Red Road (2006) Script

Good night.

Going somewhere nice? It's Friday night.

You know me, Angus. Party animal.

See you Sunday. See you later.

Knock, knock.

How did you get in?

Frank let me in.

My shift's not over for an hour yet.

I know, I was hoping you could sneak away a bit early.

I've got two new buildings to fit in. Frank said he'd take over for you.

Didn't you, Frank?

I came in to make copies of that mugging. I can do it later.

Are you sure? Yeah. You go and enjoy yourself.

Thanks, Frank. You're a pal, I'll pay you back.

You see it all here, don't you? Report that dog!

Don't. It's not well.

What's that?

Pull it.

My son gave it to me.

Oh, God. Oh...

Oh, sorry, I can't help it.

It was a bit quick, sorry.

Did you...?

Yeah, earlier.

I can never tell.



See you in two weeks, then? Yeah.


Here they come.

You made it!

You look great.

Jackie, this is Rob. Rob, this is my sister-in-law, Jackie.

Pleased to meet you.

I am so glad you made it, Jackie.

Go on, then.

Get up and dance.

I'm a rubbish dancer.

Bollocks! You danced all night at your own wedding.

You're right, I did. But not very well.

Maybe later. I tell you what, I will if you will.

I've got osteoporosis. You want me to break in two?

Do you want another trifle? Sherry?

Go on, then. I will if you will. We'll be bloody dead soon.

Hello, Alfred.


How are you?

You look different.

You had your hair done?

Ages ago.

I liked it longer.

Sorry I haven't been over.

It was down to your waist the first time we met you.

He was happy that day, compared to the last time I saw him.

He brought the bairn over to give you a break.

I was getting Aunt Kath some trifle. Can I get you anything?

No, thanks.


My beer's getting cold.


You're not leaving already, are you?

I was gonna say goodbye but you were dancing.

Is it Dad?

No, I've got work tomorrow.

You know what's bugging him, eh?

I know.

If they were buried...

I know.

He looks nice, your Rob.

I'll see you.

OK, OK, come on.

It's been a tough old day. Come on home and get some medicine.

Good girl.

Come on.

Come here.

She's by the Jet garage in Barmulloch, by the top shops.

I don't know.


I'll keep her in sight till you get there.

She shouldn't spend the night there.


Hello, this is City Eye control room, division E.

I've an incident behind the Jet garage...

Hold on.

Sorry, forget it. False alarm.

Angus, got any fags? I thought you'd given up.

I have.

Hi, Angus. It's me.

Yeah, you can.

The Red Road flats.

Am I right in thinking they house a lot of ex-prisoners in those flats?

No, I just wondered.

OK. Thanks.


Yeah. You got my messages?

Well, I'm sure I saw him, but it's not possible, is it? It's not time.


If you could.


Jackie, it's Stuart Kincaid.

I looked into things for you.

There's not much else to add, I'm afraid.

He got early release for good behavior.

Very sorry. It happens.

As consolation, he'll be back in like a shot if he messes up.

Call me if I can help. Bye for now.

Frank, can I ask you a big favor?

You, Jackie, can ask me anything.

See this guy?

He lives in Red Road in the main block.

He's older now, about six years or so.

If you see him doing anything odd, could you let me know?

I won't ask. I'm sorry, Frank. Thanks.

Is this 24-Hour Locksmiths?

Do you have someone called Clyde Henderson working for you?

Did you do a police check on him?

Doesn't matter who I am.



Hello, this is City Eye control room.

Ambulance needed:

Kirkland Drive. It's urgent, please hurry.

It looks like a stabbing. A young girl.

The girls are cutting through the flats at the back of Kirkland Drive.

There are several girls. White, aged about 14.

Look like they're from the Petershill school.

OK. I'm here.

Have you heard anything?

She lost a lot of blood.

Knife just missed her heart.

My God.

But she'll make it, apparently. Really?

So they say. Are you sure?

She was lucky.

Not so lucky.

The tape's gone off. Just hope they get the wee bastards.

Angus, I may as well tell you now, I never got close-ups of the girls.

That's not like you.

I'm sorry. I was watching someone else. I didn't see it coming.

It happens.

Can't get them every time.

Not even a fucking fiver? I won't get it back, that's why.

Fuck you, you prick. Fuck yourself.

You can be a right fucking wanker. You can't even lend me a fiver.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Excuse me, ladies.

Do you have any 20-pence pieces?

It's for the laundry, aye.

Just put your money in and press buttons, just like guys do.

Thanks, sweetheart. Cheers.

What can I get you?

Mug of tea, please.

Milk? Yes, please.

Sugar? No, thanks.

50p, please. Ta.


Don't say I don't look after you.

Do I not look grateful?

Not enough, in my book.

I'll have to show you later.

Give us a fag.

So what's happening Saturday? Nothing.

Kim from the pub said you were having people round on Saturday.

Did she? Where did she get that idea?

You're a fucking animal.

Kim's dad'll belt you.


I'm looking for someone...

I'm not sure which floor he's in.

It's Clyde Henderson.

I can't give you that information.

I'm not allowed. Right.

You going to the party?


Who invited you?

I know Clyde.

What woman round here doesn't? He's a dirty cunt.

Do you like it?

Watch the fucking dog!

I can't work this thing.

Jesus Christ, you'll cut the fucking head off.

Is he your boyfriend? Stevie?

Why? Do you fancy him?


Did he get you the dog?

Yeah. He's sweet.

You're a really pretty girl.

Where are you from?


What are you doing in Scotland?

I came here to see someone, but it didn't work out.

A boyfriend?


There he goes.

You looking for the toilet? Yeah.

It's by the kitchen. Thanks.

Have we met?

I saw you in the café.


The café. I remember.

Come here.

I should go. Where?

Home. You just got here.


Tom, I'm following someone who's heading for Spring Hill.

If you give me a description I'll look out for him for you.

I'd like to do it myself if that's all right.

OK, no problem.


I had to go up to the hospital. It's on the way.

Coming in, then?

I haven't got long.

Brenda doesn't know I'm stopping. I didn't tell her.

You've never been here before?

Yeah. A few times when you first moved in.

We sat in the garden.

Brenda brought you a plum tree.

You said a plum tree wouldn't grow in Glasgow, if I remember.

Too wet.

I don't remember saying that.

It was shortly after the...

It's stiff, pull it. I can manage.


I'm not looking for sympathy.

Far from it.

I've got a lump.

Might be nothing, but I'm getting on and you never can tell.

You can't deny us any longer.

We have a right to say goodbye to him properly. That's all I wanted to say.

Alfred, can I say something?

I want them here with me.

It'd feel wrong to have them anywhere else.

You've got Brenda. Can you understand?

This garden was nice when you moved in.

It needs seeing to.

You've let it go.

Who is it?


He's not in.

Is that Stevie?

Who's this?

When's he back?

Fuck knows. Who is it?

Can I leave something for him?




I was at the party.

You're the bird that knocked Clyde back, aren't you?

Do you want a drink? Come in.

April, darling, do you want a drink?

Just go in the front.


Lazy bastard. Wake up.

Here, sit yourself here. All right?

Are you not going back to London, then?


Clyde's out.

I know. I'm gonna wait for him.

I'll put on some jeans.

It's getting cold.

We were wondering how we'd get through tonight. We're all skint.

Help yourself.


That's some view.


Some view you've got.

It's all right, isn't it?

So where is Clyde?

Fuck knows. Trying to get work.

Thinks if he paints his number on the van people'll phone for work.

Had one phone call in three weeks - it was the wrong fucking number.

Sit down.

Cheers. You don't want to sit here?


How do you know him, anyway?

We just met along the road.

Outside the flat?

Just at the pub.

He's charming for a ginger cunt.

He's some guy.

Aye, you can say that again.

I'm surprised he's not tempted to do what he did before.

What would that be?

Just all his dodgy stuff.

What's your name?

Who the fuck wants to hire a locksmith who's been in jail?

So what's with the whisky?

Is that a make-up thing, like?

A make-up thing?

He was raging when you left.

I guess so.

You want to feel the wind?

Feel what?

The wind up here's fucking brilliant.

Come on, I'll show you.

April, come here, babe.

Your purse. Come here a minute.

Come here. I'll show you.

Come here a minute.

Come here, babe.

Here. Right in. Right.

You need to get right in.


Fucking quality. It's quite high.

Oh, God!

Put her down.

You all right?

April, I was having a laugh with you.

Wasn't fucking funny.

You scared her.

What the fuck do you mean? I wasn't going to drop her, was I?

I think you'd better go. Yeah.

So who will I say come round?

It's cool. I'll give him a call.

I'll just say the bird with the nice arse, he calls you.

April, come here a minute.

Sorry, I can't find my purse.


Thieving little...

Hi, Angus.

It's Jackie.

Sorry, I'm not feeling well.

Would you get somebody to cover for me?



Are you lost?

No, I'm all right.

Glass of wine, please. Certainly.

Is that all?

Yeah, thanks. That'll be 1 .75, please.

8.25 change, there. Right.

Thanks very much. Enjoy your drink.

I heard you came looking for me.

I did. That's nice.

Cos I've been thinking about you.

Oh, yeah?

I have this feeling that I've met you before.

Is that right?

But I can't work it out.

Look at me.

I need you to look at me.

So, let me think.

Do you live round here?

Where do you live?


So what you doing here?

I'm meeting a friend.

Where is she?

How do you know it's a she?

Is it a boyfriend, then?

No. A friend.

Where is your friend?

I don't know. Late, I guess.

So we can get to know each other while you're waiting.

I've also been thinking other things.

Do you want to know what I've been thinking?

Ask me.

What have you been thinking?

What your cunt tastes like.

Are you shocked?

No. Nothing much shocks me.

Did you like me saying it?

I've also been thinking a lot about you.

That's good.

You've had an interesting life.

Who's been telling you about my life?


He doesn't know shit about my life.

You've lived a certain way. You've done stuff.

You live on the edge.

Is that right? Do I look like I do?

Do you?


Where have you been hiding?

With that wee tight arse on you.

Don't go away.

You haven't got the guts.

Calm down, you cunt.

Don't you fucking hit me.

Fucking calm down.

Fucking relax.

You all right?

That tart there's your girl?

Fucking walk away.

Fucking come here.

What the fuck...? Stevie!

Are you all right?

Fuck off, you cow.

No, you fuck off.

Get off me.

Leave me.

Fucking leave me. Leave me.

Stevie, enough.

He had it coming.

Your problems seem to follow me fucking everywhere.

What the fuck was that all about, man?

It was his dad.


It was his dad.

Was that your old man?

Was it?

Come here. Come here. Take it easy, mate.

You're all right.

Can we go home?

I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.

Just go up the road.

Are you all right?

You all right?

Want another drink?

No, I should go.

Come on, don't be put off by all that shit.

Do you want a fag? Here, take a fag.


Do you want to go for another beer? I'm buying.

Did I ever mention to you that when I was young I wanted to be a fireman?

I never told you that, did I?

Come here.

Put me down.

No. Let me down!

Come on.

Let me down! I'll take you up the road. Come on.

Don't go anywhere.


Yeah? Sorry about the fight.

It's all right. Don't fuss, honest.

Did you have a good night?


It was nice to go out.

You're not just saying that? No.

I wish we had money all the time.



Do you like me?


You're sweet.

Night, then.

You not having a drink with us? No.

I'm gonna have a wash and get to bed.

Let's go through here.

Let's leave sleeping beauty there.

I'll get the drink.

That's my kid.


She's 13 now.

She doesn't look like you.

Well, not the hair, but the nose, don't you think?

No, I don't see it.

I don't suppose she'll mind.

Do you not get on?

No idea.

We don't know each other.

Her mother told her I was dead.

I went to her school last week.

She didn't know me.

I'm working on it.

It's fucking hard, this going straight, in lots of ways.

Is that what you're doing? Going straight, whatever you call it.

I'm trying.

That feels good.

One of life's small pleasures, taking your boots off.

Come here.

Give me your feet.

That must feel nice.

I don't know how you walk about in those things.


My hands are rough from carving.

What's it gonna be?

I don't know yet.

We'll see.

Every piece of wood is different.

You're supposed to...

You're supposed to let it be whatever it wants.


Do you hear that?


There's loads round here.

That noise is so weird.

What about this?

You've got very nice breasts.

You're a sexy fucking bitch.

Do you want to fuck me?

From the moment I saw you.

Say it.

I want to fuck you. Say it again.

I'm going to fuck you.

What if I say no?

I might have to force myself on you.

So what are you waiting for?

You all right?

I was just joining in.

I didn't hurt you?

Got to go home.

You've got to go home?

It's the middle of the night.

It's not nice round here.

I can't let you go.

Can't stop me either.

I'm not sure I know what's going on.

Are you married or something?

I am.

At least let me call you a cab.

I've got a number, I'm fine.

Was it just a shag you wanted, then?

I guess so.

Fuck off, then.

See if I fucking care.

Oh! Shit.


Yeah. Police, please.

How you doing?


I brought some clothes - just some comfy things.

I hope they're OK.


Would you like me to call anyone?

No. It's fine.

Well, when you're ready, I'll get a car to take you to the clinic, and they'll take you home afterwards as well, all right?

I've left your clothes on the chair. Your keys are there too.

Don't fucking move. Listen.

If you fucking struggle, I'll batter the fuck out of you.

Look at me. Listen.

All right?

What the fuck did you tell the police about Clyde?

You know they've nicked him?

He won't get bail, not with his record.

So what the fuck are you playing at?

Answer me!

He forced me to have sex with him. No, he didn't.

He did. You're lying.

You would have screamed. I didn't hear anything.

You were drunk. April wasn't, and she didn't hear fuck all.

I shared a cell with him for a whole year, 23 hours out the fucking day, right?

You have any idea how desperate you get for sex?

And if he was like that, he would have tried it on me, and he never did.

So you're fucking lying.

You don't know anything.

The wee girl he killed was my daughter.

He killed my daughter.

He never killed anybody's daughter. Look in my fucking purse, then.

You've got my fucking purse. Look in it. Look in my purse.

Look in my purse. There's a photo.

There's a photo.

He never talks about what he did.

Sorry about the kid.

Hey! You're late.

What happened to your face?

What's up with you? Seen too much shit today?

Fuck off, Avery. Go and look after your family.

Fuck you.

I'm sorry.

Detective Tolland? This is Jackie Morrison.

Hi, Jackie. Yes, yes, I'm all right, thanks.

This is a bit difficult.

I want to drop the charges against Clyde Henderson.

Yeah, I know.

No. No, it's not that.

Right. OK.

Yeah, I'll be all right.


Don't you ignore me.


I'm gonna fucking knock you out. You're gonna knock me out?

You killed my family. How dare you? It wasn't my fault.

You were driving, off your head on crack.

I want you to tell me about it. I can't believe I didn't know you.

You didn't look at me in court, not once.

It was my fault they went out. I needed a break.

I shouted at her before she left.

I told her to get out my sight. It was the last thing I said.



I lost control on the corner.

The car went into the bus stop.

Did they know?

The man saw me, but not the kid.

He tried to push the kid out the way, but...

I want them back.

They died instantly. They must have done.

Fuck you.

Look, what do you want?

I'm sorry.

What can I say?

It's not all right.

This shit happens every day. That's life.

My husband's name was John.

My little girl's name is Sorcha.

You shouted at your little girl the day she died.

But at least she was loved.

Some people don't get that.

Fuck this.


Your daughter...

Is it Bronwyn?


She called at your place. She was looking for you at Red Road.

How do you know who my daughter is?

You told me about her.


Sorry, I should have rung. No. No, come in. It's all right.

I'll get the kettle on. Thanks.

Alfred's by the telly, as usual.

You might not get a nice welcome, but just ignore him.

Jackie. Brenda's making the tea.

You're lucky to find us in. We're normally out on a Sunday.



He can't stand strangers.

Hates women.

Nearly had Aunt Kath's finger off last week.

Is he new? Oh, no.

Had him a couple of years.

He's a stubborn wee bugger.



Do you remember when John and I took Sorcha camping up at Loch Lomond?

Do you think that would be a good place for him to be?

John loved Loch Lomond.

We took him camping there every summer, as a boy.

I'm sorry.

There, love.

Come on.

It was a terrible accident.


Is it a boy or a girl? It's a girl.

She's lovely. Thank you.

Come on.

Visiontext Subtitles: Sarah Emery/Natasha Cohn