Return to the 36th Chamber (1980) Script

"Chiang Tai Dye Mill."

Brother Sheng, the dye has been quite bad lately.

The color doesn't stay.

That's right, someone must be behind this.

Brother Sheng, the chief wants to talk to you.

Sir, is this OK?

It's all right.

Brother Sheng.


Look at this, how come it's like this?

How can this be acceptable?

Our dye is a little...

A little what?

It's the same dye.

See, theirs is much darker.

Why is our dye lighter?

Maybe we need to concentrate it a little.

What's the matter?

They are from Manchu.

Our boss hired them to mix the colors.

Then I...

Don't worry! You can still work here.

They have come to assist you.

I have no problem in that but I have to go talk to the others.

There's no need; You do your own thing they have their own jobs I'm afraid it will delay work.


The colors will be a mess.

Relax, we brought our color sticks.


What do you need the sticks for?

This is the special sticks from Manchu.

It's quite special so it's got to be alright.

The boss said, from today onwards you all will have a pay cut of 2O percent.

Why do we have to bear a pay cut?

You wish to know the reason?

The 2O percent is so we can pay them.

That's not right.

That's highway robbery.

You Manchurians shouldn't be violent.

You should be reasonable.

Brother Sheng...

This is the principle.

So? What do you want to do?

Brother Sheng...


Ah Chao, Shih-sheng, stop messing around.

Why are you hitting... it's unreasonable.

Stop fighting! Stop it.

Our fabric is getting worse recently.

That's why our boss is hiring the technicians.

Yuan Li-hou and Chuan-min are here to help you.

It's because of the Manchurians we have to take a pay cut.

Be quiet.

This is the boss' idea.

Take it or leave it.

Then I'll be the first to leave.

Chou Shih-sheng l'll quit too.

Me too I'm also leaving.

Soaml I'll go too.

Count me in.

Me too, I'm not going to stay either.

Let's go... I'll go too... G0 stop.

What a nerve! Chou Shih-sheng.

You started a strike.

Whoever dares to leave the mill.

I'll break his legs.

Move away.

Move it...

You want to fight.

Stop fighting.

I'll break your legs.

Don't fight anymore.

Chuan-min, you can't even beat the women.

Goddamn Manchurian, we'll beat you! You are unreasonable! Beat you...

Cut it out...

All right, Chief.

We'll follow his orders

and take the pay cut.

Now go back to work.

Ah Chao.

Are you alright?

Chief Ma recruited some Manchurians and made us take a pay cut.

They used force to hurt us, so unreasonable.

They must've planned it before, Shih-sheng.

Mr. Li, you've been here for a long time you know we have been earning a lot for him.

Shih-sheng, you're the color specialist in Chiang Tai.

The dyes are worse than before so I know some bad things would happen soon.

All right, we should go and talk to Boss Wang.

It's no use fighting against the Manchurians.

The boss himself hired them.

Well... Mr. Li.

Can we go to the court?

That's worse. Let me tell you why.

Boss holds influence in their court.

Can't sue him and will get beaten up if we don't work.

If we work, we receive less money.

Who knows how much they'll deduct later?

Aren't we waste our lifetime for nothing?

How I wish that we knew some kung fu.

Ah Chao.

We'd fight them if we knew how.

Don't worry about bruises and injury.

Our wonder pills from Shaolin can heal all bruises

cure cuts improve circulation.

You can eat half and rub the rest on the injured part.

And it tastes better than candy.

In my opinion, we should continue working rather than create a scene with them.

True, let's avoid getting beaten up again.

You're all here.

Hey, don't rush...

This can cure...

You're lucky, Sir.

Take the whole box. G0 ahead...

What the hell are you doing, Ah Chieh?

Big Brother, our work is different from yours.

We have to look alike what we are pretend to be.

To be a priest, you need to tie a bun; To be a blind, you need to roll your eyes to be a monk, you need to be bald.

The dummies always fall for it.

How come you're all free tonight?

Jen-chieh, our boss hired a whole bunch of Manchurians.

We need to give up pay for them.

Your brother got into a fight with them.

Ah Chao got hurt too.

Let me take a look, Ah Chao.

What are you doing?

You dare to sell me fake medicine! Don't mess around.

What are you talking about?

My medicine is really from Shaolin Temple.

Do you really think you're a Shaolin monk?

Aren't I?

The monks from Shaolin know kung fu.

Well, so do I.

Good then, go get revenge for Ah Chao.

Don't push me into it I can't use my skills for revenge.

It's for peaceful purposes.

What the hell is that kind of kung fu?

It's only for a living.

Don't lie.

Who is lying?

Shut up! Let's go, Ah Chieh.

Excuse all, the master is leaving now.

Li Se donated twenty cents.

Merciful Buddha! Shaolin Temple needs fixing.

Please donate some money to Shaolin Temple.

Move it, I don't have...

Sir, your goodness will be aptly rewarded.

He is over there.

It's really him! Let's go over to see him ls that OK?

Don't worry.

Gentleman, Lady, Shaolin Temple needs repairs.

Please donate some money.

Chou Jen-chieh.

Oh! It's you two.

You're really good at this.

Of course, otherwise all those...

All those dummies wouldn't fall for it.

Yes, we'd like you to pretend to be a monk and take revenge for us.

Don't count on me. They will kill me.

Are you Chou Shih-sheng's brother? Yes, I am.

Are you our friend? Of course.

You see, they took advantage of us.

Are you going to help?

I Will.

What are you waiting for?

Hey, big fellow.

I'm not really a Shaolin monk I'm just pretending to be one.

That's what we need. Let's go...

We'll tell you the details later.

Talk later...

I know your stick is for stirring yellow.

Do you like the other shades of yellow?

What other kinds of yellow?

Are you trying to trick me?

Hsiao Hung...

There are too many people here, hold on.

She'll bring out the yellow fabric later.

You just follow her.

Hsiao Hung.

What are you doing here?

Why are you here, Ah Chuan?

I'm... here for a girl ls that true?

Both of you got a date?


With who?

The girl with the yellow fabric.


That girl with the yellow fabric.

You too?

Is that her?

That's her.

Let's go.

Bastard! You people are too much.

First reduced our salary and now tease the ladies.

You jerk! Dare mess with me? Get them.

Break it off.

Who are you?

I'm a Shaolin monk, San Te.

Monk San Te?

That's me.

Merciful Buddha.

Great kung fu! Are you really from Shaolin?

That's right.

No wonder you could do that.

Why are you fighting here?

Is that necessary?

He's great.

Good timing, Master.

We're the workers from Chiang Tai Dye Mill.

They are the Manchu technicians.

Our boss hired them and we all got a pay cut.

Beat them up.

Why are you so reckless?

If I didn't hold myself back you would either be injured or dead.

All the workers, please listen.


About your pay cut.

I'll try my best to help you.


Thank you...

San Te.

You go back to tell your chief.

I'll visit him later.

Let's go.

They left...

Chief, a monk has come from Shaolin.

Who is he?

Monk San Te.

Isn't he the abbot of the 36th chambers?

Yes, heis.

Don't get nervous.

What can he do to us?

Chou Shih-sheng asked him to come over here.

Come here? Why?

He's here for us.

OK, we'll see how tough he is.

Brother Hou, his martial arts is unbeatable ls he really that good?

Did you fight against him?

We haven't had a chance but he did show off a little.

His steps and strength are incredible I don't think we can handle him.

So he's coming to help the workers?

Where is he now?

He's waiting outside for our reply.

Oh! He came to our doorstep.

Everyone... don't worry.

We don't need to sacrifice our pay.

We asked a master to help us.

Move it...

Are you looking for trouble? Get to work.

Get to work...

What're you doing, Ah Chao? The Manchurians are coming.

Hurry, back to work.

Please come in, Master.


Merciful Buddha.

This is Monk San Te from Shaolin.

He has come here today to restore justice.

Ah Chao, why you began blathering on about our factory affairs in front of Monk San Te?

Everyone is working happily here.

Chief Ma.

You took part of our pay for the Manchurians.

And you still think we are happy?

Yes, he dares to think that.

Please listen to me. Let's discuss it over.

Chief Ma.

It's really unreasonable.

I mean, we're all human beings.

The Manchurians don't need to work and they get paid.

And though we work very hard we still bear with a pay cut.

The government is controlled by Manchurians so of course there's a difference.

If that's the case, you are relying on the power of Manchurians and force us to agree for a pay cut.

Who said that?

They don't need to work if they think the pay is not good.

You beat us up if we don't work.


Please have mercy, Chief Ma.

Merciful Buddha.

Monk San Te, the Manchu technicians are sending here by the government.

You better stay away and don't get involved in our business.

I can help you if you need a donation.

How much do you want?

Just give me a number.

IIII Fifty taels.

One, two, three, four, five.

This is bribery. Let's beat them up.

Stop! Don't be afraid.

Violence isn't a solution to problems.

What do you think, Chief Ma?

You don't agree with me, do you?

You are right...

Have mercy.

You still can change your mind, Sir.

Give them their old wages.


I'll listen to you, Monk San Te.

Merciful Buddha! You're a good man.


Please listen carefully.

You'll get the same pay as before.

All of you can go back to work.

That's great...

Thank you for your help, Master.

You... Please.

Brother Shih-sheng, using Chou Jen-chieh's skill plus our great ideas those goddamn Manchurians did not believe in the first place but they all believe now.

Honestly, I can pretend to be anyone I'm very skillful I can even feign to be a girl.

I'm so eighteen and never had a boyfriend.

Let's drink... cheers...

Don't be too confident, Ah Chieh.

We were lucky to fool them this time.

What if you can't fool them next time, you'll...

Look at me, Big Brother! It'll always work.

What are you doing now?

No more pay cut, Shih-sheng.

We can finally relax.

Come on... Let's have a drink.

Come on! Let's drink...

Monk San Te sh0uld've stayed in Shaolin.

Why did he come to Canton?

Boss, I saw him in Chiang Tai Dye Mill.

His martial arts are unbeatable.

All of you are afraid of him... so...

I just wanted to calm things down I agreed to give them their old pay for a while.


Boss, there are many great fighters in Shaolin.

If I offend him all of the workers will be against us.

Boss, of course with your relationship with the government there shouldn't be a problem.

Shaolin Temple should keep to its own matters.

Let's wait a while. After the monk leaves we'll take back their pay at once.

Fine then. You all can leave.


Let's go...

Hold on! Did anyone fight against him?


So he just showed off a little?

Yes, but he is really tough.


Please ask Monk San Te to come over here.

I want to see how much he can do.

Of course.

Keep steady.


Boss, Monk San Te is here.

You are...

I'm Monk San Te.

You are from...

I'm from Shaolin Temple.

May I ask why are you here, Master?

For donations, helping people or...


It looks like you missed one more thing.

I don't think so! I have everything.

Well, to promote Shaolin martial arts.

Oh! I did practice some time.

I really would like to see your moves as I have not had the chance yet.

That's no problem.

Ah Chao.

Please let me have the honor, Master.

IIII Please.

This rock is too big and might hurt the workers.

Wonderful! Master, it's a very unusual step.

Your eyesight is great as you can see the pebble from so far away.

This is just some skills that can be noticeable.

If so, Master's inner strength should be even stronger.

Would you please show us?

Please grant us the honor, Master.

Alright. I'm going to show you something.

Come on, Master.

I don't want you to hit those workers.

You can fight with us.

But I'm afraid I'll hurt you.

We want to see your great skills so we're willing to take the chance.

Come on.

Monks don't encourage fighting, Mr. Wong.

If martial arts is what you'd like to see you can come to Shaolin Temple.

That'll be all. I have to go.

Please don't leave, Monk San Te.

You came down from the top.

Can you go up the same way?

I think walking the stairs will be faster.


Ah Chieh, you...

Did everyone see the steps of Monk San Te?

You all should have seen it.

San Te.

You don't need to send me out.

Don't move.

Chief Ma, please don't push me to fight.

That's what I want you to do.

Chief Ma, we can talk about it.

This stick is not suitable for me.

You can use your internal strength to bounce us.

Come and show us the best of Shaolin.

What is this crap kung fu?

Damn it.

You asked a monk to help you but he is just a bloody looser.

Monk, where is your unbeatable skill?

IIII Stupid bald guy, it's totally your fault.


Boss, what should we do with him?

He dared to fool you.

You can use real kung fu to deal with him.

You still want to trick us?

Chief, Brother Chuan.

I don't think he can stand it anymore.

Please let him go. We'll apologize to you.


All 0f us Will do it...

No, it's no use.

Brother Chuan, we beg you.

Yes, please release him I'll beat up anyone who had cheated on me.

My goodness.

Please help.

G0 ahead! Everyone.

Let's go...

Damn it! Beat him.

Look... he is really in bad shape.

Mr. Li, how are they doing?

Be quiet...

How is your wound?

They blew Monk San Te's cover.

I told you before. You can fool them once you can't make it twice.

All of our workers were beaten and we are going to lose our jobs as well.

Big Brother.

So Master, what're you going to do now?

Big Brother, I did not expect this and caused so much troubles to everyone.

Shut up.

Jen-chieh, why don't you learn from me?

Get some honest work.

Don't always opt for the easy way out.

Just like you, Big Brother?

Look at you! You're punch bags.

You deserve it because you cheated others.

But not only did you get punished all the workers suffered too.

That's true. I shouldn't involve everyone.

But I made it the first time no one got a pay cut.

It would be fine if we stop then.

Why asked me to act the second time?

D0 you really think I know kung fu?

I can't do anything.

You ought to learn some useful skill.

All right, I Will.

Don't expect my help when I succeed.

Ah Chieh.

Chou Jen-chieh.

This time...

Do you want me to be a monk this time?

Monastery of Wu Dong, Bai Mei or a Manchu commander?

Tell me... Who do you want me to be?

I was good, wasn't I?


Look at you.

Are you pretending you got beaten up?

Ah Chieh, Ah Chao really got beaten up.

Hsiao Hung, Ah Chads injuries are real and I always try to fool others.

Why did I do it?

You don't need to lie.

How can I compete with others without lying?

With real kung fu.

You're still pulling my leg.

You know that I can't do kung fu.

You can learn it.

Where can I go to learn?

You can go to Shaolin Temple.

Shaolin. Why don't you go?

All of us were injured.

Will they take women to Shaolin Temple?

You think Shaolin Temple is that easy to enter?

Ah Chieh, other can't but you can.

Why me?

You can pretend to be a monk and get in.

That's right.

You're askin' me to do it again?

Ah Chieh.

Jen-chieh, you'd rather see us suffer and let them bully us forever?

Yes, after you learn kung fu we won't need to lie anymore.

All right. Say, even if I can get in Shaolin, it'll still require many years to learn.

That's all right. No matter what we'll wait for you to avenge us I'll learn not only for revenge but also teach you all kung fu.

Then we'll be able to protect ourselves.

Yes. Merciful Buddha.

OK Don't get close. I'm really a monk now I can't get near women folk.

But not me.

Don't hit me...

That's bullshit...

G0 collect the grain. Don't stand here.

Collect the grain?

Take it over.

Stop hitting me...

There is someone here. Cut it out.

I'm not a barrel. Stop it.

Come off it, Monk.

What are you doing?

I'll make you carry 5O bags of grain each.



Old monk, how do you teach these little monks?

It's because I'm not capable.

You can all rest today.

Please take me to Shaolin Temple first.

As you wish.

Old monk.

How can you treat a master so rudely?

Master, stop lying I'll hang you on the big tree over there if you dare pretend to be a monk again.

Hurry up.

All set, continue collecting the grain.

Move faster...

Some Shaolin monks are carrying vegetables back.

Master, you better not eating too much of these beans I know.

Master, you...

I was a monk since I was little I was scared of the scarring pain so I moved and it got crooked.

No wonder.

Please have some tea.

Drink some tea.

Why don't they drink some tea?

Please drink tea.

G0 ahead.

Good man.

Take another one.

Such a waste.

It hasn't taken effect.

G0 ahead! It's about time.

This monk can really hold it.

Better find a place to take a dump.

This way...

Hurry up...

I don't need any help.

Hey! Where are you going?

Shaolin Temple.

Which chamber?

Shaolin chamber.

Which one of the 36 chambers?

The kitchen chamber, of course.

The kitchen? Get out.

Hey little one, did you find out anything?

Certainly I've found out every tiny detail. Let's go.

Come back! Stop...

What is your problem?

Is this for real? Really?

I have done my homework.

To go to Shaolin Temple you got to have a lot of courage.

Did he ask for all of us?

There is the rule Monk San Te sets.

After one year, the secular pupils can go home for a while.

Why is that?

For no apparent reason he needs to ensure your willpower and to see if the person has consistency and endurance.

What will happen otherwise?

You can't go back anymore.

And if one comes through all the tests?

He will let them know and tell them which day to return.

Which day of which month?

Tomorrow is the day.


Two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve.

One dozen. Thank you. Where to get the whip?

Excuse me! I didn't see you. Hey.

It's very difficult to make it, Ah Te.

Yes, I found the solution.

Just line up with all those monks.

Please help me.

Please help me out...

Let me go...

Please help me... Please release me...

Please help me. Don't go.

Do me a favor...

You can't get in and out as you wish here.

It'd be better if you leave now.

Get out. Hurry up...

The two monks walked over the sand and didn't leave any footprints.

Their skills are incredible.


That special kung fu of yours that you can walk on the sand without footprints.

It's just amazing. Merciful Buddha.

Merciful Buddha.

Which chamber do you belong to?

I'm from North Shaolin I've come to learn.

You're too kind... we all belong to one family.

What would you like to see, Brother?

Kung fu.

We have the same kind of sand pond at North Shaolin.

But our method is different.

Can you tell us the difference?

We're walking very close together.

Do you mean right next to each other?

Do you want me to show you?

Please do.


Why're you tugging at my clothes?

This is called "Tumbling Attachment"

I beg your pardon?

I haven't heard that before.

You wouldn't understand it. Move.

What is this called?

This is "Priest San-Chang Crossing The River".

What does it mean?

The priest, when he was crossing the river his second apprentice was piggy backing him.

Who was his second apprentice?

The general pig.

Are you saying I'm a Pig?

Merciful Buddha.

Your kung fu is incredible I could hardly follow it.

Thank you... What're they practicing inside?

You'll find out if you come in.

Abbot, he...

Hey! Why Can't it open?

Punch it...

Punch? Are you crazy?

It's broken. Forget about it.

This door is fine.

Yes, it's not broken.

Stop giggling.

You're from the North...

Yes, I am.

Are there any secular pupils in North Shaolin?

Not until of late.

You have passed the test as you managed to cross the sand pond I'll take you as my half apprentice.

Thank you, Abbot.

Not yet. You still need to enter the gate of 36th chamber.

"The 36th chamber."

You first.

Merciful Buddha.

Merciful Buddha! Your good name, Abbot?

I'm San Te.

San Te?

What brings you here, Sir?

I... I've come for you ls there anything I can do for you?

Hope that you will take me in.

I would like to be your pupil.

Where are you from?

I'm from North Shaolin.

Do they also have secular pupils there?

I lived in the village below North Shaolin.

How did you get into our chamber?

I fought my way through and I came in through the Iron Gate.

What's wrong with your head?

I... you see, I've got gray hair so I dyed it black.

All right. You want to be my apprentice you'll have to wash your head first.

Thank you, Abbot.

Abbot San Te.

Can I wash my head here?

I'm going right now.

Let me go... I need to wash my head.

They... won't let me.

This water is for washing clothes.


UP here?

We've to keep the water clean. Take it down.


Take the water down and wash there.


All the water is spilt.

Stop it. Everyone.

Leave Chin-Long Well for the brother who came from the North Shaolin.

The rest go use another well for water.


Monk San Te really treats me nice.

Does he suspect me? I don't think so.

Can I borrow a bucket? Please...

Brother, please lend me this bucket.

Abbot San Te, I can't get water without a bucket.

How can I wash my head?

Isn't this water?

How can you use a rock to get water?

There is only a rock.

There'd be nothing left if I throw it.

Luckily there is no one here.

Why is there water during the day but nothing at night?

There is no bucket.

What should I do?

Stupid me! I can take it off to wash.

A hero won't stab at one's back inside the Shaolin Temple.

Show your face.

To fling a letter stuck on knife is an old trick.

The less you think about, the better you hit.

San Te.

Abbot San Te, my mind isn't evil.

I'll use the rock...

I'm almost done.

It's clean now.

I didn't remember it's yellow.

What a waste of time?

I shouldn't have said I had gray hair I should have said yellow.

What are you doing?

I'm doomed this time.


Abbot San Te.

I've cleaned my hair.

Abbot San Te... I've done it.

Come and have a look.

Abbot San Te... I've washed my hair.

Please come and have a look.

Abbot San Te, I've cleaned my hair very well.

You really have gray hair.



Please don't touch it.

Abbot, I really have gray hair.



Abbot, please forgive me.

It's very difficult to get water with a rock.

I will not do it again.

Merciful Buddha.

Chou Jen-chieh I've found out how you sneaked into the Shaolin Temple.

Did you?

Then it's time to go.

Wait a second.

I thought you wanted me out?

No. You can stay.

Thank you, Master.

You're not going to be my pupil.

You've been living here for a long time.

You should help Shaolin in return.

All right. I'll try my best.

We renovate the temple every ten years and you'll be in charge of scaffolding.

Do you mean all by myself?

That's right.

You'll scaffold every single building by yourself.

Abbot, it's a very big temple.

When will I finish it?

What is your answer anyway?

I don't want to do.

Absolutely not.

All right. I'll do it.

Good evening, Master.

Don't stop! Go on.

Chou Jen-chieh.


I told you unless you're done with the task you're not allowed in the chamber.

Abbot, I didn't touch the ground I think you can see it too I'm standing on the pole I wasn't in the chamber.

Are you doing this on purpose?

Abbot, I didn't messing around I didn't interrupt them either.

They can continue.

G0 on you guys! Hurry UP.

Work hard! Go on! Keep practicing! Keep on.

Move it! Keep going.

Abbot... please no more...

I'll fall down if you don't stop, Abbot...

Go do your work.

I've finished it, Abbot San Te.

Please come to check it out, Abbot San Te I've done my job, Abbot San Te.

The whole thing.

Yes, I did it all.

You've scaffolding at every chamber.

Did you know how long it took?

It took a little over than a year.

Why did you need such a long time?

I was working hard, Abbot I climbed up and down.

From left to right.

Day and night.

Sunrise to Sunset.

Are you sure?

Well, sometimes I did watch them practice.

But please believe me, I didn't waste time.

Abbot San Te, it's very durable.

Abbot San Te...

It's very strong.

I can tell it's very strong I want you to tear it down now.

I beg your pardon? Tear it down?

Yes, after you finish you will be free to go.

I have to go after I take it down?

Is that some kind of a prank, Abbot?

How dare you talk to me like that?

Abbot, I thought you'll take me as your apprentice after I finish my task.

Now you ask me to tear it down and then leave.

Isn't that like making fun of me?

You dare talk back to a Shaolin abbot?

Don't you know you can be punished?

Punishment? The worse is you'll send me to the heaven.


What do you want to say?

I thought Shaolin monks are reasonable.

How come you aren't?

Shut up! Get out right now I'm not leaving just because you say so.

You're really a cunning monk.

At the most, I'll need to tie it back again.

But I will not leave.

There is no way you're sending me away I'm going to stay in Shaolin I want to learn martial arts starting from the beginning.

So you aren't leaving, are you?


You can't make me leave.


What happened?

I'll tie it up.

What's wrong with you? Are you pushing me?

I want to learn kung fu and I ain't leaving.

Abbot San Te, Abbot San Te.

Abbot San Te, San Te...


San... Go.

Do I need to get thru the Woodmen Lane?

It's a huge incense burner.

Get out.

Please take care, Abbot.

How is business?

Not too bad.

What's wrong?

There is someone sitting below, don't you aware?

Are you blind?

Look at your palm. You'll have a long life.

Your face is red and full so lots of people will help you.

Please buy some. Give a little...

Come on... it smells good. Pour...

I've got peanuts here.

Give me some...

Don't go! Ah Chao.

Come on. It's just a few peanuts.

Yes, it ain't stealing.

Stealing? Ah Chao I'll help you when you're loading the goods another day.

We can all come to help loading.

All of you have been changing your career.

Not really. We're still coolies.

Sometimes your goods leaked a little and we happened to be there...

What are you talking about?

You're back. Chou Jen-chieh.

Ah Chieh, you're back! How are you?

Hey, it's Ah Chieh...

Come on! Everyone.

Chou Jen-chieh is back.

Ah Chieh.

Ah Chieh, did you learn a lot of kung fu?

Ah Chieh.

Mr. Li, Hsiao Tsing.

Hsiao Li, Mr. Chang.

Hsiao Hung - Ah Chieh.

You've changed to a new job.


Where is my brother?

He's still at home.

Why is he at home?

It's my fault. I screwed up and caused you all to lose your jobs.

How is business?

Ah Chieh, everyone here are mostly from the Dye Mill.

Their pay is getting less and less so they can't afford to buy anything.

It's all because of those Manchurians.

Well, we don't need to fear them anymore.

You've learnt Shaolin kung fu.

What are you saying?

You've learned kung fu in Shaolin Temple.

There is no need to fear Boss Wang.

Yes, no more fear.

I... I didn't learn kung fu.

You always pretended in the past even you didn't know kung fu.

Now you've really learnt Kung Fu but you said you didn't.

I am not lying this time.

I couldn't learn kung fu at Shaolin.

Why did you spend so much time there then?

Working your eyes? Ears? Or head?

Yes, what did you do there?

Did you learn anything?

I was scaffolding.

Ah Chieh, at this moment, are you still making fun of us?

Right. Don't kid around.

I feel shame. I've been in Shaolin for 3 years yet I didn't learn anything except scaffolding.

Why did you come back if you haven't learned kung fu?

Why did you come back...

Why did you come back...

They sent me away.

Ah Chao, have you hurt yourself?

Are you all right...

What happened?

Ah Chieh threw you over.

Yes, he did it.

Did he throw me over?

It is kung fu. He must've learnt it.

That's right! He absolutely has.

It's fantastic...

But why did he deny it?

Be good! Don't cry.

Don't cry...

Big Brother.

Big Brother, I'm back.

You're back from Shaolin?


Ah Fen, Ah Chieh is back from Shaolin.

It's great.

Ah Chieh.

Big Brother, your hand...

No big deal. We were waiting for you to finish learning and return from Shaolin.

We've been waiting for a long time.

Finally you're back! Ah Fen.

Right. We've been anxiously awaiting for you to bring justice.


Boss Wang and his staff have bullied us for so long.

Ah Fen, we must pay it back this time.

Teach them a lesson.

That's right.

Big Brother, Sister-in-law.

I didn't learn anything in Shaolin.

I haven't learned kung fu there.

You're lying.

It's true. I haven't.

Well, you just don't want to help us once you've learned it. I'll hit you I really didn't learn any kung fu.

What are you doing?

Let go off me. Let me go...

Please let me go.

Did you hear me? Let me go.

You're mistaken. You're pulling me.

Great kung fu.

Ah Chao, did I hurt you?

Of course not I'd throw up if you were really punching.

What did you say? That's called kung fu.

Yes. It is...

Please listen carefully.

I'll need to try some more.

You guys come out towards me.

One by one.

Can you move?

Your kung fu is fantastic.

What's wrong...

Hurry... not so slow! Hurry.

This is yours.

Move on... Next... ls this yours? Go.

It's only that little. They deducted again.

What can we do? We need to work.

What are you saying?


G0 to work! Hurry up.


Move it! Add some force! Faster

ls this the right color?

Damn you.

Get away.

Damn it! You're really too much.

What are you doing here? We're not hiring.

We are here for you.

We want to show you something.

It's you.

Great eyesight.

Show me then! Come on in.

Open the door.

How can you fight with me if you can't even open the door?

Get out'. Go to work.

The two pole-man from Manchu.


Don't you recognize me?

You remember me, don't ya?

You were the one pretended to be Monk San Te I'm Chou Jen-chieh from Shaolin.

Well, I've never heard of you I have to show you something.

This is Chou Jen-chieh, newly from Shaolin.

Damn it! What are you up to?

Don't move.

You're screwing around again.

No tricks. I closed the door myself.

We're afraid that you'll run off.

Come on.

How do you know kung fu?

This is nothing.

Watch carefully.

Don't worry! Chou Jen-chieh learnt kung fu.

He'll avenge us.

Hold it! Great move.

Chief Ma is here.

Not you again.

Excuse me.


Come on.

I'll show you the real thing.

Using bamboo cord?

What kind of kung fu is that?

Scaffolding Kung Fu.

Does that count?

Let me show you something new a little by little.

From now on you need to give everyone their dues.

The pay that you owe them.


Chief Ma.

Now you've seen my real kung fu.

Hand them back their money if you're wise enough.


Boss Wang.

You were the fake monk last time.

Yes. But I've been learning in Shaolin I'm Chou Jen-chieh from Shaolin.

No wonder you're so much better I'm not here for revenge.

I want you to give back the money to all the workers for the last three years.

Guess, I'll give.

Shaolin kung fu a try today I'm ready for you.


Guys, the boss is in trouble today so we'll close one day. Shut the door.

Boss Wang.

It's more convenient to try my kung fu here.

Chou Jen-chieh, you can show whatever you've learnt in Shaolin.

Try your best.

Sure, I won't feel right if I don't get it out.

Then, please.

Great head skill.

Come on...

All right then.

Boss, come up and try my kung fu yourself.

Boss, thafsit.

I will hurt you if we keep on going.

Boss, let's stop.

If I don't hold on my strength, you might get hurt or even die.

Boss, the strength I used it's like the pay cut

40 percent less.

It increased to 7O percent now.

Now 80%.

Boss, it's 90 percent now.

All right, Chou Jen-chieh, you win.

Boss, are you sure of that?

Yes. I indeed am.

Good choice, Boss.

Boss seems to be very tired please take him back to rest.

Let's go.

Please remember to pay all the workers their full wages.