Regalo di Natale (1986) Script

You have no guaranteesThere were two boys in town and they were friends night and day walking together in the streets spending time together in bars and dance halls and chasing the same girls They were friends like perhaps so many others but they thought that their relationship was somehow special.

Perhaps, those were the best years those years spent walking in the streets in the squares and gardens of their own town.

Good evening, would you like to eat?

Is there anyone coming here for other purposes?

-Please -I'd like a table by the fireplace, it's damn cold Is there anyone coming here for other purposes?

-Please -I'd like a table by the fireplace, it's damn cold


I'll put this on the chair

-There's the cloak room if you want -Oh, I know I'd rather keep it close...

-As you prefer

-Do you have boiled potatoes? -I can ask the chef Then I'd like two no, three. Not sliced, please Whole, not sliced, very warm... Three, completely plain And nothing else?

Not for the moment.

They told me the food was particularly good here.

Nothing else? -Just the bill, please

[Your attention please, train to Catania leaving from platform 3] -My train...

"I remember too but time has passed... envious of the wild birds for their berries and the purple blackberries

and the wings, the skies, the woods

...and the chirrup."

-Your potatoes

-Did you like it? Sure I liked it. I always like it. You know that.

-Looking for these? -Ah,yes We hadn't done it for...

A week?

23 days.

-Ooh! 23 days? -Sure you don't see someone else?

-Of course there's noone else Because you would you tell me.

Of course...

-My dress is all wrinkled, I'll have to change

-How much do you think we cashed?

-What would I know? Call'em.


-Aren't you the owner? -And the owner keeps calling?


-Come in, Luisa -What "come in Luisa"? Give me a sec, eh?

-Madam, I packed your bags, and your parents have arrived.

I'm coming. Call the children, I'm coming.

Hello? It's me. How is it going?

Yes. Good. How much was the taking?

That's all?

But do they like the movie?


Boh. I'll call back as I'm leaving now All right, thanks. Speak soon.

-Please go and say hello. You know my mother cares So what your mother cares? We have a movie that can't make a dime It's Christmas Eve. Nobody goes to the movies All the shops are open. We'll do better tonight.

You know what happens if we can't pay back?

They'd take it all away We were almost through You always made it If I can't meet that fellow in Rome I'm broke and he's always travelling around

It's the first time that you are away on Christmas.

I'm not going to have a good time It's not a pleasure to ask people to wait to get their money... that I'll pay later...

You're not going to gamble, right?

I swore it, and I haven't gambled in 5 years...

Let's not argue about that I swore it, and I haven't gambled in 5 years...

Let's not argue about that And with this 12 piece set

with plates...

...glasses and silverware and a thermos... the Ronova company is happy to ship for free at your door this marvellous, exceptional.... sailor's lamp... with its sails of pure ivory for your evenings by the fireplace your quiet evenings evenings.... your quiet evenings evenings....

...of love!

Bring it lower... ... right there feel your back muscles Now move your hand here wide...

...bring it forward feel your pectorals Inhale...

That's enough Get a shower

So you're borrowing Giovanna's villa?

Yes, we're having a party for a friend passing from here And her?

She'll stay with her husband at least on Christmas

-Where's the shower? -That way, down the corridor


Is the entertainment page already printed?

-Going in now, why? -I have to check one thing, hold it just one minute

-All right but quick, eh?

Hey listen, it's Lele. Wrote an article on Billy Wilder. I think I got one thing wrong Was "Fire of Sin" in '43?

Ah, '44! Glad I called.

No, no tonight I can't. Franco is coming to Bologna Yes, Franco, my friend. The one who tried to open a movie theatre many years ago


Do you know that lady?

No. I'm sorry.

Excuse me, I wouldn't like to disturb you but you may have noticed that I've been looking at you for a while.

I was seating at that table... staring at you for half an hour and as they're about to close I took the liberty to approach you Yes?

Just to satisfy my curiosity Go on...

I'm interested to know if you are ...a prostitute No, I'm sorry I'm very sorry. Hope you're not offended You're welcome.

Shame. Only in that case I would have had a chance.

I accompanied my husband he just left. I'm waiting for a friend.

I would have taken you with me ... perhaps'd have fun. It's going to be a strange night and you...

you would have brought me good luck.

Have a nice trip. And careful, it's foggy.

Don't worry Have a nice trip. And careful, it's foggy.

Don't worry I'll arrive safe and sound to the destination

-Call me when you get to Rome -I'll call as soon as I'm there, bye!

And with this present that symbolizes all the gifts Ronova offered you during this year...

Ugo Bondi and all his staff the producer, the speaker, the musicians and him wish you...

"Merry Christmas to you Merry Christmas Ronova!

Merry Christmas to you"

We love you

-We have a big audience -Yeah You know they won't renew our contract Whose fault?

Yours Well, bye

-Hey, you know they won't renew the contract? -I know, I know The lady over there says it's your mother Ok, thanks.

-You're coming down with us? -No, sorry, I can't

-Goodbye, eh? -Merry Christmas, bye

-Hey mom -Come!

Are you stupid? Be careful in the street!

I'm embarrassed. Everyone recognizes me!

-Come or I'll make a scene -You already made a scene, mom Leave me alone, won't you?

I have an important appointment it's Christmas Eve Look who I brought to you What are you doing here? -Hi Hi Your mother insisted to bring us here I didn't want to come Now you get in the car and bring them back home Tonight you must stay all together They were the only kids without their dad tonight But we're separated since 4 years, mom We like it better Tell her, Giulia Sensitive people sometimes live better apart

Kids, you too, tell granma that sometimes it's better without dad Why don't you say it, Marco?

It's true, it's better to stay without dad Did you hear?

Mom, he said it too It's better without dad"

-So you're not going? -Mom, I have a very important appointment An appointment that can change my future You stay with them, why don't you? Get inside, be good You go along well together come on, mom

-Come on, mom, come on! -You really are an ignorant Bye, Giulia!

Behave kids and don't forget to watch dad on tv at 10.30 Bye! Merry Christmas! Bye!

We love you!

-Have a car? Do you need a ride? We love you!

-Have a car? Do you need a ride?

No, I got mine -Bye Hey wish me good luck

-Why? -Because I need it Good luck

Come in

Evening, Mr.Benassi. Can I speak with the boss?

-Good evening -What's up?

-First thing I wanted to bring my greetings -And the second thing?

There must be a mistake Everyone got Christmas cake and a bottle

...I didn't receive anything -Receive what?

Nothing. Neither the cake and the bottle We got a list from HR maybe right, maybe wrong Clearly your name wasn't there

-Aren't you the one who didn't get it last year too? -Exactly Then, you see?

Did you read my article on Christmas movies?


Well, if you could take a look I'd appreciate No, I have no time Well, if you could take a look I'd appreciate No, I have no time

-Then I'm going -Go, go ahead Bye, Mr.Benassi, if you'd fancy reading my article...

-No, no, no, thank you. -You got it

What about him?

He's having dinner He has his timing. He'll join us later

-Anything wrong? -No, don't worry

-He's more eager to play than any of us -Let's hope so

Get a better room than last time!

Lele! You won't say hello?

Hi Martina we don't see each other very often and when I see you... -What? Are you embarrassed?

-But no... and Luigi? -He's in Catania He just left one hour ago for a tournament I don't see him even for Christmas

-Martina, I need your ID -Sorry...

It's probably expired

-You like him? -Well, yes He's cute. You have to admit he's cute

-Yes he's cute Martina?

What are you doing here on Christmas Eve?

Waiting on a friend

-Bye! -Bye

Franco !

Finally! How are you doing?

Had a good trip? So good to see you

-Ok thanks -Merry Christmas

-Need to make a call I can wait outside You stupid? Don't worry


Hey it's me Get me madam Thanks. Bye

Hello? I have few tokens Have to speak fast. I'm in a phone booth On the highway between Modena and Bologna I'm all wet in the booth. I can barely hear you.

My car broke down No, no accident No no no. I'm here with the mechanic.

I told you no accident. Wait a sec.

Tell her...

One sec!

It's raining cats and dogs. No accident.

Hope it's going to be fixed soon Or I will have to spend the night with the mechanic!

Did they like the gifts?

-Ok. Have to go, I'm running out of tokens. Bye!

What a bunch of lies!

If I told her I'm playing you think I'd get an applause?

There it is!

Nice Will it make enough impact?

We never dreamed a villa like this, eh?

We didn't need any of this Maybe that's why we alyays lost

Your friend is not coming back to kick us out, is she?

I told you it's with the husband in the mountains Hope the maid is home.


So what do you think? Impressive, huh?

Can we reel him in, with such a villa?

Huh! I think so.


She must be around. The fireplace is lit.

I'm here! She must be around. The fireplace is lit.

I was switching on the radiator

That goes to the kitchen And you prepare it on some trays Bottles in the fridge. Ok?

Adriana, what did the madam say?

That you and your friends would come over And then?

And that you would stay here, no one in the bedroom upstairs And so?

And so get that man down!

It's him?


Well. we'll have to wake him up

Sorry, Esquire Ten minutes ago he was jumping around You go down Esquire?


-I must have fallen asleep He's my friend Stefano. I told you about him.

-Glad to meet you -Oh, yes

-You have such a nice villa -We come so rarely we're thinking of selling it That's a shame

I arrived very early.

I spent my time trying... seduce your maid, but in vain !

Once... maids.... were more willing.

That's very true!

There's the bathroom Yes, yes please I'll freshen up and I'll be ready

Tonight I have to be at my best One can't lose on Christmas night, right?

When is... our champion expected to come?

You look in great shape Money makes wonders, eh?

-They certainly help -Well, we're all broke instead Stefano too?

No, Stefano is fine. He needs to stay fit because of the gym.

But on the other hand....

As he spends all his time there... with woman... well...

-He has changed -How changed?

just... changed...

He's not become a faggot, is he?

Really? Stefano is a faggot? a little.... but even a little, still is a faggot!

Now he's dating a married woman but she's a cover-up

-What about the other guy? -About whom?

The player I actually never met him. He's a friend of Stefano.

He's a rich businessman, he doesn't mind losing...

Last month, in Modena they took more than 150k from him And he paid straight away, can you imagine?

It's all good. You can leave when you have finished

That's for you I should get much more than that...

You can't imagine the filthy things that man told me He's a nasty pig!

-Did you prepare his potatoes? -Yes, they are in the pot

Before I leave I have to decorate the Christmas tree in the garden. it's a tradition we do it every year \The madam really cares

We're all happy that you made it to own a movie theatre like that... in the heart of Milan... it must be your pride But I was sure you'd made it I was the only one supporting you to leave I remember...

And so we thought you could help us too You know, to get a better life That's why Stefano called But he was not sure you'd come But how can we be so sure?

The fact that you're a big champion and him... is a big fool!

Doesn't it look too easy?

-I thought about it but... -Here, cheers

-To our friendship -Cheers, to us. a kiss...

So you're saying there's a guy spraying money around the region and you hooked him, among all people?

It was not so easy there was a lot of preparation Stefano borrowed a beautiful villa from his friend Then we spread the word he was rich and that he loses Did you get the trick, right?

And can it be the same trick that the fool used with you?

Well yes...

Wait a sec


You got the line? Thanks...


It's me How much was the taking?

That's all?

The other theaters are doing well?

I'll call back later Thank you, bye

-Any problem? -You can say that Your collegues trashed the movie I have I wanted a non mainstream movie... but less mainstream than that... it's not making a dime!

But good movies take time to grow You need word of mouth How's your life at the newspaper?

They only let me review trash movies My boss gets all the good ones Do you remember the book about John Ford I started to write?

I think so Do you remember the book about John Ford I started to write?

I think so Well, it's almost done I just need a publisher... and in my dreams if tonight goes well...

So Stefano got himself a rich man's villa?

Yes... but there's something more....

What else?

To reel that guy in...

Stefano and I were not enough I'm not a big socialite and I'm not a great player either you remember, my nickname was "the corpse"

And so? you remember, my nickname was "the corpse"

And so?

Now I know you'll get barking mad

Tell me, what's up?

That guy...

...the businessman... was found by Ugo.

-Are you stupid? -No, it's true Ugo found him and he's been working him for more than a month

Maybe we're romantic assholes...

...but we thought this was the only way for you to meet again to make peace. It's about time.

Please say something What can I say?

Look, Ugo is not doing well He works for a TV station He says he's an antiquarian but he has no idea he can only sell cheap trash

For him this game is more important than for any of us Stefano and I can make ends meet you're on top of your game What should I say? That I'm sorry? That I play to save that asshole from sinking?

You were really expecting that?

I knew it would not end well.

But we tried. We just wanted you two to make peace You're really a poor imbecile. You're an idiot.

And they use you because they know that you're an idiot You may be able to write about John Ford...

But you don't get one thing about life. You don't get it.

Perhaps. But they didn't use me You can't say they used me I just wanted to see us sitting at that damn table together What a poor imbecile you are. Really.

We thought that you... by coming back... ok, I'm leaving. As you like

Good evening, it's Franco Is it a good time? maybe you were having dinner....

Just to confirm that tomorrow morning I'll be in Rome I'm coming so we discuss about our thing No, nothing has changed, but I'd prefer to speak face to face Yes

My movie has started slow, so what?

You say I have no future?

I always paid back so far But do you want to help me or not?

Don't say you can't! If you want, you can!

Can I speak?

No, I get it, I understand perfectly but...

ok ok... ok..

And for the first lucky hundred calling in ... this marvelous, majestic, incredible soup set from the Fiji islands... we'll send as a gift... this practical...

...waterpipe... that will help you getting rid... of your smoking habit.

Ugo, there's a problem What do you mean?

Lele's outside

So? he's not coming

-How come? -He's just not coming And he got mad at me why? because... you know the reason...

Tell him why! well...

I had to tell him. what?

That you were here.

You're an idiot.

You're a poor idiot You ruined everything But he would have found out... and even worse But you knew that...

If I could speak with him I would have convinced him to play I don't think so

He wants to see you dead I would have done it.

I swear, Stefano, I would have done it.

I would have begged, prayed, down on my knees to make him play with us And what can we do now?

we play! sure, we play...

-against him, without Franco... -but why not?

But if he raises the stakes who among us can fight him?

what a nightmare...

I worked him for one month... one month listening... about his woman.. one month with his boiled potatoes

...talking about that Giovanni Pascoli

I can borrow you something if you need It's not about money!

This was the opportunity of my life!

What are you doing there?

Nothing... our friend Lele has arrived. and we were watching the maid decorating the tree... it's damn cold here.

He's our friend Lele. He write about movies

And the gentleman from Milan?

Well, he's in the hotel. he arrived one hour ago Yes, he's in the hotel but apparently there's a problem

He's not coming.

There's a problem actually.

You know that...

we arranged this more than 15 days ago I even decided not to spend Christmas with my father, and leave him alone

...completely alone. Just to be here.

To play this game. And I wouldn't... to realize that I was fooled.

No, look...

-For us too... -For you what?

Well.. we're sorry too.

Are we playing, here?


You came!

You to skin me here, eh?

How are you?

Hey Stefano, how are you?

Did you fall for it?

Did you believe that I was not coming?

Hey Ugo Old bastard, you don't say hello?

Hi, Franco.

You're fat as a pig!

You're always the same Franco, I introduce you to Mr.Santelia, Esq., our new friend Nice to meet you I know that you're passionate about it.

I like to play to... forget my problems with the factory the unions... and I like to play against champions just to try... learn something, if possible .

Hope you're not talking about me I haven't played since 5 years More than 5 years, they know that...

If my wife finds out she'll choke me So you got married again Yes, I have also two kids. Is there a phone? -Yes, sure

There's a phone in the kitchen

Why the hell you called him? You know what happened

-I can excuse Lele, but you know better -It's Ugo who hooked him How can you trust Ugo?

He'd sell his kids if he could So trust me. He's loaded.

I got info from valid sources That's his business card Call and check Then why did you call me?

Because you're the only one who can beat him You want to suck me in? He's a cheater?

I give you my word Do you trust my word?

Why should I?

We've been friends for 30 years We were waiting for someone like him and now that we got him, we want to share What's so strange?

And after tonight you and Ugo will be friends again

You better come over, he's becoming suspicious I'm going

So you had to make a call?

I've been waiting this for so long...


I tried to write you a letter but...

I got ashamed and I threw it away And now I don't know what to say...

I had prepared a nice smooth speech... but fuck...

Truth is, what happened was bullshit Everytime I think about it...

I feel like it didn't happen to me...

Doesn't feel part of my life It's someone else's...

I buried you 10 years ago For ever.

-For that bullshit? -Yes, exactly, for that bullshit.

If you could let me explain, maybe...

Explain what?

Many things, I never told you.

I never told anyone.

You fucked our reputation in the whole town!

-No that's not true -Yes, it is -No it's not -Yes, it is!

It's true.

I wanted to ruin you... but I saw you ruined yourself.

I let you be Unless the info I have is wrong No, look, I'm doing alright I'm not broke at the moment What you mean you're doing alright?

I have a friend that can make a wallpaper out of your bounced checks!

No, no, I got fooled there, I swear but I'm getting back on my feet They fooled you?

And who's the champion who fooled you?

I'm still standing So what do you want from me?

To be friends again Why?

Let's just forget it all and start again Let's see if you're sincere I play tonight And I save your situation and you reputation with that gentleman But everyone is on his own Everyone plays alone DO you agree?

And what I did all this for? for friendship!

That's a very nice Christmas gift for me!

But you know that I can't play on my own...

And I'm the one who needs money Then let's call it off

Listen, it's important that you came That's enough.

Can you leave me? I need to make a call

-So I will inform the other guys -Ok

-So we're agreed -Ok, you tell them Agreed.

Hello? Line was busy...

They're fixing my car...

I'll sleep here...

Are we playing?

I found an hotel Are we playing?

Are we playing?

We're ready. We can sit down Please, Esquire.

This is a joy's an honor... immense pleasure to play with you.

Well, that's an exaggeration!

If you want to choose the deck...

Shall we decide a timing?

Let's do 4 hours, ok? -And half an hour for dinner.

So 4.30am will be the last round

It's Christmas... and so?

Sure... it's a weird night for playing

Let's deal the seats Highest card chooses the seat, deals...

Everyone else, in order from the left

Could I change this chair, please?

Yes, I will do it Be quick

Here you go. This one good?

Yes thanks So, one stack for 5 thousands?

No objections.

Sorry, my hands are still cold

We play with a forced blind Raises are unlimited and immediate And you have 17 minutes to make a call.

Sorry, this is my talisman...

It's called "Holy ass" or "Little John Ford"

I always called it so They are used to see it next to me I'd keep it here, if you don't mind Can I start dealing?




Call Five hundred more

Call A thousand.

Fold. But it's crazy to start like that.

Call Change one One


Check A thousand.


I call.

Two pairs with Jacks.

With Aces, I'm sorry.


What's your line of business?

I have a video game factory We copy the Japanese

-And works well? -Not too bad But I should stop playing cards

You know Manuela will be starring in a movie?

Who's Manuela?

You know her. She was working for me some time ago the "big ass"

The one on the mountain hut The "big ass in the hut"!

She has a nice role...

With a young director my blind.

I'll pass this hand. I have a bit of an headache

-You need a pill? -Thanks, I have it.

Play the blind.

I play.

Cards? -Two One Pat.

You know, I fell in love.

But nor really, I was already in love.

And with whom?

You know, same guy.

He's back He's back to university here He came to me yesterday.

But you told me you were sick Yes, but he came anyway...

He asked me to get back with him And you said yes?

I like both of you, I swear

That's true, I swear

Do you want to dance?

But you can't dance!

Let's try, it will be good for us

-Fold -Bet One thousand.

How's going?

-Fold -Fold Double the bet

I call I have a straight.

You win

Please, five stacks.

Sorry... sorry everyone...

That's how I am...

I'm happy. I feel "Little John Ford" is with me.

You talking about the director?

Sure, who else?

I didn't know he was blind in one eye But he had an incredible life...

Few people know it, but you know what?

Not for long... I have a feeling that my book about him... will be published soon!

But the story of your friend...

Manuela... was interesting....

A girl with such a name is already exciting She's a bit loose, so I have her some advice I helped her You work in the movie biz?

I write about movies I'm just a deputy I only review second-rate movies...

But where the females are more interesting....

In the town where I was born there's only one theatre As a kid, I saw all the masterpieces there Now it's only porn When I'm home I take my father there I take him when they open, bring him back when they close He's about 80 years old.

And my mom is the only woman he's ever had The only one... in all of his life Now... he's finding another side of womanhood

Well yes, Manuela is that kind of actress... very exhuberant... but in a sunny way very authentic...

..very generous... very liberating... very slut!

So, shall we play?

Fold Not playing No I call

A thousand

Ok I deal One.


Check Two thousand By five.

How much is that?

Two by five is ten.

No, Franco.

Sorry, he said "very slut" but that's not true If I said it it's because it's true.

So they are all sluts?

If a girl fancies me it's a slut?


Lele, you're too dumb to know what girls fancy Oh, the big expert spoke!

And you, stop laughing...

They should write a manual about woman A treaty about your shortcomings You never had one normal relationship Just one, come on, say one name!

He asked me to marry.

If he asked, I can ask too Don't be an idiot.

He asked, so now I'm asking!

Will you marry me?

But are you crazy? We barely know each other And you still live with your parents You don't know what to do Change your mind every day...

And I'm with someone else for more than a year But who cares? You're the girl I loved the most since when I was born... And I know why...

It's very clear...

It's because you're pretty. That's it.

It's the most demeaning thing one can say Yes, that may be demeaning, I know What can one woman make of this?

In 20, 30 years, when one gets old...

...when the beauty is gone...

Who cares how we'll be at 50, 60?

It's important to be together now Don't ask me to give up.

And should I marry one like you?


...please, you should...

...if possible...

Check Five thousand.

No, I can't.



I call.

Full House with Eights

With Jacks.


Thanks You deal Ten stacks, please Coming.

I'm hungry.

Let's deal the last round and then we have dinner

-Good for me -If it's good for the gentlemen...




I'd like to ask your opinion I've been thinking the whole evening And I'd like to know your opinion But I hope it will be honest...

One is in a random place let's say... the restaurant of a train station.

There's a beautiful lady sat at another table She's alone and makes eye contact. He smiles, she smiles What one is supposed to do?

Well, one stands up, get close and then asks...

What does one ask?

If she's available, if she's a pro And so?

She smiles and says...

"No, I'm sorry"


So what?

She smiles and says...

"No, I'm sorry"

You understand?

"I'm sorry" which means...

No, I'm not a prostitute but in this case, as you're asking...

I'm sorry that I'm not one, I'd like to be one.

Well. I...

I have this interpretation And I'd like to know... if you think it's correct.

Has this story happened to you?

Yes I think you're right this lady...

...this beautiful lady was disappointed of not spending a few hours with you Thanks, it was a peculiar story it's very peculiar...

I've dealt the cards. We can play I'm going to prepare the food

-Did you remember about my potatoes? -Yes, yes...

Three thousands

No By three.



Franco just won 20 more.

Good! Franco just won 20 more.


Yeah, yeah...

We had to beg him to come and win it all What did he tell you?

He's still angry with me

But we spoke for awhile And he says he's playing on his own What he wins, he wins for himself What an asshole!

Well, maybe if he wins you'll be his friend again Maybe he'll send you a gift too...


I don't think so...

I lost my stack, can I play some more?

-But it's 5 thousand each! -I know...

But I can't be that miserable

but be careful, eh?

You're doing pretty good...

You're up about 65 thousands!

It just looks too easy to me

-Looks like he has fun losing -I told you so And you wanted to leave!

I'm sorry for the things I said I was not serious.

Maybe it's a bit of envy... I was not serious.

Maybe it's a bit of envy...

Don't bullshit me.

I may say that you're writing crap....

..but I wouldn't be able to write them.

How much can it be publishing your book?

I don't know...

I should do the math...

Can you imagine your name on the cover?

What do I have to do?

You should help me slowing down the game If you see that I win...

-Come to dinner!

But how?

That's it? -Yes, thanks Just a little for me


Is an adventure for men I could never play...

...against ladies.

But in those breaks, they are missed.

That lady in the restaurant... if she was here, everything would be different.... we all...

...we'd be different, trying somehow to attract her.

Martina, let's go we're late!

Is it visible?

What? my belly! What? my belly!

We didn't even raise a glass...


Hey Franco...

Lele... Hey Franco...


Merry Christmas, Ugo.


Best wishes to you too Thank you so much.

I think this is the best Christmas of my life Why?

Playing with friends, chatting....

I feel good Are you married?

I was married twice...

I got widowed then I married the sister.

Are you a widow again?

No, we divorced.

She couldn't accept me playing or rather, losing...

And now?

Some friends, like that Manuela of yours generous... how did you describe them? ... sunny ! and very tall !


Hey, it's me Sorry if it's late...

I should have found a solution No, not from the man in Rome...

He's an asshole, he's not helping.

I found another solution....

Just tell them that I'll pay back Just call and say that I pay.

One more thing...

You should call your friend... who works at the police department...

You'll call me back.

You should get me information about ...

Antonio Santelia, Esq. You should get me information about ...

Antonio Santelia, Esq.

Not feeling well?

I'm fine No hot water?

The other faucet...

Ah, yes.

I'm sorry.

Anything wrong?

I'm making a fool of myself a loser, a sucker, right?


They see me as an idiot... and it's the guilt...

that makes me sick.

Guess who's playing... make a guess Like that game of ours...

It's easy for you.

Very easy..

How much did you plan to win tonight?

What do you mean?

You had an amount in mind.. 3, 5 thousands...

You crazy?

I'll give it to you if you just piss off I pay you and you piss off It's a good idea You come up with one of your lies...


You're treating me like a piece of shit You can't treat me like that If you don't agree then there's something fishy going on Because at this game... you have no chances What do you mean?

You know what I mean I have no doubs left Coleman Hawkings Best tenor sax of all time

Before coming here...

I went to my gym... and listened to "Body and Soul" ten times at max volume Crying like an idiot

And you know why?

Because i'd see you again That's why...


We should see each other again


Let me introduce you to my friend Ugo

-Hi -Hi !

I didn't picture you like that...

Franco described you differently -But it's him!

I know the things you did together Thought you were different...

Small, skinny...

The one to protect....

But then...

And who's him?


He's 1 year and 11 days He's a seven-month baby So don't do the math...

Can I have a pillow?

Sure, I'll get one.

Who's to deal?

Let's use a new deck...

Much better.

Everywhere I go...

I'm always the shortest...

And from a lower position you suffer more How tall are you?

1,75 and you? almost 2m

Can I get a stack please?




Could you close that door?



She's not here And Mario?


Two thousands.

Twenty thousands.

I'm sorry...

I need some fresh air.

Sure, go ahead

He was not feeling well...

He had a sort of breakdown Why you didn't tell us?

Check him out

He's ashamed of losing He told me, he's ashamed of losing

Feeling sick?

It's that coffee of yours

A handkerchief?

Better to postpone...

We'll explain and postpone...

Do you think...

I haven't won a single hand You sure...

...see me humiliated... that much.

He's feeling sick with potatoes Imagine if he had the clams!

Beg your pardon.

Feeling better now Are you sure?


I call the 20 thousands.

Ace-high straight.

You win the pot

Thought you were bluffing I wasn't bluffing

It's not a lucky evening Can you take this off? Such a bad taste!

You can say that you're sick No, what are you saying?

Now I'm fine

he threw it all up He's really not feeling well We should stop playing If we want to stop, it's fine by me I agree too, if he's not well...

No, are you joking?

Let's play I'm just starting to have fun And I would like to play... with ease Can I get 20 stacks?

I'm sorry, but...

I don't know you very well I know them for many years and I know about their financial means but I don't know about you I was invited to play I'm winning 70 thousands... mostly from you You're taking 100 more I need some guarantees....

It's your right Only one person knows me well and who can confirm that I can afford to lose that much It isn't so?

Yes but I...

I don't know how valuable... my guarantee.

No, it's fine.

If you guarantee for him I'm fine with it.

Then you can trust me.

From now on, any amount?

From now on, any amount.


He wasn't there?

None of his friend is there? He wasn't there?

None of his friend is there?

Sorry for the late call.

Do you know what time it is?

Where you been?

At the club Liar you weren't there I just called and they didn't see you there No one knew where you were I called Ugo too No one knew where you were I called Ugo too I said I was at the club and I also won You're a dirty asshole, a pig You have no shame?

You can't bust my balls every night Every night the same scene I said I won!

What else do you want? You're not happy?

What else? After all your bullshit? What else do you want? You're not happy?

What else? After all your bullshit?

You ruined my life and locked me in the house Stop playing the victim!

Do you remember all that fake sweet talk of yours?

Do you remember, asshole?

Three thousands .

No Fifteen.


But this is going out of hand...


I call.

Queen-high straight King-high, I'm sorry.

Congratulations, you won again Thanks Let's have a break and a drink Some whiskey, please Any food left?

Yes, come to the kitchen Then I'll have something too...

You can't complain...

So far...

Why are you laughing?

My mom's monthly pension... is 350.

That's why I can't win Every time I'm about to bet... to make a big bet....

I think about that check...

It's almost over...


Shortly I'll make you the sign...

Ok... I'll try...


Two cards One Three

One Shuffling discards...

Two thousands


You can be such assholes!

Fuck sake, it's just the two of you playing Showing your money.

Christmas game among friends, and he plays for money!

Shut up! Christmas game among friends, and he plays for money!

Shut up!

No, I won't shut up!

You busted my balls!

We worry about his friendship We beg him to come here And he's just thinking about himself What an asshole! And he's just thinking about himself What an asshole!

You're the asshole! What an asshole!

You're the asshole!

And we're idiots to accept that As always Always the same story Eh, Ugo?

Eh, Stefano?

You're not in this, you're actually the only person losing I'm the first to play I want to play!

But without humiliation Do you know how much I earn?

No, I don't You know it well, I asked you a loan!

And I loaned you...

Yeah yeah, the pocket money you gave me!

And with woman, was the same You wouldn't let anyone else to win.

ok then...

Look, you better leave the game I wanted to explain who you're playing against...

We have only 40 minutes left and I'm losing a lot Not my fault if you can't play

Take back your cards, this hand is dead Sure Hope you're not offended I was joking Yes but I'd rather not to play with you again You also admitted to have financial issues You just declared it And you should not play if you can't afford it What do you say?

Lele, take a break. You can watch Ok ok... don't touch me

Let's deal again

Hello Hi Manuela, how are you doing?

Yes it's a bit late, I know...

No, I'm in Bologna Is there someone with you?

Who is he? Do I know him?

Tell me the name....

Tell me his name!

If you tell me his name I hang up, ok?

Twenty stacks, please All right

Manuela says hello

They did a close up of her this morning And she was already in bed with the director!

She said she wanted to save on the hotel room

How long?

Half an hour, be quiet

Call the blind ok Two thousand Call

ok One card One Three One One

One for me too

Let's spice it up... I'll bet...


I'd need a mortgage....

Why not 200.000 ?

How much time can we take?

17 minutes How much time can we take?

17 minutes You have plenty of time, plenty of time I have to think about it Can I stand up?

Sure you can but the cards... stay on the table. sure

Two hundred thousand...

Keep an eye on the table


What are you doing here?

I just moved next door How do you do? I just moved next door How do you do?

Good. Except for your idiot friend who plays every night Or so he says And what do you think?

You should know, aren't you always together?

Not always What about Franca?

We split two months ago Really?

Sometimes you're left alone...

I wouldn't call... why?

You've been too lucky so far It's not going to last He must have a strong point He can't bluff that much And should I fold now?

I think so but why?

I don't want to see you losing

I wanted you to be here

And I'm happy that you win It's better for me if you win You're an asshole I know but... that was long time ago

Were you ever in love with her?

I don't know... what's the point?

Have you been in love with her at least one day?

But I don't know...

I don't know.

So it's was just to fuck me If you weren't in love it was just to fuck me

Ok, I did it just to fuck you And you're fucking me again?

But no, of course And you're fucking me again?

But no, of course Why do you care if I win?

I met Ugo today He left Franca What else?

He asked me out What?

Yes, to go out with him Ugo?

And you?

I told him he was mad

Do you want to make love?

Do you?


Ok, I call the 200,000



I assume I won

Drink something

I'm cold, can I have my jacket?

You have it on

sorry... a drag? no, thanks

Let's wrap it up?

No, we still have some time...

And I'm losing too much... and actually...

I just need a 15 minute break

Sure But I'm ashamed!

We'll take the back door

I never did it with another man I know

Please switch off Ok I'm going to the toilet Is there a toilet in this dump?

Over there

Will you help me?

Doing what?

To undress

You won't hurt me, right?

Take this What's that?

Some herbal drops, it will help No no, I'm fine Come on, drink up


Want to smoke?

I never smoked and should I start now?

bye wait

How many kids do you have?


A 17 year old daughter and three sons But I don't see them often I'm separated from their mother One that would hide in the toilet with the newspaper Is there anything less romantic?

What did you give me to drink?


My mouth tastes like a drain It's good for you And you have kids?

Two There was a third one coming, but my wife didn't want it It happened two months ago Are you worried?

It was foolish to call I knew it, I told you Two hundred thousands!

But I don't have them...

I took plenty of debts to refurbish the theatre A guy from Rome... was supposed to help but.... A guy from Rome... was supposed to help but....

What's your plan?

The game is not over No, it's over The game is not over No, it's over Look at him, one hand is enough...

At those stakes, yes...

How much time do we have left?

Ten minutes

Have you ever played 200.000 in one evening?

You're making fun of me?

I can say that I did From tonight And on Christmas Night...

Did you ever speak with Martina again?


Has she married a rich guy?

They say he's a man who spends his time... playing golf!

I called her one night Three years ago, I had a fight with my wife And I called her I told her she was the most important woman in my life Then I hang up Like a crazy man


She knew.


That she was important for you She knew I wish she knew Tonight, I wish she knew

But you had to ruin everything, eh?

That's my specialty Your friend Lele, that idiot...

What happened?

We had agreed to slow down the game... with a fake quarrel.... We had agreed to slow down the game... with a fake quarrel....

Like we used to do, remember?

You were good at that And you tried that?

But he got scared I should have picked you You remember that time with me? in that bar And in Ravenna, with the deaf people?

They beat our ass for nothing We were a great pair We were really a great pair We could work together again I have ideas...

I could come to Milan...

I know people with money People to skin?


Can't you see that I'm the one being skinned? but I convinced I know you'll win back I know you'll win back How do you feel now?

I just need to win the next hand Franco...


What are you doing here?

It's my fault It's really my fault...

I tried to raise some hell but...

I got scared...

Thought I'd offend you Come in, everyone's in....

So you're not angry with me?

It must be grand to lose

200.000 !

Just come on in It's cold as fuck here soccia!

Can we bring Lele back for the last round?

We've been friends for so many years...

A new deck?


I know your financial affairs pretty well And you can't afford to lose more than you do Of course I can afford it. Why?

With no guarantees, you can't keep playing But I own one of the best movie theaters in Milan!

That's your guarantee!

But you don't own the building Who cares about the building! But you don't own the building Who cares about the building!

And how do you know?

You don't own the building, do you?

Except the building, everything else is mine The value?

More than half a million, you can ask them.

Do you confirm what he declares to own? -Yes, we do

-Everyone knows -It's in the centre of Milan

Then I'm sorry We can continue

How many stacks?

As much as he has

Good for me

Two thousands Call

Ten thousands

no Fold Dealing


Three for me


by five

Franco, get out, get out He wants you to gamble all that you have!

-let him be Franco, get out, get out He wants you to gamble all that you have!

-let him be

-He's thinking about it! -let him be

-He's thinking about it!

-Let him be and sit down

-He's considering it! -Let him be and sit down

-He's considering it!

-He wants to ruin himself!

I ask you to leave immediately

-I leave!


So what do you want to do?

It's a tough decision There are two options...

Three It's not in the rules of the game but...

I can offer this to you It's so good for me to see you beaten You can't imagine...

So I'm offering you a third option if no one disagrees You can stand up, take your coat...

...get back to your car and leave

with no loss

You would waive everything?

Maybe it's not allowed, but for Christmas...

It's my gift to you

This never happened to me It never happened to me to be winning and it shows... that I can't do it

You must be crazy

What do we do with these?

You'll never know the hand that I challenged you to play for 250.000 it's my only condition and I think it's a minor detail.

All right.

I call your 250.000 Come on

Four of a kind. Queens.

If you want to... show your hand?

It's useless.

It's almost morning It's one of the longest nights...

We risked a lot but it went our way It was the only way to push him to play I took three card and he thought I was bluffing It was unbearable for him to leave without knowing my hand.

He would have thought about it all of his life without knowing my hand.

He would have thought about it all of his life

Thanks But we risked a lot...

Good morning

To the station, please

And him?

It's up to you

I guess that bastard of a friend was happy He must have been generous

Lele, bring me home and Franco?

We can't leave him like this He said fuck off to us all He's fine but better to let him stay.

Poor man...

Bye Ugo.

But we're leaving as cowards

Franco, it's me

It's time to go

Everyone left?

Yes Lele too?

Yes, Lele too.

Is it your car?


How much was your cut?

Your cut on the winnings, how much?


He was a professional, wasn't he?


Martina! yes...

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