Revelator (2017) Script


You sleep like that?


She's calling for you, let's go.

She is asking if you see him.

I know.


He's here.

She wants to know how is he?

He's fine, he...

Did your father smoke?

She wants to know if he is still sick.


How much she give you?

I didn't count.

You think that's right?

I didn't ask.

But you took it.

It's up to her if she wants to pay me or not.

If it's worth it.

You can lie all you want, and I can't stop her from believing you.

But you're not gonna take that from us.

I didn't lie.

Because you smelled the smoke on his jacket?

She wants to believe, you could have said anything.

Listen, I just tell you what I see.

Believe it or don't, doesn't matter.

You know what a funeral costs?


My father ran a restaurant in a strip next to five other restaurants for forty years.

That envelope is probably everything he left for us.

You think that's right?

I'm sorry for your loss.

John Dunning?

Sorry I didn't... who are you?

My name is Valerie Kreuger.

I'm supposed to be looking for a man who can see the dead.

I'm told he comes here.

Why would you be looking for someone like that?

I'm a writer.

I did a piece on the Rock Shore ferry accident for the anniversary.

Some of the parents mentioned a man named Matt afterwords.

Claimed he could see their children.

Well I wouldn't know anything about that, so, I would like to be left alone now, goodbye.

I think you might.

Look I don't like rumors.

I do my homework and I think there might be something worth writing here, John.


What are you doing?

Looking you up.

Yeah, go ahead.

It says you're a foreign correspondent with Vice?

You were in Syria.

Now you write lists?

Listicles, actually.

Top 10 most baffling who gives a shit.

You won't believe number seven.

It doesn't seem like news.

It really isn't.

See I'm not actually a journalist anymore.

Lists get clicks and that's what they want, mine aren't getting as many as they'd like.

Give me a day?

I'm sorry you don't like your job.

But I don't want to be on your blog or whatever, so goodbye.

You know that Next Press is the eighth most trafficked aggregator?

85 million visitors a month.

More than half clicked through the front page feature.

Well congratulations, though.

Do you know how much ad revenue fifty million views generates?


I saw you took the bus here.

That's a seven year old phone, and I'm willing to bet this isn't the first day in a row you've worn that suit.

Help me out.

Tell me something worth turning in and we'll split the ad revenue.

Could be tens of thousands just in the first month.

I've been called a liar every day of my life.

And I don't think I want to do something that makes more people think that.

I only write down what happens, just the truth.

So what sort of things might you ask about?

Besides the obvious?

Besides that.

What's the lantern for?

There are ways I think of getting... getting them not to show up so much.

I close my eyes or I knock on something, make a sound when it's too quiet.

But I'm so sure about making them show up.

Are you trying to see someone?

Not that it matters to you.

But we were together for six years.

Then one day she goes to work and... and that's that.

You might remember, Rock Shore.

When the storm capsized that ferry not even a mile from here.

Now the news talked about the kids plenty, but didn't really bring up the teacher.

So I come out here, every month same time, same spot, our spot and keep trying.

I guess that's when some of the parents found me.

So if you don't mind.

Keep trying.

Maybe next time.

Did you drive here?

Yeah, you need a ride?

Yes, right now.

The car's for interviewees only.


Can't write what I don't see.

He's not good with strangers, okay, this is sensitive.

You really don't think I can deal with whatever you do in there?

Maybe you should look me up again.

Or I could leave and you could walk home.


He's up there.

It's bad, man.

Someone's gonna die tonight.

Who is she?

She's my ride.

Is she yours?


You tell me, and you tell me now.

I see him, I see Julian.

He's here, but.

But what?

He's looking for something.

I think he's looking for you.

I should've been there.

You see that man, under the sheet?

Who the fuck is this in my home?

Just my ride, I had to get here, she's just my ride.

You called John to see your son?

Go outside, little girl.

You should go.

Can you answer questions about him right now?


So this man, Julian, how did he die?

An accident, he had an accident.

Okay, okay, can you describe him?

Tattoos, eye color?

No, they change.

But you see him?

Yes, but they change.

You look at him, and you tell me the boy's eye color.

I don't know.

I do know he died in pain.

Is... is he... still hurting?


You talk to him, say what I say.

It doesn't work that way.

Say what I say.

My Tyro, I'm sorry.

Say it.

My Tyro, I'm sorry.

It shouldn't have happened like this.

It shouldn't have happened like this.

I should've been good enough to give you the life you deserved.

I should've been good enough to give you the life you deserved.

I wanted a better life for you.

I wanted a better life for you.

Julian, I'm sorry.

And I always will be sorry.

Julian, I'm sorry and I always will be sorry.

Now, you leave my house.

Magdalen, please God, be down the dark road.

In case you want an upgrade, hit me up.

What was that?

What, I ask questions, that's how this works.

That could have ended with both of us dead.

Not both of us.

It really would've just taken only one question about one detail to get you killed?

With Marco, yes.

Doesn't that bother you?

Listen, I don't expect you to believe me--

I don't believe anything, only what I know.

But you are not gonna fuck anything else up for me.

I'm not here to judge you, I'm here for a story.

Well then find another one.

No story, no ride.

No story, no money, John, remember your bus pass?


Watch the paint.

So how did you two meet?

So this is the interview.


You can imagine he deals with death a lot.

Marco's spiritual, so he found me and keeps me around to convince everybody there's something else, after.

That's a little convenient.

Not just then.

But you see how it starts to sound?

Like the eyes.

You can say anything changes and never be wrong.

You mean I could lie?

You did lie at first.

Marco loved Julian, wouldn't you?

Me, no, I stick to facts.

You wouldn't lie to stay alive?

Maybe if I were you.


So... just how does it work?

So this is the interview.


There aren't rules exactly.

It just usually goes a certain way.

Again, convenient.

Listen, if you're hoping for some sort of magic, Peter Parker origin story, there is not one.

I have always seen the dead.

And it always hurts.

Usually they're where they went, or with their body after.

They look just like they were when they left, except the color goes out of their eyes, and they're lost and they can't see or hear anything.

Sometimes they leave something behind, an item or a picture.

When did you start freelancing?

Okay, first, I never advertised, people find me.

Then how do they come by your services?

It gets around, churches mostly.

That's when you come in to help.


Why do that, why not anything else?

I tried.

For a long time I tried.

It's a little hard to work a register when every 10th person you see is dead.

No job, okay, and you don't drive either.

No, I lost my license when I was 17.

Three wrecks in three months.

I kept seeing people on the road and swerving out of the way.

That long, funny.


It took some digging to find you.

First I thought you were just covering your tracks like a fraud might, but... no pay stubs, tax return, car title, I suppose that makes sense.

The apartment was interesting, dead giveaway.

For what?

The only paper I did find on you, once I actually found you, was a series of address changes.

All brand new apartments, always moving to a newer one.

Never staying longer than three years, usually less.

Sounds like a charlatan with expensive tastes.

And now, do I seem expensive?

No, so why the nice apartments?

Three years is about how long it takes for someone to die in a new building.

And then I don't sleep.

Sounds like a torture, you ever think about dying?

I think that's enough questions.

I'm not done.

No, that's enough for now, I'd like to leave.

I'm going to need more.

Then find something else.

Please leave this place.

Just tell me the truth, what are you after?

I can't be here, please go, please?

Just tell me what you want.

I want to be alone, okay?

And then what?

I don't want to see them anymore, I don't want to see anything, okay?

Except her.

Except her.

I'm sorry, but... we can either help each other or we can hurt each other.

Call me when you decide.

You're taking advantage.


You know there's that big sign out front with all the hours on it?

Yeah, it hasn't changed in about a thousand years, right?

And you still can't show up at a decent time.

I got names if you want 'em.

Don Krunich, 57, first son, reformed Presbyterian.

I don't know if that's different.

Heretics, all.


No, um, coughing.

Funeral attended by wife and first son, so not well liked.

Make anything out?

No, they're um, still quiet.




Anglican, from the Hebrew Daniel.

You said he passed on the third?



Fine, next.





Marco had me try to talk to him.

Didn't hear you?

Wishful thinking.

But it was troubled.

He was... screaming.

Or it looked like it, anyway.


Well, not surprised.


I was wondering, you know, I don't usually talk about this.

I um... I have a problem.

Are you seeking my council?

I guess, its just... someone's asking about this.

Someone else think they can put the pieces together?

Not quite, she doesn't actually believe in any of it.

It's just, she's digging... into me.

And I'm not quite so sure about it.

Are you afraid she could find something out?

Something, you don't want to admit?

I'm afraid... she's writing about it.

And I don't know if it's such a good idea for a lot of people to know.

I mean, they could think I'm lying to all these people.

Well you know what the best thing to do is, when everyone thinks you're false?

Keep telling the truth.

Just don't forget what that is.

Anyone new coming up?

No, Mrs. McGill's in remission, so, we'll have to wait on that.


No, I shouldn't say.

Say what?

I was told not to tell you.

Tell me what?

Margaret Bellvue passed.

Last week.

Her son, his people, they came here specifically asking you not to be told... till after.

After what, the service?

I wouldn't just show up, Jesus, I knew her for years.

That's why.

There's a will reading tomorrow.

He wants you absent.

I never asked for a dime.

I know.

Look, it's the family, John, okay?

I've seen it, you've seen it.

Dead people's money makes monsters, and the Bellvues aren't far off.

Where is it?

Who would tell me?

Hey John, listen, you can't tell them I said anything.


You think it'd be easier to see Margaret?

To see someone I know?

Well, if you find something out, come back to see me?

Did I wake you up?

A pair of night owls.

I'll do the article, but I'll need a ride.

So you'll talk to a chauffeur?

Not interested?

I didn't say that, where are we going?

That's what I need you to find out.

Excuse me?

Tomorrow, I don't know where and I don't know when, but there's a will reading for Margaret Bellvue.

Okay, but I don't even--

Either we get there tomorrow, or the story's over.

You decide.

I'll be at St. Kolbe, on 12th street.


Very considerate.

Expensed it, just for you.

So you found it?

Took some digging, apparently a lot of the old families run through the same law firm, but they don't exactly have an address, though.

You dropped this yesterday.

Thorazine, it's an antipsychotic.

I know what is it, it helps.

Yes, I suppose it would help a mental patient.

John, if you're crazy, like for real crazy, you have to tell me.

Would that matter?

Yes, I can't shuttle around a mentally disabled person who is looking for ghosts in his head when he should be getting help.

Okay? And I sure as hell can't write about it.


I'm not, okay, it just, it helps me tell the difference.

It makes them fuzzy, it makes everything fuzzy, but them more.

It just helps me get a grip, okay?

It doesn't help the headaches.

Excedrine's in the console.

Should be on time.

You're late.

It's to my clients advantage to chose which set of laws their affairs occur under.

This train mustn't run behind.

I only obliged to Ms. Kreuger due to the wishes of my former client, Mrs. Bellvue, and the nature of this inheritance.

So, spend your time wisely.

There is no more.

If it's money or something else, I don't want it.

Margaret paid me for my work, and I don't want in the middle of anything, that's all I came here to say.

So I'd like to give it back, if you can do that?

No, Mr. Dunning, the estate's liquid assets have been appropriated.

Including the holdings and the trusts.

Then why this?

It was Mrs. Bellvue's wish, in fact it was the final stipulation in her will, that you are supposed to be granted full ownership of Rangor Island.

To be transferred to your custody immediately.

But if you wish to forgo your entitlement, we can think of some donation or maybe some type of--


No, I accept.

Of course you do.


Shut the fuck up, shut up.

I watched you bleed my mother dry for years with your bullshit while I had to stand by and watch.

I'll be god damned if I watch you take another thing from this family, John.

I didn't ask for it.

Okay, then give it up.


All right, fine, fine, I'll lower to you, John.

Un-fucking-believable How much?

I don't want that.

Market value right now.

What's it worth, it was assessed what, four years ago?

I don't have that--

Just fuc- ballpark it.

From the taxes, I can place the estate at

35 million, give or take.

Fine, fine, with inflation, that's a business word for you, John, let's say 40?

I assume you have a bank account, yeah?

I'll wire it right now, one call.


I'll keep the island.

Come again?


I said I will keep the island.

Let me get this straight.

John, look at me right now.

You're gonna give up 40 million dollars for that hunk of rock?

Is that what I'm hearing?


Your time has passed, Mr. Dunning.

I'll see you dead, John.

I'll see you dead before I ever allow you on that island.

We gotta talk about this.

Yeah, I, as soon as- I gotta sort this out.

Who's that man by my car?

I have to go.

You should stay here.

Not a chance.

You're my lawyer, and you don't talk, but we have to go.

Five minutes ago you were almost the wealthiest man I have ever met.

Why did you do that?

Because no one ever died on Rangor Island.

March 3rd, 2003.

I'm told my memory should be dulling any day now.

Hasn't yet, clearly.

My cousin Victor passed away February 20th of that year, and it was the third of March my sister first mentioned your name.

I'm sorry for your loss.

I'm certain.

We're a family of age, Mr. Dunning.

And each time a member of age passed, my sister called on you.

And you think I'm a fraud.

And Elias wants me dead, I've heard.

Don't presume to know my mind.

About Elias, however, you are correct.

I make a point to know everyone who sets foot in my home.

I don't know you.

Sarah Metz, Foley and Associates.

The psychic brought his attorney.

As of this morning, Mr. Dunning has come into a sizable inheritance.

Due diligence.

Of course.

I'm going to speak with him about a personal matter, and don't want to risk embarrassment in front of an unknown party, so if you please--

If it pertains to his new property, I just have to insist on being present, Mr. Bellvue.

And this will not leave this room.

Inflexible is the most valuable word in our language.

Do you know what it means?

It means no matter how much something costs, or how little of it there is, people will always buy it.

Because they need it.

Like water.

This year alone the most populated state in the country ran a three trillion gallon deficit, next year will be four.

One hundred years ago, speculators had outfitted an otherwise worthless island off the pacific coast with a pipeline they hoped would transport oil to the mainland.

They were wrong.

They went bankrupt.

And then there was us.

It rains every day on Rangor Island, Mr. Dunning.

370,000 gallons of fresh water every single day.

That's five percent of Los Angeles county's consumption.

That's a 50 million dollar annual contract with the state, provided you have the infrastructure to handle it.

Which you do not.

Elias lacks the temperament for cold business, as you can see, he's--


Very good.

He'll tie you up in court.

He'll bleed you.

We're very good at it.

But I can prevent that.

Sign over water rights to the island.

I'll muzzle the dog, and you can keep your rock.

That's very generous.

No, it is not.

It is contingent on something else.

My sister believed in you.

She believed in everything you told her.

Margaret had a difficult time with death, and I allowed her the weakness.

You never charged enough to be any real problem, so I let an old woman go on believing.

She believed you until the day she died.

Which is why, I am prepared to give you a chance.

I'm... asking for a favor.

How could I help?

My youngest son has passed away.

Two days ago.

He was, troubled.

Estranged from us, institutionalized for a time.

He stole, he ran away...

I didn't know him.

Would you like me to see him?


It is possible he passed naturally as part of his illness, but I have doubts.

I know very little about Jacob, so I cannot be sure what really happened.

If you could... see something...

Find something to tell me one way or another.

That's not really what I do. You will do this.

What exactly are you asking for?

The truth, John, I need the truth.

I'll trade that island for it.

I have to know who took my son's life.

Where is he?

In the next room, through there.

We agree?

What is it? Shh!

What exactly was that?

I have no idea.

What did you see?

I think he saw me.

Has that ever happened before?


So you're doing this?


Good news, then.


I think we got an actual story.

Val, I'm driving, what do you got?

This could be something, Ari.

Old money, ghost chase, the whole deal.

So you found the guy, he's for real?


My god I love the black, that's all him?

He dresses like that, right?

Yeah, literally everyday.


Please slow down.

Carmine Bellvue just hired him to investigate his son.

The one that died, my god, perfect.

Yeah I know, we're headed to his last address now.

I need you to slow down.

I want to see copy the day after.

You got your feature.

Alright, I'll bang it out tonight.

Check your inbox, he's--

Hey! Slow the fuck down.

I gotta go.


You done?

I just need to go to my mailbox right now.

You might want to rephrase that a bit nicer.

Listen, I don't know what just happened and I don't know who that was and I don't give a fuck about your article.

I just need to go to my mailbox right now.

They didn't come in, your gray market scrips.

Sometimes they get caught in customs.

I'll have to find a new supplier.


Don't bail on us.

I'll keep getting you as much as you need as long as you keep talking.

This is it, the Summerland facility.

You work here, good, hello.

We're here to pick up the property... of a patient.

Is this manic again?

Look man, they were told last week, steam pipe broke in the main room leaking radon gas.

Anything he left down there is destroyed.



Jake, was our brother.

We'd lost contact so long ago, he just had so much trouble.


But the guy was barely here, between arrests for breaking into a mortuary.

Look, if it's stuff you want, I got keys to all the rooms.

Five minutes, a hundred bucks, you can have your pick.

Also I got two catatonics in E Wing you can pick from, they're 15 minutes for 200, door closed.

But like I said, the bottom floor's still flooded with gas cordoned off till they air it.

You'd drown inside five minutes standing up.

We, wow, only needed his stuff, specifically.

It's not just the radon, there's this one guy from hospice, Alzheimer's, got lost down there the night it flooded, it's a health hazard.

All right, 200 for 15, you said?

Yeah, look, god, fine, fine, there's an access shaft by the standpipe, and watch the ladder's rusted, okay?

You're welcome.

What can you see?

I can't see.

There should be boxes, check the labels, he gave the false name Manny, don't breathe.


Hey there's a name on this thing, it says Chumash.

Any idea who that would be?


Good morning.

I know what it is.

I bet you thought I was joking.

You did didn't- you know what?

That's my fault, I'm usually, I'm usually so flippant.

You probably didn't realize that I was very serious when I said that I would kill you, John.

That is not a joke.

I know.

But you thought, you thought you we're smarter than me, you thought you could outsmart me.


Well, you thought you had information that I didn't have.

You thought you could talk to my uncle without me knowing about it.

That's just not realistic, John.

There's nothing you can do that I won't know about.


Well, first off, pro tip, hard to keep things secret when they're in the news.


Carmine asked me to help him.

He tricked you.

He tricked you into thinking he could help you.

Do you really think he can just make me let this go?

He's just a sick old man wearing a scary mask.

He's slipping, John.

I mean, he's talking to you, for Christ's sake, I mean come on.

I understand that you and my mother were very close.

You're grieving, you're not, you're not thinking straight.

Now, Hey, hey!

Now you can stay close, John!

Would you look at that, it's empty!

You think we could fit you in there?!

My previous offer is now null and void.

You need to learn about loss.

Every day that you keep that island, My... my island, John, it will cost you.

My offer, it drops by five million dollars each day you spit in my face by keeping it.

And don't forget, as the new owner, you're now responsible for the upkeep.

First you'll be in debt, and then you'll be in prison.

And then it's mine.

This is gonna cost you, very, very dearly, John.

Do you understand that?


I hope so.

I do.

'Cause you're now a million dollars poorer, if you ever thought that was possible.

You know, let's table this for now.

Let's put a pin in this, we'll circle back to it one day.

I've got a meeting actually, with a mutual friend, I've got to settle something.

So, uppies.

John, you talk to my uncle again, I'll just have you shot in your sleep.

Now, tell me, you think I'm joking now?

Come on, you wanted to see what it'd look like.

Hey where do you wanna go, I'm not done.

Um, it's late.

School night?

Who's that guy in the coat?

Shh, no work talk right now, please.


What the fuck?

You what the fuck.

When was I "too low on widow's money to afford a tap card" ?

It's a good line, set the scene.

Bereaved, from all walks of life, happily overlook the need for any proof, which Mr. Dunning conveniently does not provide.

That happened, John.

You've ruined me.

That's just the first part.

Did you bother scrolling to the end?

Did you see how fast it's getting shared?

That's worse.

That's what we wanted.

Go write another list about what you want.

All right, top ten ways I beat your ass.

Try it.

Can you not?

Free country.

God damn it.

It's over for me.

What's over, they want three more.

It doesn-- it doesn't matter what else you say.

Anybody who reads this, anybody whose mind isn't already made up, no one's ever going to believe me again.

They won't need to, you're getting that island.

No, that's not gonna happen.

Because I found Chumash.

Who is it?

Not who, where.


We're not friends again, not yet.


Ms. Kreuger.

Ms. Kreuger, please?

You know, I'm having doubts about your commitment.

This article is the biggest thing I have ever published, and I'm not chancing it on another tantrum.

There is a version of this where you end up with no money, no island, no pills, and a lot of enemies.

Or, there is the version where you keep playing nice, and we both get everything we want.


I'm gonna salvage my night.

Your place, tomorrow, not too early.

Listen, about last--

Shh, the car is a quiet place right now.

End of the road, well?

Can I talk now?

Okay, I apologize.

For what, I'm a fraud, remember?

Look, it wasn't personal, okay?

No, no, that's what I am, I'm a strip mall psychic.

You're not the first person to use harsh language with me.

I'm used to it.

Then why do you care so much about everybody believing you?

Have you ever looked in the eyes of a parent that just buried a child?

Now think about calling them stupid.

Call them a victim.

Because if I'm a liar, that's what they are.

What do you suppose they do?

That's why.

So, where to?

Um, this is it, Chumash trail head.

I guess we walk.

You see something?

God, yeah.


I knew I knew that name.

First Governor of the territory, Burnett marched a thousand members of the New Zion cult out of the territory.

And a half of them died, all along Chumash Trail, Can you see where it was?

I have to go.


I can't, that's the most I've ever seen.

It's okay.

I can't.

Come on, you got this, just look at me, look right here.

This way. Come on.

There we go.

Seeing anything?


Hey, what's out there?

I saw a shovel back there.

So, um... you first?

Excuse me?

There could be clues.

No, this one's all you.

Got a light?

Found the breaker, see anything?



I don't know.

I think this could be a clue.

Well, they said he was troubled.

It's English, I guess, disorganized.

It made sense to him.

Too bad we can't ask.

We can't ask, right?


Too bad.

So what do we do?

Well I was hired to investigate.

So I guess I'll look through it.

See if any of it makes sense, or--

You want to tell Carmine about anything?

No, it's something but it's not enough.

And Carmine Bellvue is not a man you go to empty handed.

Looks like it'll take a while.

Guess we'll be spending a night or two?

You good here, not seeing anything?

No, it's dry.

I'll leave you to it, then.



Hey are you all right?

The light went out.


I can't, the light can't go out, I cannot do that.

It's probably just the breaker, it's okay.

It can't go out, John.

It won't.

It won't.

Hey um, you don't have to talk about it, if you don't want to, that's okay.

Could I?

Everyone kept trying to help, that's what was so weird.

Help the girl, save the girl, God.

I spent two hundred days in a hole in Aleppo, no lights.

Was it worth it?

Goddamn right.

Is that why?

No, actually, that's later.

I was posted to a camp outside Al Fashir, in Sudan for a month covering the refugees.

Actually ran into a Nat Geo crew, they were the ones that pointed it out.

This pack of...

Do you know how hyenas hunt?

They follow...

They stalk, and wait.

And they're very vocal, much smarter than you'd think.

This pack discovered our camp, but they kept a distance, they listened.

See, hyenas can mimic sounds they hear, almost anything, really.

So this pack watched, and waited.

After a few weeks we started hearing things at night.

Like sounds calling, from beyond the fence.

Calling a name, or what sounded like one.

The name of one of the youngest kids in the camp.

"Ali, Ali,"

went on for a few hours, and then all the sudden it just... stopped.

The next day, no little Ali.

Just the hyenas.

They listened, and learned the name of the smallest one.

He must've thought his dad came back at night, got lost in the dark.

You see, the worst part, is that the hyenas don't know that it's just a name, just one person.

They think it's a call.

So after they took little Ali, night after night, they kept calling his name, hoping someone else would come out, in the dark.

Was it a good story?

Never published it.

Hey, just checking in. I haven't--

Yeah, he found something.

It could, but I--



Yes, but I'm gonna need something first.

What's the verdict?

I think he was building something, a machine.

I think these are directions.

Directions written over directions.

What does it do?

I don't know, I don't think he did either.

But a lot of the pages reference a circle, so I don't know if it's a a place, or something else, or this.

Okay, well some good news just came in.

First checks for the article.

This just went through.

Your check's the same.

They like it.

They like it a lot.

They want the next part soon.

Okay, um, I can work through the night?

No, I think you deserve a night off.

I shouldn't.

Come on, you've made me drink alone all week.

The Thorazine, it might interact, I couldn't.

You deserve it.

So what are you gonna do first?

First, I didn't really plan on having much money.

I don't know what I'll do first.

Is there a house on your island, you could build there.

I don't know, I've never been.

Never been?

No, the Bellvues control the ferry.

So I've only heard about it from Margaret.

Jesus Christ, all this for a place, and you don't even know if you can live there.

Just to be alone?

Who wouldn't want their own island?

Not you, you want that one, tell me.

No one ever died on Rangor Island, but it's the closest place to where she did, I think.

I'm sorry, um... I didn't think I had that much.

You haven't.

There's something I need to know, John, for me.

Look at me, look! You're gonna answer me.

Is your name John Dunning?


And do you see the dead?

Look at me! Do you see dead people?

You are going to answer me, do you see dead people?


Look at me! Answer me!

Okay, this is gonna hurt, John.

This will send thirty thousand volts through your spine.

This battery will last a lot longer than you.

Look at me and tell me truth, do you see dead people?

Answer me!! Look at me!!

Look at me! Answer me!

Don't worry, it didn't leave a mark.

I don't...

Hey, um, Obviously I--

I don't normally... clearly I had too much.

But, um...

I don't know if I said anything, but if I did I want to apologize.

You're good, you didn't say anything.

I'm going to try to find some WiFi, turn this draft in.

Not sure when I'll be back.

I know you.

Are you following me, too?

Why don't you just go away?

Why don't you go away?

What happened?

Can you lift anything?



What do we do?

How'd the safety come off?

How did that happen, John?

Guns just don't go off, was it really a mistake?


Fine, then it needs to be put somewhere where it's not going to be found with a bullet from my gun in it.

I think we need to ask for help.

Really, and who do you suppose we are going to ask for help with this?

I don't know, is there, someone you can call, a favor?

That's a pretty goddamn big fucking favor, John.

Do you really--

Yeah, actually, you do, okay.

Where are you going?

To make a call.

So, we're even?

Maybe for you.

Not for her, though.

You called my boy.

I don't believe this.

Go, have your date, he and I have words.



Prepare him.

You don't get to stay clean on this one.

We all have our hands on it.


Just take off the parts they ID.



So you can like, start.

Can I?

Go on.

Not happening.

What's the matter?

Don't think I will?

You could try, and you would fail.

I'm not feelin' it.

Just, give me a minute.

This wasn't your idea, was it?

Hey, I ain't got a problem.

No, you're just not feeling it.

Look, it's okay, it is, really.

Just, just give me a minute, then we can go outside--

I'm doing you a favor now?


Look I'm going to need you to do exactly what I say, okay?

Then you can go tell them whatever you want.

You walk the dark road now.

What are you doing?

I'm done here, John, I'm picking some pictures to send to Carmine, then I'm done here.

No, I haven't figured it out yet.

And I don't care, okay?

I've reached the absolute limit of what I'm willing to endure for this, congratulations.

I don't know what happened just now.

You don't.

But I can't leave, I haven't figured it out yet.

You don't have to, John, okay?

You can bury yourself down here with this garbage, okay?

Look, you want a copy?

Why is the photograph different?


Why aren't there lines in the pages in the photograph?

What lines, John?

You don't see them, do you?


It's the circle, he left it.

My god.

Val, you can't go... it's dark.

Decide where I leave you, I go tomorrow.

Within the hour, I'm leaving him north of here, past mile 43.


Okay, Carmine wants him by the end of the day, so hurry out here, okay?

And try not to hurt him.

It wasn't up to me.

I wanted to trust you.

I know.

So what do you get out of it, 40 million and an island?

Just a job. A real job at a real paper.

He still follows you, you know, that little kid.

I saw him on the beach, I didn't say anything.

Maybe he thought it was you calling for him.

You shouldn't follow me.

You shouldn't go, John.

It will be dark soon.


Deliveries on Tuesdays only.

I'm not delivery.

I'd like to see the dam.

Historical tours are weekends or by appointment only.

I'm from the ownership, Bellvue.

The main facility doors are locked, but I can allow access though the historical section.

You can't open them for me?

I'm not there, sir.

An automated message will play, you can ignore it.


Next month there'll be a round of buyouts at Seattle, or Boston, they'll pick you up after.


Wait that's not what the arrangement was for.

You'll be contributing to start, full staff in six months.

Six months, I can't just leave here.

You're being fairly compensated.

The deal was for a full--

For sufficient evidence to settle this quietly, which it isn't.

Be grateful, Ms. Kreuger.

So this is what it's like to be bought.

This is your stop.

Now, I know it was only rubber, but that's gonna leave a mark. You're gonna want to ice that.

You're late, again.

But I'm glad you showed up.

My uncle should be coming along to collect you, in about an hour.

In the meantime, I'll be meeting out your punishment.

Try to remember, all of this could've been avoided.

Learn from your missteps, grow as a person?

I found it.

Did you have something to say?

I found, what Jacob, was building.

You what?

I found what Jacob was building.

You did?

John, that never mattered.

Wait a minute, there's a... there's a joke here, hold on.

Fish out of water?

That's stupid.

Something, pond?

Out of your depth, maybe, is that it?

I don't know, I've had a...

I have to ask that writer friend of yours?

When you're ready and attentive, I'd like to begin.

You see what I meant about Elias, too temperamental.

He began with violence, and tipped his hand.

That's a bad business.

This should be brief, as you're out of options.

I do have to thank you, though.

You really didn't make this more complicated than necessary.

Traipsing around my son's homes, letting you contaminate his effects, building your own case against yourself, it was complicated, more than I generally prefer, and we couldn't have done it without you.

You didn't want me to find anything.

No, I wanted a known fraud to break into a dead man's property, and you did.

You probably still have some of his things on you right now, don't you?

I loved my son.

But he was just a schizophrenic, who couldn't tell the difference between real and imaginary, and he couldn't be trusted, so he had to go.

And for all intents and purposes, you're the one who did it.

So here's what happens next, you'll sign over the deed to Rangor Island, as a donation to a charity we own.

You'll leave the state, and no one will ever know about any of this.

Or you refuse.

I'll call for an inquiry, You'll forfeit the island anyway, while you rot pending trial for my son's murder.

I recommend the first scenario.

What about the man?

Which man?

The man I killed.

We have a problem.

Carmine, I'm going to need an explanation.

I'm going to need to know why I'm looking at a corpse in my office.

Don't be cryptic, Mr. Chroniker.

Specifically the corpse of Eli Rothschild.

Is this something you want me to pass on?

Henry, I'm going to need you to be very smart right now.

Can you do that?

A courtesy, Carmine, this is the second call I make today.

Was he not so receptive?

We have a much larger issue.

The Rothschild's must have had him followed, and Eli wound up dead.

How long until they find out?

They know.


Because when they get here we're fucking--

First Jacob steals the pieces, and now the entire island is--

Not one more word, that island, the circle, are above you.

This needs to be settled and buried before they can prove there's a problem.

Is he not so receptive to your diplomacy, either?

Well, you got nowhere, as usual, thrashing about like a mad ape.

He needs to be broken, immediately.

He really thinks he sees ghosts.

I found him breathing hard, scared of the dark.

You'll have to pardon me, I'm going to break a rule of mine.

I'll indulge the child.

He wants to see ghosts, fine.

Mr. Dunning, I'll need you to come with us.

I'd have to say no.


You know the biggest lie we tell?

That you can make it on your own.

Christmas parties, quarterly reviews, keynotes every year.

There are echelons to this world, heights of power, that are impossible without cohesion.

A circle, a collection of power, that raises us all above the surface.

I'm going to be forthright with you, John.

The man you killed belonged to that circle.

His family belongs to that circle.

We all have, for hundreds of years, ever since we discovered that island.

And that circle will close around you like a noose if you don't step away.

A lot of skeletons in these closets.

I'm taking you to where we bury them all.

Battery Point light house.

12 stories high, but the interesting part is, it's equally deep.

Final resting place of the countless souls who stood in our way for a hundred years.

Say hello for me.

That pain you feel is the lime.

It will begin dissolving your flesh shortly.

Your time is limited, John.

You see me.

I see you.

Look at me.

I can't.


I'm going to die down here.

I did.

Look at her.


How did you show me that?

The machine.

I made it to see.

I can help you see her.


Break the circle.

I'm unconcerned, get him here now.

The court opens at 9 a.m. and by 9:01 this will be final.

You weren't followed?

Not that we saw.

They'll be here soon enough, show me the documents.

I've prepared what I could, but without the signature of the estate holder it's not going to be--

I am extracting his consent at the present.

This is not the only issue, Mr. Bellvue.

The nature of the state's contract on water rights requires a judge's approval.

Wait a minute we-- Pending an inspection.

We bought a clear inspection last year, that doesn't carry over?

Legally, no.

And that's usually how judges prefer things.

Before this night is over, either that island will belong to this family, or we'll all end up at the bottom of that pit.

Use your god damn head, and fix this immediately.

Write a new report, call Judge Finegold, wake him up, we own him.

Settle this!


I could just go, I could leave right now.


Break them.

See her.

Those were headlights.

You're slipping, Carmine.

Calm down.

I will not.

Jonah, have some flowers sent around to the Bellvue estate.

There's been a terrible loss.

The matter of the island.

Um... it's out of my hands.

This makes two people now you've killed in order to keep it, tell me, would you kill me too?


And why should you keep that island?

Because it is mine.

Because I made it on my own.

We'll be seeing you, Mr. Dunning.

I really, really should kill you.


I just made you a billionaire.


You need a ride?

I thought I heard someone coming after I dropped the ladder, you didn't hear me?

No, how did you find me?


I left the back door open for you.

I saw.


I figured out who was telling the truth.

I decided to believe you.

Hey um, could we make a stop please?

Hey I know this isn't a regular thing, but I got some names if you want them.

We got, Eli Rothschild, age unknown, murdered.

Got, Carmine Bellvue, age unknown, murdered.

Um, okay, I never hurt anyone before.

I never wanted anything enough to do it.

But some people hired me to see something, and I told them I could.

And I wanted to help, but

I hurt a lot of people Levi, because I said I could see something.

What I saw...

I don't know.

What if it's in my head?

What if I don't see anything?

Excuse me, sir?


I'm sorry, but we're just about to remove the property.

It's all right, I know Levi, so.

I'm so sorry.

Were you not told?

Father Levi he, just passed.