Return to Oz (1985) Script

Can't you sleep?

It's past 1:00 in the morning, Dorothy.

Aunt Em? What, precious?

I wish I could put my head on my paws and go to sleep like Toto.

AUNT EM: Soon you will.

I just can't see payin' out money for this doctor when we don't have any.

Garnet said she'd loan it to us.

Garnet. That's charity, Em.

She's my sister. It's family, not charity.

EM: It's been six months since the tornado, and Dorothy hasn't been herself since.

I'm takin' her to Cottonwood Falls tomorrow and see if she can be helped.

All she ever talks about is someplace that just doesn't exist.

Talkin' tin men, walkin' scarecrows, ruby slippers.

A shooting star, Toto.


A shooting star.



Toto, no! No, Toto!

Did you lay an egg this morning, Billina?

Let's go see.

Where's your egg, Billina?

Billina, if you don't start laying again, Aunt Em says she's gonna stew you up for supper.


It's a key, Toto.

"O... Z."


Aunt Em!

Aunt Em, look! A key from Oz!

It's just a key to the old house before the tornado.

I must've turned it a thousand times. No, look, Aunt Em.

It's proof. "O-Z." Oz.

Dorothy... My friends sent it on a shooting star.

Remember how we spoke?

Not to talk about Oz?


'Cause it's just my imagination.

I know you don't want to go to the doctor's.

But you just haven't slept the night right through since the tornado.

And then, you're no help to me in the morning.

Aunt Em, my friends are in trouble.

I know it! We are in trouble, Dorothy.

Lost the old house in the tornado.

Never before had to have a mortgage, now we may have to have two.

Winter's comin' on. New house isn't finished.

He broke his leg, Aunt Em.

Dorothy, that leg's mended. It's mended.

Hurry up and get yourself ready. We're going to be late.


Bye, Uncle Henry!

Y'all get yourselves back here by dark!

We will!

Come on, giddap! There you go.


DOROTHY: Go home, Toto.

Toto, go home!


Go home!

Aunt Em, will he be all right?

He will.

Go home!



I've never been past Franklin before.

The tin woodsman used to be made of flesh, like everybody else, but then he cut off his leg.

He had a tin leg made, but then a witch enchanted his ax, and he kept on cutting off the other parts of his body, until he was all made of tin.

Even his head was... That's all right, Dorothy.

You mentioned something about a tiger.

A lion. A cowardly lion.

And he could talk too, like the scarecrow and the tin man?

Yes, all the animals in Oz could talk.

Just how did you get back from Oz?

With my ruby slippers.

Uh-huh. And exactly how did that work?

You put them on and you click the heels three times, and then you said, "There's no place like home."

Dorothy, where are those slippers now?


I lost them.

They fell off on the way back.

Well, I think I know just the thing to cheer Dorothy up.

This electrical marvel will make it possible for you to sleep again.

And it will also get rid of all those bad waking dreams that you've been telling me about.

Now, this fellow here has a face.

Do you see it?

Here are his eyes, and this must be his nose, and this must be his mouth.

But what's this? Dorothy?

Why, it's his tongue!

Isn't it?

Will it hurt? No, no!

It just manages electrical current.

Now, your aunt already knows that we are at the dawn of a new age.

In just two months, it will be the year 1900.

A new century. The 20th century.

A century of electricity.

The brain itself is an electrical machine. It's nothing but a machine.

When it malfunctions, a blow to the head, for example, then the brain produces useless excess currents.

These excess currents are our dreams and delusions.

And we have found out that sometimes the brain malfunctions.

Just like the dreams that you have, Dorothy.

Now we have the means to control these excess currents.



I must get back to Henry before nightfall.

You understand, don't you?

Here's your lunch pail. I was thinking we'd only stay a short time.

That won't be necessary. We have excellent meals here.

Now, be a good girl, and do everything the doctor and the head nurse tell you, and I'll be back tomorrow and we'll go home!

I've never left her out of my sight among strangers.

She's in good hands.

Will you bring Toto when you come to get me?

I will. Yes, of course I will.

You won't need that!

You stay here until we come and get you.

You may have a nap if you wish.

AUNT EM: Come on, giddap!

Come on!

Aunt Em.

This is for you.

Thank you.

It's Halloween soon. I know.

Why did they bring you here, Dorothy?

Because I can't sleep.

And I talk about a place that I've been to, but nobody believes it exists.


I have to go. I'll come back later.









Would you like to go for a ride, Dorothy?

Lie down. I'd like to sit up if I may.

What did your aunt tell you? To do what you told me, Miss Wilson.

Then lie down.

Why do you have to tie me down?

So that you don't fall off.

I came all the way from the farm in the buggy and didn't fall off.


Did I hear somebody screaming there? No.

Hello, Dorothy. How are you?

I wish I wasn't tied down.

Nothing to worry about.

What are those?


We'll just put them over your ears.

Pretty soon they'll draw all those unpleasant dreams out of your head.

Then, when you wake up, you'll never be bothered by them again.


Testing. On.




Well, I think we're almost ready.

Ready? Yes, Doctor.




Oh, dear.

NURSE: I'll see to that. You check the generator.




Who's there? Quick! We have to get you out of here.

What's that screaming?

Patients who have been damaged, locked in the cellar.


MAN: Get back!

In here, quick!



Run, Dorothy, run!

Come on!

Faster, Dorothy! Faster!





Dorothy! Here, grab my hand!




Here, Dorothy, here!

Hold on!


What's that?

I was just tryin' to lay my egg, that's all.


Who else?

What are you doing here? Have you been here all night too?


I've never been so wet in my whole life.

Ah. Hmm.

How big is this pond anyway?

I don't think it's a pond, Billina.

I guess it is a pond. Told you so.

Where did all the rest of the water go?

Where did Kansas go?

This is some place for a chicken coop.

When did you learn to talk? I thought hens could only cluck and cackle.

Strange, ain't it? How's my grammar?

If we were in the Land of Oz, your talking wouldn't be strange at all.

(CLUCKS) There goes the water.

High and dry.



Maybe this is Oz! Oz?

Well, I think I'll have a look around and see if I can find myself some breakfast.


If this is the Land of Oz, then this is the Deadly Desert.

Deadly Desert?

It surrounds Oz. Last time I flew over it in the old house.

Anything living that touches it turns to sand.

Just my luck.

If we stay on these stones, we'll be all right.

BILLINA: Careful.


One, two, three!


Now, let's find something for breakfast. It's about time.

Then we can go on to the Emerald City and see my friend the Scarecrow.

Scarecrow? He's the King of Oz, Billina.

Look, Billina. It's a lunch pail tree.

What happened to breakfast?

Now I know we're in Oz.

Now, make sure you don't pick a green one.

There's some ripe ones.

This one for now, and this other one for later.

Come share my lunch with me, Billina.

Just a minute. Nice couple of worms here.

I wonder what's inside.


And a ham sandwich?

I'm glad it's not fried chicken.

Oh, Billina, we're back in Oz!

Now I can show you all the people and things that nobody would believe in.

Your Majesty, she has returned to Oz.

Good. Keep an eye on her.

What's the matter? What is it?

She has a chicken with her!

A chicken!

BILLINA: Where are all your friends? Where is everybody?

I don't know, Billina. Oz is pretty big.

I don't like it. Makes me nervous.

Billina, this is our old house!

The one the tornado blew away!

This is how I got to Oz the first time. Looks like it was a rough trip.

Billina, this used to be my bedroom.

And in there was the kitchen.

That's where we landed on the Wicked Witch of the East.

Wicked Witch? But where are all the Munchkins?

What are you on about, my dear?

Oh, no.

Oh, no! It's just a yellow brick.

No, Billina, you don't understand.

This was the Yellow Brick Road.

It leads to the Emerald City!


Wait for me!

Oh, no! What's happened?


Your Majesty, they have discovered the Yellow Brick Road and are on their way to the Emerald City.

Good. They won't get past Mombi.

Well, Billina, that was the Emerald City.

BILLINA: Not moving very fast, are they? They've all been turned to stone.

BILLINA: All this way to see a bunch of stiffs.


What's a Wheeler? I don't remember them.


Look, these ones have lost their heads.

That's what I call just plain carelessness.


Dorothy, look out!

It's the Tin Woodsman.

Oh, Tin Woodsman, what happened to you?

What's happened to everybody?

Oh, Cowardly Lion!

Oh, Cowardly Lion, what's happened to you?



Come here, chicken!

A Wheeler!


Billina! Billina!

Over here, Dorothy!


Quick! That way!



We've got you. You're trapped!




The key!

Get her!

You have to come out sooner or later.

When you do, we'll tear you into little pieces and throw you in the Deadly Desert!

I haven't done anything to you!

Isn't that a stolen lunch pail in your hand?

Isn't that a chicken in there with you?


The Nome King doesn't allow chickens anywhere in Oz!

Who's the Nome King? "Who is the Nome King?"

"Who is the Nome King?"


Well, what are we going to do now, Dorothy?

What is it?

I don't know.

"The Royal Army of Oz."

Army? It's just a bunch of old junk, like the copper kettle in the yard back home.

Look! Billina, some directions.


"For thinking, wind number one under left arm.

"For speaking, wind number two under right arm.

"For walking and action, wind number three, middle of back.

"Guaranteed to work perfectly for 1,000 years."

You don't believe that, do you?

I don't know. I'll wind him up and we'll see.

I'll wind up his thinking first.


I wonder what he's thinkin' about.

I'll wind up his speech, and maybe he can tell us.

Maybe he can tell us what happened to the Emerald City.


Good morning, little girl. Good morning, sir.

Are you Dorothy Gale?

Yes, sir. Pleased to meet you.

I am Tik-Tok, the Royal Army of Oz.

His Majesty, the Scarecrow, locked me in here and told me to wait for you.

What happened to the Emerald City? Where is the Scarecrow?

I do not know. Suddenly everything living began to turn to stone.

When you did not arrive, I called for help until my voice ran down.

Then I paced back and forth until my action ran down.

Then I stood and thought until my thought ran down.

After that, I remember nothing until you wound me up. Thank you.

You're welcome. It was Billina who found the key.

Billina? Over here.

Good morning, Mrs. Hen. Where did you find the key for this place?

Over near the hog trough. Hog trough?

In Kansas. Kansas?

The Scarecrow must have sent it to you somehow.

If you don't mind, Mr. Tok, I'll wind up your action.

That would please me very much. And you may call me Tik-Tok.

Why weren't you turned to stone just like everybody else?

Because I am not alive and never will be, thank goodness.


Well, Tik-Tok, the first thing we have to do is to escape from the Wheelers.

They're outside, and said they're going to throw us into the Deadly Desert.

From now on, I will be your obedient servant.

If you keep me wound up.

Make sure my think-works are extra tight, and I will formulate a plan.


Lunch pail.

These Wheelers can be tricky customers.

Oh, my goodness.

You run up the stairs. I will take care of them.

Come here!

You'll be sorry for treating me like this! I'm a terrible person!

I am only a machine, so I cannot be sorry or happy, no matter what happens.

Where's the Scarecrow? What's happened to the Emerald City?

Answer her!

Answer her! The Nome King!

He conquered the Emerald City. He took all the emeralds.

He turned everyone to stone. What about the Scarecrow?

There's only one person that knows where the Scarecrow is.

And that's Princess M... M... Mom...

Princess Mombi! Princess Mombi?

I don't remember her. Take us to Mombi.

No! No! No!

WHEELER: Please, let me go. Please! Please let me go.

Please let me go! Let me go!

All right, Tik-Tok. Let him go. Behave yourself, now.

I will behave. I'll behave!



I'll be...

You behave!


What a mess!

Come on, Tik-Tok.

This Mombi is some housekeeper.

I think it is up these stairs, Dorothy.


Excuse me, miss, but are you Princess Mombi?

Help me to rise.

I think I'll put on something more appropriate.

Come with me. Your friends can stay here.

We're really looking for the Scarecrow.

I think number four will do for this afternoon.

What do you think?

I think you're very beautiful.

I should hope so.

And just who might you be? What are you doing here?

I'm Dorothy Gale.

Dorothy Gale?

What's happened to the Scarecrow?

Come nearer to me.

The Nome King took the Scarecrow and all the emeralds back to his mountain.

And turned everyone else to stone.

You will be rather attractive one day.

Not at all beautiful, you understand, but you have a certain prettiness.

Different from my other heads.

I believe I'll lock you in the tower for a few years till your head is ready.

And then I'll take it. I believe you will not!



I am coming, Dorothy.

Do not worry. I will save you.

You, I'll have fried for breakfast!

Tik-Tok, help me! Stop!

Oh, dear. My action has run down.

This is too bad.

My fight with the Wheelers made me run down faster than usual.

It can't be helped, Tik-Tok.

What will you do with Tik-Tok?

People will think I have a new statue.


The Nome King's mountain.

If this is Oz, Dorothy, I'd rather take my chances back in Kansas.

Billina... What?

If only we could just fly away, like you. Only in my younger days, my dear.

MAN: Mom?


Mom, is that you?


I'm Dorothy Gale. Oh.

For a second there, I thought my mom had come back.

What is this, a man or a melon?

A pumpkin, if you please. My name's Jack.

Jack Pumpkinhead.

May I ask a favor of you, Dorothy?

Would you please check my head for signs of spoiling?

Any soft spots?

How does it feel? Very nice, sir.

Thank you. I've been alive such a short while, and I'm afraid of spoiling before I've seen anything of the world.

Could you put some of the rest of me together again?

Mmm-hmm. If you can just tie that arm on.

And then, my other leg has fallen off too.

Are you sure you're not my mom?

I'm sure, Jack.

Well, my mother built me to scare that awful witch, Mombi.

She stood me in a place where Mombi would meet me, face-to-face.

And along she came. Sure enough, she was scared.

But then, she was angry. She has a terrible temper.

I know.

Where did she get all those different heads?

Did you see the headless dancing girls outside?

Mmm-hmm. That's where she got them.

Anyway, Mombi was about to destroy me with her stick.

But she decided to test some powder of life she'd just bought from a magician.

She did.

It worked.

Here I am!

Powder of life?

You sprinkle it on something and the thing comes to life.

Does Mombi have any more of it?

If she does, it's in cabinet 31, with her original head.

BILLINA: What happened to your mother?

She vanished. Mombi enchanted her.

After that, she threw me in this corner and said she was gonna make a pie out of me.

But she was wearing head 22 at the time and must not have worn it since, because she hasn't remembered I'm up here.

Jack, Billina, listen!

Here's what we have to do.


Is that Tik-Tok? Mm-hm.




(WHISPERING) Dorothy, may I call you Mom, even if it isn't so?


Thank you.

Tik-Tok, are you listening?

Don't say anything.

This is Jack.

After I'm finished winding you up, go upstairs with him and we'll explain what you have to do.


Did you understand all that, Tik-Tok? I understand it better than you do.


Good. Go and get the head, Jack. Yes, sir!

Billina, where's that cord? (SQUAWKING)

Over here, Billina. (GROANS)

That's it.

(CLUCKS) What's that?

The head of a Gump.




Here's a broom, Tik-Tok.

It'll make a great tail.

Excellent. Now we must Gump the head in the front and tie Jack's feet together.

Right. Tie my feet together.

Bring that mantelpiece to the desk, and anoint the palms!

Right. Anoint the palm!

That is right, Jack. Left, right, wrong.

What are you talking about?

Little girls, pumpkinheads make chicken fly the coop.



Dorothy Gale!



Dorothy Gale!

Dorothy Gale!

Where's my powder of life?

Mombi's awake! Oh, no!

It's not finished! (CLUCKING) Tik-Tok went berserk!

Tickle, tickle me! His brain's ran down.

If his brain's ran down, how could he talk?

It happens to people all the time, Jack.

Tie the palm leaves to the sofa, quick! Billina, help him!

We need another cord! Well, hurry!

Thank goodness, Dorothy. I am all right now.

Go to the door and look out for Mombi.

All right, Dorothy.

Make sure you do the head, so it can see where it's going.

It's not working! There must've been some magic words.

What were they? Think! Think?

You've got to remember!

I wasn't alive then. How can I remember?

Read the directions, Dorothy!

I don't know these words! Read them anyway.

"Weaugh, teaugh, "peaugh."

Peaugh? That's it!


I'll stop you!

She is coming!

Jack, go help Tik-Tok get aboard. Billina, get in!

Wait for me! A chicken?

Can you flap your wings? I don't have any wings.

Now you do! I guess you're right, I do!

Jump up, Tik-Tok! Help me up, Dorothy!

Easy, is it? MOMBI: Dorothy Gale!


Fly, fly! Wait for me.

Jack! Jack!




Fly! Fly!

We did it!

Help me! Hold on, Jack!

Here, Jack, give me your hand.

Tik-Tok, will you help me pull?

Wake up! Wake up, all of you! Get up! (SCREAMING)

Get up! Wake up! Look!

Dorothy Gale is escaping!

Go and get them back for me! Hurry up!

All of you! Go on!

And make sure you bring back that chicken!

Don't come back without them!

The last thing I remember is walking through the forest and hearing a loud noise.

And now, here I am, flying through the air.

What am I anyway?

You're just a thing with a Gump's head on it.

We built you and brought you to life so that you could take us to the Nome King to rescue the Scarecrow.

I may not last very long. I don't feel too well put together.

Oh, don't say that.

How do we know where to land? It's awful dark down there.

The Nome King's mountain was straight ahead.

I think.

The best thing to do is to keep flying until dawn.

Then maybe we can find a safe place to land.

Good idea, Tik-Tok.

Mr. Gump? Can you just keep flying straight ahead?

(CHUCKLING) I don't think I could turn if I wanted to.

Why don't we just fly back to Kansas?

Whatever happens, I'm awfully sleepy right now.

And I'm just glad I have my own head to be sleepy with.

(WHISPERING) Good night, Mom.


Good night, Jack.



Nobody's going to help you.

Nobody knows where you are.

There's nobody left who even knows who you are.

What are they? Wheelers.

Mr. Gump, can't you fly any faster?

Not unless one of you wants to jump off.


Tik-Tok, you're the heaviest.



Deadly Desert.

Deadly Desert!


We are over the Deadly Desert, Jack.

Mom! Wake up! (WHINING)

What's happening?

The ropes are breaking. Oh, no!

I knew it! We're gonna fall apart.

Are we gonna land now, Mom?

Other side. The rope on the other side.

(SCREAMING) I'll get it!


Help me, Mom! Oh, Jack!


Fly down. Jack's lost his head over the side.

We'll save you, Jack! I wasn't made to make turns.

Try! You've got to try! Well, all right.

Hold on, I'm not sure I know how to do this.

Hold on, Tik-Tok! I am, Dorothy.

(SCREAMS) Hold on, Dorothy.


Can you hear me, Jack?

I feel awfully dizzy!

Thanks, Mom. Somebody help me!

I'll save you.


Abandon ship!

If I had a stomach, I know I'd be sick.

I'm sorry, Mom!

It's all right, Jack!

It can't be helped now!


Hmm. That was a novel experience, wasn't it?

Pick me up! Tik-Tok!

Pick me up. Pick me up.

Pick me up. Pick me up.

Oh, thank you, Dorothy.

Jack, are you all right?

Why are all of you standing on your heads?

Where are we, anyway?

The Nome King's mountain.

The Nome King.


(GROANS) Oh, thank you, Dorothy.

Tik-Tok, you've got to be more careful.

Yes, Your Majesty? You called?

NOME KING: What is that noise going on up there?

I don't know, Your Majesty.

Well, find out!

JACK: What about the Gump? He's all in pieces.

GUMP: And good riddance.

I'm much happier just being a head.

We should tie him back on the sofa. Then, at least, he could walk.

Oh, no!

Every head must have a body if it expects to get around.

Doesn't look like there's much of anyplace to get around to.

She escaped from Mombi somehow and crossed the Deadly Desert.

Now she is on our mountain with a small army.

NOME KING: She is more powerful than I thought.

What about the chicken?

There's no sign of the chicken.

This is terrible. Suppose I meet another Gump.

I'd die a second time, of embarrassment.

I don't think you'll have to worry about meeting any other Gumps up here.

Tell me who you are, and why you have come all the way to my kingdom and what I can do to make you happy.

It must be the Nome King. Where is he? I don't see anybody.

My name is Dorothy Gale, Your Majesty.

And these are my friends, Tik-Tok, Jack and the Gump.

Not the Dorothy Gale from Kansas?

Yes, Your Majesty.

We've come to ask you to release the Scarecrow and restore the Emerald City.

You believe that I have stolen something, Dorothy, and you want me to give it back?

Yes, Your Majesty.

If someone steals something, you think they should give it back?

Yes, Your Majesty.

And what if they don't want to give it back?


then we are here with our army to conquer you and force you to give it back.



Mom, why is he laughing?





Look out! I am! I am!

(SCREAMING) Dorothy!


NOME KING: All the precious stones in the world are made here in my underground dominions.

All made for me by my Nomes.

So, imagine how we feel when someone from the world above digs down and steals my treasures.

All those emeralds in the Emerald City really belong to me.

I was just taking back what was mine to begin with.

You have so much! Beg your pardon?

You have so much!

That is not the point.

NOME KING: I am not the thief.

Dorothy! Scarecrow!


Your friend is the thief.

What's happened to the Scarecrow?

Oh, I transformed him into an ornament.

Into an amusing and beautiful ornament for my palace.

I had been planning to do it for some time, and your coming here reminded me.

Thank you.

He never stole anything! They were there when he came!


He never stole the emeralds. They were there when he came.


(CRYING) The emeralds... He never stole.


No, no. Don't cry.

Poor, poor Dorothy Gale from Kansas.

I didn't realize he meant so much to you.

He didn't steal the emeralds. They were there when he became king.

All's not lost, Dorothy.

I know just the thing to cheer you up.


You and your friends can play a little game, and I bet that you get the Scarecrow back after all.

You'd risk something for that, wouldn't you?


All right, then, where's Dorothy? Where's the chicken?

They escaped. They went that way.

She went into the Nome King's mountain!

We have to warn him about that chicken!

Take me to the Nome King, you stupid idiots.

You can go and inspect my ornament collection.

Each of you has three chances to guess which one is the Scarecrow.

If you touch the right object and say the word "Oz" at the same time, the Scarecrow will be restored and you may leave the palace.

Sound fair enough?

What else can we do? He's a very powerful magician.

We're lucky he hasn't turned us to stone.

All right, we accept.

Oh, good!

Why doesn't the sofa go first?

But I don't have anything to touch with.

You can use your antlers.


I should've quit when I was ahead.

Good luck, Mr. Gump.


Shall we have some refreshment while we wait?


How is it? Good.

(GULPING) What is it?

NOME KING: Limestone pie and hot melted silver.

Melted silver?


The King mentioned a risk.

What is it that we are risking? (THUNDERCLAP)


What was that?


Pick me up. I'm coming, Tik-Tok.

Pick me up. Pick me up.

Thank you. Where's the Gump?

He's turned into an ornament. What do you mean?

An ornament. A knickknack.

He failed to guess correctly, and so now he's become part of my collection.

Oh, no! But that's not fair!

You said you were willing to take a risk.

It sounds fair to me, and what I think is all that matters.

But you didn't tell us about it.

Well, you didn't ask.

Perhaps you'd like to visit my fiery furnace!


Pumpkinhead. Me?

Being an ornament will probably be hardest on you, Dorothy, since you're used to eating and sleeping and other such activities.

Since I never eat or sleep, I won't miss them.

Don't talk that way, Jack. We won't become ornaments.

Tik-Tok's not even alive.

I have always valued my lifelessness.

Be careful, Jack.

You too, Billina.

(WHISPERING) We're a long way from Kansas, Dorothy.

Faster! Faster!

Faster! Faster, faster!

You hear me? Faster! Faster!

You miserable, slow wretches!

I do not hold out much hope for Jack.

He has many excellent qualities, but thinking is not one of them.

Maybe he'll be lucky.


Two guesses left.

You need winding? My think-works could be tighter.

It's too bad they didn't make you so you could wind yourself up.

Half the trouble you get into comes from winding down.


Faster! Faster!



Next, the Army of Oz!

Do not worry, Dorothy. I am going to guess correctly.

Why did you come here?

I told you why.

You came all this way for a scarecrow?


Are you sure you didn't come back for these?

My ruby slippers! No. No.

No. My ruby slippers.

They just fell out of the sky one day.

You were so anxious to get home.

They're very powerful.

They made it possible for me to conquer the Emerald City.

Thank you.

The Army of Oz has stopped guessing and is standing perfectly still in the middle of the room.


Your army has stopped guessing and is standing perfectly still in the middle of the room.

His action must have run down.

I wound up his thought, but I forgot to do his action.

Why don't you go in and wind him up?

Then you can stay in and guess for yourself.



You don't have to go down there.

I can use the ruby slippers and send you home.

And when you get back, you will never think of Oz again.

What about my friends?

Forget about them. You can't help them now.

There's no place like home.

(ECHOING) Tik-Tok!


Tik-Tok? Tik-Tok!


Tik-Tok, you're all wound up.

What's the matter? Why did you stop?

Shh. It was my way of getting you in here.

Pretend that you are winding me up anyway.

I have an idea that may save us.

I have one guess left, and if I guess incorrectly, you can watch and see what I am changed into.

That may give you a clue.

What a good idea!

My steel brains must be damaged because I am having difficulty guessing.


Don't cry.





Tik-Tok? (ECHOING)

Dorothy Gale, you're all that's left.




Open up! Tell him it's important!









One guess left.

Dorothy Gale has come back.

Yes, I know. You were supposed to bring her to me.

She stole my ruby key, my powder of life and valuable antiques which she made into a flying sofa, and she's headed this way.

You know.

I know everything.

She's already here, but not for much longer.

Why didn't you just transform them all right away?

It's more fun this way.

But if she guesses right and finds out about Ozma...


You haven't let her escape as well?

No. No.

Then there's nothing to worry about.

Soon there'll be no one left who remembers Oz, and I will be completely human.



Smudge and blazes!

Scarecrow! Dorothy.

You were green. What?

You were a green ornament. I was?

Maybe people from Oz turn into green ornaments.

Fumes and furnaces!

Green. Green, green, green.

Green. It's green!

You let her escape!

It's green, Dorothy. Green.


Oh, it's you! The Gump!

Petrified polymorphs!

Look for green ornaments, quick.

We've still got Tik-Tok, Jack and Billina to find.

You had her and you let her escape!

It wasn't my fault! If you'd given me a real army...

I'll take care of you later!




What? Oh, no!

Oh, Wheelers. Help me!



What's happening? I was gonna ask you the same thing.


Scarecrow! Dorothy!

Hang on, Dorothy.




Dorothy! Dorothy!

It's green!

Stop! Oz!

Jack! Oh, Mom! Where am I?

JACK: What's happening? Who's that?


We haven't finished guessing yet.

You promised if we guessed correctly... I'm tired of games.

I'm tired of all of you!

Why doesn't the sofa go first?



Come on! Pull!


Next, Pumpkinhead!

No! Run!

Run! Hurry!




Back! Go back!

This way!


Quick, run away!

Come on! Scarecrow!









Oh, dear!






JACK: Mom!


An egg?

Poison. Poison.

Poison. Poison.

Poison. Poison.

Oh, put me down.


Mom! Look out! Look out!

I finally laid my egg!

Oh, my head!


Don't you know that eggs are poison?

Poison, indeed!

(MOANING) Poison.

Poison to Nomes!




Hurry, Dorothy! I am! I am!

What are we gonna do now?

I wish all of us from Oz to return there safely, and for the Emerald City and all the people in it to be restored to life!

I must say, this life is stranger than my last one.

Where's Tik-Tok?

We never found him.

Oh, no. Where'd you get that?

There's a medal on your antler.

That must've come from the ornament collection.

Go on. Touch it, Dorothy.


Oh, Dorothy. My thinking must have completely run down.

I do not remember leaving the Nome Kingdom.

Everything's all right now.


Hi. Hi.


Be the Queen of Oz, Dorothy.

Be the Queen of Oz!

Be the Queen of Oz! The Queen of Oz!

The Queen of Oz!


JACK: Be the Queen of Oz!

You're the best friends anyone's ever had.

I've got to go back.

Ohh. Ohh.

We understand, Dorothy.

Do you?

I wish I could be in both places at the same time.

(CLUCKING) Look! Behind you, in the mirror!

It's you.

I was afraid you had drowned.

Help me step through the glass, Dorothy.

You're so beautiful.

What's your name? Ozma.

Mom! My real mom.

WOMAN: She is Ozma, Queen and rightful ruler of Oz!

Her father was King of Oz before the Wizard came.

SECOND WOMAN: Ozma grew up as Mombi's slave.

When the Nome King promised Mombi 30 beautiful heads if she kept Ozma a secret, she enchanted her into the mirror.

I forgive Mombi.

Dorothy has punished her by removing her magical powers, and a witch with no magic is a miserable creature indeed.

And that's a fact.

Now, please, wish me back to Kansas.

On one condition.

I will look in on you from time to time, and if you ever wish to return to Oz, I will make it so.

BILLINA: Goodbye, Dorothy.

You're not coming back, Billina?

No. Not to that stupid, humdrum world again.

Goodbye, Dorothy.

Oh, no. I mean, I didn't expect to go so soon.

I haven't really said goodbye yet.

Goodbye, Cowardly Lion. (PURRING)

Goodbye, Dorothy. Tik-Tok.

Goodbye. JACK: Goodbye, Dorothy.

I'll never forget any of you.

Give my love to all the chickens.

Dorothy... I love you so much.

Farewell! Goodbye, Dorothy.

Farewell, Dorothy!

It's so bright. JACK: Goodbye, Dorothy.

TIK-TOK: Goodbye, Dorothy. I love you all! Goodbye!

Goodbye. GUMP: Bye, Dorothy.


Goodbye! Goodbye!


Goodbye. Bye.















Dorothy! (BARKING)

Oh, are you all right?

Toto found me.

(SOBBING) I'd almost given up hope.


Up you go, sweetheart.

It's Dorothy!

AUNT EM: The clinic was hit by lightning and it burned to the ground.

Everybody was rescued except Dr. Worley.

He ran in to rescue his machines.

Mornin', all.

Hi, hon.


(WHINING) Aunt Em, come and look!

AUNT EM: What is it, darling? I'm busy.

Nothing. Just a reflection.

AUNT EM: What is it, Dorothy?

It's nice to have a room of your own, isn't it?

Put the mirror straight, sweetheart.

Come on, you two.

It's too nice a day to stay inside.

Come on, Toto. (YELPS)


Toto, come on!



Good dog!