Restless (2012) Script

We all have secrets.

No one knows even half the truth about anybody else.

Who the hell is Eva Delectorskaya'?

I am.

No, you're not. You're my mother.

You're Sally Gilmartin.

I am Eva Delectorskaya.

You look very beautiful tonight, Eva.

Anyone ever told you that?

He's very discreet, this Romer fellow of yours.

Lucas Romer, AAS.

How do you know about AAS'?

Nobody knows about AAS.


I feel safer now.

You'll want to be a little careful, my dear.

When it looks like a grade-A, incontestable, unmistakable suicide... probably isn't.

Just say that Morris Devereux was your uncle.

Then Watch for his reactions.

I want you to meet a man called Mason Harding.

You know, get to know him. Why?

We need to know what is happening in the Oval Office.

If he finds out who you are, we can't rescue you.

Miss Dalton, do come in.

What's this all about, Mum'?

Someone is going to try and kill me very soon.

There's only one person that can help me.

Who? Lucas Romer.

Lord Romer'? Ruth Gilmartin.

Look, don't get me Wrong.

We love England.

FDR loves England.

Harry Hopkins loves England.

If it was up to us, We'd be there, you know, fighting the Nazis with you, shoulder to shoulder, mano a mano.

But we can't go to war without a vote in Congress, which we would never, ever win.

No. Not by a country mile.

80% of Americans are against entering the war in Europe...

80%... eight out of ten Americans want nothing to do with your war.

But I can assure you the Department of Commerce is concerned by what's happening in Europe.

What's your press agency called?


I can't say I've heard of it. I'm not surprised.

We deal only with Latin and South America, hence the thrust of my questions.

Listen, what you've got to understand is that my boss, Harry Hopkins, has cancer.

So I'm afraid you're stuck with me.

I don't know DC.

Is there a restaurant you could recommend?



Say, why don't we carry on this delightful conversation over a cocktail?

I can give you the names of a few nice places to visit.

Well, I suppose you could say I struck gold.

He wants to continue the interview tomorrow.


Take it to the next level.

What do you mean'?

Be extra friendly.


People only betray their country for three reasons... revenge, money, and blackmail.

You have to think of it as a job, Eva.

I miss you, Lucas.

I wish you were here with me, just us two.

How do you feel about me being in bed with Mason Harding'?

You're doing good work, Eva.

Keep your feelings out of it.

Well, thank you for a great day.

I feel like I know the city now.

I wanted to show you Arlington. Maybe tomorrow?

I'm going back to New York. Sorry.

It's the Weekend. Stay the Weekend.

I'd like you to stay.

Mason. Please.

I find you incredibly attractive.


I'm sure your wife is very attractive, too.

Look, we're not kids.

My personal situation has nothing to do with this.

I have to go to Baltimore tomorrow.

The Allegany Hotel.

You know, I was talking to Harry Hopkins today.

He's feeling a bit stronger.

Maybe we can fix up that interview after all.

The Allegany Hotel, Baltimore.

Six o'clock.

Miss Gilmartin of The Times.

The Telegraph.

Ah. Of course.

Who's your editor there? Toby Litton-Fry?

Actually, I'm freelance. Bobby von Arnim's my contact.

Bobby von Arnim?

Von Arnim'?

Don't know him.

World War ll specialist.

I wanted to ask you about the setting up of BSC...

British Security Coordination... in New York and what they were doing in America in 1941.

Why on earth would you want to know that?

I thought I was asking the questions.

May I offer you a cup of tea'?

I Wouldn't mind an alcoholic drink, actually, if ladies are allowed such a thing.

We're very broad-minded here at Brydges'.

Excellent idea.

Now, what'll it be'?

Whiskey and soda.

Be warned... All our measures are doubles in this club.

How wise.

Uh, one Whiskey and soda, Henry.

And tomato juice for me... spicy.

Right away, sir.

I've been looking forward to this meeting, you know.

At my age, one feels wholly forgotten.

Then, all of a sudden, out of the blue, a newspaper rings up wanting an interview.

It's strange how that happens, isn't it?

Bobby von Arnim.

That's the name, is it'?


I'll give Toby a ring about him.

I always like to know who's correcting the copy.

What's it'?

Your drink, sir.

Remove the peanuts, Henry.

Never serve peanuts with whiskey.

Never. Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.






Now tell me something.

What was it you wanted to know?

There was a subdivision of BSC called AAS Limited, later Transoceanic Press.

Are you familiar with them'?

Where did you get those names?

How did you come by those names?

There were in a printed source.

You've seen it... the printed source?

My uncle worked for BSC in New York in 1941.

Oh, really?

What was his name?

Morris Devereux.

Devereux. Morris Devereux.

No. I didn't know him. I...

But you admit you were part of BSC.

Remind me of your name again.

Ruth Gilmartin.


Well, I admit nothing, Miss Gilmartin.

Do you know, I'm sorry to be a bore... but I've decided to finish with this interview.

May I ask why'?

Because I don't really believe a word you've told me.

I'll see you out.

Don't worry. I'll see myself out.

I'm afraid you're not allowed to.

Grovill'? Lucas Romer here.

You know, somebody told me I should've had you checked out.

A little late now.

? If you were the only girl in the world ?

? And I were the only boy ?

? Nothing else would matter in the world today ?

? Garden of Eden 'gust made for two ?

? If you were the only girl in the world ?

Come to Daddy, baby.

Jesus. What gives?


You bitch.

You fucking bitch!

You fucking bitch!

You did very well in Washington.

Mason Harding is being incredibly helpful.

We'll know everything Roosevelt is thinking.

I missed you.

Come here. Come here.

Come here.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

It's just he wasn't...

He wasn't very nice.

I know.

I know.

That's why I thought you might, um... you might want a bit of a break, a reward.

What do you mean'? I'm going to London.

I thought you might like a bit of Winter sunshine.

While I was gone.

What's that?


First you fly to Albuquerque.

Pick up a package.

Then you deliver that package and the money to another man.

You'll be told Where to go. It's just a routine courier job.

But the FBI are very suspicious of us, so we've got to be extra careful.

Have I any choice?

Oh, I thought it'd be a bit of a treat.

If you don't fancy it, Sylvia could do it.

Who will be running me'? Morris, I think.

I'll be in London.

Can I think about it'?

Take your time. It's up to you.

What is it'?

I think I'm falling in love with you.

Oh. That would be very dangerous.

Speaking of danger...

Want to take a gun with you on your trip?

You said it was just a routine courier job.

Oh, it's just a suggestion.

Well, anyway, what would I need a gun for'?

Didn't you once say I could always use my nails and my teeth?

Eva Delectorskaya.

Who ever would have thought?

I'd like to kiss you.

But the FBI might be watching?

Goodbye, Eva.

Please turn around.

Please turn around. Please turn around.

Please turn around.


Jochen! Yes, Mummy'?

Stay in the garden. Okay, okay.

And Where the hell were you'?

I was reporting in as per your instructions.

I was busy. Imagine how I felt.

You said call, and you Weren't there.

I thought something might've happened.

I apologize.

He was very suspicious of me.

He asked me more questions than I asked him.

Doesn't matter.

The object of the exercise was accomplished.

I must say, you both looked a bit frosty when you said goodbye.

I noticed no handshake.


How do you know?

I followed him home.

You followed him home?

I was in the car outside.

I followed his Bentley to Knightsbridge.


That's how I know Where he lives...

8 Walton Crescent.

Now we can talk to him in his home.

That's much better.

Jesus, Sal.

You set me up.

You just had me flush him out.

I couldn't do it Without you.

You were great. Perfect.

If I'd told you the real plan, you'd have got nervous and given it away.

Well, you're the expert, I suppose.

We make a great team.

Seriously, we do.

He'll think somethings up.

I know him.

He'll be even more careful, more watchful.

That's why we must wait, stand back for a bit, let him settle.

And then we can speak to him in his home, when he's off guard.

Then he'll help us.

But he's got to help you, hasn't he... after what you did'?

What are you hiding, Sal'?

What happened in New Mexico?


Glad to see you're looking so Well.

I just had a two-week vacation.

Go to the mountains?

I prefer the seaside.

You Weren't here lunchtime.

I had to make a detour.

Take the package to Las Cruces. The Alamagordo Inn.

A man called Raul will contact you.

How long do I have to stay there'?

Till Raul shows up.

He'll tell you exactly what to do.

Nice talking to you.

"Fur Miami."

Fur Miami.

"Luftverkehersnetz Von Mexiko, Hauptlinen."

Hello, Sage. Rosemary here.

Hello, Rosemary.

How's the party going'?

Interesting, although my gift is disappointing.

I'll get the manager.

Rosemary says her gift is disappointing.


Inferior material.

There's a spelling mistake.

And the grammar's wrong also.

Are you sure this is our product?

Yes. As far as I know.

Tell the boss, and I'll call back tomorrow.

Where are you going'?

A place called Las Cruces.

There are also two uninvited guests at the party.

Any idea who'?

Local boys, I'd say.

Ah. Interesting but not unexpected.

They're being very nosy.

We're all noticing the new shadows.

I lost them, anyway.

Good. Proceed with caution.

I'll tell the boss.

All right.

Evening, ma'am.

I'd like a room. Three nights.

I'll pay in advance. Cash.

Uh, yeah. $20, including tax.

It's our, uh, best room.

Are you s-sure you want to stay here, ma'am'?

There's a new motel just out of town.

It's... It's much nicer.

This will do fine.

Wait here.

Don't worry about it. It does matter.

And I have to go to the bathroom.

I'm not making a big deal out of it.

It's Rosemary. Sage here.

What did he say'?

He says it's up to you. It's your party.

If you want to leave, leave.

Or if you want to change the music, go ahead.

He said, and I quote, "Trust your instincts."

"Trust your instincts."

Have you told him what I thought about the quality of our gift?

Yes. It's definitely our product.

He checked.

So they must want it distributed.

I'll give it some thought. Bye.

Morning, ma'am.

That new motel you were talking about...

Where is it exactly?

I'm sure you'll find this very comfortable.

How long were you planning on staying?

Three days or so.

And the bathroom is right through there.

It's very nice.

I'd like to pay in advance. Three nights.

Certainly. I'll be in the office.

Thank you.


Glad to see you looking so Well.

Thank you. I've just had a two-week vacation.

Go to the mountains?

I prefer the seaside.

I'm Raul.

I've got to get a beer.

Oh. God. I was dying of thirst.

Water doesn't do it for me.

You got something?

There's been a delay. A problem.

Oh, yeah?

Nobody told me nothing.

I have to come back next week.

They told me to give you this.


$2,000. Same again next Week when I come back.

I ain't complaining. We'll see you next week.


You'll be contacted.

Stay another 10 minutes, all right'?

Buy another beer.

Sure. Have another barrel.

I'm not enjoying the party anymore.

I'm going to leave.

Fine. It's your call. Come on home.

Any particular reason?

My cash payment wasn't expected.

I Wonder why.

Good point.

"Trust your instincts," the boss says.

I'll get a plane back tomorrow from Dallas.

See you later.

Move away from the door.

What do you want'?

Where's the map'?

Under the sideboard.

Get it.

And the money.

Take it out.

Take your clothes off.

I-I'm unarmed.

Take your clothes off.

Okay. Stop.

Get dressed.

W-What's happening'?

You're going to meet someone.

No. I...

I'm not going anywhere.

Sure, you are.

We'll take my car.

You're driving.

Turn left here.

Where are we going'?

Who lives out here'? Shut your mouth.

Stop here.

Listen, I have more money.

I can get you another $10,000 in an hour.

Hm. $10,000.

Get out.

Well, think about it. $10,000.


Miss Gilmartin'? Miss Ruth Gilmartin'?

What's Wrong? What's happened'?

Nothing. Just a few questions.

I'm Detective Sergeant Mason.


Yes. May we come in'?

We Won't keep you long.

Karl-Heinz Kleist is your ex-husband.


W-We never married.

We lived together. We had a child.

What's this got to do with Karl-Heinz'?

The German police want to talk to him, but he's not at his home address.

Perhaps he's on holiday.


Has he come to Cambridge to see his son'?

How do you know our child's a boy'?

I have a few facts here.

I haven't seen Karl-Heinz in over two years.

Any other family members he might visit?


Nobody in the neighborhood'?

A relative, perhaps?



Did someone send you to interview me'?

No. Just an inquiry from the Bundeskriminalamt in Berlin.

The BKA?

What do they want to talk to Karl-Heinz about?

Apparently it's to do with contacts he has with the Baader-Meinhof group.

You could arrest half the intellectuals in Germany on those grounds.

I'm just following up.

Of course you are.

Do give us a call if Herr Kleist should pay you a visit.

He Won't come here.

We're pretty much estranged.

Thank you so much, Miss Gilmartin.

It's been most helpful.

We'll see ourselves out.

Did you hear about the accident?

No. What accident?

This elderly Woman in a Wheelchair in Madingley.

Seriously injured crossing the road by a speeding driver.

Hit and run.

That's awful.

I've been in a Wheelchair recently.

The Woman was the same age as me.

The hit-and-run car was stolen. Now, Sal.

No. No. I'm not letting you get away with that.

I think they thought that that Woman in the chair was me.

I think they thought that they've got me.

The police came around to my flat.

Said they were looking for Karl-Heinz.

Did you believe them? I don't know.

I don't know anything now.

Never assume anything is a coincidence.

It's a very important rule.

You don't know what they're like.

You have to Watch for the tiniest thing, the tiniest indication.

It may save your life.

I'll get the rest of the stuff out of the car.


Don't be frightened, Ruth.

It's just me.


Karl-Heinz, you can't just come here Without telling me.

I wanted to see my son.

My boy.

Where is he'?

He's staying the night with a friend.


That's... too bad.

I'm leaving tomorrow.

Police came around here asking after you.

What have you done'?



I'm on holiday.

What, with your Baader-Meinhof buddies?

Oh, Ruth, sometimes I miss you.

It's not mutual.

I assume you Won't be telling the police about this meeting.

Think of Jochen.

I'd get out of here if I were you.



"Trust your instincts."

There's been a delay. A problem.

Oh, yeah'? Nobody told me nothing.


You'll be told Where to go.

It's just a routine courier job.

The FBI are very suspicious of us.

Thank God. Where are you'?

I'm in my safe place.

Well, come into the office.

I'm not coming in, Lucas.

Oh, don't be ridiculous. I was sold.

No. That's not possible.

You come in. Your friends are here, Eva.

I was sold.

Somebody in Transoceanic or head office sold me.

Please, Eva.

We need to talk.

Meet me on the corner of 44th and 3rd.

Ali's well that ends Well.

Don't jump the gun, Alfie.

She's not quite back yet.

Don't turn around.

How are you, Eva? You all right? You Well?

I'm fine. We have a problem, however.

I don't know what went Wrong. Transoceanic is tight.

Well, someone's not tight.

Maybe someone in head office.

Head office would give you a medal if they could.

You've done an amazing job. Can I turn around'?

Let's get a drink, celebrate your amazing achievement.

When you reported the crash, the sheriff of Dona Ana County himself went out to investigate.

He found the map and the money.

He thought it was suspicious, so he called a local FBI agent to investigate.

The agent took one look at the map and he sent it straight to Hoover in Washington.

Hoover himself put the map on Roosevelt's desk.

My God.

The FBI's on fire.

Well, how do you explain it'?

The death of a Mexican detective in a road crash near the border.

A map, in German, outlining proposed Lufthansa airline flights between Mexico and the USA.

Mexico could be a Nazi state on the borders with the USA.

The... The sheer, amazing, exceptional beauty of it all is that the map found its way to Roosevelt Without a trace, Without a hint of the devious British on it.

This has worked out better than anyone could possibly imagine.

They can't point the finger at us and say, "Another of your British dirty tricks" to trap us into your European war."

They found this themselves in their own backyard.

What can the Anglophobes or the isolationists say'?

What can America First say'?

This is hard evidence.

The Nazis are planning airline routes between Mexico City and Texas, for Christ's sake.

They're on your doorstep, USA.

It's no longer something happening across the Atlantic in distant Europe.

This war is coming to you.

But the map was bad. There was a spelling mistake.

It's not "fur Miami." It's "nach Miami."

It's not important.

Raul was just going to hand the map in to a local newspaper, feed it into the system that way... until your plan took over.

There wasn't a plan. I didn't have a plan.

London is very pleased.


I was sold, Morris.

I am lucky to be here.

You must agree.

I suppose I do.

I keep thinking, what was their plan?

By luck, I foiled it and turned it into some great triumph.

But I was supposed to be found shot dead in a desert in New Mexico, with a dubious map and a big wad of dollars on me.


What was it all about?

Who was running me'?

I was, with Angus and Sylvia.

It was my party.

Well, I should probably be suspicious of you, then.

Yes. So it would seem.

You lost the two crows who were following you to Albuquerque.


But they were waiting for you in Las Cruces.

Not them. Someone else must have been.

You knew I was going to Las Cruces.

Yes. You told me.

We all knew you were in Las Cruces.

You think the first crows were local?

Standard FBI. Men in suits with porkpie hats.

Which suggests to me that the Las Cruces crows Weren't.

They were too good... too good even for you.

Well, if it wasn't the FBI, then who was waiting for me in Las Cruces'?


Let's follow it through.

They wanted you dead with the map on you.

You could be identified as a British agent, because the FBI had followed you to Albuquerque and clearly knew who you were... before you lost them.

But how did the Mexican detective know that I had moved to the motor lodge'?

No one knew I was staying there.

I swear I had no shadows. I kept my back.

You must have had shadows. Think about it.

They must have had a big team on you in Las Cruces... six people, maybe eight.

Men and women, maybe.

They were good.

There was a Woman in a red coupe.

And at the bar that Raul took me to, there were Women there.

I wasn't looking for a woman. That's true.

And the desk clerk in the Alamagordo...

He suggested the motel to me.

Had to be a big team.

So what was the point'? One dead British agent?

Yes. What does that gain anyone'?

Cui bono "Who gains?"... That's the key.

I'll keep thinking.

Somethings bothering me. I don't know what it is.

I'll see you later.

So, what's for supper?

Steak, fried egg, roast potatoes, good red Wine?

Sounds Wonderful.

Meet me on the stairs now.

Why didn't you just give the map to Raul?

Sorry'? It was a simple job...

Pick up the package, the map, and give it to Raul.

Yes. So why didn't you'?

Because I checked it, and there were mistakes.

Inferior material.

Why did you check it'? Did anyone ask you to'?


So why did you'?

I just...

Because... Because I thought I should.

Instinct, I suppose. Good procedure.

Instinct. That's the key.

If you'd just followed instructions and given the map to Raul, none of this would have happened.

Everything happened because you didn't do what you'd been told to.

I don't follow.

Are you saying this is somehow my own fault?

I have to do some more checks.

Let's meet tomorrow, not here.

What's going on, Morris?

You can't just leave me in the dark like this.

I think the crows in Las Cruces were our friends in gray.

The Abwehr?

The Sicherheitsdienst.

No one else could be that good.

German agents? That doesn't make any sense.

I've got to go.

We'll talk tomorrow.

Has Morris been in today?

Nope. Are you looking for him'?

I just Wondered Where he was.

Mm. What's up'?

Oh, nothing important, just not convinced by this four-engine-bomber story.

God. Is that the time? Must dash.

Eve? What's going on'?

Shall we go for a drink tonight?


May I speak with Elizabeth Wesley, please?

You have the wrong number.

Oh. So sorry.

Wonderful show.

Yeah. I really enjoyed it.

EVA; Hi!

I've just been with John and Mary Weiss, and I couldn't remember if they're on the 17th or the 18th floor.

I've left my train ticket with them, you see.

Oh, dear. The Weisses. I don't know them. No.

Angus? What's happening'?

You'd better get out, Eve.

It's a System Blue here.

System Blue? Good God.

Where's Morris?

I'm supposed to be meeting him for a drink.

Morris is dead. He killed himself.

What? No.

No. No. Eve. Eve.

What are you doing here'?

Morris had asked me over for a drink.

What happened'?

He shot himself.

Doors locked, windows locked.

Some note. Doesn't make sense.

Something about some boy.

How did you get in'? The doorman didn't call up.

He was busy.

I gave him a wave and got on the lift.

You Weren't looking for Elizabeth Wesley, then?


Never underestimate the resourcefulness of our Miss Delectorskaya.


Never underestimate her... instincts.


You know Miss Dalton.

Ah. Miss Dalton. Our heroine.

She was due to meet Morris.

Can I see him'?

It isn't pretty.

It's all right. I'll be fine.

My God.


When it looks like a grade-A, incontestable, unmistakable suicide... probably isn't.

Everything happened because you didn't do what you'd been told to.

Instinct. That's the key.

Never underestimate the resourcefulness of our Miss Delectorskaya.

He said, and I quote, "Trust your instincts."

Never underestimate her... instincts.

Miss Dalton?


This may not be the right time, but C would like to meet with you... tonight.

It seems Mr. Roosevelt's going to show the world your Mexico map next week.

And C would like to meet his shining star and shake you by the hand.

C'? In New York'? Tonight?

Well, of course. I...

Pick you up at your apartment. Ten o'clock'?

Ten. I'll be there.

Sylvia, it's me.

Say nothing.

We have a System Blue here.

Morris is... has gone on a long holiday.

Romer wants us all out of the city.

Hire a car.

Bring Walking boots.

Meet me at the diner, Main Street, Albany, Soon as you can.

I'll be waiting for you.

I'll tell you everything then.

You all right'?

You said System Blue. My God.

I came as fast as I could.

Is it true about Morris?


Of course. Sure.

Romer wants us both over the Canadian border tonight... secretly.



There are tracks, hunters' trails up through the woods near Champlain.

We'll find our way.

But both of us'? Why?

We're being rolled up, Sylvia.

Someone wants all of us dead.

Let's go.

There's no tail. I was very careful.

Did anyone call you'?

Did Angus?



I left right after you telephoned.

We should keep following the trail.

When the sun comes up, we should make sure we keep it on our right-hand side.

It'll take a good few hours, and then We'll be in Canada...

French Canada.

How is your French, mademoiselle'?

What is it'?

I'm not coming with you.

It's better I should stay behind and Watch your back, say you've gone to Mexico.

We are all going to be killed, Sylvia.

I tell you. Something is Wrong.

Don't tell me anything.

The less I know, the safer I'll be.

Brought you some sandwiches.

Chopped liver and onion.

Just the thing.

You can trust me, you know.

I know. I know.

Take care.

Get out of here, girl.

We interrupt this program to bring you an important newsflash.

Reports are coming in that this morning Japanese aircraft have attacked the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

No warning was given.

The latest estimate is that three capital ships have been sunk.

Fires are burning, and there have been many casualties.

As a result, it has been declared that a state of war now exists between the USA and Japan.

Stand by for further bulletins as we receive them.

And now back to your program.

Thank you.

Ooh. Oh. I'm awful sorry.

Is your drink safe'? That's the main thing.

Safe as houses.

Can I trouble you for a light?

Of course.


And that's howl met your father.

He was posted back to London, and I came home.


You'd done it. You were safe.

No, I wasn't safe.

That's the terrible problem.

You're never really truly safe again, ever.

I had to see Alfie... to find out the truth.

Excuse me. Is this seat free'?

Help yourself, dear.


Eve. What...


I'm not the traitor.

Is that what they told you'?

Me and Morris?


They said Morris killed himself

'cause he was about to be exposed... and you had flown.

I'm not the traitor, Alfie.

Someone tried to have me killed in New Mexico.

Well, who would that be, then?

Someone had Morris killed because Morris realized who the traitor was.

I had to fly.

Otherwise I'd be killed, too, if I hadn't.

And then Sylvia was killed.

Why would I be sitting here talking to you if I wasn't telling the truth?

I'd be long gone, Wouldn't I'?

Not sitting in a London pub talking to you.

Angus... Angus is dead.

Plane that he was on was shot down when he was coming back from the States.

It was a flying boat.

Lisbon to Southampton.

Shot down.

They never found a body.

I told you.

We're being rolled up, Alfie.

Someone is rolling us up.

First Morris, then me, then Sylvia, now Angus.

Don't you see who's going to be next?

You have to be very careful, Alfie.

Perhaps we should warn Mr. Romer.

It's us that's at risk.

Don't worry. He can take care of himself.

Where do you live, Alfie?

I think We'll be safer meeting there, alone.

Yeah. All right.

You all right, Alfie?

Couldn't be better.

Cup of tea'?

Lovely. Thanks.

How you keeping, Alfie?

Mustn't grumble, Eve. Mustn't grumble.


Milk in first or after'?

After, please.

Haven't any sugar, I'm a...

I'm sorry, Alfie. I'm so sorry.


Eva! Listen to me.

Listen to me. It's not what you think.

I can explain.


Quite a raid.


It's not very sensible to be out there wandering about.

I got lost.

What were you doing in the East End'?

I...was looking for someone.

A man.

Did you find him'?

Yes, I did, actually.

I wanted to say goodbye to him.

And did you'?




That's more like you now.

Thank you, Sean.

Irish whiskey.



Talking of Ireland, uh, I was just thinking.

Uh... l have some leave due.

I thought I might head home to Dublin.


Right. Um...

Well, that'll be very nice for you.

Would you like to come'?

Yes, I would, please.

Very much.

More than words can say.

I'll arrange everything.






I will not let you kill him.

Do you understand me'?

I'm not going to kill him.

Where's the gun'?

Jesus Christ. You can't...

Lord Romer, may I have a word'?

Who are you'? I'm Ruth Gilmartin.

We met the other day at your club.

I interviewed you. I have to tell you something...

I've nothing to say to you. Please leave me alone.

No. I have to tell you something.

Goodbye, Miss Gilmartin. Please go away. Leave me alone.

Hello, Lucas.

Who are you'?

My God.

Eva Delectorskaya.

Who would've thought?

Forgive the inquiry, but what relation do you have with this woman?

She's my mother.

Jesus Christ. What...

I don't believe it.

A chip off the old block, Lucas.

What do you want'?

I should tell you that Ruth knows everything.

I wrote everything down, and I gave it to her.

Your secret life is over, Lucas.

Very soon everyone will know what you did.

It's finished.

As far as the British government's concerned, you are a Wartime traitor who has still to be brought to justice.

I just need to pick up this telephone here and you'll be arrested.

I wish you would. Please... call the authorities.

It's all finally gone Wrong. Let's face it, Lucas.

Actually, it all went wrong at Pearl Harbor, thanks to the Japanese.

Pearl Harbor rather fucked everything up.

Why were you working for the Germans?

It wasn't the Germans.

It was the Russians.


At the end of 1941, the last thing the Russians wanted was America entering the war in Europe.

Oh, no.

Europe was for Russia.

So they instructed their very special secret agent high up in the British secret service to find a way of destroying the credibility of British efforts to persuade the Americans to join the war.

The more the British were trying to manipulate American public opinion, the more the Americans would turn away from joining the war.

Hence the Mexican map.

An obvious forgery, found on the body of a dead British agent.

Who would believe anything we said after that?

Lucas Romer, spy of spies.

The ultimate double agent.

That was your mission, wasn't it'?

Those were your instructions.

So you're the sixth man.

Nothing to say to you.

You should have left me alone.

You shouldn't have kept on looking for me.

None of this would have happened.

What on earth are you talking about?

Sally, please! All right. Put the...


Don't worry, darling.

I just wanted to see what it was like... having him at my mercy for a moment or two.

Worth every second.

Actually, you shot me once before, Eva... during that air raid.

Hit me in the shoulder.

Damn. I missed.

One mission that didn't go according to plan, alas... thanks to you, Eva.

So I've been very busy ever since.

Some consolation.

But why'?

Why Russia?

Was it for the money? Blackmail?

You Wouldn't know.

You came here from exile.

You could never understand how, for an Englishman, sometimes it's as easy to hate your country as it is to love it.

I could never find you, Eva.

And believe me, I tried.

You were very good.


But I didn't think you needed to kill poor Alfie, however.

What would you have done'?

Time to go, dear.

Bye, Lucas.

Remember this evening.

Remember what I said.

You'll never see me again.

So he wanted you to be killed with the map and the money on you.

This was the man I loved, the man I thought loved me.

He trained me. He knew me incredibly Well.

He knew he didn't have to tell me what to do in New Mexico because he knew I'd do it anyway.

That's what was so damn clever.

Didn't need to tell you to check the map.

Exactly... because he knew I would.

And he knew I'd see there was something Wrong, that I Wouldn't go though with the plan, that I'd go off on my own.

But Morris had figured it out.

Before I did.

And they got to him first and faked his suicide.

I was next.

And you had to kill Alfie.


I Wouldn't be sitting here otherwise.

Romer will kill himself tonight.

The moment he saw me, he knew that his life was over.

He was a dead man.

It'll look like a heart attack or a massive stroke.

Something natural... an injection, a pill.

Something he's had ready for years.

But I worry that I made a mistake.

I took a risk.

One risk.


He knows you're my daughter. He knows your name.

Ruth Gilmartin.

They can find me now... and you.

You've got him cold, Sal. He knows that.

I worry that he might have left something written... some last instructions.

Look at them all.

Romer would be delighted.

His vanity would be flattered.

Hm. His last laugh.

All the great and the good turning up to pay their respects to the great man.

All the trappings of the establishment.

He would've loved all that.

All the time, laughing inside.

Laughing at them.


Isn't that the foreign secretary'?

Where are we having lunch?

At a lovely hotel called the Ritz.

We're going to drink champagne.

I like champagne! Can I have some'?

Yes. Of course you can.

We're going to raise a glass to Eva Delectorskaya.

She won in the end.

You won.


I suppose I did.

Are you sure'?

We can stay the night if you like.

I'm fine. Off you go.

Jochen'? Yep.

Run around and see if you've left anything.

Yes, Mum.

Seriously, are you all right'? You seem a bit...

I'm worried about my mistake.

I should have sent you in under an assumed name to meet him.

I've been so foolish. Mum, stop it.

It's over.

He's gone. It's over.

Nearly left these.

Look, We'd better go.

I'll see you Saturday.

Bye, Granny!

Bye. Drive carefully.

Oh, where's your jacket?

Uh, I left it in the kitchen.

Stay here. I'll get it.


It's only me.

He left his jacket.