Reprisal (2018) Script

911. What's your emergency?

There's a bomb under a bridge set to go off at 9:00 a.m.

Which bridge is it?


Hi, baby.

Come on, Sophia. We gotta go to school. Coming.

Oh, Daddy made all the lunches for the whole week.

Daddy's amazing. Mwah.

Good morning, Dad. Good morning, baby.

How'd you sleep? Good.


Do we have to right now?

Come on, baby. It will take two seconds.

You know the drill.


Ninety-seven. That's perfect. Okay.

But don't forget to eat. All of it.


How are we doing this month?

Oh, we are rolling.

Yeah, it's great.

I think we're gonna be okay this month, uh...

I think we need to cut back on a few things.

Maybe the gardener and housekeeper, the security system.

All right? Just for a little while.

Worst case scenario, I'll go back into my 401k.

We can't keep doing this.

I know, I know.

We'll get through this, I promise you, all right?

I'll fix it, okay? I don't want you to worry.

We're gonna be late.

We're gonna be late. Gotta go! Come on!

Oh, no!

Baby, you did not eat enough. Not enough at all.

Eat it! You're gonna eat this whole thing in the car.

Okay. Make sure she eats it, okay?

Have you seen my keys? Right here.

All right, lock up.

Make sure you eat that, all right?

Keep working, old man!

I'll take you anytime, punk.

Come on, kiddo, we're gonna be late!

Did you forget something? Nope.

You sure it's locked? Yep.

Good to see James still working out after he retired from the force.

I wish my father had. Maybe he'd still be with us.

I got a late conference call.

Can you pick her up from school around 3:00?

Uh, shouldn't be a problem.

Long as you don't mind hanging out in my office for a while.

Your job is boring.

Yeah, I'll see you at 3:00.

I'll come get you as soon as I'm done.

Okay, bye, Dad. Bye, love you.

We love you.

Morning. Morning.

You know what that's about?

Oh, some nut job called in a bunch of bomb threats, so they got emergency responders scrambling all over the city.

Welcome back.

How you guys doing? Good morning.

Thank you. Morning.

We'll talk about it in the meeting, make sure everybody knows what's...

Hey, Maribel. Good morning.

How are you? Morning, Jacob.

You got our delivery?

Yep. Let's go, girl.





Good. Great.

So is the city putting extra cops on the streets?

Uh, that I don't know.

But, you know, it's business as usual, guys.

Anything out of the ordinary, you just come to me and let me know.

We know the protocol, yeah?

Okay, let's get to work.

Hello? Are you okay?

What's going on?

The university's on lockdown, and Sophia's school just called.


It's all over the news. You didn't hear anything?

There have been bomb threats all over the city, all morning.

Well, you gonna go get her?

Yeah, I'll get her as soon as I get out of here.

It shouldn't take too much longer.

Well, let me know what's going on, okay?

I love you. Be safe.

All right. I love you too. Bye.

Good morning.

Hi. How may I help you today?

Get your heads down. Keep your heads down.

Stay down, keep down.

Stay down.

It's on a time lock. Shh.

We'll give you what you want.

Just don't be a hero. Okay, all right.

All right, okay.

All right, relax.

Okay, all right.

Just calm down.

Okay, all right.

All right, all right.


Easy, we're going. Take it easy, man.


Stay down, stay down, stay down, stay down.

Hey, come on, leave him alone. Please, leave him.

You have what you want. Leave him alone.

Let's get 'em. Let's go, let's go!

Come on, get in here, guys. Right here.

Get on this guy here. Get on this guy.

Area clear! Everybody up! Everybody up!

Get this guy here!

All you people, let me see your hands!

Hold it, man! I wanna see all of you!

Move over where we can see you!

Get back, get back. Everybody back.

Get him up! Get him up!

Bring him out! Bring him out!

Let's see everybody. Don't move.

How long has this guy worked with the bank?

Says here that his father was a patrol officer over in midtown.

Did you know him? No. It was before my time.

And he used this guy as a decoy with the others.

Well, that's what it looks like.

One fatality? Yeah, a security guard.

But the witness statements indicate that no one saw it coming.

All right, get it on the board. I want a BOLO out.

The rest of my team will be flying in by tomorrow.

Have offices and a task force room set up before they arrive.

You got it. Excuse me.

We've been waiting here for over two hours.

I'm looking for my husband, Jacob Tasker.

Can you help us? No one seems to know anything.

Really sorry, ma'am, but you're gonna have to wait over here for a little while longer, okay?

Please. I just need to make sure he's okay.

He's fine, Mrs. Tasker.

He's in a briefing with one of our top investigators.

If you want to wait over there, we'll send someone over as soon as he's finished.

Okay. Thank you.

Is Daddy okay?

Mr. Tasker, you hired a private security firm a couple years ago as a consultant?


Yes, uh...

Do you remember the name of the firm?

I don't, but it was approved by the board so that we could stay in compliance with federal regulations.

We're hoping you can help us here, Mr. Tasker.

This is a jewelry store, credit union branch, and a diamond exchange in Aventura, Florida, last spring.

Two banks up in Pittsburgh late last August.

They all have one thing in common.

That's pretty much the description I gave the officers.

Any surveillance from our bank?

We believe that he's been using what appears to be a Chinese-built scrambler, so it shorts out all wireless devices, including surveillance cameras that are not hardwired.

We've reviewed your statement.

If there's anything that stood out, we need to know.

This happened really fast, and he was violent.


In tactical gear, head to toe, just like this.

I didn't see his face. I didn't see his hands.

He didn't speak. He had index cards.

He was in and he was out and... and that was it.

Was there someone that came into your bank, maybe a person in the last couple weeks, that seemed irregular in any way?


No, no, not, uh...

Nothing that would raise that kind of a red flag for me, no.


It's just that this guy knew your facility inside out.

He had to have been there before.

He had the precise measurements necessary for that mechanism to work on your doors.

He knew the exact location of that locker inside your vault.

We know you've been through hell today.

This is the third homicide connected to this man.

You know, sometimes memories have a way of coming back after an incident like this.

If you think of anything, don't hesitate.

Okay. Hi.

Hi, guys.

Let's get you home. Take me home.

You okay?

I'm not okay. Are you okay?

Can I get you anything?

Hey. No, I'm good.

Are you sure?

Yeah. I just need a little time.


Stay down.

Looking good. Hey.


Rough night?

Yeah. Couldn't sleep.


Saw it on the news.

Sorry it happened.

I can't shake it, man.

I just keep seeing it over and over again, you know?

I replay it in my head, like... like I could've done something, maybe, to stop it.

Twenty years of law enforcement.

And... a lot of bad nights.

A pair of these, a couple beers, it'll help.

Thanks, pal.

I remember holding the hand of this little girl.

I pulled her out of a canal.

She hadn't been under...

She hadn't been under that long. Her mother crashed the car.

She kept asking for her.

Nothing I could do.

You ever wanna talk...

I'll be here for you.

Thanks, James. I appreciate it.


Officials are now reporting that one of the victims in yesterday's bank robbery is in critical condition from the injuries sustained during that deadly attack.


How you doing?

I'm okay.

I think.

Any updates?


Nothing new. Guy just disappeared. Vanished.

Mitchell called me late last night.

They want me to be put on administrative leave until further notice.

What does that mean? They're not terminating you, are they?

I-I don't know.

You gave those people ten years of your life.

I know.

They're not gonna do that. Shh. I know.

There's no way, right?

Just stick to the routine. Business as usual.

We don't need this kid getting more upset, okay?

I'm gonna go take a shower. I'm exhausted.

Jack, you gotta help me! Mr. Connors.

Hey, Mr. Connors, we need you to sit down over here.

Mr. Connors. I gotta get there. I'm late!

Mr. Connors, go sit down. Get out of my way!

Mr. Connors, Mr. Connors!

Frank, I need you to come over here.

I need you on this side... Get off my father!

Let me go! Pop, it's okay.

They're gonna strike on me! It's bullshit!

No, no, no. Strike on me! They're gonna...

It's Sunday! It's Sunday.

This day is set aside for us.

For family.


Oh, there's things I do not forget.

My son, my son.

Here, Pop, here. Hey.

This man is my father.

He's a recipient of a Silver Star and a Purple Heart.

If you disrespect him in any way, you have to answer to me.

Do you understand?

Close the door on the way out.

It's okay, Dad.

Life for a life.

Life for a life. Eye for an eye.

Are you okay?

I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine, yeah.

I should've done something.

There was nothing you could've done.

If you had done something, you wouldn't be here right now.

I know.

Talk to me.

I don't know what to say, baby. I don't know what to say.

I don't know what to do.

I'm right here.

I used to live on those things.

A couple a night.

Takes the dreams away.

Then you get to a point when you take so many of 'em, you can't get out of bed without 'em.

You know, I haven't had a day off in ten years?

I don't know what the fuck to do with myself.

I can't even make a move until the feds clear me.

They reach out to you at all?

Not since the robbery.

I told them everything I know, and then they forgot about me.

It seemed like they were following that guy for a long time.

They knew him.

You're talking about a task force?

Break it down for me.

-Come on, right now, while it's fresh.

All right, all right.

Spell it out for me. All right.

He was very tactical, right?

Full body armor.

You see his face?

He had a mask.

A mask like, you know, what you would wear.

A tactical, like SWAT.

He say anything to you?

No, he didn't say anything to anybody. He had cards written out.

He's violent.

And he had a lock. He was carrying this big, uh...

FBI said it was some specialized lock. A lock?

Yeah. He put it on the door.

Did you get a look at it? Yeah, yeah.

What kind of lock was it? It was big.

It was like a heavy steel lock.

They had to blowtorch it off the door.

Describe it to me, the lock.

It was big, it was old, it was steel, it was heavy.

I don't know how he carried it.

A special lock.

Yeah, that's what they said. It was big.


I don't know much. I didn't...

It fucking happened so fast.

Lay it out for me. Rectangular, right? Right.

Like that. Right, right, right.

Hollow in the middle, and it was heavy, and it was very old.

Very old.

Steel, yeah.

I really wanna know what kinda lock you're talking about.

Which one is it?

I don't see it there.

Wait a minute, go up. How do you scroll this?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

This. That's it?

That's the lock.

I wanna print that.

I wanna see this special lock.

No, no. It's right here.

If it were exotic, it would be easier to find.

I didn't say "exotic." I didn't say "exotic."

What I said was "specialized."

Special, right?

Because everybody doesn't have it, so it's special.

Break it down for me.

Yeah, see the doors? See exactly what it did?

So... if the bank branch is right here...


...where were you when they found you? Right there.

I was right there.

Yeah, maybe 15 feet from the door.

When you turned around, you didn't see your suspect at all?


No, he was gone. Where was he?

What they're saying, and what had to have happened, is he went out this way.

This is crazy. This is the guy.

That's your guy?

Well, look, it's the same guy for each one of these things.

And look at this $75,000 reward. It's going up.

Well, I thought you just wanted to clear your name.

That's not funny.

What are you laughing about? I do wanna clear my name.

This is crazy. This is the guy.

That's why it's taken so long for the FBI to find this guy.

I mean, something brought these fucking guys here, right?

Well, they're just following a pattern now.

He's blending into his surroundings.

Come on, you can see that. Yeah, of course.

Baby, how do you feel this morning?

Your numbers are a little low.

I need you to drink all of this, okay?

And eat all of that. Every bite, okay?

We need to get that back up.

I need you to keep this away from her.

It is away from her.

Guns. That.

Okay, all right. Not papers with the masks.

Shush. It is away from her. They're everywhere.

Listen, I'm doing something here.

It's very important. I'm doing my best, okay?

Well, it's not good enough for me.

Well, what do you want me to do?

I need you back.


We both do.

Sophia? Sophia!

Hey, hey! Okay, okay, okay! I'll get the kit. You're okay.

Come on. You're okay, you're okay.

Keep her head up.

You're okay, you're okay. Come on, baby.

We're with you. Come on, baby.

Sophia. Come on, hurry up.

We're right here. It's coming right now. Come on, sweetheart.

There you go. Okay, nice and calm.

Daddy has you. Daddy has you.

You're okay. Just gonna take a little bit of time.

You're gonna feel just fine. Take some deep breaths.

She's okay.

Forty dollars an hour should get a few guys out there.



And now here.

Three quick heists in the same amount of days.

Yeah, there's only a few days between each job, right?

Which means it's well planned out, and it's a timing thing for him. It's timing.

He's gone, man. He is in the wind.

No way. No way. He's not coming back.

Or there's two jewelry stores downtown.

High-end jewelry stores, maybe.

You said he went strictly for the cash.



Okay, guns and cash, right?

He can't sell the diamonds. He can't sell the jewelry.

He goes for guns and cash, so maybe he's after paper.

Maybe he's after money, right?

Could be in Florida.

Could be in the Bahamas. Could be in Venezuela.

Or he could be looking at the Chartoff Bank, which is right downtown.

He needs something easy in, easy out. Look where we were.

We were 15 feet away from him. He used us as decoys, right?

He gets out the back. There's no cameras in the bank's garage.

They own the garage in the back.

There's no cameras, no surveillance, he's gone.

Maybe he's looking for the same thing, same time.

It's been three days since he hit that bank.

He needs a target.

Yeah, keep going.

What makes sense to you?

Well, Federal.

No. It's electronic banking. They switched over. There's no tellers.

I think East Way Bank, which handles the payroll for the shipping yards, that's a target.

How easy would it be during a shift change?

Hundreds of people coming and going.

He'd blend right in.

Where are the escape routes?

No, no, wait, wait! Listen to me! What? What?

You're right, you're right.

What was that factory that used to build the shipping locks?

It's right about here. How close is that to your bank?

It's a couple miles, east side of downtown.

Let's circle that. Might be worth checking into.

This is the connection.

The original manufacturer of that lock went out of business ten years ago.

The only connection in the region is this building that manufactured those things.

I gotta be out of my mind.

Most departments have already switched over to digital, right?

But this should still work.

Can't just give me a gun?

I just gave you 20.

You get caught in a jam, call in your exact location.

You say, "Armed, 29 subjects."

Twenty-nine subjects, armed. Two 15s.

All right. Then you get the hell out of there.


Because you just told every cop in 30 miles that the shit is coming down.

I'm going.

Stay close, yeah? Yeah, yeah.

You sure you don't wanna give me a gun?

Yeah, there's nothing here but a bunch of dudes getting checks.

I know it's tedious waiting for the shift to change.

He's not gonna hit here. This is a bust.

I'm gonna go to the next location.

It's your call.



There's nothing going on here.

I think it's a bust.

You want me to go back with you?

No. It's another dead end.

All right.

Yeah, I'm gonna come back.


Where are you?

I got him, I got him.

Listen to me. Check this address.

Frank Connors, 423 Rosewood Road.

423 Rosewood Road, Frank Connors.

I got it. I'm on him now.

Call Casey.

Hey, man, what's up?

I need you to call in a name to your friends at the FBI for me.

This guy's following an armored car.

Stay on him.

Where are you?

I'm on Fourth and Eastern.

He's pulling off. What do I do?

Stay with the target and make them come to you.

-Fifth and Arlington. Fifth and Arlington.

Shit! What was that?

Armed, 28 subjects, two 15s. Repeat, two 15s.

Fifth and Arlington.

Everything cool out there?

Come on.


Where we going? Hello, hello?

Shit, it's not working.

Think I'm gonna have to go see what's going on. Just chill out.

Everything good, though. Okay.



Open the door!

She's not gonna do it, you stupid son of a bitch.

Please! Just hold on!

Open the fucking door!

Open the door. Open the door!

Give me the gun. Give me the gun!

Give me the gun! Okay, okay!

Pass the gun! Pass the gun!

Give me the bag. The bag!

Back, back, back, back!

Get up here! We gave you what you wanted!

Get up here now! Now, now!

I didn't see your face! Please!

Let me see your hands right now!

Shots fired, shots fired.


Stay here, stay here.

Shots fired, shots fired.

Flank him!

Responding units set up on Franklin and Eighth.

All units proceed to Franklin and Eighth.

Cover me!

Stay put, stay put!

Send in fire rescue! We have one adult female.

Severe head trauma but conscious.

We have a man down!

Multiple gunshots to upper torso.

Have them run lights and sirens.

He's on the move! He's on the move!

Suspect in the armored car robbery heading east on Arlington toward the interstate.

All units be advised.

Suspect heading east on Arlington toward the interstate.

714, I've got the lead. Stay in lane two.

We need eyes on this guy. What's the ETA on the copter?

All units be advised.

Suspect is headed east on Mango Way.

What's your position?

714, I'm coming in lane two. I'm taking the lead now.

Stay on this guy. We're heading into traffic.

320, back off. He's bound for traffic. Watch your distance.

I'm taking fire! I'm taking fire!

Fire and rescue, we have an officer down on 18th and Fulton.

Repeat, we have an officer down.

Any of you seen the foreman?

The job post said we was supposed to be here at 10:00 a.m.

I'm not gonna wait around all day for this shit.

Run, run, run!

Everybody down! Get up there! Get up against the wall!

Hands where we can see 'em!

Come on, let's go! Let's go. To the wall.

To the wall! Let's see your face!

Take his hat off! Let's go, let's go.

You, hands out of your pockets now!

Get over, come on! Move, move! Turn around!

Frank, there are some people here who need to speak with you.

No more negotiations.

I gave you people a fair deal.

Mr. Connors, there was a fire in your factory earlier today.

My son knows what to do.

He knows what to do.

He's going to be in and out at best.

I took this company from my father, and he built it from the ground up.

He really can't answer these questions right now.

If you come back later... No, no, I don't have time for that.

Do you know his son? Yeah.

Comes in here every couple weeks.

Take this down. When was the last time you saw him?

Dinner's almost ready!

Grandpa did that?

That's your father, by the way. Yes, that's my father, and he did that.

And then when it was time to handcuff the bad guy, he realized he had one arm, like this.

So what was he gonna do? What was he gonna do?

How was he gonna handcuff him? What about his ankle?

That's the funny part of the story.

See, when the guy was running away from Grandpa, his pants fell down to his ankles, so then Grandpa had to pick up his pants and handcuff his ankles to his arms, to his...

I don't know. It was funny.

I miss his stories.

Yeah, I miss him.

He had some crazy stories. But he was a good guy.

He was a good guy. He was a good cop.


But he didn't want Daddy to be a cop, ever.

You know what he wanted me to be?

What? Guess.

Uh, I don't know. A chef?

A chef?

A lawyer.

A lawyer or a clown.

You hear that? Strictly medical school for you.

No. Why not?

Because she's gonna do what makes her happy.

Thank you.

Yes, baby.

Wanna know what'd make me happy?

Mm? If you helped me clear these plates.


Let's go!

Such a good little helper.

You can call it a day. I'll take it from here.

Roger that. You got it.

Mrs. Johnson.

I'm FBI Agent Nick Fields. We spoke earlier.

Yeah, please come in. It's quite an ordeal.

It's good to see you're doing all right.

Listen, I just have some additional questions.

Shouldn't take too much of your time. Sure.

If you wouldn't mind taking a look at these two composite sketches, telling me if, in the past couple weeks, you've seen anyone that may match either of these, maybe someone on one of your routes or one of your customer sites.

It's all like a blur.

I can barely recall anything until those officers grabbed me.

You told the detectives on scene you may have recognized the man who pulled you to safety.

I did. That's right.

You recognized him.

From where?

I don't know!

What's his name?

I thought I recognized him, but I don't know for sure.

I think you do know.

I don't know. What's his name?


Jacob? It's Maribel.

Hey, how you doing?

I'm still at County General.

I need you to come over now. It's an emergency.


The FBI is asking questions.

I have to go in tomorrow to meet with them, but not until I speak with you first.

Okay, okay, listen to me. I'm coming.

I'm coming right now. Don't talk to anybody, okay?

You head of security? Come with me.

I need your team to pull all surveillance footage, and I want you to set up extra security, every exit.

And no one gets in or out until they've been cleared by my team, is that clear?

Excuse me, I'm looking for a friend of mine.

I'm sorry, we have a slight emergency situation that we're handling, and you're gonna need to stay here...

Okay, hold on.

Hey, baby, I need to call you back and...

I sure hope so, for your daughter's sake.

When was the last insulin shot that she had?

Who the fuck is this? Who is this?

Bring the money back to your home, and your wife and daughter will be breathing.

You call the police, and they'll suffer before they die.



I thought you'd be sound asleep by now.


I think he's in my fucking house, man.

What? He said don't call the police.

I gotta get over there.

How far out are you?

I'm at County General. I'm on my way.

Christina? Sophia?


They here? They here?

It's Christina.

Put it on the speaker.


I remember you. From the bank.

You're the hero that tried to call the police.

You're the reason why all those people got killed.

And now... it's your family.


Just tell me what you want.

Well, let's start by having Wyatt Earp put the shotgun on the table.

All right.

I'm sure the FBI will appreciate you and your lovely wife setting up those tracking apps on your phones.

Do you know the FBI uses the same apps in their cars?

How long do you think it would take for them to connect the murder of their agent and their sole surviving witness to you, the man who walked away with over $300,000 in the armored car?


He didn't know.

I'm sorry, Jacob.

Put the money on the table.

It's there. See it?

Now what?

You and you alone.

Your neighbor doesn't move from that spot.

Where and when?

Keep checking your phone.

Is this who you are?

It was a bad decision. I just didn't want him to get away again.

And no, it's not who I am.

We're gonna have to fix this.

Camera have audio? No.

I've got a holster behind my back.

You've gotta trust me, man. The second you walk out that door, drop me the location.

Call Casey.

Yo. I'm gonna ask you a favor.

And you're gonna do it. What you got?


Slow it down.

I'm a friend of your neighbor's.

Keep it slow.

Slow it down.

I got a friend with me.

The best I could do under such short notice.

When I'm done, you're gonna walk past that pavilion.

My friend's gonna hand you an earpiece.

You can hear us, and we can hear you, but you cannot talk.

I repeat, you cannot talk.

It will alert the mark.

The plan is to find your family while the mark is waiting on the package.

And you do not deliver the bag until we have proof of life.

Very nice.

He shows up alone, we'll take point.

We got eyes on your boy. Bridge Street Park.

Send you a pin now.

Are we clear?

Yeah, we got him.

Keep the channel open anyway.

We've got backup on the way.

He's running out of runway here.

I told you last week not to come back.

Eyes up. We've got a couple of beat cops hassling a homeless guy.

Pick up this mess.

Yeah. Did you bring anybody else?

Drop the bag.

You got eyes? Yeah.

Toss it on the ground. Where's my family?

They're lucky to have a father and a husband as dedicated as you.

You tasted that money, didn't you?

It was your chance to get ahead, and you took it.

Stay calm and keep him talking.

Just like me.

Didn't you?

Just... like... me.

Where are they?

Work truck.

You passed it on the way in.

How did it feel?

Mm-hmm. I don't know what the fuck you're talking about, pal.

Where's my family?

You're really worried about your little girl, aren't you?



You got it?

Not yet.

Shots fired, shots fired. Front and Bridge Street, Front and Bridge Street.

Keep him talking, Jacob. We do not have confirmation.

I repeat, we do not have confirmation.

Jacob, do you copy?

I've lost comms.

Let me see your hands!

Drop the gun and let me see your hands! Don't move!

I got primary!

It's him!

Get down!

Let's pin him down!

Cover your eyes!

Cover me!

Watch him!

It's open!

Sophia! Check on her. She started convulsions 20 minutes ago.

She's not responding. Twelve to Front.

We have ten-year-old female that's gone into diabetic shock.

Her pulse is going through the roof.

Get her out of here.


We're over here!

Just lost contact with Jacob and the mark.

Where are they? They're down under the bridge.

The little girl's in diabetic shock.

Get her head. I got her, I got her.

Sophia, can you hear me?

Any allergies to any medications?

No. No allergies. She's diabetic.

She's extremely low. She just had a seizure.

When was her last insulin injection?

Last night. We need to get her numbers up.

You have Glucagon? No, she can't have Glucagon.

What about D50?

Come on, baby. You're gonna be just fine.

Stay with me, Sophia.

Sophia, stay with me now.

You just gotta help us, honey.

Come on. That's it, that's it. Come on, Sophia.

That's it, that's it, that's it.


You have to go.



Stop, you son of a bitch! I got you. Stop!

Put it down, put it down.

You kill me, your family dies.

Put it down! Just put it down!

She's sick. My daughter is sick, man.

She's got nothing to do with this.

Nothing to do with this. Tell me where she is.

No pity.

Life for a life.

Eye for an eye. Tell me where she is.

Tooth for a tooth. Tell me where she is!



What have you done?

Your family's safe.

You got 'em?


Are you okay? Yeah, are you? You good?

Look at me. Yeah? I'm okay. Are you okay?

I'm good, I'm good, I'm good. How's she doing?

She's fine. She's gonna be fine.

Sophia, Daddy's here.

Hi, Sophia. Daddy's here.

Hey. Are you okay?

Huh? What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Is she okay? Yeah, she's gonna be fine.

She's back.

Move this perimeter back 50 yards and have your team pull every surveillance camera in a ten-block radius, and that goes for witnesses...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Blue, blue.

Twenty years, James Richardson.

Blue, you have no jurisdiction here.

Your suspect's dead at the bottom of those stairs.

You wanna talk with somebody, you talk to me.

I put him there.

These people have been through enough.

Just get this little girl to the hospital, and it's on me.

All right. Have 'em brought in tomorrow.

They're good to go.

Hi, Dad. Hi, baby.

You good?

How long do you think you'll be?

Well, it's a 12-hour shift.

At least I'm doing days, right?

Check in with me.

I will.

Please. I will.

You think this is crazy?

You're gonna be great.

I hope so.

This you?

"May you always be safe and your family protected. James."

What a guy.

All right, baby, wish me luck.

Good luck.

I love you. I love you.

Guys, let's hold it down.

I wanna get this thing started 'cause midnights, we're short, and they're still holding calls right now, so I wanna get you on the road as soon as possible.

I'll be real brief. There's a BOLO sheet going around.

Please take a look at it. We have some robbery subjects conducting snatch-and-grabs at the northern gas stations.

Let's get a hold on this thing before the media gets wind of it.

Speaking of media is which brings me to our star rookie over here, our new FNG.

You might recognize Mr. Jacob Tasker as being the only recipient to ever actually collect a reward from the FBI.