Revenge of the Ninja (1983) Script

Americans are going crazy over Japanese art now.

I'll put all the money in, and you run the place.

There's no better expert than you.

Look, we'll open the first gallery in Los Angeles, then Chicago.

-And later New York-- -I'm sorry, but I must stay in Japan.

My father, my grandfather, were killed... fighting on this land.

You gonna wait here until the same thing happens to you? That's crazy.



Cho, you've gotta leave Japan. This will never end here.

They killed my wife...

-and my son. -And they'll be back.

You can't fight the ninja forever.

You have a son.

You want him caught up in all this bloodshed?

Come with me.

My son's place is here.

You see this?

His father died on this land.

And now... his wife.

This soil is sacred with our family blood.

Do you want to see your son dead?

And your grandson, too?

I'm offering him a great fortune in America, a new life.

We'll open a gallery. You and your son can be safe in America. You can be happy again.

And you, Mrs. Osaki... you should come, too.

I do not trust this man, my son.

Braden is my friend. He means well.

It's for his life. We must consider this offer.

You cannot escape your karma, my son.

Even if you go as far as America, it will come for you.

Believe me, it will.

-Come on, we're gonna kick his ass! -Get out of my way, man.

How was your class today? Did you enjoy the lunch?

Such a funny old lady.

He thinks he's tough?

Who are they?

Hey, man, what's your trick?

-Kick his ass. -Yeah.

Could you move, please?

Give it back!

Go for it.

Go get him! Come on!

Hurry up! Get him!


-Get him! -Watch out!

My eyes!

Come on, we got him!

I told you not to fight.

Do not yell at him. He did no wrong.

I did not bring him here to America to fight in the streets with fools.

Cho... it does not matter where you raise him.

You must teach him the way of the ninja. It's the family tradition.

This bears the sign of our family.

And when I die, it will be yours.

And then Kane's.

So prepare him.

Show him the ways.

These are the dolls we are going to sell in our new gallery, Kane.

I have given up fighting. My sword is sealed forever.

Here in America, I will not follow the way of the ninja.

No more.

Why not, Daddy?

Because the way killed your mother.

So remember... you are not samurai.

Not ninja.

We only practice with our sword... to honor our tradition. Do you understand?


Then show me.

Eye contact!



That was fantastic.

Better get going, honey. You're going to be late for baseball practice.

He's really improving, isn't he?

Guess what?

The dolls have cleared customs. They'll be here by noon.

I called your partner, Braden.

He'll be by sometime this afternoon to look them over.

Cathy, you help me so much.

I really think I should pay you.

No, really, I love doing things for you.

Besides, my karate training is more than enough.

I just want you to teach me the way.

If you want to work out, you forgot your pants.

You really think I forgot?

God... you're so strong.

Do you wish to work out?

Of course I do.

This is our latest gallery. lt'll open next week.

My partner put together the best Japanese doll collection in town.

-Hi, Cho, how are you? -Fine, thank you.

The shipment has just arrived from Japan.

-We are unpacking the dolls right now. -They're perfection.

-Everything arrived as ordered? -Everything.

I'll put 12 in the showroom, and the rest in storage.

How do you like the display?

Fantastic. It's wonderful.

You've got excellent taste.

-Hello, Cathy, how are you? -Please, come and see the rest of the dolls.

They are all beautiful and authentic.

Every one is handmade. Each takes almost two months to make.

This one comes from Hakata.

I knew there was a reason I made you my partner.

You couldn't have made a better selection.

Nothing would have been possible without your help.


Money's easy to find, but good men, that's another story.

This is going to work out.

It's a ninja. Professional soldier.

Specializing in espionage and assassination.

About 400 years ago.

Worst bastards the world's ever known, right?

It's a common misunderstanding that the ninja were all evil.

But not accurate.

-They still killed people. -That was their special skill.

The thousand ways of death.

Like I said... this gallery's gonna be the best thing that's happened to this town... since I got here.

Don't touch it! What have you done?

This is a very expensive doll you broke. Your father will be so angry.

I'm sorry.

Don't worry. I won't say anything to your father.

I'll fix this doll somehow.

But you've got to promise me... you'll never touch any of these dolls again.


This will be our little secret.

Run along now.

I'll talk to you later.

Now... what is it, my love?

We have a problem, Braden.

What's happened, Catherine?

It's little Kane.

He broke one of the dolls, and the heroin spilled out.

Damn it!

You're supposed to watch those dolls. That's your job.

It's okay, he didn't even know what it was.

-I'll make sure he doesn't tell anybody. -You'd better.

It won't happen again, I promise.

This gallery setup is becoming too risky.

When are you gonna get rid of the stuff?

I'm seeing Caifano today, so we'll probably unload tonight.

And, Cathy, no more screwups.

Hi, I have an appointment with Mr. Caifano.

Hold on.

Caifano, Braden's here to see you.

Send him up.

It's Braden, he's here.

-What are we gonna do? -I'll handle it.

Hey, Gino.

You're looking at yourself too much.

It's not normal.

Your nephew doesn't want to disappoint the ladies, you know?

-Say, here he is. -Hey, partner.

What's the good word?

The dolls have arrived. They're ready for delivery.


Have a drink? Joe, go mix him a drink.

I didn't come for a drink. I want my money.

-I want you to take delivery immediately. -Okay. What's the big rush?

This stuff is hot. I need the money right now.

You have to wait on the money.

The deal was, I get the money the minute the dolls are here.

-Few days ain't gonna make no difference. -A big difference!

I need that money right now. My Japanese connection wants their cut.

-I can't mess with those people. -I gave those guys $100,000 up front.

They want the rest of the money today, in cash.

Now, what am I supposed to tell them?

How about....

If you don't have the money, I'll find somebody who does.

And you can kiss your $100,000 good-bye.

Tell your goons to move.

You tell us.

You're dealing with me now.

As far as you're concerned, that stuff is already paid for. It's mine!

So don't try any funny stuff.

Don't fuck with the Japanese. They can be very dangerous.

I'll fuck with whoever I want. I don't need you.

I'll make my own deal.

If you're thinking of going behind my back, you'll be making a big mistake.

A very big mistake.

You don't even know me yet.

-The pickles-- -I told you to eat before you drink the soda.

-Mario, you eat-- -What is this?

What did you bring? Nobody's gonna eat that shit.

You know, you're getting so skinny, you're looking like a razorblade.

Take it easy.

-Have another beer. -I don't need another beer.

Fucking beer's going right through me. I'm gonna take a leak.

-All right? -All right.

Oh, shit, that feels good.

What the fuck is this, Halloween? Get outta here.

You son of a bitch!

There he is, come on.

I got bad news, Mr. C. I don't think you'll get your money today.

On the street, the word is that there's a ton of H on the way from Japan.

Some Jap, he's taken over your market.

Goddamn Japanese.

They break Detroit. Now they want me.

-You keep sniffing around. -Sure.

-I'll be in touch. -Sure.

-What's going on here? -Holy--

Jesus Christ!

Grab him!

What the shit is this?

-Get those people out of here. -Move back.

Everybody back, come on.

Look, here comes Caifano.

Bad news travels fast, don't it?

His brother, his stoolie, now his nephew.

-He'll be buying a lot of flowers this week. -Get lost. This is a private conversation.

-My pleasure. -Hold it right there, guys.

-That my nephew? -And his girlfriend. You wanna take a look?

What the hell for?

What's so goddamn important that you and me gotta have a talk, lieutenant?

What's so important, asshole... is they're dead.

They've been drowned.

The coroner said it's gonna take a jackhammer to get them apart.

-He was a good-looking kid. -You talk to me, you son of a bitch.

If somebody's muscling in, I wanna know who the fuck it is!

-That's my bag of apples. -And mine.

Bullshit! You guys celebrate downtown every time one of us gets the clap.

What the fuck do you want from me?

I want a name, I want addresses. I've got nothing.

Then you've got what I've got, shit!

That's Dave Hatcher, the guy I told you about. He's the instructor.

Dave Hatcher, Lt. Dime. I understand you wanna get involved.

-What's up? -Come here. I wanna talk to you.

Take a look. This is what's left of Caifano's brother.

His right leg.

The largest bone in the body, and it's been cracked like a toothpick.

This is his chest.

The sternum has been shattered in nine different places... the clavicle has been cracked in two, and the ribs have been crushed.


This is his head, what's left of it.

Now, Hatcher... my question to you:

Is it possible for a man to do this to another man?

Sure, driving a truck.

The coroner claims no weapon was used.

And yet the blows were struck against the large bone... at a precise 90-degree angle, as if by a machine.

-Could you cause that kind of damage? -No.

-lt requires special training from childhood. -Do you know anyone that could?

There was Arou, a group in Japan that were bone-breakers.

About 300 or 400 years ago.

I'm talking about Thursday at 11:00.

I don't know anybody that could have.

But I have a Japanese friend, someone who's an expert on these things.

Bring him to me.

Come on, we've never seen anything like this before.

We're up against the wall in this case.

I think it involves some ninja techniques, like bone-breaking, blowguns.

You're an expert on that stuff.

Do it for me as a personal favor.

What the hell do you call this damned thing?

It's called a star shuriken.

Ninja weapon.

Ninja, is that one of those martial arts things?

The ninja's much more powerful.

They were warriors of ancient times.

You know, masters of assassination in medieval Japan.

Are you trying to tell me there's ninjas... running around there, killing people in the 20th century? Come on.

Couldn't an athlete, a professional, throw one of these things?

Why not?

He wouldn't have a master to teach him, show him how to build the damn thing.

He couldn't hit a door with one of those.

The length of the blade is precise.

Only by passing through the gate of the eyes can it reach the brain and kill.

Oh, shit.

It's really very simple.

Mr. Osaki, I understand you didn't want to come here.

We can't afford to pay you very much money... but if you're half right about what you say, then we're gonna need your help.

-I'm sorry. -Cho, come on.

It's impossible. I'm opening up a new gallery tomorrow.

I have no time.

Don't, please!

It's private, get lost.

Come on.

-What do you want? -Come on.

I can't believe what you're doing to me.

Tell them Jap friends of yours to lay off my family.

I set you up in this country, remember?

You owe me one.

Come on, let's meet.

Have you got the money?

Of course I've got the money. You bring the stuff to my office.

And I'll pay you, COD.

COD is no good anymore.

Cash in advance.

I'll meet you at the gallery in three hours. I'll wait for you there.

Come alone.

Bring the cash.

The son of a bitch!

Chief, Alberto, come here.

You know where that new gallery, that Japanese gallery is...

-on Third and Broadway? -Yeah.

I want you to go down there.

Clean the place out.

Especially the little Japanese dolls. You bring them all here to me, understand?

-Come. -Hey!

If anybody gets in your way, scalp them, right?

Keep an eye on the girl. Don't let her out of the house.

If she gives you any trouble, you know what to do.

Okay, let's take 'em.

-Come on, let's go. -I got this one.

Come on, let's hurry.

Give me a hand here.

Come on, you!

Come on, let's get out of here.

Hey, look!

Move it! Jeez!

Holy shit!

Tell the lieutenant, if you see him, I'm at the gallery.

Okay, but I'll tell him. Oh, here he is.

Lieutenant, I was trying to find you. Wait a second.

I notified Missing Persons. They put a bulletin out on your boy.

It should be out on the air within an hour.

I don't know. Somebody will see him.

-I'm sorry. -Thank you.

Any relatives, friends? Any place he might have gone?

We are still strangers here.

He must be hiding someplace.

He knows the danger.

He will not return until he must.

-Do you suspect anyone? -Everyone.

As you do.

We still need your help, Osaki.

I'm sorry.

Cathy, the dolls are gone.

Someone stole them from the gallery.

I was double-crossed.

Now listen, little Kane saw me.

Find him, and bring him here to me.

Not Kane. Not Cho, please.

Count with me.

-"Five." -Five.

-"Four." -Four.

-"Three." -Three.



Now go and get him.

Sorry to disturb you, but I think I can help.

It's all right.

There are some ex-cons who might have some information about your dolls.

I thought you might like to check them out with me.

Good. I'll drive.

That's them.

Look, here come the police, man. Wonder what he wants with us this time.

I own that new Japanese doll gallery downtown.

Some thieves broke into it.

My son is missing, too.

Do you know anything about it?

Hey, you know me.

Do I have to haul your asses in again?

Fuck off, pal.

Come on.

Come on.

Let's go.

Come on, boy!

We've been going crazy.

Are you okay?

We're friends, aren't we?

Just like your father... aren't you?

You can sense it.

You're right.

You should be afraid.

I have to take you, and you can't stop me.

You've caused me a lot of trouble.

Take him and hold him till I get back.

-What are you gonna do to him? -None of your business.

Leave him alone. He's only a child.

You told me you weren't going to hurt him.

You stay out of this!

Take him! Get rid of him.

Who is it?

You don't keep appointments.

Crazy bastard, you think you're pretty clever.

I'm one step ahead of you.

I'm coming to get you.

Just stay right where you are.

You're welcome.

Tony! Come here. I want all the boys in the pool room.

I want them there in five minutes.

You guys, you know what to do?

Keep your eyes peeled for Braden.

He's coming.

All right, now get out of here.

All right, come on, over here.

Rio, over there.

Come on, spread it out.

Move it up, a little up.

I think Kane was here.

-Hello? -Cho, it's Cathy.

-Where are you? -I'm locked in Braden's.

I'm scared.

I'm so scared.

What's the matter with you?

Listen to me. Braden's crazy.

He's using you like he used me.

And he's going to kill Kane.

What are you talking about? He's my friend.

He was never your friend!

He's been using the gallery as a front for his heroin deals.

Where's Braden? Is he there?

No. That's what I've been trying to tell you.

He went to kill the man named Caifano.

-Caifano? -Yes.

Where is Kane?

It's all my fault.

I brought him to Braden's.

He hypnotized me.

He's a ninja. Do you understand?

I'm afraid I do.

But what about Braden?

I'll take care of him.

Take her and hold her with the boy.

What's wrong?

-It's Braden. He's got Kane. -Braden?

Yes. He's a ninja.

He betrayed me. lmpossible. He's an American. How can he be a ninja?

He lived for 20 years in Japan.

He trained Koga Ryu style ninjutsu.

We've got to stop him. I'll call Lt. Dime.

This is no job for the police.

It's something I'll have to do.

Only a ninja can stop a ninja.

You're going after him?

Let me come with you. I know I can help.

No, friend.

I'll do it.



What are you doing to me?

You're a disappointment. My trust in you is gone.

You've shown too much compassion.

Oh, my God, what have I done?

What do you want with him?

He saw me. So now he and his father must die.

Don't kill Cho.

-Please! -Goodbye, Cathy.


Hey, you! What's going on down there?

Hey, Jim, you see anything?

That son of a bitch and Jap can come anytime now.

You can stop an army with that bad bitch.

Caifano takes care of his family.

Son of a bitch ninja.

We don't need the police. We don't need you!

-I'm coming in. -We don't need....

Hold it.

Hey, look, Superman!

-23rd Precinct. -Hello, police?

I've got to speak to Lt. Dime, it's an emergency.

Nobody's gonna come around here.

They keep saying somebody'll come get him.

Been here all day.

What the....

Donny, check the noise in the hallway.

Get behind the goddamn bar, hurry up! Eat some of this!

Hey, man, you're late.

But I got a piece of him.

Not bad, first time out.

Come on, hurry up!