Return to Sender (2015) Script

Hey! How was it? How'd it go?

Dr. Cyper is amazing.

You'd think he was cutting the crusts off his kid's sandwich.

So you really want to leave all of this for that?

If I qualify for this transfer I'll still... Is this yours?

Oh, yeah, sorry. I will still be "all this" adjacent.

I don't know why you want to be a surgical nurse.

You know, I can take my kids barfing on me, I can take the patients whizzing on me, but the minute you pull out a scalpel... I'm like... gross!

Yeah, it can be awfully revolting.

Did Mrs. Disantos die?

Tony, I'm so sorry about your mother.

You were always so good to come and stay with her.

I hope it's some comfort that she didn't suffer much.


No. There's no comfort at all.

I wish she had suffered good and long.

Yeah, I wish she had to lay in that bed for 29 years and listen to me tell her how... ugly... stupid... and lazy she is.

Yeah, I'm not going to the store to get your pills.

I'm not rubbing the cramps out of your legs.

I'm not putting gas in your fucking car anymore.

Holy crap! I mean, for five months?

He reads her the newspaper, he brushes her hair, he brings her azaleas from her garden?

I thought he loved his mother, didn't you?

I thought he was 45! Shut up!

He fooled us both. He's 29? Twenty-nine?

Hey, wait! I heard that you were going out on some kind of blind date.

I mean, really, you're keeping that from me?

It's nothing, really.

A decompressive craniectomy is nothing, really.

Compared to this. It is big news! And I feel a little left out.

Well, Nancy, the way big news travels around here I'm sure you'll hear all about it.

You sure have a lot of holes in your face.

I have holes all over.

Nice. Any more down there?

Excuse me.

Would you mind?


You can use one of those.

No, that's okay. I'll just wait 'til later.


You have to sign the receipt.


Thank you.



Get off me, you stupid dog!

Benny, come here! Come!

Did he get you? Yeah, he tore my dress. Stupid dog.

Well, he's not stupid, he's just being protective, that's all.

I'm your daughter. You're a stranger to him, is all.

Come on, Benny.

You know, Miranda, I've been thinking.

I really should go with you tomorrow. Go down and look at that house.

Oh, yeah, look at it or try to talk me out of it?

Come on. I know better than to try to talk you out of it.

But these realtors are kind of slick, you know.

They'd do anything to make a sale.

So you've got to check the heating system.

And the foundations, and the roof.

Yeah. And...

Oh, I'm sorry about Benny. There's a trick to him. Bribery.

Get him some meat and he'll be your friend forever.



I want him to stop bothering me.

It's so good to see you, Karen. Same here.

You owe me a dress, dog.

Miranda, somebody's choking.


No one can get their arms around him.

Okay. Okay, sir. The Heimlich maneuver isn't working.

Just... I'm gonna help you. I'm gonna help you.

I'm gonna help you breathe.

Someone give me a steak knife. It's okay, sir.

I'm gonna help you breathe.

I need a straw. I need a straw.

It's gonna be okay.

Hold my hand squeeze tight. Squeeze all you want. Okay.

Okay, there you go, there you go.

Someone call 911? Yeah, we did.

Okay, they're on their way.

You're gonna be okay.

So, marble in the entryway, sunken living room, and...

granite countertops.


Stainless steel appliances, and... double ovens.

I love double wall ovens. I love them too!

Let's have a look at that water heater. Yes, let's.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Miranda! What did you do? I said I'd bring the cake.

It's so beautiful! You made this?

It's just something I do.

Oh, my God. It's so perfect, I don't want to ruin it.

Oh, come on. That's nonsense, Nancy. That's what it's for.

All right. Here we go. No, no, Nancy, Nancy.

What? It's got mustard on it.

I brought this, use this. Okay.

Wait, wait, wait. There are no candles.

It's not a birthday cake if there are no candles.

Yes, it is. All right, I'll settle this. Watch this.

What a way to eat this.

It's the salt and the sweet.

It's so good! Nancy is so drunk.

So when's the big night? The big night?

With Kevin. Kevin. The big night is...

You didn't cancel. No, I didn't cancel.

Just promise me that you won't stand him up.

He works with my husband. I... why... why would I do that?

Well, it took me a good six months to get you to say yes.

I just really want it to go well. I don't know why you care so much.

If it goes great then you can say that... you found your soulmate because of Darlene.


You didn't knock.

I was... You're early.

That's why I didn't knock.

I'm sorry.

There are worse things, I suppose, like... being late.

Yes, they're here!

Oh, let me get that for you.

Thank you.

Where do you want it?

Over here? That's fine.

All right, I'll just set that right there.

Did you cut yourself? No.

Oh, no, that's nail polish.

I should put some clothes on. Would you excuse me?

Okay. Sure.

Oh, I should've offered you something to drink.

I have fresh squeezed lemonade.

Do I have to pay 50 cents and drink it out of a little paper cup?

No, I closed the stand.

Bought a little bicycle with the money I made.

A little basket on the front? With tassels for the handlebars.

So do you want the lemonade? No thank you, I'm good.

You moving?


I was just asking, are you... are you moving?

Yeah. As soon as I sell this place.

What, you don't like it here?

Liking one place doesn't mean you can't move to another one, so...

I don't know, the question of whether I like it here or not is really moot.


You look hot.

Did you say something? I was just saying you look really nice.

Thank you, Kevin.

I ordered these a few days ago, and I have been dying to get them.

Must be an awfully special pen?

Would you mind?

Thank you.

You know, I should finish getting ready.

Could you come back? Come back?

Well, you are early. What time was I supposed to be here?

You don't remember?

It's just... Kevin.

Come on.

I really don't want to leave.

I think it's best that you do. I'm sorry.


Why'd you do that?

Unlock my door.

Okay, you need to leave, like, right now, or I'm calling the police.

You're not calling anybody. Okay?

Don't you touch me. It's okay.

Hey, hey! Miranda, I don't want to hurt you!

I won't hurt you!

Hey! Hey!

Hey, come here. Stop it, you fuck!

Hey, stop!

I want you.

I've always wanted you.

Hey! Get the fuck off me!


It's gonna be okay. I already said I don't want to hurt you, okay?

I don't want to hurt you.


That feel good?

Are you okay? You okay?

You okay?



Anybody home?


Should I wait here?

Darlene said you might cancel.

I just... I showed up, and she was...

God, I had never even met her before. It was a blind date.

Oh, God. I've... I've...

I've never seen anyone like that.

Will she... will she be okay?

The man who raped you... have you seen him before?


Sorry. Oh, hey, William.

Hey, Deacon around?

He's in the office, but no one's been able to get him off the phone.

I thought you were off tonight, man? I just need my money, that's all.

Oh, hey, Deacon. I was hoping I could...

Here's that show you used to like to watch.

Honey, I'm gonna get something to drink, okay?

I'll be right back. Right back.

So what you're saying is I have... I have no buyer.

Now, Miranda, listen, I know that you are having a very hard time.

So, I can't proceed on the other house now.

But you like that house. But I wanted a new one.

And now I can't sell my house, so I can't buy a new one.

I'm just stuck, I have to deal, right?

Well, I'll tell you what, we can try again in a few months?

A few months? Why? I mean, why bother? Will I suddenly be un-raped then?

I have an idea.

Rose bushes. Why don't you plant rose bushes?

You need some help? Oh, Daddy.

What are you doing here? What are you doing there?

You know, you have your mother's nose, and not much else.

Well, that's what happens when you give me seed packets instead of selling my damn house.

Are you sure they're gonna grow just covered up like that?

You are standing on property nobody wants.

Or so says Judy, with the bad haircut.

No luck I take it.


The reason I came over was I thought maybe we'd go have a bite to eat.

Go to the movies?

Well, you could've called. Well, I did, I tried.

Maybe tomorrow.

How's my favorite sister?

Hey, Miranda!

Nancy, my shift is over.

I know, I know, but... I need you, it's...

It's an emergency.

Miranda! Come on!

It's only gonna take a second and it's very important.

We just wanted to give you a little something before you make your transfer.

We're gonna miss you so much!


Who wrapped that? I did. It's just something I do.

You made this bow? It's beautiful! Super pretty.

Thank you, guys. Thanks.

Yay! Ta-da!

See, now you can just practice at home. Isn't it great?



Miranda. Oh, Mrs. Brown.

Can I speak with you? Oh, sure.

You missed your orientation. Oh, I'm sorry.

Sorry doesn't cut it in surgery, Miranda. Lives are on the line.

I know. Is something wrong?

No. You seem distracted.

Which is not a good thing in this business.

Actually I'm reconsidering my transfer.

After that last performance we've already reconsidered it for you.

Oh, well... I'm disappointed, Miranda.

You pushed very hard and very long for something you appeared to want very badly.

If it were me...

I wouldn't let anything stand in my way.

If it were me I wouldn't walk around with my tag sticking out.

Here you go, come again.

Lady, pay attention. What?

I'm just telling you to pay attention. I'm in a hurry here.


What's that?

It's your stuff.

Yeah, thanks.

Excuse me, you need to pay. I paid when I dropped it off.

I don't have any record of it. Well, I have a receipt right here.

Well, I don't know how you can if I don't have a record of it here.

Give me a minute and I'll show you.

How about you hand me the items back first, ma'am?

Excuse me? Are you kidding? Lady, I need to leave.

Look, I know I have a receipt. I even... I wrote it in my check register.

Okay, why don't you let me wait on him while you're looking?

Because it's my turn, dammit.

Please calm down. All you need to do is hand me the item and...

And all you need to do is stuff that fat back in your skirt.

How do you manage that, being skinny and fat at the same time?

And you know, with breasts like that... do us all a favor and wear a fucking bra.

I think you need to leave. Like right now.

Not without my tablecloth. Take it.

No. I'm gonna find that receipt, because I'm not having anyone in this shop thinking that I didn't pay.

We have an abusive customer down here.


We appreciate your business, ma'am, but I think it's best if you leave.

I bet you do.

You look happy. Is Mrs. Burke doing better?

No, she's about the same.

You need help with that? Oh, no, I got it.

You're lucky you never smoked. It's a hard habit to give up.

Yeah, well...

Now I have to watch our for snacking as a replacement for cigarettes.

Damn you.

This won't do.

No, this won't do at all.

There you go. It's looking good.

Daddy, what are you doing? Well, I thought maybe you'd want this.

I want an old swing on my new porch? Oh, it's not an old swing.

Honey, this is the one you and your mother used to use.

You really remember things differently, don't you?

Daddy, the whole point is to make this place look new.

Right, right. Well, I could paint it.

Daddy. And if it squeaks I can oil it.


All right, I'll take it down. Take it down.

Daddy? Daddy?

Oh, my God, are you okay? I'm fine, I'm fine.

I'm fine, girl. I got you.

Alright. Okay.

I got you. Right, one, two, three.

I got you.

Thank you. What have you done to my porch?

Hey, hey! Sir, wait!

Oh, my.

Critical care unit, Nancy here.

It's for you.

This is Miranda.

I'll be right there.

Will you clean the phone?

Do you think something bit him? I don't know.

Something poisonous. Maybe.

I tried lifting him, but... Did you fall?

A little bit.

You okay? Yeah, I'm alright.

I'll take care of him. You know, he might get mad.

If you want to get better, dog, you come with me.

You can't be pushy. You have to let him come to you.

That's okay, I came prepared.

Hospital food!

Come here, Benny.

Hospital food, come here, dog. There you go. You'll come with me.

You'll come with me, right? Very funny.

Hospital food. Come into the car. There you go. There you go. Good boy.

Oh, boy.

You wanted to see me, so...

William Finn.

It's you.

I don't think anybody wants to be me.

So yeah.

That's me.

You look different.

I don't get to get out very much.

What made you finally agree to see me?

An impulse.

Like every other stupid decision I ever made.

You can... you can say what you came to say.

You expect me to cry?


Say dear God, why me?

Something like that. That's not me.

I just figured from your letter. My letter just said I wanted to see you, it didn't say I had any idea what I'd do when I got here.

Guess I had to be sure that I could look you in the eye and not be afraid.

You still live in that same house?

Excuse me?

Well, I remember you told me you were gonna move.

But your letters, the address, it's the old house.

Couldn't sell the house.

So I'm making improvements, making like a new house.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I was so messed up back then.

Will, let me ask you something.

Sure, anything.

How's the food in here?

The food.

How's the food?

On time. It's almost that time.

So it is.

I got your favorite, there you go. I got your favorite, here you go, Benny!

Come here, there you go.

Yeah, you like that. You greedy dog.


I hated putting him in here, you know, but it's just safer that way.

I thought you were at the hardware store.

I was, but they didn't need me anymore.

And you came over not to see me? Actually I came by to check on the dog.

I thought you guys were sworn enemies.

The way I see it, hating him only hurts me.

So... I got your letter.


Thank you for coming back.

I wanted to see you.

I'm surprised that you could even read that letter.

I'm sure there was tons of mistakes in it.

I was never that good in school.

You're taking classes in here, right?

Yeah. I mean, yes.

My teacher is a real hardass for stuff like that.

I'm sorry that I curse.

You say sorry a lot. I have a lot to be sorry for.

What's something you're not sorry for?

Something you're good at.

I don't know, screwing up, getting caught.

I'm serious.

Fixing things.

I've always been good at that.

When I was a kid if I broke something my dad would always make me fix it.

I mean, he'd beat the crap out of me, and then he'd make me fix it.

I started to like the way it felt.

Putting things together, making it work.

Kinda like you.

What do you mean? You're a nurse, aren't you?

Yes, yes.

I fix things, you fix people.

Maybe we have something in common.

I guess we do.

Electronic stud finder.

Whatever happened to banging on a wall and listening for the beam?

Well's Hardware.

Daddy, I'm gonna nickname you "Missed call".

Yeah, well, when I need you, I need you.

I was in therapy. What do you need?

I need you to go check on Benny.

- Yeah, that's funny, I'm already with him. You are?

Yeah, and he's a lot more fun now that he's doing what I tell him to.

Sit! Sit! Good boy.

That's a good boy.

I can't believe you've had him for five years and never taught him to sit.

Now look at him and tell me something. Does he look sick to you?

- Or am I just being a worry-wart? No, he looks fine, Daddy.

But then, you know, he always looks fine when he's begging for food.

Well, keep feeding him then. All right?

Excuse me, ma'am, are you here to see William Finn?

Yes. He's not gonna be able to see you today.

Why not?

He just can't.

What, no scratch and sniff today, Billy?

What are you talking about?

That little piece of trim that keeps coming up in here and visiting you.

She looks uppity if you ask me.

You know what she looks like?

What, you think you're the only moon-faced kid around here that gets any visitors?


Hey. You stop talking about her.

What do you think she wants with you anyway?

Shut up.

Does she even know why you're here?

Shut the fuck up.

It takes 57 minutes each way.

I know. That is 114 minutes of my time, gone.

There's a reason I couldn't come out that day.

All right? I got in trouble.

What kind of trouble?

Some guys here like picking on me. So you got into a fight?

No. No, not exactly.

They cornered me. Why you?

'Cause they know I'm won't fight back. How do they know that?

Because everyone in here knows how badly I want to get out.

So they cornered you and you had to spend time in solitary?

No, the infirmary.

So... those guys who attacked you...

What'd they do to you?

Do you want to see?

The old man's looking pretty sharp.

Yeah, well... don't get too excited, I re-gifted.

Oh, come on.

Well, you're gonna spend the night, right?

Dad... No, no. I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

You know, heaven forbid you spend one more minute with your father than you have to.

Benny, you love me, don't you? How you doing, Benny?


Did you get him to eat? He ate.

All gone.

Yeah, I don't know. He sleeps so much.

Maybe I should take him to the vet.

He's not a puppy anymore, Dad. He's getting old.

I'm getting old, I'm retired, you know.

Benny's still here, he's young. You got some moves, right boy?

What you looking at there, man?

Something that doesn't belong to you.

You really do miss pussy.

I don't see why though.

Seems to me there's plenty of pussy right here in this cell.

You know something, Randy?

Your shits smell better than you do.

You ever... ever touch my things again...

And only the idea of you will be left behind.

Did you get the card? Yeah. Yeah, I loved it.

I loved it. Thank you so much.

It was my mom's favorite holiday.

She used to make me sign these valentines, those little paper ones.

Your mom sounds like a good lady. She would've liked to hear you say that.

Actually she died when I was nine.

The... asthma attack, it was... she didn't get to her medication on time. I... was the one who found her. I'm sorry, that's terrible.

It was a long time ago.

Yeah, still.

That must be hard. I'm sorry.

What about you? My mother?

She left when I was 12.

Do you hate her for that?

I don't know how to hate anybody.

Maybe if she'd stuck around... maybe I could've got on a better track.

There's still time.

I was starting to wonder if I was gonna see you this week.

With the holiday all my schedules have been off, so...

Memorial day.

You're nervous.

I'm getting paroled.


Does that make you nervous? Should I be?

Well, I don't think that you would visit me if you thought I'd be a threat out there.

So why'd you ask? Because...

All I can think about in here... is how I'm gonna miss this.

Look, if you don't want to see me when I get out of here, I'll understand.

But you gotta know right now...

I would never do that again.

So the prison thinks you've been rehabilitated.

They think I've served my time.

Do you think you've served your time?

Look, Miranda, I can't undo what I did.

I know.

I won't stop saying I'm sorry.

I want to start fixing things.

If you let me.

Hey, I'm sorry...


Oh, Daddy, I'm sorry.

God, look at me. It's okay. Here.

Take these. I should be able to do this.

He was your best friend, Daddy. It'd be a lot for anyone.

I can do this.

Where's the shovel? Is it in the back?

You're all dressed up. I know. I'll wear an apron.

No, you're gonna get a mess all over your clothes.

Why don't you go out and get us some food or something, and then when you come back I'll be finished.

Chinese Gourmet? Yeah.

Yeah, those bird like things would...

Won... Won tons.

Oh, sweetie, I'm sad.

Just when you two were becoming friends.

Alright. I'll be back.

You know, your mother... used to complain a bit that I wasn't around all the time.

It was the hardware store. I was trying to put it together.

You were providing. Yes, I know.

It's... confusing.

Be a father, and not be able to protect your children.

I wish I had found her, not you. That's basically what I'm saying.

You know, Daddy...

with us it's... bad things happen... and we make the best of them.

That's right.

That's what we do.


I'm leaving you.

You gonna miss me?

About as much as you gon' miss me.

Randy, don't underestimate yourself.

I've... actually grown quite attached to you.

All this time together... this is how you say goodbye?



I know that you won't forget me.

Most people don't.

Have you been to Florida? Oh, my God, you have to go.

I would like to. Have you been to Florida?

Hey, Miranda, come here. You've got to look at this.

Yeah, what is that?

She just got back from her vacation in Orlando. Show her.

I swam with the dolphins.

Poor sharks, no one ever wants to swim with them.

Here are the two kids at the Magic Kingdom. That was super fun.

They got their faces painted. Cute! How old is he?

He's like, four. Oh, so cute.

Don't you have a vacation coming up? You should really go to Orlando.

I... Florida in the summertime? It seems redundant.

Where are you going, then? Canada?

I'm staying home, actually.

You can't stay home. It's your vacation. What's the point?

It's where my house is, and I'm still working on it.

And I'm gonna finish it once and for all.

She needs to find a man. Right?

Miranda Wells?

Do y'all know Miranda? That's me.

Thank you.

Who's it from? Oh, just my dad. You know how he is.

Did she say from her dad?

Did you... did you get the flowers I sent?

I got 'em.

They were just delivered. At my work.

You don't like 'em? That's all I could afford right now.

The flowers are not the problem, William. They're fine.

It's having them delivered at my workplace is the problem.

Oh, yeah, you don't want them knowing about us?

Not that there's an us. I'm sorry.

- Stop saying you're sorry. Well, I just want to stay in touch.

You could've written. You could've called.

I could?

Yeah, I thought I made that clear last time I visited.

Well, I just... figured maybe you were just saying that.

No, 'cause when I say something I mean it.

I hope the same goes for you.

- William? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sorry, you... cut out. What'd you say?

Doesn't matter.



William! You're here.

I promised I'd come. You didn't believe me?

No, I did, I did. I just didn't expect you so soon.

Sorry. It's okay.

Just anxious to fix things.

Well, then let's get started.

One minute.

I'm gonna go get something to drink.

You want some lemonade?


That sounds really good.

Thank you.

Wait, let me. I'll take that.

I got it, thanks.


I... wanted to come back and... fix this hole here.

If you'd let me.

I insist.


I'll see you?

You'll see me.

All right.

No, just give me some Elmer's glue and a straight head, and... well, I'll make you something really good.

You're as stubborn as gum on carpet, Mitchell.

If you pull those strings with Mr. Simmons you can be as old school as you want.

I'll tell you something. It's Simpson.

And Jerry... Jerry's gonna give you what you want.

He'll give you your second story. Thank you, Mitchell.



I need some paint. Okay.

To match this color. Yeah, how much you need?

I figure a gallon'll do. Fix a porch ceiling.

Big hole in it. Okay. I'll get you set up.

Okay, that's $21.15.


It's just five cents more.



Miranda! Daddy!

What the hell are you thinking about?

What are you talking about? That son of a bitch!

When did he get out?

How does he have the nerve to get out and show his face within 100 miles of here. Daddy, calm down. Calm down.

I am calmed down! He's a lowlife scumbag, Miranda.

Has he been over here?

No. Tell me the truth.

Then what is this, Miranda? This is a chip of paint.

He brought it into the shop. It matches that ceiling.

Daddy, listen, okay? William's been here.

Please... don't say that name around me! Okay, I'm sorry! I'm sorry.

He raped you, Miranda, right here in this house! He raped you.

I know that, Daddy. And I'm not forgetting it.

I'm letting him fix things. Okay? He wants to fix things.

This... Miranda, this can't be fixed!

It can't be undone, Daddy, but I'm trying to figure out a way to move on.

And this is how you do it? Tell me right way, Daddy.

I don't know. You know...

You want me to sit and cry in therapy for 10 years writing in some goddamn journal about my feelings?

That's not me. It'd be like drowning in a puddle.

I'd be dying by inches.

You want me to hate him forever? That hurts no one but me.

I'm tired of hurting.

Miranda, there are other options than that.

Other options than having your rapist over for dinner!

He's fixing the porch, okay? We're not over here sipping tea, Daddy.

He fucking stays on the porch. He's fixing the fucking porch!

Well, I can fix the porch! But I need him to fix it.

Okay, that's what I need.

I don't know you.

I don't know you.

You didn't show up.

I did actually, I just...

Just didn't stay. You were here?

Yeah. I was across the street.

I saw your dad.

I heard him, too.

I figure...

I best not stick around.

In fact...

I'm not sure it's such a good idea to... to come around, period.

You still there?

Listen. I know my dad... an outburst like that he'll either sleep or work for two weeks straight.

He won't be back any time soon.

Yeah, I just don't want to cause more harm.

You know, I feel like I've done enough of that for a lifetime.

What do you think?

I think you're afraid of a 70-year-old man.

I wasn't sure you'd still come.

I said I would.

Oh, shit.

What? Sorry, I forgot the paint.

It's okay, we have other things to do.

You want a drink before we get started?

Yeah, I'd appreciate that.

I was thinking I might just try this carpenter thing. Full time.

What'd you say?

I was just saying I could... get used to this.

Too sweet?

No, it's perfect. Good.

Can I... give you a hand?


You're dripping.


I'm sorry about that.

Something wrong?

I don't know, my...

My stomach's just feeling a little messed up.

What'd you eat today?

Just some clam chowder.

That'll do it.

Look, I'm so... I'm sorry about this. Can I maybe just... use your bathroom?

Just lie down for a minute?

Could you go home? No, I don't think I can make it home.

Look, maybe if I just...

If I just get where it's cool inside.

I'm just... I'm sorry, I'm really not feeling too well.

It's okay.



You can come in.


Hey, you.

What happened?

You passed out.

Thank you.

You are so pretty.

Thank you, William. Look at you... taking such good care of me.

It's the thing we have in common, remember?

Yeah, I fix things. Exactly, and I fix people.

You know what's wrong with me?

Of course I do.


You're a rapist, William.

That's what's wrong with you.

Miranda. Hey!

What the fuck...

What the fuck is...

What are you doing?

Surely you didn't think I'd forgotten that you came into my home and raped me?

Did you make me sick?

No. The antifreeze made you sick. I just provided it to you.

Oh, come on, I didn't give you any more than I gave Benny, and you got a good 70 pounds on him.

You fucking crazy?


No, I'm not crazy, William.

Crazy suggests that I don't know right from wrong.

And I do.

This... is clearly wrong.

Miranda... look at me.

You're a nurse.

That means you save people.

I saw you save that man that was choking.

I was there.

You saved his life.

You saw that?

You saw what I got to do?

I got to stick a knife into a man's throat in broad daylight, and people wanted me to do it.

In fact, they applauded.

What are you doing? Room service.

What did you give me, Miranda?

Don't worry. You won't feel a thing.

I'm getting good at this.

All right, I get it.

I'm kind of surprised you trust me to give you water. Considering.

Go ahead.

Go ahead and drink, William. At this point what do you have to lose?

You wanna watch?

Hold that thought.


You stay right there.

Do you have something for me? Yes, ma'am, it's right there.

Thank you.


Don't. Please.

Just in time.

Used up my very last one three days ago.

Oh, it hurts, doesn't it? What are you doing to me?

I'm sorry it hurts, I know it hurts. Here.

Hold my hand. Hold my hand, there you go.

There you go, squeeze all you want. That's it.

William, you're hurting me! William! Stop it, stop it!

You're hurting me, stop it, stop it! William, let go, let go, let go!

Thank God that's not my hand.

What the fuck?

What is that?

Honestly, you know, I'm not even allowed to perform surgery.

Not even allowed to assist in surgery.

I've been having this terrible problem with my hand.



I developed this terrible twitch.

It's getting better.

That's so weird.

You should really look at yourself. Here.

Seriously though, look at your expression.

Your eyes.

It's fascinating, isn't it? That's why I work in critical care.

You get to see what really matters to people.

You're not a killer. I know you're not a killer.

You're not gonna let me die.

I let my mother die, William.

She did a lot of things, but she didn't fuck me from behind.

So really, William, the question is...

What matters to you?

You do.

You do.

I do? Yeah.

'Cause you're pretty stupid and predictable.

You know that?

Oh, I almost forgot.

What goodies did you bring?

What's in the backpack?

No, Miranda!



Don't tell me you were that optimistic.

That's not what it looks like.

I wasn't gonna do anything with that.

You know what I was thinking... when you were raping me?

When I thought that I might die...

I was thinking...

Is it in yet?

'Cause I couldn't feel a thing.

But I'm pretty certain that you feel me now, don't you?

Take a look at yourself.

Go on.

Help! Help!

Help! You're right, William...

I win.

I win.

Daddy, I'm so sorry. Don't... apologize.

Please don't.

I know that it's...

I know that this doesn't make a lot of sense...


It doesn't make any sense.

At all.

You were so strong, Miranda.

When your mother died, everyone figured you would rebel, cause all sorts of troubles.

But you stayed the course. You stayed levelheaded.

For the first time in my life...

I'm scared.

I'm really worried about you.

You don't have to worry. This is your life.

I know that, Daddy.

So I put an end to it.

He won't be coming around anymore.

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