.

One of is kind.

India's largest, second largest in Asia.

Bhalukpong Orchid Sanctuary.

You'll find 600 types of orchid species here.

And a hundred hybrids.

Around 7500 in total.

Will I find the 'Septopus' here?

Mr. Ray.

Septupus is just a figment of Satyajit Ray's imagination.

This all are for real.

Go, have a look.

Come on, go!


A dozen of stories.

If I can manage writing even one such story...

...my trip will be worth it.



Perfect place for a murder mystery.

Thank you Dr. Hazra.

I don't know who this Dr. Hazra is.

But the location is excellent.

But I can't write anything.

Ritz was saying...

...he'll take me to a new place.

A fort.

Let's see if I find something there.

Stop the car here.

I'll show you an interesting historical landmark.

Not many people don't know about this one.

You'll get the perfect view from the top.

Hope you're not scared of ghosts.

This is the perfect suicide point.


See behind the clouds. The fort.

King of Bhaluk's great grandfather, King Asur's fort. See.

I will have to quote from Ray's film...

''I must cultivate you Sir. "

Its so cloudy, I can hardly...

Don't be scared.

I'm there.


Mr. Ray?

Speaking, who's this?

Dr. Hazra.

Which Dr. Hazra?

Thank you for coming to Arunachal Pradesh.

I hope you find what you're looking for, here.



Who is this Dr. Hazra?

Mailing me, calling me.

Some looney!

You don't look like you...

...believe in stones so much.

You're right.

I don't believe in them.

Wearing them all over your fingers and you say you're not a believer?


These are not Astrological stones.

Every ring has a story.

A story?

What stories?

Can you hear?



Who's screams?

The ones who died.

Who died?

The ones who fought gallantly to live and were left to die.

To go to hell with sins galore.

For they chose the dark.

Instead of the light.

Jonathan Sabath.

In times with since.

You read Sabath?

I used to hear.


...who are these people?

Albert Jones.

Rodrigo Martinues.

Steven James. Bashir Khan.

Andrew Allen. Henry Muffer.

Raja Rao. Abdul Sayyad.

Rajveer Singh and Yudhajit Ganguly.

Who are these people?

The owners of these rings.

As in?

All the people I named they wore these rings on their fingers.

After they died I included these rings...

...in my collection.

They all...

All died unnatural deaths.

All of them were murdered.


Yes, murdered.

I had done a photo-feature...

...on murder victims.

I have a weird fetish.


...whenever I do an assignment I keep a memento from it.

And these 10 rings are mementoes of those 10 cases.

By the way...

...you're about to write a murder mystery.

I have quite a few stories that can help you write.

I mean it.

You're an interesting man. In fact...

...you and your girlfriend, both.

Interesting isn't it?

The stories behind Ritz's rings.

I think Ritz will take up the entire responsibility for your...

...new story's inspiration.

Of course.


You think I'll be able to write the perfect murder mystery?

Ray will do it.

As always.

The autumn clouds. Gather white and dark.

Across the western skies of life.

Wait for the rains.

Silence I cause. As heavens weep.

Each drop. A river of life.

Each drop an ocean, of love.

Silently. I cry.

With the rains. I cry.

Sir, the car is ready. Ready?

Good. See...

Yes, Sir. ...this is where we've to go.

Okay sir. Let's go.





Good morning.

Good morning.

Very good morning.

Good morning. Very good morning.

Good morning.

Very nice place.




See that tree?






95 at 2005.

Six suicides.

From that branch.

All of them hanged themselves.

Scary huh?

You may go wrong too?

Last month's 10th, someone important left you?

Name starts with a D? I maybe wrong...

But I think I'm right. What say?


Actually this is the first time I've met a psychic.

Mr. Arijit, so this is the location. What will you click here?

Not decided yet.

By the way how far with your story?

Still trying.

Roma Madam, you think I'll be able to write a murder mystery here?

Among all the books you've written so far...

This book will be a much bigger best seller.

Thank you.




If you've said so...

...then its good. Now then I've met you and got the prediction...

...I must not refrain from saying this...

...I have a strange problem.

Yes, I mean...

...only if I can finish writing the first chapter of the book nicely, the entire book turns out good.

Ther inspiration of the first chapter is very important.

Miss Roma is right, my previous book...'Bela Bose', it's inspiration was my ex-girlfriend, Debanjana.

So... but the problem here is I am writing a murder mystery...

...one can't possibly experience a murder happening you see.

It's a problem.


You should've told me.

You must not hide such things!

What are you doing?

Roma please... please hold this.

One second. Just give me a second.




Over here!

Come here!

How are you, Daju? I'm good sir.

You're good? How nice! I've to ask you something...

Look at the eyes carefully.

Look at his eyes.

His entire life lies in front of him before death.

Go write. This is your first chapter.

You can begin your story with his eyes.

You okay? I'll get some water.

Now write.

Chapter one: Slaughter.

Nervous, are you? Just the first time, u'll get used to it.

Oh! Feeling nervous?

You've Asthma? Have an inhaler?

Just check.

I'll get it right now. Just relax. Relax.

Relax. Relax.

Here it is.

Few moments. Few moments.

Good boy. Good boy.

Relax. Relax. Cool down.

You cannot get so nervous, Mr. Ray.

I just committed a muder, only to inspire you.

Did you see me get nervous at all?

My hand didn't tremble, then why is yours? Hold this.

Your hand must not tremble.

He is a writer. You're a writer, you've to write.

Sorry Daju.


It's okay, relax.


Tell me.

Idea Mr. Ray.

You need inspiration.

Let me do something, I will throw Daju's body into the...


Throw it in the water.

Okay? But I'll tie it to the riverside with a rope.

Whenever you need inspiration you just need to pull the rope, look at the body, get inspired and throw it into the water again.

Excellent idea. Are you carrying a rope?


There must be.

Someone will have it around here. I'll go check.

Just relax, relax.

Poor thing, you're sweating.

You've to write. How will you write like this?

Don't panic. Come on.


You got a rope Mr. Ray.

Lucky, damn lucky, huh?

Yeah, very lucky.

So Mr. Ray.

Want to help?

I want help.

Just asking for bit of help. Fine, relax!


From Daju.

Afterall, the first murder you've seen.

Take it. A perfect momento.

Take it now, will you!

Keep it.

See you.

All the best.



Let's go there. Yes, sure.

Bye Mr. Ray.

Hey waiter, is my luggage in the room?

Yes come in, got the bill?

I... I...

Are you going somewhere?

...won't tell anyone. What?

I haven't seen anything.

I was leaving.

You've to take me with yourself too.

You can't go alone.

I've wanted to get rid of that man for a long time.

I've failed.

Please help me.

Err... I... You can.

You can do everything.

I can see it that you can.

And then we can both run away from this place together.

I know you won't leave without me.

I... don't know you. I don't know any of you.

I don't want to get involved in your business.

I just gave you a lift.

Never imagined these consequences.

Please... please let me go.


You will.

But together.

You and me.


Love. Extra-marital. Indulgence.

SThese are required for writing love stories.

I don't think you need any of these in a murder mystery, But then of course...

...you are the writer.

I don't have much of an idea about writing.

I just wander. Do some photography.

And inspire.

Please leave me.

See, I've told your girlfriend that...

I haven't seen anything, I don't know anything.

I just want to go from here.




How can you leave without completing your story?

I killed him to inspire you Mr. Ray.

And you want to leave without even finishing a chapter?

How selfish you are.

I don't need inspiration. You do!

100% you do! One second!


How can you do this.

This is not done.


Come here!

Yes sir.

2 coffees.

Quick. Yes sir.


I'm really very very sorry Mr. Ray.

I did not understand.


How could I do mistake like this.

How could I do mistake like this.

How could I do mistake like this, I don't know.

I thought I'd been able to inspire you, but no! I failed!

Give him.



Sir? 500 rupees! Go now!

Mr. Ray I am here.


Have you read the book 'The Badshah's Ring' ?

What? Satyajit Ray's 'The Badshah's ring'.

Read it?

Know how powerful the rattle snake's neuro-toxic venom is?

Rattle snake?

Rattle snake!



Very clever Mr. Ray.

Very clever.

My uncle used to say I am a very good actor.

I would've been a good actor if not a globe-trotter. What do you think?

What you suggest Mr. Ray.

Good coffee, very good.

Have your coffee?

Have it.

Mr. Ray. Have your coffee.

You're so stupid!

This is poisoned.


And if something happens to you who will write?

Keep it.

Come on, keep it.

Come on, keep it down.


...you will need inspiration.

And that is why...




Yes, sir.

Come here!

Come here!

What's this!

Coffee, sir. This is coffee?

Drink it then! Drink it!

Drink it!

Now come on! Drink it!

What? Drink!

Drink! Drink!

Mr. Ray.

Mr. Ray.

Mr. Ray.

Come, help me a little.

Hello, Mr. Ray.

Okay now!

People don't even lend a helping hand these days.

A fresh dead body lies in your room.

Now write down some fresh lines!

Then you'll have a fresh new book!

A total bestseller!


I'm just coming. Yeah, sure.

Please leave me.

Let me go.


I don't know anything! Please!

Save me.

Please save me!

Save me!

We've to figure out what to do with the body.

People are looking for him since morning.

It'll be a big problem if they find it in here, isn't it?

I did not kill him! Your...


He's not my boyfriend.

He has kept me captive.


No one can be forcefully kept back.

Hasn't he stopped you?

Have you been able to leave?

He's kept me with him for the past 6 years.

When I first met him...

...I didn't understand he is such a psycho.

I've tried to run away many times.

But he always figures out where I am.

And somehow...

Somehow he always...

He just traces me out.

I have informed the police a number of times.

But by the time the police reaches...

Murder victim.

Weapon, clue...

...he gets rid of it all.

When the police reaches the spot...

...they find nothing.

So they can never connect Ritz to the murders.

He won't leave you.

He is not gonna leave you You're a toy for him.

Just a toy.

A toy he can scare.

He will keep killing innocent people one after the other.

And you'll keep getting involved.

Sorry Mr. Ray.

There is no escape for you.

There just no escape.


Unless what?

You want to escape? Yes!

But you've to take me too. Okay, but how!

By killing Ritz.

What! Why?


What's the problem? Have another plan?

I am a writer, not a professional murderer.

You can love when writing love stories, cannot murder someone while writing a murder mystery?

I can see it.

You can.

You surely can.


Mad! You both are mad! Crazy!

Shut up! Crazy huh?


If he is not killed he will keep killing.

You'll get involved.

Driver, waiter. God knows who else.

And if you kill him... we're both free.

You're thinking how?

Yes. Freshen up.

Change your clothes. Leave the rest on me.

Do exactly what I say.


Don't waste time.

What a pleasant surprise.

Be careful.

Good morning Mr. Ray.

Hope you've had a good night's sleep.

Very nice.

Chapter 2, ready?


The Waiter's body...

Relax. Relax.

Its sealed in polythene. It won't smell.

And when they come to clean the room, what then?

Mr. Ray.

Your lady charm is fantastic. I'm impressed.

Shut up Ritz. Oh sorry, sorry.


Yes sir.

Come with me. Come baby.

We're going out. Get the room cleaned. OKay?

Okay, Sir. Sir... Sir...

Bhola didn't go home yesterday. Then where did he go?

No idea!

Any problem.

Actually Sir, our waiter, Bhola Tamang is missing since last night.


Missing as in? He's vanished, we looked everywhere.

Was he drunk? Could he have fallen from the cliff?

Hope no sir.

Hope, yeah I hope the same.

Come on, come with me.

Mr. Ray.

Feeling the pressure?

You must keep...

...exactly this pressure in your story.

The readers will enjoy it.


Ritz. Yeah.

Let's go for a walk.


Okay baby, come on let's go for a walk.

Let's go for a walk.



And the mountains.

Made for each other.

What say Mr. Ray?

The rain?

Don't worry.

Good for health.

Please click a photo of mine.

Over there.


Come? Sure.

Come on Roma.

Stand there.

Steady... Steady Roma. Okay, okay.

Roma, Roma smile please.

Roma please, don't move around.

Let me pose? Let me focus.

Steady... Steady.

Yes baby.

One more.

Leave this.

My hero.

Listen, behave absolutely normal.

Say that Ritz has gone to Tawang if anyone asks.

We'll dump the Waiter's body somewhere in the evening.

Just be normal.


Now let's go.

You're feeling hurt because this is the first time.

You won't have any problems from the next time.


Come on now, let's go.

Come on.

Come on now, relax.

What is it? Breathe! Breathe!

Breathe in! It'll all be fine.


I cannot do this. Relax, just relax.

I will surrender.

What! I will surrender. Police!

I will surrender. Look at me!

What do you mean you'll surrender?

I want to go to the police!

Listen to me.

Look at me! If you do this, we'll both are in danger.

And I'll not let that happen.

So just relax, okay.

Do you understand.

Do you get me? Do you?

If you do, then why are you behaving like this?

Is this done? You're calling the police.

What will happen if they arrive? We'll both will be in danger.

Is this the way to behave? Sorry, hit you hard.

I'm really sorry.


Go to your room, freshen up.

I'll see you there. Okay?

Let's go.

Sorry, hit you really hard. What could I do?

You're shouting to call the Police. What could I do?

Who is it? Waiter, sir.

What's your name? Sir, the phone is repaired.

You can make calls if you want to.

Okay, go now.

What's your order for dinner? Nothing, you go now.

Want the room to be cleaned? Please come in the morning!

Okay, fine.

Who is it? Open the door.

The Waiter had come.

What did he say?

Nothing important.

Let's remove the body.

Among so many people?

Not among people.

The verandah back there, we'll use the it's smaller stairs.

What if someone sees us? No one will.

No one's there.

Those rooms are empty, I've checked.

You keep everything at a check.


That's my style.


Bhola da...

Bhola da...

Hey Bhola da... where are you!

Where are you!

Hey Bhola da...

Hey Bhola. Ran away.


Hey Bhola.

Hey Bhola.

Tell me.

Do one thing, go to your room.

Get some bedsheets. What will we do with them?

We'll make a rope out of them, tie the body to it and hang the body.

What if someone sees us? That side's empty.

No one's there, let's go.

Get the body too!


Hey Bhola da! Where are you?

Thank you, God!

Thank you.

Goodnight. Bye!

Now what?

I'm going to the reception, keeping the manager busy.

Throw the body in the jungle.


Don't be late.

You know...

...many a people ask me...

''Mr. Ranjan...

...you write all these love stories...

...so tell us...

...what is love, in one word?''



...hurts your heart, you know.

Who my heart asks for...

...may be she'll never be mine but...

You know why you can never forget Debanjana?

Because you don't want to.

Who's gone is gone. What's the point in dwelling upon it?


Hope does not let one give up.


...maybe she'll come back again.

Maybe we will walk together again.

Maybe we'll walk towards a new horizon together, maybe...

...maybe I'll get back those...

...sweet old moments.



Hope is a dangerous thing, Mr. Ray.

It makes a person go crazy.

You think I am mad?

Tell me!

What do you think, I am...


Insane. Crazy.

Like I said...

...you're my hero.

My one...

...and only hero.

Good morning. Checking out?

Yes, holiday's over.

Where's Mr. Arijit?

He's gone to Tawang. I'll meet him there.


I'm going there too. I have my car...

...you could come with me.





Let's go. Yes.

See you.

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

My hero.

My one and only hero.

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

Nothin will happen you?

[Regional song]

[Regional song]

[Regional song]


That was close.

Get rid of these.

What is it?

The Golden Fortress!

As in?

Mondar Bose is there but not one Dr. Hazra among thousands!

Broken beer bottles.

Interesting place.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Do you mind.

I mind.

But do we care?

Okay, one last time.

I know you're allergic to smoking.

I'll smoke outside and come. Okay?

Hello, Mr. Ray.

Falling from up there...

I felt... time's up!

But then I thought...

...if Dr. Hazra can survive Mondar Bose's attack...

...in Satyajit's Ray's 'The Golden Fortress', then...

...can I not survive in Ranjan Ray's murder mystery? Sure I can.

How far's the story?

The story...

...how far have you written?

How far have you written the story?

Mr. Ray, how far with the story?

You have to write!

I haven't inspired you in vain!

You've to create another bestseller.

Mr. Ray!

You will have to write!

Another bestseller.



What happened?




Come on, get in! Come on!


What happened, sir?

You tell us!

Our car broke down, we're trying to repair it.

Then where's the body? What murder?

What are you saying? Where's the body?

Come with me.

Come... come...


What's tied to it? Where's the body? This is a rock.

Just a rock. Are you kidding with me here?

Where is the body? Come on, show us!

Hello, Sir... where is the body?

Come with me? Now where to?

Come on!

Over there.


Where is it? Where?

Where is it? Kidding are you?

What is all this?

You're making us go round and round.

Where is the body here?

Speak up!

You kidding with us huh? What's all this?

Where is the body?

Where else so we've to go? Pulling a prank on us!

Hey you! Wait!

Stop right now! Where are you going?

That man... Which man?

You're taking us for ride! Murder! Body! Where is it?

Govind, call the Manager right away!

Sir... What?

How long can this go on? What exactly are you doing?

There was a girl with him.

Now there's a girl in the story too?

Sir, the manager. Listen.

Hey, Manager, that long haired man and his girl who were with me...

You had come alone , Sir. What!

What the hell are you saying?

That man and that girl... Roma...

Roma madam?

Hey! Show me the register!

Show me the register. You come with me.

Where? Come, will you!

Come! Let's go!

Take out the register!

Give it to me!


What? Look at this!

What's here? See, Ranjan Ray.

Ray. And look here.

What is it?

What are you showing me?

Where are the names? What are you doing!

Where are their names?

Tell me! Where is it! Behave yourself, sir!

Tell me! Tell me! Where is it!

There was no one with you.

There was no one with me?

No one? Leave him!

You will shut up now! Stop it!


Yes, this is him!

Catch them!


Dr. Hazra?

The one who fought gallantly to live...

...were left to die.

To go to hell with sins galore.

For they chose the dark.

Instead of light.


In times with since.

I used to hear.

My Debanjana would read them out to me.

Paramita, Anjali, Chayanika, they would read them to me.

I understand!

You think I am crazy?

Mad, Insane.

Am I crazy? Huh? Am I?

I am not mad.

I am Ray!


Ray of light.

Ray of hope.

Ray of...


I am your Ray, Roma.

Could'nt you?

Couldn't you give me a little bit of love?



Am I really not worth it?

Am I really not worth it?

I'm not crazy.

I'm not crazy.

I'm not crazy.


My Ray.

My one and only hero.





Life has painted my torn canvas black Time has said that a thunder approaches this sky The dark erased the aim Where did it lose it's way?

But still at day's end, in my subconcious, My dreams still call out Maybe the first ray of sun Will wash away this fog Maybe a ray of hope survives At the edge of the horizon Maybe love will touch This arid body Maybe a ray of hope Hides beneath the nightmares Maybe


Ranjan Ray is my patient. Schizophrenic.

He thinks he is a writer.

He thinks, he is a celebrated writer of the country...

...and his publisher has asked him to write a thriller.

2 weeks ago, he mixed sleeping...

...pills into a wardboy's tea, then eloped from 2nd floor, climbing down a rope of bedsheets.

A gardener saw him.

He slaughtered the guy.

But the gardener survived.

Then we informed the police and ultimately we got to know Ranjan is in your area.

Oh by the way, Dr. Roma Mitro.

My colleague.


Ranjan thinks Roma likes him but he cannot express.

Apparently I have asked him not to.

So, in all his stories, all illusions...

Dr. Arijit is the villain.

And I...

...I'm the captive heroine.

"Life has painted my torn canvas black."

"Time has said that a thunder approaches this sky."

"The dark erased the aim."

"Where did it lose its way?"

"But still at day's end, in my subconscious..."

"My dreams still call out."

"Maybe the first ray of sun."

"Will wash away this fog."

"Maybe a ray of hope survives."

"At the edge of the horizon."

"Maybe love will touch This arid body."

"Maybe a ray of hope Hides beneath the nightmares."