Ricochet (1991) Script

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪


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(Odessa) There ain't no competition, no comp.

Yeah? Come on with it.

Come on with it. I'm with you.

What's up? Come here, man.

Come on.

(Nick) What's up with that, RC?

(Odessa) PK, you're too slow.

[grunts] (Nick) Play fair, man.

Pretty sure that's a foul, RC.

Yo, PK, watch it.

Where you at, PK?

I'm here. I need competition.

Competition's here.

Take the ball out with that weak shit.

[grunts in pain]

You all right, Nick?

Yeah, I'm all right.

(Odessa) Get up, man.

You can't hang with us, boy.

(Nick) Look up. Look up.

In your face, fool.

Time out. Time out. Time out.

We're ready. Come on, man.

Time ouÉ You all right? I'm having fun.

This is bullshit, Nick.

Don't worry about it.

Look, just stop playing like a white boy.

White boy, yeah.

(Odessa) You're getting soft.

You wanna pray? You good at that.

Our ball.

You ready? Check.

Right here, baby.

All right, let's go.

I'm taking you to the hole.

That mark's got your name on it.

Where you at?

(Odessa) Yo, cover him, RC.

Switch. Nick.

(Odessa) That was your man, RC.

Take it, Nick.

Take him.

[ball thumping]

Come on.

(Larry) I got the man.

(Odessa) Oh, man.

(Larry) Yo, ball.


(Larry) Go, Nick.

(women) Whoo! (Odessa) Man, I quit.




Nice comeback, PK.


I never left, my man.

You'd better hold onto that, 'cause you ain't gonna see too many dead presidents in that old bullshit job you got.


I'll go get the car.

We don't want to be late for our bullshit jobs.

Excuse me.

[chuckles softly]

See ya.

[chatter over radio]

(Nick) Got a new car, Odessa?

It's new to me, man.


Trouble with the ignition, huh?

Only trouble is, you know, I turn on so many ladies, I ain't got nothing left for my wheels.

You know what I'm saying?

Yeah, so we gonna play next week?

I don't think so, O.

I think our playing days are over.

Just on the asphalt, homeboy.

Just on the asphalt.

How you doing?


So you bought these in the dark?


Your shoes.

But these are classics, baby.

These are great.

They're classics, like Moby Dick.

Oh, you saw that?

Yeah, I know it.

I wrote a thesis on it; I got an A.

I'm impressed.

Well, I don't want to brag, or anything, but--

So you're an English major?

Oh, no, law school, actually, UCLA.

[horn honks]

Come on.

Gotta go already?


Well, let me help you there.

I'll give you a hand.

So you go to USC, huh?


That's great.

It's a great school.

I love their mascot too, the Trojan.

You know, it's too bad you want to be a lawyer.

Why is that?

Well, because we need more lawyers like we need more big, white Moby Dicks.

Ouch; actually, I was going to become the first black president, that is if Jesse Jackson doesn't beat me to the punch.

Only thing I'm missing is a first lady, and I'll be giving interviews Saturday 8:00 if you're interested.

(woman) Come on, girl.

Sorry, I'm busy.

You're b-- you're not busy.

I am busy.

Doing what?

I got a better offer to be the Queen of Sheba.

Oh, the Queen of Sheba?

That's right.

Ow, wow, well, look, every queen needs a king, right?


So maybe I can help you try on your crown or something.

[siren blares]

Yeah, thanks, Larry.

You're a cop?

Yeah, yeah.

And as a matter of fact, as I see here, you're parked illegally.

Oh, yeah, yeah, guess I'm just going to have to give you a ticket here.

Now, if you'd like to get this fixed, I'm available for begging and pleading Saturday at 8:00.

[upbeat jazz music]

♪ ♪

(Nick) I'm telling you.

I'm telling you I have a feeling about this girl.

This is a beautiful girl.

Yeah, you got a feeling.

Come on, it's just the way--

I'm telling you.

The way I felt, the way she looked at me, all right?

We're playing basketball, and every second-- and she picked up my shoes.

That's a sign to me, when a woman picks up your shoes.

Yeah, but what makes you think she feels something for you beyond the shoes?

I don't know beyond that.

All I know is that when you pulled up in the car, everything went downhill.

See, I have a theory about this thing.

I think women like men that wear uniforms, for example. police officers, right?

All right. Firemen.

Soldiers, whatever, like the show.

What's the show you likeo watch? Star Trek.

How are you, Father?

Thank you for coming.

Be safe, you hear?

Star Trek.

Captain Kirk wears a uniform, what happens?

Doesn't get laid without it.

Bingo. Need I say more?

You should have seen it last night.

He's got to enrage Spock to snap him out of this emotional thing, so he says, "You're a freak, Spock, a freak.

"You belong in a circus right next to the dog-faced boy."


You do that pretty good.

[circus music and crowd chatter]

(man) Hey, Vagas, are we going to do this?

(Vagas) Money talks; bullshit walks, Huey.

Your move.

Looks like we're talking.

[eerie music]

♪ ♪

God, what a night.

Smell that air?

[inhales] I do.

It's a great night.

It's a great night for great things.

It's your night, Blake.

Tonight's going to be the night you become a superstar all the way, and I'm going to see it.

What do I gotta do to shut you up?

Tie you up and gag you?

[dramatic music]

Espérate, Manolito. Mantengo un ojo águila, ¿eh?

(Huey) Hey.

Pee-pee, Huey.

Don't be long.

[speaking Chinese]

♪ ♪ Why don't you just fucking announce that this is an inside job?

[glass shatters]

This job gets me in the big time, kid, and you're not going to fuck it up.

Wait in the car.

Come on.

[balloons popping]

(man) $50.

(Nick) You smell that?

(Larry) Crime?

(man) There you are.

I've been looking all over for you.

(boy) Dad, I'm over here.

Hey, Dad, look at that clown.

Look at the size of that.

[balloons popping]

[ominous music]

[cocks gun]




♪ ♪

[gasps in fear]

[groans in pain]

[trumpet fanfare]

Gracias, amigo.

De nada.


Cover the back.

[crowd chattering]

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

(Larry) Hands on your head, sweet cheeks.

Oh, you're going to look real good in a cell.


♪ ♪


[crowd screaming and chattering]

[grunts softly]

(Nick) Don't you hate it, huh?

Don't you hate days like this?

I mean, all I wanted was a slice of pizza, maybe a little--

Don't even try it.

Don't even think about it.

You got an Ithaca 37 12-gauge sawed-off shotgun with a 5-pound slide.

In the time it takes you to pump it, I'll have three bullets in your head, maybe one in your chest.

I'll be on my way back to the station doing paperwork and eating donuts.

Now, I love donuts, but I hate the paperwork.

[cocks trigger]



Now, bug off, Donuts.

[crowd screaming]


(Blake) Come on, back off, or else she's going to need a paper bag over her head when her boyfriend fucks what's left of her!

Come on, drop it!

Okay, all right.

[chain rattles]

Watch your head. crash!

My fault.

The gun, officer, not the nightstick.

This is great.

All right, I'm with you.

I'm with you, but now you gotta trust me.

I got absolutely nothing on underneath, all right?

No hidden guns.

I don't even have a chest protector on.

No vest. You see?

No hidden shoulder holsters, nothing.

I want you to trust me.

I'm gonna to show you I got nothing on my ankles, no hidden gun, absolutely nothing.

I don't want you to look stupid.

The gun! Drop the gun!

I'll drop the gun, but here's the deal.

I lay the gun down.

You let the girl go.

I'll be your hostage, all right?

Drop the gun!

All right, nice and easy, I'm putting the gun down.

Nice and easy.

Nice and easy.

Nobody gets hurt.

Now, the only weapon I got left now is useless unless you're a pretty girl.

And speaking of pretty girls, why don't you let her go?

After I kill you.


[Blake moans in pain] shing!

[suspenseful music] smack!

[groaning] thud!

Nice work.

Yeah, I guess a Beretta in the butt beats a butterfly in the boot, huh?

[Nick over TV] Now, the only weapon I got left now is useless unless you're a pretty girl.

And speaking of pretty girls, why don't you let her go?


(Blake) After I kill you.


Idiot rookie.

Nine months on the force.

Endangering civilians.

He should have waited for backup.

Stop bitching, Elliott.

The city is screaming for law enforcement.

And what have you given us?

Toys like battering ram tanks and day-glo body armor.

(Elliott) It's not day-glo.

It's fluorescent.


Styles is the first piece of positive publicity your department's had in three years, and I suggest you milk it like a cow.

I'd like to get her tit in the wringer.

(man #1) District Attorney Brimleigh.

(man #2) Chief Floyd.

(Brimleigh) Warm your seat, Sergeant.

The locker room?

Look, this kid is brave.

He's resourceful. He's good-looking.

I'm just glad he's too young to run for my job.

Yet, Ms. Brimleigh, yet.

So he says, "Honest, Officer.

This is my car."

Like this 7-foot guy is going to fit in a fucking Gremlin.


Holy shit.

(Brimleigh Officer Styles, I presume.


Uh, yes.

How do you do?

Officer Doyle.

(Larry) Nick didn't say we were having company; hi.

It's nice to see you, Ms. District Attorney.

Well, there's no need to be so formal.

Just call me what you all call me down here in the locker room.

Well, a guy would look stupid calling the D.A.

Priscilla the Hun to her face.

Might look pretty honest too.

You never know.

Listen, that little gun that you used, it wasn't exactly department issue.

I was very curious.

Where did you hide it?

[Larry clears throat]

Well, actually, it's-- see, it's the compartment.


[clears throat] I see.

This is your boss.

You probably only know him from that retouched photo on the station wall.

This is Councilman Farris, the be man in the city government-- well, after me, of course.

Oh, glad to meet you.

Not yet, but you will be.

(Brimleigh) Styles, are you going to hide behind that door all day?

No, no, no, um--

Don't put your uniform back on.

You took it off for the psychopath.

Keep it off for me.

I don't want you wearing anything from this point on, except civvies.

You and your partner have been promoted to detective by Chief Floyd.


[Blake's echoing voice] She's going to need a paper bag over her head when her boyfriend fucks what's left of her!

Come on, drop it!

The gun, officer, not the nightstick.

[Nick's echoing voice] I'm with you.

I'll be your hostage.

I got absolutely nothing on underneath, no hidden guns.

I don't even have a chest protector.

No vest, you see?

No hidden shoulder holsters, you see?

Drop the gun!

I want you to trust me.

Drop the gun!

Drop the gun!

[indistinct echoing voices]

Drop the gun!

I'll drop the gun, but here's the deal.

I lay the gun down.

You let the girl go.

I'll be your hostage.

Drop the gun!

[eerie music]

♪ ♪

[echo of gunshot]

Young fella?

Look at you lying there like a lump on a log.

So what if you made a few mistakes.

You can change your life for the better.

Don't you have anything to live for?

[woman over TV] Last night in downtown Los Angeles, four men died in what police describe as a drug deal gone sour.

And while the accused killer, Earl Talbott Blake, remains in guarded condition at City General, the man who put an end to his criminal career was cited this morning at city hall.

(Farris) To Detective Nick Styles.

This is an honor and a privilege that I'm proud to share.

[chuckles] And I promise to keep my clothes on for my next arrest.

(woman) Detective Styles, now in his last year of law school--

Hey, you, book man?

[eerie music]

You know what?

I just thought of something I could change, a whole life, a whole future.

And it's all in my hands.

(man) Wonderful.

Would you like something uplifting to read?

Maybe motivational?

Something heavy.

How about Tolstoy, Anna Karenina, hmm?

It's not heavy enough.

Well, that was his first book.


War and Peace, hmm?

Yeah, that's perfect.

And I'll take that big Bible there too.

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪ God bless you.

Fine young man.

When you start reading the right things, down the right road... rip!

♪ ♪


I'm gonna cover the left side.

[man over TV] Lieutenant Nick Styles may look familiar to our viewers.

He first gained national attention two years ago, when his apprehension of professional hit man Earl Talbott Blake was captured by an amateur photographer.

It's lunchtime.

(Larry) Let's go!

All right, hold it.


(man) I got him.

(man) Today's operation will cap his career with the LAPD.

Next week, the recent law school graduate will continue his crime fighting as Los Angeles' newest assistant district attorney.

(Nick) You're running away.

What do you got here, huh?

Huh? You got nothing, huh?

You're under arrest.

(male announcer) Busted will return with more authentic police action followed by The Love Boat.

[bugs chittering]

[engines running]

(man) Come on inside.

Come on, straight back.

All right, close it up.

(man #1) Hey, hey, isn't that Blake?

(man #2) What's his cell mate doing in the hospital?


(man #3) Got a present for you, Chewalski.

They got tired of patching up his cell mates over in C block.

Maybe you can teach him some manners.

Isn't he cute?

(man #4) Hey, give him hell, Blake.

I know you.

You're that dude got busted on America's Funniest Home Video.


Fuck yourself, creamcake. slam!

[screaming in pain] clang!


[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[ominous music]

♪ ♪

(Larry) Believe this?

It's on every station.

(Nick) Yeah, I believe it.

The trial's been going on nine months.

I mean, what do you expect?

Well, it's never like this on TV.

On TV, it's always over in one hour, you know?

And in the end, Columbo will say, "Excuse me, one more thing, Dr. Schmendrick, "but I know you killed your wife with a meat grinder and then fed her to the goldfish."

Ah, yeah, except they never show the trial, you know, when the perpetrator walks.

Yeah, I almost had a heart attack when Kiley asked for a mistrial.


Yeah, next time I won't be so lucky.

There's not going to be a next time, Nick.

That would suggest I didn't find the missing witness.

I'm going to find the missing witness.

Maybe I should get out there with you on the streets.

I still got a lot of contacts.

You want to help? Get some sleep.

Stop trying to be superman.

You mean Lieutenant Columbo, don't you?

Good night, Larry.

Good night.

[engine starts]

[helicopter whirring]

[doorbell rings]

(woman) Who is it?

It's one tired and lonely assistant district attorney who's had a lousy day.

There better be a gorgeous woman in a tight-fitting nightgown in there.

Here she is.

Well, she's gorgeous.


Oh, give me a kiss.

Give me a kiss.

Wanna help me do some work, baby?


A little drool there on the lip.


(man) Okay, when two white men in this prison have a grudge, they settle it like true Aryan warriors: one-on-one in hand-to-hand.

You think you're too good for us, Blake.

Well, we're giving you that chance.

Now, grab your weapon, and may the best Aryan win!

[all cheering and chattering]

[weapons clanging]

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

[glass shatters] clang!

Come on, kick his ass.

Let's go!

Come on, Chewalski!

♪ ♪

[pipe hissing]




[screaming in pain]

[weapon clangs]

(man) There's still more than 50 of us in here with you, Blake.

What's your point?

A man needs friends to make a life here.

I'm not interested in life here.

Well, that can be arranged.

You asshole, I'm talking about life outside.

How about it, brother?


You were this amazing occidental samurai.

I mean--I mean, Christ, these guys are pussies. but you, you're-- you're the true Aryan.

You're bleeding.

No, fuck the nurse Nancy shit.

You want to do something for me?

[paper tears]

Clean this up, and save it.

(man) So how do you figure we get out of here, Blake?

(Blake) You've got friends on the outside.

I got money on the outside.

[speaking indistinctly]

[eerie music]

(Nick) We've gotten to know each other pretty well over these last few months, and maybe--maybe we're getting a little tired of each other, huh?

Tired of seeing the faces in this courtroom instead of the faces of our families and friends, tired of having to listen to descriptions of degradation and torture and murder.

We want it to end, don't we?


Wipe the slate clean?

[screaming wildly]

[laughs] We just want to run out.

We want to get out.

I mean, isn't that what we really feel?

We want to get out.

[man laughs]

Be quiet.

We want to breathe clean air.

We want to see the blue sky.

[inhales and exhales deeply]

We just want to feel decent again.

I can understand that.

Believe me, I feel the same way myself, because the horror in this room can make us take a shortcut just to get out into the sunlight again.

And that's what Roger Dwayne Felso wants.

That's what his defense attorney is betting on: our frustration, our exhaustion, our--our weariness, because it just might make you 12 people rush to judgment and compromise on the charges against his client.

And believe me, while you're in the jury room, he's going to come to me.

He's going to try and get me to compromise, to cut a deal.

That's why I need you to be strong.

I need you to stay in that cramped little room with the lousy coffee and the terrible take-out food until you reach a verdict of guilty on each and every count, because that's the only verdict that's going to make Roger Dwayne Felso pay for the nine-- you count 'em-- nine lives that he just snuffed out.

And that's the only verdict that's going to let you and me sleep.

[paper crinkles]

Your Honor, the prosecution... rests.

[crowd chattering]

[shutters clicking]

(Larry) Thank you very much.

Let the man through, huh?

You did it, man, yeah.

I was able to get up in front of a jury and talk my ass off.

You were the one that found the missing witness.

Well, that's true. Thank you.

I think it's time to talk about your future.

I promised Connie I'd see her once a month before the wedding.

Tomorrow? Our place for dinner?


(Nick) Future, huh?

Well, tonight, I'm going to go home, kiss my little girl, make love to my wife, get up in the morning, eat some oat bran, maybe lock up some more bad guys.

I mean it's time you started thinking about networking.

Yeah, we already got cable.

Listen, smart-ass, I'm talking about what--

I know what you're talking about.

You're talking about the goddamn city machine.

You're talking about greasing palms, lining pockets, kissing babies.

Forget about it, Farris.

No way am I going anywhere near those smoke-filled rooms.

I'm a prosecutor, not a politician.


[woman over TV] Days of glory behind them, some people feel the towers have become an eyesore, a dangerous jumble of rusting steel and broken glass. t L.A. Assistant District Attorney Nicholas Styles has a different idea.

Together with City Councilman U.B. Farris, Styles has announced plans for a children's center to be built at the base of the restored towers.

Already, local and state authorities...

[muffled speech]

[suspenseful music]

(man #1) Dental records, the old switcheroo.

(man #2) You can go back to the ER.

Try not to fall down anymore.

Don't worry, Doctor.

I'm taking every precaution.

The towers represented the dreams and aspirations--

I've got things to live for.

(Reverend Styles) I the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, I baptize thee, Monica Allison Styles.



[throat clears]


[baby crying]

[whispers] I gotta go, baby.

There's a meeting at the bank about the community youth center.

How about this community youth?

(man) You're not going to leave tread marks in my church again, are you, son?

You're misinformed, Dad.

Jewish people do guilt, not us.

I gotta go.

Still love me?



[machine beeping]

(man) This boy I know from West Hollywood says the parole officer out there is a real pushover.

Maybe I can get a job and work longer hours, get a really nice place.

And when you get out--

I mean, you're Earl Talbott Blake, and I'm not going to let you live in some kind of dump.

(man) Hey, hey, you got a bus to catch, honey.

Or you planning on staying here?

Blake, I gotta go.

(man) Let's go.

But I'll see you. Blake, I gotta go.

Come on.

I'll be there when you need me.

I promise. (man) Come on.

[ominous music]

♪ ♪

[engine sputtering]

[man coughs and inhales]

[indistinct rap music playing]

♪ ♪

[children giggling]

[indistinct chatter]

(man) Come on up.

[people chattering softly]

[whispers] Look at this.

What's up, Odessa?

What the fuck you doing here?


Yeah, you've come a long way, my brother: from hot-wiring Corvettes to hot-wiring cocaine.

I'm impressed.

Word is out downtown, too, that you're the man.

[chuckles] Word is out uptown that you're the new uptown boy.

Took a lot of balls for you to come here, PK.

Let's hope you leave here with 'em.

I know you know everything that's going on in the streets, so you heard about the children's center, right?

(man) That thing by the towers?

What's that got to do with us?

That's the point.

It ain't got nothing to do with you or anybody like you.

You don't sell no dope there.

You don't recruit.

You don't bang, none of that.

Why in the fuck should I do that?

For your mother.

What about my mother, motherfucker?

Your mother, nigger, the one that died of a broken heart praying with my father every night in church over your black ass, the one that buried your little brother without his head, 'cause they couldn't find it.

Don't play me, Odessa; I know you.

What the fuck is wrong with y'all, huh?

Selling dope to each other.

That's all y'all are doing, 'cause you damn sure ain't selling no drugs over in Beverly Hills.

Killing each other for what, huh?

Makes you feel like a man?

Makes your dick hard, huh?

Punk motherfuckers.

Look, Odessa, I know you ain't gonna change, but don't cheat these kids out of their future, man.

Now, the tower center is holy ground.

You got that?

No, I don't got that.

[guns cocking]

And I don't play that shit either.

So it's like that, huh?

Yeah, it's like that.

All right, then, we're gonna all die.

Let's all die tonight.

I ain't afraid. clink!

I ain't scared to die for what I believe in.

How about you, Odessa?

How about you, RC?


Who wants to die?


I'll tell you what.

Everybody that's ready to die, raise your hand.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Do the right thing, my brother, not for me, not for yourself; but think about the kids.

(man) Come on, man.

[indistinct chatter]

Hey, man, you gotta stay with it.

(Nick) He went for it.

Yeah, of course he went for it.

I just hope you realize what a chance you're taking talking to a loser like this, Nick.

Taking a chance is growing up in this hellhole.

Yeah, well, I think you just made a deal with the devil.

I don't know.

Maybe I convinced him to put in air-conditioning, huh?


(man) The parole board's ready, Blake.

I hope you remembered to floss.

I did with your wife's pubic hair.

[soft suspenseful music]

[door clicks and shuts]

♪ ♪

[saw noise]

[man speaking over TV]

Oh, you're Blake?

Goddamn judge stuck me with you.

I hate this pro bono crap.

All right, look, just keep your mouth shut and pray for a miracle.


(man) And just as these incidences of violence in my client's younger years can be attributed to his disadvantaged upbringing, his alleged aggression behind bars has, in fact, been acts of self-defense against the-- the Aryan Brotherhood, a right-wing group associated with the Ku Klux Klan.

I'd like to hear from Mr. Blake himself if he truly thinks he can make a meaningful contribution to society.

Well put, Rhoda.

Mr. Blake, what will you do if you get out of prison?

Well, I guess, Mr. Chairman, that, first, I'd pay a visit to your house.

To thank me, I suppose?

No, to fuck your wife and your daughter, hell, maybe even your dog.


I don't think that's funny.

Then you'll probably hate this.


[Rhoda screaming]

[saw noise] [screaming in pain]

[drill noise]


(man #1) Go in there. [cocks gun]

Watch the hall!

[Rhoda continues screaming]

[pants and chuckles]

The last time I held a gun in this hand, a young man took off all his clothes for me.

This time, it's your turn, right?

So come on!

[man over speaker] Officer Parrish, report to the main gate.

Can I see your passes, please?

Six to exit, please.

[gears whirring]

Hey, there, young fella.

Do you remember me?

The books in the hospital?

[cocks gun]



(Blake) The van.

Get in the van!



Start the van!

[engine revving]

By the way... you're fired.


[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[crickets chirping]

Car, clothes, money.

You came through, Blake.

I thought you were full of shit.

(Blake) I'm just full of ideas, Jesse.

You're the one that's full of shit.

But Kim here is the brain surgeon.

Did it all.

A little bonus, Gilligan.

Thanks, Skipper.


(Jesse) You got one fucking week to take care of your mysterious shit in L.A., Blake.

Friday the 12th, we meet at the White Nation bookstore.

We'll have our passports, our cash, and our tickets out of the country.

Friday the 12th?


That can't be right, Jesse.

I already have your passport right here.


[gagging Oh, fuck!

God damn it, man, fuck!

[dramatic music]

Why the fuck you do that?

You never know when you'll get an anal retentive coroner.

God, Blake, there are smart men, and there are hard men.

(Blake) I said help me!



(Kim) Wow, this is great.

I like this.


[ominous music]


♪ ♪

I always wanted a Viking funeral.

♪ ♪

(Nick) Yada, yada, yada, you know, the form letter.

Send her 50 bucks. Who was that again?

(woman) Your mother's meals on wheels program at your father's church.

(Nick) Make it $100. What else?

The Endangered Flower and Orchid Foundation. The what?

Priscilla the Hun's favorite charity.


All right, I'll get this out--

$250. Make it $250.

(woman) Hey, Styles?

Gail, don't even ask me about the Harrington thing.

It's still in a grand jury.

Relax, this one's a golden oldie.

Remember Earl Talbott Blake?

No, the name escapes me.

Good choice of words.

He busted out of a parole hearing with some of the Aryan Brotherhood.

30 minutes later, he was burnt to a crisp.

If it wasn't for his teeth and the hole you put in his knee, they never would have ID'd the body.

He was your first home run, Mr. Styles.

Any comment?

And the Aryan Brotherhood killed him, right?

Well, like my father always says, I guess there's a little good in everybody.

Cold, Styles.

And bold.

My telethon wants your check, Gail.

(Farris) And the telethon committee wants your body, Mr. D.A.

[chuckles] Mr. Assistant D.A.

This week, my man, this week.

Get a job.

There are less fortunate than yourself.

I mean, we're not scum here.

We're not animal.

We're a human being.

Thank you.

Thank you, sir; thank you.

[ominous music]

(Nick) It gives us an excellent opportunity to give something back to our community.

(man) Yeah, but are you sure this is going to work?

I mean, are telethons for a disease?

Works for PBS.

And who pays for the studio?

Don't need a studio.

We'll do it remote from my dad's church.

(Farris) We're not working in the dark here.

A community in Miami did exactly the same thing. ed almost $1 million They rai for their center.

We just got back from seeing it.

They've got one hell of an operation.

(woman) Don't you have a TV show or something?


No, no, I'm just-- just on the news sometimes.

Every chance he gets.

I knew it.

I knew I recognized you.

You're, like, the mayor or something.

You ought to hire this woman, Farris.

She's got bigger plans for me than you do.

(woman) Oh, whoo.

(Nick) That's all right. That's okay.

(Farris) I think I'll pass on that one.

(woman) I'm sorry. [laughter]

(Nick) I'm the assistant district attorney, so you're going to have to follow my orders.

(woman) You got it, Mr. D.A. All right.

So are you up for the house special?

Well, what is it?


I'll surprise you.

I bet you will.

Don't be scared.

[tape squealing]

[woman over tape] You got it, Mr. D.A.

(Reverend Styles) Those are jokes, folks. Loosen up.


But seriously, now, I have the honor of introducing the man whose tireless dedication to family, community, and duty has inspired us all.

He's the one who has showed us we could all make our dreams become realities: my son, Nick Styles.

(woman) Ooh, there he is.

(girl) That's Mommy and Daddy.

Yeah, look at him.

There's Daddy.


When I was a kid out here on these streets playing ball or whatever, I used to get annoyed wh everybody called me PK, or Preacher's Kid.

I thought it was a wisecrack.

It wasn't until I got older that I realized that it was a badge of honor that I'm proud to wear.

Everything that I am, everything that I will be I owe to my mom--

[whispers] Oh, baby.

And to my dad.


God, this is great.

You can't buy this.

U.B., this is real.

Yeah? That's even better.

[singing choral music]

Excuse me, telephone for you, Mrs. Styles.

Yeah, Mrs. Styles, I'm sorry to bother you, but the power went out, and the girls are pretty scared.

Did you call the power company?

[woman over phone] They were going to send somebody right over.

(Alice) Right over?

You're dealing with the city, honey.

Right over could mean tomorrow.

Look, I'm coming right back.

In the meantime--

[knock at door]

Hold on, there's the door.

[eerie music]

♪ ♪

[ominous music]


Everything's okay, Mrs. Styles.

(Reverend Styles) We have just received a donation from Renee's Barbecue for $300.

Is everything okay?

Mm-hmm, false alarm.

Anyone else?

[eerie music]

♪ ♪


(girl) Is it really our birthday, mister power man?

Yes, it is.

It really is.

Now, listen.

Before I go put the lights back on, isn't there something that everybody always does at birthday parties?

Make a wish.

Blow out the candles.

Who's going to help me blow out the candles?

[together] Me. Me. Me.

Okay, here we go One...

[together] Two, three.


(girl) We hope you get your wish, mister power man.

Oh, I'm getting it, sweetheart.

I'm getting it tonight.

Your eye looks kind of funny.

(woman) We don't say things like that.

It's kind of mean.

(Blake) No, no, it's okay.

[whispers] This is my magic eye.

I can see what people are thinking with this eye.

Right now, you're thinking, "I'm so sleepy.

It's way past my bedtime."

(girls) No, no, no.

Yes, it is.


Off you go, now.

You're really great with kids.

Well, you just have to get inside their heads.

That's all.

[dish clangs]

[together] Oh.

[woman laughs]

One, two--

You know what?

We have to get you guys all hosed down.

Look ayou; you're a mess.

Do you need anything else?

No, no, just five minutes at the main panel, and you'll be all lit up like Broadway.

Just sign here.

Thank you. Thank you.

Uh, Nick, this feels kind of heavy.

Well, open it up.

Actually, it's for you, son.

[phones ringing]

[eerie music]

♪ ♪ It's--it's $10,000. thud!

♪ ♪

[Nick over TV] "Assistant District Attorney Nick Styles:

"seven years ago, fate allowed me

"to meet this very special man.

"In the blink of an eye one evening, "you changed my life, my future, my destiny.

"And now, finally, I have the chance

"to pay you back.

"How do you let someone know

"that they've never left your thoughts in all that time?

"How do you do to them what they have done to you?

[together] "I have never forgotten, "Assistant District Attorney Nick Styles.

And after tonight, I know that you will never forget me."


Well, he didn't sign it.

I guess we're just going to have to thank this wonderful person in our prayers.


'Cause if I'm not mistaken-- ding!

Yes, this $10,000 puts us over the top!


I thank you. [laughing]


[eerie music]

♪ ♪


I'm tired.

Thank you.

You were having a good time up there tonight, Dad.

Oh, yeah.

You know something, Nick?

I could get to like this TV thing.

[eerie music]

♪ ♪

[ominous music]

♪ ♪ I'm gonna stop by the bank on the way home, toss this baby into the night deposit.


(Nick) Make sure it's not the Bank of Tahiti.

Yeah, you need some protection on the way to the bank there, Farris?

Larry, this is my neighborhood.

I'm okay.

You need a ride?



Take care, now.

City hall, here we come.

To hell with city hall.

Washington, here we come.

[door latch clicking]

(Nick) The night is young, porcupine.




[eerie music]

♪ ♪

[light clicks]


Mrs. Styles, you're home already?

Well, it's 2:00 in the morning, Debbie.

The girls go to sleep okay?

I don't-- I don't remember.

Um, the power guy was here, and--and then--

[sighs and groans]

[suspenseful music intensifies]

♪ ♪

[music stops]

[horns honking]

[keys jingling]

Goddamn keys.

Excuse me, mister, you got a light?

My cigarette's--

Take a hike, asshole; I got business here. But--

I said hit the fucking--

[muffled groaning]

[man over radio] And it's a bright, sunny 7:00 a.m. in Southern California, but what do I know?

I'm just in this little room with no windows.

I just say what they tell me, folks.

Slow news day, everybody.

Russia still falling apart, L.A. still dying of thirst, and I still haven't been laid in a month.

Hey, you catch that telethon last night for the twin towers?

I don't know.

I think Nick Styles is going to be the next Jerry Lewis.

But seriously, folks, it was for a great cause.

I just kid the guy 'cause I love him, you know?

Everybody knows he's going to be the next mayor, so we'd better start kissing his butt--

[eerie music]

[vacuum cleaner running]

[woman screaming]

(Alice) You know, the day we met you said you'd be governor by now.

(Nick) I said that?


Well, I would be if you weren't holding me back.

Oh, I'm holding you back?

Yeah, I'd be president by now.

[laughs] Oh, okay.

All right, then, how about if I just hold you down now?

Right now?


Okay. Okay.

[phone ringing]

Should I answer it?

Yeah, go ahead.


[shutter clicks]

Thanks, Petie.

You're welcome.

[siren blaring]

(Nick) Oh, Jesus.

I don't believe this, Larry.

This is insane.

Yeah, well, the insanity is just beginning.

Take a look at this over here.

Farris' briefcase full of surprises. ick) Child pornography?


I knew this guy.

You knew this guy.

Yeah, yeah.

Well, here's a suicide note.

It's very specific.

"How can I forgive myself for what we did to the--

"we did to those innocent children in Florida last month.

"If we build a children's center here, "I will not be able to resist temptation again.

It's better this way."


It gets worse, partner.

All that we found in the bag was the pledge cards and the checks from last night.

The 10 grand is gone.

The district attorney would like to speak to you.

(Priscilla) Did you take all your meetings together on this trip? Yes.

Was Farris ever out of your sight when you were in Florida?


Then what was he talking about in this suicide note?

How do I know, Priscilla?

Maybe he didn't write the letter.

(Kiley) Come on, Styles, forensics verified it was his handwriting.

Well, maybe someone made him write it, Kiley.

Did you ever think about that?

We're looking for facts, not fantasy.


Well, you're the expert on fantasy.

I mean, wasn't that the basis of your defense in the Night Strangler case?

Yeah, well, at least I didn't play fucking hearts and flowers for the jury.

Will you please grow up?

We are all on the same team now.

Nobody is enjoying this, Nick.

Oh, I think you're wrong, Priscilla.

Somebody somewhere is enjoying this, because things like this don't just happen.

When you and Farris were in Florida, did you use any public funds?

No, I did not use any public funds.

Every minute I put into that tower center was my own time: weekends, vacations.

Everybody knows it was my pet project.

It's going to be the newspapers' pet project too.

Today's edition.

You wanted to be in the limelight.

It's a hot seat now, pal.

[Nick exhales sharply]

This is-- this picture's from the Miami newspaper.

It's perfectly innocent.

Not anymore, it's not.

(Nick) I could always advertise on TV.

You know, lawyers can do that.

(Larry) That's right.

"Sick and tired of that selfish pig

"you call a husband?

Talk to Nick Styles."

Nick Styles.

Mr. Divorce. Mr. Divorce.

Nick, do me a favor.

Get out of my car.

Get out of my car, and go into your house, all right?

Later tonight, see if you can make a godson for me, huh?

I'll make you a godson.

Appreciate it.

Don't drink and drive, all right?

[engine starts]


[engine revving]

[tires squealing]

[grunts] Damn it.

Are you out of your mind?

You could have killed somebody.

[eerie music]

♪ ♪ Jesus Christ.

Almost. crack!


(Kim) I bet he shit in his pants.

I can't wait to look.

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

[engine revving]

[tires squealing]

[ominous music]

♪ ♪ You killed Farris, didn't you?

You killed my life.

So now we're even.

Is that it?


We're not even close.



But let's not talk about killing, Nick.

Let's talk about... arm wrestling.

[whispers] What?

It was a real big deal in the lockup.

You put your arm up against mine.

Press my hand as hard as you can.

And if you beat me, maybe I'll let you go.


Get outta here.

What have you got to lose?

So you're going to use two arms?

I only get to use one?


That's the spirit, Nick.

Oh, come on, you're not that soft.

Come on, what's the matter with you?

This is no fun.

[suspenseful note plays]

[whispers] That's better.


No, no, I do this all the time.


No, no, I mean, there we were, the both of us at the beginning of our careers.

And all of a sudden, one of us took off, lit up the sky like a meteor.

And why?

Because he met the other.

I've been following your career, you know, all those arrests, the courtrooms, and those two adorable little girls.

The Night Strangler trial?

Hmm, talk about your mental cases.

And yet after all that we've meant to each other, this moment now is the first time we've ever touched. slam!

You lose.


You lose.

[Nick grunting]

[ominous music]

[Blake laughing]

♪ ♪

[distorted voice] Get in touch with your body, Nick.

All aboard the speedball express.

It feels good, doesn't it?

(Kim) I bet it does.

It's the best shit telethon money can buy.

Oh, lookit, Kim, he's all upset, because it feels so good.


Well, Nick, you're going to get even more upset, because I'm going to make you feel even better.


Bye. Bye-bye.

(girls) Hi, Lisa.

(woman) There you go.

See you later, Mrs. Styles.

(Larry) All right, I checked all the hospital emergency rooms, gave them his description, checked the stats on all the John Does.

It came up empty, so we know he didn't have an accident.

He hasn't contacted the D.A.'s office or his parents.

I know, because when--

Did you tell them he was missing?

Oh, no, no, no, I was real casual with them.

What if it was somebody he locked up?

No, I looked at that.

Thers nobody new on the streets.

Besides, the only real wacko we ever popped that broke out was Blake, and fortunately he's dead now.

Larry, please declare him missing.

I promise you half the cops in town are already out there looking for him.

He's got lots of friends.

We're going to find him.

Why are you out here goofing off?

I should go find him.

Yes. All right.



I'll cck back with you as soon as I can.

(Blake) Look at that face.

What do you think, Wanda?

Yeah, he's real pretty.

[footsteps echoing]

[eerie music]

♪ ♪

All this S and M shit's going to cost you an extra $200.


[mumbles softly] Please don't.

[Velcro tears]

Please don't.

Oh, I love it when they beg.

♪ ♪ Talk to me.

Will you set me free?

Whatever you want, darling.



Your little mouth says no, but your little friend says yes.

Yes, oh.

[Nick over tape] You have to follow my orders.

[woman over tape] You got it, Mr. D.A.

So you up for the house special?

[tape squealing]

[woman speaking indistinctly over radio]

[shower hissing]


[ominous music]

♪ ♪ Blake, Blakie, Blakie, Blakie, Blake.

Let me ask you something.

Why are you just killing me by inches, huh?

I mean, why don't you just get it over with?


Just kill me, you know?

Oh, no, no, Nick.

I'm going to do something far worse than kill you.


What you going to do?

I'm going to let you live.

[laughs weakly]

[eerie music]

♪ ♪

[church bells ringing]

(man) Okay, people, rise and shine; let's go.

Come on, Vernon, let's go.

Wake it up. Wake it up.

Come on, Leonard. Let's go Let's go. Rise and shine.

Ida, my dear, wake it up.

Wake it up.

Good morning.

Seymour? Huh?

Come on, Seymour, move it on.

Come on, buddy. Let's go.

Come on.

Oh, my God.

[woman speaking over P.A. system]

Look up.


Yeah, I'm all right, Doc.

Right here. I'm all right.

They had me tied to the bed, Kiley.

I tried to get out of there.

But I was so drugged, I couldn't see.

(Kiley) Jesus.

So how many of them were there?

(Nick) There was Blake.

There was Kim.

There was--

I'm gonna make 'em pay for this.

That's for damn sure.

They're gonna pay for this.

Hey, Nick, Blake's dead, right? No.

After the prison breakout, he bought it, right?

No, he's alive, and he's here, and he wants revenge, because I sent him to prison, Larry.

That's why he killed Farris.

That's why he drugged me up.

(Larry) All right.

I'm telling you he's alive.

All right. All right.

Mr. Styles, I'm going to need to take a blood sample, run a few tests.

Yeah, sure. Hey, Larry?

Larry, do you remember the old Del Monte Hotel?


Now, didn't they have two dolphins as their logo?

Wasn't that it?

Yeah, I think so, yeah, yeah, yeah.

All right, well, I was in an empty pool.

I was--

All right, I'll get backup, some forensics, all right?

Yeah, get forensics.

All right.

And some clothes.

[man speaking over P.A. system]


It's just quite a story.

What, you don't believe me?

Yes, yes, I believe you.

Every word I said is true.

[man laughing]

Hey, there he is.

Mr. Styles--

All right, all right, hey, hey.

[all talking at once]

Is it true you were found disoriented on the steps of city hall?

[all talking at once]

Is your alleged abduction connected to the suicide of child molester U.B. Farris?

(Larry) Hey, whoa, whoa.

That is alleged child molester U.B. Farris.

You're interfering--

No, no, it's all right.

It's all right. Let 'em come with us.

I want 'em to eat their words. Follow me.

All right, make room here.

(woman) And two and three and four and five and six.

[upbeat music playing over radio]

♪ ♪


Okay, ladies, come on.

Let's go again.

And one and two and three.

Get a shot of this here.

And four.

He changed everything.

He's trying to make me look crazy.

Well, I hate to tell you, honey, but it's working. splash!

Police say they could find no evidence to sport ssistant District Attorney Styles' allegations--

(Lisa) Dad, you're on TV again.

Don't watch me on TV when you got me right here in real life.

Do you understand me?

[raises voice] Do you understand me?

Jesus, I'm sorry.

Daddy's just tired.

That's all.

[whispers] Come on, let's go sit down.

Now, you know how-- like the Smurfs on TV, that's just pretend, right?

Yes. Yes.


All right, all this stuff on TV, all the bad stuff they've been saying about Daddy, that's just pretend too, okay?



All right, give me a big squeeze.

(Alice) Come on, girls.

Let's go up to bed and let Daddy relax downstairs.

[feet scampering]

We believe that Nicholas Styles is the victim of a conspiracy, and we know who they are: this insidious group that tears down any African-American politician who dares to defy their power.

We're talking of the Rockefellers and their trilateral commission, who, along with the Zionists, have been putting AIDS virus in vending machines all across America!

We'll be right back.

[laughs] I'll be here.

[phone rings]


[Priscilla over phone] Nick, it's Priscilla.

[Nick over phone] Yeah. Any new developments?

Actually, yes.

Um, they're of a somewhat delicate nature.

Kiley managed to pull some strings and get your files from the hospital.

Yeah, I always knew old Kiley came with strings attached.


Hey, Nick.

You know, your blood test showed evidence of both cocaine and heroin in your system?

If that's what it was, that's what it was.

I told you they drugged me.

Yeah, well, that's not all it showed.

There's also evidence of gonococcal urethritis.


It's the clap, Nick.

You have the clap.

(Kiley) I suppose they gave that to you too, huh?

No shit, Sherlock; they did.

(Priscilla) Why don't you come in here in my office tomorrow?

I can have my doctor give you some penicillin or whatever.

Won't be any leaks to the press.

Yeah, all right.

I'll be there.


This woman, they brought her in.

Alice, please believe me.

Now, I didn't enjoy it.

I-I-I didn't want her.

I fought her with every inch of my body.

Well, if you managed to get the clap, I can think of several inches that didn't put up a fight.

I wanted to spare you.

You should have spared me from finding out that you lied to me.

I didn't lie to you. didn't tell the whole truth.

You're such a lawyer.


[laughing maniacally]


[dramatic music]

[flames roaring]

♪ ♪ Made it, Ma!

Top of the world!


Thought you had a bad day, huh?

[man over TV] Next caller, you're on the air.

(Nick) Yeah, yeah.

I don't know why, but no one seems to know me anymore.

I mean, I hear them talking on the job.

I read the newspapers.

I hear you on the idiot box, but I don't know who the hell they're talking about.

It can't be me.

I'm--I'm a husband.

I'm a father.

I'm a provider, see?

I'm a husband who hasn't had dinner with his wife at home for six months.

I'm a father who hasn't been with his kids for their last birthday party.

My parents, they live 15 miles away from me,

I cut deals with scum for a living.

I try to pretend it doesn't rub off on me.

I guess what I'm saying to you, Doc, is that I thought I wanted my life back, but I don't want it.

[over speaker] I want a new life.

I mean, can anybody understand that?

I understand it, Nick.

Can you understand that?

I understand it.


Yeah, lock him up.

[static hissing]

[soft ominous music]

♪ ♪



[eerie music]

♪ ♪

[Nick gasping]


[gasping and grunting]

♪ ♪

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

[eerie music]

♪ ♪

[suspenseful music returns]

♪ ♪

[children laughing]

[lively instrumental music]

♪ ♪

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪


[grunts] thud!


Freeze, Blake, don't move!

[children screaming]

Keep 'em where I can see 'em.

Don't move! Shut up! [man screaming]

Shut up! Turn over slow.

Don't shoot. Please, don't shoot.

I'm just a clown.

Look, ha, ha.

Don't shoot me. (Alice) Nick?

What are you doing?

(woman) Children, get off the stage.

Get off the stage.

I can explain this. I can explain.

I just--

(Priscilla) You had cocaine and heroin in your system.

Your closest associate had $10,000 in his possession before he died-- in fucking drag.

And you have been linked to the disappearance of that money and child pornography.

And now among the children you traumatized by beating up Bozo were the daughters of the head of City General, the president of Northeastern Airlines, and a congresswoman from the West Side.

Thank you very much.

(Nick) Was there a congresswoman there?

Was she there?

Jesus Christ, she sold her videotape of you to Channel 9.

See, that's it, videotape.

Exhibit fucking A, ladies and gentlemen.

You think I'm crazy.

You think I'm crazy?

Yeah, I'm fucking crazy.

That's why I went back home: to get this tape.

See, that son of a bitch-- you know what he did?

He had a fucking axe standing over my-- no, I'm not even going to tell you about it.

Just watch the tape.

Bingo, proof. [moaning]

[over TV] So you up for the house special?

[Nick over TV] I'm the assistant district attorney, so you're going to have to follow my orders.

Wait, we gotta rewind this thing.

It's not the tape I saw, I swear to you.

That is not the tape.

That is not the girl who gave me the clap.

No, all right, all right.

I retract that statement.

That is the girl who gave me the clap, but that's not her voice.

That's not her voice.

That is not what she said to me.

That is not what I-- no, that's what I said.

(Priscilla) Nick? Nick?

I did say that to her, but she did not say that.

I want you examined by a psychiatrist.

You ought to check out Channel 6.

Phones are already ringing.

[Gail over TV] A startling development in the ongoing case of scandal and alleged malfeasance involving Assistant D.A. Nicholas Styles.

We caution our viewers that the following material may be offensive, and it is not suitable for children.

(Nick) You see? You see?

For Christ sake, it's Blake.

It's a fucking conspiracy.

It's not like the AIDS thing, the AIDS virus and everything.

It's not like that.

It's like the water in the pool, right?

There's water in the pool, right?

No, no, there's no water in the pool.

I get there, he drugs me up.

There's no water in the pool.

I take everybody back, what is there?

There's water in the pool.

It's up this high.

Okay, all right, all right.

Appreciate this, now.

All right, so I'm guilty, right?

Let's say I'm guilty.

I'm not even guilty, but let's say I'm guilty.

If I'm guilty, then why would I have two tapes?

I wouldn't have two tapes, because I didn't have two tapes, one to go to Channel 6, because it's not me; it's Earl Talbott Blake!

Blake is dead.

And you, Nick, are suspended.


Hey, hey, hey.

Jesus, I'm sorry, Larry.


Listen to me.

You think I'm going out of my mind?

No more than usual, no.

I do want you to take a nice deep breath before I show you what I got.

I contacted the state prison and talked to them about Blake.

As you could imagine, he was not exactly a model prisoner.

Now the best part: Blake's personal property.

Don't ask how it got in the back of my car.

Look at this shit.

This guy needs a wake-up call from the planet Earth.

Oh, my God.

(Larry) Now, I talked to a local white supremacist that we popped a while back.

I promised him a fresh white sheet, and he spilled his guts.

It seems somebody ordered some phony passport and two hot tickets out of the country.

They're supposed to be picked up tonight at this bookstore that's actually an Aryan Brotherhood front.

Now, Nick Styles, for the keys to a brand-new car, guess who's picking up the tickets?


(man) Hey, I got rights.

You can't do this.

Don't point your finger at me.

It's not nice.

Hey, you're the D.A.

(Nick) Wrong.

They fired me.

As a private citizen, I can kick anybody's ass I want.

Hey, you're a cop.

Now, you help me.

Sorry, mein Fuehrer, I'm off duty.

[groans in pain]

All right, all right, okay, it's true.

They--they ordered two passports.


Was it Blake?


Was it Earl Talbott Blake?

I don't know who it was.

I was going to do the names when they got here.

(Larry) It's Kim.

[suspenseful music]

Stop, you fuck!

You're pissing me off.

Halt! [gunshot]

Where are you going, tough guy?




Hey, Nick?



Your prints all over a smoking gun-- instead of mine, ha.

[suspenseful music]


See you in court, counselor!



You were right about Blake, partner.

He had to be alive, right?

Otherwise, how could he kill me?

[grunts softly]

[ominous music]

[thunder crackles]

♪ ♪

[sirens blaring]

It's your boy.

What's up?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down, man.

Whoa, whoa, chill out, man.

Man, you're trippin', motherfucker.

You wanna do what?

Motherfucker's gone crazy, man.


(Alice) Nick, thank God.

We didn't know what to think.

(Nick) Listen. Listen to me.

I got no time to explain.

Get dressed.

No, no, don't get dressed.

Just get some clothes for the kids, all right?

Nick? Just do it.

I don't even see the climbing gear.

What are you doing?

(Lisa) Daddy?

Nick, you're scaring the children.

[girls crying]

Get my brown hiking boots and my leather gloves, the insulated ones.


Just do what I say, Alice!

All right, I'm sorry.

Listen to me. Listen to me.

Now, we're all in danger, not from me, though.

I swear to you I am the same man you married.

Not lately.

Girls, wait here.

Mommy will be right back.

All right, flares, flares.

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪ Lipstick.


[man over TV] We interrupt this program to bring you a News 10 special report.

We now go live to James Ishida.

(Alice) Honey, we have to go now.

Please put your coat on.

[Ishida over TV] This is James Ishida with a News 9 update on suspended district attorney, Nicholas Styles.

According to police authorities, they have just discovered the body of detective-- crash!

Listen, I'm innocent, and I'm perfectly sane.

Get in the car.

[helicopter whirring]

(Nick) Trust me, baby.

You got nothing to worry about.

You'll be safe where they're taking you.

(Alice) I can't believe you want me and your children here with these people.

You'll be safer with them than you are with the police.

Trust me. Don't even worry about it, Ms. Styles.

You know, the feeling is mutual.

My homeboy didn't turn out exactly how I hoped, but his monotonous honesty at least is predictable.

If something happens to my man, I don't know who the fuck's going to take his place.

You gonna be cool here.

Yo, RC, take care of these lovely ladies, and guard 'em with your life.

You bet.

(RC) Come on, I got you.

Mommy, don't leave us.

I don't wanna go.

Let her go.

(RC) I got you guys.

Let's go.

Listen to me.

You were right before.

I should have trusted you with everything.

But now you gotta trust me with everything too.

Now, if you don't love me, tell me right now, because I'm fighting for what used to be my life, and you were all of it.

Are you with me?

[whispers] Yes.

Do you love me?


[soft music]

♪ ♪ Don't let nothing happen to my little girls.

Yo, man, if you don't trust me, at least trust my mean streak, homeboy.

Helping you, I get to mind-fuck the police, the mayor, and the fire department in one shot.

You know what I'm saying?

You got everybody in place?

The place is tight, boy.

It got more locks than a jailhouse.

Everybody knows their instructions?

It's cool. It's hooked up.

What about the phones?

Look, baby, urban technology.

It's funny, though.


You always told me I was gonna be leaving here.

Tend to your business, man.

[driving synthesized music]

♪ ♪

(man) ♪ So you want to be free? ♪

♪ Live a life-- ♪ ♪

(man) What's happening, baby?

[crowd chattering]

(Kim) Beautiful place, isn't it?

A fucking freak show.

I agree.

I agree; It's disgusting.

Johnny, two double whiskeys, all right?

Come on.

They call that art?

That's not art.

Art is how you single-handedly deconstructed Nick Styles' life.

I mean, it was brilliant.

It was like the Sistine Chapel.

I mean, I was proud to be involved.

It was like you were the artist, and I was your assistant/patron/aide/helper.

I mean, we were a team.

But when police arrived at the former assistant district attorney's home, they found the door wide open and no sign of the accused killer or his family.

(Kim) We're going to be in New Zealand with real white men because of you, Earl Talbott Blake.

Mind of a steel trap, body like a Greek god.

Will you shut up?

[dance music playing over radio]

I want to hear the moment he's arrested.

I want to see his face in the light of those cameras, his hands when they put the cuffs on.

That's when it'll be over, when it'll be... complete.

Just one moment.

We have just received new information on the Nick Styles story.

Gail, what can you tell us?

(Gail) It's quite a tense situation here.

Assistant D.A. Nicholas Styles is on the roof of the building behind me.

He is apparently deranged and threatening to jump.

Styles is wanted for questioning in the murder of Officer Larry Doyle, whose bullet-ridden body--

(Kim) Johnny, I'll see you later, all right?

Ha, you hear me out there?

[over P.A.] How do I look?

Do I look good, huh?

I gotta look good on TV.

We're live.

Hey, quiet down. Quiet down.

Here we go. Here we go.

Ladies and gent-- oh, wait, countdown.

Three, two, one.

Ladies and gentlemen, live from Los Angeles, it's the Nick Styles Show!

Hey, hey, hey, you saw me live, didn't you?

Well, you get to see me on TV too.

They're here.

Pass the wd.


What channel? What channel is it?

[laughing maniacally]

Gotta rewind.

Gotta rewind it.

Rewind. It's running back.



[eerie music]

No, Nick.


No, you can't.

What are you doing?

Oh, let's see.

Let's see.


I mugged Ronald McDonald.

I robbed my father's church, and, oh, oh, oh, I run a child pornography ring too.

Yeah, I killed my best friend.

[suspenseful music]

This one's gonna kill you.

No, it's not gonna kill you.

It's gonna kill me.

(Blake) You can't die.

You have to live and suffer for years and years.

[muffled scream]

♪ ♪ Ma?

I made it!


[flare hisses]

Top of the world!

No, no.


♪ ♪


[fire roaring]




[moaning] No.


[flames roaring]

[all chattering]

[hose hissing]

(Gail) You've just witnessed the end of a career of a man who was once considered a rising star.

It can't be true.

You can't cheat the law.

You can't cheat me!

(man) Hey, Blake, here.


[dramatic music]


♪ ♪ You Earl Talbott Blake?

You don't know me.

Phone for you.

[Odessa over phone] Yo, you messed with the wrong man, motherfucker.

Who is this? What's going on?

He's got some friends that don't like that shit.

You know what I'm saying?

Now, you tried to take away my homeboy's dreams.

Now you're the one with the nightmares.

You wanna find out who really got the power?

Bring your punk ass to the tower.

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪ Yo, y'all, clear the streets.

Keep the cops occupied.


Round one.

[laughs] Ding.

[ominous music]

♪ ♪

(Blake) Kim?

What the fuck is going on?

It's Styles.

His friends grabbed me and dragged me here.

It's impossible.

Well, I saw.

I killed his life, and he killed himself.

You're lying!


You stupid macho fuck, I can't believe it.

I can't believe that I've been kissing your ass all these fucking years and you're such a shithead.

You didn't kill his life, and you didn't fuck his mind.

You know what you did?

You pissed him off.

You really fucking pissed him off.

And now you're fucked.


[Nick over loudspeaker] Blake, is that how you treat your friends, huh?

Hey, I'm glad we're enemies.


Blake? Blakie?

Hey, hey, Blakie, wanna arm wrestle?


Come on, what do you got to lose?

Styles, you bastard, where are you?

[eerie music]

Right where you put me, Blake: on top of the world.


[gun clicks]

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

[Nick laughing]

I got it all, Blake: respect, power, home, family, foreign coffee, CR laser disc...

all thanks to you, baby.


Busting you made me famous.

But, of course, you already know that, don't you?

♪ ♪ And all you got was one little headline, huh?

"Convict dies in escape attempt."


We're gonna change that, Blake.

"Convict dies in front of millions."

♪ ♪

[siren blaring]

Hear that? That's your public calling.


[brakes squeal]

[indistinct radio chatter]


[cuffs clinking]

Yo, chill, officers.

We're with the district attorney's assistance club.

We're assisting the district attorney, so don't make me club your ass.

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪ Blake, I should thank you for this, you know?

Going crazy, it's strangely libating, isn't it?


You better climb, you son of a bitch!

You know, the ancient Hawaiians used to sacrifice an animal every time they built a new building.

Oh, I learned that when I took my kids on vacation.

I got you now.

[suspenseful music continues]

♪ ♪ TV people are coming.

Then let 'em through.

Don't want 'em to miss the show.

Come on, let 'em in.

♪ ♪

(Nick) Anyway, I think a great project like the tower center deserves one of those Hawaiian-style sacrifices.

Don't you? Huh? [grunting]

But since we don't have one of those big, fat, juicy pigs, I guess you're just going to have to do, huh?


Déjà vu.

[eerie music]

[grunting softly]

Oh, you're gonna cheat?

You're gonna--


[Nick screaming]

[groaning in pain]

(Blake) Where's your big mouth now, lawyer?

Can't talk with one arm?

Let's see you fight with one arm. clang!


[man over loudspeakers] Attention on the towers--

[groans in pain]

That's it, Blake.

It's an easy climb.

[man over loudspeaker] 5-1.3.

Come on, smile for the cameras, Blake.

You got a nationwide audience watching.


(man) Isn't that Earl Talbott Blake?

I mean, after all, this is your farewell appearance.

Fuck you!

♪ ♪


Man, I ain't dressed for this commando shit.


[man over loudspeaker] Descend at once, and surrender yourself for arrest.

[siren blaring]

More cops are coming.

[over speaker] We can't hold 'em off.

Do what you gotta do, man.

I'm on another gig.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[man over loudspeaker] I say again...

[helicopter whirring]

[suspenseful music]


[tires screeching]

♪ ♪

[sirens blaring]

[talking indistinctly]

[knife clanging]

[grunts in pain]

(Blake) You can't win.

[woman screaming]


♪ ♪ Why don't you give up?

[stomping] clang!


Do it!

(man) You're not clear!

Don't wait for me.




♪ ♪ Told that motherfucker who had the power.

[screaming] splat!

Ugh. Shit.

[ominous music]

You got the point now, don't you, Blake?

[indistinct radio chatter]

[crowd chattering]

(woman) Hurry up!

Mr. Styles? Mr. Styles?

Do you have a comment?

Mr. Styles, are you all right?

[soft music]

♪ ♪

[together] Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.

♪ ♪ Yes.

[siren blaring]

Come on.

Yo, O?

[upbeat synthesized music]

We're on the asphalt next Saturday, right?

♪ ♪ Word.

(Gail) This is Gail Wallens s, reporting live from the twin towe where a life-and-death struggle has just concluded, a struggle, which, it is now clear, was deliberately orchestrated for the police and the media...

Wait right here.

By Assistant District Attorney Nicholas Styles.

An amazing scene here at the famous towers, which witnessed the beginning of Nick Styles' political career and its incredible resurrection of this violent and incontestable proof of his innocence.

Now, the death of Earl Talbott Blake may signal the--

Oh, Mr. Styles, any comments, please?



News at 11?

Nah. click!

(Gail) Styles, you can't do that.

We're live.

(Nick) We're live, huh?


Gail, kiss my ass.

[gunshot and explosion]

Copyright: 2004 Home Box Office, Inc.

♪ Got sticky sneakers from the blood of a shot cop. ♪

♪ Belt and a club, I'm leaving tracks on the white rug. ♪

♪ Punk tried to riff, and he met double-live slugs. ♪

♪ I ain't the nigger to step to. ♪

♪ I'm catching bodies, and the next one could be you. ♪

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[uplifting music]

♪ ♪