Renaissance (2006) Script

Come on, Farfella, come on.


I can't, Karas. I can't pull you.

Get out of here. Run. Run!

'I like being beautiful.

'I like to stay fit.

'That's why I like Avalon.

'With Avalon, I know I'm beautiful.

'And I'm going to stay that way.'

'Avalon. For a better world.'

'Health. Beauty. Longevity.

'Avalon. We're on your side, for life.'

I already paid you.

Give it to me.

I'm sorry, beauty.

I had some operating expenses.

Ilona is here.

Don't mess with me.

You want it, you pay my price. Let her go!

Baby... Get lost.


What the hell are you doing here?

Hi, Bislane. Don't start, Ilona.

What's up with Dimitri? Heard you missed work today?

Cut the crap!

I find you a cushy office job... Oh!

The least you could do is show up two days in a row.

They will fire you. Oh, my God. Not that!

It's impossible to talk to you, Bislane.

You're not even trying.

You better go. Your patients must be waiting.




Section K, positions.

Go, go.

Abort. Hostage in danger. Fall back.

Can you believe this? Fall back now.

'Hostage is in danger. Karas, what the fuck...?'

You think I'm worried about him?

I'll take you out. Well, aren't you a big boy?

What about you?

It's nearly over, Theo.

Just close your eyes and don't open them again until I tell you.

Close you eyes.

Go. Go!

Hey, Amiel, how's that wife of yours?

Well, when I'm not home, she's angry.

But when I'm there, it's worse.

I can't wait for her to have the baby.


Prosecutor Reparaz is waiting for you outside.

Ilona Tasuiev. One of Avalon's young researchers.

Highly intelligent. Recruited in Caucasia at the age of 13.

Top protégé of the Vice-President, Paul Dellenbach.

Avalon wants her found. And found alive.

Do whatever it takes, but bring her back.

Do you really never talk, or is this for show?

'Ilona Tasuiev, 'a 22-year-old woman with a bright future, 'was abducted on her way to one of our clinics for the underprivileged.

'Can Avalon just accept that?

'No. We view such a crime, 'an attack on one of our most valued employees...

' an attack on our entire corporation.'

Ilona's sister.

Bislane Tasuiev. She works at Avalon too, but in the records department.

Ilona went to see her before her shift at the clinic.

Doctor Jonas Muller, her superior, made the initial report.

Around Club 71, total jungle - four homicides, 32 muggings...

Does any of this interest you? Huh?

I'll see her after the briefing. Maybe you want to tell her that.

I want to know everything - her habits, her vices, her obsessions, weaknesses, fantasies.

The names of her friends, lovers, co-workers.

We've asked Avalon for her business address files, calendars, research.

Get the list of her patients, too.

Any bumps in their co-operation, take it to Reparaz.

Vice and Narcotics will give us a list of regulars at The 71.

Unless we get a ransom demand, it's one of three - industrial espionage, theft or sex crime.

The crime fits neatly between regular patrols.

We have no visual records.

Now this guy is quick, calculating, organized.

This might not be his first kidnapping.

Amiel, look for similar priors - psychos, recently released cons.

Montoya, you're on Ilona's car.

See Gavary and Lionet in the Casbah.

If the car turns up, he'll tip us off.

First, we find her.

And then we sleep.

Somebody wanna tell me where she went?

Woeller. 'Walking shoes, size eight.

'Judging from the depths of the prints, he weighs no more than 140 pounds.'

A woman? 'Or a teenager.

'Picked up a lot of junk and sent it for DNA.

'50 cigarette butts, junk food wrappers...'

'I've got info on Doctor Muller.

'Used to be a big shot at Avalon researching genetics. Their top guy.'

On my way.

'When his brother died, he gave it all up to treat the needy.

'He's been head of the clinic for almost 40 years.'

'Yes, some more dogs hair over here. And I found an old pair of underwear...'

'Mostly she works at Avalon's lab.'

Ilona Tasuiev does regular shifts here, whenever she has time.

'Strange way to relax.'

Contact with the real world gives you perspective.

'Genetic research is fraught with peril.'

'I can think of more dangerous jobs.'

Research is a constant battle, Captain.

Lose sight of your goal, you lose your way.

I always advise young researchers to get their hands dirty.

'That why you gave up research yourself?'

You've done your homework.

I realized I could do more good here than in a lab.

And yet you stayed on at Avalon.

You don't just leave Avalon.

You called the police at 12:34.

'A 22-year-old is a half hour late for work.

'That's pushing the panic button a little quick.'

Looks like what I did was right.

She was never late. Not once. Not one minute.

'Ilona made a lot of sacrifices to get where she is today.

'Nothing could distract her.

'She's an exceptional young woman.' And gorgeous.

'She's fascinating.'

'Surgery get you nervous?'

Only hospitals. We all have our bad memories.

That's it, Cecilia, I'm done. Very good, Doctor Muller.

Thank you.

'One more thing.'

'What is Ilona working on? Her research?'

'She's preparing a doctoral thesis in biogenics.

'On progeria, a class of genetic anomaly' characterized by premature aging.

Mostly in children.

A long, hard battle I used to fight myself...

...ages ago.


Miss me? Fucking Karas!

I hate you coming here. So do I. Talk.

Nobody knows anything about the girl.

But her sister hangs out at Blitz and The 71.

Tell me something I don't know.

I have jack shit, nothing, not a clue, zilch. Your blonde just vanished.

You're the magician, Goran. I'm doing what I can.

'Do more.' 'OK. OK.'

Just for you, cut-rate.

A friend of mine, psychic, sees things in his crystal ball.

'He can...' 'I don't...'

Tail the sister.

And get me something solid.

My pleasure.

My sweetest pumpkin.



Where is she, Dimitri?

What have you done with her?

You think I got her?

But what would I do with that tight-ass bitch?

And I thought you came to see me. Don't fuck with me, Dimitri!

I saw you with her last night, remember?

You did? Hmm...

What did you see? I haven't told the cops yet.

That is what she wanted.

She asked me to steal it for her. Steal it?

What is this?

She hasn't made the final payment yet.

'Health, beauty, longevity.

'Avalon. We're on your side, for life.'


Let me go. Let me go! Calm down.

I don't want to hurt you. You already have.


Where the hell have you been? What do you care?

You think I kidnapped her? You tell me.

You're the cop.

I can't waste time chasing you. Well, you found me.

What is it with you? You always like this?

Only on days when they kidnap my little sister.

We've always had our differences.

Even when we were kids. Before our parents died in...

They died in the war?

I was 15. Ilona was only 10.

I took care of her after that.

We're close, but it's complicated.

When Avalon discovered her, she must've been about 13.

They brought us here.

If it wasn't for her, we'd still be over there.

Dellenbach? He changed her.

She's so confident now.

And what about Doctor Muller?

She met him when she started her thesis.

He promised to help her if she took three night shifts a week at the clinic.

They really admire each other.

Can you think of anyone with a motive?

Look, you know your sister better than I do.

If you have anything, don't hesitate, call.

Can I stay here tonight?

That way I'll know where to find you.

'She's an exceptional young woman.

'She's fascinating.'

I know you can hear me.

I know you're there.

Answer me!

My name... is Ilona Tasuiev.

I am 22.

'I want to live.'


Good morning, Captain. Welcome to Avalon.

Would you mind? Your weapon and your E-call.


The famous Captain Karas.

Good to meet you. I've heard great things about you. Please.

Any progress? No, nothing... so far.

It's an unbearable situation.

If there's anything...

Is Ilona working on something confidential?

Like all our scientists, she's working on improving everyone's quality of life.


Anything else?

Tell me if you and Ilona Tasuiev are lovers.

They said you were to the point.

I sleep with my secretary, I sleep with my wife.

I even sleep with my sister-in-law.

But with my researchers... never.

'Karas, Goran's looking for you. Something's going on with the sister.'

Poor kid. You raise them, give them love, and this is how they turn out.

Just shut up.

Hey, yours is gonna be much worse.

I need Karas to sign off on this.

Be my guest.

There was a Japanese man.

And the kids were lined up, like for a school picture, you know?

There was a date on the cover. 2006.

That's all. He only let me look for a second.

I need to trust you, Bislane.

If I find you've been holding out on me again...

Captain. We've got him.

Pursuing Ilona's car. Driver unknown.

Suspect's car is heading for the center.


Repeat, he's heading for central Paris.

Fuck! Get out of the way!

Cut him off by the Pont des Arts.

Come on, Karas. Move it!



That's one of Farfella's henchman.

Farfella? What's he got to do with it?


Nine and a half.

It's not him. Shit!

How did he get the car? He'd rather die than turn snitch.

Karas. He's lawyered up, Karas.


Don't leave me with this psycho!

I don't know shit about that girl. Come here.

I didn't do nothing. God is my witness.

Then let's go and visit Farfella.

Salaam alaikum, Farfella. Alaikum salaam, Karas.

Once every 20 years. You don't come often.

Put on a little weight.

I always did wanna be just like you.

There's my part of the deal, Farfella. Let's see yours.

How nice.

You brought me a gift.

You and I both know Naghib had nothing to do with the girl.

We both know Naghib stole the car.

Where, when, how? I want all the details and I want them now.

You forgot to say please.

Surveillance tape from the parking lot I own.

Should interest you.

May the prophet be with you, Farfella.


Oh, yes.

32 usable parameters for comparison.

We're online for visual ID.

Run the prior convictions bank. Sure.

Try all other files. Informants, suspects, acquittals.

Damn. I can't believe this.

General identification.

Send the picture to Avalon, copy Muller at the clinic.

If you're still empty, lift any database you can think of. Military, whatever.

Nora, take over.

Are you lying again? No, I have never seen him.

No, he wasn't in those pictures. And yes, I'm sure.

Who did Dimitri steal that album from? What was Ilona searching for?

How many more times? The answers won't change.

Look, I know I shouldn't have covered for Dimitri, but I didn't want to mention him before I was sure. You can understand that.

That you tried to protect a scumbag?

He wasn't always like that, you know.

Have you got any more old friends like him? This could get complicated.

Well, how about you?

I bet you meet a lot of flawless women in your line of work.


Then why are you wasting your life in that world?

Because it's the only one I know.

You got a better one, lead the way, I'm there.

Right, we must've missed something.

Let's re-examine the files. It's there. We just have to find it.

That's him. Move!


Don't move! Let me see some hands!

Don't move!

Igor Vord, you're under arrest. Not Igor!

Igor Vord. Where?


'We've got two other names.

'Both use the same faces, both on Metro cards.

'No doubt. We're dealing with identity theft.'

That's right, Captain. Hey.

Vord, Novalis and Hemmen, yes, all cremated here.

Igor Vord, ten years ago, in March '32.

Thomas Hemmen, five years ago.

Alfred Novalis is scheduled one or two months from now.

You see, it's all in here.

The cremations weren't declared.

My report claims the hospital made the declaration.

Take a look for yourself.

The cremation permit was issued by the Avalon Clinic. All nice and legal.

The same doctor signed off on all three. Doctor Muller.

Nora, get on to Reparaz. We're going to Muller's house.

If we don't go in now, we lose him.

We sent him the kidnapper's picture. He knows we're close.

'This is nothing but theory.' He signed for all three bodies.

'He must sign 300 of those a year.

'If we slip up, his lawyers will have a field day.'

I need a warrant.

'It's 5:00 in the morning. I'll need an hour at least.

'Karas! Go in without a warrant, I'll bust you!




Amiel, check on Muller and Avalon, the year 2006.

Dig up everything you can.

Why don't we get to wear this kind of thing?

Just calm down. It will be fine.

He hacked my E-call and he got me shot.

I want a warrant for Dellenbach.

You've got no proof, Karas.

They were Avalon security!

You went in without a warrant and you killed two men.

You want a medal for that?

Muller is behind the kidnapping and Avalon's covering for him.

One question remains. What's in it for you?


It's over, Karas. You're suspended.

Well, nice move.

Go to hell. Helping you...

...that's exactly where I'm headed.

The Metro cards confirm what you suspected.

Mostly used around Muller's neighborhood.

Everything you asked for is in there.

Muller was one of Avalon's best and brightest.

He gave it all up in 2006 when his little brother died.

He tried everything to save him, but Claus had some kind of incurable disease.


Muller? Impossible. It makes no sense.

He used his position at the clinic to forge IDs. It was his album that Dimitri stole.

Muller was behind the abduction. But why Ilona?

She must have found something concerning his research on progeria.

I have to find out what really happened in 2006.

Why Ilona wanted that album.

But to do that... I need you.

What? Avalon's files?

You hate your job.

That's too dangerous.

That's never stopped you before.

Where are you? Headed for Archives.

Oh, I got you.

I'm in. 'Good luck.'

OK. I've got everything Ilona looked at on 2006.

Narrow it to progeria. Muller. 'OK'.

Oh, damn. It's an Alpha file.

A what?

I can get us in but it will be flagged. Forget it. It's too dangerous.

I'm here to lose my job, remember?



Children with something at the back of their heads.

Triangular scars. What have they done to them?

'The Muller protocol has been terminated.'

It's the Japanese man. That is the man in the album. Doctor Nakata.

'With this death our patient pool is exhausted.

'Attempts at treatment through genetic manipulation have failed.'

Violation. Room 464. Access violation.

Maximum alert! 'On our way'.

Bislane, break it off.

'All authorization requests have been aborted

'and the results gathered and destroyed

'by Doctor Muller.

'We lost our nine children.

'Five began to mutate before expiring.'

Get out of there! Now!

'They suffered from degeneration of the heart, lungs, brain.'

Room 464 clear.

Code black.

'I repeat, move to code black.'

'Remain still for the duration procedure.'

'Remain still for the duration procedure.'

They've cut the power. I can't see.

Karas? Karas?

Oh! Who is it? Who's there?

Oh! Ssh! It's me. It's me.

They killed all the children.

I heard. Calm down. We're getting out of here.

Find them, and don't lose them again.

If you get a chance, dispose of the girl.

We'll wait till daylight.

Try to get some sleep.

Like Farfella...

...I grew up in the Casbah.

What do you think, I was born a cop?

I need to trust you, Karas.

If I find you've been holding out on me again...


You're sick!

You don't scare me, you know.

'You're afraid to come in here.'

You don't choose the gangs. you're born into them.

Me, Farfella... we were just kids.

It was a game for us.

One night...

...we were carrying for some thug.

Got caught by another gang.

Locked up. Knocked around.

Get out of here. Run!

Farfella got away.

So, what do we arrest her for?

What the hell?

I have no other choice for now. It's for your own protection.

Go fuck yourself! Sleeping with me gives you no right.

Where's Amiel?

His wife had a baby boy.

Funny thing is... What?

...he was thinking of calling him Karas, but he's afraid it would be bad luck.

Anything on Nakata?

What I wouldn't do for you.

This is off the record.

He was Muller's assistant till 2006.

The only member of the team still alive. Get this... 93 years old.

You are here to talk about Jonas Muller, right?

There's no need to judge me.

I'm not ashamed of what we did.

You killed all those children.

We tried to help them.

They had progeria.

We weren't murderers.

Those children were condemned.

We tried everything.

When his brother died, it was too much for Muller.

He quit his research.

Destroyed all his papers.

20 years up in smoke.

The clinic became his salvation.

Ilona understood that.

You know her?

She came here about a year ago.

Wanting to understand Doctor Muller's past.

To understand our failure.

And how did Avalon react?

Avalon wanted him to continue, of course.

They offered him a fortune.

Captain... you have any idea what the Muller protocol was?

Progeria was the means to an end.

Oh, our protocol was simple.

Very simple.

Our goal was immortality.

So tired.


It's vital your research remain a secret.

What's the matter, Jonas? Afraid?

It would be too dangerous.

Come on. Shoot.

To think I admired you all these years.

You're nothing but a coward, Jonas.

You always have been.

Don't move, Karas!

Where is she, Doctor?

Your gun. Your E-call.

Back-up, now. Karas!

What are you going to do, Doctor Muller, kill me?

To the edge.

Cuff yourself to the railing.

She's alive, isn't she?

Unfortunately. I am no killer.

I couldn't convince her.

For years I've been trying to show her how dangerous they were, but...

Tell me where she is, Doctor. I understand.

I know what you've been through. You know nothing.

You've been wrong all along, Karas.

She's the danger! Ilona is the danger, you hear me?

What are you talking about?

She pieced it together.

Just like I did 40 years ago. She found the answer.

The protocol for immortality.

And Avalon knows.

I know you want to save her, but if you save her, you'll give Avalon unlimited power.

The power over life and death forever.


We have no time, Muller.

I've been keeping immortality from them for 40 years

'because it would be madness.'

Without death, life is meaningless.

Where is she? You're not listening!

Ilona isn't just another victim.

If Avalon find her, we'll all be victims.

No, don't do this.

You are our last chance.

I was never born. I have failed.

I go back to ashes.


What did Muller want with you? He told me what you really are.

Come on, Karas, quit playing the saint. I don't know anything about saints.

But I have an uncanny instinct for sniffing out a son of a bitch!

For someone with instinct, you let a lot of people die when you're on the case.

Dimitri Ostrovski.

Jonas Muller.

Hishiro Nakata.

You didn't know.

Get fucking down! Argh!

He said down, you shit!

Everything has its price, Captain.

You cash in or you pay out.

I'm gonna make sure you pay a very high price.

I'll break you.

I was gonna beat the hell out of you.

But I see someone got there first.

'Doctor Muller worked tirelessly for the benefit of mankind.'

'The man was a genius. A true visionary.

'...a number of interesting elements concerning his death...

'...officer of Police Section K, Captain Karas, is the main suspect.'

People around me disappear.

We do have something in common.

You're not safe with me.

We'll get over this.

It's just one more scar adding up.

What is it?

The scar.

It's Claus. Muller's little brother. Oh, my God.

He's alive.

'Muller had discovered immortality, 'but he wanted to keep it from Avalon.

'So he destroyed every trace of his research, 'except for one piece of vital evidence. Claus himself.

'Muller stole the identity of people who died at his clinic

'so Claus could remain anonymous.

'For 40 years he's been stuck in the body of a sick boy.'

And Ilona discovered his secret.

If Dellenbach gets to Ilona before I do, everything Muller did will go to waste.

You already gave up on her. I will find her.

But she can't go back to the life she had.

Promise me you'll save her, Karas.

Promise me.

I promise, Bislane.

You can't stay here, you have to hide.

Dellenbach will stop at nothing to get to us.


Come back or I'll kill you.

After 20 years... we're even.

May the prophet be with you, Karas.

Salaam alaikum, Farfella.

I loved him, too, Claus.

I know what you went through.

I grew up alone.

When I got here, Jonas took care of me.

He gave me hope.

'He was like a father to me.'

I need you.

Hi, mummy.

Well, you are a wanted man, Karas.

I've got the footage from the surveillance cams around Muller's neighborhood.


Now you really owe me one. Our friend gave us his best smile.

Look at that.

Show it again.





Got you!

That's where he is.

Let's go. I have to go alone.

I can't tell you why.

You go home to your wife and son. Wait, Karas.

'Good luck.'

Take care, Karas.


Come on! Come on.



Where is your Captain?

I'm getting a little impatient.

You got any place to be...

Hmm. Eight pounds, six ounces.

Isn't that sweet?

Congratulations, Lieutenant.


What a shame it would be if anything happened to you.

But don't worry, Avalon knows how to take care of children.

'It's just the two of us now.'

Claus, I...

Let him go!

Let him go!

He tried to kill me.

But... Come with me. I'm...

I know who you are. You're the one that killed Muller.

It was an accident. He'd gone mad...

He was protecting you from Avalon. What are you talking about?

What do you want?

Let me go! That's enough!

I promised Bislane I'd save you and I will, whether you want me to or not.


One more word and I will kill you.

Find them!

Leave me alone. I'm begging you.



Go on.

They're coming, Ilona.

You have to disappear.


Go on. Run.

Ilona, please. You are our only hope.

Our only hope?

Who do you think you are?

The world is waiting for my discovery.

It always has been.

Avalon will turn your dream into a nightmare.

What do you know about my dreams? Ilona...

You can't understand this anyway. You haven't got the brains.

Ilona, Bislane is safe.

You can have a new life.

I can have everlasting life.

Ilona, no. Don't do this.

Ilona, please!

I'm begging you, don't.


'Our goal was immortality.'

'Without death, life is meaningless.'

'Promise me you'll save her.' 'Ilona is the danger!'

'Promise me.'




I gave her the new ID.

She had already made up her mind, Bislane.

She knew she had to end it.

She's gone forever.

To save herself.

To save us all.

I can't leave her alone.

I can't just abandon her.

I have to find her.

You have to respect her choice.

You'll never see her again.

But you can be proud.

Proud of your little sister.

'I like being beautiful.

'I like to stay fit.

'That's why I like Avalon.

'With Avalon, I know I'm beautiful.

'And I'm going to stay that way.'

'Avalon. For a better world.'

'Health. Beauty. Longevity.