Redemption (2013) Script

Moving 964 southeast, over.

Hummingbird drone.

Roger. They're not sure what that impacted.

Make sure it wasn't one of your friendlies, Roger.

Red Hotel six, this is Longhorn.

I see possible contact.

That was right where they were making contact from, Red Hotel Tower.

There's an RPG coming from the east.

4-2-0, this is 4-2 Charlie.

Message over. - Send, over.

4-2 Charlie, are you aware at grid 4-1?

Only thing that was bad about it...

I know...

There's been an ambush...

Do you copy, over? Sergeant Smith, do you copy?

4-2 Charlie contact involving small arms fire on vehicle.

There are three guys running out there at the back.

Yep, he's got a weapon on the right.

Roger that. Hummingbird can see it.

He's got a weapon.

He's still shooting up in the air right now.

We see him.

Sergeant Smith, I have good arcs on your position.

I believe he's British. - He's shooting.

Echo 3-5-2, over.

Installation Provost Marshal report A-R-6-3-0-1-0.

Sergeant Joseph Smith.

Absconded from Stanbrook Military Hospital Secure Wing.

Diagnosed with combat stress.

Filed as Department of Defense, long-term missing person.

Sorry, mate.


All we want is your cash and your rocks.

Joey, don't fight back.

Run, Isabel!

Hi, this is Damon.

I won't be available at this number until October the first.

If you need me, you can call my agent Paul or reach me on my New York number.


That's 212-555-9898.

You have no new messages.

Anybody lost or needs direction?

Anybody lost or needs direction?

Anybody lost or needs direction?

Anybody lost or needs...


Get off, get off!

Don't do it!

Happy birthday, Cristina.

Actually, it was two days ago, but thank you.

Happy birthday, Cristina.

Actually, it was two days ago, but thank you.

No alcohol.

I'm looking for someone.

Joseph? Joseph, where did you get those clothes?

Her name's Isabel.

They saw her.

I've come to save her.

Joseph, did you rob someone?

I had some luck.

Maybe God, you know?

God gave me this.

Joseph, I'm going to call David, my police liaison officer.

This is for you, sister.

You're okay.

Buy something nice for yourself.

20, 40, 60, 80, 100.

20, 40, 60, 80, 200.

20, 40, 60, 80, 300.

20, 40, 60, 80, 400.

450, 500.

Sister Cristina.

So, do you know how much is there?

A donation is a donation.

I don't see the quandary.

He's quite famous among them.

They say he was a commando.

He killed people in Afghanistan.

That's what soldiers do.

It doesn't mean he's a thief.

Did he say where he got the money from?

He said, "Maybe God."

Anyway, what do you think the police themselves would do with it if you handed it in?

They'd just share it out and drink it in the pub.

Add it to the nourishment front door at Christmas, get them all jumpers or something.

Actually, he told me to buy something for myself.

I thought perhaps maybe I could use just a small proportion of it.

You see, there is something I have been praying for.

You're a good and holy woman, Sister Cristina.

If the money's an answer to a prayer, how can it be wrong?

Let me put it this way.

I've not written anything down about this in the book.

One for Maria Zielinska.

One what?

One for the Maria Zielinska farewell performance.

I'm afraid it's all sold out.

Sold out?

But it isn't until October.

It sold out online in two hours.


We do still have one box available.

A box?

On Tuesday, October first.

And how much is a box?

A box for the farewell performance

Contact! Contact!


Possible contact.

Hummingbird drone, over.

Yeah, he's got a weapon on the right.

Hummingbird can see it. He's got a weapon.

He's still shooting up in the air right now.

We see him.

Can we just cut the guy off?

Do you copy?


I'm afraid you're too late for soup.

I'm not hungry.

I need medicine.

You're hurt?

I need antibiotics.

I'm not allowed to dispense antibiotics.

But you do it for people who can't get into the system.

Go to emergency. - I can't.

Why not? If you don't want to give your name, just call yourself Smith or something.

That would be a mistake.

Why? - My name is Smith.

Jones, then.


I'm on the run from a court-martial.

I was in a Special Forces unit.

There'll be no forgiveness.

How do you know it's antibiotics you need?

I've got two broken ribs.

There's an infection around one of the breaks.

If it spreads to the bone, I'll die.

I've been wounded before.

If you drink alcohol with these, they won't work.

I'll need painkillers.

Give me something with dihydrocodeine.

Yes, sir.

I've asked around about your friend Isabel.

How'd you know about Isabel?

Last night, don't you remember?

Did I come here last night?

Do something stupid?

You said you'd had some luck.

"God," you said.

You don't believe?

So how do you explain those new clothes?

I don't.

So what'd you find out about Isabel?

She doesn't come for food anymore.

If you see her, give her this.

Tell her she can come to me.

Tell her she can be safe.

Who lives here? - Me.

Did you break in? - I fell.

Did you hurt someone?

Only myself.

Do you know the boys say you're an angel?

Good night, Joseph.

The solid sterling silver.

You've got lots of pieces of solid sterling silver and, of course... there we go... you can see all of that from your hat pins to your... uh... to your... shepherd's hook, your... your clasp, your crimp beads, and six meters of elastic, one large and one small gift pack.

Showers good.

40s, Cromarty, Forth, Tyne, Dogger.

Easterly or northeasterly four or five, occasionally...

Bible tells us, you know, in Gethsemane, talking to God and wanting to not go through with this thing and hesitating, you know.

And as all these incredible things, Judas going to the priests...

Joey, it's Isabel.

There's no need to look for me. I'm okay.

And I'll just cause trouble.

I've agreed to work for them for a few weeks until I've got enough for a deposit on a nice place.

Then I'll go back up north.

Thanks for looking after me, Joey, and for thinkin' of me. When I get away from London, I'll call you if you're still there.

I've gotta go.

You have two messages.

I've agreed to work for them for a few weeks until I've got enough for a deposit on a nice place.

Then I'll go back up north.

Thanks for looking after me, Joey, and for thinking of me.

When I get away from London, I'll call you if you're still there.

I've gotta go.

You have no more messages.

I know there is someone there 'cause I saw you go in.

I'm gonna call the police.

Who are you?

Damon said he was gonna be in New York all summer.

I'm Damon's boyfriend.

One of 'em.

He said I could use his flat while he was away.

Are you a model?


He didn't say anyone was gonna be staying.

Do you have his number in New York?

No, he keeps himself very private.

Pity, you could've called him.

Do you have a number?

He doesn't give it to me.

In case I call him late at night.

I'm Tracy. - Joey.

Joey Jones.

Damon said I should stay here for the summer, get my life back together.

So that's what I'm gonna do.



Joey, there's trouble.

Fucking dickhead's trying to throw us out.

Is he fucking following?

Dick, mate.

Here we go. - It's Soho, I wanna see some tits.

It's late, boys.

You're gonna miss your train.

Who are you, our fuckin' mum?

He thinks he is. Fuck me if he ain't.

Tits, mate. - Fucking there's your tit.

That's right, mate. - Here's your fucking tit, man.

Hey, don't fucking touch my boy!

Fucking leave it, mate.

He's a fucking soft, southern fucking cunt.

Easy, pal. - Fucking get off him.

You'll miss your train. - I'll fucking have him!

Come on, then!

Fucking get him!

Now you've missed your train.

Monkey? - Huh?

You wanna work? - Yeah.

You know what kind of work I do.

They say you want a driver.

I got a lot of businesses.

They say you're a hard man.

It's a hard city.

Hold on!

Can we play the animal game?

Go on, then.

Um... has it got four legs? - Yes.

All right, has it got fur?


Um, give me another clue.

It's gray. - Gray?


Is it a dog? - No.

Um, could it eat me?


Right, so, how many legs has it got?

Two. - You said four.

Are you tricking me?

I hear he wants to see me.

What the fuck?

New rules.

No room service cards anywhere between Lisle Street and The Crown.

What the fuck are you talking about?

You're not even a fucking Chink to be giving out rules.

Show him.

New rules.


Can I help you?

I've got a delivery for the Angel of the Lord's Mission.

45 Margheritas, 45 garlic breads, 45 Coke Zeroes, 45 chicken dippers, and 45 coleslaws.

There must be a mistake.

It's paid for by Joey Jones.

Okay, it's not a mistake.

Who wants pizza?

Tell your boss in fifteen minutes to have Mr. Choy's envelope ready.

Also, I wanna order takeaway for delivery.

It's very nice, but I've no idea what it is.

I think it's probably duck.

And there's fish and chicken and pancakes.

And this is from Crazy Joe the angel, yeah? - Next?

Just drive, man. Just fucking drive.

That's his little sister. She won't talk.


It's me.


Nice suit.

Since I lost my job, I've been paying the landlord with blowjobs.

What have you been doing while they cut everything, Joey?

I've been fighting.

There's more where this came from.

Lots more.

You got my invitation.

Wasn't sure you'd come.

Buying food for the boys, it's okay, but not this.

Giving me things puts me in a very difficult position.

You're not vegetarian, are ya?

Why are you lighting fires on the pavement?

My Chinese boss sends his people here to buy meat for his restaurants.

I get three hours hanging out on the street doing nothing.

So tonight I decided to have a barbecue.

You used to feed me.

Tonight, I feed you.

This is a very strange thing to be doing.

I miss the smell of woodsmoke.

I'm guessing that you have psychological problems.

They put me up a mountain and told me to kill people.

What'd they think would come back down the mountain?

Joseph, I came here because I might have some news...

about Isabel.

They found a girl.

Last night, my police liaison officer gave me this photograph.

She was found in the river.

They need help with identification.

She was from the north, that's all I know.

Did you love her?

We shared a box.

We'd just keep each other warm.

Will you talk to the police?

Fuck the police.

Joseph, I'm really sorry to bring such awful news.

Where in the river?

The city, near to Canary Wharf.

One of those rich guys.

Yes, they think she was killed by a client.

The police give a shit? - Of course they do.

David is a good man.

Really? He's a "good man."

Good, good. Good for him.


In the fucking river!

If you dare to be angry about Isabel... you're a hypocrite.

I've asked around about your job for the Chinese boss.

They say, "Crazy Joey deals drugs."

I just deliver the stuff. I don't touch the stuff.

The autopsy said Isabel "touched the stuff".

Maybe stuff you delivered.

You don't put those things together in your head.

You know why she ended up in the river?

Because that's what the river's for.

To wash away girls when they're finished with them.

I see what's happening in this fucking city.

How many people you feed these days, huh?

You give them soup.

They want their lives back!

Joey, when you were out of your head on drugs a few months ago, you gave me some money.

I've spent it on something for myself.

I haven't been able to sleep properly since.

I... I called my sister in Warsaw.

She sold some of the possessions I left behind.

I don't need this.

I'm really sorry about Isabel.

I know you cared for her, but think about all the other Isabels.

Start to do the right thing.

It is honest money. I cleaned it for you.

Use it to start an honest life.

I want you to have this.

I'm gonna do a lot of good things this summer.

Give people what they want.

I thought you might want a dress.

Joey, I'm a nun.

I used to wear a uniform.

Don't mean a thing, you just take it off.

If it looks beautiful on you, then God would say it's okay, wouldn't He?

I will put it in the bag of clothes for Africa.

My guest this week is Baroness Glennis Baker, a emeritus professor of psychology.

She has specialized in the health and welfare of people with learning disabilities, advising on policies and influencing...



Your cash and your rocks, boys.

Don't remember me, do you?

Not surprised.

I've changed.

You've got a knife...

I've got a spoon.

Who killed Isabel?

Go on, Joey. Show 'em. Show 'em!

Who killed Isabel?

I don't know.

You're only alive because I need information.

An eye for an eye.

You tell me what happened to her, or I'll kill you with this spoon.

Some guy used to rent her regular.

Beat her up.

He used to ask for her.

He went too far.


We don't use names.

Describe him to me.

Ah! - Describe him to me.

He was about 30, city boy, scar over his eye.

That's all I know.

You get any trouble from these two again, you tell Crazy Joe, okay?



You look...

Your note said you had information for the police about Isabel's killer.

That is the only reason I am here.

And I put on this dress because it is the only dress I have.

And don't think I won't send it to Africa, because I will.

They think my name's Damon, by the way.

Please don't remind me.

I think I might faint. - What?

I haven't eaten anything all day... worrying whether or not I would come.

Also, I didn't realize there would be so many naked men.

Look, I arranged to meet you here because I thought you might like the photographs.

I didn't realize there'd be photographs of men's... penises.


Joey, actually, I do like photographs.

I take photographs... usually of nature.

Penises are nature, I suppose.

Yes, I suppose they are.

So what'd you tell the Mother?

I lied, I lied, I lied.

So what information do you have?

Tell your policeman to look for a guy around 30.

He has a scar above his eye.

Works in the city.

Should I write this down?

That's all I have.


30 years old, scar above his eye, works in the city. Got it.

We haven't been introduced.

I'm Karl. What's your name?

Just looking around.

I'm told the invitation you handed in at the desk was addressed to Damon Coldfield.

I happen to be Damon's photographic agent.

He's in New York.

Who the hell are you?

I think you're a bit drunk.


I'm having a crazy patch.

Starting when I bought the ticket.

What ticket?

I used your money to buy a ticket to a ballet.

That's a pretty wicked thing to do.

But, you see...

I've loved her since I was a little girl.

Loved who?

Maria Zielinska.

She's 42 and still dancing.

She is who I always wanted to be.

She is who I should have been.

I'm in a silk dress in an alleyway... with a gangster.

Whoa! - Oop!

And I'm drunk.

Are you still a gangster, Joey, or did I change you?

Just having a crazy patch, too.

There are things that I have to do.

When the summer's over, I'll stop.

Because of me, yes?

I have to think I'm doing good.

Your excuse for wearing a pretty dress.

When does Damon return?

October the first.

Then it's fate.

What is?

When I say it's fate...

I should really say it's God, but I don't.

You know why?

Because I'm not so sure that God is there anymore.

That's the truth.

I think I'm going to throw up.


No, I'm fine.

Sister, I'm Catholic.

I'm not your sister.

I'm drunk and I'm up against the wall.

30... a scar above the eye... works in the city.

A massive 50% off.

Rain jackets half price.

Fleece half price, T-shirts half price.

Walking shoes half price.

A massive 50% off.


H... how are things?

Things are okay.

Have you heard from Damon?

Yeah, he's okay.

You seem so together now.

I'm really together now.

You're like a different person.

So, Joey... are you exclusively gay?

You know, it's interesting... recently...

I've found myself attracted to... nuns.

Who the fuck are you?

You owe Mr. Choy money.

What the fuck do you know about Mr. Choy?

He's my boss.

What are you talking about?

Mr. Choy only employ Chinese.

Tell Mr. Choy I'll send him a check.

I'm taking the cash.

Give me the fucking cash.

Step out of the way, my friend, and let me take some of what you owe in cash as a gesture of goodwill.


Please don't hurt him!

That money belongs to my family.

Vincenzo, no!

Of Mamarita Restaurant...

18 Clancey Street. That's 1-8 Clancey Street. known by the name of Joey Jones... no known address. Approach with caution.

Reported connection to the Angel of the Lord Homeless Mission, Covent Garden.

Is there a problem? You are scaring my clients.

We're looking for someone.

Calls himself Joey Jones.

We've been told he used to come down here.

They said you'd know where to find him.

Let me help ya.

What are you doing here?

I just lied to the police.

You haven't changed at all.

If I could do something else, I would do it.

What did the policeman say?

Do you gave him the description?

He laughed at me.

He said it was "too vague."

He said, "Tell Joey Jones to come and speak to us himself."

You mean they can't be bothered to fucking look

'cause she was a whore.

The truth is... the police are more interested in finding out more about you.

You're becoming famous, Joey.

And Isabel isn't famous?

You really are a hypocrite.

You beat Taxman so bad he's still in hospital.

You're not just an angel, you're God Almighty dispensing justice.

Yeah, well, I believe in justice.

Sometimes you have to make it happen yourself.

I'm not the only hypocrite here.

Want a kiss?

Sorry. - Get out of my car.

It's a van.

I suppose you think it was very funny that I got drunk.

I've been drunk myself on occasion.

What exactly happened?

You don't remember?

It's all a blur.

You asked me to kiss you, so I kissed you.

You didn't have to kiss me just because I asked.

I wanted to.

Why did you want to?

That's a really stupid question.

Look in the mirror.

It's not my fault that I'm fucked up.

For a nun, your language is pretty bad.

So whose fault is it?

He was my gymnastics instructor.

It was in Warsaw.

It was my father who made me do gymnastics.

I wanted to be a ballerina, but he said no.

If I had become a ballerina, it wouldn't have happened.

My instructor began to...

He began to do it when I was 10 years old.

He did it 17 times.

It was going to be the 18th time.

For a very long time, I believed I belonged in hell.

Because I was so young... they decided not to send me to prison.

Instead, they sent me to a convent.

Joey, I...

I have never told this to anyone before.

Want me to drive?

I want someone to drive.

Here will be fine.

How will you get home?

I'm a gangster. I'll steal a car.

I'll walk.

It's a lovely morning.

Cristina, in the end, I just took off my uniform and ran.

And look what happened to you.

Sister Cristina, I am deeply shocked.

You filled in the Africa application.

My preference is for the Valley Mission in Sierra Leone.

But what about your work here at the Soho Mission?

Africa was always part of my life plan.

Yes, in two years.

I want permission to move it forward.

But why?

I am finding there are too many distractions here in London.

You're blushing.

It's very warm in here.

It's even warmer in Sierra Leone.

Hot, even.

I will wear a hat.

You have applied to leave in this quarter.

I am ready to leave any time after October the first.

Joey, they said you wanted to speak to the boss.

Come with me.


Madame, you know everything that happens in your back garden.

If a man pays for girls and he's violent, he soon becomes famous.

We refuse to deal with them.

The Russians will just charge double.

I understand you have a blacklist of violent men.

I'm looking for a very violent man who attacks girls.

He's young. Around 30.

And he has a scar above his eye.

He wears very expensive suits.

We know him.

The description is not too vague for you?

We have a business to protect.

Madame, would you be able to find out the name of this man?


A favor for a favor.

Did they tell you? - Tell me what?

They didn't tell you.

No, no, stop!

Ah! - They didn't tell you.



Some of them are kids.

And some of them are girls. You want one?

I also asked for information.

It's coming, okay?

It's the latest. Do you know how to work it?

Yes, of course.

You could afford to get a professional to do this.

Yeah, but I wanted you.

So who are the photographs for?

My daughter.

You have a daughter?

Nine years old.

I came here with her once when she was small.

She might remember.

I want her to have some photographs of me looking like a normal man.

What do you think?

Like this?



Okay, actually, you look okay.

Do I look like a good man?

What do you mean?

I want her to think I'm a good man.

Yes, you look like a good man.

So take a picture.

Did your daughter ask for photos?

No, but when she's older, I want her to have something to remind her of me.

You won't see her?

I don't think I'll look like this for much longer.

Why not?

Why shouldn't you stay like this?

Just take a picture.

You should have one like this.

More natural.

The businessman drinking his morning coffee.

Such a successful man.

So rich.

Charitable. - Of course.

She will be very proud of you.


I said enough.

At last a laugh.

There. I am changing you.

Send those ones to me.

I'll take them with me to Africa.

You're going to Africa?

A valley in Sierra Leone where there is no water.

When do you leave?


So this is the end of my crazy patch, Joey.

And I've decided I want to end it with you.

Sport coats, shorts... half price. T-shirts half price.

I've got rain jackets half price.

Fleece half price.

Walking boots half price. Trousers, half price.

Keep the change. half price. A massive 50... half price. Rain jackets half price.

Hello? Who's there?



Who the bloody hell are you?

I don't know who you are, but open this door.

Did you hear me? I said open the door.


There's enough money in here to get us away.

We could go anywhere in the world.

No, Joey...

if you want to be a good man, be a good man.

Joey, will you come with me to the ballet tonight?

I have a box. There is room for two.

Tonight at 7:00.

My time here at this mission has been a fulfilling time.

Surprises all along the way.

Our mission has had some failures.

Some tragedies... the poor girl Isabel.

But we have also had successes.

And we have also had some who, in spite of how it may appear, give us reason to hope.

Who are you?

I've got something for your mother.

And something for you.

Can I just hold your hand for a minute?

Ruby, who is it?

You be good, okay?

Ladies and gentlemen, and the farewell performance of Maria Zielinska.

Tonight's performance will begin in five minutes.

Please take your seats.

Closing doors.

Absolutely, no.

Ladies and gentlemen, Maria Zielinska.


Max Forrester?

Yes. Who are you?

How was your bonus this year? Was it good?

It was very good.

Are you from Cisco or American Eagle?

No. I'm from down there.

Listen, can I talk to you for a minute?

I was actually just getting some drinks.

Who are you? - Who am I?

Let me think...


What the... what the hell do you want?

I think you should know how it feels to be down there.


A reported fatality. Paramedics are on the scene.

Witnesses report he was pushed or thrown from the roof.

Military Police reference blotter AR630.

Surveillance footage matches visual of Joseph Smith.

Department of Defense, long-term missing person.

Do you have a visual? - Negative, no further sightings.

What are you doing here?

I'm waiting for Maria Zielinska.

There was a party after the show.

I want to see her walk to her car.

Let me explain.

When I'm sober...

when I'm healthy and well...

I hurt people.

I'm lethal.

I drink to weaken the machine they made.

I've finished the work I had to do.

And already, look.

You see 'em?


Hummingbirds were there that day.

Do you copy?

Surveillance drones saw what happened.

Roger that. Hummingbird can see it.

He's got a weapon...

He's shooting up in the air right now.

Please, please!

The enemy killed five of ours...

so I killed five of theirs.

The first five I could find.

I left the father hanging.

You see her?

She is my witness.


"Dear Cristina, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the photographs.

Considering it's me in the pictures, they turned out pretty well.

I gave all the best ones to my daughter, so you're left with the ugly ones and the scary ones. Sorry.

I've sent Damon the money I took from his account and added some extra for rent.

I left the boys at the mission some cash for pizzas.

And I sent details of the people smugglers to the police.

I also rid the city of a bad man.

I know that doesn't make me a good man, but I tried to do the right thing.

Now I'll go back to the street and disappear.

I was alive again for one summer.

I'm glad I spent it with you.

I hope Africa treats you well.

All my love, Joseph Smith."

Surveillance camera profile matched to Joseph Smith.

Target heading eastbound on Brewer Street towards Glasshouse Street.

Absent without leave.

File zero-four-zero for profile and visual.

I repeat that's east... east on Brewer Street. matches visual of Joseph Smith.

Approach with extreme caution.

I think we have him.

Okay, target in sight. Go.

Yeah, we got him. Take him.