Ribbit (2014) Script




♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

Party time!

RJ... cannonball!


Whoa! RJ!

Hah! That's what I call some serious splash!

You got me all wet.

Hey, Ribbit, go for it!

Last one in's a rotten egg.

Oh, that's a disgusting idea. Hah-hah.

You can do it. Show us how it's done.

Come on, Ribbit! Do it!

Quit joking around! Come on in!

Let's get this party started.

Go for it, Ribbit. I'll even give you a head start.

You won't drown, you're a frog.

You spend half your life breathing underwater.

Well, you know what they say.

Change is good for the soul. Hah-hah.

Oh, yeah, that's right!

Ribbit doesn't like to swim.

He doesn't even like water.

Me? Afraid of the water? I don't think so.


A frog that doesn't like water? Hah-hah... what a dork!

Come on, Ribbit!


Do it! Do it!


Oh, hah-hah, hey! The water's great!


Dude, think she'll make it?

Yo, she sure shredded it last time.

Most excellent.

Crash and burn for five, dude.

Whoa, oh... oh, boy!


Ow... ow... ugh!

They say that landing is the hardest part.


That's what I call making an entrance! Go, Sandy!

Are you okay?

Of course, I am.

Hey, guys! Gus, how's the fly fishing?

Pretty tasty today, you want some?

No, I already had my lunch.

Thank you for asking, though.

Oh, hey, Casey, how's your mom?

Big Berry... did you finally get that love song going?

Oh, beautiful.

Hey, Cecile, you are looking good, girlfriend.

Has somebody been cleaning your feathers?

You see?

Hey, Ribbit, doesn't Cecile look sharp?

Ribbit? Ribbit?

Hey, Ribbit, wait up!

Hey, Ribbit, where are you going?

How was the party at the pond?

Why are you leaving? Ribbit, will you stop already?

What is bugging you?

Sandy, just look at me.


I'm not like all the other frogs.

I don't really fit in.

I look so different from them and I feel like I just don't belong.

And then to top it off, I'm poisonous.

I... I'm a poison tree frog.

I mean, can it get any better than that?

Ribbit, so what? Who cares that you're a poison tree frog?

Who cares? I care! That's who cares.

I'm the only poisonous frog at the pond.

Come on, Ribbit. Come back with me.

The pond is for animals who like water.

I don't like water. How's that for irony?

A frog who hates water.

That's like a caterpillar who hates leaves.


Where are you going?

To the tree house.

Man, this place always creeps me out.

I really don't understand why you like it here so much.

Must be a guy thing.


You read this stuff?

Of course, are you kidding? Come look at this, Sandy.

All these animals... they have a place.

They... they have a purpose.

A purpose? That's what you want?

Labels, Ribbit... small frog that hates water.

And you know what else? I hate jumping.

A frog who hates water and jumping.

So, you're a bit different. So what?

Come on, doesn't it seem just a little weird to you?

Even my name is weird.

Ribbit... who names their kid Ribbit?

Well, what name do you want?

Hm... Norman.

There's a good name. I want to be called Norman.


The name is Norman.


At least you have other frogs around you.

Me, the only squirrel I see... is when I wash my face in the water.

Wow... I never thought about it.

But still, look at you.

I mean, you're so popular.

Everyone cracks up when you pull that crash landing stunt.

You want to know a secret?

It's not a stunt.

I'm just really bad at landing.

But I cover it up, because I don't want to be laughed at.

Sandy, I never guessed. I mean, you fly so great!

How come you don't know how to land?

Oh, well, when I was little... my mom was... teaching me how to fly.

But then like a lot of parents, she just kind of got busy... and we never quite got around to it.

I guess we all have things about ourselves... we wish we could change.

I guess... but you can't let it take over your life.

Someday you'll figure it out.

But, in the meantime, you just gotta go with the flow.

Yeah, but don't you want to know why you're here?

I mean, what are we here for?

Sure, I would love to know that.

But I believe that things happen when they're supposed to happen.

But wouldn't it be great to have the answers now?

Answers to what?


What are we here for?

Why am I a poisonous frog?

Why am I so different from the others?

Why do we eat leaves, or bugs or fish?

Fish! Yuck. Oh, that is so gross.

You want to eat a fish?

Agh... no!

I don't want to eat a fish.

Look, Sandy... you know you're my best friend... and I love you to death.

But... I kind of need some time alone.

Oh... um, okay.


The world stood in awe today as world famous zoologist...

Henry Jones discovered a new and truly unique species of frog.

ANNOUNCER As Jones received his Nobel Prize... massive crowds gathered outside hoping to catch a glimpse... of this truly one-of-a-kind amphibian.

Fame and fortune await for this amazing little fellow.

Who knows what great adventures lie ahead for him?

Luciano, you think there are ghosts in here?

Marcella, are you trying to scare me?

Guys, we shouldn't be here. Mom is gonna get really angry.

Don't be a baby, Rafa.

How are you gonna be a hunter, if you keep running back to Mommy all the time?

Hey, smell that? Cool.

What is it?

Nothing, I thought I smelled something.

Only thing I smell is you. Pee-yew! Heh-heh.

Let's check out the other side.


Agh! Agh!

Look at all the pretty colors.

Don't eat that. Mom said anything with bright colors is poisonous, remember?

We don't have to eat it, we can just hunt it.

Go on, go get it.

You go get it. You go get it.

I told you first. Did not.

Did, too. Did not.

Come here, little froggy.

Get him, Rafa, don't let him get away!


Phew! That was close.

Oh, no... Ribbit!


Come on, Rafa! Jump!

You can do it! Jump, Rafa! Jump!

Hang in there, Rafa!

Pull, Rafa! Pull yourself up!


That was... so cool!

Are you nuts? We could have been killed!

Momma's gonna be so angry.


I think we ought to get out of here, guys.

Rafa, I think we need to talk about what we're gonna tell Momma. Okay?

Ribbit? Ribbit? Ribbit, where are you?


Hey, what happened?

The plane, the plane... it's all gone. It's all gone.

Who cares, Ribbit? What's important is that you're all right.

All right? I just lost the one thing... the one thing that keeps me sane, that makes me happy.

The one thing keeping me here.

Ribbit, you don't need a bunch of pictures to tell you what you should be or do.

So what do I do now? It's all gone.

I've got nothing, nothing.

Grrr... that's it! I'm out of here!

You're leaving? To where?

I don't know and I don't care.

Anywhere's gotta be better than here.


Sandy, if I stay here, I'm gonna go crazy.

I just gotta get out of here.

You're running away? You're really running away.

Well, that's great, just great!

I'm not running away. I'm escaping.

Well, I'm not going to come look for you, you know!

And there could be bad things out there!

Well, nothing could be as bad as staying here.

But you could get hurt, eaten.

I'm poisonous, remember? Nothing to worry about.

What can go wrong?

Grrr... fine, just go! Leave! I don't care anymore.

Just go! Argh!


Phew! I'm exhausted.

I've been going for hours.

Wow... I wonder where I am.

Om... Wha...

The journey of a thousand miles... begins with, uh... om.

Who... who are you?

Ssh... mind your silence.

I mean, let your mind be silent.

Silence your troubled heart and embrace your, uh quiet mouth.

Silence and listen.

Okay, but I don't hear anything.

Precisely, that is it... the loudness of the silence.

Oh, the loudness of the silence. I don't understand.

Hah-hah, this I already know, my friend.

My name is Deepak, and I am here to help you understand.

There are many things you do not know, correct?

Questions that life presents us.

You? You know?

I know.

You know the answers to my questions? About my place in the world? How?

How? How? Oh, I know, I know...

I know, because I... I have seen.

How? How?

You know, I... I, uh... Ali Bab... quantum physics.


Through meditation, my friend, whole new vistas are open to me.

Wow! That's... that's great! Can you... can you show me?

But of course, just... just be quiet.

Now breathe deep... Breathe in and out.

In... and out.

In... hold that one.

And out.

Now look into my eyes.


Argh! He is so frustrating.

Trying to convince him of his true worth.

Argh! He is such a... guy!

But I can't just leave him like that.

I can't desert him. Nobody deserves that.

Ribbit! Ribbit!


You feel like you are in a deep, deep sleep.

What do you call it?

A trance.

That's it, trance.

Yes, you, you, frog... what do you seek most?

My destiny, my... my place... the reason I'm here.

Oh, yes, yes! Most definitely I can see it.

I see it. I can totally see your destiny!

What? What is it you see?

Oh, it is something, let me tell you.

You, my friend, are no mere frog.

You are more than just a tiny, little amphibian.

You, you have a place above us all.

On top of the trees?

Higher! In the skies?

I'm a flying frog?

What? No, no, no. Same, same, but different.

Your destiny is much higher than that, my friend.

You are no mere frog.

Then, I'm human?

Huh? Okay, yeah, sure, why not? Yeah, you are human.

You were cursed by the... the, oh, um, let me see.

Uh, give me one minute, om, minute, uh...

Uh, terrible, an evil glitch.

An evil witch?

Yes, yes, that is it, an evil witch.

And, and you are no ordinary human, oh, no, my friend.

You were a prince.

I'm a human prince.

Cursed by an evil witch.

And you have lived your life as a teensy, tine-sy frog.

Yes! That's why I've always felt like I don't belong!

So, that's it! Yes!

Irey, Bob, ay, yah, yah!

Please, don't speak so loudly.


Now, do you not want that curse removed?

Okay, do I kiss a princess?

Huh? No, no, no, no. No kissing, don't be gross.

There are no princesses around here anyway.

But, there is another way.

There is?

Absolutely there is.

Close your eyes and listen very closely.

I'm all ears.

Clearly I am, too. But now you must chant with me.

Om... om. Om...

Om... om. Very good.

Lovely... and grateful.

Om... om... Om...

Hey! Ayee!


Get off my frog!

Friend, eh... get off my friend!

Sandy, what are you doing here?

What have you done to Deepak?

He was about to tell me how to break the curse.

He was about to make you his lunch!

That vampire bat just bit you.

You're lucky I showed up.

Hah! You're lucky you're not dead!

Are you crazy trying to bite me?

I'm poisonous! You know, poison?

Beat it! Ayee!



Deepak, wait!


Argh, now what?

Yes, I get it, I'm a prince. Need a kiss... yes, princess... Ribbit?

Ribbit? Ribbit!

Hey, what did you do that for?

Snap out of it. What is wrong with you?

You're mumbling to yourself like a zombie.

Are you all right?

Huh? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Come on, let's go home.

I can't, I know what I am.

What I'm supposed to do.

Where are you going?

I just need to find the humans, so I can kiss a princess.

Kiss a human? Ew!

Wait... why?

I was cursed, Sandy.

A wicked witch cursed me and now I'm a frog.

What are you talking about?

Don't you get it, Sandy?

I'm a prince! A human prince!

I just need to get a princess to kiss me and the curse will be broken.

Oh, of all the crazy things you ever did.


It's true. I finally understand my destiny... my purpose in life.

Your purpose is to kiss a human?

Fine, Sandy, go ahead and make fun of me, it's okay.

Because for once, finally, it all makes sense.

So you really want to go find the humans?

Okay, let's go.

You mean it?

Absolutely... I'm not deserting you.

Great! That's great!

But... where?

Up... to the top of the trees!

We can see everything from up there.

Ribbit, can we please stop?

We can't stop now.

I... I just need to rest for a while, you know?

It's been a long day.

Okay, but just for a while. We've got a long way to go.

Wow, what a day?

I gotta tell you, Sandy, the feeling is amazing.

You can't imagine what a relief it is to finally know my purpose... where I'm really meant to be.

You know, Ribbit, you don't have to be anything other than just yourself.

I know that.

Well, this thing you want to find so bad... your place in the world.

Maybe it's not so hard to discover after all.

You really think so?

Yeah, all it really amounts to is just being where you want to be.

Up in the tree tops, by the pond, who cares?

In the end, it's not really about a specific place.

You know?

Yeah, I guess so.

But, if it's this important to you, then we'll do it.

Because you're my best friend.

You've always been there for me and... well, that's important, because, well... the truth is, you're the most important person in my life.

And I can't imagine not having you there...

I mean here... beside me.

Do you understand what I'm trying to say?

Ribbit? Ribbit?



Oh princess!


No sudden movements!

One hard squeeze and we're done for.

Pretty cuzz. Oooh soft!

Let the toad and the rat go, honey.

They might have germs.

A rat? I'm a rat?

Carla! Yoohoo! Hey Carla!

Any luck? Oh, hi Avelina. Nothing yet.

How about you?

I'm not having any rock-it-all. Maybe we should try higher up the tree.

Why are they yelling? They're howler monkeys, Ribbit.

They're the loudest creatures in the jungle.

So they yell all the time? They must be deaf.

Excuse me!

Can you hear me?

Oh, ain't that cute? That little toad is trying to say something.

Can you... can you set us free?

We're aah... oh a jolly toad and a rat.

A rat! Yeeaa! We're dirty.

What is he saying?

The little rat is saying something.

Ooh, I think they're thirsty.

Don't worry little rat. We'll get you a drink, real soon.

Well, howdy there little ladies.

How's the herd doing?

Not so great, Ben.

All we got so far is a toad and a rat.

A toad and a bat?

What are we gonna do with a toad and a bat?

It's not a bat, Grandpa. It's a rat.

You know, a nasty, stinky rat.

Why would you grab them?

We didn't, Dad. It was Bianca.

She thought they were something to play with.

Hi Grandpa.

Well, hello there, Button.

What this I hear about you playing with a bat?

Not a bat, Grandpa. A rat!

Well that's not a bat. That's some kind of kikajoo or something.

Okay, now that we have your attention.

I'm sorry but my name is Ribbit.

I'm a frog but really I'm a prince who was cursed by a...

What did he say? He says his name is Rabbit.

Rabbit? What the heck kind of name is Rabbit for a toad?

I'm not a toad!

I'm Ribbit. I'm a frog. My name is Ribbit.

Well, you don't have to yell. We're not deaf, you know?

Let me try.

The top. We're trying to get to the top.

We want to go up. Can you hear me?

Well, of course I can hear you.

Kids nowadays, got no manners.

Always yelling. You want to go up, we'll let you go up.

Thank you.

Is it true? Well, of course it's true.

Are you calling me a liar?

Strange little fella, isn't it?

Ah, goodbye.

Don't cry... Why in the world would I cry?

Youngsters nowadays, I'll never understand them.

All their talk is nonsense and rubbish. Nothing ever make sense.

Are we there yet?

Ribbit, stop asking me that.

That's like the tenth time in an hour.

We've been climbing like forever.

Oh, and I thought you were Mister I want to get a kiss from a human princess.

Where's your enthusiasm?

All I asked was are we there yet? Jeez.



I... wow.

It's magnificent.


I've never seen anything like it.

So, now what?


You wanted to get to the top of the trees.

We're here. So now what?

I thought... I don't know, I thought we'd be able to see the humans from here.

Or they'd have a kingdom up here.

A kingdom in the sky?

So you think they like live in the clouds or something?

Don't make fun of me, Sandy.

You know I didn't mean it like that, Ribbit.

It must be here.

I mean, we should at least be able to see it from here.

I know it.

But there's nothing. Nothing. Where are they?

I know where the humans are.

What? Who said that?

I said it.

I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but overhear your conversation.

Who are you?

Oh, oh, oh, oh... excuse my manners.

I am Terrence.

What are you doing up here?


Oh, it's okay, honey. I guess I did kind of surprise you.

Well, to answer your question, I come up here every morning to watch the sun rise.

I mean, honestly, have you ever seen a more beautiful sunrise?

I don't think so.

Um, yeah, I guess so.

It's nice.

Nice? Well, that's got to be the understatement of the century.

Just look at those colors.

Look at that crimson and the way the scarlet blends with that carnelian.


Wow! You're right. The colors are beautiful.

They certainly are.

Colors are my life.

Ever since I was a hatchling...

I've had this gift for colors.

It's like they speak to me.

Take you, for example. What an interesting combination.


Oh, please, how could you not notice your own colors?

The way the harlequin blends into a beautiful pear... before ending up a lovely shade of chartreuse yellow.

Oh... it's just stunning.

Really? Well, I guess they are kind of nice colors.



I always thought you were pretty.

Huh, Sandy.

You really are lucky.

A lot of animals don't get bright colors.

Take your little friend here.


Oh, sweetie, I didn't mean anything bad.

But you are a typical female, you know.

Kind of bland compared to us boys.

Well, I think she looks nice.

You know, I've always thought... hey, wait a minute!

You said you know where the humans are.

It's just nature's way of helping us boys attract attention.

Goodness knows, we need all the help we can get.

You said you know where they are, the humans.

Oh, please, why would you be interested in humans?

They're so bland, just blah-brown creatures.

And they all look alike.

Seen one, seen 'em all.

Of course, there is that one female human.

She wears beautiful colors in her hair.

And bright, shiny gold stuff all around her neck and her arms.

And all the other humans give her food and follow her everywhere she goes.

Nutty girl.

They call her, um... Princess.


You know where a princess is?

Well, I suppose so, but who cares about humans?

Your colors are much prettier than any humans.

I'll take bright colors any day.

You don't understand, I'm not really a frog.

Oh, wait, don't tell me, you're a python in disguise.

Oh, I kill myself sometimes.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

I'm actually a prince, a human prince.

I was cursed by a wicked witch, and I need a kiss from a princess... to turn back into my real self.

A prince, a frog! Prince... wait 'til the girls hear about this!

But... don't laugh, okay? It's what I am.

No, no, of course not.

It's what I am.

Help, I can't breathe.

Okay, fine, just laugh it up then.

It's okay, Ribbit. We'll find someone else who can help us.

No, no, wait. I'm sorry, I really am.

I want to help you, honest I do.

Really? you'll tell me where the humans are?

But rather than tell you, why don't I just show you?

Show us?

Yes, well, kind of.

I remember it's next to the ribbon that never ends.

The ribbon that never ends?

That's right, the ribbon of water. It's that way!

I can't see any ribbon of water.

Of course not, it's miles away.

How are we gonna get all the way over there?

I... I don't...

Why don't I take you?

You? How?

I'll just fly you there, silly.

The two of you don't weigh very much.

You can just hop on my back, and hold on tight.


What the heck, why not?

So, what are we waiting for?

Ready now? Hold on tight!

♪ On a shooting star

♪ I wish for you and me

♪ To lay our worlds together Under our special tree There it is! The ribbon of water!

♪ You're a brave And mighty king

♪ And when you crown Your true love

♪ You'll be smiling Back at me

♪ Is this the night

♪ Finally we'll look Into each other's eyes

♪ For the first time

♪ That magical moment When your lips kiss mine

♪ You will finally Know the truth

♪ If the one you dream of Wishes for you

♪ Finally will look Into each others' eyes

♪ For the first time

♪ That magical moment

♪ When your lips kiss mine

♪ And we'll finally know The truth

♪ That the one you dream of Wished for you We're coming in for a landing.

Hang on!


Last stop, boys and girls.

Terrence, we can't thank you enough.

Oh, don't sweat it, sweetie.

It was my pleasure.

So, which way do we go now?

Just follow the water.

Sooner or later, you'll find the humans.

Well, gotta fly.

You kids be good now. Bye!

Man, am I pooped.

I know what you mean.

I'm thirsty, wanna get a drink?

Uh, you go ahead, I'm just gonna look around for a bit.


Did you ever think we'd get this far?

I guess we have travelled quite a distance.

But that doesn't mean we're close to our goal.

We still haven't found the princess.

Yeah, but just yesterday we were hanging out by the pond, living our normal lives.

And one day later, just look at us.

You survived the tree house getting destroyed.

And we've been to the top of the trees, and now flew way over here.

Tell me that is not amazing.

Yeah, I guess so.

G'day, mates.


I don't reckon I've seen you two around these parts.

New to the area, are you?

Uh, yes, sir. We just arrived.

Really? How interesting.

And what brings you to my neck of the jungle?

Uh, we're looking for the humans?

Humans? Ack!

Nasty creatures.

They smell awful, and on top of that, they're really tough, kind of chewy.

And crunchy.

Yeah, you know what they say, you are what you eat.


Lovely weather we're having... don't you think?

It is a nice day, isn't it?

And just about... snack time.

Snack? Hey, look at the time.

We'd love to stay and chat, but we still got a long way to go.

No, there's still heaps of time before the day ends.

Besides, if you leave now, I might think you didn't like my company.

And that might make me angry.

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

I wouldn't? Wait.

Well, then let's not make you angry.

So, what say you two join me for an afternoon snack?

Hey, look, look, pretty colors.

I mean, I mean, bright colors.

Yes! Um, that means he's poisonous.

Poison, bad tummy. Bad tummy.

Oh, I think I'll take my chances.


I took care of him good, yah?

Yah, you did good, Ollie.


Thank you for saving us.

It's no problem, my dear.

I am Ollie, and this is my wife, JoJo.

My wife and I have been so disgust with...



We are both so disgusted... at that caiman terrorizing all the nice, little creatures that come to drink here.

Until we have no vits-tors.

Vits-tors? Oh, visitors.

Oh, yeah, that's... that's great.


Where are you two, little sweet plums off to?

We're gonna go see the humans.

The humans? What would you want with the humans?

Oh, yeah, it's a long story.

But my friend here, he wants to kiss their princess, so he can turn into a human prince.


What's so funny?

Oh, oh, come on, Ribbit.

You have to admit, it's a pretty crazy sounding story.

But, hey, since we're here, we might as well go and see the humans.

So this little fella is a prince? So romantic.

Ollie, why don't you do something like this frog do for his lo-ver?

Loafer? What's a loafer?

Sandy, did you hear, she just called you a loafer.

Are you a loafer?

Oh, it's nothing like that.

Are you turning red?


No, you are, you're turning red.

I am not.

Wait, wait, stop.

So, you want to see the humans?

Yes! Can you please take us to them?

Well, wast-est way is by wiver.

Wast-est, wiver?

Oh, fastest by the river.

Wait, you mean we have to swim the whole way?

No problem for you, yah? You are rog.

I'm a rog?

Oh, you mean, yeah, I'm a frog.

But no, no, no, no, no.

See, I'm a human on the inside, that's why I hate water.

A rog that hates water?

Oh, oh my!

What is so funny?

Nothing, my friend.

And I'm not a great swimmer.

It's a fur thing, you know?

Wait a minute.

Ollie? Yah, my dear?

We can help them.


Just stay right here.

I'll be right back.

Where is she going?

When JoJo asks us to stay, we stay.

Don't ask too many questions, yah?

Well, they can sit on it and ride down the river.

Then you find the humans.

We have seen signs of them along the river.

Why, yes, you are so smart, sweetie.

That's why I love you so much.

Hop aboard!

Okay, human kingdom, here we come!

You two, stay in the middle, nice und dry. You hear?

We will. Thank you so much.

It is our pleasure. Good luck.

Such cute, little fellas, hey?

They will have some fun now.

They sure were nice, those two.

Yeah, they seemed so happy together.

They've got chemistry.

Yeah, and so do we.


Yeah. I mean, we're like ants and trees.

Ants? Trees?

Yeah, trees give the ants a home, and ants protect the trees from invaders.

So who's the ant? Me... or you?

Um... you?

Oh, so I'm antsy.

No. No... okay.

You can be the trees.

Oh, so now I'm like wooden?

No, I didn't say... ugh, you just don't get it.

Relax, Ribbit, I'm just teasing you.

What's wrong? Can't you take a little ribbing, Ribbit?

Oh... really? A Ribbit pun?

Fine, you're the ant again.

Well, you are kind of antsy, you know?

Whoa. What was that?

Could be a rock.

Huh? Huh?

Oh, you gotta be kidding me!



Oh, god, help me!


On the log! On the log! Agh!

Hold on. Hold on.



Well, now, fancy meeting you two here.

Now take it easy, big guy.

My name's Kai. I suggest you don't forget it.

It'll be the last thing you ever remember.

Kai, we didn't mean you any harm.

Oh, you got that right.

I'm the one who does the harming around here.


Oh, no, no, no, no, no!

No, no!

Ribbit, hold me!

Not now, Sandy!


Hah-hah! Woo-hoo!

Yeah! Way to go, Sandy!


Hold on! This could be rough!


Sandy? Sandy?


Oh, no. Sandy!




I want to, Momma, please?

Show me how again.

Okay, Sandy, but don't worry too much.

You'll be flying by yourself in no time.

I know, Momma, but I want to do it now.

Now pay close attention and watch how I shift my arms and legs to control my flight.

Ready? Uh-huh.



Well, look what we've got here.

Huh, you'll do quite nicely in our zoo.


Momma! Momma!

Sandy! Sandy!

Sandy! Sandy! Help! Help!


Help! Huh?

Hold on, Sandy! I'm coming!

Ribbit! Hurry!

I can't... I can't...


Mon Dieu!

Today, we will have Decca Rouen... such provincial fares, this squirrel.

Ah, succulent dark meat, with more taste than baby rabbit.


Patience, mon petit.

You cannot rush a chef when he is creating a masterpiece!

Would you rush the moon in its flight across the sky?

Of course, not.

Perfection takes patience, yes?

Perhaps a confit... or just tartar.

What do you think?

Ah, I have some la chou to take away that gamey smell, no?

No! No! Help! Help!

I'm coming, Sandy! Just hold on!

No! No! No! Agh!

Huh-huh! Sacré bleu!

Sie heavens bless me.

Squirrel and frog legs for dinner?

Ho-ho-ho! What have I done to deserve such a banquet?

Mon ami! Such strong legs, no?

Lots of muscle... lots of meat.

Sandy! Hang on, I'm coming!

Mon Dieu! What chef ever have to fight sie frog for its legs?

This will be my piéce de résistance!


Ribbit, you saved us.

Oh, I thought you were dead.

Let me get you out of this.

You need to snap the web.

Hold on, Sandy.

Where are you going?


I got you, Sandy.

Don't worry.


Are you okay?

They say that landing is the hardest part.

Hah! Hah!

You're alive!

You're alive! I thought I lost you!

Oh, my gosh! I... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to... Did I poison you?

I... I didn't mean to poison you!

Are you okay?


If you hadn't been such a great flier... we would have been mush at the bottom of that waterfall.

Well, you did a great job of saving me right back.

You know, for somebody who doesn't swim or jump... you sure did a pretty good imitation just now.

What are you talking about?

I nearly got us killed.

Are you crazy?

You fought off that spider... jumped high into the air to free me from the web... and then to top it off, you grabbed me out of the water and swam us to safety.

Wow, I... I guess I did do that, didn't I?

I mean, I didn't think about it, I just let my natural instincts take control.


Well, I think you should let your instincts take control more often.

Well, we've made it this far, now what?

Well, they said follow the river, so...

There they are!

We found them! We found them!

And when I become the prince, I'll make you something.

And then I'll feed you berries and nuts, and...

Oh, you'll be glad you know me. Oh...

Hey, look, a pond!

Sandy, look.

The frogs... they're just like me.

Yes, yes, good.

This will do.

One can never have too much poison.

Take these back and put them with the others.

It's safe.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, what just happened?

Who was that human?

They call him the Witch Doctor.

For years now, he has been coming and capturing our male frogs.

Always the biggest and the brightest colored.

And we never see them again.

Soon, we will all be gone.

That's horrible, someone's gotta do something.

What can we do? We're just frogs.

But you can't just sit here and let this happen.

With the men gone, we must stay and care for the children.

Ribbit, we've got to do something.

We can't let these poor families be torn apart like this.

You're right, Sandy.

We'll go and save them.

You mean it?

Of course, I do.

We can do this.

After all, someone taught me that if I put my mind to it... anything is possible.

You ready to do this?


We'll be back soon!


Come on!


Sandy, jump!

That's her... that's gotta be the princess.

And she's being waited on hand and foot by all those other humans.

Tough life.

Are you jealous?

What? No!

Ah, Princess... having a stroll, I see.

I just want to see how the villagers are doing.

Ah, yes, the preparations.

Tomorrow is the big day, isn't it?

You become our queen.

I thank you for leading our people all this while.

I hope you will lend me your wisdom as I lead.

You want wisdom.

Then perhaps it's not so safe for you to be wandering around the village.

After all, we wouldn't want anything to happen to you.

I thank you for your advice.



What are you doing?

We have to rescue the frogs!

We have to follow that man.

Huh? What?

Ribbit, the frogs.

Uh... of course!

You're right, let's go!

One, two, three, four.

Ah... number six.

I'll take number six.


Just a little more poison.


Yes... excellent. Heh-heh.



Take this to the princess' chamber.

Be careful, do not spill a drop.

I shall serve her the drink myself later.

It is a special drink for any ruler to be.

Yes, sire.

And soon, I will be king.

Wait! Where are you going?

To save the frogs, of course.

But you heard him.

He's gonna poison the princess. We can't let that happen.

You can't just leave these frogs here.

You're right, we have to split up.

You release the frogs and I'll help the princess.

Ribbit, can we really do this?

We've gotta try, Sandy.

We can't just let things happen, because they're scary... or because they're... they're bigger than us.

You be careful, okay?

You, too.


Hey! Hey, you guys, don't worry. I'll get you out.

Ssh... be quiet.

Well, that's not a nice thing to say to someone who's here to rescue you.

Don't make any noise.

Why? The human already left.

Maybe it's not the human they're worried about.


Your Highness.

All hail our new queen!

I present your majesty with a magical royal elixir.

Long live the queen!

Oh, no!

Oh, yes.

What are you doing here?

See this rope?

I'm a prisoner here and it's all your fault.

Going over that waterfall knocked me out.

When I came to, that human had tied me up.

And now you're going to pay.


Now go!




Now what?

Now we find Ribbit.


Huh? Ew.


Hm. Guards!

Stop! One move and she's gone.





Sandy, I drank the...

Where's the princess?

She's okay, but she needs our help.

Come on, you get the princess free, I'll take care of Kai.


Grab him!

Oh, Your Majesty, Your Highness!

Take him away.

I can't believe it.

I was almost killed.

If it weren't for these brave, little creatures.

Especially this one.

How can I ever repay you, little one.


But I... I guess... I guess.


Wait! Wait! Uh, wait!

Can we try that again?


It was all just a fantasy, wasn't it?

It was, it was just the bat, and his eyes... and his voice and...

I've been such a fool.

Hah! I'm no prince.

I'm not even a good frog.

I've been such an idiot, Sandy.

Ribbit, does it really matter?

Frog... prince? Who cares?

Look at where we've gone, the things we've done.

No frog or prince even, can say they've ever done half the things we've done.

I... I guess.

You saved the princess, Ribbit.

She would have drunk the poison if it wasn't for you.

Only you could have saved her without dying from the poison yourself.

Yeah, yeah! I guess you're right.

I suppose we did travel a long way.

And we did rescue the princess.

And I have done things no frog has ever done before.

I stopped the evil, bad guy, I got the girl.

Oh... I didn't.

Get the girl, I mean.

I wouldn't be too sure about that.


Come on, let's get out of here.

So, where did Kai come from?

He was tied up in the Witch Doctor's hut.

Being kept as some kind of weird pet.



So, now what?

Now... we take it one day at a time.

Whatever you say... Norman.

♪ R-I-B-B-I-T They call me Ribbit

♪ They call me

♪ R-I-B-B-I-T They call me Ribbit

♪ You can call me

♪ R-I-B-B-I-T They call me Ribbit

♪ Now what's my name

♪ R-I-B-B-I-T They call me Ribbit

♪ Let's go

♪ Hello boys and girls My name is Ribbit

♪ I live by the water But I don't get in it

♪ I don't like to jump I don't like eating flies

♪ Just danger around my life Wondering why

♪ It's just my destiny I'm ready to find

♪ No matter how long it takes I'll take my time

♪ It's just my destiny I'm ready to find

♪ No matter how long it takes I'll take my time

♪ You gotta work work work Work work harder now

♪ Work work work hard Work work work harder now

♪ Work work work hard Work work work harder now

♪ Harder now harder now

♪ One two three let's go

♪ Now if you want to travel On adventures with me

♪ I'm off on a mission Finding my destiny

♪ 'Cause I'm a human prince You might not believe

♪ Not believe but my name is Ribbit you just wait and see

♪ Now work it left And bring it right

♪ And raise your hands up to the other side

♪ Now bring 'em down And turn around

♪ And jump jump jump Jump to my sound

♪ It's just my destiny I'm ready to find

♪ No matter how long it takes I'll take my time

♪ It's just my destiny I'm ready to find

♪ No matter how long it takes I'll take my time

♪ You gotta work work work hard Work work harder now

♪ Work work work hard Work work work harder now

♪ Work work work hard Work work work harder now

♪ Harder now harder now

♪ R-I-B-B-I-T They call me Ribbit

♪ R-I-B-B-I-T They call me Ribbit Ribbit

♪ R-I-B-B-I-T They call me Ribbit

♪ R-I-B-B-I-T They call me Ribbit

♪ Now work it left Then bring it right

♪ Then raise your hands up 'Til they out of sight

♪ Now bring 'em down And turn around

♪ Now everybody jump jump To my sound

♪ It's just my destiny I'm ready to find

♪ No matter how long it takes I'll take my time

♪ It's just my destiny I'm ready to find

♪ No matter how long it takes I'll take my time

♪ You gotta work work work hard Work work harder now

♪ Work work work hard Work work work harder now

♪ Work work work hard Work work work harder now

♪ Harder now harder now

♪ On a shooting star

♪ I wish for you and me

♪ To lay our worlds together Under our special tree

♪ Secretly I dream

♪ You're a brave And mighty king

♪ And when you crown Your true love

♪ You'll be smiling back at me

♪ Is this the night

♪ Finally we'll look Into each other's eyes

♪ For the first time

♪ That magical moment When your lips kiss mine

♪ You will finally Know the truth

♪ If the one you dream of Wishes for you

♪ You will finally know The truth

♪ That the one you dream of