Returner (2002) Script

Go! Go! Go!

The energy tube is unstable!

It's only got a number of charges. Take it!

Go! The future is in your hands!

October 19, 2002

Your shipment has arrived.

Keep quiet!

Shut up!

Be quiet!

Mr. Mizoguchi...

Close it, quick.

Please be reasonable.

What? It shut them up.

They were hard to find...

I'll get the helicopter.

Your stuff's no good anyway. This was your last chance.



Let's get out of here.

No way!

Go, go!

After him!

Come on!

Get him!

He went up!

Freeze. Don't move!

Don't kill him!

Find out who he is.

Don't push your luck.

Don't kill me!

Tell your boss, he's through.

Never do business here again.

This turf belongs to someone else.

I made it!

Drop the gun.

Pretty good work.

Who the hell are you?


I'm impressed...

Just calm down.

We meet at last.

Who are you?

A kid?!


Who was it, Miyamoto?

Mizoguchi! The guy who killed Xi-Huan.

Get any information on him.

I can't believe you let him go.

I didn't!

This weird kid turned up, and as I shot her... he slipped away.

Get to work. I'm heading there now.


Find anything?

Money first. Money.

And calm down.

How can I? I found him at last.

Forget my share. Tell me what you know.

Take a look.

That's him. The man I swore to kll.

But he's with the strongest Triad.

So what?

Where is he? I'll kill him.

My dear boy...

Just tell me...

All right, I promise. But don't do anythng stupid.

Don't rush out and get killed, okay?

Just relax.

October 20, 2002

Energy reserves low.

How do you feel?

Where am I?

You speak Japanese?

You're not one of those kids?

Where did I hit you?

I see. That was lucky.

Where's Mount Ibusuki?

What's the date today?

It's October 20th.

Only two more days.

I'm Milly. I'm on an important mission. I need your help.

Looks like you've recovered.

I need information, weapons and your help.


Young lady, I'm busy.

See ya.

Listen. Something terrible's about to happen.

Let me in. Don't say I didn't warn you!

We're all doomed. It's the end of civilization!

Get lost.

Don't you get tired of pasta?

Don't shoot.

Why did you come back?

Look at your neck.

I'm asking you a question!


Sorry, I had no choice. I put a bomb on you.

If you remove it, you die.



You want proof...

Yours is on '1'. This is set on '2'.

You want to listen to me or die?

Take it off or I'll kill you.

Not a chance. It monitors my vital signs.

If I die... BANG. Off with your head.

Don't snatch.

If the signal fades... BANG. It explodes.

Who are you?

I can't tell you.

For Christ's sake!

What's up? I didn't call for you.

Any info about Mizoguchi?

You came just for that?

I need a car and some guns.

What for?

A job for her.

You're teaming up with that kid?

You called me, "Kid"?

Not "teaming up". She's a client.

Come on back.

Please hurry, there's no time.

I can't believe she's ordering you about.

She's not just a kid.

Quit calling me a "kid".

It's an antique, but it'll have to do.

It's the latest model.

Sure it is...

What else was there?

Mount Ibusuki.

Do you know where that is?

This is off-limits. Please go back.

Something happened?

We found an unexploded bomb.

Unexploded bomb?

What's this 'bomb' got to do with you?

What's going on?

Too late...

What is that?


Why don't you tell me?

The National Institute of Space Science



You understand why...

...I keep you here in Japan?

What about that bastard last night?

Hey, Karasawa.

We're still looking for him.

"Looking for him"?

That's a pathetic answer!


The same goes for you.

You see one rat, turn tail and run?

You haven't grown up since I took you out of the gutter.

Huh, Mizoguchi?


I didn't come to Japan to check up on you.

I got some interesting information.

If you want to make up for last night... go and check this out.


Hey, dumb kid.

I just want to finish this dumb job, okay?

It's Milly.

My name's Milly, not "dumb kid".

If I don't know what we're after, I can't help you.

Tell me, for Christ's sake.

You won't believe me.

That's up to me.

I'm looking for the Daggra.


It means 'enemy' in Tibetan.

What the hell's that?

An extra-terrestrial.

The first one arrived back there... faked a crash-landing.

I came back in time to kill it...

...from the future.

2084 A.D. Tibet

82 years from now, where I'm from...

...we're being invaded by them.

The survivors are holed up in Tibet.

...where we resist to the very end.

It's a disguised space ship?


Our heaviest firepower is useless!


Hey! Milly!

Get below. Tell the others we can't hold this position any longer!

Go! Go! Go!


Well, how bad is it?

They're repelling our most powerful weapons.

Meaning... they've got a new force field?


We've no choice. We need more power! Reset the countdown to three minutes.

Start the machine!


Prepare for battle!

Man your fighting positions!

Eric! Commence stage E! Now!


If they destroy it, everything we've done is for nothing.

We are out of options. Someone has got to go!

Only the time shifter can change our history.

We've got power!

Yes! Charging back up systems.

Roger! Charging energy field.

Commander! Get a squad to cover the entrance!

People! You've got one minute! One minute to bring it to full power!

Commence stage D! Activating the energy tube!


They're here...

Open the fire!

We can't break their shield!

The energy tube is unstable!

We're out of time! I need a volunteer!

I will do it!

Sonic Mover?!

When charged and released, it will increase your speed twenty fold.

It's only got a number of charges. Take it!

Go! The future is in your hands!

I won't let you down.

Steve! Get him!


Get the first one.

I'm here... prevent that war.

If that one alien is the cause of it, I can stop it by killing him.

I bet you think I'm crazy...

I knew something was up but...

You believe me?

In my job, you learn to find truth looking into peoples' eyes.

Your eyes say you're telling the truth.

I know now and I'm sorry.

Let me help your mission.


Sure. Together we'll kill that Daggra...

So, you should trust me, too.

Get rid of this thing on my neck.


Back in time to kill an alien?

Did you make up that crap?

You can count me out.

I thought you believed me...

Not a single word. Idiot.

Don't be upset...

Show me some proof.

There's the proof.

Hello, it's me. Anything on Mizoguchi?

I see.

No, it's fine.

One more thing.

Something else I need to know...

If there's any news in the aerospace industry, especially this week, tell me.

Keep an eye on it.

Thanks a lot.

Let's go.

It's late. Let's wait 'till tomorrow.

There's no time.

What are you dong?

Wash your hands and sit...

What's that?


Why the tears?

It's good...

I said it's good... jerk.

It's pretty tasty.

That's 'al dente'.

'Al dente'?

It's tricky to get right.

The National Institute of Space Science

Are you the one that called us?


That old bastard has spies everywhere.

Even in a place like this...

This way.

Now you believe me?

Guess I have to...

But is it worth anything?

I guarantee it.

It's packed with incredible technology.

The old man sure knows his stuff.


There's something else.

Something even better.

Proceed, Dr. Yagi.

What the hell...

You came to invade us?

Little monster.

Look, it's crying.



It just started to move!

Put that fire out!

Contact the assault team.

We'll come back for this.

Watch out.

What do you see?

What's out there?

Idiot. It's obvious.

What I've always wanted.

That thing is real power.

What are you doing?

You scared me.

What are you doing with my coat?

It fell so I picked it up.


That's right.


What are you looking at?


Give me a break...

October 21, 2002

Why didn't you wake me?!

You got up. Messed with my coat...


"Man found shot on street."

Many strange events reported worldwide.

Please take a look at this:

On Wall Street concerns about...

"Give me back the gate."

The newsreader suddenly said

..."Give me back the gate".

The same phenomenon also occurred during...

Any information?

Step aside.

Take a look at this.

A composite? It's well done.

You think it's a warning?

From the Triads?

Not their style. They'd just shoot you dead.

Any news?

Some good stuff.


First things first. Pay your dues.

Didn't your parents teach you that?


A bizarre explosion last night.


The National Institute of Space Science.

A research center north of here.

They turned away the fire department.

Not a big deal by itself, but...

Simultaneously, another explosion here.

Six miles away, a mountain blew up.

It sounds fishy, right?

I hired a guy to find out more... and he sent me this picture.

That tree is here.

Something went like this.

Here's a plan of the institute.

That's where it is. Let's go.

Come on!

Sure, but not dressed like that.

Look at this.

Take anything you like.


Don't get carried away. It's disguise.


I even got a facial!

I'll go get changed.

Do I look weird?

Not at all.

It's so short. My legs feel cold.

You love it.

No, I don't.

Okay, he'll do.

They're my guests.

It's that way.

Sorry, Mister.

I knew it'd be here.

Hold on!

Is that the space ship?


So that stuff about the alien...

Now you believe me?

Hang on. You're really from the future?

What's that?

They found us. We'd better move.

I've got to be strong.

I must kill it.

What now?

Is this it?

What do we do?

Here goes.


Don't just stand there!

This isn't it.

This creature... isn't Daggra.


Something's wrong. This can't be it!

Isn't this what you're here for?

I don't know... the others looked different.

What do we do? Quick, before we get caught.

What's wrong?

"I... want... to go home."


Not me. It was him.

Is he contacting outer-space?

What the hell was that?

He's dying.


I should've guessed.

That punk from the other night?

Shut up. You're a dead man.

What have you got against me?

Remember a day in February, 15 years ago?

No, I don't.

You kidnapped my friend.

You were one of those kids?

Escape with that thing.

Who's that?

Forget it. Use that watch thing.


Of course!

I've only got one.

I'll be okay. Wait in the car.


I said, "attack"!

Who the hell is he?

Take that.

Flatten the whole place.

All of it?

All of it!

We're clear. Detonate.


Head downtown.

That old lady must know him. If she plays dumb, hurt her.

Yes, sir.

We hand it over tonight. The boss himself is coming.

Unstable chemicals are thought to have caused the blast!...

Many bodies are charred beyond recognition...

Are you alright?

What happened?

He let me escape... then it blew up...

I just saw on TV...

Stay there, buddy!


You did this?

I've been in combat.

So it was all true...

Just tell me what you're up to.

Now I know how you feel.

It must've been hard to talk about.

I see...

But it's not easy to swallow.

What was that creature, then?

I don't know.

Maybe I should've killed him. Did I mess up?

What did he make you say?

"I want to go home."

That's it.

Wait a minute.

I heard something similar...

Was it on the news? Yes, that's right.

Newsreaders everywhere, speaking odd.

Now you, too.

What did they say?

I'm trying to remember...

"Give me back the gate"?

"Give me back the gate."

The mother ship's come back, right?

Demanding his return.

The little one wants to go home.

Just like a lost kid...

They didn't let him, so his people got mad.

Could it be right?

We heard that the little one summoned the mother ship... to invade earth.

It's a good cover-up.

Humans are good at lying.

Especially guilty ones.

They'd soon shift the blame to the alien.

The war was caused by... humans.

If that's the case, you two are in deep trouble.

It's Mizoguchi.

He's trying to kidnap it.


It makes perfect sense.

He's a dead man.

What do you mean?

Mizoguchi kills the Daggra and starts a war.

It's okay. We've got 'till tomorrow, right?

Find out where he's going.

It'll cost you.

Whatever you want...

They're here. Go out the back. Take the bike.

I'll see you later.

You believed me?

In my job, I only trust people's eyes. Get going.

She's late...

What's that?

It was my brother's.

Are you regretting this?

It's not like I had any choice.

I grew up on the street of the Mainland.

On the street?


Nowhere else to go.

I had a best friend, called Xi-Huan.

We grew up together.

Causing mischief, thieving, fighting...

One day, I came back to find...

all my friends rounded up.

I was too scared to help.

It was Mizoguchi.

He gutted them, sold their organs.

Xi-Huan was one of them.

I've been after Mizoguchi ever since.

Killing him is all I care about.

Now I guess we're in the same boat.

I'm hungry.

Let's eat 'al dente'...

That's the method. You mean, 'spaghetti'.

How come it didn't explode?

Oh, that...

A free sample from a drug store...

"Magnetic Therapy"

Magnetic Therapy?

Dumb kid! How dare you?

How did you smash the bottle?

Oh, that...

Watch my gun...

No way...

You're late.

Not even "thank you"? I've been hard at work.

They're meeting on an oil rig, some time before sunrise.

Which is 5:42am. Here's some gear.


Why so generous, all of a sudden?

Strike while the iron's hot.

I see.

Get going. They're behind me.

In front of my store, too.

Can we make it?

Don't worry. I left a gift in their car.

You'll be fine. Come see me when it's over.

Thank you.


Behind us!

I thought she took care of them?

Hold on tight!

What did you do?


Can I really alter the future?

It's a bit late to worry about that.

But what if we die?

Don't worry. We'll get Mizoguchi first.

And get Daggra home to his friends.

There's plenty of time 'till sunrise.

You're right.

We'll be fine.

But if we succeed, then what?

What do you mean?

If we prevent the war... will I be sent back to the future?

I guess so.

I see...

I'm the one to feel sorry for...

I work my butt off for no money... if it goes well, my client disappears.

You don't know that.

You will, I know.

Don't say that...

I'll come rescue you, some day.

I'll return the favor.

Promises, promises...

I look forward to it.

I'll return. I promise.

October 22, 2002

What's wrong?

Why are you like this?

What's this worth to you?

Are you in your right mind?

I didn't come here to negotiate.

And when you address me you will speak Chinese.

I have a proposition, old man.

In return for what you want

how about I get control of Japan?

I don't understand.

This isn't like you.

Acting all tough.

I'll be nice... and pretend I didn't hear.

Okay, I'll keep it for myself.

I see.

That's a pity.

What's the meaning of this?

You think you can get away with it?

My people from China wlll come for you.

I've already considered that and I feel untouchable, right now.

I wanted to tell you how I hated

speaking Chinese.

Only two hours 'till sunrise.



Who's that kid?

Two bogies heading to you. Lead them to Bay 6-E.

Where's the cargo bay?

Down the hall on the right.


I've got a question.

On my signal, run.

Why do you want that creature?

Or do you know something I don't?

Check this out.


Go, I'll cover you.

Got it.

Where are you, Milly?


Your best friend

fetched a good price.

Thanks to you...


Mr. Mizoguchi.

What do we do next?

Hey, street kid.

Come on out.

Let's talk.

I said "come out", didn't I?

Next time, in her head.



The rest is up to you, buddy!


Stay there, buddy!


Milly, duck!


What is it?

What's wrong?

It's no good.

It's weaker by the minute. Not long left.

Did you get it to talk?

That's what you're here for...

Hey, ugly. How do your weapons work?

Say something.

That's not going to help.

Please be quiet.

Any changes on the space ship?

If we can't use the weapons it's just junk.

It's over...

If he dies, it's all over.

Who are you, anyway?

How come you know about this?

Tell me everything.

He's going to die.

Then the war begins.


He's got to return to the mountain.

Back to his own kind.

War, huh?

Sounds like fun and profit.

But I'll save him.

All by yourself?

You really messed up.

Now he knows where to find this.

What do you mean?

You misjudged my buddy.

Who's she calling "buddy"?

What's going on?

I can see the bullets.

Let's take the chopper.

With the pilot.

Stay where you are.

A slow death for you.


Keep moving.


Where are you?

No idea.

Head upstairs. The heliport's on the roof.


Got it?

There's no exit.

Keep looking.



He's going to die.

It's no use.

We'll never make it.

I knew I'd never change the future.

Dumb kid! It's no time to cry.

It's my fault. I'm useless.

What was the point, Miyamoto?

I wanted to help you.

Listen, you dumb kid.

You were amazing.

Getting this far, all by yourself...

You can make it. I know.

Don't give up yet!

I'm with you.




We can make it by chopper.

So close, yet so far.

I hope it's well built.

What are you mumbling?

Who are you calling now?

The cavalry.

That hurt.

Don't move.

You messed up everything.

But now you die.

Goodbye, sewer kid.

What was that?

Daggra, I guess?

A disguised spaceship?

It's over.

I guess so.

No war then, I hope.

I'm sure.

I wonder if Xi-Huan's forgiven me...

He's grateful.

What do I do now?

Need an assistant? I'm smart, useful...

I can even learn to cook...

I'm starving.

Let's eat 'al dente'.

I told you that's not...

You said that on purpose, right?

Dumb kid.

What now?

What's wrong?


I guess I'm going back.

You're kidding. Don't go yet.

You're leaving already?

I'm sorry.

It sucks.

You're sorry?

You really have to go?

"Thank you."

Wait a second...

You've really gone?

We're not eating 'al dente'?

I don't have work for you.

I wanted to talk.

After all I taught you...

I'm sorry.

Without a gun, who are you?

What'll you do?

I've got to look for something new.

Watch out. You made a lot of enemies.

I know.

Thanks for everything.

I wonder if she got back okay.

"I paid you back. Milly"

"I'll come rescue you, some day."

What are you looking at?


"I'll return the favor."

"Promises, promises..."

"I look forward to it..."

"I'll return. I promise."

So you did return.

Good luck.

The mission is completed.

I established contact with the target and was not compromised.

There was no effect on the space-time continuum.

I'm on my return.

Dumb kid.