Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) Script






My name is Alice. l worked for the Umbrella Corporation, the largest and most powerful commercial entity in the world. l was head of security at a secret high-tech facility called the Hive, a giant underground laboratory developing experimental, viral weaponry.

There was an incident.

A virus escaped.

A lot of people died.


The trouble was, they didn't stay dead.

The computer that controlled the Hive was a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence: the Red Queen.

The Red Queen responded to the threat of the viral outbreak in an extreme way.

She went homicidal.

You're all going to die down here. ALlCE: The Red Queen attempted to kill everyone, Down!

ALlCE: whether they were infected or not.

I managed to escape, but this was only the beginning.

Viral outbreaks spread like wildfire, first across the United States, then the world.

The T-Virus didn't just bring the dead back to life. lt mutated them in terrifying ways.

Despite the apocalypse they had created, the Umbrella Corporation continued to experiment with the deadly virus. l was infected.

But the virus bonded with me on a cellular level. l developed powers.

Your genetic structure is the key.

ALlCE: l became different.



As l got stronger, the human race became weaker.

I tried my best to lead what survivors l could find to safety, but we were pursued relentlessly.

Even my friend Jill Valentine was seized and brainwashed by Umbrella.

Shoot to kill.

ALlCE: Finally, l confronted the head of the Umbrella Corporation, Albert Wesker.

He robbed me of my powers, but l still managed to defeat him.

At last, we thought it was over.

We thought we had survived the horror.

But we were wrong.

Once again, we found ourselves fighting for our lives.

SOLDlER: Go, go, go!





TODD: Rise and shine.

Come on, babe. We're late.

The alarm didn't go off.

Becky's not up yet.

Miss Henderson's gonna be pissed.

You know how they get when you drop her off late at the school.

Babe? You all right, babe?


l'll go get Becky.

TODD: l charged your batteries for you.


Becky, you know Miss Henderson, she wants you to speak while you sign.

Thank you, Daddy.

When you come back from school, l have a surprise for you.

ALlCE: l heard that.

These batteries are lasting less and less.

We need to get some new ones. l can pick some up on my way home. l'm gonna be late again.

Aw, shit. l'll get you another shirt from the bedroom.

Someone picked up your dry-cleaning yesterday.

You are my little angel, aren't you?

You're gonna be late, remember?

Oh, yeah.


Heh. l'll get you that shirt.

Get Becky back! Aah!



ALlCE: No!



Help! Help us!

Come on. Come on!

Come on.














Back! Wait!

Wait! Stay back!

What is wrong with you?



Come on, get in.


What's going on?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Why are these people doing this? Those things are not people. Not any--




Are you hurt?


Can you move? Okay.


Come on.



Oh, shit!



Mommy, come on.







[MOUTHS] I love you.








JlLL: Project Alice, why did you turn against Umbrella?

Jill? ls that you?

Project Alice, why did you turn against Umbrella?

What happened to Chris and Claire?

Where are the others from the ship?





JlLL: Project Alice, who do you work for?


Project Alice,

who do you work for?

Jill, why are you doing this?






COMPUTERlZED VOlCE: Warning. Warning.

Unauthorized computer access.

Security system disabled.

Central computer reboot in two minutes.


Security system disabled.

Central computer reboot in one minute, 50 seconds.

Security system disabled.

Central computer reboot in one minute 40 seconds.

Security system disabled.

Central computer reboot in 30 seconds.


Security system disabled.

Central computer reboot in 20 seconds.

Security system disabled.

Central computer reboot in 1 0 seconds.

Central computer rebooting.


Scramble all security teams.

And sweep the corridor with the laser grid.



Stand by.

Tokyo sequence initialized.


















Stand by.

Welcome to Umbrella Central Control.



Oh, yeah.




My name is-- Ada Wong.

Operative for the Umbrella Corporation, one of Albert Wesker's top agents. l know exactly who and what you are.

Now, the real question is:

Why don't l just cancel your contract right now? l don't work for Umbrella anymore, and neither does Albert Wesker. l don't care.

You can kill her if you like, but then you'll never get out of this place.

Wesker. Now, be a good girl.

Put down the knife.

Oh, and Alice, how nice to see you again.

MAN 1 : How did she get out?

JlLL: She's obviously getting help.

We have a traitor in this facility.

MAN 2: Security systems were shut down for two minutes.

What about Control? WOMAN: We still can't raise them.


ADA: l executed everyone in this control room. l enabled Wesker to hack the mainframe.

We shut down the security systems.

We let you out of that cell.

WESKER: We have to get you out of this facility.

So why do you want to help me? We need you.

The human race faces extinction.

Our only hope of survival is for us to work together. l'm not going anywhere until l know where we are and what the hell is going on here.

You're in the Prime Umbrella testing facility.

Explain Tokyo.

What you saw was just a detailed re-creation, nothing more. lt goes on for a few city blocks.

That's all. l was outside.

Were you?

Saw the sky, did you? lt was night. Stars? The moon?

The testing floor is 300 feet high, the ceiling black.

It's usually night in there.

But isn't that when the monsters come out anyway? lt was raining. Climate control.

Wind, rain.

They can even make it snow if they want to.

Why build such a place? Simple.

The Umbrella Corporation derived its primary income from the sale of viral weaponry, something that's impossible to test in the real world. They re-created the center of New York, simulated an outbreak, showed it to the Russians, and sold them the virus.

They simulated an outbreak in Moscow, sold it to the Americans.

An outbreak in Tokyo.

Sold it to the Chinese.

An outbreak in China. Sold it to the Japanese.

Exactly. Everyone had to have it.

The Umbrella Corporation built a new arms race.

Only, this time, it was biological rather than nuclear.

Highly profitable.

And this is where it all happened.

This is Umbrella's greatest creation.

The belly of the beast.

So why don't we just get the hell out of here?


Sunup is in less than a minute.

Why don't you just see for yourself?

This facility is located in the straits of Kamchatka, northern Russia. The old Soviet Union built submarine pens here in the '80s.

After the Cold War ended, the Umbrella Corporation expanded them, and built the testing floor.

No one has ever escaped from this facility. lce.

You'll need all the help you can get, so l've arranged for a strike team to enter from the surface and assist you.


LEON: There they are. lntake vents for the Umbrella facility.

BARRY: Looks abandoned.

LEON: That's what they want you to think.

Let's move. We have just two hours to extract Alice and Ada.

After that, we can expect heavy Umbrella reinforcements.

Running a bypass.

These are the codes from Ada.

Do you trust her?

Just enter the numbers.

BARRY: The charges are set.

SERGEl: We're in.


Let's go do this.

They're in.

The strike team has secured an elevator for your escape to the surface.

They will eliminate Umbrella resistance, then rendezvous with us, and escort us out.

They have a friend of yours with them.

Luther West.

He's alive?

BARRY: All right. Hold on, ladies.


LEON: Synchronize watches. Two hours exactly in three, two, one, mark.


LUTHER: Leon, why don't we trigger remotely?

Can't risk them jamming the signal.

And whether we succeed or not, this facility has to be destroyed.

What if we take longer than two hours?

Then l hope you're really good at holding your breath.

Security Chief Valentine has reached the Tokyo test environment.

She's tracking you.

They're headed this way.

Her orders are to recapture you, if possible, terminate you if necessary.

Who's giving these orders?

The Red Queen.

The computer? Yes.

The same artificial intelligence you encountered in the Hive.

She now controls what remains of the Umbrella Corporation.

She will stop at nothing to prevent you escaping to the surface. l've plotted an escape route for you.

You'll cross the New York environment to Suburbia where you'll rendezvous with the strike team.

They'll escort you through the Moscow environment, to the submarine pens.

And take the elevator back to the surface.

The Red Queen has intercepted my signal.

[lN DlSTORTED VOlCE] She's about to regain control of this facility.

You must hurry. l can't--

Don't listen to the traitor Wesker. l am in control now.


Project Alice, Ada Wong, stay where you are.

Let's move. RED QUEEN: Project Alice,

you're all going to die down here. l've heard that before.


CAPTAlN: Defensive formation.

Mark your targets.

Fire at will.


Submarine pens are up ahead.

Barry, you and l take point.

We rendezvous with Alice and Ada in 30 minutes.







Now, that's some hardware.

Typhoon class.

The biggest nuclear subs the Soviets ever built.

Umbrella used them to secretly transport bioweapons all over the globe.

LEON: Let's pick up the pace. We have less than 90 minutes. lntruders detected.

Targeted for termination.

New York.

We need to cross two more test environments to escape.

Let's move.

ALlCE: Why would Umbrella continue to run these tests?

ADA: They want to study the biohazard, learn how to control it. lnitialize New York sequence.

Activate biohazard.

COMPUTERlZED VOlCE: Stand by. Stand by.

New York sequence initialized.

The Red Queen.

She's activating bioweapons to stop us. Let's go.


You hear that?


You know what it is? l have an idea.


Oh, you have got to be kidding me.






Hey, boys.

Bad idea.


ADA: Let's move.

We're behind schedule.


ALlCE: What's going on? lt's the end of the sequence.

They rarely last more than an hour.

Come on.

Before the Red Queen activates something else.

Targets survived.

Security Chief Valentine to intercept.

Intruders entering Moscow test environment.

Activate Las Plagas Undead.


LUTHER: What's going on?

LEON: The Red Queen knows we're here. Keep your eyes open.

COMPUTERlZED VOlCE: Stand by. Stand by.

Moscow sequence initialized.

What? Listen.


Right there.

What the hell are those things?

LEON: Fall back.

Fall back.



They're not real. lt's a holographic projection.

When they were running a simulation, trust me, no one was looking at the sky.


This is the rendezvous point.

The strike team is late.

Where are they?

There's movement in the house behind you.

Upstairs window.

Why would they be in here?


They're using clones of me.

ADA: Of course.

You were one of the 50 basic models.


"Basic models."

How do you think Umbrella populates these test scenarios?

Hundreds of people dead each time they run a simulation.

Umbrella imprints them with basic memories, just enough to ensure a correct emotional response to the threat of the biohazard. ln one life, she could be a suburban housewife.

The next, a businesswoman in New York.

The next, a soldier working for Umbrella.




BECKY: Mommy. l hid like you told me.

What happened to your clothes and your hair?



We're running out of time!

You have to find us a way out now!

Almost there!


None of this is real. lt is to her. l know.

That's the point.

All these feelings she has for you, they were imprinted.

A day ago, she was a blank slate. l could show you a dozen just like her in cold storage.

l'm sorry, but it's true.

BECKY: Ready. l was fast, wasn't l?

Yes, you were.


Daddy? He's not your father.

Capture if possible.

Terminate if necessary.

There's a child here.

Your problem, not ours.

All heart. You haven't changed a bit. l don't know you, lady.

ONE: Now, surrender or die.

Stay down!

Advance in teams!

Yes, ma'am!

You can't stay here!

This will show you the way out.

Go through Moscow to the submarine pens.

Take this.

The less l have with me, the better.

Alpha Team forward!



They're coming. Hurry.





[GUNFlRE] l've got it!

This way!



BECKY: Wait.

She helped us. Remember?

You two made it!

Thought l was the only one that survived.

What is this place, and why is everything in Russian?

And what's with the S & M getup?

You know how to use this? l campaigned for gun control.

No, l don't think you understand. l marched against the NRA.

Concentrate. lt's just like a camera.

Point and shoot.

Congratulations. You're officially a badass.


What the hell's going on here? l'll explain when l get back.

You have to keep her safe.

You stay with her. You're going?

You said you wouldn't leave.

Trust me, okay? What l say is true. l'll come back for you.

You promise?

Trust me.


l love you.

Come on.

She'll be back for you.

Gotta find a hiding place. l met your sister. What?

She's not very nice.

Let's try hiding down here.


SERGEl: This way.

Let's move!

We can work our way--




Waiting for a written invitation?

Sweet ride.

Well, this is Moscow.

Heard gunfire. Thought you might need some help. Where's Ada?

ALlCE: l don't think she made it. l'm sorry. You saw her die?


LEON: She always has a plan.


Boys, you mind?

Shall we? My pleasure.


Let me know when you plan on doing that again.

Heads up.



Our little friend is back!

Oh, shit.

Almost there. LUTHER: No.

Wait. You're not going down there!

Everyone okay?



All right, let's go.

ALlCE: Hello?

You can come out. l'm back.


Where'd you find these guys?

Who's this? l'm Becky.

Hi, Becky.

This is my mom.

Your mom? Ah. Mm.

Long story.

Twenty-two minutes left.

There's no going back the way we came.

We lost our map with Sergei. l'm on it.



We can take this tunnel.

There's a service shaft that leads down to the submarine pens.

Let's go.


ALlCE: How'd you end up working for Wesker?

LEON: l don't work for him, but things on the surface have changed.

Wesker said you knew of some weapon, something that could turn the tide for us.

But l don't think l would have risked so much for one person.

You're probably right.

This way.

The submarine pens are up above us.

Come on. Move.

LEON: The elevator platforms are up ahead.

Eleven minutes.

We're gonna be okay. Hold on.

LEON: Eleven minutes. We're gonna be okay.

LUTHER: Hold on. Accessing power grid.

Dispatching biohazard.

LUTHER: Everybody get onboard.

BARRY: Hold on. Next stop, menswear and sporting goods.


Move down!

Barry, what is it? l don't know.

Where are you going?

Somebody must've cut the power remotely.

Be strong. l'm gonna keep you safe.

Can you get it online?

LUTHER: Not without the access codes.

Nine minutes. Looks like we're going with plan B.


There's a reason we planted those explosives.





BECKY: Mommy!

Aah! Mommy!

l feel like shit.

LUTHER: She's dead.

What are you doing? She's alive. l'm going to get her.

LEON: l didn't lose friends so you could walk away. l plan on coming back.

Don't do this.

You're more important than she is.

That's where you're wrong.

This is a mistake.

Get out of my way.

Don't leave without me, okay?

Are you kidding me? l'm going with you.


Don't move. Don't move. lt's okay.

Go get her back.


You like that? Huh?



Move up!


Fall back to the elevator!

You go! l'm gonna stay a while.


When the countdown gets down to zero, you have to be on that elevator!

Someone's got to stay.


l'm kind of enjoying myself!

Go. Go!

Come on!





Oh, Becky. Becky.






Bring out the prisoner!

Cease your firing.

Or l'll execute her.

ONE: Now, throw down your guns, and step out.

Step out, or she dies!



Mommy, who are they?

Who are they?

Mommy, is that you?





You're my mommy, aren't you? l am now.





LEON: Choppers are on their way, so just sit back and relax.


What's going on?

What the hell is that?


Becky, are you hurt?

No. l'm okay.


Told you she'd have a plan.

Only the two of you? lt'll be enough.

The Las Plagas parasite.










Terminate Project Alice.














JlLL: Alice!

You can't kill me. l don't need to.

[GRUNTS] l'm coming for you!

Good luck with that.





What is it? lt's help.



Glad to have you back.



MAN: l don't care.



Wesker. l see you've made yourself at home.

Well, l must say, it does have a certain ease to it.



What is this? What have you done to me?

You were the only one to successfully bond with the T-Virus, to fully realize her powers.

Well, now l have need of you.

The old you.

So l've given you back your gift.

You are the weapon.


l'm gonna kill you.


But first, you have work to do.


The Red Queen is determined to destroy all life on earth.

This is the last that remain of us, of the human race.

lt seems we're bonded against a common foe.

This is why we needed you back. The ultimate weapon.

This is humanity's last stand.

The beginning of the end.

MAN: Close the gap! Close the gap! Keep that perimeter closed!




♪ You surprised me With a kiss ♪

♪ Underneath the Crashing waves ♪

♪ You advised me With your tears ♪

♪ Then release your hexes ♪

♪ Right back where you began ♪

♪ Torn apart from the inside ♪

♪ Race back into your skin ♪

♪ By the crawl you bring ♪

♪ You invite me To your face ♪

♪ ln between the acid rains ♪

♪ Hypnotize me with your kiss ♪

♪ Then release your hexes ♪

♪ Right back where you began ♪

♪ Torn apart from the inside ♪

♪ Race back into your skin ♪

♪ By the crawl you bring ♪

♪ By the crawl ♪

♪ By the crawl ♪♪