Red Room (2017) Script

Yeah, I just left. I'll be home about ten minutes.


Right. Well see you seen. Right.

Well talk to you then. Bye.


Hello, I just found this phone here.


Hey you...

it's me again.

You could just send me a text or something, like.

I'm not angry or anything, it's just if you could ring me or send me a text and... anyway Jamie's fine.

What the fuck is going on?

Shh. Stop shouting or else they give you something to put you back to sleep.

Who's they? Shut up!

Calm down.

Tell me what's going on.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Did they take you off the street?

I think so. Who are they?

There's four of them.

One English, one Irish, and two from Spain or something.


Spanish or Portuguese.

They're not from Poland.

I know loads of Polish people, if they were Polish I'd have known from the beginning.

From the beginning?

How long have you been here?

A week.

Three days, I think.

Hard to keep track, really.

You're awake, I see.

Have these two told you the rules?


No screaming. No shouting. No going near this door.

No going near the window.

You eat the food and vitamins we give you.

No hurting yourself. No hurting anyone else.

No freeing yourselves from the ropes.

Just sit there and wait.

Are we clear?

Wait? Wait for what?

For your turn. And a new rule. No questions.

You break any of these rules, and you'll be sedated immediately.


You see that?

We're watching you all the time.

No messing about.

Good girl.

My turn for fucking what?

Not sure.

When I was first brought here there was another girl.

And after a while they took her out and I heard her scream for hours.

What? What did they do to her?

I don't know.

There was another girl taken out this morning, too.

While you were asleep.

I haven't heard anything yet.

They're gonna kill us, aren't they?

Have you tried to escape?

Police. It's the police!


Shut up!



Shut up! Help!

There you go.

Is there any way we can change over the payments for monthly instead of weekly?

Not a fucking chance.

Help! Shut up!

Help! Quit shouting!

They know.

What did I say no less than five minutes ago?

I'm sorry.

Get on the fucking floor, you little cunt.

Fucking middle of the game, you little fucking bitch.

Little fucking tramps.

What's your name?


I'm Lily, and that's Alison.

Do you think you could at least try and keep your fucking mouth shut?

You're not even the slightest bit concerned about what they're gonna do to us?

They're gonna fuck us, Kyra.

And then we'll be knocked out again and fucked out into the side of the road somewhere.

Can you please stop talking like that?

Alison doesn't like being realistic about things.

She also doesn't like it when I fucking curse.

This little situation we find ourselves in I think bad language is fucking called for, what do you fucking think, Kyra?

So you're not bothered by being raped, are you?

I didn't say that.

I just hope I'm next so I can go home.

Can you please just not shout again?

Because every time that door opens I panic.

There has to be a way out of here.

Does he stay out there all night?


Then why haven't you jumped out the window?

It's locked.

Smash it then, Jesus Christ.


Do you know where we are?

We're in the middle of fucking nowhere.


The only noises I've heard coming from out there are when those scumbag pigs come to collect their money or they bring in another fucking girl.

Haven't even heard a fucking dog bark.

Do you want to run?

Run. Get your fucking head blown off.

Yeah, maybe I will then.

By all means. See how far you get.

Ah, but don't forget the eye in the sky is watching you.

The harder you struggle the tighter they get.

I fucking hope.

Stop acting the rebel.

I need to go to the bathroom.

Stand there.

Right, straight ahead. Move it.


Go! Faster!

I like it.

Never wanted a cigarette so much in my fucking life.

It's the least of our worries.

I take it you don't smoke.

Will you just be quiet please? I'm trying to think.

About what? Your hubby at home all worried about you?

What the fuck is your problem?

I need a fucking cigarette.

Then fucking ask him for one!

Who was it?

I said who was it?


It was me.

Can you please give this fucking bitch a smoke so she'll shut up?


There you go.

When you want a fag, knock gently on the door.


And keep the noise level down here, okay?

Thank you.

Don't mention it.

Oh I feel dizzy smoking this.

I'm sorry.

We have to get out of here.

Yeah, well the only way out is that window, okay?

And with the police in on it we don't stand a chance.

I'm not giving up that easy.

Don't do anything stupid.

Let's wait.

You said you heard screams, yeah?

Yeah. A girl screaming?


Why would you not even try escape?

Because they'd just catch me and kill me.

That's probably what their plan is anyway.

Yeah but they might not.

Oh, do you want to wait here and find out?

I don't have a choice. We do.

I'm going out that window. Tonight.

If you make it will you send help?

Of course. I'll send the police.

I'll go with you.

And you?


That's your choice.

Breakfast, ladies. Oink oink.

Ah, you look gorgeous.

I don't know. Are you sure you don't mind looking out?

I can stay home. It's no problem.

It's one night. Go out and see your friends.

I don't know.

You deserve it.

You haven't been out since you got pregnant.

You'll get cabin fever sitting up there.

I've got Jamie to keep me entertained.

You need to go find yourself a fella.

I'm done with fellas.

Just go and enjoy yourself, yeah?

Well just make sure that the monitor's on.

Just check a few times, I don't want you twisted. if he wakes up anytime crying just give me a call, okay?

Calm down Kyra.

I've done this before, yeah?

I'll be back before one, okay?

Okay. And just have fun.

Ashley's out tonight, to be honest with you I'd rather be back by 11.



See you later.

See you later. Have fun.



They're not going any higher than 80.

We need at least a hundred grand.

I know what I'm doing.



He's maxing at 80.

No chance. I told you before, it's 100 at the very least.

It's not worth the while.

Those fucking knuckle-draggers understand any English whatsoever?

Hello love. Stay there.

80 grand.

Look at her face.


She has a black eye already.

Oh fucking hell.

Why is her face all bruised?

She put up a bit of a fight taking her into the room.

Yeah well of course she did, they all fucking do.

Don't hit them.

It wasn't me.

I don't give a flying fuck who it was, just don't let it happen again.

Yes. Sorry.

Yeah, give me a minute.

Early afternoon. Then Alison.

Why not Lily or the new one?

Because she's so innocent looking.

I'm looking forward to her myself.

Alright, just give it to lunch time see if the numbers look up.

I doubt it, looking at the state of her.

Then Alison.

Okay. Talk to you soon.

And Richard.


Remember they have to look good, okay?

Keep them in perfect condition.

Okay. I'll tell them to be more careful.

Because she's innocent looking.

I knew there was a reason I married you.

Leave it to lunchtime, doesn't go any higher take the 80.


Hey, he said one more thing.

Tell Boraro we need the girls looking in good shape.

That's why we're losing that money.

What's wrong with her?

My dad's been seeing the camera. Her face is fucked.

They need to be good-looking to sell, understand?

You can barely see it, look yourself.

I'm not going in there, it's fucking disgusting.

Just tell him, more money.

You want more money.

Okay. I'll tell him.

But 80's better than nothing.

Listen. I went to college to study business, and 80 between six and paying off the police is not worth the time.


You hear that?

Hear what?

You know what all this is?


Why do you think they're giving us food and looking after us?

Making sure we're okay and stay healthy?

I don't know.

He basically just said good-looking girls make more money.

What are you talking about?

Human trafficking.


The sex trade.

They're going to sell us.

I don't fucking believe it.

Yeah. Or worse.


I saw a documentary about this before.

It was in China.

They sell their organs on the black market.

That'd explain the screaming.

Stop it.

I'm serious.

You still staying here tonight?



As soon as the coast is clear we jump and run and get as far away as possible.

Let's just hope they're paying off the local police.

85. That's the highest they'll go.


I'm not impressed.

Won't happen again.

What are the costs?

What's the cost?

No cost.

No cost.

Yeah, well that's something.

Don't let these numbers happen again.

Tell them to begin in an hour.

Did you talk to him about the condition of the girls?


Good, you take charge down there.

Tell Matthew to put Alison on the slate next.

Tomorrow morning 9:00.


One hour, okay?


Are we going to watch?

Of course we are?

If you want to.

Oh you know I love to watch.

Will you hook it up to the TV for me?

I like to watch it on the big screen.

I know. Yes I will.

Step back.


Can I have a smoke please?

Get on the fucking floor now!

What the fuck is going on here?

Stay on the fucking floor you cunt!

Stay on the fucking floor all of you!

What the fuck is going on?

She's waking up.

Give her the fucking ketamine then.

Buyer requested that she's awake for it.

Is that camera rolling?


Turn it fucking off, this isn't a free show.

Put a message on the site and check back in 20 minutes.

If anyone but the buyer wants to watch they're paying 25% extra.

I can't fucking watch this.

20 minutes Matthew, alright?


What are they doing to her in there?

I have no idea.

I'm gonna go to the study and do some work.


Fucking start already.

Dirty fucking whore.

Yeah! Yeah!

You dirty bitch!

You know you want this!

Die bitch!



Yeah it's done.

I know. We were watching.

A longer bid for the next one, I don't care if it takes days.

They'll give in eventually.

Okay, talk to you soon.



Down the hatch!

What is it?

Doesn't matter. It's strong. Ready?

One, two, three.

Ah! Jesus, it's horrible!

You've been out of the game way too long.


So, see anyone you like?


Guy over there at the bar. Wearing the tie.


What are you serious? I think he's good-looking.

I think Kyra's turned into a bit of a man-hater.

No, with good reason though.

I'm not a man-hater.

Did you just take me out to get the piss out of me?

No, we took you out to get pissed.



No more jokes.

Yeah, we're just having a laugh with you.

More shots?

She hasn't changed at all, has she?

Mad as a brush.

Hello ladies.

Hey, how are you?

Not bad and yourself?

It'd be better if you got me a drink.

No offense. What's your name?



This girl was saying over at the bar I ought to come over here.

Oh really?

And what was she saying?

That you just need a good time.

Oh my god.

Come on, and have a dance.

Come on.

No thanks.

Oh, come on. Get up and dance. Don't leave him hanging.

A dance? Alright? And that's it.

That's it.

Alright. Go on.

If it comes to it next time, Daddy says we sit through or two or three days bidding, til we hear a good price.

However long it takes to get what we need.

Today was a loss.

We still made money.

I'm happy.

Yeah, but we should have made more.

Money is money.

I stay out there all day walking back and forth.

Fucking boring, I want more money as well.

So I take your job, take mine.


You have no fucking balls.

I'm not fucking crazy.

Fuck it. I'll do anything.

Isn't that right, Matthew?

He loves my work.

Shoots it in for his eyes. Makes him hard.

You and me saw this fucking fuck.

You wanna see how he looked like?


Matthew. Look at me.

Look at me. Look at me.

Show him your face.

Cry like a little bitch.

That's enough.

That's the look. That's the look.

Like a virgin seeing a cock for the first time.

He has more brains than you two put together.

If it wasn't for him none of this would be possible.

He's lining our pockets.

I love you Matthew.

Don't know why you're laughing.


You're a little bitch, too.

Tell Matthew about your tattoo. Tell him.

He's been through a lot today.

He knows what it means.

Do you know Matthew?

Do you know Portuguese?


He probably Google it. Stupid.

No he fucking did not.

Isn't that right Matthew?

That's right, Richard.

He has access to the website and that site only.

That's right.

Enough. Speak fucking English when you're around me.

What's going on?

It means beast.

You know.

I was aware of that. I looked it up.

Yeah, it's like in English, you know like the teardrop under your eye?

Gangster shit.


Do you know I'm going to kill the next one, then.

I don't care.

You have nothing to prove to me.

Everything is fine the way it is.

That's the end of it.


What've you got?


Yes please. Thank you.

Matthew, would you like some dessert?




Thank you.

Now. Happy family.

That's better.

So we have to decide if we're going to stick together or split up out there.

What do you think?

I think we should stick together.


Split up.

One of us makes it we can get help.

That's better than all three of us getting caught.

You're right. Better chance if we split up.

No holding each other back.

If any of us get caught we'll get help from whoever escapes.

What about the guards?

They know.

They can't all know.

It's probably just a couple few.

I hope so.

Another thing.

Instead of breaking the window, I think we should try break the lock first Breaking the window's gonna make too much noise.

If it comes down to it, we do it.

We have nothing to lose.


They want us in good condition, yeah?

They're not gonna hurt us if we try and escape.

They won't.

They're giving us vitamins to keep us healthy for fuck's sake.

Okay. Okay.

Okay. Okay.


That's it.

We wait.

This time tomorrow we'll be home.

And those scumbags will be locked up or dead.

Hopefully the latter.

Okay. Act normal.

Matthew? What?


The beast.

Let me try.

They didn't hear it, hurry up.

Help me up.

I can't see a thing. It's pitch dark.

Oh come on.

Fucking hell!

Get her up! Get her up!

I'm gonna check to see if the others are still there!

Get fucking over there get out of my way.

You hear what happened out there?

Do not try that fucking shit with me.

Shut the fuck up.

Shut fucking up.

Shut the fuck up.

Shut fucking up, stay fucking quiet.

Bandage her up.

Bandage her fucking up.

Shut the fuck up!

The phone.

The phone. It's Richard.

Fucking Richard?


What's wrong.

They tried to escape.

One of them got out of the house.

What the fuck do you mean one of them got out of the house?

We have her. She landed on the nails.

She won't be healthy for at least a week.

Which one of them was it, Alison?

No. Lily.

Is Alison okay?

What about the others?

They're fine.

Alison's still good for tomorrow morning though, that's the main thing.


Fucking hell.

That fucking boy.

Never ceases to disappoint me.

Fucking hell.

Shh, it's okay.

I don't fucking believe that boy comes from my loins.

Shh. Fucking idiots.

Look at her now!


Are you okay?


I'm fine.

Oh Jesus Christ, look at you.

There's no way out of here.

Who is it?

Get out.

Oh fuck. Oh fuck's sake.

Fuck's sake.

Get out here now, I'm telling you.

Get the fuck out here.

Fuck, fucking real.

He was in the girls fighting.

I don't give a fuck, there's your coat.

Good luck.

Yeah hello.

Oh come on.

Answer your fucking phone.

Fuck's sake.


Not this time, motherfucker.

This bitch is mine.

No! No!

No, let go!

There is the beast. No!

Help me motherfucker!

You are the beast. Prove it.

Let go! Let go! Let go!


Fucking bitch.

What's going on?

She struggled.

What did I fucking tell you?

He just wanted to prove it to me.

This is your fucking job, not his.

She's worth a lot of money. That's all.

Fix her fucking up.

Just get her fixed fucking up.


Shut up talking.

Fucking Christ!

Everything run smoothly?

Yeah she's done here.

Get Andras, he's downstairs.

Brains, are we ready to go?


How many are online?


293 online. She's ready to go.


Go live.

Keep bidding.

I'll find out where you live and I'll fucking kill you.

Fuck off.

Fuck it.

Have you been up all night?


You need to go to bed.

You can't keep working like this.

Do you want breakfast?

Do I look like I want breakfast?

Don't forget, my nephew gets here real soon.

What's going on?


Where am I?

Not a good place.

But look, you're in shock.

But you, you'll be fine.

I wasn't, you didn't even hear me talking to her.

What'd I say about talking to them?

What we at now?




There you go you little fuckwit.

Nobody beats David.


Aw fuck I'm bidding.

Oh fucker!


You gotta love it.

Nobody fucking beats David.

Come on...

Come on...


Come on...

Come on!


You bastard.

I fucking hate you, motherfucker!



Jackpot! Yes!






Oh fuck, I hate you motherfucker!

God damn...

God damn, I wanted that girl!

He maxed out, full shower.

I know, we were watching. Good work, son.

How's the other girl, is she still in good condition?

Kyra? Yeah, she's ready to go when you are.

That's what I wanna hear.

Her tomorrow morning, Alison in 15 minutes.

If any of the watchers want to see the full show, they pay 50% extra.

Full show on the little bitch.

Oh yeah.

I think I'll get some wine. Do you want some?

Yeah, go on.

15 minutes. Wake her up.

Matthew, 50% extra for the watchers. No exceptions.

Wake the fuck up!

That is beautiful.

You silly fucking whore.

No, no.


Oh yeah...

Oh that's what I'm talking about right now.

Oh fuck.

What the fuck?

Why the fuck would he log off?

Pretty fucking strange.

What an idiot.

Fucking money.

Fucking twat.

What's wrong?

This piece of fucking shit internet is what's wrong.

It's costing me big money, Gina. Big fucking money.


Calm down.

Maybe Jacob.

He was playing with the wires.


Jacob. Maybe he pulled on the wires.

What did you fucking say to me?


Have you any idea how much money this is fucking cost me?

He's just a kid, David.

Do you think he...

Can you do me a favor Gina?

Can you turn back on the internet before I lose any more fucking money!

You need to take your Xanax before you have a heart attack.

You think I need a Xanax?

Maybe that's what I need, Gine.

Maybe I need a Xanax.

Maybe I need a fucking Xanax!



Cut her up, man!

You don't get paid to fuck around!

Please stop...

Please stop...


Oh fuck!

Get off me!


Get off me...

I want my tag on her chest!

Put my user name on her chest!

I'm not some fucking douche bag that logs off!


What the fuck?

Oh fuck...

Oh fucking bite me.

She's done.

Bye bye.

Bye bye.

End it.



I'm gonna hit the shower.



The buyer wants to talk to someone.

Buyer has a special request.

What is it?

He said he wants to talk to someone.

Where's he from?

He's using an encrypted browser but he's paying in dollars.

Is he new?

No. He's one of our best buyers.

Been about here for six months now.

Can you disguise my voice when you call him?


Alright. Do it.


What do you want?

I want a fucking private show.


That can be arranged.

What you like in this private show?

I want the full show.

Did you not enjoy the last one?

I want a child.

A boy.

Two or three years old.

You get that?

Come here for a minute.

That buyer has a special request.

What is it?

Now, I haven't said this to my father yet.

I wanted to ask you first.


A child.

Are you okay with that?

How much?

He offered 4 million.


First of all, the show went great.

She lasted a good 20 minutes before she died.

Yeah, and go on.

There's a buyer. Good one.

Good record of bidding.

I think he's addicted. Has a special request.

A child.

A child.


No, too risky.

He said 4 million.

4 million?

Private show.

Only him watching.


As soon as possible.

Just him watching? No one else?

Straight up murder, that's it? Nothing else?

I made it clear to him that it's strictly murder only.

That's what he wants.


Okay. Get Matthew to put a message on the site, what's her name?


Kyra, yeah.

Send those two goons out first thing in the morning.

Get this done as soon as possible.

Tell him cash up front. No shortcuts.

You hear that Richard?

Your mother says cash up front only.

Don't fuck this up, lad.


4 fucking million.

We can fucking retire on that.


What would we do for fun then?

Oh, I'm sure we'd think of something.

4 fucking million.


She's missing days and you haven't even got a report in the paper!

I know my own daughter. She wouldn't do this.

It's not like her!

She was ten minutes away from the house!

I know my own fucking daughter!

What are you telling me to calm fucking down for?!


Fucking prick!


It's fake.

What's the matter?

They can't see us.

Yeah, but we're still fucking trapped in here.

I didn't know whether to wake you or not.

They sent them out for a baby.

Fucking scum!

Fucking scumbags, I hope you fucking die screaming!

Sleeping beauty is awake.

A baby, you sick fuck!

Stay away from that fucking door!

Fuck you! Shoot me you posh prick!

Where the fuck is she?

Stupid bitch is gone again. Out the window.

You sick fuck!



You prick!


No! Don't shoot!


What the fuck is wrong with you?

I'm the same as you, look!

They're making me do it!

What the fuck is this?

Murder for money online.


People pay to see people get murdered!


I know how to run the website.

That's why they took me.

Where are we?

I don't know.


Please shoot it off.

How do I know you're not one of them?

Because you'd be fucking dead now.

The tools on the drawer.

The knife, get it!

The toolbox!

Faster, come on!

I've been here three fucking years, look at me!

Do it!

Do it!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Mom it's me.


I'm okay. I was taken.

Oh Jesus, Kyra. Are you okay?

I'm gonna be okay, I'm coming home.

I'm coming home.

Kyra! Kyra!

Come on, it's okay. You're alright.

I'm gonna take after you, come on.

I'll look after you.

Come on.


Don't look at me!

Don't look at me.

Why the fuck haven't you been answering my calls?


They're all dead, it's over.

I don't know who you are, but I won't tell a soul, I swear.

I just my normal life back.

Who the fuck is that?

Is this you Matthew?


Matthew tell me exactly what happened.

They're all dead, everyone.

A house full of them.

I don't know who you are.

But you'll never hear from me again, I swear to god.

Matthew, Matthew, we have to meet up.

We have to discuss this.

Can you come over this way?

You have no idea what you're getting yourself into you little bastard.

Matthew. Matthew?


Little fucking cunt.

I'll fucking kill the little cunts.

You fucking little fucking cunts And Richard!

What the fuck are we thinking, he can't even tie his own fucking shoelaces!

This is the biggest clusterfuck ever!

4 fucking million quid, gone!

Fucking gone.


I'll fucking retire, yeah.

Fucking cunts.

What the fuck are we gonna do?


I don't know fucking family again?

Do you think she's ready?

She's got more brains than Richard.

Yeah that wouldn't be fucking difficult.

Yeah, you're fucking right.


Shut the fuck up!


The other house is gone.


One of the captives didn't remain captive.

It's a long story. They're all dead.

Your son.

Yup. Him too.

You ready to go live?

Been practicing for months.


We'll have you up and running in a couple of days.

Catherine, don't mess this up.

You can rely on me.

Good girl.

Back on track.

Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah.

Fuck yeah.

Guess who got a promotion?

We go live on five.