Riaru onigokko (2015) Script


Have you tried gelato?

It's so good.

Real Italian gelato.

Gelato? Is it an Italian car?

I'm serious!

Hi, there!

We'll be at the hotel by the lake!

Who thinks pillow fights make a good school trip?

That's enough, girls! Put away the pillows.

What a lovely day!

It's nice and sunny.

They are having fun, too.

That's true.

Are you writing poems again, Mitsuko?

Mitsuko and her poems.

Are you done?

Can I see?


What's that?

Look out!

Get down!

Get down!


What's happening?

It's after us!




Hi, Mitsuko.

Good morning. Mitsuko, good morning.


What's wrong? Your hair's wet.

What is it?

You're acting weird.

Hi, Aki!



Are you Aki?

What are you saying?

Let's go to school.

Do we go to the same school?

What's wrong?


Am I...

Am I crazy?

Whoa, you're shaking.

What's wrong?


Why's your hair wet?

It's like she has amnesia.

Are you OK for today's quiz?

So Aki can copy your answers! Shut up!

That Wind's weird.

Are you OK?

What's going on?

Something's wrong with you.

The wind peeked at my panties.

They're pink! Shut up.

You're hardly virgins, are you?

And...? Why say that?

We're different, hey Mitsuko?

We're not sluts like you.

We're not sluts.

It's not like that, it's love!

Oh, so you're in love?


What are you saying?

Are you OK?

“All-Girls High School” Is Mitsuko hooked up?

No way. She has me.

What's with this wind?

Mitsuko, wait!


Are you OK?

It's OK.

Nothing bad will happen, will it?

It's OK. Nothing will happen.

You don't have to worry.

It'll be OK.

When's your first class? 2nd period.

Late start.


I have 1st period. So early.


Good morning.

What's wrong with Mitsuko today?

You're pale, Mitsuko. Are you OK?

What's up?

Morning, Miss.

Good morning.

She's just having a bad day.

A bad day? That's weird.

Did you forget how you were back in school?

Did I have my bad days?

I guess all teenage girls do.

They all have bad days!


Come on.


Have I...

...always been at this school?


What's wrong?

I had a very strange dream today.

Like what?

Forget it.

Come on! Friends don't have secrets.

Hey, you two.

Leave the dykes alone.

You OK?

Come on, we're late.

Tell me what's bothering you.

This morning I had this dream that a whole lot of girls got killed.

It was the wind!

The wind killed everyone on the bus!

The wind... was so powerful that it sliced everyone in half.

Sliced them in half!

And I...

I washed off the blood in a river.

And I got this uniform from one of the dead girls...

Go on.

All of the girls around me were killed!

One after another the girls were cut in half and died.


It's the wind!



It's OK, Mitsuko.

It feels nice.

Feel it.


The wind is so nice today.

Don't be afraid.

There's nothing.


Let's skip class and take a walk?

Do you know where our homeroom is?

Wow, it is a bad case of amnesia.

Come on.

Come on!

That's our classroom.


Want to skip class?


That's Taeko.


You two look like you're in love.

Because we are. Right, Mitsuko?

Mitsuko smiled!

You are in love!

I knew something was going on.

What's wrong?

You're acting weird.

Mitsuko has been reborn.

Reborn? So Mitsuko was reborn!

So you forgot your classmate!

Every girl is reborn and lives twice.

It's a bit deep for me but I'd like to be reborn.

That's "Sur".

Because she's surreal.


Let's skip class and go to the woods.



Hey, fuck that!

Let's cut class and go to the lake.

The lake stinks of methane.

Come on!

Are you up to something?



Mitsuko, what are you girls plotting?


We were discussing today's nice breeze, right?

Sure, sure.



Where are you going? Hey!


Let's go!

Is she coming? We ditched her.

What's gotten into you, Mitsuko?

I bet she had a weird dream.

I'm winning! Run!

Why did we have to run?


I'm always here for you.

Nobody's as important to me as you.

You guys are acting weird!

Talking of weird...Mitsuko dreamed that a wind sliced a bunch of girls in half!

And this uniform is from one of the dead girls.

That's insane!

It's weird!

Oh, Mitsuko!

They were on a bus that was also sliced in half.

Blood sprayed everywhere.

Her hair was wet coz she washed off the blood.

It's possible.


It comes down to probability.

She was in another universe.

The amount of alternative realities are infinite.


I read that there's an infinite number of us in multiple universes.

Let me show you what I mean.

I threw a rock.

It disturbs the surface.

But another "me" in another universe didn't throw a rock.

So what?

You throw a rock or you don't.

Does it matter?

Even a ripple can expand and affect our lives.


I'm not.

You're lying.

Watch the ripple.

Come here.

...That could happen.

Why me?

What's that?

Someone slept here.

No way!


If you want to change your reality do something unexpected, like me.

But maybe our destiny is decided.

We're trapped in it.

The time required for this to reach the ground...

...and where it falls is decided.

And you can't change it?


Nothing I do will change it.

But you can trick fate.


Do something spontaneously that you'd never do.

That changes fate?

For sure.



Do something unexpected without awareness.

For example...

Suddenly knock down the desk in your room.

Scream your head off during a class.



If I jumped in

it'd have changed something.

Let's go, Mitsuko!

The 1st period ends soon.

Let's run!

Come on!

Stay strong.

Life is surreal.

Don't let it consume you.

That's your seat.

It's time for your favorite subject.

Let's begin.

Mitsuko, where did you girls go?

We felt dizzy.

Open to page 88.

You did your homework?


How dare you cut class!

I warned you, Mitsuko!

What's going on?

Keep it down!

My homeroom teacher killed everyone!

Shut the fuck up!

It's me...!

Fuck you!


Come to think of it my life has been surreal.

Life is surreal, Mitsuko.

Don't let it get to you.

You have to beat it and not be consumed.

This way!

Come on!

Hey, Mitsuko!


Everyone's dead.


Stick together. We'll run for it!

It's too much! Don't cry!

Mitsuko, you have to do something! Me?

Think about why this is happening!

Try to think! Mitsuko! Mitsuko! It's up to you!



Somebody help me!

Are you OK?

What's wrong?


What is it?



You need a doctor? What's wrong?

Did you hear that scream?

Oh my God! It's you, Keiko!

Why are you here?

Sit down. Everything is OK.

What's wrong, Keiko?


What's with that high school uniform?

It's me, Tomoko!

What are you doing?

Why are you wearing a uniform?

I know!

Is this a prank?

For the reception?


Is this a surprise?

Are you pretending to have amnesia?

The reception starts soon.

We have to go!

Come on, Keiko.

Get in.


I haven't seen you for ages and you show up in that!

Have you forgotten that we're 25 years old?

What's bothering you?

You've always been pretty but don't stare at yourself!

Hey, there!

She's here.

Change, quickly!

This way! Come on!

Hurry UP!


What? Do I look strange?

What's wrong?


I know.

We'll talk later.

Why are you two whispering?


Do her makeup.

Before the groom arrives. The groom?

What's that reaction? Did you forget?

He's so handsome!

What's that expression?

Lucky Keiko, you're the first one to marry.

Don't you recognize your face?

Here's the dress!


Put this on, quickly!

It's gorgeous!

Can we have a moment alone?

Why? Just for a moment.


It doesn't matter.

Come on, girls.

Do you remember me, Mitsuko?

You're Aki...

Don't panic and do as I say.



You're at a wedding venue.

You're both Mitsuko and Keiko.

It's your wedding but don't panic.

I'll call them in.

What's going on?

Tell me!

Am I Mitsuko or Keiko? Who am I really?

I'll tell you later.

It's a long story.

Be careful, they're watching.



Stay alert and do as I say.

The Wedding's soon. Whatever happens, don't panic.

I'll help you.

Life is surreal. Don't let it get to you.

Don't let it consume you.

Watch, Keiko.

That's what you do with them.


Are you ready?

Come on, Keiko.

Let go!

Grab her right here.

You can do it.


One, two...!

It's starting now. Let's go get them.

Fight with this.

I'll set things up.



I'm happy for you, Keiko!


You, ugly bitch!


Here's your bridegroom.

Kiss him!


Keiko, this way!

Hurry, we've got to go!


Come on!

Someone is after us.

Run while I lure them away.




Aki. Go!

Hey! I'll kick your ass!

This way!

Hello, Izumi.


Come on. Watch out! Quickly!

Have you run far today?

You must have run a lot!

Did you forget me? You must be overdoing it.

You're not yourself.

What are we doing?

You seem weird but you can keep up.

Come on.

Take it easy. We're turning the corner.

Come on, Izumi!


Don't stand there!

Izumi has caught up with the second group.

Don't think! Focus on the road.

A very experienced runner.

She has a steady pace.

Keep your eyes on the road.

Do you remember?

We're on the same track team.

We've always run together.

From a long time ago.

In one race back in grade school you overtook us all!

You remembered!

In junior high we always ran like this.

We talked as we ran by the river.

Sometimes in our uniforms!

This uniform's hot!

I want a break. Have one at school.

That's so far! Crybaby.

Let's go!

Remember Izumi? This is your big race.

Don't give up.

Go for it!

Come on, Izumi! Stay focused.

Focus! We're almost there.

They're in the lead.

Stay focused!


Taeko? Izumi!



Why are you here?

Izumi, you have to escape this world!

It's up to you!


That way! Don't stop!

Go over the fence!

This way!

Follow me.

Can you die please?

If you're alive we'll die. So die.

Die, bitch!

Say something in your own words for once!

Do you know what kind of world this is?

Everybody dies because of you! Can't you remember?

You coward! Try to remember!

We die because of you.


I'll kill you!



Hold on tight.

We're gonna run!

Do as I say.

Answer me!

Hey! Say, “I'm Mitsuko.”

Say, “I'm Mitsuko.” Mitsuko...






You're Mitsuko!

I'm Mitsuko!

I'm Mitsuko!

Say, “I'm Mitsuko.” I'm Mitsuko.

Breathe deeply.

I'm Mitsuko!

Breathe deep.

Now close your eyes, Mitsuko.

Close them.


Open them.

Look at this.

Pull these and destroy me.

Tear me apart.

I can't!

Say it again!

Say, “I'm Mitsuko.” I'm Mitsuko.

I'm Mitsuko!

I'm Mitsuko.


I'm Mitsuko!

Good! Again!

I'm Mitsuko. I'm Mitsuko.

I'm Mitsuko.

I'm Mitsuko!

I'm Mitsuko!

I'm Mitsuko!

I'm Mitsuko.

Now listen to me.


The world we're in is fictional.

Someone dragged us all into this world.

Only you can stop them in this world.

You are the main character!

It's the only way to escape.

They'll keep chasing and killing you forever.

Only you can get us out.

You'll have to destroy me to make the exit!

Rip the cables out so you can enter!

Come on!

Do it!

Do it!

Do it!

Do it!

Do it, Mitsuko!

Don't stop! “The Male World”

“The Legendary Game is Back! TAG, now in 3D”

Are you OK?

I'm glad you remember me.

But not my name?

I guess not.

I never thought you'd come this far.

It's you...


You're actually in the future.

Good morning.

You see...

You died a long time ago.

It was in the spring of 2034.

I got hold of a sample of your DNA.

And your friends' too.

There. Look at that.



I bet you couldn't have imagined that your DNA would be used for our entertainment.

How's that?

The game's character is here!



Come on.

My last wish will come true now.

An unrealized dream from 150 years ago.

Go ahead.

Surrender to your destiny.

Only something unexpected will change your destiny.

Stop this!

Don't play with us like toys!

Stop it!

Stop playing with us!

Don't play with us! Stop it!




Are you writing poems again?

Mitsuko and her poems.

Are you done?

Can I see?


Oh my God, Izumi!

It's over.

It's over now.