Renegades (1989) Script

MAN: You're the big boy. Take care of everybody.


MAN: You stay in school.

WOMAN: Be a good girl.

WOMAN: Be quiet.

[Speaking native language]

You bring it back to us safely.

This lance is the life of our people.

[Speaking native language]

Charlie, can I have some coffee?

-Yeah, OK, Buster. -Thanks.

Here you go.

Thanks a lot.

Hey, on your way, sister. Paying customers only.

Come on, beat it.

-Charlie, she's with me. -Yeah?

You look real beautiful tonight.

Kind of brighten up the place.

-You want to party? -Nope.

But I’ll buy you a drink.

Bourbon and Coke.

POLICEMAN: Step out of the car.

Check this out. They're gonna fuck it up.

-Who? -The cops.

May I please see some license and registration?

You don't like cops?

I hate them.

-That your current address? -Yeah.

Check it out.

SUSPECT: What did I do?

Come on.


I wouldn't sit by that window.

Spread your legs out, keep your feet back.

Step out of the car.

Hands on the back of the car.


[Speaking foreign language, cocks gun]

Get down!


[Yelling in Chinese]


[Glass breaking]

Drop it!

Drop it! I said drop it!

SUSPECT: I said drop it or he's dead! Now!

POLICEMAN: Take it easy. Stay calm.

Shut the fuck up. I'll blow his head up.

Let the officer go, then we'll talk.

SUSPECT: I mean it, man. I'll kill this motherfucker!

Son of a bitch!

Charlie, I'll have to catch you next time.

Put them down! Now!

We're putting them down!

Put your weapons down.

Put them down!



BUSTER: What's all the commotion here?

What's going on here?

POLICEMAN: Wait a minute. Hold it.

Get out of there!

Hey, buddy! I'm just trying to find my fucking car.

Get the hell out of there now!

Why don't you just relax?

I'm really sorry about this. I can't find my car.

You should try and relax more. You'd have a much better time.

Just relax there, buddy, OK?

Hey, what in the fuck are you doing, man?

Let's see if you got any brains, asshole.

Tell your fucking friends to put their guns down now. Now!

[Yelling in foreign language]

Drop your guns! Drop it!

OK, asshole, come on!

Come on, asshole. Now!

OK, let's go. Come on.

Drop the gun. Now!

Get him over here.

He was packing, Sarge, a .38.

Who the hell are you?

SARGE: I'll tell you what you are. A menace.

We don't need people like you getting in police business.

I guess you just should have stayed home.

You got a license?

-Yeah. -Where?

Right here.

Come on, McHenry.

See you around, guys.

INMATE: Hey, be cool, man.

Officer McHenry, this is Detective Geddies.

-We've met. -I'm aware of that.

You will now apologize to Detective Geddies.

Want me to promise I won't hit him again?

Damn it, Buster!

You can't go around hitting cops.

Mike, the guy put his gun down. He had no brains, no balls.

-Want a cigarette? -I'm trying to quit.

I thought you were on vacation.

I am. Don't I look relaxed?

You look like the inside of a chicken coop. What's up?

You working something on your own?

You could try talking to me. Maybe I can help.

I don't need any help. No backup, no report.

What do you mean, no report?

No paperwork. Just give me a couple of days.

Working alone is one thing, but if you're after a cop--

Hey, hold it. What's going on here?

I spent the night in the drunk tank.

I'm tired. I'd like to go home and shower if you don't mind.

Fine. Go home.

Go anywhere you don't have to wear those clothes.

Just don't fuck up again, because I promise you, I cannot cover your ass next time.

Mike, I fuck up on this one, I'm dead.

Hey, that's not funny.

I'll give you a ride.

-Hey, Corvo, show time, huh? -I hope so.

-What's going on? -The guy's not Here yet.

Want something to drink? Some wine, coffee, nothing?

CORVO: Not your food.

Hey, what do you say?

-How you doing? -Good.

Have a seat.

I got to talk to him. I hope you understand.

I understand.

-I'll call you, OK? -OK.

-You're late. -Yeah.

So, where’s the cop?

-Why? Are you nervous? -Why? Should I be?

You're going in for a great deal of money.

You're not nervous? That makes me very nervous.

-You got the combination, right? -It's taken care of.

The deal is the cop gives me the combination, then I go--

The deal changed.

The bookkeeper will have the combination.

I brought you the best deal on this planet, man.

$2 million in stolen diamonds, completely untraceable.

Your end of the deal was the goddamned cop... gives me the combination.

That's my security.

Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?

Some street punk?

You brought this to me. Thank you. It works out, great.

We help each other.

If you can't trust me, we got a problem. Just leave.

You know how to use the door.

Hey, forget it.

Let's just get it over with.

He's right. Let's go.



I'm here to pick up a ring. Ray Donelli.

Mr. Rosen said I should come by this morning.

Just a minute, please.


[Door buzzes]

You can see Mr. Weinstock. He's inside.

How are you?

We like to have the person who took care of you... stay with you, but unfortunately Mr. Rosen is no longer with us.

I think you'll be pleased with this.

The setting is very popular.

Tell the receptionist to open the front door, Mr. Weinstock.


Do it. Live to collect that insurance.

Rose, would you buzz open the front door, please?

Nobody's out there.

Just do it, please!

Yes, Mr. Weinstock.

[Door buzzes]

Come on.

Get up. Come on, in the back.

Open the door, please.

[Door buzzes]

Come on!

MAN IN MASK: Sit down. Put your head down.

WEINSTOCK: Take anything you want, but please don't hurt anybody--

Shut up, bitch!

Keep your eyes on the wall. Don't fuck with me.

Keep your eyes on the wall.

[Rose whimpering]

I said shut up!

This is nice. Nice.

I would appreciate it if you would face the wall. Thank you.

And no alarms for, let's say, 10 minutes. Please.

Or this is what you'll get.

Come on, man, let's go.

BUSTER: What the fuck are you doing?

There was supposed to be no shooting.

Guys, guys.

He was weak enough to make a deal, he is weak enough to talk about it.

We're wasting time.


Go around the back!

MAN IN VAN: Go around the back!

Go around the fucking back!



Let's get out of Here!

Come on!

-Stop! Police! -Freeze!

Come on!

Fucking idiot!

Freeze it!

Stop! Police!

Everybody down.

It's clear.

MAN AT DOOR: Bobby, we got to move.

BUSTER: Let's go.

Come on, come on.

Come on.

BUSTER: Goddamn it.

MAN AT DOOR: Bobby, We ain't got time for this art shit.



Back off.

Come on.

You drive, partner.

The lance.

Jesus Christ, man!

That way!

[Horns honking]


-What the fuck are you doing? -Come on, man, give me a second!

-Kill him. -No! Come on!


Watch out!

Holy shit!

Watch it!

This guy's stealing my car, Officer.

Watch it!

[Truck horn honks]



Oh, God!

Watch out!

Nice driving, partner.

Turn left over there.

Right there.

Close the door.

Hey, look who's here.

You don't know what happened. I'm glad I found you.

Thanks for your help, partner.


Hey, boss, I tried, boss.

Get me to a hospital.


I'm a police officer.

You can't die yet.

I need you alive.

We're here.

-This is not a hospital. -You got any money on you?

Come on. I don't have all day.

-In the jacket. -Got it.

Can you walk?



-I'd like a room. -Indian, huh?

-Two beds. How much is that? -Forty a night.

I'll take it.

Come on.

PROPRIETOR: Oh, sorry, Chief. Elevator's out of order.

BUSTER: I can't make it up the stairs.

PROPRIETOR: Must be on their honeymoon.

Oh, wait.


Who are you?


What's up, Captain?

One of your men may have been in on the robbery. Buster McHenry?

Maybe he just checked it out. He's been undercover.

He wasn't there as a cop. He was part of the crime.

You sure about that?

Since when has McHenry been working undercover?

He's doing something on his own.

Like what?

I've got two men dead, people shooting at cops, five vehicles busted to shit.

Now, slowly, so I can enjoy it, tell me you don't know what he's working on.

He'll be calling. I'll check it out.

Get his ass in Here, will you? Before I get pissed off.

What's with you, Lieutenant?

Why do you always take the heat for that kid?

He's OK.

No, I don't think so.

He's a fucking crook, like his old man.

You don't know nothing about his old man, so shut up!

Get out of my office.

George is gone. I'm sorry.


I need your help.

I thought you might.

[Chanting in native language]

He'll live, I think.

You did good.

The Lakotas, as far as I know...

have never been without the lance.

-I'll get it back. -I know you will.

When you left home...

I thought I lost you forever.

And that hurt me.

But then, when you came back...

at first I didn't understand why.

I guess I got tired of the road.

No. You came back because that's where you belong.


He's a cop.

-A dead cop? -Nobody knows anything.

They haven't found a body.

Assume he's alive.

Get the word out. Find him before the cops do.

You got it.

[Buster groans]

We're getting out of here.

You fucking do that to me again, I'll kill you.

-You expecting company? -I don't know. You tell me.

Tell me why I'm here.

To help me find your partner.

I'm gonna take back what he stole, and then I'm gonna kill him. Let's go.

Was there an old Indian praying over me the other night?

That's right.

You don't believe in that shit, do you?

I am that shit.

I don't see them.


Is your daddy home?

Is your mama home?

Do you know where my clothes are?

They're in the wash.

Jimmy, why don't you go watch some TV or something?

Brought you something to eat.


So, how long have I been asleep?

About a day or so.

-Twenty-four hours, like a day? -That's right.


This smells good.

Glad you're feeling better.

I hate to disappoint you, Chief, but all you got was a cop.

I'm a police officer. I was working undercover.

Don't lie to me.

You don't believe me? Do I have to prove it to you?

Yeah, prove it.

I don't have to prove anything.

Is that right?

The guy that killed your friend...

his name is Marino.

Had a bad cop working for him. I was going for the cop.

I never expected it to go down like that.

I'm really sorry about your friend, OK?

He was my brother.

We'll get started tomorrow.

Do you know what this is?

Yeah, Dad, I know. It's your medicine stone.

I've had it since I was 14.

It's brought me a lot of luck.

There’s your good luck stone.

Could I get something to eat?

You better take it. I think you're gonna need it.

What do you got?

The address on the Indians didn't check out.

What about family, friends, anybody connected to the museum?

There’s a relative in Frankfort, a woman.

You got an address?

Ninety-nine Chisler Street.

You want these?

-Just drop them on my desk, OK? -Sure, Lieutenant.

You do good work, Chief. I feel great.


I might have died, huh?

You still might.

Hey, wait.

You want Marino, right? So do I.

I like to work alone.

Why don't you let me go, and I'll go find him?

I'll bring you your spear back. What do you say?

Get moving.

OK, fine, but we do things my way.

OK. First thing we got to do is go to my place.

I got to get guns.

If you're nice, I might even show you my badge.

I'll drive.

Trust me. I'm the Indian around here.


Are you trying to flood it?

I'm putting some gas in the carburetor.


Right here.

See that thing there? Butterfly valve.

Put your finger on it. I'll start her up.

Still got your finger on it?

-I'll drive this time. -Chief, come on.

My wound. Ow! OK.

OK, it wasn't a nice thing to do.

But I don't want to hear you talking about killing Marino.

I'm a cop. I'm gonna take him down.

If we're gonna work together, you don't kill him.

And I promise I won't try to ditch you anymore.

What's so funny?

I appreciate a good story.

My brother George, you know, the one you killed?

I didn't kill him.

He used to lie a lot when he was younger.

Wouldn't stop, just like you.

One day a boy took a hunting knife and cut his tongue.

It was just a little cut, but it hurt.

Scared him.

That's the funniest story I've ever heard.


BUSTER: Keep going. CHIEF: Cops?

BUSTER: Yeah. Son of a bitch!

They're watching my goddamn house.

CHIEF: What about the guns? BUSTER: I got another idea.

Turn left up here.

BUSTER: I bet you one of these guys will be packing.

CHIEF: Is that so?

My old man used to say you got to trust somebody sometime.

My dad used to tell me I picked the wrong person.

We ain't got no problems here.

We seem to get along fine, Chief.

Listen. I'm not a chief, so don't call me Chief.

My name is Hank Storm.

Sorry about that, Hank.

Buster McHenry.

Nice to meet you.

First sign of trouble, I'll break your neck, Buster.

How you doing?

Fine. How you doing?

Good. Chief Here needs a little something... to take back to the reservation.

Put some crack in them peace pipes.

Think you can you help us out?

I think I can help you out.

Come on.

That's far enough, gentlemen.

Now I have to see the money.

We got to see the stuff first.

Wait here.

You ever been to Philadelphia before, Hank?


[Barking and snarling]

No, no. Wait.

Dogs love me. Watch this.

Hi, puppy.



Son of a bitch.

Chief, there is something wrong with that dog.

[Dog whining]

Fucking dog.

What the hell are you doing?

Close the door.

Here, puppy.

I'll take the skinhead.

What's this shit?

Get inside.

-So you're the injun. -You're sharp.

How much money we talking about?


Let me see the money.


Let me see the money, Chief.

I wouldn't call him that. He doesn't like that.

I don't give a fuck what he likes.


I'd show him the money.

Why not?


It's tucked into my boot.

Check him.

BUSTER: Wait a second. This is completely unnecessary.

All we're trying to do here Is have a clean deal.

BUSTER: Oh, shit.



BUSTER: Give me the gun. It's mine.

HANK: Sorry.


Come on.

I'll take these guys.

No way. Not today.

POLICEMAN: Freeze right there! You're under arrest!

I'm ordering you to drop your gun now!

Drop it!

I said drop it!

Drop it!

It's not worth it.

We got away. That's all.


Are you crazy?

I got to take some steps--



[Buster groans]

Son of a bitch!

What are you, crazy?

Give me the goddamn gun.

It's my gun. Give me the goddamn gun!

You want the gun?

Take it.

Oh, shit.

I'm having a good time. How about you?

You're lucky I'm wounded, Chief.

We've wasted enough time. Let's go find your friend.

I'm going to find him. And he's not my friend.

I pursued the suspect across the roof.

You sure it was McHenry?

Yes, sir. I'm pretty sure.

I pursued them across the roof, and they got away.

-You can go. -Yes, sir.

I'm through messing around with this guy.

I want a warrant out on McHenry.


HANK: What are we doing here?

Trust me.


Yes, Mr. Dibiase. How are you today?

That's fine.

We have a reservation for you at 8:30 for four, and, um...

I'll see you later, OK, Mr. Dibiase?

-I got to talk to you. -What are you doing here?

-Shut up! -What are you, crazy?


MAN: Take it easy.

What the fuck are you looking at?

Get up against the wall now.

Get on the floor now!

Move! Grab the wall, asshole.

Against the goddamn wall now!

What are you looking at? Get down now!

You're really asking for it, wise guy.

Who the fuck asked you?

You move, I'll blow them out your back, you understand me?

BUSTER: Get in there. Move! Get out of Here!

I got a few questions for you, asshole.

-Where’s Marino? -I don't know.

Where is he?

-Your goddamn ass. Where is he? -I don't know.

Where is he?

He's at the girl's house. You know Barbara.


The apartment over the beauty parlor.


-Fucking idiot! I ain't saying! -Get up!

Watch the cars. Watch the cars, man!

I didn't do nothing.

Did I do anything? What did I do?

Did I do anything to you? Come on.

Shit, man. Come on. Really.

Get in the goddamn trunk.

I ain't going in there.

Please? I'm claustrophobic.

I ain't going in the trunk! Come on!

Get in the trunk!

MAN IN TRUNK: Come on! Let me out!

This ain't funny no more!

Come on! Let me out of Here!

I got to go to the bathroom!

Fellas, please! It ain't funny no more!

[Telephone rings]



Take care of it.

We got the cop and the Indian.

I think he wants his spear back.

You should have checked him out with me.

I'm sorry. It happened.

I told you this was a clean operation. No guns.

There’s nothing to worry about. I'll take care of the cop.


You don't like that idea, Lieutenant?

No, I don't.

You stay out of this.

I'll handle it from Here on.

Who's the old man? Is he your grandfather?


Is he the chief?

No. He's a Wicasawakan.

It's a medicine man. He has visions.

How about you? Your old man a cop?

He was.

He had visions, too. They just weren't legal.

He did two years in the state pen-- receiving stolen property.

He was in with a couple bad cops.

He was the only one who did time.

MAN IN TRUNK: Hey, man, let me out!

Come on, please!


[Banging from trunk]

Let me out of Here!

OK, Annette, Here I come.

It's a nice place you got here.

Tell Marino I'm busy right now, and I can't see him.

You don't understand.

I think we should talk back there for a sec.

Talk here. Annette doesn't mind.

I don't mind.

Who's your friend?

You mean the chief?

My name is Hank.


Look, you're making me nervous.

Talk, otherwise I don't need you hanging around my shop.

Yeah. Excuse us, Annette.

Do me a favor and call upstairs now.

My mother lives upstairs. You want to talk to her?

Just do it.

Do it yourself.

Is Marino upstairs or isn't he?

I haven't seen or heard of him in five days.

Where the hell is he? I got to speak to him.

You owe money and you want to pay him back, right?

Go ask his friends where he is. I don't need this shit.

This is not a goddamn joke.

We have to find Marino, and we can't ask his friends.

Can you help us out?

Who the fuck are you?


I don't want trouble in my shop. Why don't you guys just leave?

[Car door closes]

Oh, God.

Get down!


Come on!

What the hell is going on?

There are two guys coming down the alley with guns.

Go! Hurry!

Freeze! Drop your weapons!


You got to promise me you'll let me take Marino alive.

Sorry. I just can't do that.

I wish you'd change your mind.

Yo, man! What's wrong with you?

I had to do it. He would have screwed things up.

Holy shit.

Excuse me.

No way.

Come on. You lost him, OK?

Are you OK?

Oh, yes. Thank you.

You over Here?

I've got a taxi over here. Thank you.

You could do me a huge favor.

While we're talking, look over my shoulder... and tell me if you see an Indian following me.

Yeah, a whole tribe.

With war paint, coming this way.

Excuse me.

You have a nice day.

BUSTER: Where do you keep your car?

Outside the beauty parlor.

What about money?

I forgot to take my purse.

-Nema. -What?

I want you to do something for me.

Take the kids to the store and buy them something for me.

You being too noisy?


[Speaking native language]

Let's go, guys.

Good. I can lose him in here. This'll only take a minute.

I think you're a real lunatic. A crazy man.

Just give me five minutes.

MAN: Excuse me.

[Speaking native language]

Sir, may I help you?


Pardon me. Excuse me, sir. Can I help you?

Give me the phone. We better get security here.

[People scream]

See ya.

Jesus Christ.

I don't think he's all right.

It's this gentleman here.

There’s something wrong with him.

All right, sir. If you'll come with me now...

Goddamn it!

The store doesn't want any trouble.

We'll take care of your hand--

Police officer. Freeze. Don't move.

We'll take care of this.

You guys have done a phenomenal job already.

This asshole's been pretending he's an Indian... all over the city.

I want a badge number.

Fuck off, asshole! I'm making an arrest.

Here. What did you do, jump off the train?

BARBARA: Pretty slick.

What the hell are you doing Here?

Nothing in my size.


BUSTER: Come on, Hank.

I have to see my father.

[Knock on door]

It's open.


I'm Lieutenant Michael Finch.

I'm with the Philadelphia police department.

I'd like to ask you a few questions.

You have a son named Hank Storm?


We believe that your son has been seen with a police...

What are you doing here?

MARINO: I need to know where the Indian and his friend are.

-I told you to stay out of this. -Please tell me.

You came to the wrong place.

FINCH: Oh, no. Oh, no.

Damn it! What the hell did you do?

He pulled a knife.

What the hell did you do?

Drop it! Drop it!

Who do you think you are?

I have the diamonds.

We're not talking about the diamonds anymore!

The man is dead.

What the hell's he going to tell us now?

Ask him.

[Cocks gun]


Wait right here.


We got to go.

I was doing it all for him.

Then you got to keep on it.

Come on.


Get down!




BUSTER: Get me an ambulance!

POLICEMAN: Freeze! Drop your gun! Do it now!

Hands behind your head! Both of you!


Hands behind your head!

Up against the car.

Get 'em up against car there!

Get your hands back.

I'll take over from here.

Get yourself another man and check inside the house.

I'll get it.

I'll take over, Officer.

We got it under control.

You got a problem with that?

Come on. Take them along.

Mike, I'm sorry.

Shut up.

FINCH: Wait here.

BUSTER: Mike? FINCH: Put him in the car.

BUSTER: Whose car is this?

Well, well, well. Look who we got here.

Hi, Lieutenant.

You take the car back. I'll ride with them.

-Is this your car, Mike? -Yeah. Get in.

You're a regular crime wave, McHenry.

Must run in the family.

Back off, Denny.

Listen to me, Buster.

You're in real trouble this time.

Murder, armed robbery.

You got anything to say to me?

I'll make him talk.

FINCH: Shut up.

Talk to me, Buster.

You said you were going under to find a cop. What about that?

I haven't found him yet.

But I will.

How close are you?

Real close.

12 hours.

If I gave you 12 hours, could you find him?

Mike, don't do this.

He's a cop on my squad.

There’s a warrant out. You can't let him go.

12 hours.

Can you do it?

I'll bring you him and the $6 million in diamonds.

Report I read said two million.

No. I was there. I opened the safe.

Six at least.


OK, let's go.

-Jesus Christ. -Help the Indian.

I said help the Indian.

You bring him back with the diamonds to me.

I'm trusting you, Buster. It's my ass.


I owe you, Lieutenant.

HANK: That car was there when my father was killed.

BUSTER: That's right.

He was a friend?


I'm sorry.

So am I.

DENNY: Where you going?

Marino's ranch?

You son of a bitch.

Man's got to make a living.

I'll go with you.


Now I can get both of them.

He's too smart for his own good.

Damn it!

Go right.

-Right? -Yes, right.

[Click click]

[Alarm sounds]

Check it out.


I think we should go left.

There’s too many houses. He doesn't want neighbors.

Right leads back to the highway.

Straight ahead.

We got to talk.


Damn it! Now you got us completely lost.

They got to still be on the main road.

BUSTER: Come on. Let's go.

What in the hell do you think you're doing?

This way.

You got to be kidding me.

Trust me. I'm the Indian around here.

BUSTER: Great.

Want a drink, Mike?

I'm having one. What about you, Bobby?

Not when I play poker.

What do you want?

Taking all their money?

Anyone who's not happy is free to leave the game.

Six million in diamonds, Bobby, not two.

You caught McHenry.

He let him go. I tried to tell him.

What the fuck are you doing?

-Hey, watch your mouth. -I don't watch my mouth.

Who do you think you're talking to?

I don't take shit from you. I have other cops besides you.

-You don't have me! -Who could take care--

What, like Ransom? Who else you got?

You were a punk when I met you, and you still are.

I should have walked away from you a long time ago.

I'm a punk, and you're a dirty cop.

Who do you think respects you?

Give me my cut. We're finished.

Where’s McHenry now?

He followed us, him and the other guy.

The Indian?


McHenry's got to go, Mike. You know that.


His father was my friend.

We both could have done some time.

But he took the rap.

You could still do some time.

Stop the car.

What now?

Son of a bitch.

Roll over it a few times.

JJ: Goddamn. How many of them out there?

FINCH: They were alone.

JJ: Don't sound like that to me. Let's go.

[Alarm sounding]


Stay in the house.

Lights on.

Here. You want it?

Come and get it.

Let's go.


See where Frank and Rob are.


Come on.

JJ: Frank and Rob are both down.

Who’s out there?

I didn't see no crowd out there.

The Indian will go for the house.


MARINO: Shoot a flare.

[Horse neighs]

FINCH: Denny, let's cover the back.

Shoot two flares in the loft.

You sure?

Do it.


[Horses neighing]

HANK: Hyah!

Can you ride?


You go.

I'll cover you.

It's good luck.

Couldn't hurt. Move.

Not the horses!

Hold your fire!


FINCH: Buster!

BUSTER: Come on, you son of a bitch!

Shoot! Come on!

FINCH: You don't understand.

I trusted you, Mike.

Nobody else has got to get hurt.

Is that what you said to my old man?

He didn't have to go down.

He made a bad move.

That's all.

So did you, Mike.

-Put your hands on your head. -No.




HANK: This valley... what you see Here is where our grandfather's grandfathers... fought the last big battle before we signed the treaty, the battle of Round Ridge.

Cavalry outnumbered us two to one.

We still kicked their butts.

It's the last time the lance was in battle.

Cavalry came in from over Here in the north.

Our people were here on this ridge.

[Car horn honking]'re under arrest.


BUSTER: How you doing, Chief?

Good. It's good to be back.

How about you? You're a long way from home.

They made me leave town for my vacation this time.

I'm actually on probation.

My story stuck, though.

It looks like everything's going to be OK.

I might even get a commendation for this... after the investigation's over.

You might even deserve it.

I really came out Here just to say thanks.

I didn't get a chance.

I'm staying at a motel for a couple of days... in town if you want to find me.

I found you last time.

Yeah, you did.

BRYAN ADAMS, SINGING: When the pressure's on And you're all alone

Take a little ride into the danger zone When the moon is high and the skies are clear Just show me a sign, and we'll be out of Here Take me up on a wing and a prayer If you need a friend, you know I'll be there, yeah Hound dog howlin' all through the night

Eight miles high, and I'm doin' all right

Better move over, 'cause you're goin' too slow l feel the need for freedom, now it's time to go It's a fine line between pleasure and pain Let your conscience be your guide Till we meet again, yeah Your time has come, you can stand, or you can run But don't keep it all inside

'Cause you got to understand That there ain't no second chance No one gets out of Here alive Only the strong survive

Tearin' it up, goin' down the track

Gonna fly so high, I might never come back

If things get tough, you can count me in

'Cause if you play the game, you got to play to win Take me up where only angels can fly If you need a helping hand I won't pass you by Your time has come, you can stand, or you can run But don't keep it all inside

'Cause you got to understand That there ain't no second chance No one gets out of Here alive Only the strong survive Whoo!

Yeah Take me up on a wing and a prayer If you need someone, you know I'll be there Only the strong survive Whoo!

Yeah Take me up on a wing and a prayer If you need someone, you know I'll be there Your time has come, you can stand, or you can run But don't keep it all inside

'Cause you got to understand That there ain't no second chance No one gets out of Here alive Only the strong survive Yeah Only the strong survive

Well, I'm doin' what I can You got to understand Oh Only the strong survive Whoo!