Rico, Oskar und der Diebstahlstein (2016) Script

Rico! I'm coming!

Mum! Irina has arrived!



we have gathered here to accompany Gustav W. Fitzke to his last home.

We have all come because we don't want him to be on his own on his last earthly journey.

I commit his body to the earth.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Amen.

What does the W. stand for?

The what?

The W. in the middle!

No idea!

I'll miss him and his pestering ways.

Gustav W. Fitzke, I'll do anything to loyally and carefully preserve your legacy.


We have to go, darling.

We'll go to hell for this! But first to Sri Lanka.

I know it's not a proper outfit for a funeral, but I won't float into Sri Lanka with a black dress at 95°F!


I have to go back. I forgot something!


I forgot that, too!

Rico! We'll miss the plane if we don't go now!

Shake a leg, get a move on! Come on!

You are probably wondering whatever happened to Fitzke and who the woman in the yellow coat is.

I've seen her before!

Just a few days ago when Fitzke was still alive.

Get lost and don't you dare come back here!

A FEW DAYS BEFORE Before getting what you want you'll have to kill me first!

And even then you won't get it!

You hear me?

I'll stay right here till the door closes behind you!

Are you OK, Mr Fitzke?

After everything I've done for her!

Who was she?

May I take another look at your calf-stone, Mr Fitzke?

If you're truly interested you may come in.

You may bring your crazy friend, too.

Oskar moved in!

Into our old apartment! Well, whatever.

Welcome to 93 Dieffe Street!



It's really gorgeous!

I wonder what breeding stones has to do with cows.

Well, it's a calf-stone, isn't it?

Doretti, if glaciers and ice-falls separate, it's called calving!

And the same goes for stones! Man, the kid is so dumb!

Where are its parents?

Sold to another breeder.

And that was the only time it actually worked?


I documented every single breeding step in here!

Dates, type of stones, how long they lay together for.

You can't just crossbreed them like that.

A water stone and a cobblestone have totally different necessities.

The same applies... That's total crap!

It's not crap at all, you little scum...


Mr Fitzke!

Oh, man!

Hurry, we need water!

What is that?

Beta blockers, heart pills. He needs them!

Nice and slow!

Mr Fitzke!

Mr Fitzke, shall we call a doctor? No way!

The pills will do the job, help me up!

That's enough!

The damn heart is giving me a hard time, that's all.

Maybe we should still... a doctor? Jeez, are you deaf, Doretti?

I don't need a doctor!

Out you go, enough gawking! Out, you cheeky brats!

The guy is crazy!

The house is full of idiots. Even my dad fits in!

Since Mr Buehl lives downstairs now, couldn't we cut through the wall to his place?

Next you'll ask if we're getting married. Are you?

We're going to Sri Lanka!

On a kissing vacation? Exactly! Sleep tight.

You, too.

Goodnight. Goodnight.

That morning Mr Fitzke's heart stopped giving him a hard time.

Is he...?


His heart...

I heard a loud bang from the stairway.

When I went upstairs he was lying in front of his own door.

He was just opening it...

Better if you went back in. This is not for kids. Off you go.

I don't think he had a happy life. Yes, he did!

He was lonely. And now he died all on his own.

Some people are only happy if they are unhappy.

And Fitzke was one of those?

Yes, just like my dad.

Look, the key!

I have a strange feeling.

Shouldn't we take the key? He won't need it anymore.

Come on.

What's that?

He must have put it there for you before collapsing.

"Doretti, my life is coming to an end.

I can feel it.

You will get all my stones. I have decreed that in my will.

The collection is my life's work, so you better take good care.

You'll find more information in the journal."

What is a journal? Over there.

"I hope I wasn't mistaken about you! Gustav Fitzke."

But where shall I make space for all of them?

In the garbage dump!

I hope you're not taking Fitzke's writing seriously.

There is a P.S. here. A what?

A post scriptum. Something you add to a letter after having signed it.

And what does it say?

"Don't think you are the only one interested in stones, Doretti!"

"Don't think you are the only one interested in stones, Doretti!"

Is he talking about her?


Ask Ms Dahling about the woman in the yellow coat.


It's about time. I'm afraid you jump after old fart into grave. Hop!

Hurry up now!

Bye, sweetie. Take good care and don't fight with Oskar's dad!

Yes! Bye, bye!

Have fun!


If the plane crashes, will you adapt me?

What is adapting?

If you accept someone else's child as your own.

That's called adopting.

That's what I said! No, you didn't.

No listen at me, Rico: I understand you like old fart.

Even if only God above know why.

But only because he dead, not means everyone else dies, too.

I'll take you to your little friend now.


Can't I stay at your place?

What's wrong with little Oskar? Nothing.

But his Dad is totally mad!

Rico, I like you really. You know, right?

But I am under so many stress!

I am responsible for all renovating of Tanja and mine boutique.

I look in mirror in morning: I look like I'm 30 already!

You are 32 years old.

If you say this anybody, you can forget about adoptation!

Out of my car now!

Have fun with the loonies.

Bye! Bye.

Where were you at lunchtime?

Don't ask! I already did!

A fight with your dad?

The mood is at freezing point.

Is that why you're wearing the hat? It belonged to Mom.

It's from Peru. Real llama.

How was it?

Guess who I saw at the cemetery.

The woman in the yellow coat!

Which yellow coat?

The woman we met in the staircase, at Fitzke's!

Hello Mr Kiessling! Hi Rico, how are you?

Who are you? We're not curious at all, are we?

That's what it's like being famous I guess.

Aren't you the little kid who got rid of Mr 2000?

That's Oskar, I'm the big one.

Are you off kissing in Sri Lanka, too?

No, to the Baltic Sea for the Whitsun weekend.

But it's a kissing vacation? Let's hope so!

Have a nice weekend.

Same to you and have fun kissing!

Afternoon games? With Lars and Otto, playing Ludo.

It's Lars' favorite game.

Helps when you're feeling sad.

I always lose. Doesn't matter.

We have to let him win anyway. If he loses he totally freaks out.

And who is Otto? A palindrome.

Palindrome. A word you can read both forwards and backwards.

Like Otto or rotor.

Or whole sentences like: "As I pee, sir, I see Pisa."


This is Otto!

Hello. How are you?

Are you not speaking?

Take off the hat, winter is over.

I'm just saying.

Let's get started now!

I'll take green.

No, you won't. Green is Rico's color.

Blue then. There is no blue!


Black is my color.

I'll take yellow then. With pleasure.

Wait! I prefer red. Now you have to keep yellow.

You chose yellow because you thought I'd say it's Dad's color.

So red would have been yours, just like you wanted to.

Here is your red, Otto. But...

I am taking green!

But I said Rico would be green. Maybe you did.

But since no one asked me which color I wanted, I get to pick one. I won't play then.

Of course you will.


Throw the dice!

Throw the dice!

Excuse me.

You're mad at Lars, aren't you?

Mad at fate.

Mine is the dumbest of all fathers on this planet.

It's not fair!

I don't even have one.

Lucky you!

Do you think Lars doesn't love you?

Of course he loves me, but love is a feeling.

And feelings in general upset him.

Feelings should be abolished.

We did give Fitzke a worthy farewell, didn't we?

Do you know what the W. In his name stands for? Wilhelm.

Who was that woman at the cemetery today? Which woman?

The one with the yellow coat. Yellow?

Julia Bonhoefer, Ms Bonhoefer's daughter.

She lived in the rear building.

The one who blew herself up in the air? That's right.

Fancy that! This late?

Mr. von Scherten!

What a surprise! Excuse me.

Look who's here!

Hello you two! Oh, snacks! May I?

They're for our TV-night. For the three of us.

Rico... A pity you already have plans for the evening.

I had planned to take you out to a ballroom dance tonight.

For a little hop.

It comes as quite a surprise.

Surprises are the icing on the cake of life!

That's very lovely, but I am not even properly dressed.

And the boys are here.

Oskar and I can stay and watch TV by ourselves.

If we have enough snacks we can.

Are you sure?

Ludger, you are so full of exquisite ideas!

I'll quickly go and change.

I'll have some more!

Ludger? Is that a name?

Yes, it is.

It's taking a long time. No, I'm ready!

Bye! Girls like surprises, remember that!

Turn it off!

Why is Fitzke making so much noise?

Fitzke is dead!


Do you think it's Mr Fitzke's ghost?

Nonsense, it's a burglar!

Shall we take a look?

Are you insane?

He's probably armed!

Come on!

Quick, the spy hole.

What do you see?

Only a shadow.


There's at least two of them.

Gray car, two doors.

Shall we go upstairs and look? Too dangerous.

What if someone's still up there? We'll look tomorrow in daylight.

Oh, man!

What's happening? Good morning.

It's for you.

To celebrate moving in.


It's got a built-in calculator, compass and it glows in the dark.

Thank you.

Today is a very special day, which we'll start off with a healthy breakfast.

In order to make today even more special.

Because I... Healthy?

Yes, healthy.

The chocolate spread alone contains more sugar and fat than nuts and cocoa. Percentage-wise.

It tastes good, but I don't think it's healthy.

Well, you don't have to eat anything.

Rico is enjoying it. It was a treat for him anyway.

You can go on a hunger strike for all I care.


Stay here! Come back!

Come back!

Damn it! Are you coming?

Oskar, I wanted to tell you that...

Your dad was only trying to be nice.

Do you have the key to Fitzke's apartment? Yes.

They must have had a key. No traces of a break-in.

But who else may have a key apart from Mr Fitzke?

Just the window...

What are we looking for? If something's missing.

How can we know what's missing, if we don't know what was here?

Wow! What is it?

The burglar wasn't looking for money.

What was he looking for?

I think I'm feeling a wave of sorrow.

The calf-stone is gone!

I should have paid more attention! Don't get all excited.

You still have hundreds of stones.

We should just forget about it.

Forget about it? I promised I'd take good care of his stones.

This promise is important to me.

The calf-stone meant a lot to Fitzke, that's why I want it back!

It's all that remains of him on this planet.

Even if I couldn't care less about this calf-stone:

It wasn't a real burglar, at least not a trained one.

Why? First of all he had a key.

Secondly he'd have stolen the money and the savings books.

You think another stone breeder...?

You can't breed stones, Rico! Yes, you can.

Let's take a close look at Fitzke's scribblings in the journal.

Maybe it mentions other breeders. The woman in the yellow coat!

Julia Bonhoefer? From the staircase?

She wanted something! That's why he got so angry.

Sound like she's your main suspect at the moment.

Our main suspect!

Ms Dahling knows her! We should go and talk to her.

Ms Bonhoefer was Fitzke's girlfriend?

At least he looked after her daughter.

Did Ms Bonhoefer also collect stones?

No, that was actually why she broke up with him.

What about her daughter?

She went astray at some point.

Does she have a key to Fitzke's place?

She most certainly used to.

Did anyone mention a house at the Baltic Sea?

How do you know?

The Bonhoeffers had a cottage at the Baltic Sea.

Fitzke once told me about it.

Where exactly?

No, I don't remember.

I know how to find out!


Great watch! We don't have time.

Do you sell tofu sausages?

That's her!

How do you know the cottage is at the Baltic Sea?

Amber is from the Baltic Sea. It's a fossile resin.

It's a popular piece of jewelry, too. It's found all over the beach.

Julia sent those from her vacation when they were still friends.

But that's not much help, the cottage could be anywhere.

When we were here last week a key was hanging from every single hook.

One is missing now.

"Pretow." Preto.

You don't pronounce the W.

That's at the Baltic Sea.

That's where the cottage is? Fitzke must have had a spare key.

Last night Julia not only stole the calf-stone, but the key as well.


They are hiding there to let the dust settle on things.


Julia and whoever was steering the gray car.

Damn. So there's nothing we can do.

Why not?

The Baltic Sea is too far away.

Who says so?

What if we lose each other? We won't.

If I lose sight of you? We'll have a code word.

A what?

Code word!

If we lose each other, I'll call out: amber.

And then you have to shout: diarrhea!

Why does it have to be diarrhea?

Just do it, Rico. Trust me, it'll work.

Oh, man!

Did you bring Fitzke's journal? Yes.

What did you tell Lars?

We're sleeping over at your place because Porsche needs company.

Tomorrow we'll be at the zoo the whole day and will return late.

I hope we'll find Julia at the Baltic Sea.

Remember the code word?

Amber! I don't disremember things that quickly.

I hope you're not claustrophobic? I'm not what?

Claus-strophe-obia. Probably named after a guy called Claus, the first man ever to get stuck in an elevator.

And -strophe- (verse) because he was so afraid he started singing.

Since then beautiful relaxing music is played in elevators.

You are standing on my foot!

Damn! I was bitten!

You better keep your stupid dog in check, you hear me?




Rico! Amber!

Amber! The code word...

The code word.

Make way, make way! I have diarrhea!

I have diarrhea!

There you go.

Best if we sat in the corridor to escape from the conductor.

Tickets, please. Oh no!

We'd better run! Yes.

Thank you.


Good morning!

Who was kidnapped?


Oh, yes. I remember! Mr 2000!

You caught Mr 2000, right?

Sven helped me find Sophia so I was able to save Oskar.

No kidding!

Good morning, your tickets, please.

Where are you two heroes heading with your little doggy?

What breed is it? Jack Russell. - Pretow.

No kidding!

Us, too. We own a cottage there.

Tickets, please!

We have a problem. Which is?

We don't have a ticket.

Kids under 15 ride for free!

Only if they are listed on their parents ticket.

You're on your own? Just to Pretow.

We're visiting an... auntie there.

Do we know her? Pretow is tiny. What's her name?

Dahling. No, never heard the name.

What's her address?

She is picking us up at the station.

We had tickets, but we lost them.

We should have thought of that ourselves.

One of you can ride with us.

He'll be Felix from now on.

Felix is listed on the ticket, but he got ill.

And the other one?

Tickets, please!

That's the whole lot?


We hid someone under the table.

No kidding, right?


It takes some time to learn sign language.

Sven can help me.

Oskar is highly gifted.


Did your auntie forget you?

She said she might be a bit late.

She has a baby to take care of.

A baby?

Oh, that baby! I completely forgot.

It's new. A pretty little boy.

He's called... Otto.

Otto? People still call their children Otto nowadays?

That's right! Otto is a palindrome.

So she can call her child backwards.

If it runs away. Very convenient, don't you think?

She's a linguist. No kidding.

Here. Visit us while you're here. Sven would be delighted.


Bye. Bye. - Bye.

Where are we going to sleep?

I organized something. When?

On the train.

You let Sven in on it? I didn't have a choice.

At least we have a place to sleep now.

Is that why you learned sign language?

It's a good idea to have an ally up here.

Spaghetti Napoli?


That's what a family on vacation looks like.

It's fine for one night.

Oskar? Thanks for coming along.

That's what friends are for.


The Bonhoefer's house must be a bit further out.

Good morning!

You! I'll give you a pillow!



Do you have... No, don't say anything!

You with your pompon hat look like you love organic stuff.

We got what you want!

Our green breakfast. 100% organic!

Muesli with fruit salad, brown bread, curd, beet, sesame spread, fenugreek gouda and a green smoothie.

The oatmeal is extra tender, the yoghurt has 1.8% fat, a regional product, hand stirred with right turning lactic acids.

I'm sure you don't want raisins and an extra helping of nuts!

Favorably walnuts!

They contain an optimal composition of fatty acids.

Especially the essential linoleic omega acids.

The walnuts are from California!

Subject to strictest quality...

Yes, OK. Yes? OK.

One green breakfast.

And you?

You look like...

Wheat roll with chocolate spread!

A whole lot of chocolate spread!

Unhealthy, but it makes you happy.


I'll be right back!

What are you doing? Peeling off the skin.

It might still be treated. Even though it's organic?

Maybe she just made that up.

Maybe we'll find Julia Bonhoefer at the beach.

If so, we can follow her to her house.


It would make things easy.

Instead of searching the whole peninsula.


We don't have to look for them. They found us!


Hello cuties! What can I do for you?

What's the plan? You have to speak to them!


Don't say it! I already know.

Your aura is violet, with a shade of red.

You want... Do me a favor and shut up.

We want two cups of black coffee, and quick. So off you go, come on.

You're aura is red!

Can't I wait till she's alone?

Who knows if that will happen at all.

She doesn't like being alone.

Hello? What's up? You got the stone?

Of course I have.

Although I'm not 100% sure. I only saw it once.

And later these drawings. Don't worry.

I don't want details. Listen, I won't make it today.

I'm still in Rostock. We'll meet tomorrow, OK?


No! You said you'd be here today! Now!

Relax! I had a wild weekend.

I don't care about your weekend. Tomorrow or never.

Your choice! 4 pm! Any later and we're gone.

Be on time! Relax.

We'll meet at our old meeting point. What? You must be...

At the nudist beach or not at all. In memory of good old days.

OK. Tomorrow, 4 pm. At the nudist beach. Bye.

At the nudist beach?

That's right. Where we used to go.

He'd love that, wouldn't he? He can forget about it.

He has seen my naked body a hundred times, who cares?

He only wants to spite you. Who else would take the stone?

Justin! 10.000 Euros. I'm doing it for you, not for myself.

To pay your damn gambling debts.

Alright, alright.

Where are you going?

To the house to look after Bobo. Get my trunks.

We're on the right track. They do have my stone!

She wants to sell it. For 10.000 Euros!

If it's worth that much, she'll never just give it back.

Nudist beach! Here!

But we haven't finished...

If the stone is sold tomorrow, you won't ever see it again. Let's go!

Elke! Ketchup! Hurry!

Who's Bobo? Their child?

One of Justin's dudes, I guess. So there's three of them.

Four! If you count the fence on the phone. Great!

We might as well fight a whole gang of criminals!

Afra? It's time for our horse riding lesson.

Shit! Is the entire population of Berlin at the Baltic Sea?

They are horrible enough.

My hat? She's wearing my hat!

See? The house lies a bit further out.

That's the car that waited outside 93 Dieffe Street that night.

Justin's car. Or Bobo's.

How long shall we wait? Not at all.

If the stone is so valuable, they'll never leave it behind, anyway.

How can we get a hold of the calf-stone?

Through the doggy-door. At night in their sleep.

That late? How do we get back to Berlin?

Can we take a look at the beach?


Wait for me, please.

What's the matter?

Someone was here at the house. Tourists, I guess.

No way. They don't come out here.

Are you sure no one knows we're here?

Justin, are you panicking again?

I saw something red somewhere today!

Damn! My pompon!

Are there sharks and orcas here?

Rico, it's the Baltic Sea, not the Pacific Ocean.

You should put cream on or you'll get skin cancer.

Between the toes? They'll fall off otherwise.

All at the same time?

One after the other.

Look, there's the nudist beach.

Will Julia and her boyfriend go there to practice for tomorrow?

They might.

We could grab the calf-stone while they're swimming.

I thought of that, too. If not, we can still try tomorrow.


We have to get back to Berlin! So what?

What about Lars? We can't stay away for too long. He's responsible for us.

He wouldn't care if I stayed away until Christmas.

Serves him right to worry!

Worry? Why worry?

You didn't tell him you'd stay over at my place and we'd visit the zoo.

I wrote him a note.

What did it say?

Dear Lars, I hope it's OK, if I stay away for a few days.

I need some space. Oskar.

You don't care about the calf-stone. You needed an excuse to run away!

To spite Lars.

As a revenge for when he wrote you such a note.

With the exact same words.

That's why you brought me here.

You maniptutated me!


I don't care. That's just not on!

Everyone does it. All the time.

Not with their best friends. That's not fair!

You are never unfair, of course. Not on purpose.

You are just as unfair as anybody else. Not true!

I have a good heart!

Maybe you're faint hearted. Maybe you're just a difficult kid.

Really? Who is difficult? Who needs someone else to think for him?

That's you! Not true!

True so! Your stupid calf-stone would be long gone without me!

No, it wouldn't! You know why?

You're too lowly skilled to have ideas of your own.

You're simply too slow.

Come on, Porsche!


Your stupid calf-stone would be long gone if...

That's not true!

You're too lowly skilled. Simply too slow.

Damn it!

My head feels like a spinning wheel at the bingo hall.

He can't even run after me.

He can go jump in the lake!

Take a slow boat to China, take a long walk off a short pier!

Let's go, Porsche!



How come the anger gets less the more time passes?

Ask Mom about it when she returns.

Let's find our way back.

There you go!

Forget low skilled!

That's a surprise, isn't it?

What is? I figured it out myself!

Figured out what? The way back!

I didn't know exactly where Pretow is.

I was going to ask you, but Oskar always says: think for yourself.

So I thought about it.

In that direction there are fewer people, in this one more.

People are lazy and don't like walking, so the beach must be over there!

And Pretow, too!


Thank you. May I sit down for a second?

There's sand in my shoes.

Where are your parents?

My dad got run over by a fish truck.

Oh my God!

Here on this island?

No. In Naples. Just a short while ago.

Funny thing is, I always thought he died near Naples while fishing.

But he didn't. Later it turned out he had actually died, though.

Almost like I had always imagined. Strange, isn't it?

Your mom? She's on a kissing vacation in Sri Lanka.

Did you know they serve free drinks between 6 and 10 pm!

I see. Sri Lanka. Yes!

OK, sweetie. Where is the hidden camera?

No idea where you hid your camera.

Have a good day.

Don't stay in the sun for too long or you'll end up with toe cancer.

Toe cancer...?

How beautiful! Like frozen honey!

There really is amber at the beach!

So that's what it's about!


Imposing means impressive, mighty, striking.

If you spell the German word for imposing with a D at the end, It means you have sand in your butt.


Mr Kiessling!

Yesterday Dieffe St, today Baltic Sea!

Why didn't you say you were going North, too?

The Sea is wide and so is the North.

Where's your companion? My what?

Your buddy. Little Oskar!

He's in Pretow. We separated, we had an argument.

We did, too. But it's fine again.

I'm fine again, too.

What's the quickest way to Pretow? With us, don't you think?

With your Mercedes?

Oh, man!

You got change?

What do you need change for?

Lars and Oskar are not available. You know what to do!

It's me, Oskar.

I just wanted to tell you not to worry. We are fine.

We're back tomorrow evening. Midnight at the latest.


At the beach I read Fitzke's journal.

Anything interesting?

Yes, something about a ruby.

What's that?

A ruby is a very valuable gemstone.

As long as it's not cut, it looks very ordinary.

Dark and rough. But as soon as it's cut it shines in a bright red.

Fitzke owned one of those?

He says he found it 25 years ago in India.

What's it got to do with our calf-stone?

I think Julia not only stole your calf-stone from Fitzke's apartment, but the ruby, too. They want to sell that one tomorrow.

Which means?

We have to take both stones from them tonight.

Oh, man!

Are you sure it was right to take him along?

Of course. Sven is our accomplice now.

We don't have to do this.

I just brought you here in order to run away.

If anything happens...

No! We're going to pull this off!


I want my calf-stone back!

We'll do as planned.

Plan A: We enter the house.

No sound at all. Not even a whisper.

Split up, look for stones! Bedroom search only if absolutely necessary.


What's plan B?

Scream and run!


Damn, I'm stuck!

You stay here.

Rico that way, I'll go this way, OK?

OK, fine.

Porsche, shush!


The pompon!

And? Nothing.

The stones must be upstairs.

You stay here. Rico and I will go upstairs.


Hold this!

The bag!

It's not going to work! Come back!


Let's go.


Sven, come here. Very slowly!


It'll make mincemeat of us!


Let's go!

Porsche. Rico, you too!


Bobo, what's going on?

Porsche, come on!

Bobo! Stop shouting, the dog is deaf!


What's the matter with you?

You heard something?


Come on, Rico!

Let's take a look.

There's nothing going on out here, Bobo.


Shit. I've had enough of this!

Come on now.

Porsche, come!

Let's get out of here. Oh, man!


What did he say?

His Dad will come and mow the lawn.

We have to leave immediately.

Oh dear!

OK. Let's go.

What did you say to Sven? He'll help us at the beach today.

How? We already screwed up.

Julia will flog my stone for 10.000 Euros in the afternoon.

To a dealer. - Fence. Whatever.

And that's that. How will Sven be able to help?

First of all he's good at lip-reading.

He can help us overhear Julia and the fence.

Secondly he'll bring his Mom's camera. What for?

We can take pictures of the handover of the stones.

As evidence. Won't they notice?

If we are far away they won't.

The camera has a zoom that enlarges the picture. And then?

We'll see. We'll find a way to get your stone back.


What's that? Camouflage.

It's less conspicuous. Clever, right?

True, but... Are you embarrassed?


The hat will stay on, or I'll freak out. And the watch, too.

We need suncream. It's in my rucksack.

Shit. Damn, the Kessler twins!

Hello. Hello.

Rico and Oskar. They are naked.

They're coming!

We have to get closer.

She looks exhausted and sad.

I don't think she is happy with Justin.

Have you got a pen? It's in my rucksack.

You have to write down everything I say. Me?

Sven reads the lips, I translate and you write it down.

Will you manage? No, but I have a better idea.

You use my recorder and I take pictures. OK.

What are the marbles for?

They might bring luck. They're stones, too. In a way.

Quick, take a picture.


The code word?

Make way, make way. I have diarrhea!

Are you crazy?

What? You called out the code word, not me.

Man, I meant this one.

Here we go. Quick. Sven has to translate.

The stone is worthless. The calf-stone?


How many more stones did she steal?

Unsure about red stone, so I brought more.

Is that all?

You could have looked yourself, but you were too lazy.

You are useless. Do not treat my girlfriend like this!

You stay out of this. I'll blow your brains out, you jerk!?

People are watching. Relax.

We will go to Berlin and look for the right stone today.


They're going back to Fitzke's place. Looks like it.

We have to save the stones.

How do we get to Berlin before Julia and Justin do?

What are you doing? Putting my clothes back on.

I can't concentrate if it feels like everyone's looking at my wiener.

Oh, man.

No calf-stone. And no ruby.

Do you think Fitzke was mistaken?

No. Julia was. She was looking for a red stone.

But an uncut ruby isn't red.

I'll take them back. They are part of Fitzke's legacy.

Does your hat automatically make you clever? What?

Can I try it on?

OK. Here.

What's the square root of 18?

18 what? The number 18.

Numbers have roots like trees?

Give me back my hat.

Wait! It works.

I know how we can quickly get back to Berlin.

Come on!

When are you driving back to Berlin?

How about hello first. Hello.

About 10 pm tonight. Why? Can't you leave earlier?

May I ask why you want to know?

Yes, I have to go back to Berlin urgently.

Our young hero. What's the matter?

He wants us to take him back to Berlin. I see.

Problems with your mom and her cute policeman?

No, they're in Sri Lanka on a kissing vacation.

Are you on your own? No, Oskar is here, too.

He's coming, too. Pursuing a new Mr 2000?

Sort of.

Where is Oskar now?

He's busy.

All these suitcases for two days? Only what's necessary.

I'll get the rest. OK.

Look, there he is!

Did it work out? Total success.

Sven wanted to deflate the other three tires as well.

But it had to look accidental. He won't fit in the car.

He's called Sven and he stays here.

Thank God.

I've got something for you.

Where did you find that?

Julia, I remember where I saw the pompon.

You and your stupid pompon.

The kid at the beach with this hat. With this... Where is the pompon?

Bobo, you pig. That's my car!

Man. What the hell is this?

Holy shit.

Flat. Flat tire.

I'd never have dreamt I'd ever be in Fitzke's apartment at night putting all his stones into boxes.

Did you find a stone that looks like a ruby?

Unfortunately no.

I'll thoroughly check every single stone tomorrow.

The whole house is empty tonight.

No one will hear our screams!

We won't scream. We'll talk to them.

Well, good luck! We're four against two.

Five against two. Five against three, if they bring Bobo.

Who is Bobo?

What happened here? Where are all the stones?

What's this about?

We'll keep this short. Nice and easy.

In 15 minutes you'll be sitting in a nice pub, OK?

There's the pompon! Told you so.

I saw you and your awful hat and stupid friend at the beach today.

What do you want? You took the calf-stone!

It's mine and I want it back.

Fitzke bred it and I am to look after it.

That's written in Fitzke's legacy.

I'll show you my legacy, you little rat! Where's the stupid ruby?

Even if you used a key it's an illegal intrusion.

Give the cow-stone back to the kid. Calf-stone. - Calf-stone.

So we can forget this little episode. Little episode?

I'm gonna let some air out of you! Like we did with your car?

It was him. He did it.

Come here. Get lost!

Is he made of steel?

Are you mad?

I'll make mincemeat of you! Porsche, attack!

Go away!


Freeze, you rat!

Stay where you are.

I almost got you.



I'll catch you!


Nobody hurts my son!

I'll call the cops.

Doesn't he have a mobile?

He thinks the radiation sizzles your brain away.

Are you in pain? It's OK. I think the nose is broken, though.

I tried to be a hero. Didn't quite work out, did it?

I'll take them to the hospital. I'll be right back.

I knew he was nasty, but I didn't want anything to happen to you.

Or to anybody.

I'm sorry.

Everything is so... I screwed up everything.

The calf-stone.

When Julia returns, ask her about the calf-stone.


Sit down, Oskar.

I wanted to say sorry.

In general.

Because I wanted things to improve when we moved in here.

I found myself a job. What kind of job?

I wanted to solemnly tell you at breakfast the other day.

But that totally backfired and then you went missing.

It's OK you ran away.

Horrible, too.

But if there's anyone to blame, it's myself.

The job is nothing special, I got it through Otto.

He works at a dispatch department.

And so I sort small packages and parcels and so on.

I don't make a lot of money. I think it's great.

You don't have to say that.

I just got back from my shift now.

Even if it may have felt differently for you so far:

I love you more than anything else in the world.

But it's not so easy if your own kid is more intelligent and sensitive than you are.

Do you understand?

Of course. You're not stupid.

Silly question.

That's how it is.

Most of the time. And it shall stay that way.

Here they are!

Still in one piece.

Every time I'm gone someone ends up in hospital thanks to you and Oskar.

Tom and Kiessling volunteered to help.

Oh, man. Come here.

I won't leave you on your own until you're an adult. At 25.

Elke, a visitor for you. Have you moved in?

A long-term relationship within common residential premises would in fact be an option for me.

But Madame's attitude in this regard tends to be a little capricious.


Hi Rico, come on in. This is for you.

For me?

Irina put the necklace around it.

But I found the stone myself!

It's a good idea to cut through the wall to Simon's apartment.


So the kissing vacation was a total success.

Looks like it.

Simon and I are getting married.

Really? Our wedding will be on the day of the boutique opening.

I'll finally have a dad!

That's Oskar. We're going to the cemetery.

To visit Fitzke? Yes, that too.


Good luck! Thanks.

My friend Oskar double-checked the stones. There is no ruby.

Fitzke must have mistaken a garnet for a ruby. Happens quite often.

You are well informed.

Here's your calf-stone. Thanks.

Why did you steal it? In memoriam.

You knew it meant a lot to Fitzke.

Yes, when I was younger he often showed it to me.

I often made fun of him because of the stone, but suddenly it was the only thing left of him.

You wanted the stone for the same reasons I did.

It's Fitzke in a way. Yes.

Fitzke was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.

I only realized after he was dead.

Gotta go.

Maybe we can meet here again?

If you really miss the calf-stone, you can come and visit.

And look at it.

Good bye. Bye.

The ruby?

Fitzke put the ruby in front of my door!

It was in my room the whole time.


You know what? The ruby is yours.

Now all the stones are back with you, Mr Fitzke.

Bye, Gustav Wilhelm.

Did you get your calf-stone back? Yes!

Porsche just pooped on the cemetery. Oh, no!

Talking of poop:

Did you know 55 tons of dog poop accumulate in Berlin every day?

That's the weight of 110 polar bears.

Who calculates such a thing? The 55 tons?

No. How many dog piles make a polar bear.

You can convert it into anything you want.

How much do you weigh? 88lb, I think.

Your weight equals exactly 1375 dog piles.

Oh, man!