Revenge (1990) Script

23.976 English

Sir, we've been skirting Mexican airspace for the last 10 minutes.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

-Hey. -Yeah?

Ever show you my cabin?

From about 10 feet away every time we're down here.

Give me the rate points, you big baby.

Two-four-three degrees, one minute, 900 miles--

Never mind, never mind. l see it.

Spare me. l had a machaca burrito for breakfast.

Relax. Relax. lt's my last flight, man, relax.

Yours, not mine.

l'd prefer a little altitude, sir.

-Altitude? -Altitude.

You want some altitude?




You're really sick, you know that?

Let's see the presents.

All right, all right, all right.

All right, all right, guys.

This is from the girls at the Afterburner.

And they promised me--

There's a picture of what they promised.


Look at that.

This is from Tiburon Mendez.

-Who? -Who?

He supplied the champagne, assholes.

They are tennis buddies... if an offer for a friendly game comes up, hide your wallets.

And this--

This is from all of us.

Because we knew you'd be too cheap to buy one for yourself.

-Yeah. -That's right.

Well, shit. Now l guess l'm supposed to--

What? Tell everybody what l think about them?


You're the best.

lt's been an honor to serve with you.

And to my surprise... my deep surprise, it's harder to say goodbye...

...than l thought.

Pricks, one and all.


So any idea of when you're coming back?


Hey, nothing's forever, man.

No, l don't guess it is.

Except maybe friendship.

-Watch your step down there. -Yeah, try not to wreck my place.

Hey, you know me.

Try not to wreck my place.

Madero. l'll be thinking of you.

-Hi. -Hello. l'm a little lost. l was wondering if.... ls everything all right?

Yes, he just threw a shoe.

Well, maybe you can help me. l'm trying to find the Mendez place.

-Mr. Cochran? -Yes.

-Mrs...? -Mendez. Yes. l must be warm.

You are. lt's the first gate on the left.

Thank you.

Small, yeah? But nice.

Good afternoon, Mr. Cochran.

You were expected two days ago. l'm on vacation. l took my time.

-Your bags? -They're in the jeep.


No, no, no. l'm taking a place at the beach, thank you.

We have prepared a room for you here. l like it at the beach.

Who are you?

Roberto, gracias. l am Cesar.

Kind of a dog-shit shot.

Who are we gonna beat playing like that?

Cochran. You see what l'm reduced to? Come on, hey.

lmagine what this has done to my timing.

Don't. Just don't.

-What? -Don't sandbag me. All right?

Now me, l'm playing with a new racket.

All right? So l'll play you even.

-l want the first point each game. -No.

Come on, l'm old enough to be your father. l ain't giving you shit. l said l'd play you even, l play you even.

Damn it, it's good to see you. l wait around like a stupid school boy.

-Where've you been? -l stopped off at the cabin. l wanted to work Rocky a little bit.

Make sure the locals hadn't carted the place away. l missed you. l worried about you. You should humor me. l do.

What does that mean? lt means l haven't forgotten whose court l'm on.

And don't forget it.

All right, we're gonna warm up, huh?

No, no warm up.

-Let's just play. -How many games you spotting me?

As many as you want.

l learned this from my wife.

The caviar. Not the manners.

l brought you something.

-For me? -For you.

Oh, it's beautiful.

l love it. l want my wife to see it.

Oh, she has been told already, senor.

Does she know we're eating?

Tell her we're waiting.

She's a wonderful girl.

Sometimes l think l should have married the mother.

Much more sensible.

l suppose l owe you, huh?

No, no, no. Now we're even.

-What do you mean? -The guns. We're even.

-You liked the guns? -Very much.

This is a good start for us.

Sometime this year we'll take those guns to ltaly...

...and have them fitted properly.

Oh, shit. All right.

You know, maybe it's better you're not staying here.

This damned election has everything upside down.

-You sure? -Yeah, but we'll find time for fun.

You know, l was thinking about a hunting trip in the morning.

-What? -What do you think?

Shit, man. That's why l came down here.


-Good afternoon. What happened? -l'm sorry, l'm sorry.

-l got lost. -Well, didn't you get a map? l got what you gave me but l can't follow the instructions. You make this?

Rocky can't read them, so--

-l'm kidding. -Oh, he's only kidding.

Hey, it's a bitch of a morning. You want some hot coffee, huh?

Senor Mendez?

-Telephone. -Who is it?

-Senor Quinones. -Oh, fuck him.

Tell him l'll call back later.

Oh, son of a bitch. l have a politician who's unable to make a decision.

-Come on. You're gonna catch cold. -No, l'm fine.

Only whores smoke in public.

Oh, Jay, this is Miryea, my wife.

This is Jay Cochran.

My friend.

Tibey's told me a lot about you.

You probably should hear my side of the story.


What the hell's so funny?

Twenty thousand dollars American.

So much for pedigrees, huh?

l'm sorry, Jay, l-- l have to go.

We're not having dinner tonight?

Oh, of course we are. Jay, you're gonna join us?

-l don't have to. -Oh, come on, l want you there.

Please, Mr. Cochran. Tibey's political friends are boring.

She's right. But the dinner will be short.

And if you don't like anyone, you just give me the sign and...out.

No, no. K.C., Kansas City, Missouri. There's also Kansas City, Kansas.

We're from Missouri originally.

But we were working Las Vegas...

...and that's where we met Porfirio and Cisco.

And you know what? They offered us a job.

You know Cozumel? l have a place there, me and Diaz.

You want marlin? A fucking boatload of marlin.

Excuse me. Understand we come from the same streets as your husband.

Or hunting. You prefer hunting?

-l have a place in-- -ln Mérida.

Mérida. Anything you want.

Hundred ducks, hundred quail.

Anything. Both of you. l won't shoot a hundred anything.

Oh, that's funny.

Because l thought that you were from Vietnam.

What happened? You see no action?

Mr. Cochran is a pilot. He's known all over the world.

You know, the biggest thing that l ever killed...

...was a jaguar.

He stood 9 feet tall, including the tail.

You know what l used?

Your car.

That's right.

He was sitting in the roadway.

-Will you please excuse us? -Yes.

We're gonna discuss some business.



-Excuse me. -Maybe.

Mr. Cochran. l'm sure Tibey would want you to stay.

Patrón, it has not been easy. l have worked very hard with these people.

We are very close.

But there is a problem.

What is that?

Well, things are not what they used to be.

For instance, 200 million pesos is not what it used to be.

And these people in the union are smarter than what they used to be.

And there's more of them. And these people... not respect the name of Tiburon Mendez.

For them, it's only a matter of money.

So they took your offer as an insult.

One more thing.

The American, though he is your friend...

...he insulted us twice.

That is a separate matter.

Well, how did you meet Tibey? How did that happen?

Well, l've known Tibey for as long as l can remember.

He and my father were in business together.

Tibey rescued him from bankruptcy and they became close friends.

That's how marriages are arranged down here.

Did l just blow your mind?

-Yes. -Yes.

-lt's not polite to mimic people. -Oh, l know.

Well, that's not how it was. l married Tibey because l was in love with him.

All my sisters were in love with him.

Well, it's getting late.

Would you tell Tibey that l was tired?


-Thank you for dinner. -You're welcome.

You are stupid.

But you are more stupid.

While you try to steal my money...

...the union accepts an offer from Mendoza.


...there will be an announcement. lt will be an announcement of support for Mendoza.

You make a long speech...

...about how things have changed.

You think to lecture me... my own house.

You insult my guest.

Maybe you think you're me.

Let's ask stupid.

Do you think he's me?

Patrón, if l have offended you--

No, no. Both of you. But your mistake means nothing. l can always buy support.

But you have no manners. lt is to you and you...

...that my name means nothing.

You are very smart...

...but not ready to be me.

You want to work for me?

-Hi. -Hello.

Would you like to come inside for a few minutes?

Yes. For a while.

l was gonna make some lemonade. You want some?

Yes, l would.

-Do you need any help? -No, l know how to make lemonade.

l hope we didn't embarrass you last night.

No, l wasn't embarrassed.

lt's kind of strange here. Are you comfortable?

Yeah, it's nice.

ls something wrong?

No. Everything's fine.

-Are you sure you don't need help? -No.



l think my dog's escaping.

Watch this.

-l hate this part. -What part?

The ''not knowing if he'll do it'' part.

Rock, go!

-You like that one? -Yeah, it's great.

Come on, Rock.

Come on.

Tibey told me you were married. l was once. Now l'm divorced.

What happened?

You don't have to answer. Sorry. l guess l was married to jets as much as l was to her.

lt wasn't a good way to be living. l think people love each other the best way they know how.

-You wanna try that trick? -Sure.

-You sure? -Yeah.

-You're sure you wanna try this? -Yes, l'm positive.


What did you say?

l didn't say anything but Rocky thinks you ought to have a blindfold.

Well, Rocky's wrong. Put it right here. Right here.

Rocky. Rocky, up!

Good boy, Rocky.

Okay, little boy. Yes.

l guess Rocky's got more sense than both of us.

Thank you. l should go.

l have to go.


Are you looking for someone, Mr. Cochran?

No. ls someone looking for me?

-No, senor. -Let's get it straight. l don't like you. You don't like me. Right? lf l'm looking for someone, it's none of your business. You understand?

Out. l'm sorry, l saw it out.

All right, it's match point.


Just out.

-Well, wait. -No, Jay.

-How far in does it have to be? -lt was out.

This prick's been cheating the whole game.

-Can't you humor him? l need a favor. -We'll humor him tonight.

What's the difference? l mean, can't they win?

Not like this. l mean, fuck him. These guys may be important...

...but they don't mean shit to me.

Besides l can't-- l can't afford to lose 500 bucks.

Okay, l'm with you.

All right. Match point.

l got it. l got it.

Oh, no, no.

You all right, Nano? lt was an accident, hombre.

Come on.

Good game, good game. Carlos.

Very fine today, huh?

Tell me.

Why do you want to kill all my friends?

Maybe l'm feeling out of my element down here.

Maybe you need some hamburger and some french fries.

Maybe l do.

-Goddamn it. -What's the matter?

The cold war continues.

Every time we fight, she plays that Ranchero music...

...which she knows l hate. lt's the music l grew up with.

Let me ask you something. Do you think my wife is beautiful?

-What? -Yeah.

What do you want me to say? Of course.

Because a woman like that...'d do almost anything to keep her.

-Madero? -Yeah. Who's this? lt's Jay.

Shit, man, where the hell are you? l'm down here in Mexico.

What's the matter with you? What happened?

l think l'm fucked.

What's wrong?

l think l fell in love.

You think you fell in love? You don't do that. l know.

With who?


-Tibey's wife. -Tibey's wife?

You fell in love with Tibey's wife?

How could that happen? l don't know.

Now, you listen to me. You get your ass out of there right now.

You put your shit in the truck, point towards the border and drive.

Are you listening to me?

Here, if you fuck somebody's lady, work it out in group therapy.

There, that's serious and they'll shoot you.

Jay? Jay?

l wish l could spend more than two hours with you.

Well, maybe you can.

Isabella, I'm going to ask you an enormous favor.

Well, you might have to lie.

Well, I've told Tibey I'm going to visit you in Miami for a few days.

No, no, no. I'm not really coming.

I'm just asking you to pretend in case he calls.

Jay, may l come in?

Sure. l'm by myself.

l'm on my way to a meeting.

-l hope you don't mind. -No, no.

-May l have a drink of water? -Absolutely.

Please, sit.

Thank you.

You going somewhere?

To my cabin. l've got a better idea. l'm going down to Barranquilla, then Caracas for a few days. l would like you to fly me down.

Oh, Christ, Tibey. l've only been off a plane less than a month.

You don't want to fly again?

We had some wonderful times.

l wish l could say yes, but you know...

...l got it in my head about going to the cabin.

As a favor?

l can't, Tibey.

l understand.

Even simple pleasures can become like a drug sometimes.

When do you go to your cabin, then?

-ln the morning. -We all go in the morning. l go to Caracas... wife to Miami...

...and you my dear friend, to Agua Prieta...

...where even a Mexican feels lonely.

As l promised.

Go to ltaly to fit the guns.



l'm only going for the weekend.

Second thoughts?

Kiss me.

Kiss me.

-So? -So?

-So it's great. -lt's beautiful.

-Say ''great.'' -Great. Great.

l want to sleep right there.

Wait, we're gonna eat. We're gonna eat here.

We're going to do everything here.

Get out, Rock.

Faithless whore!





Get him up.

l want you to see what happens to whores.

Your whore.

You want to fuck?

You will be fucked 50 times a day...

...before you die.

l warned you!


Don't you think we should start getting back?

Just a little further.

But, compadre... don't become a mountain lion in just a few days.

All right, try it.

Wait a second. One more time.


Here we go. lt's a miracle man.

The miracle is this piece of shit ran before.

La Vieja takes her walk in the mountains early tonight. l told her you were going. l think she's angry with me.

Yeah, well, she'll get over it.

Maybe you'll find another gringo in a ditch, huh?

You know, compadre? l think it's good that you are leaving.

You're not a secret anymore.

Does that make trouble for you?

Oh, not for me, but now there are men going around...

...asking questions of an American who may or may not be dead.

The border is not that far from here. l think you'd better go there.

Otherwise...'ll never get out of Mexico alive.

Thank you, but there's someone l have to find.

Tiburon Mendez is in Durango.

She might be there.

When does it leave? ln about an hour.

We would like to wait for you, but we gotta go.

She's beautiful.

You should have seen her mother.

Jay, l got something for you.

l made it myself.

Perfect for cutting the balls off your enemy.

Wait a second, all right? Just wait a second.

-You all right? -Yeah, l'm all right.

-You sure? -Yeah.

-Here, let me help you. -Thanks, friend.

l'm just not up to my usual self.

Mainly because l had to wrestle that son of a bitch all the way from Texas.

Probably gonna have to dope the peckerhead before l deliver him.

They're no doubt expecting a calm and reliable stud...

...which he ain't, you know.

He ain't such a bad horse. He just don't like long rides.

Get up in there.

Well, when l was a kid, we had a Belgian stud.

Wouldn't trailer unless our dog went along.

No kidding?

Them clothes and all, l took you for a peon.

There's a cantina there. What you say we get a little drink...

-...and some grits, maybe? -All right.

All right.

-You sure you're all right? -Yeah, yeah. l'm fine.

Tell you what. l'm plumb fucking tired of the horse business.

Thirty cents a hauled mile plus 10 percent on the deal.

Montana to Mexico City, hauling shit for assholes.

What's so funny? l haven't heard the sound of home in a while.

-Where you headed? -Durango.

Oh, shit, man.

Durango, huh? Why didn't you say so?

You can ride with me in comfort.

Maybe drive some.

You don't wanna ride no bus down in this country.

You ain't no drug addict, are you?


What's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost or something.

-You ready to go? -Yeah. Sure.

Why don't you go start the car?

Fuck you, amigo.

-Go. -You all right?

-Yeah, l'm fine. -lt looks like l picked me a winner.

This thing go any faster?

Well, sure.

Sure you don't wanna come, man?

l've got this town wired.

You've been driving a while.

A little poontang might ease your mind a bit. l killed a man l hated today. l gotcha.

Wouldn't wanna mix your pleasures.

Sure you don't wanna come?

No, l think l'll walk the horse.

Wish me luck.

-Get the door, Romeo. -All right.


Hey, what are you sleeping out here for?

Jesus Christ. l did it.

The fat bitch damn near killed me.

-But l did it. -Hey.


She had more moves than a rubber man from lndia.

You gotta get to a doctor.

-Hear me? -l don't need no goddamn doctor.

-You gotta get a doctor. -l had enough of that shit. l'd rather drop dead right here.

All right. l'll go get your stuff.

How do l look, man?

Like a survivor, baby.

No shit?

No shit.

What's the deal here?

God. l told him to bring the money out here. l usually go in...

...but l'm not feeling well.

Tell you the truth, pard, l think l'm shit-canned. l can't feel my legs.

A great horse. l'm sorry you're not feeling well. l suppose we'll be able to get out of here without being banditoed. l sympathize with your concern.

Look, you just--

Just repeat this name to anybody who might bother you.

They'll shit down their pants and run like rabbits.





...l called the baron back.

And he's absolutely certain, senor. lt is Cochran.

Perhaps he killed Elefante, too.

Hard to blame him, really.

Shall l have him killed?

You don't know where he is.

How you gonna kill him?

Besides, etiquette demands that l kill him.

Etiquette. l don't even know what the word means.

Hi, l'd like a room.

We have a rock-'n'-roll band staying. All the singles are taken.

Look, l'd really like a room.

Well, l remember l got one.

But it is re-decorated. lt's a double.

-Okay, l'll take it. -Sign, please, and welcome.

l want my goddamn cat, pronto. Ten times today...

...l told the maid, ''Close the door so the cat can't get out.''

She leaves the door wide open. The cat got out.

You understand? Will the rest of you please help me?


Oh, honey. Oh, honey.

-Give me the key. -Oh, l'm so happy.

-Thank you, senor. -We should thank that nice cowboy.



Mr. Cochran?


lt was foolish to keep the horse trailer.

-What do you want? -For myself, nothing.

Then knock on another door.

My name is Amador, Mr. Cochran. Mauro's a friend of mine.

-l don't give a shit who you are. -He said he gave you a knife, huh?

Did you hope to go unnoticed here?

Don't play games with me. l asked you a question.

Well, Mauro says you're looking for the wife of Tiburon Mendez.

That's a very brave but foolish gesture.

Thanks. What do you know?

-Rumors. -Yeah, like what?

Mexican gossip. l'll have better information for you soon.

But she's alive?

Goddamn it, l asked you a question. ls she alive?

Yes, she's alive.

Look, l know about you. l know your story.

-You know my story? -Yeah.

While you're drinking my beer, why don't you tell me yours?

Mauro was married to my sister.

She got caught up... some business involving Tiburon Mendez.

And she was killed.

lt happened a long time ago.

You can't kill a man like Mendez and get out of here alive. l didn't say l came to kill anybody, all right? l just want the girl.

There's a chance we can get her. But you gotta listen to me. l'll listen, but l can't guarantee how long.

There's a good chance some people already know l'm here.

Wait for me. l'll be back later tonight.

Go to the bar. There's music, people there, mix with them. l'll get rid of the trailer.

Don't fuck me up.

You gotta learn to relax.

How you doing, cowboy? l'm not a cowboy.

You wanna light my cigarette?

Sorry, l'm just trying to make polite conversation.

That low-life was in here last night. l think l was supposed to fall over.

He's cute but he's an asshole.

-Where you going? -l'm done.

Don't leave me now. You leave, and l'll make a scene.

-You wanna come? -l knew you were gonna say that.

Fuck you.


-Amador? -Cochran.

-Who's this? -He's my cousin, lgnacio.

He's a tough one from the mountains.

He's gonna help us out.

Let's not talk outside, okay?

What's this?

This is my friend. What do you know?

She's all right. What do you know?

You're not gonna like it.

You know where she's at, just say it.

She's in a whorehouse.

Where? l don't know yet.

She's in a whorehouse and nobody knows where? l'm gonna find out. You gotta give me some time.

-l know how to find out. -What? lt means l got my own lead. l saw a guy in the bar a couple of hours ago. l don't know his face but l know his boots.

-No. Wait. -He works for Tibey.

You gotta fucking wait. lt's a mistake. l'm tired of waiting.

Now, listen to me. We'll handle it.

Where is this guy? l told you, he's in the hotel bar.

You can't go in the bar like this. You can't go in with a gun.

Now, tell me what he looks like.

All right, all right. Tell me about the boots.

He wears black and white silver-tip boots.

He's coming to the show tonight. l can get him a backstage pass.

Yeah, that would be good.


What happened?

We brought you a present.

Senor Boots.

Where is she?

He wishes to make love with your mother. l know what the fucker said.

That's an odd request.

So how far is this? What is this, 20 miles?

-lt's about 20 miles, give or take. -You know the place?

Yeah, we know the place.

We can get there in an hour?

No, no, no. lt's Saturday night, man. The place is full.

-Fuck it, man. -Forget about it. l'm going there myself. You don't have to come.

You're right. l don't have to come, but l wanna tell you something.

Tiburon Mendez has been hard on a lot of people and l'll spare you the details.

Goddamn it, Cochran, will you trust me?

Let's do this thing at dawn.

What about him?

We've known him since we were kids. lf we let him live, could he forgive us?

Walk away.

They know me here.

Where is she?

-Who is this? -She's the madam.

You know where she is.

Where is she? You speak English?

Tell me, then. Where is she?

Maybe a house in Mazatlán where they are rich.

And she was very popular.


lf she's not where you say...

...l'm gonna come back and kill you.

She doesn't know.

Stop. Stop.

Stop. Stop.

Assure Senor Mendez that he'll be in our prayers.

We'll never forget it, Mary.

Qué pasó, shit! lt's the same thing.

He hunts in the morning, he comes back in the afternoon.

Nothing's changed.

He's not gonna lead us to her.

l ought to just scope the son of a bitch from right here.

l don't give a shit if he knows who killed him or not.

There's a new man.

Riding with Tibey?

His name's Resabio. lt's strange.

Mendez must be very scared.

-Why? -Because that fucker is a mad dog.

He can't be controlled.

So, what do you wanna do?

Well, this sure as fuck ain't working.

Okay, let's go back to the town. We'll ask a little harder.

Ramon... long have you been with me?

Eleven years, patrón.

Have l treated you well?

Then why do you show me no respect? l do, patrón.

Pablo says no.

You've taken advantage of my wife.

Maybe-- Maybe l can understand it.

But then l hear you go around...

...bragging that you are going to kill her.

You've forgotten something very important.

You've forgotten whose wife she is.


lt's bad.

She's very sick.

Nobody knows where she is or no one's talking.

lt's time to talk to Tibey. lt's gonna be very dangerous.

There's nothing else l can do. l can't wait anymore. l don't know how to say....

Thank you. l'm in your debt.

You're a crazy son of a bitch, Cochran, but we're with you.

Tibey rides this trail every morning at dawn.

You know, he's gonna think you're a ghost.

Be sure to keep your hands empty and out where he can see them.

Trust us, okay?

l trust you, but no matter what happens... don't kill him, l do.

Got it.

Where is she?

Perhaps we both deserve to die.


l ask you now, as a man...

...and a former friend... ask my forgiveness...

...for taking my wife away from me.

l ask your forgiveness...

...for taking your wife away from you.

She's in the convent... Morito.

Senor? Senor? Senor?

-l want to see her. -She is very sick.

l love you.

She wants to go outside.

l love you.