Red Sands (2009) Script

ARSON: Specialist Keller, I understand you were less than fully forthcoming during your debriefing.

However, we need to understand exactly how your fellow soldiers died before we can move forward with this.

Your squad was stationed on a patrol at which time your communications systems failed.

Shortly thereafter, you were attacked by a group of al-Qaeda militants.

Your staff sergeant was killed, as were all the other members of your squad.

Somehow, you survived.

A hero, really.

Now, would you mind telling me what happened out there?

At ease, Staff Sergeant.

Staff Sergeant, do you like unicorns?



Yes, sir, I guess I like unicorns all right.

What are you, some kind of faggot?

No, sir.

I'm just messing with you.


Just messing around.

I've been hearing a little bit about your squad today, Staff Sergeant.

Your lieutenant here tells me that you and your men are relatively competent.

Fortunately, for the task at hand, relative competence is probably sufficient.

Intel's got reports of al-Qaeda using a road to transport equipment.

You and your men will set up camp nearby, report any activity.

To engage if necessary.

Lieutenant, here, will fill you in with all further details.

You're dismissed, Staff Sergeant.



CHARD: Hey, how sweaty do you think them bitches are underneath them sheets?

They wouldn't get none of that on the fruit, you don't think, right?

If I get one of them oranges, or something.

BOY: Biscuit. Biscuit. Biscuit. Biscuit. Go away.

Hey. Hey, hey. No! Get the fuck away from me.

Biscuit. Biscuit. Get the fuck away from me.

Biscuit. Biscuit. No.

You have a biscuit? No biscuit.

Hey, how's "biscuit" like one of the three English words these kids know?

Biscuit. Biscuit. Biscuit. Biscuit.

No, no biscuit.

I don't have a fucking biscuit! Fuck off!

JEFF: Hey, Chard. Chard, chill. All right?

Hey. Here, it's not a biscuit, but... Hey!

CHARD: Fucking ingrates.

Give them an inch, they'll take a mile.

They're just kids.

Real bad, Davies. See how you do against a haji over 10.

Get your ass in the back of the truck.



TINO: No, see, because girls have it reversed. They have a reverse to it, all right?

Guys got the angry pirate. Girls got the angry penguin.

What's the angry penguin?

TINO: (LAUGHING) All right, so check this out.

If a girl's down and she's blowing you, you know, she's wailing out, doing her thing, and you're like just about to bust, and like me, you know I'm always like, "I'm going to come," you know, 'cause I want to say it, just 'cause I'm a gentleman.

So as you say that, she stops.

Now your pants are around your ankles.

She stops and just walks out the room. So now you're the angry penguin

'cause you're walking around and your feet are together, and your face is like, "Oh, my God..."

You're fucked up.

TINO: It's like...

Boy, no, Chard, check it out. Check it out. I got one for you. I got one.


Move it! It's an IED.

Go, now!

What? What?

See anything?

I can't see anything.

We just got to ride it out.

MAN: Go! Go!

Otus 3 Papa. This is Otus 3 Papa. Over.


Repeat. Repeat, over!

MAN OVER RADIO: ...weapons fired...

Abort. Echo, echo.

MARCUS: Otus 3 actual, be advised you are coming in broken and unreadable.

Come again, over.

MAN: Abort. Echo, echo.

Stop the truck! What?

MARCUS: Stop the truck!

Thank you. 360! Wardell, you stay.

MARCUS: This is Otus 3 Papa. All units on this net, this is Otus 3 Papa.

Radio check, over.

MAN: Roger, Otus 3 Papa. We read you.

You want us in?

Negative. Recon the area.

Roger that. Otus 3 Papa, out. Keller!


Lieutenant wants us to survey this area here.

They're en route to our position now.

Back here in 15 minutes, sooner if you see anything. Got it?

Yes, Staff Sergeant.

All right, you heard the man. Let's move out.

JEFF: Why would all this be out here in the middle of nowhere?

CHARD: Maybe they diverted the camel path or something.

JEFF: Yeah, right.

CHARD: Who knows why these people do anything out here.

It's fucking weird.

TINO: What is it, Wilcox?

How should I know?

You're the one who speaks Dari and went to college and shit.

It's a...

Maybe some sort of idol, right?

I mean, Islamic law pretty much forbids the worship of images, so maybe that's why this is hidden in here.


There's all different stories here about demons, shape shifters and Djinn.

You know, like spirits that are caught inside of lamps.

Aladdin. GREGORY: No.

The stuff is in the Koran even.

So what is it then?

Djinn were supposedly made by God from smokeless flame.

So they have no shape or form, and they pretty much hate people.

So they have to be imprisoned in objects, or they'll just go around killing us.



TREVOR: Motherfucker. If you had missed and shot one of us, or if you had even got a grain of sand in my eye, I would have fucked you up.

I wasn't going to miss, asshole. Jesus!

Damn. That thing is old.


TINO: Good fucking job, Chard.

What the fuck are you talking about? That was a good shot.

That thing's been here like hundreds of years till your dumb ass came along.

You could say the same damn thing about every foot of this fucking desert.

JEFF: All right, all right. Let's head back. See if any orders have come down.

JEFF: Yo, Gregory.

TREVOR: He's probably waiting to see if we're gonna get three wishes now, or something.

CHARD: Hey, those wishes are rightfully mine, fuckers.

Welcome to your new home.

Hollister, they got the supplies they need?

Yes, sir.

Fill them in.

All right. For the next few days, our section is gonna set up operations here.

Our main objective is to monitor this road. Report all activity.

Do you see a road? No.

MARCUS: Wilcox? You've got first watch.

CHARD: Hey, Staff Sergeant.


There's only seven of us here.

Your point, Davies?

JEFF: I think what Davies is trying to say is that if there are any Talibs nearby, they might see us as potential targets.

Well, that would be a sure-fire way of finding out if there are any Talibs around, wouldn't it?

Have a great stay, ladies.


Shit! God damn it.


God damn.

You know what to do. I'll get you some shovels.

Get it done before they finish unloading the truck.

And get all this shit out of here. We're not using it.

Well, that's a relief.

What happened to these people?

TREVOR: White phosphorus does that.

You get hit with it, it burns right through to the bone.

Bomb must have hit just as they were sitting down to dinner.

TREVOR: Come on, man. You get the top. I'll get the legs.

Should we say something?

Like what?


I don't know.

JEFF: Hey, dawg, why don't you go turn off the light?

CHARD: No, no, no.

Yo, Keller. TREVOR: I'm not even tired.

You looking at pictures of your girl?

TINO: What's weird shit you've done to her?

JEFF: I will not be getting into that.

TREVOR: All you motherfuckers need to be locked up in a cage.

(CHUCKLES) Shut up, shut up. You ever get a blumpkin from your girl?

JEFF: What the hell is a blumpkin?

TINO: You ever... Like, let's say you eat a tacquito or something like that, and you're sitting on the toilet and then she comes up and...

JEFF: Oh, no.

TINO: Gives you a blow job while you're shitting.

I'm gonna get sick sitting next to this sexual predator.

TINO: Come on, it's a real thing that people do.

You did this? CHARD: He spends too much time on the Internet.

Yeah, sick motherfucker. TINO: You were totally into that, and I'm not saying I've done it.

You've done it. TINO: But...

So she...


TINO: That ain't even fucking right.

CHARD: What the fuck? That's what I'm saying.

TREVOR: You sure?

CHARD: It was some goat, and it was...

He's going out there, like...

That ain't right.

CHARD: Hey, man, I'll bet you as soon as we started bombing, these rich fucking hajis got a plane ticket, moved to fucking Albany, bought a taxicab.

TINO: You are the biggest racist in the world, by the way.

Seriously, you are a racist motherfucker, 'cause the same way you talk about hajis is the same way you talk about black, Mexican and everything else.

Now, do me a fucking favor and send your racist ass over

'cause I got to go on watch.

CHARD: You're the only one that's got to get up.

You shut the motherfucker off. I'm already asleep.

TINO: You fucking pieces of shit.

CHARD: Kill the light. That a girl.

TINO: Hey, stroke me on the way back over here.

CHARD: There you go.



Morning, sunshine.

Morning, Keller.

Good morning, Staff Sergeant.

Anybody else awake?

Not that I saw. You want me to wake them up?

No, you get your eye together. Enjoy the morning.

I'll do it.

MARCUS: Wake the fuck up, ladies!

(SHOUTING) Get your panties from around your goddamn ankles.

It's a beautiful morning.

Time to wage a motherfucking war on terror, God damn it.

Davies, get your dick out your hand, man.

Didn't your mama teach you better than that? God damn.

MARCUS: So I'm sure some of you have already noticed something.

What are we supposed to be here observing?

Anybody? Feel free.

The road? That's right.

Now do you see a road, Keller?

No, I don't, Staff Sergeant.


Me fucking neither.

But we goddamn well gonna find it before I get on the OMNI and tell them that we can't find the fucking road that we supposed to be guarding in the first fucking place.

JORGE: (SOFTLY) We should just build a fucking road.

What was that, Wardell? Roger that, Staff Sergeant!

Good. That's what I like to hear.

Now, there is a town nearby, and we gonna roll up in that bitch, drop a load and let our presence be felt.

Well, let's go, girls. This is what you signed up for.

Yeah, I guess they saw us coming.

Yeah, well, we're kind of hard to miss.

Wilcox. Sir?

Tell anybody who's inside to come out.


Do it.

MARCUS: Spread out.

This one's fucking empty.

So what, you want to take a break, Davies?

That's one of them. Check them all.



This one's clear, too.

Smart haji motherfuckers are hiding from us.

Where the fuck are they gonna hide from us, man?

What, are they under the sand, breathing through straws?

Could be. You don't know their culture.

Yo, look what I found.

They ain't leaving without this, right?

I wouldn't think so.

Not to mention half these houses were meant to be rolled up and taken with you.

What in the hell is that?

This is Islamic law.

They bury you up to your neck and stone you to death.

He must have done something.

Let's get the fuck out of here.


We'll just stay on watch in sets of two.

Anderson, you and Wilcox take first shift until 0100.

You know, it's probably not the smartest thing to stand outside like this.

Especially if anybody's around.



Hey, guys!

You playing? Man, get that peanut butter shit out of here, dawg.

We're not playing with that. Come on, dawg. Playing with no money?

JORGE: Hey, shut that, man. What the hell?

So fucking sorry, Wardell.

We been swimming in sand for the past hour.

Is there anything else we can do for you?

JORGE: Yeah, how about some water, dickhead.

All right, all right.

We just about got the rest of it. Anything that's not packed away is pretty much encased with sand by now, all right?

I fucking hate this place.

TINO: How many days we have to stay here?


Yo! Wilcox, you dream about dick again? That's fucking gay.





Guys! There's somebody in here. Get in the kitchen now!

Holy shit.


MARCUS: Wilcox.

GREGORY: I don't know.



MARCUS: What's she saying?

(STAMMERING) I don't know. It's not Dari.

Is it Pashto?

No. No, no, no.

There's like 30 different languages in this country, all different dialects.

I have no fucking clue what she's saying.

That's great.

Search her. CHARD: I volunteer, Staff Sergeant.

Shut the fuck up! Wilcox, you and Keller.



Oh, fuck.

All right, go. Fuck...


JEFF: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Sorry. I'm really sorry.


MARCUS: Lower your weapons.

Things are really starting to look up around here.

MARCUS: Davies, cut that shit out right fucking now.

Hull, you and Anderson keep watch over her until 0400.


MARCUS: In here. Just watch her.

It's sandy in here.

MARCUS: In here.

I don't give a fuck if she's got to piss in her robe.

She does not leave this room until we know that nobody's out there waiting on her.

Sir, do you want us to feed her?

Give her food or something, Staff Sergeant?

MARCUS: Yeah, do that.

Everybody else, be on alert.

Keep your weapons nearby if you go to sleep.


I can't understand a word you're saying, so don't waste your breath.


Or you could just keep talking. Whichever.

You think she's got any more of her homies outside?

The storm's quieting down now, so I guess if there are, we'll find out in a bit.

TINO: Yeah.

TREVOR: I just don't understand where she came from.

I mean, was she just walking outside somewhere and got caught up in the storm?

TINO: Fuck if I know.

All right, I just need to say this, 'cause somebody's got to.

You all know we could just fuck her, right?

We could just take her a ways in the desert. Nobody has to know.

We could take turns. I don't even gotta go first.

Trevor could go first.

Who's she gonna fucking tell about it?

Come on, how long has it been since either one of you motherfuckers has gotten laid?

Apparently not as long as you.

CHARD: Jeff?


Well, yes, sir, Mr. President.

Mr. "Faithful to his girlfriend 10,000 fucking miles away from here."

You all are pussies, man.

Yeah, I'm a pussy who's about to kick the shit out of you if you don't shut the fuck up.

(SCOFFS) Well, gee.

It's a tense atmosphere.

CHARD: I got one.

I spy with my little eye, something that's yellow.

JEFF: Is it sand?


JEFF: Hey. What's going on?

Keller, come here. I want you to hear something.

Now, I'm supposed to call Parker at 0800. And I did.

His number's here. They let you know that you're connected.

So? What?


SOLDIER ON PHONE: ...stranded out here. Our staff sergeant has gone AWOL, and our transportation is Tango Uniform.


You hear that?

I heard a voice.

Didn't sound like anybody from Charlie. At least I didn't recognize it.

It sounded like a distress call.

I mean, is there another platoon out there?

Fuck if I know. It could be coming from Kabul.

Anyway, I never heard a distress signal.

I'm gonna stay here and try to contact Parker.

See if I can't find something more specific.

All units radio check. All units radio check.

Radio check. All units radio check. Over.

MARCUS: This is Otus 3 Papa, Otus 3 Papa. Do you copy?

All units radio check. All units radio check.


...66, 67, 68.


(CHUCKLES) Come on, come on, come on. That's weak, man.

TINO: That's weak, man, come on.

Where you been?

All right, listen up.

We can't let her wander around unsupervised.

Somebody's gotta watch her.

JORGE: Why? What the hell's she gonna do?


Do you remember Matt Carson?

Yeah. Of course I do. Why?

I saw him.

You know he's dead, Gregory.

Yeah. Yeah, he looked pretty dead.

It's cool, man. I get bad dreams sometimes.

No, I was awake. I was wide awake and I saw him.


do I look like a psychologist to you?

You're having issues or what have you, you take that shit to Staff Sergeant.

He'll get you to someone.





It's time for your shift.

You and Hull. He's out there already, okay?

Fuck. Yeah, okay. Yeah, that's fine.






You just told me to get out of here, in Dari.

Well, I might have...

I must have heard that phrase somewhere.

You should be careful about saying things you don't understand.

You could say something rude.

JEFF: Who the hell knew it was so cold in Afghanistan?

It was like 110 degrees today.

I'm from Albany. This place is a pleasure. The cradle of civilization.

If you're in such a hurry to get back, why'd you sign up?

Well, a stint in the military helps with the field I'm going in.

What, you want to be, like, president someday?

I don't know. My dad's a state representative back in Madison, and I grew up with all this stuff in my head, so...

Shit. Beats my plans.

Hell, I'd vote for you.


You registered to vote back in Albany?




Who the fuck is over there?

I don't fucking know. I don't fucking know.

Who the fuck is shooting at us?

I don't fucking know!


SOLDIER 1: It's us! Stop firing at us!

SOLDIER 2: Cease fire! SOLDIER 1: We're hit!

Cease fire!

We need a medic now, a goddamned fucking medic!




SOLDIER 1: Fuck!

JEFF: God, I can't believe I fell asleep.

TINO: Big deal.

I was going to wake you in a few minutes. Our shift's almost up.

I'm gonna go grab Wardell and Davies.

Yeah, okay.

Hey, what's up?

Did you wake them up?

No. Not yet.

Okay, I'll do it then.

This is Otus 3 Papa, Otus 3 Papa. Do you copy?

Do you copy?



Say again, please?


Please identify yourself. Roger that.

Roger that. Identify yourself.

SOLDIER: Howston, it's the girl. She's going for something.

This is Otus 3 Papa. Note that our OMNI may be 404.

Please identify yourself.



Shut the fuck up! Get the fuck off of me!

Howston, after the girl. She's going for something.

Stop! Do not move!



So, Davies and Wardell say they didn't hear anything on watch, which leaves you two.

I assume you would have woken us up had you heard anything.

JEFF: What do you mean?

MARCUS: What I mean is this.

The ignition system, it's been completely torn out.

We're screwed.

TINO: Fuck. That's right, guys.

Fuck, as in we are fucked.

Can we fix it?

That seems to be a negative at the moment.

But I contacted Charlie and was able to apprise them of our situation.

GREGORY: Wait, the SatCom's working?

Correct. I received a communication this morning.

And, according to Parker, some vehicles went by us last night.

They intercepted them on their end.

But they seem to have gone right by us, so you know what that means?

Ali Baba drove right the fuck by, ass-fucked us, and we slept right through it, despite having two people on watch all night.

Are you saying that cars drove by us and we didn't even notice?

MARCUS: That's right. Staff Sergeant, don't you think it's likely we're just in the wrong place?

We are not in the wrong place.

We are exactly where we're supposed to be, which is where they left us.

So from now on, one person is outside at all times.

You will walk out as far as you can, in three separate directions keeping the house in your sights.

You want us to stand out in the desert all day?

You can't ask us to do that.

I'm not asking you to do a goddamn thing, Anderson. I'm telling you.

It's a direct fucking order, and you will carry it out.

Now move!




You know, this is bullshit, right?

Marcus is fucking losing it, man.

Must be some delayed PTSD or some shit.

Yeah. About the truck.


Whoever did that has got to be somewhere nearby to know we're here, right?

Maybe they're hiding somewhere in the desert, and here we are, separated into teams.

Somebody could be watching us, and we wouldn't even fucking know it.

Man, I'm telling you, it had to be that girl who was here.

All right, you telling me she busted into our Humvee ignition system?

Come on, man. Al-Qaeda's got training camps all over this sandbox, right?

The girl, huh?

Yeah, brother.

Well, we'll see about that.


Hey. Where's Wilcox?

Hey, can we go back inside, please?

CHARD: Gregory just lost his glasses or some shit.

MARCUS: It's gonna be dark soon.

We're not going back inside until we find our translator.



CHARD: Gregory!

MARCUS: Stay together.

CHARD: Hey, hey, up ahead.

Fucking shit.

Sarge, look at his face. What happened to his eyes?


Look what they did to him.

Staff Sergeant? You might want to shut that light off.


Secure her.


All right. Want to go check on the staff sergeant?

Check the other rooms. Make sure we're alone.

Jorge, Chard, keep an eye on her.


Hey! Hey! What the fuck are you doing sneaking up on me in the dark?

I'm just...

Hey. I was just wondering if you reached anybody.

What makes you think I reached somebody?

I don't know. I was just wondering.

Well, I haven't. When I do, I'll let you know.

Hey, Staff Sergeant.

Do you think we should try to rejoin our company?

No. We wait.

We have a job to do here, and we gonna see it through.

I'm gonna go check out.

TREVOR: What the fuck, Hull? What are you doing?

Where is he?

What are you doing, Hull?


Put your weapon down, Hull.

TINO: Where's Jorge? Put your gun the fuck down!

Jorge, where is he?

CHARD: Put the gun the fuck down.

Jorge killed Wilcox. He's not what you think he is.

TINO: He killed Wilcox.

Hey, calm down, Tino. Jorge was with me all day.

Come on, man. He's telling you the truth, man, all right?

CHARD: Just talk to me. Tell me what you saw out there, all right?

JORGE: Think this through, all right, man?

Just think it through.


MARCUS: What happened? What the fuck happened?

Tino shot Jorge, so I shot Tino.

Tino said Jorge killed Wilcox.

Did Wardell leave your sight at any time today?

No, swear to God.

Davies, two of my men are fucking dead.

You think real hard about your answer.


Let's get their bodies outside.


Right now.

TREVOR: Should we just leave them out here?

MARCUS: What do you want to do, bury them?

We can't bury them.

We got to get them home to their families.

You take her in the room with you when you go to sleep.

She doesn't leave our sight from now on. Understand?

I said, got it?

JEFF: Yes, Staff Sergeant. I got it.



You okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm cool.

Keep an eye on her, all right?

Sure thing.

CHARD: Jeff! Fucking Trevor. Get out here!

Trev. CHARD: Hey!


Could, like, animals have gotten them or something?

JEFF: No, and there's no tracks.

TREVOR: This shit ain't right.

Where is she?


JEFF: She was asleep. She's not doing anything. What's the big deal?

I gave you one goddamn order, do not leave her alone. What the fuck do you do?

Outside, both of you. Get your gear.

What the fuck you looking at him for?

MARCUS: Davies.

Get inside and look after the girl.

Hey, I'm just trying to find what happened...

Later. Inside. Now.

Sit down.

Now, I'll sit out here where I can keep an eye on you.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about our goddamn mission, Keller, which is to sit outside this house and look out for the enemy, and that's exactly what we're going to do.

The three of us right here where I can see you and nobody else can sneak up on us.


Anderson, that's the last time you say anything other than, "Yes, Staff Sergeant" to me.

Staff Sergeant, you've proven your point.

Whatever it is.

Can we please go inside and get some water?

In a minute. We'll all get water together.

Come on, Keller. This heat ain't shit.

I know you ain't no punk.


MARCUS: Fucking milk-wean recruits complaining about the heat.

I thought this shit was basic training.

He's fucking insane.

It's a miracle you got through boot camp, boys.

No shit.

What the fuck do you want us to do about it?

What's the penalty for mutiny?

You got to earn that uniform you got on. You in the goddamn Army.

I don't know. It's pretty bad.

What did you just say?

I'd asked Jeff... I...

You asked him what, motherfucker? What the fuck did you just say?

I was asking Jeff if he knew how the Vikings was doing

'cause they were supposed to play against St. Louis...

Shut the fuck up. Yeah.

I know what you're doing. I know what you're doing.

You and him.


That motherfucking redneck inbred cunt.

No! No! No!


What the fuck did I tell you? Hey! Hey!

What the fuck did I say? Hey! Hey!

Hey, Marcus. She wanted to. She wanted me to.

I'm sick of your fucking shit, Davies. You're a goddamn disgrace!

What the fuck did I say? CHARD: Hey!

She wanted me to, you fucking nigger!

What'd you call me?

What'd you call me?

Hey, I called you nimrod. Look, I say, "You fucking nimrod."


Don't call me a nimrod.

I went to college, motherfucker.

(SHOUTING) You don't fucking push me around.

You don't fucking push me around.

You fucking big man. Hey!

Come on, motherfucker.

Get the fuck off me. Chard, come on, man.

Think you can fucking push me around?

You killed me, Staff Sergeant.

Right in the fucking chest.

What the fuck are you all staring at?

Dead bodies go outside.


It's okay. Everything's gonna be all right.

Everything's all right? Are you fucking kidding me?

She doesn't understand a damn word that's coming out of my mouth.

What the fuck are we gonna do?

Take him outside.

Then what?

How the fuck are we getting out of here?

Where is he?

I don't know.

Fuck this, man. It's over. You saw this shit.

We need to take him down now.

Staff Sergeant!

TREVOR: Here. You're better with this thing than me.

Okay. Who should I try to reach?

Are you kidding? Fucking anybody.

I don't care if you dial up the Taliban at this point.

All right.

This is Otus 3 Papa. I repeat, Otus 3 Papa.

We are 5-38. Please acknowledge.

Please acknowledge. Just anyone please respond.

SOLDIER: We are stranded out here.

Our staff sergeant has gone AWOL and our transportation is... What's he saying?

Say again?

Did you get somebody?


I heard something.

This is Otus 3 Papa. Do you copy?

I don't hear anything. I'll just keep trying for a little while.

Do you read me? Please copy.

If you can hear me, we are 5-38. Say again, 5-38.

This is Otus 3 Papa.

We're stranded out here. Our staff sergeant has gone AWOL, and our transportation is Tango Uniform.

Please advise. We don't know what to do.






Shit. The girl. Where's the girl?

I don't know.

Stay here and keep trying. I'll go find her.

JEFF: Fuck. What the fuck?


MARCUS: Think I don't know what you are? I know, motherfucker.

Hey, Trevor!

Yeah. I'm outside. Stay down. No more lights. You got it?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I fucking got it.

Who the hell is shooting at us?

It's Marcus.

Look, get my weapon. I need my scope.

Trevor? I'm over here.

Over where, man. I can't see a damn thing.

By the wall.

JEFF: Where?

Over here.


Jeff, you hit?


What happened?

JEFF: Uh...

Trevor, there's something else out here, man.

Get the fuck over here. I can't see anything.

Did you see where the shots were coming from?

No, man. No.

I thought I did, but he probably dug himself some cover.

Crazy motherfucker. Look, let's move back to the house.

He's probably got goggles, so stay low.

All right.

He'll see us if we move from here.

(PANTING) Trev, listen, man.

There... There is something else out there.

Go get me an illume round. I'll keep watch.

All right. I saw the woman in the back.


What the fuck is she doing back there?

I don't know. But I'm gonna go get her.

Be careful. She could be trying to signal somebody.

Yeah, right.


Anderson. Don't shoot, man.

Do you have a weapon? Show me your hands.

I don't have a gun.

Keep your hands up.


Gregory, you're dead, man.

I saw your corpse.




Just two of you motherfuckers left now.

Real fucking clever.


JEFF: Hands up!

Put your hands on your head.



Get the fuck down.

All right. I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm gonna tie you up again and then I'm gonna...



SOLDIER: What's up, soldier?



Specialist Keller, I understand you were less than fully forthcoming during your debriefing.

Let's see if we can't refresh your memory.

I'm going to lay out our version of the facts and you tell me if I'm getting it right or wrong. Got that?


Your squad was stationed on a patrol during which time your communications systems went down.

Shortly thereafter, you were attacked by a group of al-Qaeda fighters, about 30 of them.

More? 40? What the hell, let's say 50.

So, this faction of 50 or so al-Qaeda militants easily outnumbered your squad.

Your staff sergeant was killed, as were all the other members of your squad.

But you somehow survived by...

I was knocked unconscious.

You were knocked unconscious. Yes.

Knocked unconscious and left for dead.

A hero, really.

Now, under the circumstances, I think we can take care of you.

All right, you sit tight. I'll get Hollister in here to take care of the paperwork, and all that's left is to get you on a plane.

With any luck, you'll be on American soil day after tomorrow.