Recoil (2011) Script

You just missed him, Dale.

Looks like your sight's a little off.

Oh, come on, man, let's just head back.

I ain't leaving till I kill.. somethin'.

Dude, it's.. it's just a rabbit.

Fuck this.


Get off me!

Just tell me what you want!

You want money? I got money!

You gotta tell me what you want!

I want you to remember Mary Anne DaRosa before you die.

I don't know what you're talking about!

You got the wrong guy!


Don't you remember?


Fuck! Yeah, I remember!


You a truck driver or something like that?

Something like that.


So where you headed?

North. Oh, Canada'?

Not much up that way but Canada.

Wait.. you ain't headed to Hope, are you?

Straight on the highway, exit 26.

You'll know it when you see it.


Can I help you with something?

Twenty bucks. Regular.

There a place to stay around here?

Yeah, there's a motel down the street.

The name's Kirby.

You can.. see that.


Ask for Darcy at the motel.

She's cool.


'Cause you're not like a psycho or something, right?



Karen Lee Matheson, 14.

Took authorities a week to ID her body.

Mary Anne DaRosa, 11, same M.O.

Dale James Burrows.

I want 24-hour surveillance on this guy.


Find this asshole. Quickly.

Yeah, you're gonna want to call off that surveillance.


Somebody just turned Dale Burrows into abstract art.

When? Almost 48 hours.

Are they sure? Pretty sure.

He's a goddamn pretzel.

Are they sure it's Burrows?

Oh, yeah. His hunting buddies ID'd the body.

He's downstairs.

All right. Let's go.

Caucasian. Male.

Crushed trachea, broken ribs, back, skull, legs.


Fall. It definitely killed him.

But he was strangled first.

Whoever did it was really strong.

It was like his neck was in a vice.

It's our vigilante?

Fuck! You scared the shit out of me.

I'm sorry. Need a room.

Thirty a night, cash up front.

Stay through the weekend, tack on another twenty.

No breaks for longer stays. Don't steal any towels.

The TV and radio are bolted down, so don't try to steal those either.

Two nights.

Okay, Ryan..

Varrett, welcome to The Palace.

You run this place by yourself?

It's just me.

What brings you to Hope?


Next building down.


What the fuck are you looking at?

Piss on my bike?

Get the fuck out of here!

What the fuck?

What the hell you looking at, huh?

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

We got a little problem here. Not any more.

Pick him up.

You know what'? You must have some of the best health insurance in the world.

We're gonna have to continue this conversation later.


So how's this work?

You just gonna text me?

Or you want me to wait here?

This guy's got some huevos.

Hey, Drayke, are you gonna let him go or what?

No, no, no, no, no.

He'll get his.

Ooh, yeah.

That your GTX?

Yup. '68?


You know about cars?

My husband was a gear-head. We had a Mustang.


Widowed. Not divorced.

Mustang's a good car.

Beat the hell out of it, the thing will keep running.

It keeps running.

Until it doesn't.

I don't drink.


Health nut. Good for you.

Cop'? No.

Skip tracer, bounty hunter, traveling salesman.

Did I miss anything? Jockey.


Where you goin'?

See the sights.

Well, that won't take long.


He's ready.

What's he owe'? About a grand and a half.

Club's been floating him.

Let's even him out.

Oh, yeah! Come on! Let's get it goin'!


Do you know what deadbeat is?

Deadbeat came out of the American Civil War.

Soldiers fake injuries so they wouldn't have to do their duty.


Drayke, I just need a little bit of time.

Now, you wouldn't be trying to not do your duty payin' the club, would you?

I'd never do that.

Here's the deal:

One round.. with me.

I'll squash your debt.

You look like you could scrap a little bit.

Drayke.. Shh! Shh.

One round?

One round.

Your debt's paid.

Good night! Good night. Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

Come on, Drayke! Come on, come on.

Do it! Let's go, let's go!

One round.

Yaargh! Ohh!


Ooh! Argh!





Please.. Ooh!

Oh, yeah!

Whooo! Yeah! He's cracklin'! Whoo!

He did pretty good for a fat boy!

So what do we do with him, huh?

Let him go.

What about the 1,500?

That was easy! What else you got?

He paid his debt.

I'm gonna need you to check on the lab.

That prospect might be smokin' up all the merch.

What? Right now?

Yeah, right now.

Follow him.

You're gonna wanna leave it on there for about five minutes.

Yeah. Yeah, I know. I know.

Yeah, any longer, it's gonna harden.

Right, right. You know, I thought we could..

take a little breakfast.. Stop.

Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about.

Now go ahead and bag some of this shit up, man.

I'll let my brother know that we're set for the next run, all right?


Hey, man, hey, you know that big fucker from today?

I hear he's staying over at Darcy's.

At the motel?


Just closing up, Rex.

Hm! Just wanna say hey.

Well, what is it?

You got a new guest stayin' here.

Big guy. What's his name?

This is a motel.. people come and go.

I don't know his name. You're not lyin'?

No. I'm not.


You all alone here?

What do you want, Rex?

Well, let's just say that I'm, uh, interested in the clientele, all right?

Yeah, well, Paris Hilton just checked out.

That's funny.

What are you looking at?


Babe, you afraid of me?

No, I'm not.

That's good.

What are you doing'? Hey, relax.

Just wanna take a peek, all right?

There's nothing in there.




I don't know why we always fight.

Oh, you're an Aquarius, I'm a Libra.

You're a freak! Fuck you, you sick rapist fuck!

You killed that girl because she said no.

They all say yes.

Eventually, they all say yes.

You know, in all seriousness, babe.. you need to show me a little more respect, all right?

You know, my brother has enough shit to worry about.

Especially without, uh..

Oh. Varrett. Ryan Varrett. Room three, huh?

You Okay?


What are you gonna do with him?

He's Drayke Salgado's brother. You can't touch him.

I'll try not to get any on me.

Hey! Hey!

Hey! What the fuck, man? Fuck.

Hey, look, man, check this shit out, man.

Let me tell you something, all right?

I know.. I know what you're thinking, man!

Look, look, I didn't hit her, all right?

I swear to you, I didn't hit her!

You know what I mean? She said some things, I said some things!

You know, just.. things get crazy, man!

It gets complicated!

That's a lie.

That's not why I'm here.

Argh! Ah! Argh!

Okay, okay, okay, okay.

All right.. All right, look, look!

I know what it is, man. I was acquitted, man!

I was acquitted. I swear to God I was!

Not by me.

Okay, okay, okay, okay. All right, look! Look!

Stop fuckin' playin', man! Shit!

All right, all right, check this out, man.

Okay, I know why you're here, man.

I'll tell you what, man, my brother.

My brother, man! You know who the fuck he is, right?

You know who I am! You let me go.

'Cause I swear to God, homie, if you don't, then my brother will fuck you up, man!

But you let me go and he'll go easy on you, I promise you that, man!

I promise you, if you just let me go, man..

I think you know why I'm here.

What'd they call you, the Highway Man?

You like to make young girls feel helpless?

Beating 'em? Raping them?

Girls like Darcy.

That make you feel powerful?

That make you feel like a big man?

What a beautiful night for a drive.

Enjoy the ride, Highway Man.

Uh.. it's Rex, Drayke. He's, uh..

Take me there.

How long has it been since your last confession?

What is it, my son?

Thank you for my party.

You're welcome. I love you.

You know there's nothing to be afraid of, right?



Where the fuck's my brother?

I told you to keep an eye on him!

He gave me the slip.

I called you on the pre-paid.

Get in there and get him.

This wasn't an accident. Now, we don't know that.

We don't know what?

I'm just sayin' there's.. no need to tear the town to pieces.

Look, you live in this town

'cause I say you live in this town.

I'll burn this motherfucker down if I want to and there ain't a fucking thing you can do about it.

And you better take care of him.

He's young.

Fire's on the way.

What did he say?

Stay out of it.

I'll take care of 'em.


You need to pick your battles, son.

What battles did you pick?

You listen to me, you arrogant little shit!

Things were different back when I started making compromises.

Everything I did was to keep Hope safe.

And that's what let me sleep at night.

How you been sleeping lately?


You killed him?

Technically, it was the explosion that killed him.

You can't stay here. Drayke's gonna start a war.

The older brother? Yeah, the crazy older brother of the guy you just killed.

Drayke runs this town. Meth. Guns.

He's the mayor. We're all just paying rent.

How long have they been here?

Forever. Original charter.

Drayke's the worst of the First 9.

He killed the president of the MC and then he took over.

What about the police? A couple of deputies.

The sheriff's in Drayke's pocket.

The rest of us, we just keep our mouth closed, our eyes shut, and Drayke leaves us alone.

You know how it is.


So if you're gonna shake the cage, go for it.

But leave me out of it.

I came here for Rex.

You come for one of them, you get them all.

Why stay?

'Cause this is all I got.

Mike tried to get us out.

My husband. They killed him.

He didn't come home.

Well, that's the nice way of saying it.

"He didn't come home." Like..

Like he's gonna walk through the door one day and be like, "Hey, honey, I'm not dead. I just went out for cigarettes."

He didn't even smoke.

Look, you got a death wish?

That's cool. Knock yourself out.

But it's gonna heat up around here because of you.

Hey, Rex was a rapist, a murderer.

So'? Who are you? Superman?


Okay, wait.

Maybe.. Maybe you should stay.

I mean, you're.. you're all paid up and everything.



Earthquake survival kit?

No, just stocking up on a few things.

Hey, how's that, uh, new guy?

Uh, quiet.

Doesn't, uh.. Doesn't talk much.

That's like something you read in the newspaper and then you find a bunch of headless hookers.

Is he nice?

Um.. He's the strong, silent type.

Big guy, huh? Big dude.


Listen, Darcy, I was thinking.. if you're not busy..

Deputy. Hey, Kirby.


Uh, no, thanks.

I'm already eight cups deep.


Hell of a thing last night, huh?

Yeah, still smell the smoke.


Be nice, wouldn't it?

Hey, what happened to your eye?

I, uh, clocked myself in the face with some loose drywall.

It's maintenance season at the chateau.

The, uh, guy staying at your place, who is he?

Just a guy. Cool car. Pays in advance.

He hit you?

If he hit me I'd be breathing through a tube.

He's not like that. Okay.

He scrapped it out with a prospect yesterday, so..

It's none of my business.

Got one. Our vigilante?

Well, it could be.

Pierce County, Washington State.

Rex Ray Salgado burned alive. Salgado?

Six counts of rape, assault, sexual battery.

Highway Man. Piece of shit. Our guy's M.O.

Same as Burrows.

Skated perp living outside the walls gets offed in style.

But check that out.

His older brother is ATF's most wanted, Drayke Salgado, president of The Circle, a bunch of vicious biker fucks straight out of the pen.

Well, our vigilante is probably long gone.

Nah, I doubt it.

No, if our guy whacked Drayke Salgado's brother, they wouldn't let him out of town alive.


Fine. It was.. no trouble. Really.

Thanks. How many what?

Bikers. Here in Hope.

Depends on what they're running.. drugs or guns.

Sometimes as many as 30, as few as 9.


Sometimes more, sometimes less.

They're like.. they're like roaches.

Taking off?


Say goodbye before you go.

You, uh.. You know you're paid up for another night, right?

Well, I.. Fridays, I like to make a big dinner, drink some wine, watch The Price Is Right.

It's usually just me.

Tomorrow is Friday.

You're gonna make me ask?

Sounds nice.

You know you can get out of town, right?

Get the fuck out, and no one would know.

And I won't say shit about Rex.

Burn the login book. You were never here.

Yeah. So why don't you?

Like you said..

I've already paid for another night.

Oh! Fuck!

Drayke wants to see you.

I'm busy!

All right, all right, all right! What does he want?

He's lonely.


You know, I can't fight. I'm scared of my own shadow.

My little brother was killed last night.

Yeah, I know.

I mean, I heard. I'm.. I'm sorry.

You're sorry?

Well, yeah, nobody should have to lose someone they care about.

Yeah, it brings up some, like.. a lot of emotions. You know, like.. anger, sadness.. rage.


That's why you're here.

I'm totally confused, you know?


I don't.. I don't know anything, if that's what you mean.


You know everything that goes on in Hope.

Look, I..

You know why our club is called.. The Circle?

I, um..

Because we're like links in a chain.

You know, we're all connected.

Now, I need you to be an extra link.

Help us.

Help you how?

I need to know where he goes, what he does, who he is.

I don't want to kill him if he's an undercover fed.

'Cause it'd bring too much heat. Well, I don't, uh..

Yeah, okay.


Anything you need.


That's good, Kirby.

I'd keep your hand still if I were you.


Close your fist. What'?

Squeeze it. Argh! Agh!

Close your fist. Squeeze it!


Now.. tell me a story.


Okay, thanks. Thank you.

What's going on?

Just, uh, doing a check on our friend, the tourist.

And? He's a cop.

Or he was.

The police database doesn't have a last known.

From Dallas.

Good cop, too. Couple of medals.

Worked some high-profile organized crime stings.

What's an ex-Dallas cop doing all the way up here in Hope?

C'mon, guys, get in there!

Come on! Hurry up!

That means you, prospect!

All right, you guys quit lollygagging!

Come on! Get in there!

Prospect, I'm watching you. Knock that shit off!

Fuck! Son of a bitch!

Yeah, it's just a flat. Go ahead, I got a spare.

Yeah, I'll check in as soon as I'm mobile.

Fuck you very much.

Start walkin'.

Argh! Oh! Ahh!

Son of a bitch!

Start walkin'.


Crab! Where's Drayke?

He's at the boat. What's up?

We got problems.

Hey.. Hey, boss.

One of our trucks got jacked.

Cops? No, not cops.

Definitely not cops.


Generally, mechanics look under the hood.

Uh.. yeah.

Uh, sorry.




It's a vintage auto. Had to look, you know?

You wanna get a beer?

A little early. Yeah.

You know, I've had this place for about ten years, family's for 70.

My dad, his dad. It's like a story, vivid history.

Like a legacy. Like The Godfather.

You ever see The Godfather?


What goes on in that bar?


Meth, ca.. Ooh! Heroin, guns.

Drayke, he, uh.. Drayke.

He gets them hooked on one or the other and then when you end up in debt to The Circle..

He kills 'em.

Yeah, if you're lucky.

They run guns outta there? Yeah, the bar or the boat.

Boat? What boat?

The boat. It's Drayke's other office.

It's like an old, half-sunken, abandoned ferry.

It's all kinds of wrong.

How do they ship the cargo?

By water or by truck. The Circle, they've got.. they've got charters all over the country and it just moves, it's back and forth.

And the cops that they can't pay, they kill.

But this town is the hub and that boat.. is hell, sir.

Hell. And I'm not joking.


Wow, you sure seem pissed off.

Why are you lookin' in my car?

Look, I got no beef with you.

But I gotta keep these assholes off of my back and they're asking me questions.

Tell 'em everything you know.

Protect yourself.

Hang on.

Oh shit!

Who is he?

That's Crab.

He's a sergeant at arms.

Hey, what are you doing?

Oh shit.

Hold on there.

You don't walk up to me unless I tell you.

Some kind of hard-ass.

I get it.

You done fucked up, boy! I hear that a lot.

God damn it!

Ah! You're gonna pay for that.


Where'd you learn to fight like that?

From fighting.

I got a burnt fucking truck five miles north of town.

I wanna know who set it up.

It wasn't us.

They burnt everything.

Ryan Varrett, ex-Dallas PD.

Went off the reservation years ago.

Well, he's way the fuck off the reservation now.

Well, what do you want me to do?

What you always do.. nothin'!

Now, I don't wanna see a whole lot of new faces in Hope.

No feds, no ATF.

I'll do my best.

Do better.

Ryan Varrett?

Those licensed weapons?

Some are, some aren't.

You going hunting?

You gonna arrest me?

Look, if you move in on Drayke now, he's gonna expect it.

He's dug in, he's got his covers pulled.

You move now.. we're gonna get real dead, real quick.


Give me some time.

Let me see if I can invite some guests to the party.

That way we're not so outnumbered.

You a good cop, Hedge?

I'm not on the payroll, if that's what you're asking.

You know how to use one of those?

I could probably figure it out.

I barely know you, I invite you for dinner?

I didn't want anything more than just company.

I'm sorry. Lost track of time.

It's nothing.

What happened to yours?

You don't wanna know.

It's good you know what I want.

I thought you didn't drink.

They were executed.

Listen, you don't owe me anything.

I should have died, too.

I'm sorry.

The biker turf war, my department helped take 'em down.

Circle? Are you talking about The Circle?

The ones I arrested were from a small-time local club.

They wouldn't turn the others in.

So you came here for what'? I came here for Rex Salgado.

But you're sticking around for big brother?

Argh! No! Agh!

You're getting friendly with Varrett.


I'm disappointed, Kirby.

Disappointed, but I understand.

A man's gotta choose sides.

You chose wrong.

But.. you made a choice.


I'll do whatever you want. Yeah, sure, now.

C'mon, you gotta give me more time. Varrett's like a lockbox.

The man doesn't talk. Shh-sh!

You ever been to the joint, Kirby?


The penitentiary changes you.

My first jolt.. conspiracy to distribute.

22, 23 years old. Just a kid.

Now, my first night in the joint, I got what was called..

"covered wagon".

Blanket party.

Different penitentiaries have different names, same thing.

Six hard-hitting motherfuckers..

"blacks, whites, Mexicans."

Okay, okay, okay. Look, he.. used to be a cop.

He sounds like he's from Texas. He drives a GTX.

I don't know what else I can tell you about this guy.

They throw a blanket.. over the bars in the cell so the guards can't see what's coming down.

Then they torture you.. cut you.. beat you half to death.

It's like a free-for-all.

I got even with every one of 'em.

And then when I got out.. I got them cops' name.

Made them pay.

Made their families pay.

'Cause that's what I do to people that fuck with me.

Gotta balance the books.

Do you understand what I mean?

Jesus Christ!

Darcy.. Darcy, you don't wanna see this. You don't wanna see this.

Is it him?

Darcy! What are you doing?

What are you doing'? Give me the gun.

What are you doing?

Give me the gun.

I thought we had an agreement.


That was some kinda Mad Max shit out there.

We'll take care of it.

But I'm gonna need you to run some interference.

Like I have a choice.

You always have a choice.. Sheriff.

You sober?

Want me to lie to you?

Well, either way, you did the right thing.


What are you talking about? The feds.

The feds are here?

It's a biker town.

People come and go. Yeah, but in body bags'?

Rex Salgado's death was an accident.

So he just strapped himself to the hood of his car?

Now, you don't watch CSI, Sheriff?

Look, I know it was no accident, so if I know, The Circle knows.

You don't think they're out there looking for payback?

Do you have any suspects?

There aren't any.

I interviewed Drayke personally.

As far as he knows, it was an accident.

Well, then, I'll let you get back to work.

How long you think you'll be stayinā€¯?

As long as it takes.

Corner pocket.

You okay with those fingers?

How about I break yours?

You gonna shoot or what?

Shut up!

What the fuck?

Hey, you're gonna wanna put that back.

Looks like you scratched.

Kick his ass.

There's no sign of him.

Keep lookin'.

Yes, sir.

Kill 'em.



Yes, sir.

Dad, could you leave the hall light on?

You know there's nothing to be afraid of, right?

Um, wait, I'll be right back.

And thank you for my party.

You're welcome.

I love you.

You're carrying'?


Ryan, can't you stop being a cop for one day?

Oh! Good shot! Matty, come on!

Come on, Mom!

I'm sorry.

Take as much time as you need.

Where are they?

I can't do that.

The FBI and the ATF got a previous investigation.

Besides, those three are just local muscle drill-heads.

We're gonna find the rest of them, the ones that got away, the ones that planned it, and those assholes are going to pay.

You have my word.

Where are they?

The sheriff wasn't too helpful.

No, my dad is just afraid.

What, does the MC have something on him?

A long time ago..

The Circle used to protect this town.

This was before Drayke took over and started running guns.

And then Rex came home with the recipe for meth.

Hope was like a frog in water.

You turn up the temperature gradually, the frog doesn't even know he's cooking.

I'd say the temperature is damn near boiling now.


That you?

Stay away from the windows.

Get down.

When I give you the signal, turn the lights off.





You know that door wasn't locked, right?

Let go of me!

Let me go)!

Fuck you! Ryan!

Let me go, you fuckers!

Fuck you! Let me go!

Ryan! Ryan!

No! No!




Hutchins, grab some men and get down to the motel now.

They took her. I know it.

Look, just relax. We'll get her back.

Dad, we have a situ..

Sheriff Cole, we have a situation at the motel.

I need you. Over.


Where's Darcy?

You know, my brother's sick. I know.

But he's family.

He shoulda never been left alone with those girls.

Someone was supposed to be watching him, so that's on me.

I'm gonna enjoy killing you.

Well, unlike Rex, you know, I don't like hurting women.

But, unfortunately.. prospect there does.

Keep your fucking hands off her.

Get off me!

Now you and I.. we got a score to settle, don't we'?



I know.

I can feel that pain, that pain of being hurt.

The pain of somebody hurting the ones you love.

I'll see you again.

Hello again.

You ain't so tough now, are you, muscle man? Huh'?


You know..

You know, you really surprised me the other day, out of nowhere.

You got a pretty strong chin there, big guy.

Unfortunately, that's not really gonna help you now.

You know, if it were up to me, I'd just.. cut you into little bits and feed you to the pigs.

But, uh, Drayke wants you alive.

I guess Papa wants to teach you a lesson for what you did to me.

So, uh..

So I'm just gonna go back there and have a little fun with your girlfriend.

What do you think about that?

Keep your fucking hands off of her.

She liked it the last time.

But before I go.. all right, I.. I wanna do something for you.

You know?

I wanna leave you with a little, uh, souvenir, all right, of your time here in Hope with The Circle gang.

So just, uh.. just hold still, 'cause this is gonna leave a mark.

Oof! Oh!







You Okay?

I'm good.

Okay, okay.


Keep going.



Look, I'm sorry about your father, Deputy, but I need you to stay focused because you're no good to me angry.

He thought he'd take himself out of the picture and I'd just leave, get away from Drayke.

All he did was give me a promotion.

We're gonna need an army to get into that boat.

Well, looks like we've got one.

What do you think this much product is worth?


Gotta be millions of dollars in here.

Impressive, isn't it?


Yeah, that's right, Darcy.



Just do it.

You remember me now?

First I didn't recognize you.

I'm not that good with faces.

Texas cop.. with a family.

Ryan Varrett.

You were on a list.

I thought you were dead.

So.. what's this, vengeance?

You kill my brother? You kill me?

Did you hear them scream?

Or did it happen too fast?

What does that do to a man?

You're about to find out.


So it's an eye for an eye, huh?

You killed my brother.

So, technically, we're even.

I made a mistake. Oh, yeah'? What's that?

I shoulda killed your ass first.



Get up!

You should make sure he's dead They always..

Straight through, straight through!

Over here!

Good job in there.


Are you sure you're gonna be all right?

Yeah, I'm okay. Okay.

You staying in Hope?

Where else am I gonna go?



Town needs a new sheriff.

Well, I think you'll make a great one.

You fleeing the scene?

You gonna arrest me?

Oh, definitely.

But not today.

Why not?

I got no evidence.

It seems the folks of Hope have taken a liking to you.

There's no accountin' for taste.

You were a good cop.

You only take out the bad guys, I get that.

But sooner or later, somebody's gonna get hurt, somebody like Darcy.

And I can't let that happen.

I'll see you around.

Not even a goodbye?

I'm bad at goodbyes.

Well, you're not very good at hellos, either.

So where are you going, Ryan Varrett?

Just gonna ride off into the sunset?


You gonna be okay?

Mike used to say the worst thing about shooting a gun was the recoil.

It bruises you. The marks stay around for days.

But then, after a while, you get used to it.

It doesn't bruise you any more.

And shooting a gun just becomes reflex.

Mike sounds like a smart guy.


Send me a postcard. Let me know where you go.

I will.


Take care of yourself, okay? I will do my best.

Well, I think that just might do it.

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