RED (2010) Script



943-66-2291. Pension Services, please.

WOMAN: Thank you, Mr. Moses, please hold for your representative.



Hi, this is Sarah.

It's Frank Moses.

Hey. Frank. What's going on?

Not much.

I just called because they didn't send that check out again.

Oh. I can't believe they haven't worked this out by now.

I'll make sure they send another one out today.

I'm so sorry.

Well, what are you gonna do?

So how's your avocado?

It's got two green leaves on it.


I told you, you could grow something.

Well, it was pretty close. It was life or death.

I'm not kidding. It could have gone either way.

How's your day going?

My day? My day sucks.

Your day sucks?


Right now I just want to travel.

I'm thinking Chile. Sounds like an adventure. I don't know.

You ever been to Chile?


You have? What's it like?


That's it?

Well, it was night, I...

It was...

Look, I gotta go.

Okay. Sure.

No, sorry, it's just Gladys.


"It was night."

Hi, Mr. Moses!


-FRANK: Did you start that new book? -I did.

And, what's it called?

It's called Love's Savage Secret.


Is it any good?

It's terrible. I love it. It's awful.

It's about this fashion designer and his supermodel girlfriend, and they get recruited by the CIA to stop an assassination at the Milan spring shows.

Well, who doesn't like Milan in the spring?

I guess.

Anyway, I gotta do something for excitement.

My landlady keeps trying to set me up with her bridge partners' kids.

She just told me she thinks I'm gay.

I try not to judge.

What? Shut up! I'm not gay.

So here's something weird.

I'm actually gonna be in Kansas City next week.

In person?


Wow. That could be a bad idea.

It could be.

You still there?

Yeah. Yeah.

Why don't you call me when you get to town?

Or... Yeah.

Okay. Bye.

Okay, bye.


All right.

MAN ON RADIO: Come in, Unit One.

Come in, Unit One.

Unit One, respond.



Don't you know I got to find me a home Right now in your heart I'll travel over miles...

Hey, aren't you going to invite me in?

No, I don't think so.

But I bought you dinner!


Wow! Wow!

And you live with your mother.


Yeah, of course. You have no job.

You, mister, are not getting any of this.


It's me. Frank.

The avocado?

Why are you here? Get out of my house!

-Hey! -I told you to call first.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Would you just listen to me? Please? Stop that!

Get back. Go away. Stay away from me!

Is that my bag?


You packed it?


Did you vacuum?

A little, yeah, it was messy.

Get back. Get out!

Please. We have to leave. Right now. Stop it.

-Help! Help! -Hey! Just listen to me, please!

-Someone is trying to kill me. -Help!

-What are you doing? Listen to me! -Intruder!

-Help! -They've been trying to kill you, too.

Why would anyone want to kill me?

Because we've been under surveillance.

They've been listening to our conversations.


Because of the way I talk to you.


They know I like you.


Listen to me. Right now. Out the back door.

No way! No!

FRANK: Don't get me wrong, I know it's crazy.

Don't think that I don't think this is crazy.

And it (SIGHS) couldn't be more different than how I'd hoped to meet you for the first time.

But sometimes things happen.

And I just hope that someday you and I could be sitting somewhere, comfortably and look back on this as the great, big adventure that it is.




I'm a little hungry, too. What should we get?

(MUFFLED) Pizza.

WILLIAM: Listen, hon.

Yeah, lots of boys get bullied at school.

I know, but you can't solve it by intervening like that.

No, I don't agree with you.

I know, it's hard.

I'll talk to him about it when I get home.


No, I should be on time tonight.

Milk, two percent? Okay, love you, bye.

Listen. I can make you rich.

Don't you know who I am?

Of course, I do.



This is off the books. Total blackout.

Yes, ma'am.

There's your target.

WILLIAM: Retired analyst.

He was CIA.

Is that a problem?



The spark in your eye sets my soul on fire Your voice is like a angel above The touch of your hand, woman Drives me insane But, baby, I want to be loved Sorry.


Wow. If you let me go now, I won't press charges.

-There's no hard feelings. -We're way past charges.

How do I always attract losers like you?

I was in the CIA.

Yeah, I bet you were. I'll bet you're a spy.


I have to go see someone now...

You're just gonna make me sit here? Like this?

You couldn't be safer. No one knows where you are.

Oh, no. Don't do it.

-Just hold still. -Don't please. I don't want it.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Your eyes are so beautiful.

Want to watch TV?


Be back soon.

Is that thing acting up again?

Oh, hi, Marna, yeah.

Give it a rap, will ya? See if you could get it going for me.

Of course.

I don't know why you don't fix this old thing.

Better picture.

-Try a little bit more to the left. -Okay.


That's just perfect.

Thank you very much, Marna.


Should be ashamed of yourself.


It's nice to see you, kid.

It's good to see you, too.

So what's up?

Met a girl.



Got a visit from a wet team.

At my house, 24 hours ago.

Did you ID any of them?


This used to be a gentleman's game.

And you know I love you. Bye.

Independent South African hit team suspected of killing a New York Times reporter.

Stephanie Chan. You know her?


Somebody has a serious hard-on for you, kid.


But why now? I'm retired.

Just have to dig some more.

Watch your back, too.

I'm 80 years old, I got stage 4 liver cancer.

-What the hell can they do to me? -They can still shoot you.


I never thought this would happen to me.


Getting old.


I mean, Vietnam, Afghanistan.

Green Springs Rest Home?


Go figure.

So Moses made 22 calls to Pension Services and that didn't stand out to you?



Have Endercott intercept the girl at the Hotel Capri.

Hey, Mike, change of plans.

She's just fine.

I can take you home.


I gotta take you down to the station first to get your statement.

Then there's a couple of federal guys that are gonna want to talk to you.

I gotta say, I think you're pretty amazing for breaking free and keeping it together like you did.

That's impressive.

I'm gonna go back and get my purse...

I can have somebody bring it downtown for you.

-Get in the car! -Ow!

Let me go! You're hurting me.



Am I gonna die?

No. You just need some sleep.

I may vomit.

Wow, this is just like Love's Savage Secret.

I am high.

You have such beautiful green eyes.


Wow. You really are CIA.

Officer down. Corner of North Peters and Conti.

Suspect is a white male, 30s, black suit and a tie, driving a black Tahoe.



OFFICER: Freeze! Put your weapon on the ground!

Put your weapon on the ground now!

Right now!

JOE: So you're saying this was CIA sanctioned?

All right, Thelma, thanks. I owe you one. Bye.

So it's like that, huh?

Yeah. It's like that.

Where are we?

How did we get to New York City?

Wow, I really hate you right now.

I was just hoping you'd be a little more understanding of the situation.

I was hoping not to get kidnapped. Or drugged.

I was hoping you'd have hair.

So it looks like none of our dreams are coming true, at the moment.

Sorry about that.

Thanks for saving me. I guess.

No problem.

Not my best first date.

Not my worst, either.

Until we find out who's trying to kill us, you're gonna have to stay with me.

For how long?

I don't know.

Whoever's trying to kill us also killed a New York Times reporter.

She used to live in Chinatown.

Okay. Here we go. Let's come in here. Right here. Wait a second.

-You just hang onto this tape. -Oh, no.

No, you said we were just gonna talk to her.

We are. This'll help.

-The woman just lost her daughter. -I know.

You can't just go around duct taping everyone.

People are basically kind of decent.

That hasn't always been my experience.

Let me try and talk to her.

-What? -Just let me do it.

MRS. CHAN: They told me to be patient.

The police have done nothing.

They said it was just a burglary, but nothing was missing.

She was scared.

We're hoping we can do more.

You worked with my Stephanie?

She sent me this.

I got it in the mail on the day she died.

What does this mean?

I don't know.

I tried dialing the numbers.

Police had no idea.

Where did Stephanie go to college?

SARAH: Why are we here again?

Those numbers on Stephanie Chan's postcard are actually a call number for a book.

Call numbers start with letters.

In the Library of Congress, yeah.

In Harvard-Yenching, it's a classification for Asian literature.

How could you possibly know that?


You speak Chinese?


Hank Maestriano died 2 weeks ago. Car crash.

Daniel McGinty. Heart attack. Last week.

(WHISPERING) But if this is a hit list, why is this guy still alive? Gabriel Singer.

Flies cargo planes.

That's a good question.


Hell of a mess.

Come on.


Joe Matheson, please.

Hold on.





Frank Moses is not a retired analyst who's never worked in the field.

This guy has a history.

CYNTHIA: That's a file number.

You need to visit the back room.

You're going to meet the Records Keeper.

I didn't even know this place existed.

It doesn't.


Frank Moses' file.

You gotta be kidding me.

Frank Moses was one of the most effective black op agents we've ever had.

He retired drug-lords, terrorists.

Hell, he toppled governments.

Yeah. He was truly gifted.

Why was he retired?

He got old.

Then some thumb-sucker came along and tagged him "RED."


Yeah. RED. R-E-D. "Retired: Extremely Dangerous."


Yeah. They don't make them like that anymore.


I'm gonna need a data haunt.

Every flak he was ever involved in. Every agent he's ever run.

I want NSA telephone surveillance, voice recognition...

FRANK: We have to find Marvin Boggs.

Marvin died two years ago in a fire.

Yeah. Marvin has died many times.

Oh, can we have that one?

Wow. All we need is a banjo.

(SHUSHING) Keep your voice down.

Don't make any sudden moves.

Just stay close to me.

-Don't use your cell phone. -You took my cell phone.

Don't talk about cell phones. Don't talk about satellites.


Why are you trying to kill me?

I'm not trying to kill you!

Oh, yeah. You are.

Why would I be trying to kill you?

Because the last time we met, I tried to kill you.

That was a long time ago.

Some people hold on to things like that.

I'm not trying to kill you.


So that makes us friends.




You wanna take that knife out of my balls now?

Who is she?

Sarah. She's not trying to kill you either.

Yeah. Hi.

I don't stay in the open.

Come on, I'll show you the house.

What's that?


He lives in a car?

Come on in.

Why do you live here when you have the other place?

Let's put it this way.

When the helicopter passed over the house last year and I could feel their eyes on me.

Wet like peaches.

I have a list here.

It was written by a reporter who's now dead.

Along with everyone whose names are on that list.

Well, almost everyone.

Frank, how many times have I told you?

You cannot trust the system!

I told you when you're in the system, they switch the flip and you're done.

Man, satellites, cell phones, chips, net, the web, the dentist...


That list is the one we need help with.

Yeah, I gotta check the files.

FRANK: Of course you do. Thanks, man.


This guy's insane.

Well, he thought he was the subject of a secret government mind control project.

This'll take a minute.


As it turns out, he really was being given daily doses of LSD for 11 years.

-In that case, he looks great. Yeah. -Fantastic.

Got it. Guatemala. Fall 1981.

Five of the guys on this list were there, not including us.

San Benito. Just outside.

Injun territory.

Yeah. Was a little village. Everybody was killed. Civilians.

They told us, "Go in there. Clean it up.

"Make it look like it never happened."

You think everyone on this list was there?

Damn it.

Damn it!

Do you know what's wrong with this country?

They're all trying to kill us?


Is there anybody still alive on that list?

Gabriel Singer.


I never thought I'd say this again.

I am getting the pig!

Who's she talking to?

Just take it easy.

Frank, we gotta get rid of this broad.

I know a great place, just up the road. Lots of alligators.

We're not getting rid of the broad.

I like her. Okay?

What's the angle?

No angle. I like her.

Okay. So, they pull her voice from the pay phone, probably right now, install the recognition software and back-trace it to Singer.

So then we show up, they bring out the satellite, and we're fried with Y-rays.

How you doing?

Good, fine.

November niner 745.

Wow. Singer is going to be in Mobile tomorrow.

We can catch him at the airfreight terminal.

How about that?

MAN ON PA: The Sunset Limited with service to New Orleans, Houston, Tucson and Los Angeles now boarding platform five.

It's the final boarding call for the eastbound express...


No, please! No!

You smell like Washington.

Who do you work for?

Coldwell Banker, I'm a real estate agent! Please, don't hurt me.

No, no. Who do you work for?

-What? -Who do you work for?

Marvin! Whoa!

Frank, she's one of them. She's been following us.

There's a camera in her bag. I'm gonna kill her now.

No, please don't kill... Don't let him kill me! Please!

Marvin, just wait, would you, please?

Marvin. Look. Marvin.

No camera in the bag.

Go, ma'am, now. Now.

Get a car.

Try not to kill anyone.

She was following us, Frank.


"She has a camera in her purse, we have to kill her?"


See you in a minute.


Right? Gabriel Singer?

What's this about?

Guatemala. 1981. San Benito.

I can't talk to you.

Pair beats ace.

I got one for you.

What did this twice-decorated, west Texas Jew-boy Marine pilot say to the Chinese New York Times reporter?

I give up.

Nothing. I didn't tell her a damn thing.

The reporter's dead now.

And everyone she spoke to is either dead or a target.

That includes you.

Oh, Christ.

They had me fly this guy out there in the dead of night.

Hairy little airstrip in the middle of nowhere.

He was CIA, some dorky little spook in a suit and tie.

Remember that guy?

-Black glasses. -Yeah. He was giving the orders.

GABRIEL: He picked up a package and I flew him back out.

What was the package?

It wasn't a what.

It was a who.

Frank! Frank!

It's that helicopter.

We're in an airport. So...

It's the same helicopter.

November niner 748 Charlie.

November niner 748 Charlie.

See? Frank, November niner 748...

FRANK: Is that a 4?

This is a 4. Charlie.

Is that a 7? What is that?

GABRIEL: I'll tell you what it is.


I told you she shouldn't have made that phone call!

MAN: We lost visual on target.

All right. Shake the tree.

-You'll pay for the breakage? -Yeah, Roger that.

That's right, old man!

-Old man? -No respect.

Can I kill her now?

She called me an old man.

Pig! Open the pig!



MARVIN: Damn satellites!

Boop to that!

Yeah, you just stay right there.

This is gonna be good.

FRANK: You okay? MARVIN: Yeah.

Come on, come on. Hey. All right?

What are you doing?

Old man, my ass.

God damn it!

-Smoke and thermals. Obstructed view. -Signal's fading.

Nice shot.

-Thanks. -We should get out of here.


You really know how to show a girl a good time, Frank.

I will kill you, Marvin.

Take it easy, man. She likes you.


How can you tell?

Notice how she sticks around?

'Cause if women don't like you, they don't stick around.

She doesn't have much of a choice. Does she?

Sure she does.


You think so?

You know, if it is the CIA, then there's only one place that we can go to find out why they're coming after us.


We're gonna get killed there, for sure.

In or out?

No. Of course I'm in. I'm just saying.

We're gonna need some serious help.

This is not the kind of help I meant, Frank.

You're not actually gonna go in there, are you?

I don't think I can go, Frank.

The last time they put some electrical wires in some not very nice places.

Listen, hang onto that for me.

I'll be right back.



Be careful.

Tell Ivan Simanov that Frank Moses is... (DISTORTED ECHO)

Frank Moses is here to see him.

IVAN: I have to say this is the last thing I expected when I got up this morning.

I have many times dreamed of killing you.

But now

you are a pensioner.

Couple of years now.

Time passes.

As we get older, things seem less important.


I owe you for killing Igor.

-Igor the Butcher. -He was a great asset.

-He was a pig. -He was my cousin.

I'm sorry.

To Igor.

The Butcher.

He's not dead.

I flipped him.


He owns a string of 7-Elevens in Orange County.


He weighs 500 pounds.





Who are we drinking to now?


She was mine.

-Impossible. -Yes!

Whatever she got, it was worth it.


I miss the old days.

I haven't killed anyone in years.

That's sad.

But I think you are not here for the vodka.

I'm going to break into the CIA.

I need your complete security layout of Langley.

Cracks. Codes. ID swipes.

All of it.

Amusing as this would be, it is beyond my reach.


A favor from Frank Moses?

I can't believe you're actually letting me come along.

The badges Ivan gave us are for a General Harlow and a female nuclear physicist from Los Alamos.

Sheniqua Johnson?

You're adopted.


This is so cool.



-What? -Uh-oh.

-I dropped it. -(ALARM BLARING)




The General has dropped his contact lens.

Perhaps you'd like to help us?


Found it! I found it!

I found it.


Have a good day, sir.



What do you suppose the punishment is for what we're doing here?


Maybe life in prison.



Why are you holding that button?

The Russians give you the code?


Changes every six hours.

Will you hold that for me for a second?


It's unbreakable.


Come on.

Mr. Moses!

Been a long time.

I'm gonna need to see that Guatemala file.


-Yes. -Uh-huh.

I think I can help you.



It's been a whole new world around here since you left.


You know, you're gonna catch hell for this.

After what I've seen?

Oh, I should tell you, there's a new guy came down here yesterday looking for your file.

Name of William Cooper?

6'1"? Cute hair?

Hair was cute.


But I thought he looked a little tough, though.

You take good care of yourself, Henry.

You, too, Mr. Moses.

Change of plan.


Bad move, Grandpa.

I'm back

I'm back in the saddle again I'm back I'm back in the saddle again WOMAN: Just looks completely different than his profile picture.

Peeling off my boots and chaps I'm saddle sore Four bits gets you time in the racks I scream for more Fools' gold out of their mines The girls are soaking wet Not tongue's drier than mine I'll come when I get back Kordesky trained you?


I trained Kordesky.


I'm back I'm back in the saddle again


Son of a bitch!

Seal the building. Bald, white male, 50s, wearing white shirt, blue pants, shot in the shoulder.



We should go.

We should go now.

I've got checkpoints at every exit. What about the fire?

Shut off the alarm. I told you, there is no fire!

-We need to evacuate. -No, this is just a diversion.

You make sure everyone gets checked.

Help, help! Please come!

I can't stop the bleeding.

You okay, sir?

FRANK: Make a hole!

Make a hole!

Whoa! Hold it. Let me see him.

It's not him.

Yeah, yeah. Go ahead.

FRANK: Fellas, help me out, here.


There's still something wrong with this guy's head, Frank.

FRANK: You're really something, Joe.

Marvin, you okay?

I don't want to talk about it.

Joe? Joe who was dead Joe?

-She with us? -Yeah.

Not dead.

Just retired.

I guess calling wasn't an option?

-Can we go? -Yeah!

JOE: You let yourself get shot?

God damn it.



-You okay? -Thanks, Doc.

What did he get?

I have no idea.

You just had your ass handed to you by a goddamn retiree.

What did he do?

What did Moses do to earn a lethal finding?

I have not been read into it.

I like you, Cooper. You're ambitious and you get results, but someone just kicked in the front door of our house, so you better get your shit straight.

Nothing in your mission is changed.

-You're still bleeding. -Mmm-hmm.

Must have nicked something in there.

This is so bad.

It's not that bad. People get shot all the time.

No, they don't, they get paper cuts.

I mostly get shot.

We're gonna have to find somebody to plug this leak.

Could go to Eagle's Nest.


Then we all get shot.

I'll just go in by myself.

Want a vest?


Wouldn't do any good.

Frank Moses.

Hi, Victoria.

Are you here to kill me?


You've been shot.

Tell Marvin to stand down before he gets hurt.

Who's the girl?

FRANK: She's with me.

-JOE: Vicky. -Joe!

Oh, Vicky. Sexy as ever.

You old snake charmer.

Sarah, this is Victoria. Best wet work asset in the business.

And a true artist with an RPN.

What's that?

I kill people, dear.

You were lucky.

How'd you do it?

-What? -How'd you make the transition?

Here you seem so calm. At ease.

I love it.

I love it here. I love the baking. I love the flower arranging.

I like the routine.


-I do get a bit restless sometimes. -Mmm-hmm.

I take the odd contract on the side.

I just can't stop.

Yeah. Tell me about it.

You can't just flip a switch and become someone else.

Put some pressure on it.


Tell me about your lady friend.

Makes me think that I could actually

have a life.

A real life.

Oh, Francis, you're such a romantic.


A romantic. It's why I've always been so fond of you.


You're all hard on the outside, but you are...

You are gooey on the inside.


The entire back half of the Guatemala file has been blacked out.

But there's a list. 11 names. Plus one that's been redacted.

All dead. Except for Frank and Marvin.

All the names on the reporter's list are in the file, too, but she has an additional name.

Alexander Dunning.

Somebody's protecting him.

Dunning is the CEO of Browning-Orvis.


FRANK: Defense contractor.

Very connected.

If the CIA is protecting him, he's under surveillance.

We could go see him.

You're not going without me.

JOE: Well...

We're getting the band back together. That's nice.



We just got a tip. RED has a new target.

A tip?

FBI's on the scene.

I'm on my way.

VICTORIA: The FBI has a lookout position on the east perimeter.



Alexander Dunning.

Pleasure to see you, Secretary Baptiste.

(IN FRENCH ACCENT) The pleasure is with me.

They're in.

Frank said you wanted me with you.

Yes, I thought it might be nice to have a bit of girl time together.

Get to know each other.

And I just wanted to tell you that in all the years I've known Francis, I've never seen him like this.

So if you break his heart, I will kill you.

And bury your body in the woods.



Oh, this is gonna be fun.

ALEXANDER ON RECORDING: Here at Browning-Orvis, we have a longstanding commitment to humanitarian causes because exemplary corporate citizenship is our highest calling.

As a company with global reach and global interests, we have global responsibilities.

Now sometimes I'm asked, if this commitment to ethical behavior affects the bottom line.

And my answer is always the same.


It makes it stronger.

This is my safe room. Sound-proofed. Reinforced.

Swept for bugs daily.

You could fire a gun in here.

No one would ever know.

Mr. Dunning.

I cannot imagine a more perfect place to conduct our business.

You do know that there's a surcharge for any arms deliveries to countries that are embargoed by the United Nations.

For every problem, monsieur, there is a solution.


Excuse me.


What are...

ALEXANDER ON RECORDING: How many CEOs can say that?

So how did you guys meet?

We started talking on the phone.

I guess I liked that it wasn't real.

Of course now I'm a fugitive, the CIA wants to kill me and I'm hiding in a hole.

I was in love with an agent once.

What happened?

Well, I was with MI6.

And the relationship wasn't sanctioned.

So when it came to light, my loyalty was questioned.

And I was ordered to kill him.

It was a test.

What did you do?

I put three bullets in his chest.


Who the hell are you guys?

You don't remember us?

We remember you.

You're the guy whose shit we cleaned up down in Guatemala in 1981.

And the question is, who did you fly out of there?

You don't have any idea what you're getting into.

First of all, you can't touch me.

Sure, we can.

FRANK: Oh, yeah.

Where'd you get this?

Home Depot.

-How much? -Ten bucks.

You want nuts?


Potty trainer?

All right, stop it.


Stop it. For the love of Christ, stop it!

Stop already!

Now you got something to say?

We extracted a young lieutenant who is the son of the late Senator, James Stanton.

Robert Stanton?

Vice President of the United States.

You're saying the Vice President killed all the people in that village?

Yeah. Went completely off the reservation.

And that New York Times reporter?

Did she pressure you?

Yeah. She called me. Twice.

So I called the V.P.

And what did you think would happen then?

Oh, whatever.

I made him Vice President.

You kept your mouth shut and the Stantons made you rich.

ALEXANDER ON RECORDING: Been working with our partners in the developing world to root out corruption and...



I will pay whatever it costs to get rid of this thing.

JOE: We're not here for your money, home.

We're here because that New York Times reporter had the list of names of everybody who was in Guatemala.

And everybody on that list has been ordered killed.

Except you.

I had nothing to do with that.

Don't you see?

He's trying to clean up his past and get rid of me in one shot.

He's trying to cut me loose before he runs for President.

VICTORIA ON RADIO: We have some major activity out here.

Looks like we're blown.

We're in position. Perimeter's set. No one's getting out.

They're moving a team up the east side.

Are you gonna let me talk to them?

-(SCOFFS) -I can negotiate something.

Thanks, when we want your help, we'll get out the drain cleaner.

Listen, Plastic Man, those bastards out there probably have orders to kill me, too.

I hope so.

Why? 'Cause I'm a bad guy?

I'm scum?

Can I just shoot him now?


You don't have people killed.

I have people killed, I'm the bad guy. Remember?


Not worth a bullet.



How's retirement, Frank?

It's been a real blast.

If we have to come in there and get you, it's gonna be messy.

You bet. Real messy.

I've got my orders, Frank.

They come from the Vice President.

He's ordered these hits to cover up the war crimes he committed in Guatemala.

I find that hard to believe.

How did you know you'd find me here?

Some anonymous untraceable tip?

Here's the deal, Frank.

You're gonna walk out that front door and give yourself up.

You have my word no one will shoot you.

I'll personally take you in and you will get to tell your side of the story.

You got 60 seconds to decide.

What's it look like?

VICTORIA: There's no clean exit.

They seem to be coming from everywhere.

If we had a distraction, I could cover you to the woods.


Looks like there's not a lot of options, kid.

I mean somebody's gonna have to make the hard choice if we´re gonna get out of here alive.

Been wild.

Wild and crazy.

But I wouldn't want it any other way.

An honor.

Good luck.


FRANK: Tell your men to hold their fire.

I'm coming out.

He's coming out. All units, hold fire.

Repeat, all units, hold fire.

MAN: Roger that.

Get behind.

Come out now. I've got you covered.


Who fired the shot?

Tell me when the boys make cover, we'll move.




They've got Sarah.

Frank, you're no good to her dead.

We gotta move.


Now is not time to waste.



It's nice to see you again, Ivan.

Did he just call you "bunny"?

Life sometimes is complicated.


To Joe.

ALL: Joe.

Not to push the bounds of propriety, but don't you think we ought to discuss the fact that the CIA's being used by the Vice President as his personal hit squad and that they'll do whatever they can to find us and kill us?


We could go public.

Yeah, right. That didn't work very well for the reporter.

And what about Frank's girlfriend?

They'll kill her so fast.

First they'll interrogate her. They probably already got the wires.

Then give her a little snorkel. Give her a jump.

-Bring in the dent. -VICTORIA: Marvin!

God! You are such an idiot.


I want to show you something.

This was done to me by the love of my life.

It seems that what we had was not meant to be.

But now she sits outside my house drinking vodka.

Three bullets in the chest.

When I woke alive, I knew she still loved me.

Or else it would have been the head.

It was big risk for her, of course, but one does crazy things for love.

Do not fear for your love, my friend.

With a small dedicated group, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished.

Let me be blunt.

Nobody knows you're here. You don't exist.

And unless you cooperate fully, there's nothing I can't do to you.

-Sir. -Not now.

Moses is on the phone.

Okay. Trace is running.


Here's the thing, Cooper.

With age comes a certain perspective.

I'd be a liar if I said there wasn't a time when I was exactly like you.

Blind ambition.

Misplaced trust.

Why are you telling me this?


It might help me to decide what to do next.

TECHNICIAN: Just keep it going.

Why? What are you thinking about?

Our business is a very hard one.

But it was never the killing or the stress, or the bad pay that bothered me.

What was it, Frank?

It's how anything that you love can be taken away from you.

It taught me never to care.

Never to invest.

Then I met this woman.


And now you have her.

Now I can't think of anything more horrible than to know that your enemies can hurt someone that you love.

The feeling is almost indescribable.

You still there, Cooper?

You're at my house.

Almost indescribable, isn't it?


Please don't hurt my family.

If anything happens to Sarah, I will rip everything you love out of your life.

And then I'll kill you.

I swear to you, I will keep Sarah safe.

We don't have much time.

Do you understand that?

What are you gonna do, Frank?

I'm gonna kill the Vice President.

What are you gonna do?

OFFICER: Move! Move!


Frank left this for me.

Where did he get it from?

The secure records depository of the CIA.

Look, Sarah.

I know Frank's been right about a few things.

But he's about to cross a line from which there's no turning back.

Right now, you have an opportunity to help him.

You need to tell me everything you know.

Because if I can't stop him, I'm gonna have to kill him.

Do you know who Frank Moses is? I mean, really is?

Do you know what he's done?


You're asking me for help? That is so lame.

He's gonna eat you for lunch.

She's never gonna trust us.

I can't blame her. The tip off was a trap.

Someone's got us dancing like marionettes.

Just like Moses called it.


He will take a shot at the V.P.

That's a problem for the Secret Service.


Moses'll take them apart.

Plug me into their detail.

You got it.

What about her?

I'll keep her close. Protected. Off the grid.

FRANK: I put a few things away.

Just in case.


Swedish K.

Now that is exciting.


Just past the RPGs.

I love you, man.

-Make yourself at home. -The Vice President's gonna love this.

MAN: Nice to see you, too.


Thank you.


Oh. I'm sorry.

Sorry. Silly.

Thank you, ma'am.

-Thank you very much. -MARVIN: You're welcome.

Welcome, Ms. Brown.


It's a pleasure to have you at our Victory Fund Gala.

Oh, I'm so looking forward to it.

Raptor is cleared for entry.

After you, Mr. Vice President.

EMCEE ON MICROPHONE: A true war hero, a fabulous friend and a wonderful leader.

And so it's with great pleasure I introduce to you, vice President Robert Stanton.


MAN: I love you, sir!

Thank you, everybody. Thank you so much for being here.

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet so you'll actually write those checks you've been promising.


Seriously, though, great to see you all.


It's the wonderful people here tonight that got us into the White House in the first place.

And I believe it's this wonderful group of people who will keep us there for a long, long time!


My good friends, I am proud to announce that I will be forming an exploratory committee with the primary goal of seeking a nomination for the Presidency.


We've had a great journey together.

But I firmly believe that the best is still to come.

God bless you all.

God bless America!



Hello, bunny.

Moves like that could get you killed.

Your radiance tonight renders me almost speechless.


What are you grinning at?

I've always dreamed of killing an American President.

Vice President.


Having you in my arms once again, I get carried away.


Tell me you love me.

It's been a long time, Ivan.

Blink of an eye.



-Ivan. -Mmm?

The music has stopped.

Is it?


To work then.


Do you smell that?

-This area is off limits. -No, it's fine. It's fine.

You'll have to turn around.

No, it's fine.

It's all right. I'm sure I'm allowed.

You'll have to go back up, ma'am, or I'll have to treat you as a threat.

Where exactly is the threat?

-STANTON: Good to see you. -(SNIFFING)

IVAN: Oh, my God!

Gas! I smell gas!

Gas! Gas!



Stand aside.

Primary exit blocked. Secondary, move.

Move! Move! Move!

WOMAN: Let me out of here! Let me out of here!


What the hell are they using?

Get back up in here to the north stairwell, now!


Ah, yes.

Move to the other limo. I'll cover you.


We have to go. Now! Now!

WILLIAM: Approaching target from the rear.


BURBACHER: Secret Service, everybody down!




Cover us! We're moving now!

Come on! Move!


I remember the Secret Service being tougher.

Me, too.

-Okay? -Yeah.


Bugger! (GROANS)


-Almost there. -Marvin.

We gotta move.

You're on your own. I'm no use anymore.

Good luck. Go on.

Let's move!

Are you hit, sir?

-Are you hit? -I'm fine! Just get me the hell out of here.

-Perhaps I could be of assistance? -(GASPS)


I love you.

I know.


What the...


Go. Go!


Get in! Get in!

Go, go, go!

Stop the car! Stop...

Don't you dare stop! You keep going!

Stop the car! Pull over!

I wanna know what the hell that was all about!



-Burbacher! -Get him off!

Pull over!


Raptor is secure.




Who are you?

One of the men you ordered killed.

I don't know what you're talking about.


I was there.


I'm sure we can negotiate something.

Starting to come back to you now, is it?

If you're looking for revenge...

This is not about revenge.

Are you gonna kill me?

Not just you.



I'm at the Evanston power plant.

You have 15 minutes to bring me Sarah.

Or I kill the vice President.

He just made contact. He wants the girl.

Evanston Power Station. 15 minutes.

You better alert Secret Service.

CYNTHIA: Copy that.

Secret Service is en route.

FRANK: All right, come on.

Where's Sarah?

WILLIAM: She's on her way.


It's over, Frank.

Any minute the whole world is gonna drop on you.

We'll see.


Hey, tough guy.

Surprised to see me?

What the hell's this?


Just give him what he wants. I can't do this anymore.

You ordered these killings, not me.

I don't want to have anything to do with this anymore.


You shot me.

Shut up.

I loved watching you being a good guy.

Kicking ass for your country.

It showed a spectacular lack of vision.

The girl goes free.

That'll cost you a gun.

A life for a life.

I tore up all those checks.

I know.

I just wanted to talk to you.

Cooper, cuff him.

Wilkes told me you had promise.

Okay, here's how it goes.

Moses just shot the V.P.

You kill him and the girl, and you're head of the CIA.

CYNTHIA: Cooper.

This is gonna happen either way.

Fuck you, Cynthia.



This gonna be a problem?


I got it...



Feel better now?


Wanna get pancakes?

Can you believe it? It all worked out.

Something bad is gonna happen very soon.

Maybe not. Wait a second.

Nobody's chasing us.

No one's trying to kill us.

I think we just got our lives back.


You still owe me a small favor.

Oh, Ivan!

His timing is terrible.

You gave a favor to him?

Just a tiny little nuclear problem in Moldova.

Can we go?

Yes. We can go.

I told you something bad was gonna happen.

Keep your dress on.

Moldova sucks.

Moldova sucks!

Next time, your girlfriend can wear the dress.

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