Ride Along (2014) Script

They told me you are the man.

They said that this guy can move anything.


They said that?


I am the man.

USA passport.

The most valuable piece of paper in the world and we make it our own.

That shit's artisanal.

I'll be the judge of that.

Not bad.

What about Omar? The friendly ghost?

He ain't gonna cut your head off for this?

I know he owns the city.

Omar signed off personally.


I don't know who you think you're bullshitting, but it ain't me.


Calling me a liar?

With guns on your face?

You crazy you don't trust me.

Let me explain something to you.

There's not a lot in this world that I love, but the shit that I love, I don't trust with nobody.

I'll buy 50 now and 500 after Omar looks me in my eye and lets me know he's not going to kill me over this deal.

Is that something you can arrange?

Or is it more bullshit?

You're crazy, bro.

Yeah, I am crazy, but in a good way.





Everybody down! Atlanta PD!





Freeze! I said freeze!

Atlanta PD!

Get down!

See you, bitches!

JAMES: Freeze!


Atlanta PD! Get me another car!

A Prius? Get this bullshit out of here!



Valet. Get out.

Get out! Yeah!



Move, trick!

(HORN HONKING) Get out the way!

Here we go.



Oh, shit!

How you like me now?

Stop! Stop!


Oh, shit!

Yeah, baby!

I got you.


I tried to be nice.


You thought I was crazy? No, baby, I'm nuts.

MALE GAMER: Does anybody have a twenty on Black Hammer?

All right, let's get these bitches!

BEN: The target's on the second floor. Let's switch it up.

Assface, me and you, we'll go around back.

ASSFACE23: Copy that. Watch your friendly fire.

Hey! Guys, remember, if they throw a grenade, you got five seconds to pick it up and throw it back.

MALE GAMER: Frag out.

This is not a game, gentlemen, this is real.

Be on your toes at all times. ASSFACE23: Copy that.

How's my king this morning?

Good. I'm fine, babe.

Wasting his royal talents in the kingdom, I see.

ASSFACE23: Bogies at nine. Bogies at nine.

I don't know if you're being sarcastic, but I'm not.

Right now I'm on a black bag op.

Kick move!

Can we talk? Babe, in a second.

ASSFACE23: Did you call me "babe"? I didn't call you "babe."

Shut up, Assface. I'm talking to my lady.

Do what you're supposed to do. Get eyes on that sniper.

Does anybody have eyes on the sniper?

Ben, let's go.

This is not the time.

Stop. Ang, don't start.

Oh, I'm sorry, guys, the real world needs Ben. Bye.

Stop playing. Give me the joystick.

Give me it back. Look at what you're doing right now.

Stop. Seriously. Move me out of the thing.

Put me in a bunker. You going to get me...

Wow. Stop! Hey. Oh!

MALE GAMER: Not again, Ben.

No! No!

ASSFACE23: That really hurts. Oh! Oh!

MALE GAMER: Hi, Angela.

Even soldiers have to get to work on time.

You're pro-Taliban. You are.


I'm sorry, guys. I had a black bird in the living room.

I didn't hear it chirp.

It's not fair. Here's the thing, you have to understand how easy it is for me to get caught up into that world.

I feel like I had been fighting in Pakistan for the last eight hours.

Okay, first of all, "Black Hammer"?


What is that about?

That's about when I pull my penis out and it hits the ground.

Kaboom. Boom!

(LAUGHING) What are you laughing for?

You do know that you're going to be Mrs. Black Hammer.

The words every girl wants to hear.

It better be.

Mmm. And when exactly is this Black Hammer wedding?

Soon. Very, very soon. Mmm-hmm.

Things are getting close to where I want them to be. I'm figuring it out.

Can you make me one? (SNIFFS) Mmm. Sure.

So, is this about you becoming a cop?

Yes, it is.

I got it all figured out. Here's what's going to happen.

I'm going to get into the police academy.

After that I'm going to be on patrol.

After that I'm going to be a detective.

After being a detective, I'm going to be a lieutenant.

That's how it happens. Boom, boom, boom, boom.

You know that I love you with or without the academy, right?

I understand that, but this is different.

I got such a good feeling, babe. I did everything right.

Did you tell my brother that you signed up?

I'm going to be honest, and don't get mad at me, but I'm going to say what I want to say.

Here's how I feel when it comes to your brother.

First of all, I've reached out, but I know that your brother is ignoring me because of that incident.

The barbeque incident was a first-degree burn, not a third-degree burn.

I've gotten past it, okay.

He doesn't have to know. I don't see why it's important.

Seriously, Ben, if I'm ever going to be Mrs. Hammer...

Black Hammer. Black Hammer.

Hammer. Got it.

I need him to be on board.

You two are the most important men in my life.

What you just said has been received.

I will check in.

Give me a kiss.

Done. You know what we're doing tonight, right?

Mmm... Yes. What?

Dinner. Yeah. Dinner at Dominick's.

A romantic dinner followed by some sweet, sweet lovemaking, dirty style.

That's right. Dirty style.

Dirty style? What is that move?

It's the move that Rihanna does in that video.

(LAUGHS) I don't think that's it.

This is it. It's very sexy.

Is it? Yes.

I actually saw it in a Kama Sutra book.

They call it the "Lathered Lotus."

After I'm done doing that, I'm going to give you the Kawasaki.

(IMITATES MOTORCYCLE REVVING) I don't understand what that is.

That's starting that bike up.

After that, what do you think comes last?

Ah, let me guess. What?

Black Hammer.

That's right. Kaboom. Boom!

ASSFACE23: Uh, dude, turn your mic off. This is awkward.

MALE GAMER: Is that why you call yourself Black Hammer?

I thought it had something to do with Thor from Avengers.

No. Ben.

Why didn't you turn the game off?

You didn't turn the game off.


They know we have a nasty household. Is that what you want?

Because of you. Whatever.

BROOKS: A car chase? Come on.

I authorized this operation with very clear guidelines.

Instead, you shoot up a mall full of civilians like it's a damn video game.

And for what? Fake passports?

Thinking those would lead us to Omar.

Of course you were.

Do you know how many man hours we spent on this case?

And in two and a half years you've had no breaks, so enough of this shit.

Your obsession aside, there's no criminal, nobody you get to use as an excuse for ignoring the rules of engagement.

Lieutenant, this was a special... Nobody!

And especially not for some lowlife nobody's ever even seen before!

We know what he looked like when he was nine.

BROOKS: Shut up, Miggs.

Look, these Serbs are dealing more than just passports.

The fact that they're still alive lets me know they got something Omar wants.

Which was going to lead us right to him.

Well, this Marko guy's already lawyered up and he's refusing to talk except to claim entrapment.

Entrapment? How about attempted murder?

Asshole tried to kill me.

Oh, you little pussy.

Someday somebody's going to shoot you in the face and that vest isn't gonna do you any good.

The lawyer's already claiming self-defense.

Says you guys fired the first shots.

(LAUGHS) Self-defense? With all due respect, that's bullshit.

I'm shortening your leash, James.

We all want Omar, but these guys are a waste of time.

That's all. Get out, all of you.

SANTIAGO: Hey, James, how about next time that you don't tell me that this is about Omar, you tell me, huh?

I don't want you to start worrying, Santiago.

Worry? What are you, my mother? Come on, James.

You go into a back room, out of contact, you come out with three armed guys and a motorcycle.

You don't want me to worry?

That is need-to-know information.

We're going in there with no backup, I want to be scared, man.

I want to be so terrified, I'm letting out little involuntary shits. Okay?

Who put this together?

Me. All right? Follow my lead.

I'm the brains, you the brawns.

The "bronze"?

Yeah, it's the plural of brawn.

I know.


BEN: Since when do you need the brother's permission?

He is her only living relative, I get that.

Her dad was a cop. He got killed on the job.

Oh, that's terrible.

I'm not taking anything away from that.

But why do I have to suck up to the brother just because she wants us to get along?

It would be easier, but he's still upset because I set him on fire.

What? Here's the thing.

Doggone propane knob. What I did... (STUDENTS SHOUTING)

Hold on. Hold on.

What did I tell you? Get down! Get down, boy!

Hey! Hey! You're white! You're white!

You don't fight.

What's wrong with you?

BOY: Come on, bro, let's roll.

BEN: Hey, Ramon!

You're not going to do this today. Watch out.

Kick move.

Hey, Ramon! Hey, hey, hey!

Ramon! Man, it's the rent-a-cop.

I know you hear me.

What are you doing with these guys?

BOY: Catch you later, Ramon.

Don't you got an English test today?

You think they're going to let you play basketball if you fail that test?

I already speak English.

Okay. Well, go ahead. You got it figured out.

Hey. Before you go, let's play this out. Okay?

You go with them, you get drunk.

Now that you're drunk, you can't play basketball.

How long before you drop out?

I give it a week.

So now you're a 17-year-old wino.

When you're a wino, you do what winos do best.

You're going to jail. Once, twice.

Third time you get a hard judge. Judge gives you two choices.

You got jail, you got the army. Which one you going to take?

Army ain't so bad.

You're right, it's not.

Except you forgot about one thing. War!

So now you're in Afghanistan.

You know what they got in Afghanistan? Landmines!

Boom! You got no legs.

So now what happens? You're right back here.

You're in the streets, but let's remember, you got no diploma, you got no feet, you got no job.

That means you're back at the liquor store getting drunk all damn day.

Now that you're drunk all day, you try to steal because you don't have a job, but your stealing ain't going too good because you can't run.

You know why you can't run? Because you got no feet!

Now you're stuck living in a refrigerator box.

Here's the bad thing. You're lonely, you're in a gutter, and you're legless.

Is that what you want, huh?

BOY: Come on, let's go!


I think I'm going to go back inside now.

You going to walk. Run.

(LAUGHS) Okay. All right. Sprint.

Because if you didn't have legs, you got to crawl.

All right, man, go ahead.

You're something else.

About the dumbest damn kid in this school.

I can't do it. I ain't gonna be everybody's mentor.

I don't get paid for that.

I've been waiting all day to look at this.

I got in!


I'm in the academy!

Freeze. Get down.

Freeze, you best put it down because I'm about to make change.

I have to call James!


Jesus Christ!

Are you blowing up there, James?

I have to ditch this phone.

You can't stop Santiago's mom, man. You can only hope to contain.

Hey, I know you're trying to insult me, but it's just too true, bro.

No, it's that little clown that's dating my sister.

About a chromosome away from being a midget.


I should have put a stop to that a long time ago.

So why didn't you, bro?

I tried.

She loves his little ass. I don't know what she sees in him.

MIGGS: Maybe he's just a super lover.

He's short but maybe when he takes his pants off it's just like...

(GASPS) "What is that?"

SANTIAGO: Just right for her. She loves it.




What? That's disgusting.

Look, man, does she know you think this guy is a jerk?

Have you told her that?

I have to come at a different angle because she's not gonna want me in her business.

I have to ditch this dude.

Look, man, maybe this guy is all right.

Maybe he just wants into the family.

(SCOFFS) I know exactly what he wants.


I love you.

Baby, congratulations.

ANGELA: You know what I want to do to you?

What do you want to do? Let's go upstairs.

No. No. Yeah, yeah.

No, because if we go up there you know what's going to happen.

You'll want to brush your teeth. Mmm-hmm.

After that you're going to wash your face.

Then you got to put cream and stuff on your face.

Let's be spontaneous. Let's do it right here.

I want to be wild like a savage. Okay.


I'm about to give it to you right now.

You know what I want? What you want?

I want that kaboom.

Girl, you're trying to crawl down...

The Black Hammer.

You want the hammer? I want the hammer.

Then go get the hammer.

Okay. Enough of that nastiness.

Oh, my God! (SCREAMS)

Babe, call 911! Now!

Get out of my house, you son of a bitch!


JAMES: I can't believe this shit.

Angela, what if I was a real intruder?

Instead of my brother creeping around my house?

Wasn't nobody creeping.

You were sitting in the dark with a coke and a hot dog.

If you'd lock the door or close the window or bar that patio like I told you.

This is exactly why I didn't let you install the alarm system.

It's about who's going to protect you. This weenie?

One, he is not a weenie! (JAMES SCOFFS)

He can be weenie-ish, weenie-like, but I love him, so it doesn't matter.

I picture you with somebody with a little more prestige.

Somebody who plays for the Falcons or the Braves, or even the Hawks.

Braves. Yeah.

Not with the mascot.

James, listen to me, you do not screw this up for me.

BEN: Hey, guys.

I can hear what you're saying. So if you want to stop.

Damn, it's Sir Scream-a-Lot.


I was responding to a hostile situation, James.

I have no shame in that.

You call for backup when there's a hostile situation.

That wasn't calling for backup.

That was a high-pitched scream, and you pushed my sister in the way.

I pushed your sister out of harm's way.

You shined the light at us.

It's different strokes for different folks.

Put the ice pack in his mouth. No, on his head.

Don't put the ice pack on my head, babe.

I'm sensitive to extreme measures of cold and you know that.

Put it on your head, because you just got knocked out by yourself.

James, you know what? You...


Guys, maybe we should...


Is he still staring? Make him stop.

Look. We were in the middle of something, so you have to go.

Y'all wasn't in the middle of nothing.

We were, James.

Let's go. Get out. I got my sandwich over here.

Listen. Listen, I'm going. Bar that patio door.

ANGELA: I will. Thank you. Promise. Love you.

Hey, James, wait up.

Hey, can you wait up, please?


Look, man...

I know that you don't really like me, but I feel like you don't like me because you don't know me.

Nope, you're wrong. I don't like you because I do know you.

Well, I bet you'll like this.

I got accepted into the police academy today.

I'm going to be a cop. I've been trying to call you all day.

I'm finally going to have a career that I can be proud of, man, and Angela can be proud of, and you.

Who knows, maybe we can be partners or something.



Now that I got things straight, I feel like I can finally make your sister an honest woman.

There's just one thing standing in the way.

I was wondering if I could get your blessing to ask Angela to marry me.

BEN: James?

Did you hear what I said?

I have to go.

Yeah, okay.

I figured that you probably just got to let everything sink in, which is fine.

Maybe we could take a ride later and talk about all this?

Oh, shit.

So, just because you joined the academy, that suddenly makes you ready to propose?

Yes. I mean, no!

I've been ready.

Look, I figured that if I made it through the academy that you would be forced to accept me.

Is that right?

I just want to show you the real me.

I don't want to be known as the guy who set you on fire.

In my defense, that was a mistake.

I tried to put you out. I got water, but you panicked.

I don't even want to dig into that.

That's getting off subject. I want to talk to you...

Show and prove.

Show and what? What are you...

You want to marry my sister?

Show me you're worthy of her.

And prove to me you got what it takes.

How do you want me to do that? I don't get it.

Tomorrow, I'm going to take you on a ride-along.

You can show me what kind of man you're made of.

And prove to me that you deserve somebody as special as Angela.

Hell, yeah. Mmm-hmm.

Thank you, man.

I cannot wait to show you that I'm twice the man that you think I am.

I'll pick you up tomorrow.

All right. I'll see you then.

It's time to let go.

Hey, this is going to be great.

You will not regret this.






Didn't I tell you to bar that patio door?

What are you doing, man? It's 6:00 in the morning.

Good cops wake up before the crooks.

Get your ass up. Let's go.


James, that's not cool!

All right.

I'm ready, man.


You forgetting something?

Uh-uh. Forgetting what?

This could be the last time Angela sees your little ass alive.

Don't you want to say goodbye?


You can get shot today.

You know that, right?

Dead. You.


Hey, babe?

Listen, James just told me I could die.

ANGELA: No, you're not going to die.

If I do die, I want you to know that I love you.

Yes, baby, I know.

If this was a latte, it would be a love latte.

And you make me think of rainbows, because we both love colors.


And I love the way your hands open up and close, like monkey paws.

Remember when we ate that peanut butter?

You was like, "Put it on your nose," and I was like, "No."

That's the day I fell in love with you.

Give me a kiss.

I want five of 'em in a row. Five?

BOTH: Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

BEN: Deal. Done.

ANGELA: Go, go, go.

Hey. I hope I don't die, because I still got a lot more to say, and I know we got to go, so...

All right, let's go. Kick move.

You didn't tell me you had a car like this!

What's under the hood? A 5.7 liter Hemi?

Look at these tires! Those are 22-inch Z Pirellis.

That's a racing tire!

Are you driving it with the traction control or the posi... Okay. Okay.

I need a minute with you. Where's your team?

I got them sitting on a location.

Who's this?

Benjamin Barber. Prospective.

Prospective what?

I'm a pre-cadet at the academy.

I didn't realize that was a category.

No, I got him from that Boys & Girls Club.

I'm starting to do some mentoring and shit.

I'm just surprised you let anybody in the car with you.

I'm starting to take your advice.

Letting people into my life.

I may actually become the new smiley face of the department.

Have a seat. Cool. (CLEARS THROAT)

Not there. Right there.

Where you want me to sit at?

You didn't say anything first. You're not doing no mentoring.

BROOKS: The other perp from the underground is in the hospital. He just came to.

Anybody question him?

Because I'm pretty sure he knows what's going down.

Kind of hard for the guy to talk with his jaw wired shut.

He'll live. Hey, Lieutenant...

I think you're wrong about this Serbian connection.

You mean about leading to Omar?

The guy that no one's ever seen before?

Lay off, James.

Lieutenant, you're going to see me a lot...

You got a piece of lint on your jacket.

I'm sorry. That was... I'm sorry.

What's up his ass?


Here you go.

What's this? It's a waiver.

Sign it.

You don't just sign stuff. What does it say?

That states if you get your face burnt off, or you take rebar through your chest, or accidentally get poked by a hep C needle, or so stressed out that you want to eat a bullet, that states that you won't bitch out and sue the city.

City don't need that. City broke.

Is this necessary?

Are you going out with him? Yes.

Oh, it's necessary.

Stay there.

DISPATCH: Unit 220-C, start out on Piedmont and Peachtree.

Unit 260 is out on a signal twelve.

Hey, Gina.

Give me all the 126s you got today. Everything.

The crazier, the better. Send it straight to me.

You want 126s?

Yep. The more annoying, the better. Do it.

Hey, what are you doing with my glasses?

I wanted to see what it looked like.

Put this on. What is this?


You did not tell me I was getting a jacket in the car.


Whoa, whoa. What's with the tightness?

It's a Dri-FIT compression shirt.

Keeps my body dry. It wicks the moisture.

Put that jacket on, don't take it off.


I'm not. I'm not going to sweat in it either.

This is going to keep my body dry. Wicks it.

Let's go. Wait. Let me put my gloves on.

Let's go. I knew I was going to need gloves.

You don't need those. Let's go.


Wait. I got a jacket.

James! Guess what just happened.

BEN: This is it.

The real deal.

The hard, gritty streets.

I am so ready for this. I'm serious, man. Bring it on.

Be quiet. I'm sorry?

You talk too much.

Shut up.

Today is your Training Day.

BEN: Let me tell you something about that movie.

That's motivation right there.

I'm about to show you what these streets is all about.

What it takes to be a cop out here.


But you have to follow my lead.

I need you to do everything I say when I say, how I say, and as fast as I say.

I don't want no lip, no back-talk, no "Why?"

I just need you to jump to it. You hear me?

Do you want me to say something, or...

There's rules out here, you know what I mean?

Don't touch no perps unless you bringing them in.

There's no reason to escalate any situation.

You stay cool, and if you're outnumbered, you always call for backup.


Not some ways.

All ways. Locked in.

You got one day, and one day only, to show me what you got.

If you impress me, I have a few good words to say to the guy over at the academy about you.

Hey, James...

James, don't play with me like that, man.

Hey, give me one.

You're not a fiver?

All right. Dude, yes.

All right.

So what are we working on today? Omar?

How do you know about Omar?

I overheard you guys talking about it at the station.

What's this Omar guy look like?

Does he have a scar and everything?

Nobody knows what he looks like. Not even his own crew.

That's his power. He killed anybody who ever seen him.

DISPATCH: Unit 19, 126 in progress, Delacey and Leeward.

Pub owner complaining about bikes parked illegally.

Unit 19, copy.

This is it?

This is it.


(INHALES) It's about to happen.

Let me push the siren.

JAMES: No siren.

This is the siren. It's not a siren.

What is that? What?

That was the trunk.

That's pretty stupid for us to go chase bad guys with our trunk open.

It makes it look like we don't know what we're doing.

Okay, here's the deal.

The owner of that pub keeps complaining about people parking in his handicapped spaces, and loitering.

No, we don't play that.

So here's what I need you to do.

Go over there and simply get them to move.

Okay. Uh...

Anything I need to know, though?

Like, are they into human trafficking, dealing?

What's these guys' resume?

They're loitering. That's it.

No. Loitering today. It's Gotham City tomorrow.

Scum like this need to be taken down here and now, you know?

Okay, Mr. Here-and-Now.

Go make an example.

BEN: All right.

How do you want to do this?

You go around the front, I go around the back?

Little good cop, bad cop action?

Just you. I don't understand...

This is your chance to show me what you're made of, all right?

You got to represent now.

This is not the high school quad.


Don't go over there talking to those lions meowing like a pussycat.

What did that just mean?

You'll figure it out.

I don't think you can. That was definitely weird.

It's like the same thing.

Okay, I'm just going to go. I'm going to go.


BEN: Command and respect.

Good morning, gentlemen.

Some nice bikes you got here.

Harleys. I'm a Harley man myself.

You mind if I take a look at this one?


That's nice.


Houston, we have a problem.

I can't help but notice that you don't have an authorized handicap sticker on your DMV-issued license plate.

Now, with that in mind, sorry, but I'm gonna have to ask you guys to get on your bikes and leave this sector.

What is not being understood?


You done did it now.

You guys think you're tough because you're in a little gang?

You want to know what tough looks like, hmm?

I'm the definition of tough.

My mother was a stripper.

Her dance name was Asphalt.

Anybody else here been raised by a woman who clapped her ass for money?

Dollars. You haven't?

Which means that you wouldn't last a day in my world.

Let me tell you what's going to happen.

I'm going to tell you what's going to happen quick, fast and in a hurry.

You, you're gonna get some Purell and some baby wipes, you're going to clean this shit up.

Do I make myself clear, mister?


That's not a "mister," that's my wife.

I don't know what the hell you've been looking at, but I'm looking at a damn man.

I'm looking at a...

That might be a woman. There's a chance of that...

I don't care what it is!

I'm not going to argue with you over the sex of this thing.

You guys are going to jail, because I'm sick of doing this.


What's that? Who turned on their bike?

Is that your bike? Because I hear...

Who called them? Did you call them?

One of y'all paged them?


We all good for later?

SANTIAGO: Yeah, it's all set.


What about that other thing? Oh, yeah.

A kid named Runflat might have some intel on the Serbs.

Runflat? Yeah.

That piece of shit.

I'm putting cases on all you bitches.

You think you're going to do this shit to me?

You'll be playing basketball in Pelican Bay!

SHU program!

I'll go check it out.

Right. Catch you later, baby.

King Kong ain't got shit on me!

Really? Oh, shit!


I'm a lion. Get your hands off me. Get your hands off me.

I said I'm a lion!

You like that back, huh?

JAMES: Hey, hey, hey. Y'all don't want to do that.

Get off of me.


Jesus, thank you. Come on.

You didn't follow one rule.

I did follow rules.

I told you don't touch nobody.

BEN: It looked bad at the end, but you have to admit that for a second I had it under control.

No, you didn't. Yes, I did.

No, you didn't! James, that's...

You were so happy to see me (CELL PHONE RINGING) you damn near jumped in my lap.

Can you stop? It's Angela. Please.

I know who that is.

Hey, bouncy butt.

So, how's it going?

Great. Horrible.

Great. Horrible!


Yeah, babe, let me tell you something.

I'm cleaning up these streets so good, you'll be able to eat off of them.

Stop lying.

Babe, let me let you go, because there's a lot of stuff around here and you're breaking up. I love you, though. Okay? Bye.

JAMES: Did you call my sister "bouncy butt"?

BEN: You don't want to know.

All right, stay in the car.

Wait, what? I ain't staying in no car. I'm going with you.

No, you're not. Yes, I am.

No, you ain't. (SCOFFS) I want to help.

I'm not staying in this car, man.

Cool. All right. I'll let you help.

Thank you.

(CLEARS THROAT) I'm looking for a kid by the name of Runflat I need to talk to.

Runflat. Like a tire?

Long story. Okay.

See that youngster over there playing basketball?

Black shirt, striped pants?

BEN: Right there?

Yeah. That's his little brother.

All I need you to do is go over there, find out where Runflat is.

That's all I gotta do?

Think you can handle it?

Yes. And after this we're taking off the training wheels.

I'm sick of this putt-putt shit.

All right, over.

I need y'all to get out of here.

Let's move.

Am I speaking French? Go!

Uh-uh. You stay. What's up, little man?

"What's up, little man."

What are you talking about? I'm not the little man. You are.

Hey, don't start this if you don't want to finish it.

Start what? What, you about 3'10", 3'11"?

Yeah, but you know what I'm gonna do. Grow.

What you gonna do? Stretch? You hope!

Understand something, boy. I'm a man.

Whatever you say.

I'm an officer of the law.

She need to stop flirting, too.

Ronald. Talk to you.

Ball up.


What happened, man?

Where are you going, Ronald? Come on, man.

Ronald, why are you walking away, Ronald?

Hey, that's my car!

Get your ass back. I'm using it.

Take your time. You got it.

It's okay. Come on.

Why you walking off from me, Ronald?

Don't call me that around here. Call me Runflat, okay?

Don't call me by my government name.

What you know about that Serbian crew?

Screw them, man.

Coming over here thinking they own shit.

How they tied into Omar?


Nigga, don't play with me.

You still got them pins in your...

(SCREAMS) Come on. God!

Mamasay, mamasa, mamakusa! Oh!

Man, you're not a cop.

I've been empowered by a cop to come over here and ask you about the whereabouts of your brother.

Now give it up.

You think I'm gonna give up my brother again? He just got out.

You're gonna give him up.

You came to the wrong place.

I ain't telling you nothing.

What you just did was spit on my lip.

Yeah, I did.

That just got you a little time in prison.

You're gonna tell me what I need to know, or it's gonna get real ugly for you, Ronald.

I'm going to lock you up.

This is bullshit.

Bullshit is my middle name.

I got a real shaky relationship with the truth.

What the hell you shaking for?

Did you take a swing at me?

You reached for my...

Going for my gun? (SHOUTING IN PROTEST)

Now I got to defend myself.

No! Hold on, man. I'll tell you what's up. Damn!

All right. All I know is this.

Serbs ran on Omar's territory. He got mad, okay?

They trying to push something. They got a shipment coming in.

That's all I know.

I'm about to make a citizen's arrest.

I'll make a citizen's arrest, too.

For what?

Impersonating an officer.


You said you were a cop. That's illegal.

That is it, boy. This is what I'm going to do time for.

You better give up your brother. Give me your brother!

Stranger danger!


Stranger danger! Stranger danger!

Man, let me fix you up.

I don't want to touch you there. You want to see my what?

I don't want to see yours. He's playing.

My mama says that's private.

That's my nephew.

He's trying to touch all the little boys.

Get him!

Who got next? Who playing?

MAN: Let's see your badge!

You got next? What's up?

I'll be leaving here in a few minutes.

Once this little midget gets back in the car.

Start the car!

BOY: Run, shorty, run!

Open the door! It's me! Open the door!

BOY: Go cry home to your mama.

What took you so long? BEN: We should go.

Do the thing. Make the tires skirt!


JAMES: How did that work out for you back there?

BEN: Uh...

I think it would have worked out a lot better if I had a gun.

So, you need a gun to interrogate children?

It's about having confidence.

Me having a gun just gives me a certain level of confidence.

Knowing that it's below my belt. That's all I'm saying, man.

Have you ever even held a gun before?

The PX-48R controller is extremely realistic. Okay?


What are you laughing at?

Are you talking about a video game?


Don't mention those stupid video games to me, okay?

Don't say stupid. Don't call my games stupid.

It is stupid.

In my world, do you know what you would be considered?

A newbie. A newbie?

A newbie. You have any idea what level player I am?


You have no idea.

My gamer tag is spoken in hushed terms of awe and envy.

When I log on, people go crazy.

"Oh, my God! Black Hammer's in! (WHISPERS) Black Hammer."

Shit's not real.

You would be lost in my world.

Black Hammer would not help you.

Let me show you my world, all right? The real deal.

BEN: Why don't we just go to the department range?

Because that's for cops only. Which you are not.

Yet. Which I'm not yet.

Hey, James. Hey, Val, how you doing?

Good. How's it going?

Pretty fair for a square.

Got to train a new booty today.

I'm new booty?

I'm Val. How you doing? I'm Ben. New booty.

Good to see you, Ben. You, too.

They got everything you need here. Right. Right.

But this the real deal. Mmm-hmm.

It's not a Xbox. No video game controllers.

Just real deal. Right.

Here's the handguns. Val can hook you up.

Beretta, Glock, whatever.

I wish Assface was here.

Because he's more of a suppression fire disciple, you know?

I'm glad Assface is not here.

Why would you say that? He should be here. This is his world, too.


I could choose whatever I want?

Knock yourself out.

All right. You said it. No take-back-sies.

What do I want? What do I want...

Hurry up. You act like you're looking for doughnuts.

Why are you so impatient? I got shit to do.

Give me a second. Let's go!

Fine, fine.

I want to get...

I don't want that one. I want this one.

I want to go with this one. Pick it.

Smith and Wesson 500. Let me get that.

All right. It's a good choice, ain't it?

500 Smith and Wesson.

You like that choice.

You like it. Here you go.

Oh, ho, ho!

Bang, bang... Shit!

Problem? Did you feel that? No, no problem...

Got it?

Can I do that thing? Like how they do that...

You know what?

Can you do it?

Let's just go with the Glock.

All right.

That's a good choice, boy.

Don't touch me.

That's a tap. I didn't touch you. There's a difference.

This is touching. I didn't touch you.

There we go.

Hey, what's this? Shit! Oh!

It's all right, I got it.

You got it? Got it.

You want me to help you set it up? No, Ben I got it.

Should we get a book? (GUNS FIRING)

Let's see what you got.

Do we need goggles or earplugs or anything like that?

No, usually the bad guys don't give us time to put on that kind of stuff.

Okay, right. That's actually a good point.

It makes a lot of sense, and it's better to keep it real.

I would rather this be real. You know what I mean?

Keep it real. Yeah. Okay. (GRUNTS)

Here we go.

Freeze! How do you say freeze?

Freeze. Freeze.

Freeze. Freeze.

Okay. You know what it is? You don't move your top lip that much.

I move my top lip so it doesn't come out stern.

You get what I'm saying? (IN DEEP VOICE) Freeze.


Just shoot. Shoot.

Shoot. Shoot.

You pronounce everything. I got you. You ready? Here we go.

Freeze! Atlanta PD!

Get on the ground! Hands behind your head!

Fingers laced!

You better lace them! Lace them!

Shoot the gun. Okay. All right.

Ready? Here we go.

Damn it!

I pinched it. I pinched the inside of my hand.

I don't think the sight on the gun is quite calibrated.

The way I was shooting, it looks a little...

Yeah, it's off by a centimeter or two.

You right-handed or left-handed?

You were doing both. You're ambidextrous.

That's why I like shotguns. I'm more of a shotgun specialist, because I need both of my hands, because my upper body...

Let me use your 12-gauge, man.

Be careful, it's got a magnum loaded in it.

Oh, yeah. (LAUGHING)

Now we're talking. The street sweeper. Just like Fallujah.

Just like Fallujah.

My nigga.

Denzel, Training Day.

You might want to step back a little bit.

This thing got a little kick to it. Okay?

Freeze! You better stop before I put a hole in your back!

Oh, you think it's a game?

Oh, it's on now!

Oh, shit!

Got a little bit of kick to it.

My stomach in my ass.

Oh, yeah, you're ready for the streets.

This gun should be banned.

I really appreciate everything.

No problem, man.

Well! How did it go?

BEN: (IN HIGH-PITCHED VOICE) It was good. It was real good.

(CLEARS THROAT) I'm just a little rusty, that's all, Val.

A little more used to a higher-grade military weapon like an RPG or a flame thrower.

VAL: Yeah, we don't really get the exotic stuff.

Though we did have a couple of Zastavas in here the other day.

Let's go.

Wait a minute, you had some Zastavas?

Mmm-hmm. M92 or the M93?

I had the M92.

Are you kidding me? No.

I was going to ask you about the Black Arrow.

That's what I thought you was going to say.

We're talking about the Serbian submachine guns.

The M92 is a good gun, but that Black Arrow, let me tell you something, take your back off.

Serbian? Serbian, yes.

How the hell you know they were Serbian?

Uh, because I'm the Black Hammer. Platinum level. I told you that.

X-Y-C-Y. You press at the same time and it gives you a...

Who had these guns?

Two guys. One white, one black.


Um, I don't know.

One had an accent.

Let's go.


One had an accent? Yeah.

If you could do it, what would it be? (SPEAKS ACCENTED GIBBERISH)

What if you had the...


Let's go. I'm trying to figure this...

BOTH: Let's go.

What was that about?

Wait for me in the car.

I just got a clue, didn't I? In the car.

I just figured something out. I'm gonna get in the car.

Can you at least turn the car on?

Radio or nothing.

What's up, boss?

JAMES: Listen, them Serbians, they got something big going down.

I think they're selling something to Omar.

I believe it's military-grade weapons.

Damn, if Omar gets that kind of firepower, holy shit!

It'll never happen.

Matter of fact, I want you to find your boy at the Airport PD, tell him to keep his eyes open for anything strange coming out of Eastern Europe.

Did you listen to Brooks? He doesn't want us anywhere near this Omar thing.

We just have to fall back, please.

Santiago, you sound like a rookie.

Let me do the thinking for both of us, okay?

You hook that other thing up?

Yeah, it's all set.

You're going to be hearing from dispatch any minute now.

Good. I need to get rid of this clown.



What are you doing? I'm sorry.

My fault. I didn't know. I didn't expect that to happen.

Hey, I got a clue, didn't I?


Yeah, I did. I got instincts.

You say what you want. You know I do.

You think just because you play a little punk video game, that you're ready to be a cop out here in these streets?

Yes, I do.

You're ready to go toe-to-toe with the biggest kingpin in Atlanta?


You understand this guy has killed cops, innocent people, even his own crew.

And still he's got everybody thinking he's a ghost.

What's your little ass gonna do when we run up on Omar?

What a cop is supposed to do.

Why am I telling you what I would do?

How about we back up?

How about you tell me "thank you." That could go a long way.

"Thank you, Ben."

"You helped me with a clue. Good instincts."

DISPATCH ON RADIO: Unit 19, 126 in progress...

Shut up. Shut up.

Corner of State and Bellevue.

Let me say "Copy." Let me say it.

Please. Come on. Let me say "Copy."

Some cop stuff.


19, repeat that, please.


19, come again?

Hold up. Wait a minute. Copy...

Give me that. Stop it, she can't hear me!

Give me a second, dude. Get off, man!

Get off of it!

That's my wrist. Now that's unnecessary.

Copy that.

Copy that.

Copy that for real this time. The first one wasn't real.

19, please repeat.

BEN: You don't communicate, because if you tell me say "that," I will say "that."

JAMES: Man, shut up.

You bent my wrist.

CRAZY CODY: No! She took everything!

She took my boat!

CASHIER: He's down there and he won't stop throwing stuff.

Poor bastard's at it again.

CRAZY CODY: She took my car!

JAMES: This dude, again.

I just want my life back.

Cody Tillman, AKA Crazy Cody.

You know him? No.


JAMES: Hey, hey!

You better sit your ass down.

You stay right there, I'm going in.

No, let me go in.

You done. This one's mine. No.

You stay there. No. I want to talk to you.

No. Here I come.

Stay! Stay! No! No!

I'm coming in hot.

Grab me, James, grab me!

Okay. Okay.

What you doing over here? I want to talk to you.

I want to go. You can't handle Crazy Cody.

Can I please have some of Crazy Cody? Please!

I'm breaking every rule possible for you.

Please. Okay.

You get this right or I'm taking your ass home.

That's a deal. Go in there. This is a layup.

Show and goddamn prove. Hey!


I didn't see that coming, James.

Stop it!

You're here throwing all this produce and shit. Stop!

Listen to me, what you going to do is get on the ground and put your hands behind your head.

I ain't doing shit.

Handle this! Don't embarrass me.

What am I doing? Do your job!

I'm not trying to do my job?

Do your job! Go!

Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Don't you take... Keep your clothes on!

They took everything else. Might as well take my clothes.

Hey! Uh-uh. Uh-uh!

Get this situation under control. Make him respect you.

You better not pull it out. It's getting pulled out.

He's going to pull it out!

JAMES: Control the situation!

What am I supposed to do?

Arrest that man. You want me to arrest that?

He got his penis out!

He is packing, though.

I got nothing.

What are you doing? Stop. Stop!

Ben, what are you waiting on?

He has some freak honey shit!

What do you want me to do? Quit playing.

That's it. You're going to jail.

Honey Boo Boo! Stop it. You're going to jail.

Come on. Do your job.


That's police brutality!

Let the dude go. His heart is broken.

Hold on. Hold on.

Ain't nobody hurting him. (SCREAMING)

Finish this, man.



Quit playing. What are you doing?

Eat this chip! Eat it, bitch!


You failing.

I'm gonna make you my bitch.

You ain't gonna make me no bitch!

Come on, Ben.

You ain't going nowhere.

No! Get off me!


BEN: Yo, stop!

Get off. Get off of me!

Oh, shit. BEN: Stop, man!

I can't breathe!

James, he's choking me. It's not funny no more.

Drop the bottle!

Please don't do this.

Now you calm down!

Ben. you okay?


You Okay?

Book him on drunk and disorderly, resisting and assault.

I'll meet you up there.

I thought it'd be different.

I thought I'd be better.

I'm gonna go in here and fill out this paperwork, then I'll be back to take you home.

Don't worry about it, man, you'll be all right.


Hey, babe.

ANGELA: Hey, babe, how's it going?

Fine. It's going fine.


So, it's the weekend and I was going to make plans.

I was thinking maybe we can go to that new restaurant or...

Babe, I don't want to do nothing.

I just want to stay in the house and play my game.

I don't feel like being bothered.

What's wrong?

Come on, babe, talk.

You want to know what's wrong? Everything is wrong.

I don't know if I can do this.

What happened?

It's not what happened, it's what didn't happen.

I met the damn devil today in the form of a child.

Little boy was disrespectful.

He didn't respect me as a man, he had a foul mouth.

We could start off there, or if you want, we could talk about the fact that I got confronted by a man-lady biker thing.

I didn't know what it was. All I know is she had a beard and breasts, but the fact I thought it was a man and spoke on it, I'm wrong.

"You got the beard, not me!"

And to top it off, I go to the farmers' market, I get into a dispute with a guy named Crazy Cody, he started pouring honey on his body, I'm wrestling a man with honey!

No, wait a minute, Ben. Did you say Crazy Cody?

Yeah. What does that have to do with anything?

Baby, James plays poker with a guy named Crazy Cody.

What? What?

He's a blonde-haired white guy. He's known him a long time.


Question, babe, you ever heard of a 126?

Yeah. It's a cop code for an annoying situation nobody wants.

They do it to rookies. It's a joke.


Nothing. Babe, let me let you go.

I have to go. I'll call you later, okay? I love you.

I love you, too.

I got your damn 126.



CRAZY CODY: So, I'm standing there, right?

The guy's coming at me, he's like, "I'm nervous, I'm nervous."

He's like, "Put your hands up."

And the closer he gets, the shorter he gets.

And he's coming at me, then it was like a Cabbage Patch doll.

I've never seen anything like it. Then he gets on me, tries to put the cuffs on me, barn.

I got honey on me, I'm yelling, "Oh, Honey Boo Boo!"

So, can we stop with these 126s or is this guy coming back?

Oh, no. He's done. You hear me?

Done. Anybody got a fork?


JAMES: I'm serious, you know. Matter of fact, I don't even think he going to join the academy. Yeah.

All in all, I got to say, today was a good day.

All right, let's get you home. Tucked in.

DISPATCH ON RADIO: Unit 19, 126 in progress.

Suspicious person, 55 North Peachtree.

Hey, baby, cancel that 126.

As a matter of fact, I'm going to be offline for about a hour.

No, you know what? On second thought, copy that.

Unit 19 en route to 551 Peachtree.

Copy that. Copy that.

The hell you doing?

I told you I want to be a cop. I want to be a cop.

And that 126 might be serious.

I feel like I got my second wind.

Like I'm Action Jackson or somebody right now.

Let's go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. We discussed this.

You not cut out for this work. That's not true.

I'm taking you home.

I'm not going home like this. It's not going to happen.

Now, if this doesn't go well, I will be out of your hair, James.

All this cop talk will be finished.

Matter of fact, I'll go one up.

If this doesn't work, I will call Angela right now and tell her myself.

Your funeral.

Indeed it is.



JAMES: What's the problem this time?

I don't like these guys. Something's wrong.

You're gonna have to get a bouncer.

The department is getting tired of doing this for free.

I'm serious this time.

The one by the bar. Other dude, blue jacket.

They've been casing this place all week.

JAMES: I think you're right this time.

I need you to go to the car, call in 211, tell them we need a backup.

Okay. Will do.



What are you doing?

I want to go talk to him.

Gonna do it now.

Everybody on the floor!


Get on the ground. On the ground! Now!

Atlanta Vice! Everybody be cool.

No, no, no. Don't nobody be cool.

We're about to heat this up.

Ben! Yes?

Back to the car. Call for backup.


Look, the situation's already in progress.

I got this. Ben!

Get down! Yeah.

Get up, baby, stop. It's not real, it's fake.

Man, you got to be kidding me!

You gonna pull out a gun when you looking at this?

Get down, baby. I didn't know it was this much of a height difference.

Thank you. I'm gonna tip you.

Get 100 ones. I got you in a second.

You better chill, man.

Put the gun down.

We got hostages. BEN: Oh, no!

James, they got hostages.

You ain't gonna shoot me. (PEOPLE GASPING)

I'm gonna do it!

You do it, you next.

Ben! Yes?

Stand down!

I ain't gonna stand down.

I never stand down... from a 126.

This ain't no joke, man. This is the real deal.

You right, James, this ain't no joke. This is dead serious.

We serious up in here.

Shut up! You're about to get us killed, cop.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on, cowboy.

Oh, God!

I got a way for you to get out of here. Okay?

Put the gun down.

I'll forget you had hostages, and y'all won't get that much time.

No! Overruled. No.


Overruled! I don't like it. I don't want to do that.



Why would I do that, man?

Why do that when we can handle this right here, right now.

One winner, one loser. Let's get to shooting!

Ben! Let's shoot! Let's start shooting!

Man, you crazy!

Yeah, I am crazy.

Only thing that can kill crazy is a bullet. You got that bullet, huh?

Can you kill crazy? Kill crazy!

JAMES: Ben, get out of there!

Come on, Tim, what's the move?

Yeah, what's the move, Tim?

He got to ask you because you can't make no decisions.

The black man is following the white man once again.

Make a decision by yourself.

Tim, I'm back over here to you.

What you going to do? It's a chessboard.

I'm a rook. I'm about to take your bishop, but I can't because I got your queen.

Where I go? Where am I?

I'm gonna stop so you can see me.

You see me, huh? You see me? Shoot!

Ben! I'm going to do this fool!

Do me! Do me!


He tried to do me!


Bitch, you better get down and shoot!


James, this is real! This shit is real!

Don't you move, boy.

Oh, Jesus! This is real!

Take it easy, man. I didn't even do anything.

Hey, don't say anything.

Keep me away from this psycho.

Ow! Come on, man.

Where do I start?

Could say "good job."

You think because you're better than the average riff-raff that gives you the right to do things your own way?

To tote that little civilian bastard into an active crime scene?

L-T, I did not know it was going down like this, all right.

This owner right here is always crying wolf.

We come by to check it out, it's going down.

Perp gets shot, no other fatalities. What's the big deal?

You want a medal for that?

Now I hear you took him to a gun range?

And something about military weapons and Omar?

That dry, snitching-ass Santiago.

It's not Santiago! I got ears out here just like you do.

I told you to leave it alone.

But you're out here on your own.

I don't know half the shit you're working.

And all you say is "trust me"?

You should.

Haven't I earned that?

Let me be clear.

I can only cover your ass so much.

So clean your shit up.

Or I'll clean it up for you.

You, get in the car, you done.


We got more important 126s?

You almost got me killed!

Almost don't count.

So, you done. Let's go.

No, I'm not done.

I want to talk some more, I got something else I want to say.

I may not be a cop right now, but I will be. You hear me? I will be.

And there is nothing that you can do about that.

I tried to help you. Hey! Hey, man!

You came to me and said, give me a day to show me what you got.

I gave you a day.

It's not good enough.

So the answer to your question is no!

I do not give you my blessing.

I don't need your blessing.

This isn't Afghanistan. I'm not about to buy her with a goat.

That girl loves me, man.

That girl loves all of this.

Breathe it in, because it's in your face.

I'm taking care of her, not you.

You? Me.

You can't even take care of yourself.

You wouldn't last one day out here.

You think I'm gonna become a cop and get myself killed?

Leave her by herself?

This conversation is over.

Get in the car.

This is your problem, man.

It's why you don't have no damn partner.

You walk around here by yourself because you don't trust nobody.

Eventually you're gonna have to trust somebody, James.

I'd never trust you.

I'd never trust you with my life.

And my family's life?

Can you comprehend that?

You don't even know why you don't like me.

Tell me why! You don't know why.

Because you don't know me, James.

I know who you are.

You that clown that's always trying to talk yourself out of every situation.

No matter how deep you in it.

That's a bad character trait for a cop.

So get your ass in the car so we can go.

I ain't getting in no car. You getting in the car.

I'm not getting in no car.


You think I've never walked before? I'll walk.

You think I'm gonna beg you?

Don't beg me. I'll walk.


Let me jump in because I don't know where I'm at.

Back seat.

I'm not getting in no back seat. Back seat.



Hey, James?



Can you at least let me ride in the front seat, please?

Shut up.

Before I tase you in the mouth.

That's illegal. That's very illegal.



Did you hear about Runflat?

Turned himself in to County this morning.

Confessed to vandalism. Weird. Weird.

That ain't weird. He just scared.

Trying to get off the streets. It's Omar.

If he's onto Runflat, then he's definitely onto us.

We might want to pull our skirts over our faces and just back off, huh?

It will never happen, all right?

So just keep your eyes open.

All right, copy that.

That's a damn shame.

Boy just got out of jail and now he got to go back already.

See, that's where you don't know what you're talking about.

Runflat ain't been on the inside for about two years now.

That's not what his brother said.


Ow, man! What did he say?

I'm not telling you nothing after that.

What did he say?

He said, "You think I'm gonna give him up when he just got back?"

That's exactly what he said?

I got perfect conversation recall. It's a gift.

I just got another clue.

This is a two-clue kind of day for me, and being that that's the case, I need to be in the front seat right now.

No, it ain't. Yes, it is.

The kid's got another brother that drove for Omar, all right?

He escaped custody, left town.

Now, no way he'd risk coming back unless he had to be.

So, what's our move?

My move is to find the brother.

Oh, come on. Come on, James, after all I just did?

What'd you do?

I'm giving you clues left and right!

No. I can help!

I'll keep my distance. I'm serious.

Veto. You're done.

Fine. Take me home. I don't need this.

I'm going home. I'll take you home.

I'm going to go home and use the phone, call Lieutenant Brooks and tell him you out here freelancing this Omar case.

See what he thinks about that.

You better not. Oh, I am.

You'd call the lieutenant and tell...

You damn right I'll call the lieutenant.

You little snitch bitch.

Call me whatever you want. Snitch Bitch Ben.


Hey, man, you know where I can get these things?

Oh, hell no! I got the right to refuse service... (GROANS)

You better be lucky it wasn't me.

James, you broke the glass!

Oh, shit!

What's up? Come here. Get your ass over here, boy.

Get your hands off me, pig!

What you doing? Hey!

How stupid are you to hide out in the same place we found you before, Jay?

Plain sight. Classic tactic, man.

You better tell me where that Serbian buy is going down, boy, or I'm gonna give you a classic tactic.

I ain't telling you nothing!

Why'd you even come back, Jay, huh?

This is becoming a family tradition.

Tell me where that buy is, or you going to jail with a bullet wound.

You think he playing with you? You think he got time for games?

This man is crazy. If he pull the gun out, that means he serious.

Tell him where the buy is going down.

Where's it going down at?


BOTH: Bullshit?

Oh, no, this is real shit.

You better tell me where that buy going down!

Tell us where the buy is. You hear me? Tell us where the buy is!

Forget both of y'all!

Really? That's how you feel?

You want to feel this? That's right!

You want to see crazy? I'll show you crazy!

Tell me where the buy is! Tell me where...


Oh, shit.

He shot me!

I'm sorry.

Yeah, he shot your ass.

You damn right I shot your ass.

He going to shoot you again. No. No.

Because he crazy. I can't handle this one.

I'm crazy.

I can't handle this one. It's out of my hands.

You want to see crazy?

I'll show you crazy! You think it's a game?

Tell us where the buy is!

You better tell me where the buy is!

Okay. Okay.

It's at the old factory. The abandoned one off of Huber.

Okay. Old abandoned factory.

What time? 9:00.

If you lying, Jay, I'm gonna shoot you in the other shoulder.

Just keep him away from me!

Boy, you want it hot?

You want to get some hot slugs up in you?

Slugfest, homie.



Hey, man, it's going down now.

Over at that old factory on Huber.


Okay, I'm on my way.

I'm calling in for some heavy backup, all right?

All right.

Where'd you get that gun?

I kept it from the club.

You know the guy you shot in the ass?

Come on, man! Now!

Here! Hey, mother...

I thought the safety was on. I got him to talk though, didn't I?

Yeah, you got a very interesting interrogation voice.

Nice and screechy.

Okay. It's all this intensity.

That's what it is.


Wait for me here.

Are you serious?

Of course I'm serious.

If I had time to drop you off, I would, but I don't.

It's my clue that got us here. I've been helping you all day!

Oh, you have? Yes.

Is that why you just shot somebody? On accident?

That's not fair.

And before that, you asked a suspect to actually execute you.

That's because I thought it was another 126. You know that.

This is not another 126, Ben.

This is the real deal.

So the time for jokes is over.

So the kind of help you got, it's not the kind of help I need.

I'm just trying to go...

Do I have to cuff you to the wheel?

You ain't gotta do that.

Where's your ride-along?

He flamed out. I had to take him back.

Where's backup?

Probably running late.

Listen, I got a look inside.

They're all in there, it's going down right now.

We not waiting.

Just FYI, when I get in there I'm gonna start shooting people.

I haven't shot anybody all day.

We know, Santiago. Let's hit it.

Okay. Here's what we should do. I...

Man, what the... Oh!

Oh, hell no.

That's right. Stay still.

Yeah, surprise.


I don't want to hear that.


A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L- M-N-O-P... I can't do it.


I can't believe you two punks been protecting Omar this whole time.

Pays well.

No benefits, but we get those from the day job.

I should have known.

Greedy bastards.

James, we're not giving anything away.

We're selling it because we're businessmen.

And we're enterprising it so that Omar won't have to hide no more.

And all you had to do was just let it go for one day.

If you had let it go for one day, you wouldn't be here right now.

MIGGS: Now things are not gonna end well for you.

JAMES: Yeah, don't be too sure.

You didn't want to play ball, so here we are.

It's not easy on us either, believe me.


Oh, my God! Shit!

Thank you.

Omar appreciates the delivery of his weapons.

What is this?

That's just a loose end that we're gonna take care of very soon.

Added bonus for Omar.

SERBIAN BOSS: So, can we do business now? Yeah.

Can I see the merchandise?


Didn't have to be like this, James. Nice.

You could've had a little taste of that.

I for one, though, I feel hurt, because we never hung out.

We never watched sports or shared some chicks together.

It must be tough being an island though, huh?

Nobody to have your back.

You know what? You should see a therapist about this, because you don't want to spend the rest of your life...

Oh, I'm sorry.

I forgot. You're about to die.

BEN: I want that one for myself.


Who the hell are you?

Who am I?


Oh, shit.

Yeah, that makes me laugh.

Especially considering the fact that this is my deal.

That these are my men.

SANTIAGO: Wait a minute.

You're Omar?

That's right.

Omar is here.

I know what you're thinking.

Nobody's ever expecting to see Omar, but he's here. And why is that?

Nobody can tell me why because it's a surprise.

This is a surprise inspection.

So I suggest you all put a smile on your face, because today is the day that I finally decided to let you see mine.

Welcome to me.

Where's Jay?

Oh, Jay?

I left Jay ass at the pawn shop because he wasn't prompt.

Everybody knows that I like my shit prompt.

It's more professional that way.

Ain't that right, my Serbs?

I've been keeping tabs on all of you for some time now.



Let me take the time out to give you this.


You have been crushing all week, you hear me? Yeah.

I need more men like you.

You're a good man, you know that?

I want you to keep keeping on, young butt.

Matter of fact, do me a favor and give Omar a gun.

A gun?

Did I stutter, hmm?

You're gonna embarrass me in front of my crew after I just gave you a compliment?

I said, give Omar a gun.

Hold up. Now hold up. I thought Omar was 6'4".




How tall is Omar now?

Anybody else want to weigh in on how tall he thinks Omar is?

No? Does anybody else want to test me?

We weren't expecting to see you.

But it's better that we deal with this business personally.

Of course it is. I'm sorry you had to see that shit.

Hey, and I want to apologize for this because that's not me, okay?

I don't want y'all thinking it is, and this is stupid, too.

So I'm sorry for that.

Now, I gotta take the time to give a special shout-out to Miggs and Santiago.

Hell, yeah.


I'm clapping, ain't I?

Am I mapping?


My double agents.

You guys brought me the best prize of them all.

James Payton.

What you think you doing...

Shut your ass up, man!

You don't have the right to talk.

I'm gonna kill you.

See, James, for those who don't know, James has been chasing my ass day and night for some time now.

But he can never catch me. You know why?

Because he's one of those people who thinks he always knows best.

Doesn't think that people are good enough for certain people, without even really knowing those other people.

You with me?

Guess what today is, big man? Today is the day that you die.


I'm going to have to put some tarps down and shit.

Now I might finish you off with my gun, I might.

But I'm going to start you off with the cold steel of my katana blade.

I'm talking death by a thousand cuts.

Oh, I'd like to see that.


Give us a little taste of that.

MIGGS: (LAUGHING) Yeah, I'd be entertained by that.

A little preview. Come on.

Hell yeah.



You ready? Here it come.

Don't you.

I gotta cut you. Don't you cut me.

What you think I gotta do? I gotta do it!




That's what you get, po-po!

Maybe stab him a little more, cut him more.

Shut your ass up. I ain't no show pony.

This shit is over.

Now what I'm going to do is I'm gonna cut you loose.

Mmm-hmm. Yeah.

I'm going to let you all handle this shit, while I take this piece of shit somewhere. Get your ass up.

Let's go. Walk!

SERBIAN BOSS: Good, because this was getting ridiculous.

Thank you.

The hell are you looking at?

Nothing, Omar.

BEN: You can call me Omar now?

Can we just keep it moving?

I will not run a crew without respect.


I won't do it.

Get in here.

Let me tell you something.

Let me tell everybody in here something right now.

It's about respect in this game!

I will not tolerate a crew that does not respect me.

Respect is best served cold!

MAN: It's revenge!

BEN: Who said that?

Was that you?


Revenge is a dish best served cold.


Who in the hell are you?

I'm Omar.

Who the hell are you?

What are you doing in my warehouse?

What the hell's going on here? Kill them both.

Fellas, please.

We don't want to make Omar nervous.



Let me explain something to you. Omar is very comfortable.

You know why?

Because Omar doesn't have a bunch of guns pointed at him, new guy.

I really don't mind that you're pretending to be me, whoever you are, but what I do mind is that any of these idiots actually believe this clown!

Ask this guy right here who he thinks Omar is.

I don't know, it just hurts.

You shot Roberto?

You damn right I shot him.

I'm impressed.

Problem is, if Omar shoots Roberto...


Oh, shit!

Omar shoots Roberto.

I like you, little man. You got balls.

So, you Omar!

Wait right there.

Damn, man!

You ain't what I pictured.

You ain't nothing but a black dude.

Probably from Decatur.


That's what you get for thinking, James. That really ain't your thing.

See, if you was thinking, you'd get the big picture. You'd see where you are.

Look around you, James. You see where you are?

You're in the middle of one of the biggest arms deals to ever go down in this town. You could be in on it.

But you playing cops and robbers.

You think you been looking for me, but I've been watching you.

I've been following you.

I've spent a lot of time, lot of money thinking about you.

I spent so much money in fact, your boys are now working for me.

Everything all right with your packages, fellas?

Yes, sir. SANTIAGO: Come to the other side, man.

Let go of this self-respect shit.

Last I heard, it ain't buying you a house in Florida.

See, everybody wants to be on the winning side, James.

That's what I want for you.

You out front, me in the shadows.

We could run this town.

Yeah, that's right, I see you're curious.

I'm gonna make you this offer one time, one last time.

What do you say?

I'm Omar!

Shut up! Would you please stop!

Nobody believes you.

Get over there.

I'm gonna get with you later. (WHIMPERS)

Come on now.

What's it gonna be?

Get your goddamn hands off me.


Well, I tried to put the man in the penthouse.

He wants to spend his life in the poorhouse.

Guess we'll have to reinstate the death penalty.

You know what, Omar? It really don't matter.

You could smoke me right here, because we all gonna die up in here anyway.

Oh, are we? SERBIAN BOSS: What are you talking about?

You know what I'm talking about.

Your boy Marko told me everything.

It's a big setup.

Them boxes right there, ain't nothing in there but replicas.

Not true.

You ain't gonna like how this movie end.

You just walked into your own assassination.

We'll open the boxes and find out, won't we?


Which way do I go? Right here.

Yo, this is crazy, man! This shit is crazy!

Calm down! I can't calm down!

Holy shit! Oh, shit!

James, I see a gun!

Get it!


Shit! I got it! I got it!

Selective fire. Visual confirm target. Short bursts.

Just shoot! Come on, here we go.

One, two, three, go!


I thought it was the extended mags! It's not the extended mags!

What you talking about?

Shit, I'm out.

What the hell are you doing?

In a game, you can pick up ammo off the ground!

This ain't no damn video game!

Hold on! I got one!

Oh, God! Let's go!

Same thing on the count of three.

Watch out!

I just saved your life!

Shit! I just saved your life!


Save my life and get me the hell out of here!


Yo, we can't go that way.


Because they got AK-47s down there.

Two shotguns. They're probably Benellis.

From the sound of it, it might be AR-15 as well.

You can hear all that?

It's from the game.

I got a perfect recall. I'm a Platinum level player.

Here you go! Huh? See how you like that!

Call me the perfect storm. Grenade!

Hey, what you doing?

You got five seconds to pick it up and throw it back.



Stop throwing the goddamn grenades!

I already pulled the pin.

Another one!

James, the money.

JAMES: Ben! Get your ass back here!

It's gonna blow! Let's get out of here!


You all right? I'm good.


That's it?

That's not so bad. I thought it was going to be bigger than that.


My Car!

It's probably still drivable though, because it happened in the back.

You can't drive it now.

Yeah, it's definitely not drivable. At first it was, but after this, there's no way you can drive it.

We have to get out of here. Come on.

You wanna get a cab, or what?

Let's go. Okay. All right.

BEN: So, what was Omar going to do with all those guns anyway?

JAMES: Probably start an army and take over the city.

He's got half the cops on his side.

So, we stopped him?

For now.

Hey. What?

Slow down, man.

You see I got the money, right?

Yeah, that was good.

Hold this. My sock is wet.

Must have stepped in a puddle or something.

Hate it when that happen.

(GASPS) What is that?

JAMES: Damn. You shot.

I think I would be able to feel if I got shot.

You got so much adrenaline going through you, you don't feel it.

But I'm serious.

JAMES: Wow. BEN: What?

It went straight through.

Oh, my God!

There's a hole in my leg!

I got shot!

Yeah I was pretty clear on that.

Oh, shit! It hurts now!

All right. Sit yourself down. Sit down.

I ain't gonna sit down! I just got shot!

I can't feel my toes!

I can't feel my toes!

Shh! Give me your belt.

You gonna whip me because I got shot?

Tourniquet! Okay.

You have to get a cold piece of meat like a steak.

You have to put a steak on it, man.

Listen! I'm listening.

I got shot! You're gonna be okay.

You lost a little blood. Just have to get you to a hospital.

Anybody down here? Calm down!

All right, calm. I'm calm.




Hey, Lieutenant, we got a problem here.

I'm aware. Make this easy on us, James. Come on in.

Wait, what are you talking about?

Listen, Santiago and Miggs, they dirty.

(CHUCKLES) Funny, they're saying the same thing about you.

They got Marko and his buddy backing them up.


Hey! Tell him I got shot.

Shut up. Okay.

Lieutenant, you gotta believe me, it didn't go down like that.

You know I'm on your side. Come in, James.

Just don't make it any worse. Where are you?

BEN: My foot, I think the tourniquet too tight.

We already at worse.

Is the ambulance coming?

Is it coming? No.

And we can't call one either.

They'll be all over the scanners.

What does that mean?

It means I'm on my own.

You're not on your own.

You got me, man.

Let's get you to a hospital.

Okay. Oh, shit.

Stop the car. Stop!

Sorry to inform you, sir, but I have to confiscate your vehicle.

That's not even a real badge.

I'm a police officer, I need you to get out.

How you gonna carjack me without a gun?

You right. Get your ass out.

Watch the sweater, man! Watch the sweater, man!

Hold on to your weed!

Firefighters are still battling a nasty blaze here at an abandoned warehouse in the Old Fourth Ward district of Atlanta.

Who cares?


DOCTOR: Let's start two bags of O neg.

Let me know when the next OR's available.

James, take my hand. Ain't happening.

James, please.

Here, call Angela.

Tell her I love her. Tell her I love her so much.

She sent you a text.

What she say? Read it to me. It says...

"Come home soon."

"Come home soon"?

Oh, my God!

It's okay. Keep going.

James, what if I never see her again?

Where's the doctor at?

I'm right here.

Doc, am I dying? You're not dying.

No, seriously.

DOCTOR: What's going on, James? BEN: What's going on?

It's complicated. I know you supposed to call this in, but I need you to hold off on that. (BEN WHEEZING)

Doc, I'm losing breath, I think I need some CCs.

I want you to buy me some time, so we can make sure that the one that did this don't come back and finish the job.

You feel me? Okay.

Your buddy lost some blood, so I'll give him something for the pain.

We'll get him in the next OR that opens up.

I appreciate it, Doc.

Nurse, start him on some morphine, dress that wound, and let me know when the next OR opens up.

James, should we give him some of the money we took?

I don't know what he's talking about.

You know what I'm talking about. The money.

We good here, Doc. WWJD?

Shut the fuck up!

SUDS31: Lathered Lotus, what's your twenty?

I found the entrance to the prison door, I'm taking heavy fire.

Assface23, take out that machine gunner.

ASSFACE23: Negative. Too hot.

If you actually want to win, you have to listen to me.

All right. This is not a game.

(DOORBELL RINGING) It is actually.

Shit! Someone lay down suppressing fire. I have to answer my door.

You are go for door.

ANGELA: Who is it?

Angela, it's Santiago and Miggs.

Can you do me a favor, can you open up?

I need to talk to you for a second.

What happened? Is everything okay?

How are you doing? Good.

Can we come in for a second?

Sure. Sure.

We're just looking for James and your boyfriend.

They're not here by any chance, are they?

No, I haven't heard from James or Ben in a while.

Is everything okay?

For you, no.

Wait, did you guys just hear that?

Yeah, what the hell was that? What should we do?

We should finish the game, assholes.

No. Listen closely.

ANGELA: Miggs and Santiago, get out!

You can't hear that?


Yeah, something's wrong.

Can I ask you a question?

How many rainbows are you made out of?

Because right now, I can see one, two, three trainbows.


I just said "trainbows."

You know what, Ben? Hmm?

I read you all wrong.

What are you talking about, you "read" me?

Me and Angela had it rough.

Moving from foster home to foster home.

It was right after our parents died.

It was hard, man.

I didn't trust nobody with Angela.

Can't nobody protect her like me.

It was how I used to think.

It's hard to change, you know.


It's okay. It's fine.


I need to trust her a little more, you know.

She a big girl.

She know how to pick the right guy.




That is it right there.

That's why I made it my ring tone, because I like it.

How do you answer this thing? You have to slide it.

Those things are crazy.

It's your buddy, Assface.

Assface? You have to answer that.

I can't wait for you to meet Assface. You gonna love him.


I need to speak to the Black Hammer.

No, he can't talk right now. He's a little incapacitated.

Ain't nobody constipated.

What's this pertaining to?

I think there's trouble at his house.

What? I heard shouting.


Just now, from Angela.

How many voices did you hear?

Two. Miggs and Santiago.

Are you sure those were the names?


Thank you, Assface.

Oh, my God, what happened?

You look like a monster right now.

Miggs and Santiago, they got Angela at your house.

What? Oh, no!

Sit back down. You on meds. You can't move.

No, listen to me. This is what we gonna do. Listen.

You gonna help me up. And you and me, and him.

We have to take him with us.

The three of us, we gonna go over there and kick some ass.

I can't have nothing happen to you. Angela would kill me.

After all we been through today, you still don't trust me?

Man, you still under... (STATIC ON POLICE RADIO)

FEMALE OFFICER: Have you seen these guys?

DOCTOR: No. Nothing.

Are you sure?

Come on, we have to get there. Come on.

We have to get... Oh, shit!

Oh, you should have helped me, James.


BEN: Are my lips chapped?



OMAR: James, my man.

I'm here with your boys Santiago and Miggs.

Got somebody who wants to holler at you.

There are three of them and they're armed. Don't touch me!

I'm gonna tell you something, if you touch her, I'm peeling your wig back, you understand me?

Ooh! Ooh! Threats. Threats.

JAMES: I know how you look now.

I done seen your face.

OMAR: Keep talking, baby sister ain't gonna make it.

What's it gonna be, James?

What do you want?

What do I want? I want my money.

Yeah, I got it. Yeah, come on, man, you gotta hurry up before we get started without you.

We be there in 30 minutes.

But we right around the corner.

Exactly, but they don't know that.

Right. They just unlocked the Platinum level player.

Ain't gonna be no cheat codes.

I need you to stay focused. Follow the plan.

I'm focused. Timing gotta be on point.


I'll need you to come in fast.

We gonna get their ass. Mmm!

ANGELA: Don't touch me.

SANTIAGO: I could make you so happy.


Hey. Go check that out.



BEN: Damn it, I missed him. Ben?

You again? Where you at?

I'm high as a kite. I can't feel none of this.

Get off of him. BEN: James!

Omar, freeze!


James! You better have my money.

Get off of me.


Come here! Come here!



I'll be with you in a sec, babe. It didn't even hurt.

Black Hammer!

Bring my sister into this?

After everything I did for you! Get up! Get your ass up.

(PANTS) You are gonna respect me.

Okay, listen. I'm not trying to...




You want some more?

I'm sorry, I just made a huge mistake.

It's too late for that.


Get off me. Get your hands...



How does it feel to be on the other side now, huh?

You always think you're better than everybody, getting all your citations. Looking down at all of us?

How does it feel now, huh?

Do it.

Get away from my brother!

Son of a... Great, baby!

Ang, behind you.



ANGELA: James!

OMAR: Girl, you better bring your little narrow ass on before you make me mad!

James! Come on with me.


Get off of me!

Omar! James!

Let her go, man!

Damn, James, you disappoint me, man.

Make you a nice offer. Nice offer!

You got to turn me down.

You know I don't like to be disappointed.

That's all right, you stopped this deal, but there's always another deal to be made.

I'm accepting your offer now.



No. Now, you gonna do what I tell you to do.

You gonna put your gun down, you gonna watch me drive off with your sister.

That's what's happening now.

You know I can't do that.

How about now?


What's it gonna be, James?

ANGELA: Shoot him, James!

You shut your little ass up. Just keep your narrow ass still.

Girl, you don't hold still you gonna make me...

What? What? ANGELA: No.

OMAR: Come on, James.


Trust me.

OMAR: Clock's ticking!

What's it gonna be?

All right. Whoa.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Oh, now you want to get some act right.

I'm putting it down.

Oh, now you're putting it down, okay!

Bye, James.

BEN: Kick move.


How do you like that end?


Game over, bitch.

Oh... He getting up.


James, you got him, right?

Let's move.

BEN: I didn't even realize I got shot till we left the warehouse.

But I didn't panic, though.

Here comes the lieutenant.

So, now what are you going to do?

What you mean?

Well, after three years and all that overtime, you finally got your man.

I didn't get my man.

We got our man.

BROOKS: I never liked those two.



No, I'm not going to say it. I'm not.

No. I'll see you at the office.

Did you see that?

Actually, I didn't.

You didn't see the look that he just gave me?

No. That was a look of respect, James.

I didn't even tell you when they was shooting at the warehouse what I was doing.

Everybody's all over the place, but I'm locked in on Omar...

JAMES: Omar.

For the record, I would've never taken your offer.

See, you always missing the big picture, James.

Yeah, but I ain't gonna miss your ass.


Get his ass out of here.


Ben held his own, huh?

Did he impress you enough?

We didn't get ourselves killed.

So I guess he did all right.

That was your approval.

You just gave me your blessing. Did you hear that, Ang?

James, you just gave me your blessing just now.

James, don't you walk... Come here, James.

Baby, you gotta help me because this morphine done worn off.

This shit hurts. James!

I can't chase you because of my leg, but I wanna give you a hug.

Look at this, ladies. He has amazing taste.

Great taste, right?

No. Hey...

Just hold on.

I need you at least 15 feet away from this grill at all times.

James, please don't start.

I can't even believe you over here, man, after what you did to me.

What I did to you was not my fault.

You set me on fire! You know what?

On my phone I can go to a website, and this website will give me instructions on how to use this machine.

You're not using my grill. Back off.

Give me your Wi-Fi password.

No. Let me get your wee-fee.

Give me the wee-fee!


There's so many other passwords that you could have chose.

Airplane. Bike.

It's too much, man.

I'm in, watch out. Let me do it.

Move. No. James.

Come on. Stop it. This is unnecessary.

This is stupid.

No, get back. Will you trust me!

I'm a man that's weeks away from graduating from the police academy.

Dude, this is symbolic.

All right. Thank you.

But you gotta turn the gas on...

I turned the gas on five minutes ago!


BEN: I'm all right, Angela!

(COUGHING) I'm okay.

Hey, James, you should give your neighbors a call, because I think I killed their dog when I came in hot.

I might have second-degree burns, people.

Let's just say third-degree to be safe because my chest is