Revenge of the Creature (1955) Script

Obi, we anchor here.

We stay here tonight, Nardo.

We go to the Black Lagoon in the morning. I'll fix you some supper now.

What are we having tonight? Big surprise. What we didn't finish last night.

What I'd give for a tall, cold beer.

Or a short, warm blonde.

The Gill Man, prehistoric monster.

Maybe there's no such thing. You find him, mister. I'll catch him.

It doesn't look good for a conservative institution like Ocean Harbor... to circus a yarn and then not to deliver.

If you're smart, you won't worry about it.

If there is a Gill Man, we'll catch him.

If it's a phony, well, the boss is out his dough.


Hey, Lucas. Yes, Mr. Johnson?

Ah, it's a crocodile.

Huh, you think maybe that is it?

Oh no, the thing you are looking for can break that in two.

You know, sometimes I think all North Americanos are crazy.

If he is dead, you waste your money.

If he's alive, maybe you be sorry you find him.

Yeah? There isn't a fish alive I can't handle.

Who says he's a fish?

What a character.

This sweatbox. Doesn't it ever cool off here?

Never. You want to go back? At your service.

Not till we get the... the whatever it is.

Then we'll go back.

He won't rest easy till he's got it in the tank back at Ocean Harbor.

What for do you want to do this?

So people can come and stare at the man-fish?

To please some crazy scientists?

For this you're going to risk your lives?

Who said anything about risking lives?

It's a job. A technical job. Maybe then you got a book... that going to tell you how to do this thing?

Now look, we're not paying you to make jokes. No joke.

Tomorrow we gonna be in the lagoon.

You will go down in the water.

Then is no longer time for talking, so maybe is better we talk now, huh?

Okay, go ahead.

Last year I came to this place with a party of scientists.

Also brave and highly technical people.

In the end, five persons were dead.

The Gill Man, still there.

Were they equipped for the capture? No.

Well, we are.

So, I like to ask you something.

I'm not very educated person.

This Gill Man, this thing I have seen with my eyes... it... it doesn't belong in our world.

It should've died out long before man was born.

Still, it exists. Why?

Well, I'll try to explain it to you.

Sometimes a species gets isolated in time.

If the conditions are right, it reproduces itself without change... skipping a chapter of evolution.

Way back, there must have been some major link... between marine and terrestrial life.

It's just possible that this is it.

Well, that's all there is to it.

Now I tell you what I believe.

This beast exists because it is stronger than... than the thing that you call evolution.

In it is some force of life. A demon... driving it through millions of centuries.

It does not surrender so easily to weaklings like you and me.

This is the thing that you hunt for.

Think on it.

Good night, gentlemen.


And that, kiddies, is our fairy story for tonight.

Joe, maybe he's right.

Back in Florida...

You don't suppose that they expect us to lose our lives over this thing?

Maybe we got no business to be here at all.

Want to play some cards?

No. No, I think I'll try to get some sleep.

You better do the same. Oh, I'll sleep fine.

No imagination.

Drop anchor. Yes, Captain.

Nardo, bring the net.

Bring the net down. Lower.

Good. The Americano does the rest.

You get that net secure, Joe, and we got the entrance sealed off.

Well, let's go.

In a suit like that, you'll be helpless as a baby.

This baby was born in that suit.

He's taken pretty good care of himself up to now.

Now is different, my friend.

How are things? Lucas isn't getting a skirt, is he?

Take me up, George! Take me up!

Bring him in! Bring him in! He's in trouble. The lines are fouled up.

Joe! Joe, are you all right? Joe!

Is he gone? Joe, can you hear me?

Hey, look! He's coming up!

Keep bringing him in. Bring him in!

Hurry up!

He's got the air hose. Get the rifle.

Quick, shoot him! Shoot him!

Good! Bring him to the ladder.

Help him up. Get him on deck.

Oh, he's hurt.

Look at that suit. It's all slashed.

Watch his feet, Obi.

Water in the suit. Get him over there and sit him down.

Quick as you can. Look, he's bleeding badly.

I'll get this helmet-plate off.

Did you get him? I don't know, but I'm glad he didn't get you.

Pull the pin, Lucas. Sí, I do it. Sí.

I hope you ain't going to blow up my boat, Mr. Johnson.

Like my wife, she's not much, but she's all I have.

Don't worry.

There's just enough dynamite in these cans to stun anything below the surface.

If that thing's alive, this oughta do the trick.

Go on back to the Rita. All right.

Uh, you do it easy, huh?

You ready? Here goes nothin'.

Well, no sign of him.

Maybe this time we are lucky and he is dead, huh?

There he is! What's this? Where?


By golly, you're right. There he is.

Come on, Lucas, let's go get him. Always I have the bad luck.

Be sure you tie him up good.

This is the first telephoto of the fantastic find received from Rio de Janeiro.

The creature is in a coma.

Has been ever since its capture in an isolated Amazon lagoon.

Right now it's being flown to Florida's famed Ocean Harbor Oceanarium... where the experts hope to restore it to consciousness.

Movement of the creature has required some split second timing.

It can exist out of water for only a few minutes at a stretch.

The capture of the Gill Man has created the greatestscientific stir... since the explosion of the atomic bomb.

Further information is anxiously awaited... in colleges and universities throughout the world.

Why, Neal, that's wonderful.

You have such a vibrant color sense for a four-year-old.

You know, I think this one is even good enough to show to your friends.

All right, lesson's over.

Now, turn around, Neal. Turn around.

Turn around. Sit down. All right now.

Open your mouth.

Oh, that's a boy.

All right now. Cover your eyes. Cover your eyes.

That's a good boy. Now stand up. Stand up.

Now put your arms over your head and stretch. Oh, what a good boy.

Good morning, Miss Abbott. Good morning, Dr. Ferguson.

Good morning, Neal. Come over here and see me.

How's he doing? Fine.

Neal, what do you think of your work?

Flattery will get you nowhere. It's just amazing.

He's really as bright as a child.

Well, as bright as a two or three-year-old anyway.

Well, that's fine, but remember... we're supposed to find out what the difference is... between the intelligence of an ape and a human being.

And at the rate he's going, sometimes I wonder if there is any difference.

Doc, would you come here a minute? Sure.

Alright. Come on, boy.

Doc, didn't you say that among the lower animals... there were no natural enemies as long as they're well fed?

Yeah, something like that. Well, maybe so, Doc... but there were four rats in there when I changed my lights.

Now there's only three.

It's my considered opinion that rat number four is sitting inside that cat.

Are you sure you fed them all this morning?

Sure, I always feed them. I...

How'd he get in here?

Clete. Clete, here's the most important news that...

The greatest scientific find since the Peking man.

What you got, Mac, someone unearth a natural blonde?

Here. They've captured that Devonian relic Dr. Reed reported last year.

You're kidding. Know what I think?

I think you should be thinking about going down to Ocean Harbor.

You wouldn't have any trouble. They know your work down there.

Clete. Clete, you can be the first man... to scientifically study a creature that, by all the laws of nature... should've died a quarter of a million years ago.

Where are you going?

To ask the dean for a leave of absence. What else?

Joe, Johnson. Hello!

How are you, Lou, Mr. Foster? Never better, Joe.

The whole country is talking about that catch of yours.

That right? Well, it oughta be worth a raise then.

It is.

What's this I hear about you gettin' mauled?

Ah, just a few scratches. Hey, we'll bring him right up.

Well, let's go down there, boys.

Now keep him straight. Guide him in there easily.

Watch his head that it doesn't hit on that bulkhead.

All right. Move him through slowly.

Lower it just a little.

All right. All right, take it away.

Watch this railing here. Watch this railing.

Hold steady there.

That's it.

Okay, swing it in.

Keep it comin', boys.

Keep him comin'. Right in here.

All set, George. Keep it comin'. Raise it up a little.

Up a little higher.

All right, hold it. Now down.

All right, hold it. Hold it.

That's good.

Afraid I've got some bad news for you, Mr. Foster.

The Gill Man? Yeah.

Been in a coma ever since we captured him.

But he's still alive. Yeah, just about.

Look, Joe, you can't do this to me.

I've got every man, woman and child in the civilized world waiting to meet the Gill Man.

The hotels are booked for 50 miles around here.

I've got the radio, the TV...

Louie, speeches aren't gonna do any good now.

We'll put him in the receiving tank and we'll see what happens.

Come on, let's get rolling, Mac. Okay, Joe.

Hold him level now.

I suppose we might describe this, ladies and gentlemen... as the creature's official entry into the 20th century.

Here at Ocean Harbor it will live, if it lives at all... and become the object of scientific study.

The question now is whether Joe Hayes, the man who captured the creature... will be able to bring it out of its comatose condition.

He's waiting for it now. Alone in the tank.

Apparently showing no sign of fear as his arms reach out.

Easy now. Let it down easy.

I've got it. All right, down just a little.

All right, hold it.

Can you get him out, Joe? Yeah, I can make it.

Okay, take it away.

Take up the rig.

Hey, boys, look up here.

Man, look at that thing.

Will he come out of it? Too early to tell.

Pardon me, sir.

Miss Dobson, may I have a word with you?

Ladies and gentlemen, I have here Miss Helen Dobson.

One of the prettiest young ladies it's ever been my pleasure to interview.

Miss Dobson was a science major at Belmont University in Texas and now...

Well, perhaps I'd better get her to explain it to you.

What brings you to the oceanarium, Miss Dobson?

I'm here to gather material for my masters thesis.

I'm studying ichthyology. Ichthyology?

That's a ten-dollar word. How about explaining it to us?

Well, ichthyology is the study of fish. I see.

I noticed that Joe Hayes out here has the Gill Man down in the water... and he's walking him around. That seems to be a strange thing to do.

Is there any particular reason for it?

Well, that's the way they revive sharks and other large fish.

And since this creature has gills, they're using the same method.

You see, walking forces water into the mouth from which it flows over the gills.

Uh, as the water traverses past the gills... fine blood vessels on the surface of the gills release the carbon dioxide... and pick up a dissolved oxygen from the water... which exits from the fish through the gill-slit. I see.

Well, do you think it will work in this particular case?

Well, I'm no prophet.

Well, thank you very much for talking to us, Miss Dobson.

How does it look, Joe?

Can't tell yet, Lou.

How long has he been walkin' this thing? About two hours.

What a way to make a living.

His arm. I saw it. It did move.

Watch it up there. He's starting to move.

Why doesn't he get out? Get those ropes ready.

I want to get out of here as soon as I get a line on him.

We're ready, Joe.

Get a shot of this! Get that camera here, quick!

He'll get out of the tank!

Keep that net handy. I may need it. We'll have it when you do.

All right, stand by with those boat-hooks, boys.

That thing will kill somebody.

Look out!

Joe, look, he's climbing out. Look out, Joe.

Give me that.

Be careful!

Joe! Careful!

Watch out!


Get him out of there!

Get the net ready!

Throw the net! Throw the net!

Bring him over here, Joe.

Okay, I've got his wrist.

Get those cuts fixed up right away. All right, all right.

Let's get out of here before that thing breaks loose again.

Ladies and gentlemen, our Ocean Harbor technicians... are about to move the Gill Man from the receiving tank into the larger permanent tank.

Mr. Joe Hayes is in charge of the operation. Open up the gate.

Everything all right?

Wait till they're all out of the tank. I'm not taking any chances.


I hope that chain holds. Don't worry about that chain.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Ocean Harbor... on this, the first day of public exhibit of the world-famous Gill Man.

We suggest that you enjoy all of the sights the oceanarium has to offer.

Once you've seen the Gill Man, please move on.

Give the other folks a chance.

Our attendants will be pleased to answer your questions... as you tour the wonders of the deep.

Very shortly now the Gill Man will be fed.

Scientists are still investigating his diet.

They found the creature reluctant to eat these fish...

That are swimming about him in the tank.

It was a real break finding you here.

Look, I'm not one of those specialists who fails to appreciate the other fella's field.

Although, personally, I think we're overspecialized.

Why, it's getting so we have experts... who concentrate only on the lower section of a specimen's left ear.

Well, I must tell you, I know something about your work.

And I was quite impressed when I heard you were coming.

You're not at all like I expected.

I'm glad I disappointed you.

He's not much on table manners, is he?

Come on, let's get out of here before the crowd runs over us.

All right.

What are you doing for dinner tonight?

You don't waste any time, do you? I've only got two weeks.

But you came here to work.

Any time a man can combine business with pleasure... he's batting 500 in my league.

And now, I'll start all over again.

Miss Dobson, what are you doing for dinner tonight?

Well, I hadn't thought about it, sir.

Then that's settled. Now where are you staying?

At the Star Motel. Great. So am I.

Hey, Professor!

Wait for me!

Uh-oh, I've been afraid of this.

That Joe Hayes is an a-number-one wolf.

Avoid him. It'll be difficult, but it can be done.

Well, aren't you gonna wait for him?

What? And let Mr. America cut into my cake?

What's the matter, old-timer, pooped out?

You shouldn't walk these brain-boys so fast. They can't take it.

You know, strong upstairs, but no stamina.

It's good to see you, Clete. I heard you were in town.

You too.

I understand you're gonna be here for a couple of weeks.

Yeah, that's right. Ah, that's tough.

You won't have the chance to enjoy the good things in life.

And what are you doing for dinner tonight? Well, I, uh...

Uh, sorry, Joe, she just made a date with me, didn't you?

Well, I... Well, yes.

Oh, but you can join us, Joe, if you want to.

No, thanks. I'll give the professor his chance.

I don't like to take advantage of amateurs.

See you later.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Flippy, the educated porpoise.

Flippy has been taught to retrieve objects on command.

And now, for a finale, Flippy will raise the flag.

Well, where have you been, boy?

I guess I better introduce you. Professor, this is Chris.

My one true love and favorite boyfriend.

Pleased to meet you, sir.

Well, it's all right, boy. He won't bite you.

Ah, come on, boy.

Say, you're a good old dog.

Does he always travel with you? No, no.

He picked me up a couple of weeks ago. I was here watching the porpoises... and he made a pass at me, didn't you, boy?

If Flippy gets any smarter, he'll start talking.

He talks, all right.

We're just not smart enough to understand him.

Hi. Hi.

Think Chris is smarter than Flippy, Professor? I doubt it.

The porpoise has a very large and well-developed brain.

In fact, his intelligence lies somewhere between a chimpanzee and a dog.

How smart is the Gill Man? Well, that's what I'm here to find out.

What his reflexes are like. His behavior patterns.

His capacity to learn. His response to stimuli.

Oh, it sounds exciting. I hope I'll be able to help.

Thanks. I'm sure you will.

Here we go.

Okay, once more. Back again.

All right, Flippy, you may now return to your private quarters, and thank you.

Testing. One, two, three, four.

Testing. One, two, three, four.

Testing. One, two, three, four.

Testing. One, two, three, four.

Testing. One, two, three, four.

The speaker must be working. He's reacting to it down there.

Be sure your throat mike is tight.

Be sure and keep that volume up. Yes, sir.

Now the important thing is not to become so interested you get careless.

Oh, you don't have to worry about that.

If anything goes wrong, you head straight for the surface, you understand?

All right, let's go.

I sure hate to use this... but I guess we haven't much choice.

All right now, let's go over it once more.

You're to wait for the right moment and then push the food cage within his reach.

As he reaches for it, you're to say "stop" in your throat microphone.

He won't know what it means, so I'll condition him by shocking him with the bull-prod.

Right? Right.

Bob, hand me this when I get in the water, will you?

Here he comes. Be careful, Clete.

That was lesson number one. He knows the prod can hurt him.

Put the cage down and stay close to the wall. Right.

He's a little gun-shy. You better attract his attention.

Jiggle the cover, Helen. Okay.

Get back, Helen! Here he comes.

Now. Stop.




He's learning fast. Shall we try it again?

No, that's enough for now. Let's take the cage up.

From now on, we're the only ones who'll feed him.

That was fine. Now you better get out of that rig.

Remember, we have a date for dinner tonight.

Hi. I don't care what the joke writers say.

It takes longer for a man to dress. He's got more to put on.

How's he doin'? Fine.

Come on, let's get out of here. All right.

Here's the Mickey Finn, Professor. Good.

Takes about five minutes for this stuff to work.

Then he'll be gentle as a baby. I suppose.

Fine scientist you are, getting squeamish about doping a fish.

He's got it.

Let's go. Right.

Hey, what goes on here?

Oh, well... every second, millions of electric impulses... leap from one cell of the brain to another... making our minds and moods what they are.

You see, those wires on the Gill Man... pick up these impulses and register them here on the chart.

Yeah. Naturally, we'd learn a lot more about him... if we could test him while he was awake.

Well, my dear girl, everybody knows that when you're asleep the brain stops working.

No more so than the heart does.

The brain waves become irregular, like those of the insane.

You mean, I'm crazy when I'm asleep? No more so than when you're awake.

Red corpuscle content only 10 percent less than human blood.

Un-nucleated structure.

No correlation with the fish sample.

It's amazing.

Every test, every reaction just misses being human.

Back again, boy?

Say, you're like a proverbial kid brother trying to mooch a nickel.


Well, what's the matter, boy, you worn out?

Wouldn't you be by now?

Here, boy. Fetch.

Fetch it, boy. Fetch it.

He's a character.

It's nice to get away, lie in the sun... be like other people.

Strange talk coming from a dedicated scientist.

Have you forgotten your mission in life?

I'll be leaving soon. I'm gonna miss you.

You know, sometimes I wonder how I ever got started in all this.

Science, fish, ichthyology.

Where will it all lead me, as a person, I mean?

Most of the kids I went to undergraduate school with... are already married and have children. Is that what you want?

I don't know. I... I just don't know.

But surely... But what do you want?

Well, it's different with me.

I'm a man, I don't have to make a choice. But I do?

It's tough on you gals. I'm not saying it's right or wrong.

Just a fact. It doesn't seem right.

But you haven't told me what you want. What you want most, I mean.

I'd like to know before I leave. You've become important to me.


Dog, you're a point-killer.

Hey, take it easy.

You startled me. I'm sorry.

You know, I pity him sometimes.

He's so alone. The only one of his kind in the world.

Well, he's like an orphan of time.

Yeah, I've been thinking about it. Your going into the tank... it's risky, too risky.

I'd sleep better if you'd leave him to Joe and me.

Well, haven't I been a help?

That's not what I'm talking about. It's...

Well, it's just that he's so unpredictable.

If anything were to happen... Nothing's going to happen.

Don't you think you're making a lot out of nothing?

He's chained and you have the bull-prod. Will you listen?

You're only going to be here a short time... and using Joe might hold you up.

Move the ball around. You gave him a bad jolt last time. He's leery.

That's all right. Try it again.

Careful, Helen. Careful.


That's amazing. It took me three weeks to teach that to a chimp.

Let's try it again.

Okay? Okay, Professor.

Come on.

Come on. Come on.

Be careful, Helen. Not too close.

Come on.

Helen! Get back, Helen!

Stop! Clete! Clete!


Get out, Helen! Get out!

Clete! Helen, stand back.





What happened, Clete? You all right? Yeah, I'm all right.

Lou, come here quick and give Helen a hand.

You all right, Helen? Yeah.

He's plenty mad. Let's get outta here.

Hey look, he broke the chain!

Stand clear. Get back, all of you. Get back. Stand clear.


This is an emergency. The Gill Man has escaped.

Please! Please clear the oceanarium. Get out, everybody.

The Gill Man has broken out of his tank. Clear the area.


Return to your cars. Don't approach the beach side of the ocean.

He'll probably be heading toward the water.

It is four days since the Gill Man escaped.

Conflicting reports place the fearsome creature as far north as Norfolk, Virginia... and as far south as Panama.

But most experts believe the monster is either dead or on its way back to the Amazon.

Come on, kids. Break it up. We weren't doing anything.

Well, that's good. It's time to go home.

Come on, beat it. Okay, Officer. Okay.

Anything you say.

Helen! Are you all right?



Helen, you all right?

Helen! Who is it?

Clete. Where's Chris?

Well, I left him in the bedroom. Isn't he there?

No. I heard him howl.

Well, I'll be right with you. I'll look for him outside.

Chris? Here, boy.

Here, Chris!

Here, boy!

Here, Chris.

Any sign of him?

Well, I wonder where he could be.

Ah, don't worry about him. He's probably chasing a rabbit.

He'll show up in the morning. Come on.

I'm glad you're coming with me tomorrow.

We can take a leisurely cruise up the river and have dinner in Jacksonville.

My plane doesn't leave until midnight... so maybe we can go stepping for a couple of hours, if you like.

Oh, it sounds wonderful.

Will you miss me? It'll be the longest three months.

Good-bye, Helen. Good-bye, Clete. Good-bye.

See you, George. Thanks a lot. Have a nice trip.

Sorry about everything that happened. Bye.

Bye, fellas.

Now stop worrying about Chris.

It's not like him to take off like that.

Look, he'll probably be waiting for you on your doorstep when you get home.

I hope so.

For a scientist, I sure am a sentimental fool.

Stay that way.

Come on now. Let's enjoy the trip.

Sure there's nothing I can do to help? Everything checks, but nothing works.

Well, yell if you need me. Okay.

Ready? Sure.

Let's go.

Hey, cut it out.

So you want to play, huh? That does it.

Try to pull my leg, will you?

For a professor, you certainly have the manners of a freshman.

Hey, Professor, come on back. It's all fixed.

Fun's over.

Did you have fun? Oh, yes, it was wonderful.

We better get going. Okay.

It's hot. Let's go outside. All right.

Well, Prince Charming vanishes at midnight... and I won't see him for three long months.

Maybe I can stretch a weekend.

Might as well be broke, it's the way I am.

You know, scientists are funny.

We probe and measure and dissect.

Invent lights without heat, weigh a caterpillar's eyebrow.

But when it comes to really important things, we're as stupid as the caveman.

Important? Like love.

Makes the world go round, but what do we know about it?

Is it a fact? Is it chemistry, electricity?

Once when I had a crush on the captain of the high school football team...

I looked it up in the dictionary.

And love, according to Mr. Webster... is "a feeling of strong personal attachment induced by sympathetic understanding."

Have you ever heard such nonsense?

I don't know.

Some things should remain unknown.

I think a poet once said:

"But love is such a mystery, I cannot find it out.

For when I think I'm best resolved, I then am most in doubt."


Help! Helen!

Help! What was that?

I don't know.


The Gill Man has kidnapped a woman from the Lobster House... at the foot of Pier Nine.

Pier Nine. Units one, seven, alerted to Pier Nine.

That's us.


Man in the water by the buoy.

Over here! Here!

67... This is a 67.

Clear the streets of traffic. Order citizens indoors.

Police cars on detail nine-one will report to waterfront.

The Gill Man is loose in Jacksonville... after kidnapping Miss Helen Dobson, a science student.

It is believed the monster may be on the prowl, ready to attack others.

The police have requested us to advise all citizens... to remain indoors until further notice.

It is suggested that you keep all lights on... as the creature seems not to be able to stand bright light.

So I say to the old man, "Why should I stay in school?

You never finished and you're doing okay."

You can't get a job without a college degree. It's like my pop says it.

"A college degree is like a high school diploma used to be."

He says... Hey.

What's that?

Looks like a body's been washed ashore.

Think we'd better... Yeah.

Is she all right? She's alive.

No! No!

Car two-four, the report from area 78 is incorrect.

Got it? It is incorrect.

The Gill Man has not been sighted in that area.

He could be headed for Brazil by now. Yeah.

The bodies of two men have been found on the banks of the Saint John's River.

Car one-nine investigate bodies found near car below Point Diego.

Could be him. Let's go.

Get a load of that. There's another one over there.


All emergency equipment is being mobilized at Point Diego... where the bodies of two students, victims of the Gill Man, were found.

So far there has been no trace of Miss Helen Dobson... the pretty, young scientist kidnapped by the monster.

Her fiancé, Professor Clete Ferguson, is aiding in the search.

The police department asked me to repeat this message.

Civil defense trucks and floodlight equipment will report to Point Diego.

All right men, settle down and give me your attention.

I want you to comb this beach and surrounding area carefully... but under no circumstances are any of you to investigate... shrubbery, hulks or other possible places of concealment... unless you are accompanied by an armed guard.

Now the trucks will disperse in both directions... and unload about a thousand yards apart.

Now you men all have flashlights.

I want you to check them right now to see whether they're in order or not.

All right, come on. Turn 'em on.


Now if any of you spot the Gill Man, report to your group leader.

He'll fire his Very pistol and the professor and I will get there as soon as possible.

May I say something to the men, Captain?

Professor Ferguson would like to say something to you.

I want to impress upon you once again something the captain said before.

Don't take any chances.

This is a thinking creature we're hunting.

Wily, cruel, dangerous. As strong as any ten of you.

Two men have already lost their lives tonight.

A girl is missing.

I want to find that girl alive more than anything else in the world... but I don't want a single one of you men to risk your life needlessly.

Remember that this creature can't stay out of the water for more than a few minutes.

That limits our search to a narrow strip along the river.

So, please, obey the captain's instructions to the letter.

The moment you spot the Gill Man, report it to your group leader... and he'll fire his Very pistol.

That's it, men. Get at it.

Hold it!

Joe, turn that light back. I think I saw something.

Anything to make you happy, Mac.

Hold it.

I knew I saw something.

I can't make it out, but that's no Gill Man, bub.

It's not driftwood either, buster.

I'm gonna take a look-see.

Any of you guys want to go with me?

Joe, keep this lamp right where it is. Right.

If you find anything, make with the high-sign. Yeah.

Holy cow!

A flea couldn't get through there, Professor.

Hey, they found him. Let's move, boys.

Remember your instructions.

The professor is in command for now on.

You take orders from him.

There he goes. Watch out for the girl. Hold your fire!



Help! Stop!

Help! Stop!


Come toward me slowly. Don't make any sudden moves.

Steady. Hold your fire.

Steady. That's it.