Reflections (2008) Script

You really think world will be a safer place without me, Tom?

The families of the twelve girls you raped and murdered would think so.

I'm thankful to you for coming all this way.

Well, you know you and I we've come full circle, Dimtri.

From your first killing til I caught you.

You know? A reporter came this morning, asked if I feel, if I could have been rehabilitated after all these years...

I said yes.

But, you know what?

You let me out that door, and I will find the prettiest girl I see, or maybe just the first girl I see, and I will rape her, and I will kill her.

After all the time I spent wasting away in here,

I will enjoy even more.

You should have given that to the reporter.

This is for you.

If you ever write a book, you can write about me.

You don't need me to make you famous.

There's a pack of reporters out there waiting for your execution.

You're right.

Perhaps we're all a little fascinated by killing.


Will you stay and watch?

Goodbye, Dimtri.

Tom. Daniel.

Are you planning on staying in Minsk much longer?

Not if i can help it.

I need you to come in on a serial.

The one they call Pygmalion.

He's killed three in Spain, now we think he's in Southern France.

Where do I start?

Cannes. Look, we are gonna e- mail you the dossier, OK?

And we've got you on the 1:30 flight direct to Nice.

You'll met Agent Álvarez who heads up our Spanish Division.

See you at our Barcelona Office. I'll be there.

Victim is Nadine Villon? Worked at a nearby pharmacy.

Young, brunette. Went missing seven days ago.

The body?

From a cursory examination it seems consistent with previous victims.

Severe lacerations on her torso and no external signs of rape.

Sorry, who are you? Ok, no problem.

This is Agent Brindle from Europol.

The house was to be completed in a few days.

The owners were set to move in. Some house warming.

I'll need the autopsy. Protocols. OK. You'll have them.

Let's see.

Excuse me.

He moved her from here to over there. Why?

The struggle.

There's no struggle.

All the blood is contained here. No on the floor or the carpet.

He killed her here, left her over there.

No. She wasn't just moved. She was placed.

We need to get this whole side of the glass dusted for prints.

Paz, this is Brindle, Crime Unit. This is...

Your new best friend. What did you get of the window.

Can a girl get a little foreplay first?

You were right about the hair.

Well, not sure if it's a hair or an eyelash but he definitely leaned against the window.

There were partial prints from which we built a composite that led us to.

A match?

A long and fruitless search against Europol's DNA database, no match.

We then cross-referenced the print with homeland security and nothing.

Then we run it through the Military.

They collect DNA of every enlisted soldier and that gave us...

A match. A match.

A corporal.

Marco Soler, 24 years old, brown eyes, dark brown hair.

Would you like a cup of coffee? Maybe some water? Something?

You the waiter? How about a brunette?

I'd like to know why I'm here.

Do you like to play dress up?

Put women on display? Is that what you like to do?

Why am I here? What are you doing here?

You're the sole suspect on a serial murder case.

That's what you're doing here. What?

We've got your DNA linked to four murders.

You're full of shit! Don't play games with me!

You don't know nothing. You don't know shit.

You can say it right now. And it'll all be over.

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.

We know. We know exactly what's going on with you.

We know your game. We know how you do it.

Let me refresh your memory.

January fourth, Caroline Muñoz.

March ninth, Soledad Ramos.

May thirteen, Antonia Garcia.

Wait... wait... Wait. I don't believe this.

July third, Nadine Villon!


July 3rd? Yeah.

Did I kill anybody else?

We've got you. We've got your DNA.

Fuck you.

Your DNA is all over the place.

Your DNA on four separate murders.

You've got the wrong man.

I've never seen these girls in my life.

I've never even been to any of those fucking places!

I'm in the fucking Army. Don't play games with me!

I can go nowhere without my superiors knowing.

Tom, I gotta talk to you right away.

Can I go, detective? No, you can't.


You might want to hear this.

Soler's kept very busy here. He's a mechanic.

Now I've gone over the time tables for the murders you've supplied us with and... Yeah! Yeah!

It just doesn't add up. Why?

The last murder occurred in Cannes approximately Thursday night?

Right. Thursday afternoon, Soler was involved in an altercation with a superior officer.

He was sitting in a holding cell all weekend.

All weekend? Lock and key, sir.

Give me the incidental report.

What the fuck?

Could they've got the timing wrong? On the killing.

Now we narrowed it down.

You know, we talked to those people that saw her last.

The murder overlaps his lockup.

The alibi. Is there any doubt about it?

It's just that the kid doesn't fit the profile.

He's too young and too hot-headed, he'd...

Look, Tom. Do we need the profile?

We've got DNA.

Look guys. I'm gonna square with you.

The Judiciary, they wanna charge him, now.

And personally, Tom, I won't cut loose our suspect 'cause it doesn't feel right to you.

Understood. I'm not asking you to cut him loose, just don't let them charge him yet. That's all.

What do you need to sort out these discrepancies?

Time. We can't hold him more than 48 hours.

I know the law.

48 hours.

OK. You got it. 48 hours before I give his name to the media.


I don't get it. You confront a kid that age with what he's done, they give you something, a chink in the armor.

What happened? I pushed his buttons.

Tried to intimidate him. Everything I could.

Usually, they get defensive. Or quiet.

Their mind starts racing but he exploded like a powder keg.

Who gets angry like that?

Someone innocent? Right.

Maybe someone planted the evidence. What? Partial prints, a hair?

A lot of trouble to lead us to a suspect with an airtight alibi.

Or is it airtight? I mean none of it makes sense.

Maybe it can make sense. Maybe.

Yeah? Explain. And you can stay my new best friend.

Marco was born in a fertility clinic. Take a look.

I compared the samples you sent with my own files.

You have the right man but you also have the wrong man.

I don't catch your meaning. A clinic is not a hospital.

We are not just delivering babies here.

We happen to create pregnancies...

And how does this relate to my suspect?

He's one of the pregnancies we helped bring about.

So you have identified him? We have identified them.

Your lab sent me these samples from the suspect in your case.

And this is a match with our file on Birth Client CM884.

Okay, CM...

Caucasian male, number 884. File date 10/12/83.

Currently this man is 24 years of age.

Marco Soler. I follow.

Looks like this is your man.

Except Marco Soler wasn't born from his natural mother.

He was an embryo from our donor pool.

That led me to this discovery.

Birth Client CM167, file date 8/22/1973.

A second perfect match.

You're telling me our guy's a twin? Correct.

An identical monozygotic twin.

At one point these two shared the same embryo.

But they're born more than ten years apart.

Let me explain how things were done here back then.

Starts with the normal procedure.

We extract the client's egg, fertilize it.

Early in the embryo's growth stage we simply cut it in half creating identical monozygotic or 'twin' embryos.

One embryo is then implanted in the mother.

The second is frozen at minus 180 degrees Celsius so it can be used in case the first embryo fails.

That way clients get two chances from the one egg extraction.

Cost reduction is substantial.

Unused embryos were released and, with consent, placed into our donor pool.

So you see it's very possible.

Twins, ten years apart.

One carried to term by the host mother, the other, from the donor pool, carried to term by a different woman.

I need everything on this birth client, CM-167 and his mother.

Mr. Brindle specific information about our clients is confidential.

I don't think you understand the importance of all this.

But it's a matter of our client's rights.

Your clients rights?

I'm a little more interested in the victim's rights.

Let me show you my file on your 'birth client'.

Hey. Good to see you again.

Your Pizza. Large Cheese. OK. Thank you. Here.

No. Keep it. Thank you, see you.



Hey. Hi.

Sorry, I probably should've called...

No. No, it's...

It's lovely to see you. You too.

And who's this? This is Henry.

Thought I'd bring an office warming present that might live longer than flowers.

Never was good with flowers. Or goodbyes for that matter.

Makes two of us.

Not there.

It's a Beta fighting fish.

If it sees it's own reflection, it'll go crazy trying to attack it.


So where's this Marco now? He's still locked up.

I'm gonna arrange to get him released once I clear with the agency.

Of what?

I think he could be useful to us, to the investigation.

Don't know.

I wanted to. See what you think.

Twin behavior isn't my speciality, but...

I can tell you twins who grow up together they tend to individualize more, they try to be their own person.

By contrast twins who are raised apart they often exhibit startling behavioral similarities.

Favorite foods, hobbies, even strange, coincidental things, I don't know.

Like driving the same make of car or... marrying people with the same names...

So mostly superficial similarities? Not always.

But I've never heard of a case like this... different ages.

So you're gonna build a profile of the killer from this younger twin?

How accurate would it be?

If you knew their family histories, it could be very accurate but it's never been done.

Will you help me? See Marco a couple times a week?

I don't know, Tom.

People here complain about homework, not homicides and...

All those nightmares I used to listen to.

They crept into my sleep too.

You don't have to be directly involved with the investigation.

But Marco is. And I need to know that he can handle it.

What's his situation like?

Well his adoptive parents were killed when he was twelve. Train crash.

He went into the Army a couple of years ago.

He's had his problems: issues with authority.

Assault, anger...

Like his brother? You tell me.

You okay? Yeah.


It's surreal, you know?

Yesterday I was in the Army, easy life.

And suddenly you come and tell me I'm some killer.

And now you're telling me I was created in a lab and I have a twin ten years older than me?

Who likes to play dress up with dead girls...

Am I supposed to be OK?

Please, sit down.

Marco, please.

All we want to do is run some tests. Create a psychological profile...

You want me to be some sort of lab rat?

Of sorts.

Agency would like you to see Elena twice a week.

You mean therapy? Therapy with her?

It's not as formal as that, Marco.

Just a way of making sure you're comfortable with your involvement.

No. You mean to make sure you're comfortable.


You know, Marco.

I've talked to your superiors.

And they have told me they would give you a leave of absence from the army.

As long as you were helping us we'd give you a corporate apartment right here in Barcelona.

And if it happens that you help us find this killer, we can look into a possible honorable discharge.

You can get me out of the Army?

I sensed that's something you'd like.

You want a lift?

I live in San Jose. Sure you don't mind?

It's on the way. OK.

How are you? Fine.

Yeah? Habit.


Character and personality assessment.

What the fuck is this?

You experience emotions intensely?

You see beauty in things where others might not?

... details and the identity of the former suspect's release are being protected.

Authorities did tell us however, that he is fully cooperating and may have special knowledge which could prove helpful in catching Pygmalion.

Coming up we'll have the latest sports news with Chris Rutthefort...

But now we go over to Gloria Sanchez with the latest weather details.

Good afternoon.

A high pressure system has moved into the area...

How are you doing there, Marco? I filled these out.

Just leave it on the desk. It's fine.

That's our evidence board.

It helps to have everything all laid out. All in one place.

You see all together.

If you look at it long enough you start to think about some other things in different ways.

This is our case? Yes, that's the case.

Four killings with striking similarities.

All the victims have severe patterned scarring on the torso.

Victims have similar red dresses.

He kills them, cleans them, dresses them and then moves them.

Then, he places them so they can be observed from outside a window.

The blood spots and splattered evidence indicates the action of his blade.

He's right handed just like you.

Don't they fight back?

No, I don't think they fight back.

I don't think they have a chance because he drugs them.

An intravenous injection in the carotid artery.

A very fast combination of a coagulant and a sedative.

The sedative puts them in a comatose state, the coagulant, thickens the blood, so they bleed slowly.

We haven't identified the sedative yet.

Tom, Got a minute? Sure, what?

Good news, bad news. We tracked down the mother.

It's all right. I mean...

If you don't tell him now, I'll tell him later. Marco.

Well, I just got the records from downtown.

It's about your biological mother, Isabel Luna.

You sure? I didn't know her.

She died in 1984. Cancer. She was forty-one.

We have her last address there.

Sorry kid.

Well, I don't know if that's the good news or the bad news.

What else you got?

I checked Child Services for a Roberto Luna. Nothing.

Well, we need to... maybe get her old address.

Find the landlord. Try to track that down. Get a medical record.

That sort of thing. You got it.

Come on. Let's get you started.

All right. Right this way. Here we are.

This is Bonilla.

Marco, Bonilla is gonna be sticking you with needles all day.

Call me Paz.

Now, to build our profile all we need to do is use all your physical and personal data.

Paz here analyzes blood, DNA, urine to help us identify any propensity for disease, genetic anomalies...

If you're likely to have diabetes, a stigmatism, allergies, we can track the killer through any prescriptions or medical procedures he may have had.

Then I'll compile all your raw data to generate aged mug shots.

Yeah. Big brother gets bigger.

Marco, why don't you head over to the scan machine there and look straight ahead?

Tom, is all that necessary? Don't worry.

It's gonna be fine. Just relax.

Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit. There. Just relax.

Tom, could you please close the door and turn off the lights for me?


Just relax.

Look straight ahead, please.

Just try to stay still.

Why is he so anxious? I don't know.

He's been that way since we met him.

Excuse me.

I'm looking for the Gaspar building.

Psych? Yeah.

I'm going right by there... Thanks.

That way?

So. You a grad student? Yeah, well no...

I was in the Army.

Now I'm looking for something new.

Oh yeah? Yeah.

It's a great place to study.

I'm doing a year abroad here from the US.

Are you thinking about coming here too?

Yeah. You know? To be honest, I'm thinking about it a little more every step we take.

No. It's been a while since I've had options.

All this is beautiful and you know...

What do you study?

Educational psych, crisis counseling, you know... that sort of thing.

Hopefully one day I'll work with kids.

Kids? They are great. Yeah.

Well, this is it. You know where you're going?

Yeah. I'll find it.

I guess I better go. What's your name?

Kate. Kate?

Kate. Marco. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you. Do you want to see a movie tonight?

No. I'm working.

Yeah? Yeah.

Where? Kitty's pub.

Maybe I'll come by. OK? OK.

Hey! Hi, Marco. Please, come in.

You can sit anywhere you like.

Everything okay?

I don't know how to start?

You know what?

Let's go somewhere else for today.

We can grab some coffee down the hall and talk?


You know I've done this before.

You mean therapy? Yeah. Therapy.

A lot of people get worried for you when your parents die.

People need to feel useful, I guess.

Let me level with you about something, maybe you can be straight with me.

I'm here because you're a potential liability to Europol.

When they have their man in custody, you're free to go.

This case will end, but you have to continue on.

I've worked on homicide cases.

You're going to do and see things here you won't easily forget.

And I want you to feel free to talk to me.

To let me in.

Do you think you can do that?

Because otherwise we're just having coffee. That's it.

Yeah, I can do that.

Let you in.

Okay, good.

That way I can feel useful.

Yes. Don't worry. OK. Wait a second.

Hey. Hey. Please come in.

Yeah. Listen. We have lunch tomorrow?

OK I call you and tell you.

Yes. Have some wine.

No, not with you...

OK. I'll call you.

Yes. Kisses.

I love you, Bye.

Your mother? You're good.

So, let me guess.

You told her I was coming over and...

And... Let's say there's some mixed feelings though she did say hello.

That's nice. That's a start. To new beginnings.

Have a seat, please.

How did the meet go with Marco?

Good but... He's holding on to a lot.

And I'm just not sure he wants me pulling it out of him.

But that's what you do, people come to you with their secrets and...

But he didn't come to me, we came to him.

That's true.

How's he doing with you?

The psychological tests gives us a geographical profile of the killer.

He's good with his hands, a mechanic, so...

We're looking at the places where the killer struck and compiling lists of possible garages that maybe his brother worked at and it's a long shot but...

But it's all you've got? Yeah. It's all I got.

So it is quite a place. Yeah.

You live alone.

Don't play the detective, please.

So, Elena,

why did you leave Europol.

What would I have stayed for?

For me. I just needed some time.

Why didn't you ask for it?

I understood what you were going through.

Yeah? What? From a clinical point of view or?

No. From a human standpoint.

Don't do that. If you're going to push me away again, then...

I didn't mean like that. I'm sorry.

OK? I'm sorry.

That's not what I mean. Ok.

It's just what was going on then and I...

You lost a wife.

I know it can't compare but...

I did lose someone too.

I hope not forever.

Don't be silly! A glass of champagne?

The honeymoon's not over 'til sunrise.

This stinks.

Oh, yeah. What is that? It must be the rats again.

I was looking for you.

Really? Seems that you're looking for something else as well.

They haven't seen anything like this in over a decade.

People are scared.

I was hoping that perhaps we can put a mock-up of the killer on the evening news tonight. Show we are narrowing in?

Is that what we are doing? Narrowing in?

Whatever. It just helps to take the pressure of it.

It puts the public at ease.

Is that him?

Sure. It's him.

Or try that one?

Maybe glasses, maybe 300 pounds overweight from some tyroid defect.

You want to sell the public some illusion, just say so.

But until we have corroborating witnesses and a profile that is legitimate, it's all smoke and mirrors, it's not gonna make sense.

What is this profile of Marco telling us?

To be cautious.

I don't want Roberto knowing that we are getting close.

He'll change his patterns.

He already has, Tom, he's killing in shorter cycles.

He's gonna make a mistake. They all do.

I know they always do.

We haven't got time to wait for that mistake.

You know the way the public reacts...

Number five. Castelldefels. Early morning, about 4 a.m.

Couple arrived from Greece. Discovered a body in the house.

Don't use any of those.


Come in.

Did you tell Marco to come here? No.

I'd say she's been dead for four days,

Marco, outside!

You have the same DNA as the killer. What are you doing?

You could contaminate the scene. Impersonating an officer?

So. I guess it all started here?

The owners were away on honeymoon, he had a three week window.

How long she's been dead? Four days.

What? Four days, I heard it.

All right. Fine. Four days.

So he revisits Nadine Villon on the third in Cannes.

Within few days he abducts another.

We need to find out who knew they were leaving.

They were on their honeymoon. Everyone knew!

Look, he bleeds her for a few days up here and after he's done amusing himself, he brings her downstairs, right?

Why not leave her here?

Because he likes to put them on display. All right?

Most serial killers they either hide them or they bury them.

He's different.

Maybe he thinks he's an artist. No. It's just... it's something else.

He's got some kind of emotional connection with the killing itself or some kind of association with his past.

He's trying to recreate something here.

I think he's resentful. Explain that.

He's sticking it in the face of the rich.

That's how he got his name. Pygmalion.


How was she murdered?


You okay? Come on. Let's go.

What was he doing there? I didn't know it.

The pursuit was bad luck. He could have been killed.

The kid handles himself well. He's got a real feel for this work.

Let's call human resources, and start the paperwork.

Apparently, we don't have enough people if the killer's still free.

People don't just vanish.

We're missing something, something obvious.

There's something that we haven't figured out. It's just...

Long time since I had to worry about you.

You wanted to bring Elena into this case, fine.

You pulled some strings so Marco is involved, I say okay.

But you're pushing it. Girl number five is lying in the morgue.

Reassure me, Tom.

The kid's fine. Really.

I'm fine.

So you feel a connection to this man, your brother?


I don't know what to feel.

I mean wonder sometimes what kind of life he had.

Because if we'd grown up together things would be different, for sure.

What compelled you to go to the crime scene?

I just wanted to see... to know why.

To know something. All the people speak about him and...

I don't know. They say this guy is sick.

You know what makes him want to do that to women?

Somebody knows?

A killer's desire for possession and control manifest obsessively in violent behaviour.

With most of them it starts out early in childhood.

Yeah. I know. I was speaking with Tom, and he called it the rethoric of excuse. But come on.

Lot of people got a fucked up childhood.

I think that's not an excuse.

Tom believes, as well as I do, that killers are created, not born.

What do you think?

I can't speak for the killers of the world.

But you've been violent before. OK.

My file says I have a lack of impulse control, that what you mean?

Do you? I think I'm in control.

Yeah, but to a degree you can relate to your brother.

His propensity for violence.

No. It's not the same.

All I did was strike a superior. That's all.

A woman. A woman?

From day one she'd been ridin' me.

Criticizing my skills, exercises, everything.

One day, all I saw was white.

Something took over in me and I let it.

I let it. Just like this.

Goes in the file. Aggressive guy. No impulse control.

You want to know why the does what he does.

Does it give you answers to your own aggressive behaviour?

Victim is Alejandra Sol, age 23. She's from Alicante.

Her roommate says she doesn't know anyone in Castelldefels.

He takes her from Alicante to Castelldefels.

He risks quite a bit of exposure moving her that distance.

I mean the guy is all over the map.

Our geographical profile on him is practically useless.

These are girls that have gone missing in the last few weeks and fit the profile of victims.

I think we should release the photo likenesses we made from Marco.

The runner in Castelldefels was our guy.

He obviously saw Marco.

Maybe we can turn the invisible man visible again.

That's a good idea, yeah.

Release to law enforcement, no media, no public, obviously.

How about the mother?

The Landlady's going to meet you in the morning at the apartment.

Right. Paz.

Do you know anything more about the sedative.

Still drawing blanks. Here's Isabel Luna's medical file.

Are you kidding me?

She lost her lung to cancer.


What do I have to do to get a beer in this place?

You can show up for one. What happened to your eye?

Oh no, that's nothing.

Take this. I'll be right back.

You may not remember but there was a woman who lived here in the early-eighties. Apartment 3E.

Named Isabel Luna? Yes, of course.

Saddest creature that happened into this building.

Moved in when she'd lost her job. What'd she do?

Worked with horses, bred them I think... no, a groomer, in Tossa de Mar.

Can you imagine going from Tossa de Mar to this hole?

You knew about her cancer?

All over. Spread to her brain.

She lasted less than a year.

And her little boy. Roberto?

Brave little soul, he was the only one to take care of her.

Shopped, did laundry, got her drugs for the pain.

Did you ever help them financially?

Once or twice I may have given them something but...

I think it was some other family... Wait. Sorry.

Was there someone who visited? We aren't aware of other family.

I never saw any visitors.

It's mostly gutted apartments now, we are tearing it down in two months.

We can go up if you like. Yes, if you don't mind.

She died February 1984, right?

One of the coldest on record.

That's how come we didn't know she was gone.

What do you mean? You don't know?

People complained of hearing Roberto crying on and off for days.

When we opened the door, there she was, laid out on the bed.

The cold had stifled the smell.

What do you mean laid out? She was "laid out"?

It was the red dress he put her in.

I guess he wanted her to look nice.

Red dress.

Yes, he was lying next to her.

Excuse me.

Álvarez, Tossa de Mar. Look for every horse breeder in operation in the late seventies and eighties.

Look for any classified ads on jobs for horse care and grooming.

Competition horses, you know things like that.


Oh my God, he was her whole world.

And she was his.

Child services has no record of him?

We're still checking.

He might have run away when the body was taken.

But he was ten years old, someone must've taken care of him.


Marco's life has a similar tragedy.

Marco has a great deal of... interest in his brother like, I don't know, he was this horrifying reflection of his own life.

It could follow that Marco's brother would also be curious about him, if he knew.

If he knew...

That's interesting. If he knew.

Could be useful, Marco.

We could use him to draw Roberto out.

Discuss it with Marco first... If that's what you decide.

This is a dangerous game. Yeah.

So, Marco, you come here a lot? No, not exactly.

Hey you! Hey.

I wondered if you'll come back.

I was trying to build mystery.

Well you did. And who's that? He's just my boss.

Tom, Kate. Hi.

Sorry, we're slammed. What can I get you, guys?

Do you want a beer? Sure.

OK, a couple beers. OK.

Thanks, babe.

I know why you wanted to meet here. Yeah.

Listen, Tom, about yesterday I know I wasn't supposed to show up like that.

Don't worry.

So it won't affect our arrangement?

No, No. I spoke to your superiors and your discharge should be OK.

You know you should consider getting into police work when all this is said and done. You think?

Sure. OK. Make me an offer. Yeah...

No, you know, Tom, I got some plans of my own.

Maybe apply to university. Make a better life for myself than... than in the army. A student.

Yeah. Why not? I was thinking about it and...

I can be like Kate. Walk her to her classes.

Carry her books and all of these things.

Marco, Elena thinks that Roberto may try to contact you.

Even try to harm you.

Harm me? Yeah.


He kills like most serials, out of need and habit.

And he takes pleasure in hunting and killing his victims.

And the only thing that takes him out of that behavioral pattern is if he feels that his existence is being threatened.

If he knew who I'm and I'm working with you?

Exactly. He may look at that as an act of betrayal.

And that might help us to catch him.

Okay, the ad reads: Horse Groomer, part-time, Tossa de Mar.

Competition experience a must. Call for interview...

Well, this paper is the August 22nd edition, 1983.

Isabel Luna's lease in Valencia is dated a week before these people placed the ad for a groomer.

This has to be the job she lost.

Get me a name. Right.

Years ago you had a woman named Isabel Luna working for you as a groomer?

Yes, she trained my horse for competitions.

Young Ms. Luna. Was quite the beauty.

Such a tragedy, that illness. Is that why you let her go?

Was it affecting her ability to work?

No, she never let on. My wife, you know, was not a terribly happy woman.

She fired Isabel. Were you two?

No. No.

I'll admit, I was tempted, but there was nothing between us.

It was only after Isabel had left I learned of her condition.

She had a son. A young. Roberto was his name.

Do you remember him? Yes, nice boy.

Do you know what happened to him after she passed away?

No. As I said, I only found out after.

You don't have a picture of them, do you?

Good night I thought I was alone.

Good night, Santi.

Forgot something?

Another late night? Playing God must be a taxing trade, right?

Yeah. Hello.

Yeah. Wait. What time is it?

Yeah. Ok. I can come in.

One hour? OK.

Sorry sweetie. I woke you up.

Don't go... I have to. I have to work.

But I'll be right back in a couple hours, OK?


I'll just conserve my energy for when you get back.

OK. I like that. Get back to sleep.

FREEDOM The fire destroyed most of the freezers and banks.

They put it out before the maternity wing burned.

There was also a message. "Freedom".

Marco, we're gonna have to get you a security detail.

Freedom. Freedom.

Maybe he means the unborn?

They don't have to enter into this shit world... they're free.

What are the sounds you hear now?

What are you trying to block out?

Don't do that.

Marco, I'm just trying to help you. Come on. Come on.

You're all trying to decide if I'm going to be like him.

I have his DNA, his habits, his likes.

Why not his anger, his obsessions?

It's not like that. Isn't it?!

Isn't it?

If I wasn't like him, what the fuck am i doing here?!

Don't you see how different you are, Marco?

Come on.

Marco, there are things outside of genetics that shape a person's character.

Things were different for me, but not necessarily better.

And you know that.

So you want to say it's fate?

It's all genetic so you have the excuse to be violent?

Your DNA is the same, yes, but there is what's called gene expression.

What genes? What do my genes 'indicate'?

It doesn't matter, Marco, it's a choice.

And you have to make it.

Sorry, sorry.

Sorry. OK.

I'm tired. It's OK.

- Brindle. Hey, it's me.

How is it going with Marco.

That's exactly why I was calling. I'm worried about him.

I really think this case is starting to get to him.

- Isn't that the idea? Marco is a person with many issues and I really think you should consider what this is doing to him.

- I'm just not sure he can handle it. Listen, listen, Elena.

I know this is difficult staff, but really, don't worry about Marco, I got him under control.

- He's gonna be fine. I don't know.

Could we maybe meet tonight and talk about it?

- I'll make dinner... Dinner? Tonight?

That's gonna be a little difficult.

I think I'm gonna be here pretty much most of the night.

About Marco, I'll go over there and see if he's all right.

Thank you. We can do dinner tomorrow night.

OK. If you can fit me in. I'll bring the wine.

All right. Don't worry. OK?

Everything is gonna be all right.

What the fuck are you doing? Are you gonna sleep with me?

Please. Please.

I just came by to see how you're doing.

I'm fine, OK. Don't worry.

Not sure if i like the bodyguard, OK?

I feel like I can't even fuck without everybody knowing about it.

Don't worry. It's a necessary precaution.

It's temporary. Just to make sure you're safe.

I'll tell you what. I'll have the bodyguard stay in the hall, so that you can have your privacy.


By the way, I've been meaning to give this to you.

I'm not sure if you want it but...

Nonetheless, here it is.

She's pretty.

She worked with horses? Yeah.

Must have been nice.

That's him? Pygmalion?

Marco, I think the message he left at the fertility clinic...

I think it was intended for you. Freedom.

I think that he was trying to let you know that he has it.

Freedom to indulge his desires, to kill...

You sure?

He wants me to be like him?

You're not like him.

You ever wonder

if you deserve to be happy?


and you wonder if you're capable of making others happy?

Like Elena.

No. Elena was...

She was one among the people at Europol who tended to the flock, as it were.

My wife and I were apart, most of the time and I pretty much left the marriage about a year before I even met Elena.

But you know... That's all rationalization for the affair.

Kind of pathetic.

What happened?

Well you know... About year into it,

I tried to find the right time, the right way to tell my wife.

Did you?

I didn't have to, as it turns out.

I remember just a perfect night.

We went for this great evening walk, we went out we got some groceries, made this amazing dinner together.

She laughed at something stupid I said... just a great day and a great night.

And I kissed her good night...

next morning, she was gone. She had a brain aneurism.

She never woke up.

I'm sorry. But the hardest part I had to accept about myself was that at the funeral,

with all this people hugging me, crying...

As bad as it was.

I couldn't help but feel this deep seated sense of relief.

'Cause i had been denying for so long who I was.

And her death set you free.

You're wonderful.


It's OK.

I need you to rerun our sedative through the pharmacological databases.

You'd just be spinning your wheels...

Check veterinarian medicine.

You're looking for a horse sedative possibly used for grooming maybe surgery.

I'm on it. Right.

OK. Here we go.

It's an Alpha-2 Agonist called Clonodine IV.

And he's got to be using large doses since it's meant for a horse.

Drugs affect the brain, body mass doesn't factor.

And we've got approximately five times the brain mass so...

Five times the dosage. That will help us track down the purchases, anyway.

Start within the geographical profile.

We're looking for large shipments.

We're closing in, Tom. Yeah. I hope so.

Why don't you go and get some sleep for once?

We'll keep working.

You're right. I'm actually having dinner with Elena tonight.

I said get some sleep, not get someone to sleep with.

All right. You two think you're funny?

Honestly, Tom. I didn't even know Álvarez had a sense of humor.

I just found out myself.

If we get something we'll call you. Yeah.




No. No!

No! No!


No! Come on.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

That's all? Great.

I've taken a photo.

How are you holding up? Just give it to me, Álvarez.

Are you sure?

Well it's the same M.O.

Large laceration from her abdomen to her breasts.

Puncture wound on her neck, same pattern.

Found blood in the shower and splattered stains where she was most likely murdered.

They are now doing a sweep for prints and...

I did this to her.

I'm sorry? I did this to her.

She wasn't doing this kind of work any more and I convinced her to come onto the case and...

I did this... You can't blame yourself.

He did this to get to me.

He's a predator. He's a killer.

She's innocent. I just...

I'm responsible for getting her killed.

Take it.

Take it.



Tom, that was Paz.

She run initial R and the name Luna in any orders for Clonodine 4 those names in the last two years, nothing popped up until she run Martin's holding company.

A Large quantity of that sedative was bought a year ago and sent to a P.O. box.

Under what name?

Roberto Rosa.

That Martin lied to us.

I want him in cuffs by the time I get there.

All right.

Where's Roberto? I don't know.

You knew all along. You helped him.

You have to understand. He was like a son to me, an orphan.

I did what I could... You did?

Like teaching about horse sedatives to drug women?

I didn't know what the shipments were being used for.

You knew we were looking for him and you didn't say anything.

You lied to us! Where is he?!

He comes and goes. I haven't seen him in months.

Comes and goes? Comes and goes, where?!

Where does he live? Where does he go?

He was so young when his mother died.

What was I suppose to do? I felt responsible.

You're responsible for the death of seven women.

Dead because of you.

You're just as guilty as him. You're an accomplice.

Unless you start talking I'm gonna make sure you're put in a hole for the rest of your fucking life.

He lives in Ibiza.

I can give you an address. Good.

Let's go.

We got a body here!

7, 8, 2, 2, 2.

7, 8, 2, 2, 2.

7, 8, 2, 2, 2.

Ávarez! What is Marco's corporate apartment address?

Seventy-eight? Floor? Twenty-two.

The apartment number? Two?

7, 8, 2, 2, 2.

Get somebody there now.

Where are you going? Bro?

We finally meet.

What do you?

Tom, he's gone.

We found the security guard covered in blood in the stairwell.

He is ICU now so he can't talk.

No signs of Marco, no forced entry into his apartment.

Tom. Tom.

- Tom? Yeah. I'm here.

Did you Id the girl from the apartment?

Her name is Ana Llorca, worked for a local pizza place.

Apparently made a few deliveries to his address.

We also found a jeep registered under the name Roberto Rosa.

We are trying to locate it now.

We're not sure if he keeps it on the island or the mainland to get from one crime scene to the next.

It's a lot of ground to cover but we'll fucking find him, Tom.

No, you won't. What? Are you alright?

He's not using a car.

He's using a boat. What?

Castelldefels. Cannes, Tossa De Mar, Alicante, lbiza...

He's using boats. Jesus!

That's how he's able to move around so easily from place to place.

Listen we go with our original premise that he's a mechanic, only he's not a mechanic on cars, he's a mechanic on boats.

We should check out the houses where he put the victim's bodies and see if those people who own the houses also own boats.

Where they get them serviced and if there is some connection there.

This guy knows something, he knows when they are on vacation, or honeymoon, or something...

OK, got it.

Make you feel eighteen again. Yeah.

I'm told the best day in a boat owner's life is the day he buys one.

And the day he sells it. Question is, which day is it for you?

Juan Martín got me hooked on these.

You know I sold him his first boat?

And Roberto got a job here.

Yeah. He's been working for me for four years.

Is Roberto here today?

He's in a job in Nice. I don't think he'll be back today.

You sure?

Let's talk.

Of course I understand. I know you're right. Okay?

Yeah, yeah. I'm sorry about that.

I'll get someone out there first thing in the morning, OK? Sorry.

He never showed. What boat is he using?

We'll track him using GPS.

Keep some of your guys in here just in case.

Notify everybody that's in the water, port authorities should be on alert.

Get me an helicopter here. Get a position on it?

Mom, look who's here, mom, look who's here.

It's mom.

Our mother.

She was week.

Maybe it wasn't her fault, ok?

But that's what she was.

She didn't care how, she just wanted a child.

Here we are, because of one woman's whim.

What do you want with me?

I just wanted to talk to you, Marco.

To see you with my own eyes, to see my brother before your people hunt me down.

They're not my people. They arrested me.

They forced me into this. I...

I know.

Why do you do it? It gives me pleasure.

Marco, you are never more alive than when you take a life.

She taught me my first lesson about that. It's delicate.

It's beauty... It's... It's...

I think you know that, right?

You've known since they first told you about me.

Maybe even before that. We're cut from the same stone.

They call you sick, they call you deranged...

It's not sick.

Take it easy, please.

It's not sick, it's not unnatural... it simply is.

Don't tell me you don't know how good it would feel?

When you take that girl in your arms, all her weakness, her frail mind, her fucking whim... and you devour it.

They can try to purify our genes in the womb, but they can't clean the world we're born into.

Come on. Hurry up.

It's OK, bro.

Guys, slow, let go first.

I had no choice.

Take over.

Dear Marco Soler; In answer to your application of registration in the University of Barcelona, I'm pleased to advise you at this moment we're going over it and we hope we'll be able to give you a response soon.

Are you there?


Why don't you answer your phone?

I've been trying to reach you for hours. You all right?

Somebody else here?

Listen, I just came by to give you this letter.

You're taking the college thing seriously.


What's this?

It's not mine.

What? The blood. It's not mine.

Who's in the shower, Marco?

That was my new life.


Regular girlfriend.

Regular job. Working with you guys.

I thought about it.

I really did but... there was something inside of me

that still wanted to destroy it all.

And it wasn't just the killing.

You are a good student, Marco.

Cleaning her.

Where were you going to put the body?

I got tired Tom.


You can't know what it's like to feel these things.

I brought you into this.


When you kill,

it's... Time stops.

You don't get it.

It's in me, Tom.

It's inside of me and it will never go away.

And you know what?

It's not my first time.

I was waiting for you, Tom.

I sat in Elena's office answering question after question.

She was gonna help me, wasn't she?

She's dead. Shut up, Marco.

You want to know a secret?

I think right until the last minute she thought you were gonna come, burst into the door and rescue her. Shut up!

She should have known you weren't the most reliable lover.


Shut the fuck up.

I'm gonna speak now, OK?

I couldn't get the perfect dress.

The sedative was a problem. When the autopsy comes back...

Enough, Marco.

Part of me wanted to take it back but part of me...

It's power...

It's freedom.

It's power to take. Pleasure.

It's pleasure to take that vulnerability, that trust.

Is that what you saw in Elena?

No. That's what I found in you.

That's what I found in you.

OK, Tom.

It's better if it's you.

Put the gun down.

I like the silence.

Just put the gun down.

She told me I had to chose.

And I choose this.