Return to Macon County (1975) Script

Mother, that sounds like sweet music. Let's do it.

Get in, Harley.


All right. Skin her on back, Jack, and don't talk back.

You ready? I was born ready, baby.

Blast off! Goddamn!

Roll on, pretty Jesus.

Hey, where's the quarter-mile Mark?

At the crest of that hill. All right.

All right! What'd we turn?

Just 8.7 in the quarter, that's all.

8.77 when we get to the grand nationals, we're gonna kick about a ton of butt.

Two ton of butt!

Goddamn! 8.7!

Hey, who are those guys? They're not from around here, are they?

Some wiseasses from out of town, probably.

Let's get up on him.

Hey, cutie pie!

What are you doing with this snake?

Hey, get out of here.

Hey, baby! Let's go!

Just ignore them.

Go on, get out of here.

What is that? Man! Some wool!

Let's stop and get that. All right.

Bo, hurry up! Get in here. Go!

Hey, you bastards!

Here, buddy. Check this out.

Take that.

Oh, come on. No!

Come on, honey.

We'll drop her off at the next street.

Yeah, I ain't gettin'... No, okay! Okay!

Goodbye. Oh, me too!

Me too!

See ya. Bye. Bye!

Throw me the keys, will ya? Yeah.

There's your key, Harley.

Oh, get in there.

Hey, what you doin'?

I just gotta make a couple of little minor adjustments...

On that injector.

I felt it cuttin' out on us back there. Oh, come on, harl.

Let's chow down first.

No, you go ahead. It's only gonna take me a minute.

Now, isn't that sweet? One sweet beauty.

All right, man. Knock yourself right out.

Oh! Hey, hey! Look out there. I'm sorry.

That's all right. Hi.

Hi, yourself. How are you?

Okay. I gotta go. Okay. Yeah.

See you later, alligator.

I'll be right with you. After a while, crocodile.

Here, take this for me. I've got an order.

Hey, harl.

Hey, hey. Watch it there. Watch it. Watch it.

Did you fix that thing?

Does a wild bear shit in the woods?

I'll be right back.

I fixed it. What's your pleasure, gents?

Well, I always liked sex, myself.

Could I have a half a dozen chocolate-covered black widow spiders...

And a tuna malt.

If you guys want to eat, I suggest you call it. I've got orders to pick up.

Ooh, tough, tough, tough, tough.

Two cheeseburgers... one rare, one medium.

Fries, well done. Two milkshakes. And hold the tuna.

What flavor on the shakes?

I'd like vanilla, extra thick.

Make mine lipstick.

She ain't playin' with a full deck.

You know, when we get to California and we win, we're gonna be eight skate and donate.

You ain't just a-damn whistlin'.

We also gotta come up with $300 for this entrance fee, and we're damn near broke.

Don't sweat it. We been broke before.

Besides, you can always get a job.

Good god!

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

God almighty. Look what you've done to my shirt.

Junell! I didn't mean it.

What have you done now? Goddamn clumsy...

Take this other order before it gets cold, and I'll talk to you later.

I'm sorry, sir.

It's not my day. No, I'd say not.

I'll tell you this... I'll tell you, you hit what you aim at.

Oh, hell, it looks kinda good on him.

Oh, could you bring me some ketchup? Yeah.

Yeah, and it goes with his looks.

I want to know what you're gonna do about this shirt.

I said I was sorry. Let go of me.

Sorry don't get it, girl. What's gonna happen about this shirt?

You just let me go! I'll tell you what, mister.

You can take that shirt...

And you can jam it up your poop chute.

Oh, boy.

What'd you say, Sonny?

Folks... I think you heard me.

I think there's gonna be trouble.

You can take that shirt you got right there...

In fact, I know there's... And jam it right up your poop chute!

You're looking for a mashed mouth, Sonny boy.

Hey, lardo! Over here! Hey, fat man!

Hey, come on... You just shut up!

You two get the hell out of here. Don't move.

Just be quiet. Everything's all right. Bo.



Jesus! Will you just look what you've done to my place?

Relax. Easy. We're going. We're going.

Nice to have met you, cupcake.

And you, you're fired!

That's just fine! I'm fed up!

Get this place cleaned up.

I'm sorry, sir. Excuse me.

Hey, wait a minute!

Where are we going?

Where are we going?

What do you mean "we," paleface?

No matter. Anyplace you guys are going is good enough for me.

As long as it's far away from this dump!

Hold it, cutie pie. Wait just a minute.

Conference. Conference. Right.

Let's just take her down to the next town and drop her off. What do you say?

Bo, I got a feeling this girl is trouble, and I don't think she ought to go with us.

I'm gonna call the police on youl! Right now!

Let's beat it. Right.

You guys will like California.

Oh, you think so? Yeah.

Oh, you've been to California?

Sure. Lots of times. See, my daddy's in the army.

He's a general. He's a very important man.

Yeah, well, your average store-bought, factory-stock generals usually are, aren't they?

I'd say so, myself. Hell, I always thought that.

He runs the whole army and everything! Runs his own army!

It's a big responsibility. Oh, he's got guns and everything!

He's got a big house and tennis court. Oh, yeah?

I guess I just come by my large capacities naturally.

Harley, what do you think?

I'm not paid to think.

I turn... I turn nuts and bolts.

All right. That's my limit.

Well, off with the old, on with the new, huh?

I'll say.

Hey, harl, what do you say we take a breather now, huh?

Hey, Harley! What's that empty space for?

That's for the trophy we're gonna win in California at the grand nationals.

Then we're gonna have a complete set.

Hey, Harley! Harley!

Hey, I can't hear myself think! That's what you're racing for?

What'd you just say to me?

You're racing just to get another trophy? Excuse me.

I don't think he likes me. What, Harley?

Ah, come on. Harley likes everybody. I'm telling you.

I'm gonna take it on the road and work out some kinks.

Don't you two do anything embarrassing while I'm gone.

And if you do...

Don't name it after you?

Well, if you can think of a better name...

See ya later, sweet potater.

Hey, Harley, you be careful.

Think it's haunted? What?

That building.

No, it can't be haunted.

Hasn't got a roof. Can't keep the ghosts in.

Well, what if it is?

If you get scared or something, you can always hold onto me.

I'm scared, I'm scared!

Wow! Look at this!

It's really a neat old place. Beautiful.

It's great.

You're gonna lose.

I'm gonna what? It's your attitude.

Oh, yeah.

Right, right, right.

It's just that you're driving me kinda crazy, you know?

I'm talking about California.

When you get there, you're gonna lose that race.

Wait a minute, junell. Wait a minute.

Just what the hell you talkin' about?

Don't talk dirty to me, Bo.

I don't like dirty talk.

Junell, what do you know about race car driving?

You don't know anything. You've never even driven a car.

I know how good that car is, and I know how good I am.

And I'm the best there is.

You hear that, junell? I'm the best there is!

Hello, dreamboat. Hi.

Are you from around here?

Nope. Just passin' through.

Thought I'd stop for a while and see the lovely sights.

We all go to Milton high.

Oh, then you must know hy lover.

Hy lover? Hello, darlin'. Hop on in.

Oh, nol!


Don't you have all the luck!

Gosh, Betty gets all the guys.

What do you think's under the hood?

Carbureted six, no more.

I figure that you're causing about as much excitement as this town has seen in a very great, long while.

I know somebody who's getting kind of impressed.

God knows we need it around here.

Oh, let me have a pecan.

There you go.

That's a mean-looking iron you got there, hot rod.

I'll tell you what. She's as mean as tiger piss.

Ain't nothin' got wings can get close enough to smell her.

There's always a first time for everything, right?

Think you can handle that black Ford over there?

Eat it alive and spit out the bones.

You're sure about that, huh?

Is eisenhower president?

I got 20 bucks in my pocket that says I can suck that yellow cab you're sittin' in right up my exhaust pipe.

Don't rattle my cage, kid, if it ain't feedin' time.

Twenty bucks. Shit.

Come back and see me when you've made your fortune.

I don't turn a cam for less than 50.

Fifty bucks, huh?


All t got's 20 bucks.

We can handle it. He's all show and nothing else.

I don't know. That's weird Tom.

He's the rottenest guy in the whole school.

Okay, big shot.

Fifty dollars.

Name the time and the place. I'll be there.

Right now.

You can laugh if you want to, but I was miss Birmingham tool supply in '55.

You know how I got there?

I'll tell you. Promotion, that's how. It works.

I suppose you got somebody in mind for this promotion.

That's right. Me.

Well, forget it, junell, because that's a dumb, stupid idea, so just forget it.

I don't need you anyway. I can get to California on my own.

I'm going there for my screen test.

Your what? My screen test.

Your screen test? Yeah.

What's wrong with that? I could be in the movies.

Do you think they just let anybody go into California and go into one of them big offices and get a screen test just 'cause they got a...

A what? You know what I'm talking about.

Well, just because they've got a great body.

What about you? You think you can just go to California, enter the grand nationals, win the race, get the trophy, just 'cause you got a great car?

Yeah, that's exactly right because I know what I want to do, and I'm gonna do what I want to do, and don't you forget it!

Well, so do I. So there.


Come on.

Hello, dreamboat. Long time no see.

You change the plugs?

Yeah, and I advanced the timing.

Well, let's go. Sounding good.

Oh, yuck. Here comes Tom.

So you got the money, big shot?

Why don't we let dreamboat here hold the purse?


She's got to be good for something.

Nice guy. Oh, yeah. Charming.

Just hang loose, man.

Hang loose? I'm loose as a goose.

I've got that 50 spent already.

Line 'em up.

Take you someplace real nice soon as I put this Turkey away.

I'll hold you to it.

Ready to eat a little Chevy smoke?

Anything you say, hot dog.

All right, turn 'em!

On your Mark, get set...


Come on. Come on!

Thanks, dreamboat. Would you prefer the Taj Mahal?

Or maybe we could take a trip down the Amazon river.

Oh, you are just too much!

What happened?

Hey, you cheatin' bastard!

I want my money back.

You asked me to race, remember?

Yeah, but you're jacking me around, buddy, because this car ain't stock.

Will you look at that?

How about that? I built it myself. What's this car running on?

Ethyl. Ethyl, my ass. What else?

A little smoke here and there, but...

But you lose, buddy.

Hey, you guys, leave him alone!

Leave him alone!

Hey, he beat you fair and square.

You leave him alone! Get his wallet!

Let's go.

Are you okay?


What's your name, anyway?

Harley. What's yours?

I'm Betty.

It's nice to meet you.

Does that make it feel better?


Bo, come quick! He's hurt! It's not fair!

Who are you? I'm Betty. Real nice to meet you.

Harl, you're a goddamn mess!

Really! Yeah.

Yeah, some guys from town beat him up. It was awful.

I won, Bo...

But about six of 'em beat the hell out of me and took it all back.

Fifty bucks.

Wait a minute. You took our car into town, raced it, you won?

And six guys beat you up and took our 50 bucks?

Fifty bucks, man. Fifty bucks?

Wow! Geez!

Goddamn it, Harley! Now, that was our California money.

I know, Bo. I'm sorry, man.

Hell, it was a piece of junk. I coulda outrun it on foot.

There was no competition. We can stand here and talk about it and bullshit about it all day, or we can go get our money back.

Oh, god, no! Those guys are real bad news!

You feel up to it? You bet!

We're going to get the money. I don't care if they're the green bay packers!

Hold it.

They always have to stuff their faces after they've had a massacre.

There they are! That's them!

Bo, pull up over there behind the building.

See the size of that guy over there? Yeah.

We may have to fight the whole damn parking lot.

If you guys go over there, they're gonna recognize Harley.

She can't do anything. I'm gonna go speak to them.

Wait a minute, wait a minute. All right, all right.

Go over and check it out. Okay.

Wait a second. Come here, junell.

Find out who's got our money, all right? Yeah.

No, wait. Two things.

Don't do nothing crazy. Okay.

Don't get hurt. Yeah.

Come on...

The name's Betty. Yeah.

You just tell me who they are. Oh, yeah.

I'll give you a fine introduction to these dorks.


Hi, Tom.

I'd like you to meet my friend, junell. Hi.

Where's your other friend? Who cares about him anyhow?

I've been wanting to meet you because everyone's talking about that last race.

Where were you?

I couldn't make it, man. I was racing someplace else.

Oh. You drag race too, huh?

Yeah. For money.


But I bet I wouldn't stand a chance against this car.

Now you're talking.

You don't stand a chance against this, unless your head's made out of iron!

Now, what's that for?

For making holes, Sonny. Now, get back there.

What do you want?

Fifty dollars, for starters, plus the $50 you lost.

Now, you give up the skinny or eat the big apple!

Give me the money!

Come on!

All right. You stay back there. I'm gonna go now.

Don't you move, because the first one of you does gets canceled!

Get her! Come on! Hey, you guys, I got it!

You got the money? Yeah! Let's go!



Hold it!

Right there.


I'm sergeant wittaker. How you doing today?

Sister. Buddy boy.

All right, wise guy, get out of the car.

Get your ass out of the car.

God! Do you believe this? Come on, let's get out of here.

Officer, sir...

Buddy boy, you stay right there, and don't you move a muscle.

You can't tell us what to do. Sister, you better sit down before you get into trouble.

Now, sit down! Hey, mister, go easy!

Hey, look, why don't we let the police handle this?

Oh, like hell! We catch 'em, we're doing the cops a favor.

I don't know, man. I think those guys mean business.

Hey, look, man, if you're getting chicken on us, we can always let you out.

Well? What's it gonna be?

Fine. Then let's stay on the stick.

Unit four. Come in, unit four.

Acknowledge, unit four.

All right, we're all clear. All right, Harley, take over the wheel.

I'm doing fine! Come on, junell, let Harley...

I never have gotten to drive. Hey, hey. Junell, listen.

Hey, honey, why don't you come on back here with me?

Come on.

Got it there? Yeah.

Sit back there.

Hey! Easy! All right.

God, you guys! It's my turn!

Just sit back. Be quiet, now.

Bo? Yeah?

We're gonna have every damn cop in the state after us.

Sergeant wittaker, sergeant wittaker, do you read me?

Please respond.

Where in the hell did you get that gun? My daddy.

What the hell did your daddy give you a gun for?

For a present. You never know when you're gonna need one.

My daddy says there's a lot of crazy people out there.

Her daddy was right. That's right.

Now, come on. Just sit back and relax.

Hey, Tom! Tom, there they are!

Whoopee! Here they come!

Oh, it's those turkeys in that black Ford!

All right. Injector time.

Man, go easy! You're gonna wreck it! We need it.

She's crazy!

Yeah, but we're gonna get her.

Get her good.

We got cops chasing us. Hell, we got everybody chasing us!

We're fugitives, for Christ's sake!

Oh, holy shit! Oh, shit!

Hang on! Here we go!

I think we should spread out in case they try and surround us.

What day is it?


I want to know what day it is so I can write it down in my diary.

Well, let's see.

I don't know. God.

Bo? Yeah?

I have to... You gotta what?

You know.

No, I don't know.

It must be the excitement and all. I'll be right back.

All right. Wait a minute. What do you got to do?

I'll be right back. You got ten seconds, sister, so make it count.

Well, what do you think, Harley?

Well, it's not as bad as I thought.

No, no. Wait a minute. I'm talking about her.

Well, she did get our money back for us.

That's true.

She's gonna get us killed, though.

You got a point. Yeah.

What's that? Wait a minute!

What is it? What is it?

Don't point that at me!

What is it? I think it was a snake.

A snake? Yeah.

Here, let me keep you covered. Okay.

All right? Yeah.

Come on, let's go back to the car. Okay?

Yeah. Come on. Come on.

Hey, look at the deer! Where?

Right over there. See him?

Ah, I guess it's gone.

Better sleep here tonight, till things cool off.

Yeah, good idea.

Right, I'll do the best I can. 10-4.

They're calling us in.

Yeah, well, you'd better be going on, then.

I'll be staying here.

Don't you think you ought to have that looked after?

Jesus, you're a mess.

Come on, Harris. I'm doing okay. I'll be all right.

Look, wittaker, they could be a hundred miles from here by now.

Yeah, they could be, but I don't think so.

No, they're in the state somewhere.

I'll be finding them in the morning.

It's your choice.

Look, if you need any help, just give us a call, hear?

Okay, old buddy. Much obliged.

I'll do that little thing. Be talking to you, huh?

Hey! Wake up!

What's that?

It's morning.

Come on, you guys.

Come on. We'd better get going, harl. Come on.

Harley, let's go!

Watch out. He'll leave you here.

Think the cops are still around?

You got me.

But we're only about 10 or 15 miles from the state line.

And if we can make it that far, we're home free.

Yeah. They'll probably think we're a hundred miles from here by now.

It looks clear to me.

What do you think, harl?

Well, got nothing to lose... but our life.

Yeah. Let's go.

Let's get on it!

Goddamn! It's that crazy cop!

He's got a scatter gun! Come on, get us airborne!


Goddamn! Is everybody all right?

Yeah. Everybody except the car. Bastard!

That goddamned dirty rat bastard!

Oh, Jesus! Bo, don't let up!

That son of a bitch is crazy! Harley, I'm gonna keep us flying.

We're safe now. His tire's blown.

This is unit four, unit four! Come in!

Goddamn it, where the hell are you?

Having a little trouble here, heading east on highway 97.

Suspect's location: Ten miles from the state line.

Sorry, unit four, but we don't have anyone in that area to assist.


All right, don't worry about it. I'll take care of it myself. 10-4.

Hey, Bo, look. Look over there. Slow down.


Let's go check out the windows in that Chevy.

Yeah. Hey, good idea.

I'm gonna get a five-finger discount.

I'll stand guard. Yeah, do that.

Are the windows okay?

Sergeant wittaker, sergeant wittaker, captain Peters...

Wittaker, this is Peters. Now, goddamn it, get back here!

Wittaker, do you hear me?

For Christ's sake, Bob, they're only a couple of kids.

Don't be a fool.

Wittaker, answer me!

What's the matter with you? Are you out of your mind?

Wittaker, I'm warning you.

You cross the state line, and I'm gonna bust your ass!

Is it safe for us to stay here?

Nobody's gonna follow us this far. We're across the state line.

Check this motel out up here, guys.

All right.

Ah, we'll never find 'em. Let's bug out of here and go home.

Like hell, we are. We're not going home till I get my money back.

Gotta be around here somewhere. We'll find 'em.

Bo? Huh?

Carry me across the threshold.

Oh, no! No!

Come on, Bo. It's only make-believe.

Come on, Bo.

You're halfway to the altar anyway.

It'll be fun.

Guess I'll go get to those windows, get 'em fixed up, stash the car out back.

Good night. Get lots of sleep.

Harley's a little slow getting the message tonight.

No, no. He's just... he's just having fun.

Oh, god.

Excuse me. Are you the handyman? No, I'm not.

I mean...

Yeah, that's me, all right.

Oh. I thought you would be.

You got something that needs fixing?

Uh-huh. Sure do.

What is it? I mean, that needs fixing.

It's over there in the back cabin.

Well, let's get to it.

Aren't you gonna bring your tools along?

I thought I'd just take a look at it first.

Okay... come on.

Hey, Bo? Yeah?

When we get to California, can we get a little place together?

Let me ask you a question, all right?

Yeah. You'll tell me the truth?

Uh-huh. You promise?

I promise.




Who are you?

You gotta promise. I'm anybody I want to be.

Is that right? Yeah.

You're anybody, anything, anytime you want to be, right?

No, no. You know what?

I want to know.

What do you want to be?

I'll be whatever you want.

What do you want, Bo? What do you want me to be?

I just want you.

Don't you like me?

Of course I do.

Jesus h Christ. What a question.

Am I doing something wrong?


Maybe I need to rest or something for a minute.


We haven't done anything yet.

Listen. I gotta tell you something.

Would you like me to put on my stockings or something?


I mean, sure, if you want to. It'd be okay with me.


But what? What is it?

Oh, shit.


I ain't never done it...

In a bed before.

Well, where have you been doing it? In a tub?

Well, no. Hell, you know, like everybody else...

In a car.

Hurry up! Hurry! It's cold out here.

It's cold! Knock the noise off over there, will you?

Come on!

Is it better for you now, honey?

Oh, god, is it better!

Morning, Bo.


Good morning to you

How you feeling? I want more sleep.

What are you doing? Nothing.

Come on. What are you doing? I was just playing.

Come on, tootsie roll.

Better not start that.

Oh, n...

Oh, nol!

My wallet's gone!

Ah, Harley... Harley, that's twice now. Twice!

I just can't believe how you keep losing all our money.

If it wasn't for junell, we wouldn't have enough money to eat on, let alone get to California.

We're going to California. That's nice.

Have you ever been there?

No. No, can't say as I ever have.

We were gonna go on our vacation, but we never quite got around to it.

Well, here's your chance.

Beg your pardon? What's this?

It's for that car out there. See?

It makes you a part of it, and we're all gonna be winners.

What are we gonna win?

Fame and fortune. That entitles you to your share.

How is that? By being the very first sponsor.

She was so nice.

How could she do that to me?

She said she liked me, and...

She said she liked me.

There's something in my boot.

Bo, would you look at this.

Twenty, 40, 60...

It's all here, man! Good find! Good find!

It's all there!

What's this? Oh, she left a note.

You trying to get money from us, girl? Only $25.

Twenty-five dollars?

Sorry. We give at the church.

"Ps, you left your wallet on my bed.

I brought it back and put it in your boot."

Knock yourself out, Harley.

Isn't that great, man?

Well, let's load it up! Okeydokey!

Yeah, but it's not like that.

You see, this is different. It's not a donation.

This is an investment. Could be the chance of your lifetime!

Well, what do you say?

We ain't giving $25 for a piece of fancy paper.

How about ten? No. Now just move along.

No. I'm not leaving till you give me the money.

I can't let you pass up a chance like this!

The idea! Now, you just take yourself on out of here, girl.

I tried to reason with you, but you just wouldn't listen.

Now, I'm telling you.

You cough up that $25, or I'm gonna have to shut your lights off!

Goddamn it, junell, put that gun down!

Give me that! Put me down! Will you put me down?

Don't let him shoot it! Put me...

Open the door! Put me down!

Will you let go of me?

Get in there!

Come on!

Hey, give me that gun, junell.

I'm getting rid of this gun once and for all.

What's wrong with your mind?

Hey, looky there! What?

It's a sail rabbit. First one I've seen today.

What the hell is a sail rabbit?

It's kind of a sad thing.

You know when you run over a rabbit, and you squish it real flat?

About a week later, it gets stiff as cardboard.

All the life's squished out of it.

You pick it up, and you sail it. That's why it's called a sail rabbit.

It's kinda sad though.

They're so beautiful when they glide through the air.

I guess there's something beautiful in everything.

Don't you think?

What are we gonna do, harl?

I do not know.

Bo, we'd better lay low for a while.

Let's get off the main road.

How you doing?

You're a long way from home, aren't you?

Yeah. I am.

What happened here? Attempted holdup.

Two boys and a young girl, armed and crazy.

Messed the place up but didn't get away with anything.

We're looking for 'em now.

Were they driving a yellow Chevy? They were. That who you're looking for?

Been tracking 'em since day before yesterday.

Look, I got word on you.

Seems some folks back home are worried about you.

Oh, I'm okay.

I have got every available man out, and roadblocks up too, so I'm just reminding you that you're in my territory now, and that here, we do things my way.

Sucker's only got one barrel, man.

It's 12-Gauge.

I guess that'll get the job done, huh? Hey, you think this is necessary?

Hey, man, just because we got it doesn't mean we're gonna use it, right?

It's just to have along just in case.

That crazy broad's got one. I don't know, man.

If you went to the trouble to buy, then you probably are going to use it.

Well, then hit the road.

This is where I get out.

What about you, Ace? Hey, man, me too.



I'm gonna go check out the house.

Are you gonna take her with us, Bo?

Well, Harley, we just can't leave her here.

Then what?

What do you mean, then what? What, what?

Where do you go from there?

You're really hung up on her, aren't you, Bo?

Yeah, I guess you could say that.

You want to marry her? Come on. Goddamn it, Harley, would you get off my back?

Hell, man, I'm a driver. That's my life. You know that.

Yeah, you're a driver. Right.

You're also a man too.

You get hung up, and you get married.

That's the way it happens. Just like that. Right?

Bo? Come on up.

It's really beautiful up here.

What about the grand nationals, Bo?


Nothing's changed.

Nothing has changed.

Maybe not, Bo.

Well, old girl.

Better get some cover over your head.

Do you like it?

Yeah, it's beautiful. Where'd you find it?

That old trunk.

Do you think I'm beautiful too?

Yeah, I think you're beautiful too.

Just the same, you're still kinda mad at me, aren't you?

Well, junell, t'll tell you, it's not that I'm really mad at you, it's just all those crazy things you did.

We just can't keep running and hiding from the police all the time, that's all.

Do you still want me to go with you? Now, wait a minute, junell.

It's not that I don't want you to go with me, because I do.

It's just that if you do go with me...

You gotta go my way, not yours.

That car... Harley and I built that car up with our hands.

And Harley's the mechanic, and I'm the driver.

And that's all I know in life, is how to drive a car.

I can't let nothing stop me from getting to California.

I got my plans too, and my way of doing things...

And places I want to go and things I want to do.

And you gotta understand. 'Cause nothing's gonna stop me either.

Yeah. I understand.

Yeah, I understand.

What the hell you doing, harl? What's it look like?

I'm getting rid of the plates. If we ditch the car, they can't trace us.

Took the engine number off, and the body number...

So we should be safe.

Yeah? For a while, anyway.

Where in hell are the trophies? Yeah, I had to get rid of those too.

What the hell you doing, now, harl?

They had our names all over 'em! I had to do it!

Now, goddamn it, Harley, don't you ever do nothing without asking me first!

Don't you try and pin this shit on me! It's her!

Goddamn youl!

Goddamn youl!

I didn't want her with us in the first place!

Stop it!

Stop it! Get out of here!

Stop! Now, listen! Come here!

This has got nothing to do with you! This is between me and Harley!

Are you okay? Can I help you?

Just get away from me.

Go on! Get out of here!

Hey, Tom, look.

Hey, it's that crazy broad. Let's get her!

Help! Help!

Please help me! Bo!


Come on, now. Get going. Take cover!

Bo, in here.

Are you all right?

Bo, how are we gonna...

It's okay. It's okay. Just relax.

I don't know how I missed that bastard.

I thought you were a better shot. I can't shoot from this car.

What the hell are we gonna do now? We're gonna have to get to the car.

And we gotta get to it before they do, or they're gonna wreck it.

If we get to it before they do, they're gonna wreck us.

Where's the car?

The car!

Maybe it's over there.

Well, let's check it out.

Watch out for a gun.

They've gone toward our car. All right, now.

Come on, come on.

Kinda looks like wittaker's about ready to crack up.

Hey, bill, it's a yellow Chevy!

Hey, hold it! Police!

Wittaker, what are you doing?

Are you crazy, wittaker?

Hold it!

He's mine! Pull up the car, Mike. Cuff him.

Get out! Spread 'em!

That could've been us down there.

Oh, this ain't the kid.

Oh, Jesus Christ, this ain't the kid!

Oh, god! Mike, this ain't the kid! Come on.

We know it, wittaker. Let's go.

It ain't the kid! It ain't the kid! Let's go.

No, it ain't the kid! Oh, god, it ain't the kid! Oh, god!

That ain't the kid!

That ain't the kid!

We're going down there.

Oh, no, man, we can't do that. That's crazy.

Come on, Harley. We're going down there.

Do you think this is a good idea?

Bo, I'm scared.

What are you looking at? Ain't nothing here to see. Move along.

Let's go! Move it!

Keep it moving there, fella. Nothing here to see. Let's go.

It's all over for the car, Bo.

I said move it! Oh, my god!

That could've been us! We could've been in there!

That's them!

They're getting away!

All right, come on. Let's go. Get out.

I said get out. Let's go! What?

What are you gonna do? Come on, come on!

You're gonna lose.

I'm gonna what?

It's your attitude.

Oh, yeah, right.

It's just that you've been driving me kinda crazy, you know?

I'm talking about California.

When you get there, you're gonna lose that race.


I'm not going to California.

You gonna be all right?

Sure. I got plans.

Where are you gonna go?

Lots of places.

Don't worry about me, Bo. I'll be fine.

Just fine.

Going all the way to Miami, honey.

Anyplace you're going is good enough for me.

Junell? Hey, junell! Wait a minute!

See you on the sports page, champ!

Oh, geez.

"Sail rabbit."

What? Sail rabbit.

You know, them rabbits who were squashed, and then they dried up, and you picked 'em up and sailed 'em?

Oh, yeah.

Man, I'll tell you, that was one hell of a girl.

One of a kind, man.

I'd say so myself.

You know, I've been thinking.

Yeah? What have you been thinking about?

You know when we were driving that black piece of junk?


I got this terrific idea for a new fuel injector system.