Resurrection (1999) Script

Prudhomme. John, sorry to call you so early.

I was up. We got a problem.

What time is it?

Is early.

Ok. I make you some breakfast.

I don't have time. Go back to sleep.

Yeah. The old man says, I get a hard-on once a week... but I fart at least ten times a day Good morning, John. Keep them away, Mac.

Ok. Stay back!

You've been inside? No, I just got here.

Hey how does a blonde turn on the lights after sex?

She opens the car door.

I don't know why I'm wasting my good jokes on you? I don't know either.

Prudhomme. What are you doing here?

I got the call. Bullshit. We run at the scene first.

I got the call! What's the deal, man?

You don't have enough cases that you need more?

Where's the body? I asked you a question.

Hey! He just doing what they told him to do.

Hollinsworth, I'm not talking to you.

Oh, you're not talking to me, Scholfield. Yeah, well... I'm talking to you.

So what is it? Are you better than everybody else?

Nobody can do it as good as you do? We're all idiots here?

I don't see the point of this conversation.

The point is the reason why nobody likes you.

I like you.

He's a little ripe, but a... He's been dead for four days.

Who is he? Peter Balcour. He owned the place.

Who found him?

Contractor who had an appoinment with him.

It seems Balcour's old man was a little bit reckless Owned a large fleet of fishing boats...

He died a couple of months ago and left everything to his son...

Balcour had an appointment to the contractor... fix the place up to sale it.

Any other family?

Contractor said the kid was end of the line.

Anything taken? You mean besides his arm?

No. We did find his wallet in his jacket pocket with 112 dollars in.

Was he alive when he lost the arm?

Yeah. If you check out the blood splatter.

Take a look at this.

He has some kind of strange burn effect here.

And the back of his head is all singed.

What is it? I don't know.

I have to verify all that when I get him back to the shop.

Any more light in here?

No, that's it. I didn't wanna touch anything so I left the curtains closed.

Open them. Sure.

Do you finished that report? Yeah.

Thanks. OK.

Do you think this guy is somewhere in New York city?

I'll get in touch with NYPD and when they get him, I'll get his ass!

Hey Jack, can I get one of those papers?

Prudhomme, Hollinsworth. In my office.

Rousch and Scholfield were just in here preaching about you stealing their case.

They can have it if they want it.

This is not a democracy, Prudhomme. It's your case.

I gave it to you. Then what's the problem?

The problem is you pissed 'em off.

Hollinsworth is the only one in the entire department who wants to work with you.

I don't know how would it like in New Orleans... but since you came here you got through one partner after another.

Did you bring me in here to talk about my social skills?

Talking to you is like pissing into the wind.

I bet you should know better by now.

What do you got?

Peter Balcour, 33 year old, male.

Owner of a fleet of fishing boats.

And his right arm cut off up his shoulder.

The killer, we presume, took it with him when he left.

Took it where? Like a souvenir?

That's somethin' new. Witnesses?

No, but the killer left us a message...

...written in blood.

Prints? Forensic is cheking.

We won't find any prints. How the hell do you know that?

Because he doesn't want us to.

And also there be more bodies. You don't know that.

For all you know, this... What's his name? Balcour Balcour sort out a customer on a case of tuna.

The guy cut his arm off and pull out this bullshit to throw us track.

The killer wrote "He is coming on the window.

That signifies a future event that isn't taking place yet.

This guy has something worked out and today was just his first move.

If this is all planned, what's the motive?

Whe already know the motive. The killer wanted his arm.

That's a motive.

Would it be to much of asking to have a cheeseburguer any once in a while?

Why do you think he took the arm for?

Do we have to talk about this over lunch?

I don't know. Obviously we're not dealing with someone who is paying food back here.

God only knows what is doing.

Maybe we got another Jeffrey Dhammer.

Why don't take the whole body?

Maybe he only wanted a snack.

Jenny call today. She's coming to visit us.


Yes, again. What? Is there a problem?

No but the last time she came for a weekend...

...she stayed two weeks.

She's my best friend. What I'm supossed to tell her? Stay in a hotel?

Hey, are you OK?

Yeah. Just... Thinking.

About that case? I saw it on the news.

This world just keep getting sicker and sicker everyday.

Why would someone do such a thing?

I don't want to talk about it.

Well, I'm not asking details. I'm just asking your opinion.

I said I don't want to talk about it!

And the fat guy said: I though I was gonna scream when I came out of the closet.


Do you know the exact cause of death?

Yeah. Exanguination. That means he bleed to death.

He also has some burns on the right side of his parietal region.

Looks like he was tortured with a taser or some kind of cattle prod.

It didn't kill him but probably knocked him out.

So he was unconcious when his arm was taken?

No, unfortunaley he was.

His endorphine and adrenaline were incredible high in his blood.

Which means he was wide awake. He...

He experienced a severe trauma just before he died.

You tell me that he waited for him to wake up before cut his arm off?

Yeah, that's what I'm telling you. How sick is that?

I can also tell you that whoever this guy is...

...he knows what he is doing...

...because he removed that arm with almost surgical precision.

This guy is no Jack the Ripper. You might be interested in this.

Roman numerals. What's that?

Oh, yeah. Is a keymark and is tinted permanently.

Let me check the neck.

Bismark Locker Services.

Over there.


Can you identify it?

Brachiate Serafolios.

Is a flower from the Bonewood tree.

Where I can find it around here?

You cant. Is indigenous to Australia. We're not in Australia.

I can see why they made you detective.

What about the Botanical Museum? I don't think so.

This flower was picked only a few days ago.

There is one however at the Botanical Gardens.

There's your flower.

Billy? Got it.

Hey Prudhomme...

This whole area was being cut out and made back in.

Spread out. Why not?

Oh, my God...


Call Chibley and call this place down.

How difficult could be for someone afor get in here at night?

Not very difficult. All we have is a wall around the property.

No security?

This isn't a bank. All we have are plants here.



His arm is been removed.

What's that?

This guy likes to play with numbers. Doesn't he?

Prints identify him as Matthew Leesan, age 33.

He works for the I.R.S.

It seems our killer's taste in victims is improving.

To be exact he was killed before Balcour and at different location.

The killer moved this body to the Gardens.

Why go into all that trouble? First being in scene.

What about the numbers on the victims?

Actually, they're numerals. What?

They're roman numerals. And numerals aren't numbers?

All I'm saying is I think the killer choose numerals for a reason.



Numbers, numerals So far, we're only found what he wants us to find.

No prints. No trace evidence. Nothing.

What we got here is a very clever serial killer.

Guys, the lab just called down.

The blood on the window wasn't Balcour's.

From whom it was, then? Killer's? It wasn't anybody's.

Lab says it wasn't human.

Says it was lamb's blood.

Do you wanna play?

That's it, my baby.

You wanna play?.


Who called it in? I did.

Where is it? Over here.

Right down here, getleman.

Watch your steps is a mess down here.

Transients, druggies, whatever...

All kinds of shit happens to live down here.

Fuck! It stinks!

Yeah, is too easy to go outside and relieved themselves.

How do you come across in? One of the bodies slided down.

Lots of rats in this city!

Here is something you don't see every day.

It's in there.

Oh my God!

Oh my God!

Oh my God!

What's this guy wanna find?

Is like a shopping list or somethin'?

Where's his head?

There's a guy sitting in front of me here. Where's his head, John?

I'm sorry

Where is Chibley?

He's on his way.

One plastic comb, about 1,25 in change and pack of gum...

Oh yeah. And a wallet. One James Ordway.

You done? Yeah.

I got a pretty good idea what killed him.

Is this the scene? No.

The killer cut him in here... strangle him up and let him bleeding like a stuck pig.

Then he dragged him back in there, cleaned him up...

...and sat him on the throne for a dramatic effect.

I gotta have some air. You welcome.

Any witnesses? No.

What? No witnesses? No witnesses?

Are you kidding me? We talked to everyone in the building... one saw anything. No one heard anything.

Wait a minute! You kidding me. A guy gets in here...

...cuts another guy's head off...

...walked out with it and nobody sees anything?

No witnesses! Fuck!

I swear to God, man. I've been on the job for 8 years...

...I never seen anythin' like this. Never!

He want to shock us. He's doin' a good job.

Let's go.

We found the victim's wallet. Driver license id him as James Ordway.

Are we sure is him?

Yeah. We check the prints against the license. It's him.

Leesan was killed 2 weeks ago, Balcour one week ago...

Ordway, last night. He's getting up to speed.

I have the lab download his licence photo.



Numbers... 1 plus 1 plus 9. 2.

2 plus 4...

4 plus 2 plus 7...

5... Doesn't make sense. Doesn't make sense.

Peter, 119... 119...

Peter 1:19...

My God! Peter 1:19...

Mathew 24:27...

Peter, Matthew, James, All names of apostles.

Peter was a fisherman. Balcour owned a fishing fleet.

Mathew was a tax collector. Leesan worked for the I.R.S.

So the guy is some kind of a zealot?

The numbers he carved on the victims are chapters and verses of the Bible.

Peter, chapter 1, verse 19. 119.

"But with precious blood as of a lamb...

...unblemished and unspotted. Christ...

...a message was written in lamb's blood. "

Matthew, 24:27.

"For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west. so shall also the coming of the Son of man. "

All the victims were 33 years old. The same age as Christ...

...when he died.

All three died a week apart of each other...

...on a friday, the same day as Christ died.

The guy is been building the body of Christ.

You said he's actually rebuilding a body?

Yes. He's killing a person a week for the last 3 weeks.

He's half way through.

If he stays right on his friday schedule, that all take 3 more weeks.

What's 3 weeks from now? Eastern.

The resurrection.

Scolfield, you and Rousch contact...

...every seminar, school and church in the area.

Check on zealots, disturbed personalities...

Anyone who might fill the profile.

Moles, check the mental institutions...

... see if they ever treated anyone that could be our boy. Got it.

The rest can check the crime scenes again. Somebody had to see somethin'!

Care for a beer later?

I can't, I promised Sara go to the market... the house is stuffed when Jenny comes in.

What's the story with this Jenny? Is she cute?

I guess so.

You guess so? She's cute. She's cute, right?.

OK, what's the problem? You know I'm cute.

Can we make a little connection here? You'll hooked us up?

I don't know... Last all I need is for her start liking you and I've to see her longer.

No, no. That's good. She likes me, she can stay with me.

It's all good. We all win.

Are you really that desperate?

Yeah. I'm really am.

Father Rousell dropped by to see how you're doing.

Good to see you, John? What brings you by, Father?

Well, it's been 6 months since you've been to church.

I just want to see how you doing.

I'm fine.

Will you sit down. I just get's some coffee.

I'm just fine.

You shouldn't turn your back on your faith.

God loves you, John.

His love can help you heal.

Oh, I've seen how he loves me.

My son was in a coma for 5 days.

You know how many times I prayed?

Where was God when I needed him?

I'm sorry. It's alright... It's alright.

What the hell where you thinking, Sara?

I can't reach you anymore.

I'm right here.

I'm worried about you.

I'm worried about us.

What do you want from me?

I want you to talk to me.

Will you please just talk to me!

It's been 1 year since Michael died...

...and you have not visited his grave since the funeral.

You don't understand.

You are not the only one who lost a child!

I'm sorry...

I'm sorry...

I'm so sorry.

I didn't mean that.

Morning, John. Good morning.

So he says: we finally get back together and she got hit by a bus..

This isn't a joke?

No. My cousin's girlfriend got hit by a bus last night.

I'm sorry. How is she doing?

She's got a broken leg.

Smooth, John, smooth. I though it was a joke.

What so funny?

You have to be there. What do you got?

Since your press conference last night we received about 50 calls...

...we've got people accusing everyone from their mother in law to the mayor.

Well the mayor might not a bad lead.

I got someone in my office you guys should talk to.

Who is he? FBI profiler.

C'mon, Jack... OK, he's trying to help.

Alright? This guy solved a lot of cases. What is he gonna tell me?

I'm looking for a white male...

... 25 to 45 years old? Just talk to him!

Prudhomme, Hollinsworth, agent Wingate.

Nice to meet you.

I understand you might have something for us.

Well, I though maybe I can help...

...although I never come across a serial killer which moved... such accelerated paced.

How do you know what pace he's moving at?

Your captain let me look through your files.

Did he?

Based on what I've seen so far, you look for someone above average intelligence.

White male, 25 to 45 years old...

Something funny?

No, no. Go on. I'm sorry.

He'll be middle class, a loner, not married.

Those who know him will find him aloof but cordial.

Although he prefers isolation, he has the ability to navigate... social settings when he has to.

He will have strong moral and religious convictions.

Obviously his moral convictions don't include murder.

He doesn't view what he's doing as murder.

To him, he's making sacrifices to God.

What point is there in keeping his victim concious when he mutilates them?

Christ suffers on the cross.

He wants his victims to suffer.

But leaving clues behind put him at risk.

He want us to know what he's doin'.

True. But there's more to him than that.

If he merely wants you to know what he's doing...

...there're more direct ways to inform you.

The clues he leaves give him a sense of power.

And show he's in control.

Prudhomme, this fax just came in for you. I think you should take a look at it.

You've heard the voice of the prophet as he prepares the throne of grace...

...and you've twisted his message.

Those who died, do so for the glory of God.

Spread the true gospel before the end... of the Boanerges, or you should be judge by me.

What makes you think this is him?

Read the bottom.

So you do not doubt... Inside the third one was the key to the mount.

May I? Third one?


Ordway, John...

Come in. where's Ordway's body?

I just finished the autopsy. I'm making out the report now... can have it in... You can have it by this afternoon.

Anything unusual? No. Not really.

Except that all he's been eating was olives.

The stomach was full of them.

Mount of olives. It's him.

See ya.

This guy is fucking with us.

He likes you to know his word so you can publicises his work.

He knows you know what he's doin'

You failure to aknowledge him just anger him.

So he's going to kill again tomorrow and there's nothin' we can do to stop him.

Can you run a search through your database...

...and see if you have anything similar on file?

No problem. This my direct line at the Bureau...

...and my cell phone number will be at the back.

Call is it anything I can do.

Thank you.

They already got a name for him.

It sells papers.

What do you think makes a man this crazy?

Who knows.

Problems goin' up, pressures grew...

One day it start to slip through the cracks.

And there's no one there to catch you.

Happens every day.

I tell you one thing for sure, I feeling a hell of a lot better... knowing that he's drooling out himself in a petty cell somewhere.

You're assuming we're gonna catch him?

What the hell that supossed to mean?

Assuming we're gonna catch him?

It means that either we catching or hell finished what his doin'...

...and dissapear like Jack, the Ripper and the Zodiac Killer.

Or, come Eastern, he realizes all he has is a rottin' corpse in his garage...

So he figure fucked up this little respite...

...and start all over again for next year.

I don't know if he really believes he's creating the second coming.

I think is more simbolic.

He's sending a message.

Yeah? To whom? To us. The world.

The guy is a fucking nutcase!

All this religious mambo jumbo is bullshit!

You don't think the guy is at home right now, reading this headlines...

...and jerking himself off? He loves the attention...

He wants the attention!

I'm not doubting he's insane.

But don't discount his intelligence.

You think you just go out and you find a 33 year old guy...

...named Peter. Who happens to be a fisherman?

Or someone named Matthew who is a tax collector?

Don't you see planning that's got into this? The time.

Stop admiring him. He kills people. Let's hear what you say of that.

I admire the intellect, not the action.

Do you know how difficult it is to get away with murder?

There're over a 50 ways to fuck up a crime.

And if you can think of 20 of 'em you're a genius.

So far, this guy is adding a thousand.

...just to find thy words... ... the faith of the son of God...

Spread the true gospel before the end of the... Boanerges...

You shall be judge by him.


From the greek, sons of thunder... epitet used by Jesus.

Sons of thunder... Seems to be 2 people or more.

Who is it?

John Prudhomme!

John, is very latee. I'm sorry, father.

I need to talk to you, is important.

Come in. Thanks.

Is everything alright?

Yeah. I need some information on the... Bonaerges.

The what? The Boa-ner-ges.

Oh, is pronounced Boa-ner-ges.

Yeah, whatever. I... I know it means sons of thunder.

Who's sons?

Zebedee. Who is he?

He's only mention in the Bible in relation to his sons.

Yeah, where in the Bible? You should know this... listen father, I don't have time for a Bible class right now. well, come with me.

Here it is...

Mark, 3:17.

James sons of Zebedee and John, the brother of James...

...and he surname them the Boanerges... Which is the sons of thunder.

John, the brother of James?


Thank you, father.

Ordway has a brother. His name is John.

He's going to be the fourth victim. I need an address, fast. Thanks.

John Ordway, fotographer has a work studio... at 1432, Baker Street. Home address?

The Baker's studio is his home address.

Ok, I'm ten minutes away...

Call him and tell him to lock himself in. And wait for me.

I'll meet you there.

I talked to him and told him to lock himself in.

Call for backup and check the perimeter.

Detective Hollinsworth requesting backup at 1432, Baker Street.

Hang on! Hang on!

Oh God! Hang on!

Hang on!

Oh my God!


I think he's still here...

He's here! He's here!

Are you ok? He fucking got by me!

Where did he go?

Let's split out.

I want a 10 blocks perimeter set. I'm on it.

Close the roof!

You two take the alley, We'll take the street!


Put your hands on your head!

He's got a gun!

Drop the weapon! Drop the weapon, now!

Put it down!

Drop it and put up your hands rigth now!

Don't shoot!

No! No! No!


The gun was taped to his fucking hand!


Get an ambulance! Get an ambulance!

Take it easy! God!

No! Oh, no!

I can't... I can't feel my leg.

I can't feel my leg! Can't you give him something?

I did. It doesn't seem to work! I cam see my leg!

Can you see my leg? Hold on!

We'll be at the hospital in few minutes.

Andy, 2 boys are sharing in a hospital room..., one boy ask the other why did he stayed for... the boy says: circumcision..

The other boy says: Oh man, I'd that done right after I was born...

...and I couldn't walk for a year.

It was... It was the fucking worst joke I'd ever heard, John.

I know.

Hello, Jack. Sara.

How is he? We don't know yet.

Bone is completely shattered.

We stopped the bleeding, but we'll have to ampute it.

It has to be something else you can do.

If it was, detective, I'll be doing it.

Hey. Hey.

How you doin'? I'm okay.

They wanna take my leg. They wanna take my leg.

I know.

Don't let 'em take my leg.

Please, don't let 'em take my leg.

John, please, don't let them take my leg!.

I'm scared. I'm scared.

I'm... I'm scared!

What the hell is he doing?

It's a... An old cajun superstition.

When someone suffer, you put a knife under the bed...

It cuts the pain in half.

What are you doing here?

I'm working.

John, go home. Get some rest.

I'm not tired.

In my office.

John, I want you to take a few days off.

We can't waste anymore time.

That's really how you see it? Isn't it?

If you not here, the rest of us it just ploughing alone in the dark.

I dind't... You seeing those guys up there?

Those are detectives.

They do the same job as you.

I know that.

I also know we had him last night.

He was standing in the same room with me. And got away.

Don't take me out of this, Jack.



What do you think he's gonna do? I mean, you interrupted him last night.

He didn't get what he came for.

If he wants to stay on schedule for Eastern...

He's gonna have to make up for lost time.

So do you.


We just want you to know that... Thanks guys.

Thank you.

There's a Dr. Nestler on line one for you.

Hi, doctor. We've a problem over here...

...that I think you should know about it.

I though the operation went fine.

It did.

I... I don't understand.

One of our ordelies was found out unconcious down there.

Someone beat the hell out of him.

I'll send an officer over. The police are already here.


The orderly was carrying an appendage dowstairs.

Somebody stole your partner's leg.

Can I see him?

He's still pretty grounded. Try not to be long.


I wanted to stop by and see how you were doing.

You need anything?

Yeah. A leg.

You got one?

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Hey, you know... When I was coming out of the alley...

I was... I was... I can hear you screaming.

I just... I never imagined that you were screaming at me.

I must being pretty out of it, from the stunt gun.

I just get...

I just get moving towards the sound of your voices.

I loved being a cop.

Is all I ever wanted to be.

For as far back I can remember.

A cop. Helping people.

Righting wrongs.

You know what I mean? That's the finest thing you can be.

Oh man... Oh man...

What I'm gonna do now, John?

What I'm gonna do now?

You can go, you know? You can go.

I just want to be left alone. Alright?

Go on. Go!

Wingate. John Prudhomme.

Thank you.

You let him get inside your head. You can't do that.

How am I do not that?.

You divorce yourself from your emotions.


Turn it off like a light switch?

Right now, there is a cop... a friend...

Who will never be the same because of me.

You're doing exactly what he wants you to do.

You're concentrating in your guilt.

I got my fucking partner shot last night!

What the fuck at you looking at?

How can I help you, Prudhomme?

I assumed there are others you can talk to...

Or you just wanted to vent. Sorry.

I think last night was my best shot at catching this guy and I fucked it up.

I don't know where to go from here.

If you can't go fowards, go backwards.

Back up. Who is he? What do you know about him?

He wants to kill?

I mean, he's insane.

I've spent years studying these guys. Divulging their excuses...

Fathers who beat them, mothers who raped them...

Voices tell them what to do...

The bottom line is, except for a very small percentage...

...they all know they commited murder.

He thinks he's rebuilding the body of Christ. If that is not insane!

His actions don't define his state of mind.

Look at Dhammer, Casey, Bundy...

They all commited horrible acts. But they were sane.

The fact that he's careful not to leave any evidence behind...

.. shows he's aware the're consequences to his actions.


I don't care if he's sane or not...

I just wanna catch him.

You couldn't catch a cold, the way your thinking.


Stop focusing on his state of mind.

Look for the pattern. Whatever he thinks he's doing...

...or creating that's what drives him to murder.

What is doing it doesn't as much important as why is doing it.

If you can figure that out it lead you to him.

You really should eat. No, thanks.

This came for you while you were out.

How is Hollinsworth doing?

You didn't see him? Yeah, I'm saw him.

Anything else? Nothing.

The computer give us a couple of names that could be our boy, but...

...they're all in prison or in the loony bin.

It would appear that I underestimated you.

Sometimes, I'm too clever for my own good.

It won't happen again.

You must admit there's a strange irony in the last night events.

In the end, I got what I wanted.

John would be better, but Andrew was an apostle also.

I was hoping not to make this personal...

I warned you that you would be judged

...if you did not tell the world of my work.

Your lack of contrition...

...leave me no choice but to punish you.

Your penitency shall be remorse.

Remorse for the dead of your wife.

There's a unit in the area!

Send them over, now! Get out of the way!

Sir, you have to stop right there! I live here!

Believe me, you don't wanna go inside! Let me go!


I'm taking care of this now.

You don't need to see this.

No. No. No!

John, c'mon. C'mon!

You don't need to be here. Step outside.

No! No!

C'mon, John. Step outside!

John, don't touch anything.

This is a crime scene.



I'm pulling you off this. It's gone too far.

He came to my house...

To kill my wife.

Wich is why you're off this thing.

It's personal, now.

You can't do this.

It's done. I'm giving it to Rousch and Scolfield.

I'm went out to get something special for dinner.

Jenny was tired for the trip.

We don't have to talk about it now.

Why would someone do such a thing?

It was him.

The guy who is killing all these people.

He was trying to hurt me.

By killing Jenny?

Oh, my God! He was trying to kill me!

I though I'd lost you.

I want you to go stay with your mother until this is over.

But, John...

Sara, please...

Good evening...

As it has been, our top story tonight continues to be...

...the ongoing search for a serial killer.

Chicago Police Department has released part of a tape...

...sent to them by the "Numbers Killer".

"It would appeared I under estimated you...

Sometimes I'm too clever for my own good...

It won't happened again".

Anyone who recognizes this voice... asked to contact the Homicide Division...

...of the Chicago Police Department.

In other news tonight, Chicago City officials has released...

...last year crime statistics...

What's up?

A woman just called from the Beaumont Hotel...

Says she recognizes the voice in the tape.

I'm gonna want to take a couple of guys with me.

Take whoever you need.

Let's go. Yeah.



He said whoever I need.

I'm looking for Dolores Koons. Well, take a seat...?

Chief... This ain't an interview, buddy.

4- D.

Nice smell in here.

It's like a goddammed letrine.

Miss Koons? Yeah.

I'm Detective Rousch. You called us?

Yeah. I sure did.

I was watching the news this morning then I heard the tape.

I mean, as soon as I heard it I thought to myself that's Mr. Bresler...

You know his first name?

Fisrt name? No.

I just always called him Mr. Bresler.

He seems like a very nice guy.

But I bet a lot of those serial killers are like that. Huh?

You sure is his voice?

Yeah, enough to call.

Where we can find him?

Down the hall. 4-G If is him? Do I like gain anything?

Appreciation from the people of Chicago.

Mr. Bresler, is the police. Could you open the door, please.

Mr. Bresler, we'd like to talk to you. Please, can we come in?

We're here because someone thinks you might sent us a tape.

A tape...

Mr. Bresler, I'm gonna read you a couple of sentences...

I apreciate if you repeat 'em back to me.

It would appeared that I under estimated you.

Sometimes I'm too clever for my own good.

It would appeared that I under estimated you.

Sometimes I'm too clever for my own good.

It won't happened again.

You must admit there's a strange irony in the last night events.

But in the end, I got what I wanted it.

John would been better, but Andrew was an apostle also.

Should I do the rest?

He's not the guy. What? Did you hear his voice?

He made the tape...

...but he's not the guy we're looking for.

His blind.

Mr. Bresler, did you make the tape?

Yes. Why?

Someone paid me 50 dollars. Who? Do you know him?

Some guy I met in the park.

Said he was working in some kind of movie...

He was looking for interesting voices.

I knew that was a lot of bullshit...

But 50 bucks is 50 bucks.


He's smart. He talked to us without using his voice...

The guy who made the tape can't identify him.

I'm getting the feeling we never gonna catch this guy.

They just found number 5.

Hey, John? Yeah.

You got change for a dollar?

Come with me.

What are we looking for?

Peter Balcour had five quarters in his pockets...

So did Leesan. What about the others?

James Ordway too. John Ordway also.

So did Wells. Five victims. All with five quarters in their pockets.

No way that's a coincidence.


To finish what he's doing he needs six bodies.

Six bodies with five quarters each is thirty quarters.

Thirty pieces of silver!

He thinks he's Judas?

No. He's letting un know why he's doing this.

He's atoning. John?

Take a look at this. What is it?

Homicide report from Tennessee.

Two and a half years ago, a police incursion found a 33 years old male...

...with his head cut off. Victim's name was Phillip Weir.

He was an apostle. Yeah.

How did you get this?

FBI computer spilled it out. Just now?

What do you mean just now?

We call over Quantico about three days ago.

But I asked Wingate three weeks ago!

I'm detective Prudhomme. I wanna see agent Wingate.

Agent Wingate is in a meeting right now.

I don't care what he's doing. I wanna see him now!

I think you better get out here.

Hava a seat, please.

No, thank you. I don't wanna sit down.

I wanna see Wingate.

Is there a problem here?

What the fuck?

Yes there is a problem!

I wanna see agent Wingate!

I'm agent Wingate.

Didn't anybody check his I.D.?

Yes sir, they said they saw it.

But look at to him...

Somebody this clever wouldn't have any problem getting a card.

A badge you can find anywhere.

What about the office number they gave us?

It was a message center, rented by mail with a money order.

Cell phone number? Clone..

If we get a print and it's on file, we'll id him.

We still have on thing on our side.

He doesn't know we know it.

Wingate. Prudhomme.

How is it going? Good.

We may have find a few things that might put us a little closer.

What things?

I want to run them by you here, sometime.

I'm kind of busy today... It only take about half hour.

I'll meet you in two hours over that pizza place.

Great, I apreciate it. no problem.

We got him.

Are you guys ready? Ten-Four.

Moltz? Roger.

He's here.

He's crossing the street. Dark blue suit.

Got him.

Take him! Freeze!

Put your hands over your head. Now!

Put your hands on top of your head!

Get down! Down!

Get on your fucking knees, now!

Get on your knees. Now!

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be use against you in a court of law.

You have the right to an attorney.

If you can't afford one it would be too fucking bad.

Let's get this prick into the fucking car.

It just a matter of time that your prints tell us who you are.

Only if I have a criminal record in Illinois...

Which I do not.

I'd like to know why I'm here.

Because you murdered five people.


What, may I ask, is the evidence you using to support this claim?

Do you have any prints? Any trace evidence? Physical evidence?

Witnesses? Motive? Anything?

One thing that connects me with these crimes?

You don't have to answer. I already know. I've seen the files.

You think you really clever, don't you?

Let's talk about the clocksteel murder.

I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about.

Oh yes, you do. You where there.

What was it a practice one?

Do you really think you're doing God's work?

If God were to call upon someone...

You really think he'd choose a pathetic little whined like you?

Detective Prudhomme, I do believe you're trying to provoke me.

Listen to me... No! You listen to me.

I'm talking with you because it gives me something to do before my attorney arrives.

The truth is I'll be out of here in 48 hours.

You know it and I know it...

Of course, you and your partner will follow me...

Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot! Your partner can't walk anymore...

Since his leg was blown off. Shut up!

I'd imagine you carry a tremendous amount of guilt for that.

Shut your mouth!

He trusted you, but when he run towards you for safety...

Prudhomme, outside. Now!

I enjoyed our little chat, detective. I truly did.

He's a cocky little prick, isn't he?

He knows we've nothing.

He also knows the law.

If we don't get something in 48 hours, we got to cut him loose.

I'm sorry about last week.

It wasn't your fault.

You know that.

It's okay.

They said you got him. Who is he?

We don't know. We plastered his face all over the news.

Hundreds of people are calling.

We feed the names into the computer and a...

...wait for a print match.

But it's him? It's him.

You cant let this fucker walk, John.

I won't.

I won't.

Not guilty.


Your honor, the State is requesting the bail be denied.

On what grounds?

We do not know the defender's true identity...

...therefore we cannot determine his ties to the community.

We feel that the risk of flight is great.

The fact that the police cannot prove nor disprove... client's identity is not grounds to deny bail.

The truth is Mr. Wingate has been held for nearly two days...

...on a probable cause on another matter.

Is this true, Mr. Galloway?

Yes, your honor... he is considered the prime suspect... regards to recent murders.

I see no murder charges before me...

...the only charge I see is impersonating a federal officer.

Bail is set at twenty thousand dollars.

We'll have a ten minutes recess. Gentleman, will you aproach the bench, please.

Mr. Galloway, what exactly do you think you're doing out there?

Just stop a murder for going free.

Therer are procedures for that.

As a distric attorney, I should not have to tell you this.

I will not have this courtroom used...

...for your own personal agenda, Mr. Galloway.

Judge, my client is ready to post bail...

I like to request his inmediate release.

I'm still have six hours left to hold him.

And I'm intent to use them.

Six hours, Mr. Galloway...

You are to file murder charges or you'll release him.

Janice, what the... I sent photos of a man!

Sex change operation. Ok, thank you very much.

When was the last time you saw him?

40 years ago! I'll check on it. Thanks.

The killings in Tennessee? Ask him how far is from Clarksdale.

Ma'am, how far are you for Clarksdale?

20 miles. Ma'am I need you to...

Gerald Demus. Pass it through...

FBI, Tenesse Police and the DMV.

No, thank you. I'll be going out for lunch today.

I just got out the phone with the Social Service Department...

They have no record of a Gerald Demus.

You try the neighbors in town?

We're on it now.

I'm here for Greg Wingate.

Yeah? Delwey's here to pick up Wingate.

What? Stall him! How?

I don't know! Think on something.

We're having troubles finding the paperwork.

City Court. Judge Seers, please.

Prudhomme, what the hell do you think you're doin'?

Wingate was supposed to be released 15 minutes ago.

Re-cause him.

You got something you can give right now?

No. Then kick him loose.

I need a little more time.

We think we know who he is. And if he is...

He lives 20 miles for an identical murder 2 years ago!

We don't have any more time.

I just got a call from Judge Seers.

She issued the riff for his inmediate release.

Thanks a lot.

You're out of here.

I want you on him the minute he walks out the door.

If he takes a shit, I wanna know how many times he wipe his ass.

Sign here. Here?


Thank you. My pleasure.


He is in Sixth and Blanche.

He heads for the train station.


Sheriff in Tennessee says he arrested...

...Gerald Demus 5 years ago for attacking a town minister.

Prints are on their way over. Get that out.

You think he's leaving? No.

He's not finished yet.

Yeah. Prints are in. Lab's working on them now.

Can't you do this faster?

Yes. We got a match. Take him.

Demus? This is the police.

Stand up and open the door slowly.

Dot it now!

Shit! Fuck!

What? Everyone moving. I want this place closed down. Now!

Seal the door. Got it.

Hold it, please. No one must leave. This is a police emergency.


Hey! Sorry.

Hey! Hey you! Hey you, stop!

Get down! Get down!

Get down!

Get out of my way!





Motherfucker! Get out of the way!

I losted him. Shit!

5 years ago, Demus attacks the local minister in Windsfield.

The minister refuses to press charges...

So they kick him loose.

But he's still arrested.

What else were his prints in the system?

Woodsville is a small department.

They only came online with the Tenesse database 3 years ago.

Even then, they only have recent arrest into the system.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in computers...

...and we id the guy because some old lady... Willingstone, Tenesse, watched him on TV?


Two and a half years later, Demus kills Phillip Weir.

Why'd he stopped?

Because 2 weeks after the murder he was picked up in Tulsa.

Wandering the streets. Talking to the pidgeons.

He spent the next 2 years in the state mental hospital.

They just released him 6 months ago.

Why he didn't stay in Tulsa?

The media wants to pass the status, ok?



Thomas Heckert, 33.

That's the boyfriend, works the graveyard in the Memorial Medical Center.

Found him this morning when he came from work.

How long he's been dead? A few hours.

He took the torso. Left the legs, the arms and the head.

You think this is the end of it?

I hope so.

This thing have to happen.

All you had to do was hold him a little longer.

Don't lay this at my door!

This man is still be alive if your guys didn't loose him!

Yeah, right. Fuck off!

You've seen this?

They running a pictorial of the crime scenes.

Jesus! Next thing, they'll be giving tours.

This isn't right.

What isn't right? This photo.

When we sealed the crime scene, all the windows and shutters were closed.

Look at the upstairs window. It's open.

Where's the best place to hide?

Somewhere we already looked.

Go upstairs.

Go, go! Move. Move! Go!


Sweet mother of God!


You better get in here.


Prudhomme, check this out upstairs.

Behold the glory of God!

Sinners, take it!

Soon, the hand of judgement shall be upon ye.


Alright. We leave a team here in case he comes back.

He'll be back...

Twelve apostles should be dead...

Look at the spreaders, he used 'em to open the chest.

Don't even tell me that.

Yes. He's going after a heart.

Tomorrow is Easter...

We need to search every hospital...

We looking for a woman who gives birth to his son after midnight.

You know how many hospitals... Her name would be Mary.

I got a Mary at St. Paul. She's in labor now.

Girl or boy?

I don't know. The parents didn't want to know the results of the ultrasound.

You and Scolfield go to see that one.


I got it! What?

Oak Park Memorial has Mary Dominguez...

She just gave birth to a boy. Let's go!


Hold it! C'mon!

You're okay? Shit! Yeah. Go, go!

Call for backup! Go, go, go!

It's over. Give me the baby.

No! No!

It's called instinct. For him to cry, isn't it?

Put down the gun.

Put it down!


I'd imagine this is a painful situation, you'd already loose one child.

It's over. We've been inside the house and dump the body.

Sacrilege! It's a sacrilege!

You're nothing now. Nothing but another lunatic.

One year form now, no one will even remembered you name.

If I'll drop this child they will. No!

It's my last offer.

No! No!

It's time for us to die.


Here you are Mr. Prudhomme. Thank you.

Are you alright? Yes

John, the baby's parents would like to thank you.

Thank you for the life of my son. I'm glad he's alright.

Please, take this.

Thank you.

I spoke to the doctor...

You're gonna be out of the field for at least 3 months.

Its not important. I need some time...

I need to pick up some of the pieces in my life.

I love you. I love you too.

Hey man, come on in. This is time for a test drive.

You look good, Andy. You're mad? I'm terrible.

I met a guy who runs the Boston marathon with one of this things.

When are you coming back to work?

I'm coming back. Don't get me worng, John. I'm comin' back.

I'm comin' back but no sit around one damm desk, either.

Guys skiing with this things, you know?


Let me help. I'm ok, John.

Listen, seriously...

If this is gonna work for real, you gotta gimme a chance, alright?

You gotta gimme a chance to come back.

I'll be good as new. But you gotta gimme a chance.

You may have to pickup a fair share at the legwork.

But I will be back.

Whatever you say, partner.