Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008) Script

Can you see that area behind me beneath the red-tinted sky?

That is what's left of Raccoon City after the military fired a missile at it.

According to unconfirmed reports, the missile was allegedly nuclear.

If this is the case, there's little hope of finding...

...any survivors among the city's 100,000 inhabitants.

Mr. President, what is the connection between Umbrella Corporation...

...and this incident? No more questions.

Was the missile launched as a result of this connection?

Can you shed light on this?

The president has announced his resignation.

Umbrella Corporation stock plummeted here in Europe.

This dealt a blow to the business giant...

...resulting in its complete dissolution.

The estimated number of bioterror victims has skyrocketed...

...from hundreds of thousands to over one million.

The president announced that the Republic of Bajirib...

...led by General Grande, was the latest addition to the list...

...of countries that sponsor terrorism.

Announced it plans to put taxpayers' money to work... allocating one billion dollars for an anti-bioterror program.

Pharmaceutical company WilPharma issued a press release...

...on establishing a research facility in Harvardville...

...home to 100,000 residents.

We've taken every precaution to ensure that a catastrophe...

...such as the one suffered by Raccoon City, is never repeated.

Inflamed by Senator Ron Davis' full support of the new facility...

Dr. Curtis Miller, a longtime opponent of the WilPharma research facility...

... was arrested and charged with obstruction of business...

...and issuing threats to proponents of WilPharma's ex...

Our organization has disassociated itself from Dr. Miller.

The human rights organization Terra-Save has demanded...

...WilPharma release the results of their tests conducted in India.

WilPharma stock fell sharply as a result of scathing accusations...

...hurled at them by Terra-Save.

WilPharma must go.

WilPharma must go.

We say no. WilPharma must...

Members of Terra-Save lie in wait here in front of Harvardville Airport... anticipation of Senator Davis' imminent arrival.

The group hopes to confront the politician...

...who will be attending the National Pharmaceutical Conference.

Now arriving in Gate 32A...

... Flight 349 from Newark, New Jersey.

Will a Brock Silverstein please report to Gate 7?

Brock Silverstein to Gate 7.

Flight 89 from Columbus has just arrived at Gate 17.

For those waiting to depart, it'll just take a minute to de-board...

...and turn the plane around.

It's been ages.

You look great.

You look tired.

Blame my new boyfriend, he won't let me get any sleep.

Boyfriend, huh? Is that what you're calling the W.H.O. Report now?

FDA, actually.

Aunt. I'm tired.

Yes, I'm sorry.

Stay here, and I'll bring the limousine around as quickly as I can.

Will you watch Rani for a minute?

Sure thing. I'll be right back.

Well, we should introduce ourselves.

I'm Claire Redfield.

You can call me Claire. I'm Rani.

Nice to meet you, Rani. That's a pretty name.

Excuse me, sir, are you feeling all right?

Would you like me to bring you some water?

It's urgent I reach Frederic Downing from WilPharma.


We say no. WilPharma must go.

Do you work for Terra-Save too?

Yep. Just like your aunt.

I like everybody from Terra-Save because they're all pretty cool.

You fight bad guys, right?

Bad guys? Like him.

Senator Davis, you serve as a special advisor for WilPharma Corporation.

After viewing photos of their latest human test subjects...

...what are your thoughts?

That Halloween is celebrated earlier in India than in the U.S., maybe?

Really, I simply don't understand American humor.

Apologies. I didn't mean to...

Don't worry about it. I can relate.

Are you two waiting for someone as well?


Well, I think the asylum let the patients out for the day.

It's a bit crazy outside.

That's an understatement.

The Air Dome Research Facility isn't the only thing...

...Senator Davis brought to Harvardville.

It's like the wacko circus hit town.

Well, l...

I'm weary of waiting. I'm going to grab a taxi.

Good day, ladies.

Who the hell let it leak out that I was coming?

Now those damned agitators are out there stirring up trouble.

I don't need this. Get them out of here.

What tar pit did this crap ooze out of?

I'm sorry, I'll get you another.

I don't care what it takes, just get rid of them now.

Arrest them if you have to.

But, sir, we don't have any grounds for arrest.

They haven't done anything illegal yet.

Senator, may I make a suggestion?

We could slip out through the regular entrance.

No one would expect that, so the crowd won't notice us.

What? Hell, no.

I am an elected official.

I will not skulk out of here like some whipped dog.

Now, I won't budge from this spot until you get that swarm of vermin...

...out of the building.

The bad guy. Claire.

It's him. The bad guy we saw on TV.

Senator Davis. Can I have another word?

You cannot. Please, senator. Please.

Just one more question. Why would you...?

What the hell is this?

Rani, wait here, okay?

Did someone put you up to this, or is this stupid costume your brilliant idea?

Okay, genius, you got something to say...

...get it off your chest and move on.

This is too much.

Ma'am, are you involved in this?

Indirectly, in a manner of speaking.

Then, in a manner of speaking...'re coming with me too.

Now, wait just a minute. Chief.

Oh, my God.

What's going on here?

Stand back.

Move, move, move. Out of the way.

Stand back.

Move away from him now.


Too late. He's dead.

Let's get the hell out of here.


Get away. Hurry.

Hey, wait. Where are you going?

Reporting live from Harvardville Airport.

A protestor demonstrating against WilPharma Corporation...

...attacked and supposedly killed a police officer.

But now, that same officer has just attacked...

...Senator Ron Davis' bodyguard in a similar manner.

Eddie, why did you stop rolling? Wha...?




Curtis Miller.


Please. Help me.

Attention all persons inside the terminal.

Evacuate the building immediately.

Repeat, evacuate the terminal immediately.

This is not a drill. Use all exits.

Everyone evacuate the terminal building immediately.


No way.

This can't be happening.

Local police have secured the entire airport in a lockdown...

...and access into the area is blocked.

Authorities are not releasing details and we have very little information... this time.

However, according to unsubstantiated reports...

...a bioterror event has occurred in one of the airport terminals.

Senator Ron Davis is among those who are confined within the airport.

At present, his condition...

Give me a hand.

I want to go home.

I don't understand why you won't let me leave.

Why can't we stage rescue operations?

Please, chief. You've gotta talk to your higher-ups.

You heard the 911 call, didn't you?

Come on, please.

Damn it.

What's the matter? Chief Jackass again?

What's the status of the site?

Well, the entire airport is completely blockaded now.

We were attacked by two people that I believe were recently infected.

But don't worry.

We caught them and locked them up in a task-force vehicle.

But even so, becoming infected by being bitten...

It's like something out of a horror movie.

Those creatures rising up out of their graves.

Come on, I'm just kidding. But seriously... you think this WilPharma drug has something to do with all this?

I don't know.

Even if there is a connection, that shouldn't kick off...

...a spontaneous outbreak of some creepy-ass plague.

It definitely reeks of terrorism.

That explains why the state Board of Health hauled ass to get here so fast.

What do you think the suits are trying to cover up?

If I knew that, I'd have a hell of a lot more clout.

The White House sent a special agent to handle this mess.

He ought to be here soon.

You can ask him.

Ask all you like, but honestly, there's nothing to discuss on that subject.

Who the hell are you?

Leon S. Kennedy.

Then you're the one?

This is one of the 911 calls that was made.

- How many are alive? Four, including me.

One's wounded. The senator.

Can you give me your location?

We're in the VIP lounge, west end of the arrivals lobby.

Listen, I don't know how long we can hold up.

Send help now before those things get at us. Please hurry.

Most likely, that call came from here.

We believe they're in the VIP lounge for Atmos Airlines.

Right now, the airport police and state Board of Health...

...are the first responders.

They've completely shut down the main entrance here...

...and the two side entrances here and here.

There are no other routes into the terminal building.

We believe our best bet is to fly in by helicopter...

...and enter through the roof.

The team should be comprised... I'll take the two of you. No one else.

What? Why?

Because I don't care to risk increasing the number of infectees.

You don't want to be forced to shoot your friends, do you?

Hey. Hey. Hold on a second. You can't be serious.

Who does this guy think he is? He doesn't look military.

He's the special agent assigned to this incident.

Let's just see what he can do.

Those infected with this virus will attack other people...

...anyone, without exception.

The people that are bitten become infected and go on to attack others.

The only way to stop the infection is to destroy the infectees' brains.

Destroy their brains?

Shoot them in the head.

We're here.

The song of the infected.


Are you okay?

Take it easy.

Help is on the way.

What the hell are you doing?


Stop or I'll shoot.

That's impossible.


You like that, huh?

You want some of this? Get off. Stop, enough.

Yeah, come on. Yeah!

That's enough. Stop. Get off.




What the hell, man?

I shot her point blank. There's no way I could've missed her.

I told you. The only way to stop them is to shoot them in the head.

It's their only vulnerable spot.

Don't forget it, otherwise you'll waste time and ammunition.

And that can prove to be fatal.

Let's go.

Those were gunshots. They sent help.

We're gonna get out of here.

You should thank me.

If you hadn't told them I was here, they would've ignored your call.

You might want to stick your ego up your ass...

...considering your own secretary left you here to die.

What was that?

Someone who isn't infected.

We have to help.

It's too late. There's nothing we can do.

That's right. I mean, if you, then I leave too.

No, Claire, don't go.

When my father left, he said the same thing.

He said he was going to go help my mother...

...but he didn't come back, and neither did she.

And if you leave, you won't come back either.

It's okay.

I am gonna come back.

I promise. Really?

By the way, do we have anything here that can be used as a weapon?

Never saw this coming.

Is there anyone there?

No answer. Never a good sign.

Get down.


What are you doing here? I could ask you the same thing.

You're the one?

Is this it?

Yup. Reinforcements?

None. We're getting out alone.

Is it too much to hope you at least have some sort of a plan?

We're gonna run across the lobby. Are you insane?

The lobby is crawling with those creatures.

It's also the widest area.

It's too dangerous to take the long way around.

He's right.

They aren't fast. We can get by them.

Oh, yeah?

And since when did the NGO member...

...become such an authority on the subject?

She's one of the rare survivors of Raccoon City.

She has more experience with this kind of hellish nightmare...

...than anyone else here.

Hey, Raccoon City, isn't that where the...?



Keep up with me, Rani.

Go. Thanks.





He got bit.

He damn well got bit.

Stay back.

Go on without me.

Greg. Wait. Greg.

You got this?


Greg. No.



You okay?

Do I look like I'm okay?

Are we going to make it out of here?

We have a clear view and a straight path to the exit.

We'll take out as many as we can...

...and run like hell.

Angela, back me up.

Got it.

Can't you get rid of them any faster?

They're starting to gather over here.

We're not gonna make it out, are we?

It's getting tough.

We gotta go.



You all right?


Rani, are you okay? Claire.

Let's go.

Thank you.

Where's the senator?


I'm over here.

The light. Run towards the light.

Get that perimeter set up. Move.

Don't stand there, man. Set it up.

Move in, move in. Open fire.

Light them up, boys. Light them up. Get a move on.

Move, move.




Aunt. Oh, my God. You're all right.

I was so scared.



They were everywhere.

I didn't think I would see you again. I can't stand kids.

They're a real pain in the ass.

Oh, my poor darling.


That girl will have nightmares...

...for the rest of her life because of you.

Let me go. Give her to me. Please.

I got it, I got it.


You okay?

Oh, honey, I know. But she's fine, really.

We just have to wait.

No problem.

I'll take care of it.

We can use that in the worst-case scenario.

I have no intention of letting WilPharma...

...end up looking like a savior.

Hey, Hunnigan. I'm reporting in.

I already heard.

The Marines landed in the nick of time and saved the day.

I can't tell you how relieved I am.

I'm amazed and impressed you got authorization for that.

- You must have pulled a few strings. Yes. Well, I have my resources.

After I received confirmation from USAMRIID...

... that the virus used in this attack was indeed the T-virus...

... I submitted a plan to the president.

He pushed it through as a special emergency act.

Every Marine involved in the assault was vaccinated.

- Have the terrorists made demands? No, not yet.

But the FBI captured a member of General Grande's army... Los Angeles just moments ago.

When we interrogate him, he might give us some information...

...that'll establish a link...

...between this terrorist attack and the one in India.

Maybe we'll dig up a lead on the whereabouts...

...of former Umbrella Corporation employees.

They've gotta be the ones peddling the virus on the black market.

What the hell is going on?

Why are WilPharma drugs being brought here?

It's the vaccine.

You. What are you doing here?

He's WilPharma's head researcher.

May I introduce Frederic Downing.

He's the one who developed a vaccine for the virus...

...which you, in particular, are so familiar with.

You mean the infection in the terminal?

You thought that was WilPharma-engineered, didn't you?

Utterly ridiculous.

An inoculation.

That's what they've been working on. A way to prevent further outbreaks.

But... Claire, it's true.

You knew? Yes.

I didn't think its use would be sanctioned this quickly.

Then the human testing that took place in India...

An attack by terrorists that somehow got hold of the T-virus.

All the members of the group supported by General Grande...

...were infected, so we don't know the details.

The U.S. Government obtained permission from Indian authorities... administer the T-virus vaccine to the nearby communities.

A vaccine secretly developed by WilPharma.

It was a success.

The infection rate was kept as minimal as possible.

Why the hell didn't you break out the vaccine for this?

If we'd been inoculated before we entered the terminal, Greg would...

Inoculation would have been entirely possible...

...had Terra-Save not backed us into an adversarial corner.

Had we been able to follow proper procedure... outlined in the original schedule, the government medical stockpile...

...could have been shipped anywhere in the U.S. Within 12 hours.

Oh, my God. Then...'s all our fault.

I wouldn't argue with you there.

We just ended up making things worse.

That's not true.

The villains here are the ones who used the virus.

But worse than them are the ones who made it.

Seven years ago, our lives were changed forever... the virus from Umbrella Corp.

Umbrella collapsed...

...but their viral legacy continues to spread.

I'm gonna scrub this virus from the face of the Earth.

You chose the role of rescuer rather than fighter, like me.

You chose a path that your brother and I couldn't follow.

You weren't wrong.

Leon, thank you.


Find some extinguishers.

Clear the area before the gas tanks blow.

Let's go, let's go.

Where's the rest of the team? Come on.

How do I use this thing? Help.

Somebody help. I'm stuck.

I'm coming, I'm coming.

Hurry up, come on.

What happened? The trucks carrying the vaccine...

How much vaccine is left?

Everything we brought today was all we were able to scrape together...

...from vaccine samples inside the company.

And most of that has just been lost.

Where's the manufacturing data?

You think they're after the data too? Could it be?

Why don't you tell us what their demands are already?

If you don't wanna talk I'll just go directly to the president.

The truth.


They demand the truth.

The viral weapon from which Umbrella Corporation's T-virus was derived.

They wanna reveal everyone from the U.S. Government who was involved.

Was the government really involved?

The proof went up in smoke with Raccoon City.

Wait a minute. The truth didn't disappear.

There never was any. Convince the terrorists of that.

If they don't get that information, what will happen?

They'll disperse the T-virus in every populated area in the U.S.

The deadline is midnight.

That's only four hours from now.

And there's no vaccine left.

Can we find out who the terrorists are?

I have a clue as to the identity of one of them.

Right after the first infected victims appeared in the airport terminal...

...I noticed a man in the lobby. His name is Curtis Miller.

I know him. He's one of those bleeding hearts...

...protesting the construction of the new research facility.

If the terrorists' demands are the release of information...

...on what really happened in Raccoon City...

...then he might... It can't be.

Curtis Miller is... older brother.

My brother wouldn't do something like this.

He was arrested for threatening WilPharma.

He just demanded information be made public.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn't see it that way.

If you claim he's not a terrorist...

...why don't you bring him here to explain himself? Now.

You're sure packing a lot of hardware just to go see your brother.

Where are you going?

I'm going to the office and check on the development data.

Can I help you with something? Don't worry. I'm not scheming... infiltrate your organization for my own devious purposes.

I'm afraid there's only one thing you can do.

Join me for a late afternoon tea.

There you are. Comfortable? Lt'll be nice to have some company.

This is the road to Curtis' home.

I haven't heard a word from Curtis in three years.

He lost his wife and child in the Raccoon City tragedy.

That's odd. It won't accept my card.

Has that happened before? No. This is the first time.

I'll have to use the master code.

We're entering an air dome.

The roof is supported... creating a difference between the exterior and interior air pressure.

The danger levels in this facility are assigned...

...according to the microbes that are handled in each section.

From the right, the levels ascend from 1 to 4.

The higher the number, the higher the danger level.

Rest assured, however, that there are stringent safety measures in place... the unlikely event a problem occurs.

If anything positive rose from the ashes of Raccoon City...'s that security and safeguard standards have been elevated... order to avert any future calamities.

What about this zero area?

That contains researchers' offices, meeting rooms and the like.

That's where we're headed next.

This isn't paradise.

This is what you came to assist me with.

Thank you.

Smells delicious.

What are you doing? Checking on the development data.

Yes, senator. I figured you must be there by now.

What do you want?

Why did you bring that woman there?

You're not feeling sorry for her, are you? That's not like you.

Don't you understand? This is our chance.

Yes, I know.



What did he say?

Nothing of any consequence, I assure you.

He said something to you, didn't he?

He warned me not to let you see anything.

Would it cause trouble if I saw something in particular?


When I started out as a rookie cop...

...I responded to a call about a small child...

...that was stranded on a sandbank in the middle of a flooding river.

I impulsively jumped into the river.

The next thing I knew...

...I was waking up in a hospital bed, bleary and disoriented.

They informed me afterward...

...that I had saved the child.

But three S.R.T. Members were injured...

...while fishing my sorry butt out of the water.

Talk about depressed. I felt lower than dirt.

What was I thinking, putting others in harm's way like that?

Not to mention that I could've been killed too.

But then Curtis said something...

...that made me stop beating myself up.

"If you don't try to save one life...'ll never save any."

In the end...

... his own words came back to haunt him.

Let me through. Let me through.

There is something, but Davis wants it to remain hidden.

This is the G-virus.

You have that here?

It remains a secret even within the company.

The government affiliates don't know about it either.

It was obtained through special means.

A group with which neither we...

...nor someone in the senator's position can be associated.

You got it on the black market.

What did you plan on doing with the G-virus?

Create a vaccine. But even the senator couldn't adequately express...

...the threat G posed to the government.

The plans were shelved and it remains in Level 4 ever since.

The senator is a member of the committee...

...that decided to bomb Raccoon City.

I've gotta tell Leon.

Wait, no. L...

If you do that, what's going to happen to me?

You didn't seem worried about that when you were telling me everything.

Looks like... Looks like there's something wrong with the server.

I'm going to stop Curtis.

Claire, what's wrong?

Leon, get over here to WilPharma right now.

They've got the G-virus.

They were gonna make a vaccine like for the T-virus...

...but Davis just called Frederic and told him to get rid of it.

Is Frederic there? He just went to go fix the server.

Or he may have gone to dump the virus.

- Couldn't be. Claire?

There's a call coming from inside the building.

Hold on.

- Claire? Frederic? Where are you?

- In Level 4. Why?

You were going to the server room.

I saw someone suspicious on my way and followed him.

You need to get out. There's a time bomb.

It's too late to stop it.

We'll have another biohazard if this thing...

Claire? Claire!

Damn it. What's wrong?

I don't know. We got cut off.

Attention all personnel. A system error has occurred.

Terminate all activities immediately and evacuate the dome...

... until safe conditions are re-established and verified.

Attention all personnel. A system error has occurred.

Terminate all activities immediately and evacuate the dome...

... until safe conditions are re-established and verified.

Attention all personnel. A system error has occurred.

Terminate all activities immediately and evacuate the dome...

... until safe conditions are re-established and verified.

Attention all personnel. A system error has occurred.

Terminate all activities and evacuate the dome...

... until safe conditions are re-established...

Looks like sections are blocked.

Let's split up. We can meet up again in the inner garden.

Ready? Ready.


You're not alone.

We're together in this.

I know.


What happened? Where's Frederic?

He was telling me about a time bomb he found in Level 4 when...

A nasty wound. We gotta get out. I'm all right. Listen to me.

Curtis was here, I saw him.

He came out of Level 4 where the G-virus was kept.



You're hurt.

You need medical attention.

Why, Curtis? I couldn't forgive them...

...for covering up the Raccoon City atrocity.

I refused to let the government rewrite the truth as they saw fit.

So when I finally learned the truth, I swore...

I swore I'd make them reveal it, no matter what it took.


But he also told me...

...that I couldn't make things any worse.

Even if it was deserved...

...there was no chance of me...

Of me causing a recurrence of that horror... in the town where I was born and raised.

That's why he left me.

That's why he blew up this place.


Nothing can stop it now.

In a moment...

...l'll reveal the irrefutable truth... my own personal way.

And all of you will be the very first witnesses!

Go straight down this corridor. Head to elevator AD-2.

It'll take you to an outside exit.

Got it.


Try not to get killed. Okay, ditto.




Cease fire. Cease fire.

The target became aggressive and resisted capture.

I deemed it necessary to open fire and issued the order.

The target was terminated.

Warning: A lethal viral strain has been detected in the garden sector.

Commencing feedback.

Warning: A lethal viral strain has been detected in the garden sector.

Commencing feedback.

Captain! You've gotta be kidding me.

My men shot the shit out of you.

My leg.


Angela, get clear.



Somebody pull me up.

What is this?

Anhydrous ethanol.

Are we being sterilized?

Not us, the building.

Incineration will initiate in five minutes.

- All exits are now sealed. What the hell?

We're still in here.

Get all survivors to the central rest area now.

Move it.

Come on.

Warning: All exits are now sealed.

Oh, shit.

Come on.

We'll catch the next one. Right.

We'll send it b...



You'll ignite us all.

Oh, my God. It's impossible.

He's still alive. No, no, no!

No, no, no!

Leon. Angela.

- Incineration in two minutes. No!

- Incineration in two minutes. No!


What? Run!

Incineration in 60 seconds.

Incineration in 60 seconds.

It wants you because of your blood connection.

It sees you as a breeding tool.

That thing isn't your brother anymore.

Curtis is dead.

Incineration in 30 seconds.

Come on.

Twenty. Nineteen. Eighteen. Seventeen.

Sixteen. Fifteen. Fourteen. Thirteen. Twelve.

Eleven. Ten. Nine. Eight.

Seven. Six. Five. Four.

Three. Two. One.

Oh, shit. Now what's gonna happen?

No. No, no.

Level 4 submerge system will engage soon.

Level 4 submerge system will engage soon.

We need to go up.

Disable the system.

There's gotta be a way.

I know what Leon would do.



Come on.


Level 4 submerge system will engage soon.

Level 4 submerge system will engage soon.

Twelve. Eleven. Ten. Nine. Eight.

Seven. Six. Five. Four.

Three. Two. One.

Level 1 submerge system will engage soon.

Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six.

Five. Four. Three. Two. One.



No. No.

I don't wanna hurt you.



All right, Curtis.

Let's finish this.

Warning: Level 0 submerge system will engage soon.

Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven.

Six. Five. Four.

Three. Two. One.

After the system verifies there's no more virus in here...

...the hole will close.

Let me go.

Let go of me, damn it, or you'll fall too.

You can't die. You have to destroy these viruses.

Please, Leon, don't try to save me.

If you don't try to save one life, you'll never save any.

Isn't that right, Curtis?

Are you okay?

It recorded.

Where's Frederic?

Dead. No vaccine data, no nothing.

The same as Raccoon City.


Frederic said it.

You couldn't convince countries to invest... the development of the insufficiently researched G-virus.

What are you talking about?

At first, I didn't suspect you were connected with this terrorism.

If for no other reason than you were in the airport when the event occurred.

But you had a motive for causing all this.


WilPharma stock tanked because of our accusations.

You were afraid that the situation...

...would turn out the same as it did for Umbrella Corporation.

So you needed an excuse to use the vaccine.

Now, wait a minute.

Yes, I'm a stockholder.

And WilPharma should regain the public's faith after this incident.

But there's no way in hell I would support terrorism to ensure that.

First of all, what is the G-virus? I've never even heard of it.

I know you ordered Frederic to dispose of the G-virus...

...when you called him.

I told him not to show you anything more...

...than you needed to see, that was it.

I doubt he knows anything.


General Grande's communication man talked.

It seems that all of us, the senator included, were fooled by him.

Who are you talking about?

- Frederic? Where are you? In Level 4.

Why? You said you were going to the server room.

I saw someone suspicious on my way there and followed him.

You need to get out.

There's a time bomb here. It's too late to stop it.

We'll have another biohazard if this thing...

It can't be.

It's me.

What do you think?

Yes, per your request.

As of now, General Grande...

...only you will be in possession...

...of a set of the T-virus and the T-vaccine.

Nothing would offer greater advantage when negotiating...

...with a country that wants to keep the existence of this virus a secret.

You needn't worry.

I've anticipated everything down to the last detail...

...including my own escape arrangements.

Don't forget... owe me extra money for the data on the G-virus.

And one last thing:

As a friend...

...heed my advice and forget about G.

The stuff is wickedly volatile, and it can't be controlled.

Right on time.

You were supposed to come alone.

I just wanted to see your face one more time.

Don't move.

I have the last of the vaccine, and the development data.

This is all that remains in the entire world.

The rest is gone.

Yes, that's right.

You two can appreciate the situation better than anyone...

...after your up-close-and-personal experiences with virus victims.

Mankind will need this.

Wait. Please. Don't shoot me. Let's talk.

You're a smart woman, and smart women like money.

I can make you rich. We'll split everything 50-50.

I meant 70-30. I'm happy with 30.

Please. Please, take it all.

Don't... Don't kill me. I'm begging you. Please, no.

You're too pathetic to kill.

All units, move in. Yes, sir.

Suspect has been apprehended and is in custody.

Frederic confessed everything.

He was also the one that provided the T-virus to the terrorists in India.

He even acted as the black-market broker.

He stole the T- and G-viruses...

...then escaped right before the Raccoon City disaster.

But Frederic decided he could only sell them as a set with a vaccine.

So he erased his past...

...found employment at WilPharma...

...and gained unrestricted access to their research facilities.

He had the luxury of searching for potential customers...

...while manufacturing the vaccine.

This is how he stumbled upon General Grande.

The terrorist incidents were demonstrations...

...staged for General Grande's benefit.

Sort of a...

...twisted sales pitch.

And my brother was just a tool to them.

He was used.

This doesn't absolve Curtis of what he did.

But we share something in common with him...

...and that's his passionate desire... prevent any further tragedies like Raccoon City.

I gotta go.

All right.

Catch you later.


Let's go diving together again...


Love to.

When did you two go diving?

Don't worry about that.

More importantly, what are you up to?

Need a lift?

I have a limousine waiting.


Next time we bump into each other...

...let's hope it's some place...

...a little more normal.


Until next time.

Senator Ron Davis announced his resignation...

... after being accused of insider trading with WilPharma stock...

... a company of which he is a major stockholder.

Next, in international news:

General Miguel Grande has suddenly decided to participate...

... in a Central Asian disarmament conference.

But the real motivation behind his participation is not yet known.

Government sources seem to be optimistic about the turnaround...

... and say that it is to alleviate economic blockades...

... while rumors state that it is because...

... his ability to produce biological weapons has been removed.