Reset (2017) Script

When the existence of parallel universes was confirmed, research into traveling to parallel timelines became a global concern The technology leaders in the field are IPT Lab on Eagle Isle and Nexus Corporation on Blue Isle

In early 2025, IPT recklessly started human trials Test subjects from multiple timelines massacred each other Rioters set off explosion, both scientists and data were wiped out IPT's investors were unwilling to surrender their research lead.

They covered up the incident and conspired to steal Nexus Corporation's data

Tsui Hu Is it my understanding that you want to continue with this project?

Yes Good, good, good. Excellent Now the explosion wiped out all my researchers and data But that's not gonna stop us However, I have heard the Nexus Corporation has made a significant breakthrough in their research So if you can somehow find a way to obtain their data, I will be willing to put the full force of my organization at your disposaI

I can hardly believe it!

The Primate DNA sequence model transmission results... indicate a 100% genetic match in both spaces!

The catalyst particle finally worked!


We finally did it!

Good job, everyone!

Thank you, Director

Save the data, then prepare a report for the board Good work, everyone!

Doudou You can do it! Don't be scared!

Mommy's right here We're almost to the top I'm not scared!

Good boy, Doudou! Come on!

Hello, Director?

Xia Tian, the meeting got moved up Really?

Yeah. Get back as soon as you can Okay I'll head back now


Rock climbing simulation has concluded. Have a great day Are you okay?

Does it hurt? Did you hurt yourself?

It's not the first time I've fallen You women love to worry about nothing Get up. Let me take a look You're okay? Right?

I'm fine Okay Let's go home So soon?

Sorry... I have to get back to the lab As soon as I'm finished, I'll come right home, okay?

Research report meeting scheduled in Nexus Hall 3 in one hour Attendee punctuality is appreciated

Hello everyone My name is Wan Ning You can call me Winson I'm here today on behalf of the board of directors So, let's get started Our research involves using a particle transmitter to separate the constituent particles of our subject, sending them through an artificial wormhole Thereby projecting our subject into a parallel universe

This is the Nexus Hole, a man-made wormhole This whole building is actually the particle transmitter The top of the Nexus Hole is equivalent to the brain It is the central control room and every department controls the artificial wormhole Of course the core technology is behind me...

The particle transmitter

It's essentially the heart of the system You're saying I can send any product, research result, or even myself into the past More accurately speaking, we send them into a distinct parallel universe Right now, we can only bend the black hole a small degree So we can only project 1 hour and 50 minutes backwards in time So short?

The limit of the energy provided by our equipment means that we can currently only warp time to a small degree But I believe that as our research progresses, that degree will increase Next we'll move into experimentation with living subjects But we can't proceed before certain conditions are met Because the cells in our bodies are dynamic, even the slightest error in particle reconstruction could have disastrous consequences Xia Tian is leading research in the area of atomic elasticity to eliminate the difference It all comes back to the original properties of strong catalytic particles And how long will it take to reach this step?

We'll be ready within 2 months


Director, that's enough for today's report I'd like to see you at headquarters tomorrow Alright Hello? Mrs. Chen?

Is Doudou already in bed?

Right, I just got off work I'm sorry I'll be back soon You can go home Okay

Human control enabled

Xia Tian!

Please don't go!

I don't want to die!

Now get out!

Please open the door Open the door now!

Xia Tian, you have to stop this research!

You have to stop this re...

And you're certain you've never seen the deceased before?

Have you found anything else suspicious?

Nothing What do we have from forensics?

Preliminary cause of death is sudden cerebral hemorrhage Alright. Take him out of here Right. Hurry it up If the police learn anything, I'll be in touch with you Go home and get some rest We'll take care of things here

You dare to think you can beat me?

Rainbow Ranger, help!

Rainbow light, engage!

Seven-color beams, join!

Rainbow watch, activate!

Rainbow belt, fasten!

Rainbow, unite!

That won't help you!

There is no escape!

Rainbow Ranger, traveling through time!

Finally you appear, Rainbow...


We've been working hard on the clinical trials every day Thank you both Yo both look ill.

We come early, leave late, and never see the sun. Are we supposed to look good?

That's right, we never see the sun

Director, ls... something going on at headquarters?

Nothing in particular I've been hearing stories about the explosion at the American lab I've heard they'd started experimenting on human subjects But as to whether the explosion was related to the experiments The Americans refuse to answer If we succeed here, it'll be a milestone achievement But the closer we get, the more cautious we need to be

Director, ever since I was... a graduate student I've been working with you on this research Rest assured, I understand

Right You've been with me for almost... 8 years Yeah, 8 years

Right. It passed so quickly, as if in the blink of an eye

Director, have you considered, if our experiment is a success, and you really can go back What time would you most want to return to?

I'd go back to before my college entrance exams!


To tell myself not to study physics!

Otherwise, I'll die all alone, won't I?

I don't think so No matter how many times you go back, you'll still choose physics Because I really can't imagine... outside of your research work, is there anything you like to do?

Oh, come on!


I guess you're right

Xia Tian You and Doudou's father have been... separated for 3 or 4 years now, right?

Do you have any plans yourself?

Don't you think it's time to start seeing someone?

I am seeing someone Doudou and I are doing great together We're getting to know each other, it's getting more serious Whatever!

This is for Doudou

This is...

Rainbow Ranger is his favorite Spend more time with him

Oh, you're here Come take a look at this

These are the results from the last transmission of a chimpanzee The SR cell values are suddenly different

When did this happen?

Just a minute ago. The structure of the DNA is also unstable

ls the problem serious?

Even though SR cells are only 0.3% of the body's total, they are concentrated in the brain Then Da Xiong, tell the director about this We'll have to delay the experiments Right Xiang Dong, go over our previous experiment results again I'm sorry, Xia Tian I heard you applied for some time off It's all the same. We'll start over Okay

Huang Chen Let's go

Mom, are you still at the office?

Why are you home alone? Where's Mrs. Chen?

She went out to buy stuff, she'll be back soon Just tell Mrs. Chen what you want for dinner I promise, I'll be home early tonight to read comics with you Look at this People like you, who work so much overtime, should eat more grapes Also, whatever you do... don't drink too much coffee

Okay I'll take your advice Okay,




Doudou, stop playing around Doudou!


Doudou... Mommy!





Hello? Xia Tian?

Who are you? Where's Doudou?

What is this?

What are you doing?

Let me go!




Help me!



I want to go home!

What do you want?

I want to go home!

I'll give you whatever you want, just let Doudou go!

Help! Help!

We want all the data of your experiments I can't!

All the data stored in our central server is encrypted!

It's not as simple as you think!

It requires iris scans of the director, Xiang Dong and I It's really not possible Is that so?

Then I won't trouble you Say your goodbyes What are you going to do?

What are you going to do?


Good boy Stop!

He's just a kid! Are you insane?



It's okay

Starting right now

I'll give you 1 hour The farther we drive...

the longer it will take you to get back

You decide


I want to go home!


Huang Chen...


Go to the Particle Transmission Department and get the data for the last 5 experiments For both the transmission and reconstruction phases?


Hello, Xia Tian Where are you?

Where else? The lab Don't move. I'm coming up to you

Xiang Dong?

That's as much as I can help you. You're welcome You killed Xiang Dong!

It's already been 20 minutes Why...

Should I take care of the research director for you as well?

Don't hurt the director!

Don't hurt the director! Please!



Xiang Dong!

Xiang Dong!

Xiang Dong?

Xia Tian?

Why are you sweating so much?

The cell...

...values had a problem I came back to see what it was Have you seen Xiang Dong?

He's not in his lab?

He was just there What's this?

Xiang Dong just sent me to get the data of the recent transmission and reconstruction Let me see

Go find Da Xiong and get the radiation data Why do I have to be the messenger again?

Fine, I'll go right now Go on I'm going

Go ahead Go

I'm sorry! Are you alright?

I'm alright

Xia Tian, What are you doing in here?

Director, you know about the abnormal SR cell values I'd like to hook up the server and check the data again It's late. Let's do it tomorrow Even though the error is only 0.3%, this could mean everything we've worked towards was a wasted effort

Every time I go through this security process, I always think, if the bad guys ever get any ideas, they'll have to dig out our eyeballs, right?

What a crazy idea...

What about Xiang Dong?

We need him too He'll be here any second Remember to delete it when you're done. Don't forget

Xiang Dong!

There's been a murder in the building, security personnel are locating the suspect Copy Central Control Room, 2nd floor

2nd floor!

All entrances and exits are sealed, we apologize for the inconvenience There's been a murder in the building, security personnel are locating the suspect All entrances and exits are sealed, we apologize for the inconvenience Out of the way!

Who discovered the body?

Do you remember when you arrived at the crime scene?

It was Xia Tian Murder suspect identified as Xia Tian from Particle Teleportation Research Team Please notify security personnel immediately if you have information Murder suspect identified as Xia Tian from Particle Teleportation Research Team Please notify security personnel immediately if you have information Xia Tian?


Is it some kind of mistake?

She was here just now Xiang Dong was killed with an injection of PTX and his eyeball was removed That's impossible Xia Tian?

Stop this!

Da Xiong, I don't have time to explain Xia Tian, are you crazy?

Da Xiong...

Tell me what's going on!

I really don't have time to explain. Please just trust me You have to trust me, Da Xiong!

Da Xiong...

Why are you stealing the data?

I... I'm begging you, Da Xiong...

Xia Tian!

Don't do this! What's wrong with you?


Xia Tian...

Are you alright?

Chief, the data module was removed Keep searching!

I'm really not the one who killed Xiang Dong Doudou is in severe danger right now Please help me Stop talking...

I really don't have time!

You Go in and search Yes, sir

Did you find Xia Tian?

The data module is missing What took you guys so long?

Excuse me!

Get everyone not related out of here Everyone out of the way!

Hurry up!

Out of the way!

Put down the data module

She's in the elevator

What is Xia Tian doing in there?

Everyone, get ready!

What's this?

After her!

Hurry up!

Get her!

Are you scared?

Have you ever seen a balloon pop?



It's over very quickly Very quickly


Stay there!


Mommy! Help me!

I brought it!

Help me!

This is what you wanted!

I brought it!


Help me! Help me!


I want to go home!

Doudou, don't be frightened!


The data checks out



Mommy! Help me!

Doudou! Doudou!


It's okay... Mommy!

Mommy! Mommy's right here. It's okay

Can you remove the bomb from his neck?


What do you want from me?

Please Can you remove the bomb from his neck?

You're nuts!



You're calling me crazy?

You know what?

I'll show you something even crazier


What do you want?





What do you want? Doudou!

I'll kill you!

Let go!

Shut her up

Do you want to save your son?

You still have a chance Think about it Why would I keep you alive?

Finish your experiments

Go back to the past

You're right

Okay What kind of gift is this?

Doudou, just push "Start"

Wow! It's raining!

Wow! It's Rainbow Ranger!

Mom, you're a magician!

So, Doudou What shall we do now?

Rainbow Ranger, traveling through time!

Xia Tian?

Why did you come back?

How did you get hurt?

What are you doing?

What happened to you?

This place is about to explode. Let's go, okay?

We have to go now!

Let's go!

Say something! What happened?

Doudou... dead What?

Xia Tian!

Why are you going inside?

What are you... are you crazy...?

Xia Tian, come out! Just calm down, alright?

Without Doudou,

I'd rather be dead Don't forget that the wormhole is irreversible!

We've never done experiments with humans!

You'll die if you do this!

Xia Tian!

Xia Tian!

Xia Tian!

What the hell?

A person?!

Xia Tian?

It worked How could you run the experiment on yourself?

Get me my clothes

How did your face get hurt? When did it happen?

I'm not even sure if I can believe this All the indicators are normal What time is it right now?

It's 2... 2:40 But why were you the subject? What happened?

How could you put yourself at such risk?



Xia Tian?

Get out here now Didn't you say you were coming to see me?

Can you tell me exactly what's going on?

I'm really worried about you Da Xiong, I really don't have time to explain to you Xia Tian! Hey!

Da Xiong, give her the particle reconstruction data from the last 5 experiments and also the radiation data from the transmitter Huang Chen, I have to talk to Xiang Dong. Ask me later Oh.

How did Xia Tian know what I was here to do?

Xia Tian!


Xia Tian!

These are from the last 5 attempts And here's this one...

Take a look


Da Xiong, I'm sending you the me from this universe.

She's in the elevator anesthetized. Hide her

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Come here, come here...

Just what are you trying to do to me?

Do you like classical music?

I... I guess I've got a Paganini violin solo here, it's incredible No wait, hey...

Just close your eyes. You have to close your eyes to really feel the melody

I'm sorry Are you okay?

Hey, Da Xiong!

This is absolutely mind-blowing!

Sorry about this! Really sorry!

Xia Tian, do you need something?

Director, the SR cell values are abnormal I want to log into the server to check the results again

Come in and have some tea. We have time I know it will take more than one day to check the results but I have to see the results today

0.3% error could mean all the works we've done has been for nothing Let's go Alright, let's go

Mommy! I want to go home! Mommy!

Get moving. Take the files and go. Don't sit here wasting time

Stupid Da Xiong... he's so weird Xiang Dong!

Hi, Da Xiong Come to the top of the building

Xia Tian, this is too dangerous. We should call the police No. I've already been through this Tell everyone They need to evacuate there are bombs in the building.

Okay Usually it just works

There's been a murder in the building, security personnel are locating the suspect Someone removed Xiang Dong's eyeball Data was also copied from the central control room Who did it?

Right now we don't know Director...

There're bombs in the research center What? Who told you that?

There's no time to explain! Just trust me!

Tell everyone to evacuate!


The data is right here!

If you want the data, release Doudou, and remove the bomb

Remove the bomb






Wait for me in the car

Send one person to pick it up only

Verify it

Don't move!

Don't move!

You'll regret that I know you don't dare to kill me

After her!

There's no data here

No data was copied

Wasn't the data module stolen?

It must have been an empty data module that was taken That's strange

Don't worry, mommy's here I won't leave you at home by yourself anymore

Don't use your weapons Capture Xia Tian alive Roger

Mommy! I'm scared!

Doudou, hold tight!


Faster! Hurry Up!

Hold on tight, Doudou!

Xia Tian, why are you back here again?

Because this time you died too What?!

The center explodes, and you don't get out in time Xia Tian... Xia Tian!

Calm down, will you?

You can't keep going back in time like this!

Shut up!

Xia Tian...

Xia Tian, you've changed

Because I watched the person I love the most

get murdered in front of me twice!

Xia Tian Xia Tian, you can't put yourself in danger like this I'm sure we can think of something else. Did you hear me?

Don't follow me!


Director We found 11 bombs hidden around the center We've notified the bomb squad And just how much will they be able to help?

Director, the situation is urgent Chief!

We found this in the control room We've confirmed that it's Xiang Dong's eye

Xiang Dong's eye...


Where are you? I need your location Who are you?

I'm you Doudou is still going to die Now tell me where you are I just left the pier. What should I do?


Doudou, let's go

In here

We're okay

Let me see It's okay Doudou, It's fine

Mom, you're bleeding I'm fine

I'm fine. I'm fine

Mom, it's Rainbow Ranger!

Yep, this is your favorite Rainbow Ranger It's a present for you, okay?

How does he always know where we are?

Mom, this watch looks like it's fake Why does Rainbow Ranger look different?


It's a tracking device

The Research Director?

Unbelievable The experiment was a success?

Da Xiong, why are you only telling me this now?

There wasn't time You're awake?


Easy What time is it?

Calm down I have to go!

Calm down. Doudou is alright Xia Tian went to save him What?

Another one of you rescued him. The wormhole experiment worked A future you came back, and is on the way to save him So don't worry, okay?

There's no time It's okay, everything is fine The research center is about to explode We need to make a backup of our research data Right, let's go Da Xiong, you stay in the transmission room Wait for my instructions Alright Go ahead. Go

Get to the rendezvous point Roger

Go on

Come on out!

I know you're in there

I'm warning you My patience is very limited Now come out!

I'll say it one more time Come out


Doudou, run!


Run! Doudou, run!

Wait for me in the classroom, Doudou Mommy!




Doudou, run!




Doudou, run!


Go get me the data

What's the situation?

Don't push me You better hurry it up I know The experiment worked. There are three of her now Really?

Let me confirm that for you

Put down the gun Kill her

You only have one life I have two Not quite

There should be three of you now We don't need either of you now

Kill them both.

Where's Doudou?

Let me worry about him You get to the research center. Don't let them get the data The research director is working with them What does that mean?

The watch the research director gave Doudou was a tracking device There's no time. Go

Protect my son

Doudou, Mom, I'm back Mom, what's this? I picked it up


Let Mommy keep that for you Mom, it hurts It hurts

Don't worry, Doudou. It's okay I'm gonna get you out of here


Hello, Da Xiong?

Are you alone right now?

Listen to me, even though I don't want to believe it...

Don't copy the data!

Da Xiong, what's the matter?

Director, why did you do it?

You're the father of this whole project

So it's all true? I can't believe it You were our mentor, Director What you did...

Da Xiong!

Da Xiong!

The director and the people who kidnapped Doudou... are working together

Da Xiong!

Why did you do this?

Why did you want to steal the data? Why did you want to hurt us?


I want to know why, too!

Why did I work so hard on my research...

Only to see my wife and children leave me?

Why did I give them everything, only to have them choose you?

They said they wanted to transfer me to more valuable research But they really just want me gone Xia Tian, listen Credit for the success of this project could go to either you or me, but I’m going to make sure it's me!

No one can take it from me!

You could have told me! I would have left!

Doudou is so young Why did you have to hurt him? He's innocent You? Leave?

So you haven't dreamed of the fame and glory?

Are you the only one above all that?

You're as naive and clueless as ever But after all these years, I see through the game All of us, we're pawns Pawns!

Doudou is innocent?

I was made a martyr!

Am I not just as innocent?

Dr. Cheng: hereby removed as director of the research, effective from November 1, 2025

Who are you?

I only want the data module Name your price I don't want money

I'll help you get the data, but I have a condition

I want that center bombed into nothingness... as well as Xia Tian!

I want them to be left with nothing!

Only one of us is necessary for this experiment

That's why you have to die

You have to die

What is this about?

Director You are not necessary for this experiment

But this experiment...

requires Xia Tian

What you need to do now... is extend the time

For you... that shouldn't be difficult Doudou?

Dead You...

Do you want to go back to the past?

Do you?

Why would you do something like this?

6 months ago, my wife and my child... were on their way to the city where I was stationed But they died in a plane crash I just wanted to go back to that moment

The recording device has now been implanted inside of you It records everything you see with your naked eye One of the clinical trial subjects... started a riot He thought...

these experiments should never have been started Get away! Get away!

But if I can go back, then I’ll do anything Tsui Hu Is it my understanding that you want to continue with this project?

The Nexus Corporation has made a significant breakthrough in their research So if you can somehow find a way to obtain their data, I will be willing to put the full force of my organization at your disposaI You are a relative of Xia Lifu?

Yes Sign here, please

Thank you

The SR cell values are suddenly different When did this happen?

Just a minute ago. The structure of the DNA is very unstable too Even though SR cells are only 0.3% of the body's total, they are concentrated in the brain Don't gloat too soon Do you know what caused the explosion at IPT?

It happened because there... there were many, many people who ended up exactly like you They massacred each other

And soon, you'll destroy each other too.

He's absolutely right In this world, only one of us can survive


I'm the one who belongs with Doudou!

Why should it be you?

I am the first and the last life I have all the memories of Doudou


We're the same!

It's just that we're from parallel universes No I'm enough of me for this space-time


You want to kill me?

It looks like we had the same idea

You'll kill me, and then this waste of breath, right?

I'll kill you... and then myself What?

If we kill her, Doudou won't have anyone What are you talking about?

You and I won't live long Do you remember what Xiang Dong said?

This experiment is not a success The experiments on live subjects in the U. S. failed too!

There's no problem with my catalyst particle!

There's a problem with the whole system!

Do you remember the man in the parking garage?

He was the last subject to escape the U. S. lab We won't...

be able to stay with Doudou Shut up!

I saved Doudou!

Get to the hospital I promised Doudou I would stay with him forever Then what about you?

Just go He's still waiting for you at the hospital Go! Go!


Doudou depends on you now

Stay with him

Love him

Da Xiong!

Xia Tian?

Da Xiong...


Mom, where are you?

Why didn't you answer the phone?

My little baby...

You're awake?

Did you miss me?

I missed you too

Just wait for me I'll come over there to see you, okay?

Okay, but don't take too long

Mom, why are you crying again?

I'm crying because my little baby is awake I'm happy I thought something was wrong again Don't cry, don't cry...


I want you to be healthy... and grow up into a big handsome man, okay?

I love you I'll always love you

I love you too. Lots Mom, come back soon. I'm waiting

I'll come right now

Xia Tian!

Da Xiong!

You escaped! How did he get hurt?

Be careful!

Huang Chen Take care of Da Xiong for me What about you?

I'll come soon

Hold on Da Xiong!









Let me look at you

Let me see you

Mom, I think this one is done!

Doudou... Look!

Doudou Happy birthday! Make a wish!

Blow out the candles

Happy birthday, Doudou What did you wish for this year?

I wished that you could get a job soon You haven't worked for a year All you do is play around That's because I like playing with you!

Okay? So let's keep playing Here, this is for you A birthday present

Why did you want this book more than Rainbow Ranger?

It's about time. That's more interesting than Rainbow Ranger Doudou, come here

My little baby...

But Mom...

How do I control time?

To control time...

All you have to do is grab every moment Grab it, just like this!

What's that smell?

Is it burnt?