Recep Ivedik 5 (2017) Script

My fellow people, we are here today... pay our final respects to Mr. Ismet Hanoglu...

Hello everybody.

OK. Move over. Go stand there.

This world is a test.

-This is my spot. -Dude, move over.

-Dude, just move. -No. This is my spot.

-Leave me alone. -You're in my face.

Piss off.

You're grown men. Don't fight like children.

Sir, he's too ambitious for his height. He still insists to stand in the front.

As if he'll be more blessed when he stands here.

May God...

-Move back. -Leave!

-Just move. -Go away.

...bless us with his heaven.

Hey, look.

You move back. You are taller anyway.

Just move. Be the bigger man. Go.

But I am always the bigger man.

Let him be the bigger man. For once I want to stay in the front.

May God absolve him from all his sins.

This funeral will be over soon. Then we will have a talk.

-Sir, he's threatening me. -Enough!

-I will kick you both out. -Now pray for the deceased.


Why don't you pray? I told you to pray.

Sir, they're not praying. I'm the only one.

My condolences to you.

-Would you like halva? -Yes, halva. Here.

What kind of halva is this?

What? Let me see.

I won't eat this. Excuse me. Come here.

Come on.

What did you make this with?

-With butter. -Are you sure?

-I swear, it's butter. -Well, we'll see.

There's no butter in it.

There's no way I'll eat this.

I'm not eating it. Take it away. Shame on you.

I expected better from a housewife like you.

We should have eaten Ismet's halva.

We've come here to eat Ismet's halva but this is far from edible.

This guy passes away for the first time in his life.

The man dies only once.

Make a proper halva. You had only one job.

You do it one time.

You're right.

My deceased mother used to make a great halva.

That much is obvious.

Your mother sculpted this ugly piece with her great food.

Look at your man boobs. These look like marshmallows.

Your boobs are bigger than all the women's in here. Shame!

I bet there's moss under them.

We're in a funeral house. Mind what you are saying.

Come on, let's give our condolences then leave. Hurry.

Our condolences.

Ma'am, we are leaving if it's OK.

The visits to funeral houses should be short.

There's already too many women here.

Thank you. God bless you.

God bless all of us.

He was a great man, ma'am. He loved you very much.

He always talked about you and his love.

He was very fond of you.

He used to say "I wouldn't give her away for all the riches."

Then I would say, "What? What riches?

I wouldn't even pay five bucks for her." Every single time.

-What the hell are you talking about? -He's gone all of a sudden.

Let me tell you something, ma'am.

He didn't take care of his body in his last years.

He drank a lot. He was regularly visiting night clubs.

He was having illegitimate children. He always had a VIP room in night clubs.

Recep, what are you talking about? It's not the time or the place.

We were very close lately. That's how I know.

How come? Ismet was an international truck driver.

How did you see each other? He was always on the road.

You see? He tricked her as well.

He was sleeping around when he said he was on the road.

Don't make me open the closet. I know the shit we got up to together.

He was always sleeping around but he was never on the road.

Lately he got out of hand. He got into S&M stuff.

He wore collars and got himself whipped.

He said he was a masochist. Even this guy whipped him.

He whipped him several times. Tell her.

What are you talking about, Recep? Sorry, ma'am.

He doesn't know what he is saying. We loved Ismet so much.

May he rest in peace.

Is there anything we can do for you?

Thank you, God bless.

He had made an agreement with a group.

Now who will take them, what will happen I don't know.

I don't know what to do.

What group is this, ma'am?

A sports group.

-Did you get paid? -Yes, we did.

-Did you spend it all? -It has covered the funeral expenses.


...we should take them.

If you have the keys and everything...

...then we can take the group to their destination.

God bless you. I have them.

-Ma'am, where were they supposed to go? -Somewhere far away.

Skopje or something, I'm not sure.

Skopje, OK. I know it. I know Skopje very well.

It's... It's in the middle of Anatolia.

I know it very well. Skopje Göreme.

The one with the chimneys... The place with the fairy chimneys.

-I know it well. -You're mistaken, Recep. It's not it.

Definitely, yes. I know it. Skopje Göreme, OK.

You shut up. I'll take them. OK, ma'am.

Don't you worry. OK, Skopje Göreme. Nice.

If you have any contact number, give them to us...

...and we'll handle it.

Look at us. We are here, driving a bus because of you.

You keep complaining. OK, don't come. Just don't.

-I'll take care of it. -Look at his attitude.

The fatty is giving me an attitude.

He's giving me an attitude as if he were my girlfriend.

Don't make me hit you in the face.

I'm a man of my word. I won't sell out my friends.

Thanks man. Appreciated.

Where is this bus, Akif? Look at the time.

Sir, they must be stuck in the traffic. It should be here soon.

But Akif, that's not OK. Look at the time.

Everyone has to be punctual.

There it is.

It is but it's late. What time is it?

If I say 14.33, it should be here at 14.33.

They should be here on the minute.

-Are they them? -Yes, they are.

-They're waiting for us. -How can you be so sure?

Because they are all in tracksuits. Don't you see?

Dude, is everyone with a tracksuit waiting for you?

Do you think every group in tracksuits is waiting for you?

Tell me the number.

Who is this?

-Hello? -Hello.

-Hello, yes? Who is this? -You tell me. I called you.

Yes, you did call me. Who is this?

-I'm calling Hakan. Mr. Hakan. -Yes, that's me. Good grief.

Hold on, let's get out.

I was calling you about the sports group.

I would like to speak with the head of the group, Mr. Hakan.

Are you the gentleman in the grey suit and a red tie?

Yes, that's me.

-With the curly hair, like a clown's? -Yes, that's me. God's sake!

Then hang up! Why are we on the phone when we are face to face.

I'm paying for it. God!

Who the hell are you?

Hello. I am Recep Ivedik.

And this is my right hand man, my assistant, my head consultant...

...and also my back up driver Nurullah.

Say hello to the gentleman.

-Hello, chief. -Chief? God!

Chief of what? Akif, what's going on here?

-Where's Ismet? -Mr. Ismet won't be able to come.

He is on another journey. That's why we are here.

-What journey? -His final journey.

He's gone to meet his creator. We have lost him.

-He passed away. -So what?

It is none of my business. Did he ask for my permission? No.

I need to know everything.

Akif, what is his nonsense?

Good grief.

Is this a circus?

Two jerks have come here.

Stop right there!

You can't talk to me like that!

You clown! Have some respect.

Don't be so aggressive.

Don't make me lose my temper.

Or else I'll straighten your hair!

-Sir, please calm down. -Tell him to mind his words.

You can't tell me what to do. You can't talk to me like that.

Who the hell are you?

-Please, let's be calm. -Put your hand down.

How can I entrust these people to you?

God's sake! These are all national athletes.

So what if they're national? So what?

I am, too! Since I was 15.

And him, since he was 27. So what?

We wrestled with a lady. What's the deal?

Good for you! Are you getting on or not?

I'll leave you here. You won't be able to go at all.

Do you have a driver's license? Let me see it.

Good grief. I've had enough of this guy.

What a joke.

Here. See?

I have all kinds of licenses. Here.

A, A1, B1, B2, B3, B4, B7.

Omega-3, M, T. I even have an S.

What is S? What is T? What are you talking about?

S, Skorsky...

...Submarine, I can drive anything.

OK, come on. The clock is ticking.

I will charge you extra for every hour, every mile.

I swear. Come on, hurry up.

-Do you know the route? -I do know the route.

What's with the questions? I know it.

We've even drawn the road map.

I will go through the Konya Plains...

...and after Aksehir, I will pass Nevsehir...

...and when we see the chimney of the fairy, that's Skopje Göreme.

Nevsehir? Aksehir? What?

That's Ürgüp you're talking about. We're going to Skopje.

Skopje, Macedonia, Europe.

-Macedonia? -Yes.

Why wasn't I told about this, Nurullah?

That's what I've been trying to tell you. You never listen.

OK, no problem. We can go to Macedonia as well.

Akif, gather everyone. Get them on the bus.

By the way, when we're back in Istanbul...'ll answer for this mess OK, good boy. Let's go.

Come on.


What's going on, Recep?

Give me my passport and everything. You have them.

-Where to, Recep? -To somewhere.

What's it to you?

Are you the customs officer?


-Prepare something for the road. -OK, Recep.

Give me the microphone.

My dear national brothers and sisters...

...we'll continue our journey passing through Tekirdag...

...Malkara, and then Kesan.

We'll leave the country through Ipsala border gate...

...and enter the Greek lands.

What an idiot.

I can't believe how joyful I'm today!

I hope nothing bad comes out of it. They say there is sorrow in every joy.

I hope it'll be different for us. I wish you safe travels.

Well then. Time for the complimentary tea and coffee.

Take this back.

Are you ready?

Ready for what?

Haven't you prepared the drinks?

-I haven't prepared anything. -Man, who is the assistant here?

Do you expect me to prepare them?

Do you want me to drive or prepare the drinks?

What kind of an assistant are you?

What kind of an assistant are you?

Come. Come here.

-Come. -What are you doing?

Here. Go around my back.

Sir! What are you doing?

I'm still hitting the gas pedal. Around my back.

-What the hell are you doing? -Around my back, damn it!

What are you doing?

-I can't see the road! -I'm stuck!

I can't get my feet free!

-I can't see the road! -How am I going to get out?

You're making my ass take the wheel.

My ass is driving the bus right now.

There is a semi coming! You'll kill us!

Look up! Take the wheel!

OK, don't panic. Don't panic.

Go a little faster.

You're driving like a granny.

Nurullah! Hey!

-Dude, what are you doing? -I must have dozed off.

Dozed off? You are driving the bus!

Idiot. I'll bash your skull in, I swear.

We are doing 55-60.

"55-60" he says. You must be dreaming still.

I'm getting hungry.

-Are you, too? -I won't say no.

You never say no to food.

You eat everything you can, Nurullah.

You were told to eat often with small portions...

...but you eat often with gigantic portions!

Let me take a look at my calendar.

What's that? Kakader?

Karaambar Truck Driver's Union.

Ka Ka Der.

The only union I'm a member of since 2008.

Wow, it's the first time I've heard this.

Let me see if there is one on the way.

Oh, there is one! Malkara.

In Malkara! God! Malkara!

Yes! In Malkara!

We'll eat the best rice and beans, Nurullah.

I will ask the kids if anyone is hungry.

So kids, are we hungry?


Would you like to eat a nice bean meal...

...before we leave our beautiful country?


-How about some rice and beans? -Yes!

No, mister. I won't allow it. God's sake!

-They say they want to. -These kids can't eat... unknown places.

Guys, I apologize. Forget about the beans. Your leader won't allow us.

Boo! Beans!

It's not time for the meal, no!


You can't stand against people's will! People decide what people need!

You can't stop them. You'll shut your mouth.

They'll eat if they want to eat. Right, kids?


OK, guys. Come on.

Here we go.

Go in kids. Go. Go in.

Everyone, in. Go.

To the big table.

Hello brother.

Hello, welcome.

-Do you have rice and beans? -Sure, we do.

It's delicious.

But we have a requirement. You need to have a membership card.

-Membership card? -Yes, sir.

Look at that, looks like you've caught up with modern technology.

-It's been a year. -Here, read it.

What does it say?

3169, Recep Ivedik.

One and only. 69 is my favorite number.

Look, this group is very important. Don't embarrass me.

Do we ever, Recep? Your guests are our guests as well.

Thank you. Let me talk to the chef.

-Hello, chef. -Hello, brother. Welcome.

Thank you. Do you have beans, are they good?

Like always, it's very good.

Let me taste it.


I should taste it before the kids.

Hold on.

No. This is definitely not what I'm looking for.

It's gotten worse since they started branching out.

It has very little oil in it.

And it's not even spicy. I have had it before, I remember.

We put less oil and spices now because of complaints.

OK, good for you, but we are missing the taste we've gotten used to.

Put more spice in it. Don't be afraid.

Pour it in. Dude, pour it all in.

Like this. Done.

Put some more oil. Come on.

Not like that. Don't be afraid.

-Pour it. -But that's too much.

It's not too much. I got this.

Stir it. Mix it up.

Hold on.

No, it's still not what I'm looking for. Definitely.

This is nothing like the one I had four, five years ago on the way to Antalya. Super Mario's recipe.

Are you talking about the original Super Mario recipe?

Of course, I am. What else did you think?

-But he added engine oil. -That's what I'm talking about!

Engine oil, certainly. Two servings for four pounds.

Bring it here. Do you have any engine oil?

-We do. -Bring it here.

Let's pour it all in.

Beans should have engine oil in a truck driver's pit stop.

Stir it up now. Just like that.

Let it take it all in.

Let it absorb. Like that. All the way.

Keep going. Let it absorb it all.

Stir it up, man. Do it.

Keep going. Like that.

OK. Let me taste it.

OK, that's it. This is the taste I'm looking for.

Very good. Give me a plate.

Oh my God!

God, these beans!

This is the best beans I've ever had, kids.

I tasted it myself. Let's give some to the henchman of the leader so there is no doubt. Here.

Here you go. Eat it!

How is it?

Do you like it?

Well, it's good. Alright.

-If he says it's good... -Well then. Go on.

Your leader has approved it, kids.

Yes, bring it here.

Leader, have some. To the girls, as well. Yes.

-Here. -I don't eat meat. I'm vegetarian.

-There is no meat in it. -What are these pieces then?

That's lamb.

I don't eat meat. Get this out of my sight.

Here, dear. You eat it.

What would you like then? How about cold cuts?

I don't eat meat. Don't you get it?

-It's cold cuts, not meat. -What?

-It's an internal organ. -I don't eat any part of an animal.

Good for you! As if the animal cares!

OK, dear. Have some.

-I won't eat it. -Why not?

How could I? It stinks. It also makes me bloated.

I can't eat it. I'm an athlete.

Bloated or not, so what? Do athletes not fart?

Move to the back seats and fart there. You already do it.

Come on, girls. Don't lie to me. I see it all.

-I want avocado. -Avocado?

-Yes, avocado. -Where are you from?

-I'm from Ankara. -Did you grow up eating avocados in there?

As if Keçiören and Yenimahalle are full of avocado fields.

I want oatmeal. I don't want to eat this.

Oat is not human food. It's horse food. Horses eat it.

I know. I'm a runner, too.

Do you also want sugar cubes and carrots?

-Would you have some? -What a jerk.

OK, whatever. Conductor, you eat it.

-Conductor? -National railways. Come on.

National railways? Just because I have braces, you can't call me that.

-Are you eating it or not? -I am not.


I count my calories. I would put on weight if I eat it.

Count them yourself. A spoonful equals three grams.

-I can't eat it. -Why not?

You might as well eat it but I'm an athlete.

What do you think I am? A piece of trash?


Excuse me but I'm a European gold medalist.

And I'm Güngören sudoku gold medalist. So what? Eat it!

-I won't. -Take the plates away.

-Please. -Take them all away.

Look at their attitudes, crossing their arms and everything.

-Wait in the bus if you please. -It would be better actually.

-Don't eat it then! -We won't anyway.

Give them to the those champions.

See, they are already eating! Go on, eat!

Devour the beans then devour your opponents!

-Eat! -Hooray!

Go on, dear. Quickly. Let's go.

Go on! Hurry up!

Yes, go on.

The bus looks too plain.

It bothers me.

Give that to me. Hand it over.

Nurullah, wait a minute. I'll do something.


Alright. It looks perfect.

Let me see.

It's awesome!

It's just perfect for Turkey.

TURKEY Nurullah, go on.

Keep going.


-It hurts. How about you? -Mine, too.

Dude, it's so bad.

It's the worst.

Akif, we're not feeling well.

Mert? Yusuf? Ege? Are you guys alright?

-Sir? -What? What is it?

-Are we there yet? -Soon, sir. But some of the kids are not well. They have stomach pain, nausea and sweating.

I told you, Akif!

-You made them eat the filthy food... -I had some, too, sir.

So what? Are you going to compete, idiot?

Guys, what's going on there? I hear noises. What's up?

Everything! The kids are in too much pain.

-Why? -You made them eat the filthy food. See?

It doesn't have anything to do with the food. Don't blame the food.

It was yummy.

Their metabolism is not the same as you pigs!

Your stomach is full of trash already!

Button it!

How long until we get there?

Calm down, sir. We're almost there.

Step on it! Hurry up! These kids immediate medical care.

We need to take them to the Olympic Hospital. I'm losing it!

Don't mess with the driver. Sit back in your seat.

Let me tell you something. It's because of the air conditioning.

-You say so? -Definitely.

You'll see. The doctor will say the same thing.

It's the air conditioning.

If it were food poisoning, we would throw up and such.

It would affect us, too. Do you feel anything?

-Not really. -Me, neither.

It's the air conditioning.

What the hell are you talking about? You idiots!

Shame on you! You animals!

Watch your mouth!

If any one of these kids can't compete I will make sure you two never step foot in to the country.

What have I done, sir? Tell me.

I was just driving the bus.

Dude, you're such a butt kisser!

-You sold me out right away. -Am I wrong? You said it yourself.

-You talked about Kakader. -You make me sick!

I can't believe it. You literally sold me out.

-Are you the Turkish group? -Yes, I'm the group leader.

-What's he situation? -The kids are not doing well.

They are in shock because of the poisoning.

It's because of the air conditioning, right Doc?

That kind of poisoning?

-No, it's not. -How come?

How come, Doc?

My grandma would get out of the shower and lay under the air conditioning.

Then she would throw out from both ends.

It's the air conditioning.

It might be because of that, too.

But it's not the air conditioning.

We have found toxic residues inside their stomachs because of something they ate.

So what is going to happen now?

The better ones will rest for four days and the others for seven days.

Unfortunately, they can't compete.


Doc, what are you saying? How come they can't compete?

Get them on their feet. Please. They are blaming me.

We've come all this way. Now they're out to get me.

The blame will be on me. Please, get them on their feet.

Sir, unfortunately there's nothing I can do.

The only remedy is to rest.

What do you mean you can't do anything?

Get them on their feet.

I'll kiss your toes and mumble your pinkies.

I will clean your belly button with my tongue.

Please! Get these kids on their feet.

Inject something, give them IV. Do an MRI scan. Anything!

I have a saying, "Rest, rest, rest."

To rest is the best remedy.

"Rest, rest, rest."

If they're going to heal by themselves what are you here for?

How the hell did you become a professor? You don't have any hair left.

Like Asimov Walking around like a humanoid robot.

"Rest, rest." Idiot.

Entrust me to the Turkish doctors.


You're done for! Done for!

You're done for, damn it! What sort of an abomination are you?

-God damn you! -Why, what did I do?

What else are you going to do? You ruined Turkey's reputation.

-We did? -Yes, you did! For real?

-What did we do? -The whole team is sick.

The whole team! God damn you!

You animals! How am I stuck with you?

You're stuck on me like a dung on a wall. Just leave!

These kids had dreams, hopes.

You destroyed their dreams one by one.

God damn you.

Dream killer, hope reaper, future destroyer!

Look, that's too much. Watch your mouth.

There's even more, you moron!

I know what I am going to do.

What are you doing?

Now I'm calling the undersecretary, alright?

Then I'll pronounce you both traitors.

I'll revoke your citizenships. I'll even send you to Mars if I have to.

And I'm withdrawing Turkey from the games. "And the reason is this idiot." I'll say.

You're being too harsh, calling me an idiot.

I assume it's because of your panic attack.

I'm not going to let anyone withdraw Turkey.

-I will. -You won't. Who do you think you are?

I am the leader of this group. Who are you?

I am Recep Ivedik and I won't let you.

-I will. -You won't.

-I will. -Nobody is withdrawing Turkey.

-Especially in these lands. -I am in charge here.

-Who are you? -Hang up.

-I won't. -Do it.

You can't give me orders, I am in charge.

-This is the last warning, hang up. -Stay out of it.

-Drop the phone. Hang up. -Get out of here.

-Dude, hang up. -I won't.

I won't.


He passed out. Put him on a wheelchair.

I am sorry.

He's our little brother. Our mum has left us.

He has hereditary schizophrenia.

We slap him when he goes mad. We don't have any money.

This way.

Okay. Tape there, as well.

-Is it tight? -Yes.

Okay, here.

That was some slap, he's still out.

-You think he's OK? -He's alright.

He'll be just fine. He's lucky I hit him.

If he had hit him...

No, Recep. How dare I when you are here?

Oh, come on. Look at those arms.

You see? It's like a brick.

I don't know if it's a human arm or not.

It's obviously not.

He would knock the lights out of someone.

-He's coming to. -Yes, he is.

Akif, what's going on? Where are we?

-Who tied me up, Akif? -We are in the hotel room, sir.

Nurullah tied you up.

I tied you because Recep told me to.

Nurullah, you are such a coward.

You tied him up because I said so, huh?

So you are off the hook now?

-But you did. -I can't believe it.

That's the second time. I'll hurt you the next time.

Akif, call the undersecretary immediately.

Tell him everything. We are withdrawing Turkey from the games.

Don't call anyone. You can't call anyone.

No undersecretaries.

I won't let anyone withdraw Turkey from the games, period.

-Is it clear? -Crystal clear.

If there's no one, we will compete.

We screwed it up and we're going to fix it, that's all!

-We will? -Yes, we will. Why?

-Why are you surprised? -How are you going to compete with your big bellies and fat asses?

How? You don't even have a license.

Let's say you do. You aren't even registered.

There's something called registration. Do you know about it?

Do you think this is a TV program?

Sir, may I interrupt?

With the new changes to the regulations it's possible to register a new athlete

-by 10 o'clock on the first day. -Listen to him.

-So we can compete? -Yes, we can.

I'll kiss you now. Hear?

So what if the registration is open? So what?

We can neither find a team

-nor can we license them. -Button it.

I'm tired of hearing your voice. Gag him.

-Shut him up. -Akif, do something.

Akif, don't just stand the That's it. I was fed up with his voice.


I am the leader of this group from now on.

-OK. -And I appoint you as my assistant.

-Thank you, sir. -You go, Recep!

What, Nurullah? What's up with you?

"You go, Recep!" and everything?

You just sold me out two minutes ago, you fatty!

Dude, you're such a power hungry kiss ass.

At least don't do it blatantly.

Now that I have the power, you are kissing mine.

Come on, Recep. I'm always on your side.

Button it.

Akif, how many people do we need?

We used to have 14 male athletes.

-They're all beat. -14 males.

Then we can cover it up with five, six proper men.

How are you going to find them?

I have something in mind. Follow me.

You stay with him. I won't hear a word from him, OK?

-OK. -You accompany him.

I'll blame you if anything happens.


What's this?

Kakader. Karaambar Truck Drivers Union 2016 calendar.

Open the index.

I'll call them one by one and they'll all gather here.

Start from A. Who's at A?

-Adem. -Adem, Adem the Brick.

He's the best in all sports that requires strength.

Hello? I'll say what, Adem. Where are you?

Konya? OK, do a U-turn from there then come to Macedonia. The emergency code?

You ask for the emergency code?

Alright, sure.

"The harder I smack, the easier you crack."

Get it? You have the code now.

You have no choice, you have to come.

Write him down, he's coming.

-Who's next? -Adnan.

Jean Claude Adnan. We can use him.

Hello? Adnan?

I hope you feel better. I've heard something.

I heard that you stayed in Çorum State Hospital for a few days.

How is it even possible to injure a coccyx?

Why would you even try to split your legs between two semis on the highway?

Are you an idiot? Anyway, tell you what.

Come to Skopje, Macedonia.

Can you? He stayed in the vegetative state for five months.

He still comes to Macedonia. That's how manly he is.

-Who's next? -Erdal.

Erdal. Erdal the Aquatic.

When he was six, we would jump in the dam lake.

He jumped first. He got stuck in the turbine.

The turbine slashed his head.

He's been bald since he was six. He got his brain smashed a little, too.

He's a little retarded.

Erdal, how are you?

It's Recep Ivedik. There is a job involving swimming and diving.

It's perfect for you. Come on. Yes, I'm in Macedonia.

Yes, Skopje, Macedonia. You're the man.

Write it down, Erdal is coming.

When we were kids, I told him, "Instead of jumping in a dam lake go jump into that pool." The pool was empty, you know.

He dove into a ten feet deep empty pool.

He crashed into the bottom of the pool. His head cracked open.

There were tile pieces coming out of his head.

Deep into his skull. They couldn't remove them.

He lived like that for a few years.

That's right. The tile pieces were dripping from his ears.

Each time he shook his head

-He is still alive despite everything. -Right.

Life goes on. Who's next?

-Hasan. -Hasan. OK.

Hasan the Runner.

His dad would feed him hot peppers.

He would throw a kick and Hasan would run from Samsun to Zonguldak.

He would run for two days. You know the movie

-Forrest Bond. -Forrest Gump.

Yes, Forrest Bond. It's based on his life.

Americans came and shot it here.

Hasan, how is it going? Thank you. I'm doing well, too.

Where are you? Transporting goods from Samsun to Kayseri?

Unload the truck, turn around and come to Macedonia.

Come to Macedonia.

Take the truck. I will have you run here.

Thank you very much.

It's the perfect team. I created the perfect team.

Are there games with jumping involved?

There is high jump and long jump.

Orhan the Jumpy.

Hey, how are you?

Thank you.

I need you here. Let me give you the code.

The harder I smack, the easier you crack.

No way! Why on earth would I swear?

It's the emergency code.

I'll report you and they will kick you out.

Turn back and come to Macedonia.

Orhan, before we hang up You brain must have broken free, You go and sit on a fallen tree.

No, it is not a code.

I just felt like saying it.

OK, just hang up.

You can't keep up with me.

Don't assume you can rap, you can't battle with Recep.

Look at the window, up to the sky, stop talking or your ass I will fry.

OK, just hang up. Alright.

How many do we have?


That's enough. There is also me so we're six.

Now we'll take of their licenses and have them registered in the morning.

Come along.

There's no one coming. Where are they?

It is 9.15. Don't we have time until 10.00?

-Yes. We don't have much time left. -Look, there they are.

Look at them! Here!

Come on! That's Karaambar for you!

Easy! Slow down!

-Welcome guys. -Thank you.

What's up, Recep? You called us in here urgently.

I hope everything is OK.

Guys, I called you in here for a very important cause.

But let us not talk about it in public. Walls have ears.

I will host you somewhere private. Follow me.

Now you'll ask me why I called you guys in here, right?

You called us and we are here, Recep.

Just show us whose ass we'll kick.

There is no ass kicking.

We are here to represent Republic of Turkey for a week.

A week? Can you explain further?

Sure. Now, in this sports complex Eurasia Athletic Games will take place.

In short, four youngsters from two continents crashing on.

What does this mean?

The youngsters will represent their countries by competing in athletic games.

Before the Turkish group arrived here they insisted on eating some beans.

They got poisoned. They all threw up from both ends.

They're in the hospital now.

So we no longer have a team.

And there was this stupid leader.

He said he would withdraw the team but I said "No way!

I know Karaambar Truck Drivers Union.

There are brave, young men who love their flag and their country.

We'll call them over, they will represent us. There is no way we're withdrawing!"

I don't know. Was I wrong?

If the motherland is involved, nothing else matters.

We won't leave you hanging in these lands where our ancestors have ruled for 600 years, Recep.

Don't worry, Recep. The entire Karaambar is here.

-We're here for you. -Yes, we are.

Now we represent Turkey. We're a team!


We would like to register new athletes.

-New athletes? -Yes, new athletes.

Give him the licenses.

Unfortunately, sir. The last registration date was yesterday.

The deadline has passed. I can't help you.

What do you mean? We are here on time.

-What is he saying, Akif? -He is wrong.

Excuse me but you're wrong.

Can you please go to the page 23 in the rulebook?

Item 1-G, please.

The registrations are open until 10.00 on the opening day, right?

Now that's interesting.

It might be a new regulation but I still can't help you because it is 10.02.

Don't make me beat you up!

Please, calm down. Let me talk to him.

Sir, listen. Our male athletes are done for.

We are late due to some medical issues.

We tried to be here by 10.00, as early as possible.

Can you please register us? Sports is tolerance after all.

I can't turn down such a nice attitude.

-I will register you. -OK, go on.

Cut it short.

-Recep Ivedik? -Yes, Recep Ivedik.

You didn't fill in the branch part.

No, I didn't because I'm a multi entrant.

-Multi? -Yes. What are you going to do now?

Sure, multi. I will participate as I please.

Any branch I want.

I'll do them all. It is my philosophy.

-That's how I live my life. -Alright, sir. However you wish.

-Come on. -Age is 19?

Yes, I am 19. I was registered late.

There was an older sibling.

I was given his ID when he passed away. That's how.

-Age is 18. -Yes, he is 18.

-And he's 16? -Yes, 16. Come here.

He was a bright boy.

He hit puberty in summer holiday and came back like this.

He had no hair but now look at him.

He had a sweet voice.

-Listen to him. Speak up. -Hello.

Now you would tell him to shut up. That's how awful he sounds.

I'm not convinced these are your real ages.

Are we supposed to prove our ages to you?

The licenses given by the state are in front of you.

We are here on time, too.

You have to approve it. Why are you dancing around?

Why? I think what you're doing is intentional.

Whenever Turkey comes to Europe, something happens.

We are familiar with it from the football games.

Racism happens each time Turkey comes to Europe.

Are you discriminating against us? Are you?

You discriminating, racist jerk!

Recep, please. Come to your senses.

Let me talk to him.

Sir, look, things like this happen.

For example, you look 50 at most.

Thank you very much. I've turned 67 this year.

-You are very polite. -I am?

I am approving your registration thanks to this gentleman.

Welcome to Eurasia 2016.

Thank you.

I hope everything goes well.

I think things will go well for us but I can't say the same thing about you.

-How come? -He's obviously hitting on you.

If he catches you alone, he might do all sorts of things. Be careful.

-Come on! -Just be careful.

Come on, guys. Let's cheer for Turkey for everyone to hear.

Come on.


That's it!

-Alright! -Turkey!

OK guys, as your new leader I would like to welcome you to the Eurasia Youth Games.

Excuse me? Where is our leader? What happened to him?

He is no longer your leader, dear. I'm your new leader.

As it says right here.

I'm responsible for the team from now on.

What team are you talking about with all the male athletes in the hospital?

-It will be a disaster. -That's right.

What are these noises like a flock of turkeys?

Keep silent. Girls.

I am also aware that the male athletes are missing.

So I came up with a solution real quick.

I have brought new guys.

-These are the male athletes. -Who are these people?

These are the guys you brought? Look at them.

Have they ever played any sport before?

We are done with the past. We are looking ahead.

-Did you hear that? -There is no way!

Are we going to represent Turkey with them?

Look at them. They're animals! They look like truck drivers.

We sure are truck drivers, little miss.

I can't believe it! He is saying he is a truck driver!

What's wrong with the way we look?

Aren't we Turkish because we drive trucks?

When you all were little babies we would do push ups at the edge of a cliff.

Also, we will represent Turkey in the best way.

Mind your own business.

-I don't want to. -Send us back home.

Alright, enough! Blah blah blah...

Bunch of blabbermouths.

Are you athletes or bunch of gossipers?

If it were up to your old leader, he would withdraw from the games.

Would it be better if we ran away? How would it make us look?

Huh? I'm calling the shots from now on.

If you don't like it, you had better leave. Understood?

-Alright. -Understood.

Understood or not?

-Understood. -OK.

Now I'm leaving the floor to my new assistant, Akif.

Alright, guys.

I welcome you all.

I'm proud to be a part of you and this...

Come on! Cut the crap!

-Stop kissing ass. Tell them. -Alright.

Guys tough competition awaits our national team like Greece Bulgaria, Russia, Romania and Ukraine in this tournament.

Cut to the chase. Be efficient.

How many medals do we need to get?

Let me tell you this, in the first stage we need to win at least 15 gold medals to qualify for the finals.

Hopefully we'll get 15. God willing.

-I'm sure you will. -I hope so.

-Let's go grab something to eat. -Wait, don't go.

There will be Cultural Bonding feast in two hours.

What is this Cultural Bonding feast thing?

Each team prepares a traditional dish and put up on a little show.

To relax and socialize before the tournament begins.

-What have we prepared? -We have prepared nothing.

You little...

You're telling me this now?

What do you mean "Nothing"? What do you mean "We haven't prepared"?

-Alright. Erdal, Hasan! -Yes?

-Listening. -You're responsible for the dance.

Something traditional. Throw some belly dancing in there.

Do the whole choreography. Do you have some nice music?

We do. I have Ankara Compilation 2016 in my truck.

-Is it electronic mix? -Yes, mixed.

-Something from our culture. -Very nice.

Girls. You're responsible for the food.

-What do you mean by food? -You know, Turkish food

-something good. -I can't cook anything.

-At least something with olive oil. -I can't even make an omelette.

-Not even the pastries? -I can prepare toast, does it count?

And you call yourself Turkish girls?

Proper Turkish girls know how to cook!

What if you were married? Your husband would come home hungry.

What would you say? "Let me get you some takeaway food."

What would you say? Idiot!

As if everything is about sports.

I will take care of the food, too.

-Find me a lamb. -A lamb?

Yes, lamb. The usual kind.

-Where am I supposed to find it? -That's your business.

Assistants don't talk back.

Welcome to Eurasia Cultural Bonding Night!

Our first country, Turkey!

This way.


Greetings to everyone.

I salute you all.

I see all sorts of different countries.

There are nine different nations, including us.

I'd like to give you a very important message.

On behalf of Turkey, I say none of you stand a chance in the games!

God willing, we will whoop your asses!

-But... -What?

Sir, please. No taunting.

Sports is for friendship. Let's not act this way.

Sir, I'm not taunting anyone. I'm just speaking my mind.

Is there no freedom of speech here?

Alright. Let's see what you've brought from your country.

First of all, we don't like to waste as a nation.

We don't like it at all.

When we get our hands on an animal, a lamb let's say, we use every part of it.

We make use of every part of it, you see? There is a whole lamb in here.

Let me begin. This is the head.

Head of the lamb, you see?

You take the knife and cut its head open as it shakes. Look.

Its head, you see?

And also, its cheeks are full of meat.

Give it a kiss.

Look, do you hear? Its head is empty.

-Why? -Why?

Lambs are smart. Normally, it wouldn't be empty.

Move, dear.

Here. Do you see?

-You eat that? -Yes, we eat it.

The brain of the animal. Its baah center.

Grass center, hopping center.

Highland center. Take a bite.

-No, thank you. -Have a bite.

-I'm full. -I insist.

-Please, no. -Alright. Move, dear.

-And our favourite. -What's that?

-Kokoreç. -Kokoreç?

Yes, kokoreç. What part of the lamb is this?

-What part? -Its intestines.

Starts with the intestines, ends in colons. The further end is the anus.

That's where it ends. All sorts of feces are stored there.

When the animal dies, you end up with miles of intestines.

I take that and put it on a tap. When you open the tap the water rushes down all the feces away. You scrape it by hand like this.

Then it is rolled. See here?

Did you see? It's all rolled up. Look.

It will cook nicely in its own fat.

The fat is stored in it. It's delicious. Have some.

-Please... -Come on, you've haven't had anything.

Just a little bit.

-How is it? Delicious, isn't it? -I love it.

I see you look a little different.

-I'm going to be sick. -Yes, sick. It's sick, isn't it?

Eating this is so sick! That's how amazing it is.

Alright, if you'll excuse us we've prepared a little dance for you.

Enter Asuk and Masuk! And we'll leave the stage to them!

Give it up for Asuk and Masuk! Turkey!

Yes, give it up again for the amazing Turkey Such a great preparation in such a short notice. Well done!

Let me be clear, I made wonders!

Wonders? Is this the way to represent Turkey?

-Is this in our culture? -What's in your culture, you skunk?

Is duck with oranges in your culture, young lady?

Is Christmas turkey in your culture? Or cheesecakes?

Is fajitas in it or veal carpaccio?

Or Halloween pumpkin? What's in your culture?

Lamb is in your culture. Right, guys?

-You're right. -A country famous for its cuisine.

Give it up for Greece!

Let's see what these jerks have prepared. I'm curious.

Stop applauding, stop it!

-Welcome. -Thank you.

Yasuri friends!

I'm Niko, from Greece.

I'll introduce the best food of the Greek cuisine.

The very best of Greece.

Our first food is moussaka.

-What? -It's an eggplant dish.

Moussaka he says, eggplant he says. That's our food.

Our second food. Boreki!

-What? -Our third food, dolmadaki.

Boreki, dolmaki. Come on!

And our fourth food, caciki.

That's it, come on!

They've gone too far.

I have to intervene. Excuse me, but no.

No way. Just a second.

There is no such thing, move over.

All the dishes he mentioned are Turkish.

I'm telling you, they're all Turkish food.

Look. Move aside. This is musakka, made out of eggplant.

Börek. And this is stuffed vine leaves. And this is cacik.

You dice cucumbers like this guy into it and add some peppermint in it. That's cacik for you!

-Don't be like that, they are guests. -Sir, these are all originally from Greek cuisine.

Greek cuisine my ass!

Let me ask you a question.

He hasn't said the name of that one yet.

I'll tell you the name of that, see if I'm right.

-That's called baklava! -No sir, it's not baklava.

-It's baklavaki. -And the last one is kadayif!

No sir, not kadayif. It's kadayifi!

-I'll slap this guy so hard... -Please.

...he'll see what kadayif is. What's this nonsense?

They spied on our tables from the other shore and made whatever was on them. Took this and that.

Then they put "i" at the end and there you have the Greek food.

-Is this acceptable? -No, there is no "taking this and that."

These are all Greek food. I bet on it!

He bets on it! Then I have a question for him.

If you make everything Greek by putting "i" in the end then why do you call yourself Greek? Just say you're Turki! How about that?

-None of that, please. -Call yourself Turki!

-No! -He's insulting my identity.

Yes, I insult his identity. Why not Turki?

I have to ask you to go back to your seats, please.

Wait a second! I've had enough! We took this and that, huh?

-Are these all Turkish food? -Yes.

-Turkish food? -Yes.

Then is sirtaki also a Turkish dance? Yorgo.

These are all Turkish.

-Do not allow this. -Please, stop.

But these are all Turkish food.

Let's see if it's Greek or Turkish dance. Yorgo.

Come on. He is introducing Turkish food.

Look at the dance.

That's not how it is.

What's he doing?

He is wasting them.

God! What's going on?

If that's how it is

-Give me a plate! -Greece, what are you doing?

-I've never seen such a thing. -Sir!

-They're taunting me! -Come on or we'll be disqualified.

-Taunting who? -No such thing!

Come on...

Your ancestors, your elders Your descent, your fathers Your ancestors, your elders Your descent, your fathers Turks have always been heroes Your armies, for so many times Halt!

Welcome to Eurasia Youth Athletic Games 2016!

Why do you march so slowly? You are messing up the whole march.

Do we have to wait for you?

What? What are you saying?

What are you doing!

Let it go. Don't bother. Don't be Chinese with the Chinese.

These people have suffered enough. You see?

I'm trying not to be bothered but...

You aren't supposed to march this slow! Are you nuts or what?

Stop mumbling, I don't understand!

Are you swearing or not?

-I'll tear you into pieces! -Calm down! Get a hold of yourself.

Even your walls can't protect you here. We'll bury you under your walls!

We are Turkish! See this? Look!

We are from Central Asia, too! Don't try me!

You are a bunch of weirdos.

-Is this the shot? -Yes.

The first country to compete is Bulgaria.

Look at him. What an animal.

They have nothing to do, they put shots every single day.

Look, see the technique.

-He holds it by his chin... -OK. I got it.

-18.20. -Now, Germany.

Panzer is coming.

Germen! German! Deutschland!

What's up? Brother, are you Turkish? Are you migrant?

-Was? -"Was" what?

-Don't you understand Turkish? -Sir, don't intervene.

OK, sir. I'm trying to motivate him.


And lastly, Turkey.

It's our turn now!

I believe in you. You can do this!

Respects. Greetings.

Come on, Recep.

Sir, go on.

Tell that guy to move away.

That's farther than the world record. How will throw that far?

The world record means nothing to me.

I will break the universe record in a moment.

Tell him to move away. Move away!

Sir, please throw.

I warned you. All of you.

-He is not making him move. -It's fine by us. You may throw.

God help me.

Pin off!

That's it!

-What do you mean, red flag? -Foul throw.

-Foul? -You hit the guy in the head.

-It's a foul throw. -But I warned you!

Didn't I warn you?

If the shot gets in contact with another object, it's a foul throw.

That object is your referee friend!

Shame on you! How can you call your friend an object?

How can you?

-Definitely foul throw. -I don't care. I don't!

I don't care. I don't.

You're always being unfair to Turkey! That's enough!

Now, Germany.

This is outrageous! You're biased against us because we're Turkish!

Enough! It's been like this for years!

I'm sick of this!

They invalidated my record!

-But that was a foul. -I told him to move aside.

I told him I would hit him in the head!

In the third round, here's Turkey.

Now, watch me. It won't be like last time.

You said it was a foul shot last time.

Sir, what are you doing?

I love you, ref. I love you.

Let's see you call this one a foul shot.

This put is for you.

Pin off. God help me!

That's it! That's the record! Raise it, raise the white flag!

New world record!

That's it! What's up? Huh?

See that? Eat it!

Lined up like a bunch of idiots.

Get ready!

Ref! I'm sorry. Time out!

Ref, time out. What did I say?

Didn't I tell you to take the first lane?

Why aren't you doing so?

Sir, the race is about to begin. Get out of the track, please!

Are you pulling a gun on me?

Are you actually pulling a gun on me?

Pull the trigger!

Pull the damn thing! Go on!

Pull the trigger! If you aim a gun, you have to shoot it!

Pull the trigger if you call yourself a man! You don't carry that for nothing!

Come on, Miray! Come on!

-Come on, my girl. -Come on, Miray.

That's it!

Merve, do you want a ladder just in case?

Go away. I can't deal with you right now!

You damn women. Go on, jump.

She did it! Good girl. Tiny girl jumps over mountains!

-See how he jumps? -Yes, I see.

As if you are jumping into your truck's dumper.

Alright. I'm going.

Come here. What are you doing?

-What? -Dude, what are you doing?

-I jumped. -You jumped?

Dude! Stop!

What kind of a jump was that?

That's Russia. She's one hell of a Russian.


Come on! Let's go!

Look at her standing.

Like a grizzly bear waiting for salmons in the river!

-Look at her might! -God's sake.

16,50. You go girl! Give me five!

Three, four, throw!

That's it!



Careful not to sit on it.

Go on, jump.

-Step it up! -Come on, Zeynep!

Run, girl!

Like a three-year old purebred! She is a late bloomer!

She is running and running! And she's done it!

We got the gold!

Jump, jump for the motherland!

God help us.

He did it! White flag!

-The gold medal goes to Turkey. -We got the gold!

We got the gold!

The sun has set in the first day but there is still a night ahead of us.

We have watched men's long jump.

Turkey wasted their first two attempts by stepping on the line.

The Greek athlete is next. He gets ready.

Let's see how far he jumps.

A nice jump. Let's see the result.

-What did he do? -7,30.

7,30? Come on!

That's too far.

Please beat his record. Please, Recep.

And please don't step on the line. You have to jump without stepping on it.

-I'm begging you. -I'm not used to it.

I've spent my life wearing leather shoes. I'm not used to sneakers.

My body is rejecting them. That's why I'm stepping on it.

I'll go barefoot. Hold this.

-But... -Take it off. I'll jump barefoot.

Take this off, too. Barefoot.

I'll go barefoot.

However you wish, but your feet will hurt!

It won't hurt! I was always running around like this when I was a child.

Even in winter, when it was raining or snowing we would walk to school with only socks.

Through hills, we walked ten miles every day.

There was another school five miles away but I chose the further one.

I got lost this one time, you see.

There were my footprints in the mud. The police were searching for me.

A team from America came over and took the dried up mud and displayed it in a museum as the oldest human footprint for five months.

Then they realized it was mine.

There was a particle from my sock in it, then they figured it out.

OK. I just want you to beat that jerk.

I will. I will beat that Yannis jerk.

But with my own special technique.

You see? I will plunge forward right before the line I will do a cannonball, you know?

I will gain momentum, and like the cannons of Mehmet the Conqueror..

I will bury that Byzantine spawn into the sand.

You're done for!

Are you calling me?

Me? Who?

-Yes, it's your turn. -I can't tell who you are looking at.

You cross-eyed geezer.

Your right eye says "Get out", and the other one says "Please, stay."

I can't understand what you're saying. Just announce 3169!

3169, Turkey.

Come on, Recep!

And lastly, Turkey.

Recep Ivedik represents the Turkish team.

-Foul jump. -What do you mean foul?

It can't be foul. That's not possible!

I didn't step on the line. Watch the replay.

He didn't step on the line. The jump is legal.

Of course I didn't. It's legal.

Idiot. He's flagging for everything. "Foul, foul."

What's the result?

-7,28. -Ref, it can't be 7,28.

He jumped 7,30, right? Please, help me out here.

-Just add four centimetres. Make it 7,32. -Sir, we can't do that.

Why not? You can do anything when you put your heart into it.

It's just you and me. Help me out here.

-I can't, sir. -Come on, man. I'll do anything.

-Get off of me. -Be the bigger man...

-I'm begging you. Just do it. -No, sir.

How can we? The result is there.

You wash my back and I'll wash yours. Get it?

I don't get it.

The Moldavian group is coming soon.

We'll have fun together.

Sir, come to your senses.

Don't you get it, fun with the Moldavians?

Please, don't make me jump through hoops.

-We can't do that. It's 7,28. -No, it's not. 37, he said 7,37.

-7,37. -No, 7,28.

He measured 37 first then rolled it back. I have the trace right here.

-It's 7,28. -7,28. I put it down.

God damn you!

-Don't curse. -Button it.

You gave me silver. I have silver because of you.

-Recep, are you alright? -Get me out of here.

-Stop asking if I'm OK, idiot. -Here.

-Quickly. -Come on.

Pull me out.

Will you? I have a great offer for you.

Two silvers, one gold.

Two silvers, one bronze and you give me this.

Two silvers, three bronzes.

Give me this. What more do you want? You want my pants?


Where is Nurullah?

Where is Nurullah?

I'm going to ungag you but you won't scream, OK?

-Thank god! -Shut it!

-Shut up. Where is Nurullah? -How should I know?

He got bored and he got out to find a café and have some fresh air.

Then he left me here alone.

-Are there any cafés nearby, Akif? -There isn't any.

There is only a sports bar open. Maybe he went there?

That slimy Nurullah. We leave this guy for him to look after and he goes out to a bar to chase women.

Tell you what, please untie me. Please.

Your punishment is not over yet. I won't untie you.

-But I say please, Mr. Recep. -I see I am "Mr. Recep" now.

What was it? Didn't you call us jerks earlier?

What happened?

You see these here? Look at them.

-See? -They're medals.

You said we wouldn't get any. Let me put these on you here, so that you'll come to your senses.

Cling, cling, cling.

We used to have cows. Dumb cows.

We used to put bells on them.

They would walk around like that.

Come on, you sit here a little while more.

-You just sit here. -OK, enough!

Sit here. Gag him.

What are you doing, Akif? You, as well? Please!

Like that. OK, beautiful.

-Come on, let's find Nurullah. -OK.

Just sit here quietly, alright?

I won't hear a noise.

Not a single noise. You get it?

Hello, guys.

Hello, Recep.

I see you are treating yourselves with fruit cocktails.

Nice girls around, right? Some good conversation

-Bon appétit, Nurullah. -Thank you.

-I just got here. -You just got here?

If only you could work less and come here even earlier, right?

Get up!

Athletes don't take alcohol! Get out!

You are the Turkish group. I'll have a talk with you later, fatty.

Get out!

You are just like a commander. Excellent!

Of course. You can't leave these guys alone.

They need to be controlled or else they will run around like animals.

I couldn't say no to such a beautiful lady.

Give me the tray.

Get out of here!

-What are you doing? -Getting the tray.

You just kicked the guys out and you're drinking yourself.

The girl gave it to me herself.

Didn't you see?

-No, Recep. Please. -Come on. Take one.

-We have a game tomorrow. -Come on, bottoms up.

To today's medals.

Bottoms up. Alright.

That's the stuff.

-What are you laughing at? -The girls are laughing at us.

Which girls?

-They are laughing at us? -Yes.

-Then let's go and talk to them. -I can't. I'm shy.

There's nothing to be shy about. Just follow me.

-Girls, hello. -Hello.

-Athletes? -Yes.

Me, too. See, Turkish athlete. Recep Ivedik.

-What's your name? -Irina.

-Yours? -Natali.

And this is Akif. Akif is my assistant.

-Tiny assistant. -Tiny.

See, they like you.

Don't let his looks fool you.

Not everything he has is tiny.

Tiny guys are the real deal. Get it?

See, it's time. Girls, want some?

Come on, bottoms up.

Na zdrovje. Bottoms up.

We have a game tomorrow.

Where are you going?

-Why are they leaving? -They did the shots and left.

You're right. All we wanted was a little chat.

Take the tray.


I am a little high.

Hey, people! Are you having fun!

Are you ready to eat hotdogs?

She says hotdog.

Then it's time for the hotdog rodeo!

This night is all about two things. One is to eat the most hotdogs.

And the second is to ride the rode the longest.

Now I want two volunteers.

Me! Take me. Let me be one of the volunteers.

I see you, come here Greece!

-Who did she pick? -The Greek.

Who wants to challenge Greece?

-Calamity Jane. See here? -Let's see.

The Turk against the Greek. Calamity Jane, pick me!

Let's see the hands!

Me, Calamity! See!

Come here, Turkey!

-OK, thanks. -Yes!

Give it up for Turkey!

Give it up!

The competitors are ready.

Excitement is in the air. What is your name?

Hello. My name is Niko.

Hello. My name is Recep Ivedik.

I'm coming from Turkey. And I don't wish any luck to my opponent.

And Miss Calamity, I want to add this this guy has been getting on my nerves since the feast.

So I'll double my efforts.

It's good that you picked him.

We'll see who's doubling their efforts.

We'll see who's ass gets screwed.

-Damn idiot. -Then I'm starting the contest.

Three, two, one!

Turkey wins!

That's it!

Don't stare at me.

Now it's time for the rodeo.

Niko, would you like to say something?

I used to do rodeo with my family when I was one year old.

We used to go to rodeo tours.

He is ambitious.

Looks like they're a cow family.

Now, to the contest!

Hit the music!

I bet he won't be able to ride this thing for more than five seconds.

Look at him.

Niko has fallen down. Give it up for Niko. Niko, come here please.

Come here, Niko.

Now it's Recep Ivedik's turn!

-Is this it? -It's easy, isn't it?

-I thought it would be harder. -You can do it!

It's so easy.

-What's going on? -It's speeding up. Hold on!

Dude! Hey!

God! Akif!

-Akif, make it stop! -OK, that's enough.

-Akif, make it stop! -Hey, stop it!

-It got stuck, I can't. -Akif, what's going on?

Akif, I can't hold on. It's too fast. God!

-Oh, no! -God!

Stop it!

I'm going to throw up.

Recep, don't!

-I am going to, Akif. -He's getting sick!

Please don't, Recep.

-Stop it! -Don't throw up!

I can't believe it. Damn it!

I can't believe it!

I threw up.

Recep, I cannot believe you!

Recep, wake up!

-Another 15 minutes. -We don't have 15 minutes. We're late.

-Come on, Recep. -OK, I'll be there in five.

We don't have five minutes. We're going to miss weight lifting.

-Miss weight lifting? -Yes.

-What time is it? -It's 11.00.

Weight lifting has begun at 10.00.

It's one of the most important contests and you're sleeping like a log!

How did I end up here?

How should I know? Come on, we have to go!

Sir, our athlete is ready.

-How many attempts do we have left? -You've missed the snatch.

You have one attempt left in clean and jerk. The contest is about to end.

-Oh, come on! -What did he say?

We don't have a chance for a medal in weight lifting.

How come? We are here, aren't we?

-They are still lifting. -It's the last round of clean and jerk.

They do the snatch first, then clean and jerk.

So what?

Should we cry like babies? Make him register us.

You're already registered.

You have to lift twice the weight they have lifted in two attempts.

They lift 140 kilos in one attempt!

So you have to lift 300 kilos in one attempt!

-One attempt? -Yes.

-300 kilos? -300 kilos.

Let me think.

I can do it. Register me.

By God, I can. Register me.

Recep, it's against the laws of physics. It's not possible.

-Why don't you understand? -Button it. Button it!

It may be hard but it's not impossible.

You haven't witnessed Recep's true power.

I don't let my mouth write a check that my ass can't cash.

Register me. Don't drive me crazy.

-We have to tell them the weight. -OK, let's. How much do we need?

We have to pass 310 kilos. I'll tell them 312,5 then.

What? 312,5?

I don't do decimals.

What do you take me for? I'm Recep Ivedik!

Just round it up to 350. 350!

Come on, Recep! How can you lift 350 kilos in one attempt?

If I can lift 312,5, I might as well lift 350.

Tell them 350. It has a sentimental value for me.

My great grandfather was from Izmir, 35 is Izmir's plate code.

-Alright. -Go!

Hey! Ukraine!

Ukraine! What's up?

I'll end you.

I'll take the bar and stick it in you!

What? Come on!

OK, Bulgaria is up.

-What's that? -Ammonia.

Ammonia? Why? Is that doping?

-It's stimulating. -Is that so?

It picks him up. Something like a shock.

I see.

Clean and jerk, third attempt. Bulgaria, 170 kilos.

Clean and jerk, third attempt. Turkey will lift 350 kilos.

Adem, give me your shoe.

Instead of ammonia. For stimulation.

I'm good to go.

Come on!

Recep, come on.

Don't put it on there.

The clock is ticking. Please!

Come on.

No, I can't.

Not possible. I can't, Akif.

Push it!

I can't. It's not possible.



-Akif! -Recep?

My pants are tearing up.

Tearing up for real. I'm hearing it!

Nobody is looking at your ass. Keep pushing!

How unfortunate.

Just in the right position. God damn it!

-My ass, Akif! -Your ass is looking at the wall!

It happens! Come on!

Do it, Recep!

Come on, Recep.

For Turkey. Do it for Turkey.

He did it! That's it!

An incredible record! 350 kilos!

Recep Ivedik breaks the world record! Give it up for Recep Ivedik!

Drop it!

Recep, drop it!

Drop it!


He's locked in!


He fell down! Go!


-Give us a hand! -He got locked in!

-His hands are locked in! -Open his hands!

Gentlemen, 350 is no joke.

When you actually lift it the gravity adds 10 times more weight.

It's such a weight that your veins literally open up.

Then a great pressure is put on your heart.

Then aorta stops pumping blood.

Then the whole central nervous system shuts down.

My neurons stopped working.

My body blocked itself from all functions.

Then all the fluids were drained from my limbs and they got locked in.

When they got locked in, I saw a bright light.

Then I must have fallen down, I don't remember the rest.

It's getting warm in here. Are you pissing or what?

-I'm not pissing, Recep. -You certainly are, Nurullah.

It's getting warmer and warmer.

-I'm upset with you anyway. -And why is that?

You kept drinking after you kicked us out last night.

Be thankful that I haven't sent you back to Turkey.

Idiot! You left your post!

To have some fresh air. You're exaggerating.

Shut up. Fresh air my ass. Idiot.

-Hey, Recep! -Hello, tiny assistant!

Irina and Natali. What's up, girls?

You did the shots and left right away last night.

-Yes. -Yes.

-You want to get in? -Yes, but there's no room.

Of course there's room for you, dear.

Get out! There are two nice ladies here.

Where are your manners?

You've been sitting in the water like a hippo. Get out!

Come on! Leave!

Come in girls, please.

Come in. Alright.

Let's have some fun. How have you been doing?

-Did you break a record today? -Yes, I did. I lifted 350 kilos.

-Wow, you must be very strong. -Damn right I am.

I can lift anything. I drop them only when I get locked in.

Girls, what are you doing here?

-Just having a conversation. -Why?

Go back to your rooms! Right now! Quickly!

-What's he saying? -He says "davai." He told them to leave.

-Why did you send them away? -Those girls are on my team, get it?

-You'll stay away. -Who is asking for your permission?

You will ask. Don't go near those girls, get it?

Who do you think you are? I will break your face!

-Bring it on! Do you want to die? -Piss off!

Recep, please!

-Kill me if you dare! Come on! -I'll see you at the finals.

-I will see you in the ring. -To hell with your finals.

Kill me here if you dare! Come on!

There are rules in the ring, but not in the streets!

Fight me in the streets if you dare!

I will put your eyes out, slash your mouth open, bash your head in!

Who is that jerk?

The Russian boxer Nikolay I told you about.

-Are we going to fight him tomorrow? -Most probably, if we get to the finals.

Nikolay, you'll see a whole different side of Recep tomorrow.

The legal side and the illegal side, remember?

This is my illegal side, friends.

Akif, come with me.

Come in. Put the bonnet on. Come on.

Like the girl in The Ring. I got scared.

Get well soon. Recep, why are we here?

We'll find the lab. All we have to do is to find the lab.

When I first examined the patient, he panicked.

He asked me what was going on. I told him to lay down.

You little Come on.

Come over here.

Hurry up. This is the lab I've been looking for.

I'll make wonders in here.

For God's sake, will you tell me why we are here?

We'll get caught, Recep!

I'll prepare doping for the fight tomorrow.

Will you do doping? It would show up in the tests.

Why would I do it? Why?

Idiot! Do I look like I need doping?

I'll make Nikolay use it.

There is a special recipe we prepare for our race horses.

I'll give him that and the dude will go nuts.

What good does it do us if he dopes? It won't do us good.

It's so hard to talk to an idiot like you.

It is frustrating when a person can't find someone equal to talk to.

-That hurts. -So what?

You ignorant fool.

Listen, we'll dope Russia

-Who is Russia fighting against? -Bulgaria.

Let's say Russia wipes the floor with Bulgaria.


-The game is over. -It is.

We'll tell the committee Russia has been doping.

We'll say they have done it. The committee will look into it.

-Will Russia test positive for doping? -Yes.

-Then Russia will be... -Disqualified.

Exactly. Bulgaria will get to the finals.

A beat up and tired Bulgaria.

Then we'll give them a slap or two in the finals and become the champions.

This is the most diabolical plan I have heard lately.

I wouldn't even dream about it.

If you could, you would be in Harvard.

Or Yale or Princeton in America.

Get it? Or in France, in Bourbon University.

Or in Oxford, Cambridge in England.

You could be anywhere. But no. If I had been given the chance I would be unstoppable. But now look at me. Get it?

OK, how are we going to do this?

That's the tricky part. I will put it in this. You see this?

-Delights. -Not delights, it's Turkish delight.

Let's take this tube. 100 cl tube.

Give me some ostarine. 20 mg of ostarine.

And the stable factor.

OK, let it stabilize. And some beta-TG.

See, these are all molecules. Look.

EGF molecules. EGF makes you go crazy.

This is the real deal. Goes right into the brain.

Neutrons pick it up instantly. Brain neutrons.

I'll use agonists. Agonists.

Sulphuric acid.

I don't know what this is, but I think it would help somehow. Let's put some.

-Like that. -Stop! Be careful!

Shake it up nicely and then a pinch of magnesium sulphate.

-Have some. Here. -Recep, stop. That's acid!

-Taste it. -No, Recep!

-You can't taste acid! -It will get rid of your microbes.

-No way. -All the microbes will go away. Here.

Please, Recep!

Oh my...

See? It cleans your whole lungs.

All the way into your bronchus.

Veterinarian needle. Even the horses jump when you inject them with this.

You open this up and pour the stuff in it.

-Beautiful. Look. -Be careful. It's acid!

Acid won't do you harm. Wait a second.

-It won't do you harm. -Recep, it's acid!

Please, Recep!

-See? -Recep, what are you doing?

Smear it to your face. It makes you look shiny.

It will prevent acnes. Now, take some of this.

And fill it in this. Here.

Line up the ones I've prepared.

Beautiful. Wrap them in napkins. In napkins!

Hello there, Dobrovichs.

What? What do you want?

Don't get all riled up. Don't be aggressive.

I understand you're a tough guy but I'm as tough as you, if not more.

We've come to apologize because of yesterday's incident.

We've come with good intentions. As friends...

We're neighbours after all.

We almost had a clash yesterday as two nations.

Why should it be like this? Why should there be hostility?

Let's be friends. We have a boxing match with you today.

That's why we thought about it last night and realized we were wrong.

And we searched for ways to make up for it.

And we've brought these. Turkish delight, do you want some?

No, thanks. OK, we're good.

I know we're good but take one for our friendship.

Don't leave me hanging. Have one. Take one.

Please? Take one.

Should I?

-I don’t know. -Be careful. Just take one.

Have one.


Davai. Bon appétit.

How about you? None for you.

You? None for you, too.

Only for you because you're the boss. Have one more.

-That's enough, thanks. -Take one more. One is not enough.

It's in our culture to insist on taking a second one.

It's the tradition. Take one. I insist. Take one.

He keeps insisting.

Yes, it's delicious.


If you feel a little energetic somehow, that's because of the delight.

Get it? It has a strong effect.

Take care of yourselves. We've become friends, we've made peace.

Well then, see you all later. Bye!

Idiot! Do whatever you want.

Look at this neck.

Welcome to men's boxing matches of Eurasia Youth Athletic Games 2016.

Look over there. Russia is coming.

Look at him. They can't hold him.

He turned into an animal. Look at him.

He turned into a killing machine.

Do you think he took something? He doesn't look normal.

What could he take? Stop with the blaming game already.

That's how rumours start. What could he have taken?

He must have taken delights at most. What else could it be?

Maybe Turkish delight.

Now, he will face and destroy Bulgaria.

You'll see how much fun we will have then.

Bulgarian team has withdrawn.

-What? -Bulgarians have withdrawn.

-Withdrawn? -I repeat.

Bulgarian boxer has withdrawn from the game.

How could he? How is this possible?

He was just eating a sandwich in the cafeteria.

As per the committee ruling, Russia will go on to the finals directly.

The final between Turkey and Russia shall begin ten minutes later.

Oh God! How come?

Sir, that's not possible! It can't be!

That's impossible! I have just boxed!

I just got out of a fight. I'm not ready, I'm tired.

Committee's decision, nothing can be done.

You'll be the end of us!

Sir, please don't do this. Check the decision again.

-This decision can't be possible. -Sir, there is nothing I can do.

-Committee has decided. -Do you take us for roosters?

Are you pitting roosters against each other, or pit bulls?

How can they decide without asking us?

It should be in the afternoon, why would I fight now?

-Sir, there is nothing I can do. -He doesn't even look normal.

-Look at him. -God!

Did you see that? He is making gestures.

He means to cut my head off!

Does he look normal? Just look at him.

-He looks like a normal athlete. -Normal how?

We object! He definitely took doping!

-We want him to be tested right now. -Doping is tested post-game.

-We can't do it before. -What do you mean post-game?

Why would I need him to be tested after I got beaten?

Be ready in five minutes. The match will begin.

God. We're screwed.

Hunters have become the prey. Look at him!

Akif, he's going to devour us.

Why did I give him two Turkish delights?

He must have overdosed.

The results were different with the race horses.

Athletes, come here.

Ref, you're going to kill us. For the love of God, cancel the match.

Look at him, he's gone mad.

-I want a clean game. -How can it be clean?

How can a match with him be clean?

Shake hands.

Now you’re mine! You won’t get out of here alive.

What are you saying? What language is it? What?

This is it, I will kill you.

He must be cursing my whole family. He's going to end me.

You’re mine!

God help me! He is coming!

He is coming!

Run away, run!

God! Look, your trainer is saying something.

God! His bones turned into steel!

He is as hard as a rock! Throw the towel! Throw the towel!

-Come on, hurry! -Here it comes! Catch!

Do you call this a throw?


What are you doing? Say something.

God, help him!

Say something, I'm scared!



What is this place?

-You're that bad? -A glass of ayran and a lahmacun please.

-Doctor! -The match is over.

-Grandma? The bowtie suits you. -Grandma?


A doping test will be made as a result of the Turkish team's objection.

Please, write it down.

Where do I put this? Where?

-What is this? -Pee, sir. Urine.

This is the cup you need to use.

Yes, that's why I filled this up.

I held it in the whole day. Mine wouldn't fit in that cup.

Sir, this is the official procedure.

Oh, please. Take the lid off. Take it off.

Hold it. Here. There you go, happy now?

Take the cup and this as well.

Take the extra, take it all.

I have had enough of you people.

What does it say?

The result is negative.

That's it! Negative. That's it.

-Do you see everything on there? -No, we only check for the doping.

People say I might have diabetes, does it show up?

-No, sir. -Any STDs?

-No, sir. -What about e. coli?

-No. -Ebola?

-No! -Can you check if I have

-hepatitis C? -No, sir.

I had a suspicious intercourse with a lady friend 17 years ago.

She passed away right after.

I couldn't ask her.

That's why I've been going to the medical centre once a week

-for 17 years for penicillin shots. -Russian athlete, please.

Just look what will come up in his test.

The machine will go crazy, it will show everything.

It's not like hitting someone with a towel on his head, is it?

You're better than that!

I couldn't even see you!

I couldn't! What's up with that?

I would punch you back if I could see. Show off!

I couldn't see you.

You'll see what's up now.

You'll see.

The result is positive.

Yes, positive! He did doping! He did it!

That’s not true, I didn’t use it!

-I didn’t! -Calm down...

He did doping! He has no honour!

It's not possible. There has been a mistake. I didn't take it!

Of course you did, idiot! The machine doesn't lie!

Mine came out negative, why did yours come out positive?

The test shows that the Russian athlete has used banned substance.

The Russian athlete has been disqualified.

The Turkish athlete wins the gold medal.

Thank you, sir. Thanks. Put it on.

He tricked me! He did this!

What's up Nikolay? I'll give you this and you'll cry.

Hey! Stop it! Stop!

We've got the medal. Stop!

-The medal is ours. Come here. -Get out!

I couldn't see anything when the towel was on my head.

Then he punched me.

That was a harsh one.

Recep? I see you got a medal.

I got it alright but why did you take him outside, Nurullah?

He has been crying nonstop for a few hours.

I pitied him when he started crying like a baby.

I took him outside for some fresh air.

-Did I do something wrong? -Of course you did, Nurullah!

You don't take a prisoner outside like this. You should have at least gagged him.

-What if he screams? -No, I won't scream!

-Zip it! -Trust me, he can't scream.

-Look, I've set something up. -Set what up?

That's right. I brought the spare battery from the truck and connected the electricity into his brain.

Look, I've even put a button here.

I press it when he starts screaming.

You want to see it?

Stop! Don't press it! Please!

So it's connected to the brain?

-That's right. -You're unbelievable.

-Alright then. -Please, please. I'm really sorry.

-Button it! -Akif, do something.

Button it!

You don't seem alright. Let me take you to rehabilitation.

-What is rehabilitation? -Come on, just come.

-Don't take me places that I don't know. -Recep, please come.

In here.

-What is this place? -This is the rehabilitation centre where athletes come to heal faster.

This looks like a funny place. I don't want to have any problems.

You won't. Everybody uses this place.

Come here, I'll put you into this oxygen tank.

-What is this? -It's an oxygen tank.

When the oxygen level increases in your blood, your recovery will speed up.

-So? -You're exhausted. You need to recover.

-You need to get into this. -No, there's no way.

Let me tell you something. I have claustrophobia.

-There's no way I'm getting in this. -But all the athletes use it.

-You'll be fine. -Find me another gadget.

There are hundreds of gadgets here. I can't get into this. Please.

I'm here for you. I'll open it if there is a problem.

-Promise me. -I will. I'll be right here.

-Sure? -I will, I promise.

-Hold my medal. -OK.

-Keep it safe. -OK.

Open it.

-You'll open it when I say so. -Yes, promise.

-No, no. Open it! -Hold on!

-No, open it! -Just try it.

-I'm not feeling well. -Commencing.

I'm getting claustrophobic. Get me out!

It's locked! There is an air flow!

-That's oxygen. -The air flow?

-Yes, it will make you feel better. -That's oxygen?

It will speed up your recovery.

-It feels perfect. -Doesn't it?

-It's great. -Haven't I told you?

-This is nice. -Would I ever do you harm?

-Wait a little more, relax. -This is nice. I'm getting high.


I would stay in this for years.

-It's the perfect place. -OK, that's enough.

-I feel like laughing. -Do you want to get out?

-No, don't. It's OK. -No, it's over.

Let me stay just a little longer.

OK, Recep, that's enough.

-Now, to the cold chamber. -I don't know about the cold chamber but I would even go clubbing with you.

We can't, we have a match. Come on.

I'm as high as a kite.

You kept saying cold chamber, is this it?

Yes, this is it.

I see, it feels cold alright.

Exactly. Now, you go in there and stay for 45 minutes.

It will stimulate your muscles.

Then the body recovers and revitalized, right?

-Exactly. You'll feel great. -OK, I get it.

-You'll wait here for me? -Yes.

-Don't. -Why?

You put me in there, then just go.

No way. I have to be here.

Do you want the team to be without a leader while I'm in here?

-Aren't you the leader's assistant? -I am.

I am putting you in charge temporarily.

You will lead the team while I'm in there.

You set the machine up and leave. I'll get out at 8.45, 40 minutes later.

-Alright, then. See you. -OK, set it up.

-Alright. -Here.

-I am cold already. -Of course.

It feels cold. Come on, close the door.

Don't let it get out.

God, it really is cold.

I swear, I am starting to feel it.

This idiot has said 45 minutes. Wouldn't it be too much?

God. I feel it in my feet already.

What? The power is off.

God! Is the door locked?

Who's closing the curtains. Who are you?

Akif, is that you?

He looked like the Russian. Who is that?

They locked me in here!

Is this a joke! Hey! Dude!

It's locked alright!

Are you trying to drive me crazy?

Now I'm feeling claustrophobic, as well. I'm not feeling well.

I really am not feeling well.

Can I help you?

Hello. I wanted to use it but it seems it is out of order.

What does it say here? "Out of order."

-Maybe next time. -OK, thank you.



Are you ready for the big day?

I didn't want to risk it so I come to take you personally.

Where is this guy?

Guys, has anyone seen Recep?

No. We last saw him yesterday afternoon. What's up?

-Did something happen to Recep? -He has a wrestling match in an hour.

I wanted to be safe and went up to his room but he wasn't there.

You were with him last, weren't you?

Yes, I put him into the cold chamber in the rehabilitation centre.

He was supposed to get out in 45 minutes. He told me to leave.

And you just left? Are you stupid, or what?

Take us to the place where you last saw him yesterday.

Excuse me! Can you help us?

How may I help you?

A friend of ours used this facility yesterday. We can't find him.

He was here at 20.00. He must be in there.

There's no way anybody is in there.

-Can you open it? I want to check it out. -Alright, let's have a look.

Recep! Recep! Are you there?

I'm literally freezing my ass off.

My ass off.

Orhan, quickly!

-Slowly, Orhan. -Slowly.

-Hold him. -Careful, I'll break.

-Oh, Recep. -I'm frozen, I'll break in half.

Spin me!

I'm melting, guys. Good job.

How are you? Better?

Much better but my ass is on fire.

Spin me! Keep me spinning, you idiots!

Who did this to you? Did you see?

I couldn't exactly see but I think it was the Russian.

I saw the Russian tracksuit but I couldn't see who he was.

If you want, let's gather all the Russians up.

God. My ass is on fire! Keep me spinning.

Haven't I told you to keep me spinning.

Of course we will gather them up, you idiot!

But first, we need to wrestle.

Keep spinning, come on!

Should have put me up like doner instead of lying me like kebab?

My feet are still frozen.

No that would burn your feet. The fire is homogenous.

My ass is on fire!

Can't you do multitasking?

Can't you keep spinning while talking, idiots?


-Would you like me to pour it now? -Go ahead.

Hey, hey! What are you doing?

Getting oiled up.

There is no oil in this competition.

It's freestyle wrestling, not oil wrestling. Get rid of it, please.

He knows the rules better. We should follow him, Adem.

But let me be clear. I won't get rid of drum and zurna.

Those are my inspiration. They fire me up.

OK, then. Keep them. Alright.

Come on, guys. Make some noise!

Good luck. Romania, isn't it?

We love Romanians. We are very close to Roman people.

You have Tarik Mengüç and Kibariye.

Late Adnan Senses He used to dance like this.

Love them.

There won't be any illegal moves.

-Understood. -Red to your place, blue to your place.

To your starting positions. Shake hands.

Got it?

Go, Recep!

-What are you doing? -I'm trying to pull him down.

You grab him by the neck like this and pull him down.

-It's a move in wrestling. -I'll give you a warning next time.

-What are you doing? -Gripping.

-There is no such move. -What do you mean?

-No! -It's the gripping move.

There is no such move. It's illegal.

How am I going to grip him and throw him down?

Do it another way.

He's all round and curvy. How am I supposed to grip him?

Either by his ass or It's wrestling.

Foul red. One point to blue.

-Again? -Again.

-Take the bottom position. -What do you mean? I don't get it.

Kneel down.

-Like this? -And put your hands down.

-Like this? -Exactly.

Blue, top position.

No way! Hold on! Stop right there!

You told me to kneel down and put my hands down and I did what you told me to.

But it's different when you say he will be behind me.

I am in my national jersey.

You're making me bend over saying it is the bottom position.

That's the rule. Please.

He's like an English Bulldog and pit bull crossbred.

How am I supposed to turn my back?

Sir! Please follow the rules!

Do you want us to get a room?

Everyone would be happy then.

-Please take your position. -Good God!

I'm doing this for my country. I wouldn't do it for anything else.


Out! Neutral position!

Go, Recep!

I won!

-What are you doing? -I pinned him.

-He's not your opponent. -Who is this then?

-He's the Bulgarian athlete. -Dude, what are you doing on my side?

Go back to your own side. Go!

Come on!

Look at him! He's making himself pinned, coming to my side.

I pin everyone I see.

-Blue, why did you leave the mat? -Dude, why did you leave the mat?

Get out if you're that scared!

Say you're a little girl and can't compete, then get out.

Who is going to save you if you keep switching mats?

I'll choke you. Just wait.


I am going to puke.

What's that smell? Wipe your ass.

He stepped on the mat with a dirty ass. God damn you!

Athletes are supposed to be clean.

Did he poop in his pants or what? It stinks.

-That's it! -You're the man!

That's it! Yeah! Turkish power!

That's not fair!

I can't see anything with this on my head.

And you tied us with a rope.

I can't escape. I can't leave.

God damn this sport!

Strokes! Like this!

They're closing in. Touch it!

That's it! We've won! Good job.

High five.

High five! You got me all wet.

Come on, girl! You go! Come on!

Devour that German girl! Come on!

Shut up! Just shut it!

You'll make me lose. Leave me alone!

Alright. Get up.

That's OK.

Throw her down.

That's it! Well done, girl! Good job!


Cheer for her!

-Oh my! -Come on, Erdal.

-Come on, tiger! -I'm scared. I can't jump.

Just jump like you're jumping into a dam lake. What do you mean you're scared?

-OK, I will. -Do a backflip.

With your hip, with your shoulders.

Come on! Show me what you got!

He did it! He did it very well!

Dear friends, we've gathered here on this nice summer evening.

For God's sake! What are we doing here?

Let me tell you. Do you know where they are from?

-Russia. -What is their national game?

Russian roulette. Now with the Russian roulette technique I will reveal that slimy bastard who locked me in that cold chamber.

Go ahead! Spin it!

Let's see who the lucky one is. Let me warm up.

Recep, please. Someone will see us.

Shut up! Don't drive me mad!


Let me smack you once before the questions.

-OK, it was me. -It was?

-Yes, it was. -Why did you do it, Nikolay?

Why lock a man in a cold chamber, Nikolay?

We've found the culprit!

I see it now. I recognize the hair and everything.

OK, guys, you take Nikolay and bring him to the poolside for his punishment.

Guys, now I will punish Nikolay.

Let me go!

We will.

We'll let you go alright. Don't worry.

-Let's go. -No! Stop!

One two three!

What's up, Nikolay? I'll give you this and you'll get dry.

Have you felt your back burn?

High five. Come on.

Welcome to the Eurasia Youth Sports Games 2016 closing night.

It is the men's 4x200 finals.


Huddle up.

Guys, it's the last day of the tournament.

It's the last game. It all comes down to this.

We've overcome so many things.

Remember all the turning points of the tournament.

We've stuck together with our heads high.

Look, the kids are behind us.

Bright kids. All national athletes.

They all have dreams. They all have worries.

We'll compete for them as well as our country and ourselves.

And you know what we will do?

We will win this race for the flag on our chests with our sweat and blood!

-Where are you from? -Sivas.

-You? -Kayseri.

-You? -Adana.

-Sen? -Edirne!

And I'm from Kars. On my grandfather's side, from Far East.

From which country are these cities?

From Turkey! What are we? We're Turks!

Then what do we do?

We win!

-What do we do? -We win.

-What do we do? -We win.



Come on!

Come on, Orhan. Get ready!

Run like the wind! Let your hair dance in the wind!

Come on, Hasan. Come on!

Take that. Run, Orhan! Jump, Orhan. Go!

Sprint, Orhan! Like that! Come on, Orhan!

Pick it up! You can do this!

God, I'm begging you. Please, let us win this race.

Go! Run, tiger, run!

Go, Orhan!

Adem, take it. Run! Nice!

Very nice. That's my boy. Run!

Step on it! Go on, run!

Come, my boy! Hurry, Adem! Come to your daddy!

Here, my boy! Run, Adem, run!


-Give it here! -Here!

-Dude! -Here!

-Pass it over! -Here!

To my hand!

Not to my ass!

-They finished together! -I won!

-I definitely won! -Let's check the photo finish camera!

-Yes, Recep! -Good job!

You've won!


The winner is Turkey!

God! This is it!

This is it! Turkey wins!

We've done it!

It's time to cheer now!

-Red! -White!

-Red! -White!

-Champion! -Turkey!

-Champion! -Turkey!

One, two, three!