Ridge Runners (2018) Script

How much?

Hey Rach...

Got to get up, hit that clock.

She walks the dog at 6:30.

Hey sorry I'm home really late. We had a stakeout that didn't pan out cause our guy didn't show.

And um, I couldn't call because we didn't know if we'd have to move.

How old are you?


31, in case you forgot.

By the time I was your age, I had a husband, I had a kid... You... And I had a full time job.

Shouldn't the fact that I'm 31 be reason enough not to be mad at me for being home a little late?

You think I'm that you're home late?

Well not now.

What did you tell me last week?

That I'd start looking for an apartment.


Have you slept at all?


You haven't even started looking have you?

No. And how about you go to bed and I'll finish this.

If I don't do it you won't.

You'd also said that you're gonna be looking for another job.

And I have an interview lined up for tomorrow.

Are you not eating anything?

I'd rather you stay where you are. I'm not hungry.

Hey Morning.

Yeah we got a missing girl.

Oh no. Yeah.

She's only 12.

Halley Dawn.

Have her parents been in?

No, not yet. But we did speak to the mom.

When is she coming in?

Should be any minute now actually.

I'll keep you updated.

Thank you.

How ya doing?

I'm good.

You good?

Yea, I'm good.

Did you hear about the girl?

Yea, Mike was telling me earlier.

I think we have to interview the mom, Maddie Dawn.

No father?

No, doesn't seem so, which is going to make this tougher.

I hate it when they cry.

It's actually a telltale sign, you know.

Because when people die, they mourn.

But when people lose people...

Then they become hysterical. Ya know? Hyperventilate.

Snot cry.

Hey guys, the mom is here.

Mrs. Dawn, I'm officer Willow and this officer Shepherd.

Um, it's just Maddie.

I know you're having at hard time with this.

Thank you for coming down here.

Well sure, um, is there any news on Halley?

No not yet.

Why don't we start from the beginning.

Ok. Um.

Well, um... The neighbors picked up her and her friend up from school. Um.

The Youngs. Cain and Marie.

And that was about three thirty. And then um, around 7 we started getting ready for an office party at my house.

And where do you work?

Um, the race track.

The one out on the ridge? The one on sixty three?

Yes. Okay.

Do you think you can, uhm... Make a list of people that were at that party that night?

Um, not of the top of my head no.

Ok, then what happened?

Well, I tucked her in a little after eleven and um...

The party died down around four.

And I went upstairs to check up on her, before I went to bed. She was gone.

Ok, but you didn't call it in until after seven?

Well, no because, she likes to sneak off to the neighbors house. Um.

Ok she sneaks out a lot.

Well, no. Yes, but just to go over and see her friend Jane. Their daughter. They're school friends.

Did you talk to them?

I did, and they hadn't seen her since yesterday.

Ok, so not her friends then where else would she be.

I don't know. I just want her home.

I just want her home.

Excuse me, I'm going to get Mrs. Dawn some coffee.

Detective Willow?


Olivia Peterson. They sent me down here about a missing girl case.

Yes, you're the social worker here.

Um... Yea, we don't get a lot of cases like this.

No, we do not. Uh, the state sent me here, uhm, to talk about some things with you.

Yeah, well she's a run away so I don't know what you need.

A lot of times a runaway can just be a sign of something else happening in the home. Like sexual abuse.

Ok, uhm, right now she is just gone.

That's all we know, but when we know more, we'll let you know.

Uh, I really, really, hope I don't have to call you.

But detective.

If you want to talk to her, she's right here.

Thank you.

This is Olivia from DHS.

Go ahead.

I know this is a hard time for you right now.

But can you answer... Were there a lot of men around the house?

Um I date a little. Nothing weird.

Ok, um. Does she run away frequently?

She runs off to the neighbors without permission all the time.

But I would not call that running away.

Ok, uhm...

Thank you for your time.

Well, government workers, right?

So the father, is he around?

I'm sorry. He died about...

He died about five years ago.

I'm sorry. I could really use him right about now.

I'm sorry.

Don't worry about it.

Who were your neighbors again?

Uhm, the Young's.

Can I get you to write down their address for us?

Of course.

What about school?

Uh, Southside. That's were she met Jane.

And what exactly do you do at the racetrack?

Uhm well I help keep the books there.

And uh pretty much stock the concession stand And check on the racers the night of the race, and make sure they have everything they need.

Racetrack make enough money that they need an accountant?

Well, it's not like we deal with big sums of money or anything. But it's a job. And Halley liked to watch the cars.

So you're in charge?

Oh no. No my boss is Clayton Woods.

You know I think we have enough right now to go on.


I want you to stay in the area.


Stay positive.


If there is anything else...

I know, yeah.

We have your number...

Ok. And we'll call you.

Alright. Thank you.

Hi. Mr. Young? I'm Detective Sheppard and this is Detective Willow.

Hello how can I help you?

Uh, we'd like to ask you a few questions about one of your neighbors.

Thank you.


Hot out there.

This is about Halley. She's missing.

Hey, uh... Jane, why don't you give us a second ok?

We'll go eat after the detectives leave. Thanks Honey.

She's a sweet girl. What do you do for a living?

I work at a church.

Ah, you know I thought I recognized you.

St. Paul's right?

Yeah, for about 5 years.

Mr. Young, how would you describe your neighbor?

Uh, not much to say, really. She's quiet.

A lot like Halley, really.

Any complaints?

Just all the cars.


She has guests over, a lot. People from work.

Parties I guess.




What? She dates a lot. Nothing serious though.

You ever meet any of these guys?

Just the one. Clayton, he's her boss.

From the racetrack?

Yes Sir.

What does she do at the racetrack?

She's their accountant I think.

Yea I think that's right.

Detectives how serious is this?

Jane and Halley are close, I don't want her to worry.

You know, Maddie came over this morning asking if she had come by last night.

Is that odd?

No. She's over here a lot. Our house is sort of a safe haven for kids like Halley.

What does that mean?

Well, it means she doesn't have the best home life.

You know her mom works a lot. We know her dad died awhile back.

We just try to help. When you're in my line of work you meet a lot of kids who need help. Most of them in worst situations than Halley's, we just try to help as many as we can.

We're a foster home. When DHS needs a home for a child temporarily, they call us.

Anything out of the ordinary over at the Dawn's?

Besides her mom not being around much, no.

When was the last time you saw Halley?

Um, two or three nights ago. Jane and Halley wanted to watch something on Disney, Nickelodeon, I don't know.

So maybe Sunday night?

Can I join you?


Jane right?

Yes Ma'am.

You know about your friend?

Yea. I know she's missing.

I just wish she would have told me before she ran away.

You think she ran away?

Yea. She didn't like her home. She and her mom argued a lot.

But don't a lot of kids argue with their moms?

I guess. She didn't like talking about her mom that much.

I just wish she would have told me. I could have gone with her. We could have gone everywhere together.

Do you know where she is?


What are you thinking about?

I hope she's somewhere cool. Somewhere fun.

Like on a plane. Halley loved planes.


Yea, she always wanted to ride one.

We planned it. I would go with her, we would get on a plane.

Fly away.

Go somewhere awesome.

You ever been on a plane?

No. Have you?


I went to Fort Worth once.

I know it's not very awesome. But a lot of things get pretty uncool when you grow up.

That sucks.


Let's say Halley didn't run away.

Maybe somebody took her who didn't ask her mom's permission.

Do you know somebody who'd do that?

No. Not if you mean bullies. Everybody liked her.

What about her mom? What do you think of her?

Ms. Dawn? I've never really met her.

My parents say she is a little rough around the edges.

How so?

One time Halley had to come over here and ask for a ride to school herself. Later, my dad told me it was because her mom was hungover.

How long have you known her?

Since the 1st grade.

And she comes over here a lot?

Yea. She said it was because she gets bored but I just think she wants to get out of the house more than anything.

Did she come over here last night?

No, Ma'am.

How did you two meet?

We had the same 1st grade teacher.

She was the new student in class.

For whatever reason she started school late.

The teacher made us all get up and greet her.

I was the last one to say "Hi".

When I turned around, all but two seats were taken.

So we became table neighbors. Then she moved down the street, we became real life neighbors.

I can't even imagine.

That poor girl.

We'll find her.

If you don't want to talk about it we..

I don't want to talk about it.

Look, I could tell you that this will be the only case like this you'd ever work. But I'd be lying.

We don't work on the good days. We work on the bad days.

It's what we do, we're cops.

At least that's what we say at poker night.

We lie about a lot there too.

But everybody lies, right. We lie to our parents, we lie to our spouse we... Sorry.

It's fine. Yea, we all justify things.

I think the better liar you are, the worse things you can justify.

Some people are just born better liars than others.

You still going to that job interview?


Maybe it's a power thing.


You know, maybe some people just really get off on that kind of stuff.


I wish you didn't want to leave.

I wish I didn't either.

Excuse me? We're looking for Halley Dawn's teacher.

Huh, yup that would be me. Uhm, Flynn.

Is that your first name?

No, sorry. First name is Ethan.

Mr. Flynn, we wanted to ask you a few questions about Halley Dawn. She went missing this morning.

Oh God. Uh, that's... That's terrible.

Yea, what what did, uh what did ya... What do you want to know?

You know, did she get along with everybody?

Did you see anything strange?

Or maybe her mom had some weirdos come by?

No, no, nothing... Nothing like that.

Can you think of anything?

Um, well a lot of times her friend's parents will pick her up and drop her off.

The Young's?

Yes. Okay, And generally that means that the mom works a lot.

Um which means that she's not as engaged in the child's life.

Which then reflects on the child's school life.

How's that?

Well she is probably the quietest student I have.

But the kids are still really nice to her, surprisingly enough.

You know she does her work, she keeps her head down and stays out of trouble.

You ever see her mom?

Yea, yea. Uh, I mean... You know for like the mandatory parent/teacher type things.

Would you describe her as a good mom?

I don't think that I know her well enough to speak on her character. Um you can really only really judge a parent on their child's grades. And for Halley, uhm, well...

Her grades were through the roof.

You seemed a little hesitant on that.

Well, for a student to have the grades that Halley does, it usually means that the parent is much more involved in her life.

What about family friends or boyfriends.

I remember a guy dropping her mom off a couple times for the parent teacher things she did.

Do you know who?

No, I'm sorry. Unfortunately I don't.

Do you remember Halley saying anything that stood out to you?

I remember her talking about doing homework at her house and at her mom's work.

Excuse me for one moment.

Study hall? At the racetrack?

Yea we should go there now.


I'm sorry, did you say racetrack?

Mrs. Dawn works there.

Oh really? I... I had no idea.

You ever go to the racetrack?

Me? No, sorry, that's not... Not for me.

Thank you. Thank you for your time.

Why don't you take the lead on this one.

Sorry we don't uh... We don't open again for another uh... 5 hours or so.

We're looking for Maddie Dawn. Is she here?

Yea she's out back. What's this about?

We just need to ask her a few questions.

I'm detective Shepherd and this is detective Willow.

Ok, well, yea she's here. Is here anything I should know about?

You know anything about this track?

I own it.

Oh, you're Mr. Woods?

You must have been asking around.

Yea we talked to Maddie earlier today.

You have any contact outside of work?

Some. What's this about?

We're just trying to see if you've seen her daughter.

Halley's missing?

You know her?

Yea I'd try to be nice to her at those parties.

You know, felt bad for her.

Why is that?

Well her mama seemed too distracted, you know, to really be a mama.

So you had contact with Halley?

No more than anybody else at those parties.

What happens at those racetrack parties?

Well Maddie would invite everybody over.

Racers, staff, me. We'd sit around listen to music, drink beer. Nothing too wild.

Any boyfriends?

I try not to dabble too much, but she didn't seem to have much luck with the guys.

Some would say that you two were a couple.

Yea, well, you know. Off and on every now and again.

Right now I think I'd describe us as being on a break.

Mind if we talk to Maddie?

No. Go right ahead.


Wish I was.

Somewhere we're it wasn't balls-hot.

Can I help you?

Sure I guess.

What do you do around here?

I race. Work on the cars. Do odd jobs around the track.

You know Maddie Dawn?


Have any opinions about her?

Yea, but there about the same as what I think about the rest of the trash that works around here.

Truman Duncan.

Detective Willow.

That's not good.


Don't meet too many detectives. I assume something bad has happened.

A lot of bad things happen around here?

Just the usual. Drunks, wrecks, fights, checks bouncing. Nothing to feed my adrenaline addiction.

Bad joke.

To answer your question, we're here to help Mrs. Dawn.

Help? In what way?

Halley seems to have gone missing.

I don't know anything.

People around here don't really like to talk.

Unless it's about cheating on their wives with the new secretary or dealing drugs down at the truck stop.

You ever talk to Halley?

She is a good kid. I think she knows she doesn't have it very good. Smart for a kid to see that, my kid was like that. You're partner is looking for you.

Who was that?

He works here.



We're still working on some things.

Found this in here. I had to force her to wear it.

I knew she wouldn't want to. I didn't want her to get cold.

Did Halley come here a lot?

Yea. It was cheaper than getting a babysitter.

Is this really the safest place for a little girl?

Is any place?

What's the next step?

Well there'll be a press conference and uh, it would be good if you were there.

You said that your daughter used to sneak off to your neighbors a lot.

She may have just ran away and is still hiding out.

Maybe. She was mad at me about something.

If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to be more patient with her.

You try to do the best you can, but it's hard.

Sometimes you do or say things you don't mean to.

Nobody gives you any instructions on how to be a parent, especially by yourself.


You know. I can't think of anyone else.

Nobody really sticks out in my mind.

What do you think?

I don't want to talk about the case.

I'll talk about anything else other than the case.

Alright. How about some baseball.

What? What made you want to be a cop?

I'm serious, what made you want to do this?

You wanted to talk about something else, this is something else.

After school, I needed a job.

I met a recruiter. It was a job.


Why are you so closed off? Why?

You know life isn't as bad as you make it out to be.

Everything is a fight with you right now. I'm not the enemy.

I'm sorry your about your dad passing, ok?

I know it's been a rough year.

It's like you've quit, on everything.

He wanted me to be a cop.

At least, he always talked about how much he admired them.

We'd go to parades and stuff, and he'd say

"look at them, they get to protect people and take care of people and make sure nothing bad ever happens to anyone" and...

At least, that's what I thought he said when I was a kid.

He didn't think there was anything higher than being an officer.

And I just wanted to do anything I could to make him proud.

What are you doing?

I'm gonna get coffee.

At this hour?

Or a snack, a magazine, a movie, whatever.

Detective Willow.

Mr. Woods.

How's it going?

Uh, filling up, same as you.

No I meant uh... With Halley.

I mean I know this ain't some-thing that a police officer wants to deal with, you know I just...

Um, yea I can't really talk about the case but I appreciate you asking.

You know what, I'm so sorry, let me rephrase that.

Is there anyway I can help, I mean I've known Maddie forever.

We've had our ups and downs... Yeah, sure, sure. honestly just...

Keep an eye out for anything unusual at the track?

Cases like these she's probably just real close.


We just need evidence to find her. She probably just ran away.

You know what, let's hope so.

Well, have a good one.

I've go t to prepay in here. Haha.

Yesterday was uh... Yesterday was rough.

First day usually is.

You hear me?

And um, I could... I could give you... Give you a thousand reasons why this is happening.

I could tell you it was just for the money.

I could tell you...

I could tell you I was abused as a kid. You know.

And that uh, my stepdad used to knock me around and...

And that I spent my childhood trying to find out where my power was and were my power disappeared to.

And that the only reason I'm even doing this is to get that power back, that I lost as a kid.

But none of that would really matter, I don't think.

I think all that really matters right now is that you just need to accept that this is happening.

And that there's nothing you can do about it. And that you just need to settle into it.

The only thing you really need to remember about any of this is that I'm in charge, and what I say goes.

And that that man right over there in that red truck...

Is paying with cash and he's paying today.

How did it go yesterday?

You heard?

Yea, it was in the paper. It's such a shame.

Yea. No... No luck.

Well I'm sure something will turn up.

Yeah, me too.

How was your day yesterday?

Didn't do a whole lot. Just ran some errands.

I do manage to stay busy without you, you know.

I miss eating with him. I miss his laugh.

I'll always remember that laugh.

I just can't get to a point in my day where I don't miss him.

How are you ok?

You think I'm ok? Honey I miss your dad more than you'll ever know.

I miss... Him.

But hope is still there.

Thank you.

You have to fight for that.

For hope.

What are you fighting for today?

How's your mom?


Does this work?


Captain wants a press conference.


After lunch.




Olivia Peterson, we..

Yes I remember.

Oh. I was wondering if you had any information on...

No, none at all.

We talked to all the people who knew her best, but you know...

Well, maybe she did run away, but still...

I know that you're just trying to be helpful. Um...

If we have anything we will let you know.

Is this your first time?

What? Working with cops? No.

I meant a missing persons case.


A friend of mine worked one in the county over.

The girl went missing, and she brought some of us over as council. We tried to help but she turned out to be a runaway.

We did find her though, in a ditch, frozen to death.

Her father was abusive and she ran away.

She got lost in the woods in January.

At this point we do not have any people or person of interest. We've not ruled out any situation though, and we are now searching all the known whereabouts of Halley.

Where she might have gone, and where she's been.

We will continue the search. We have all our people on this.

Is there anything the community can do at this time?

I'll let Detective Willow take that.

Yes, if anyone has any information we ask that you come forward. Time is of the essence in cases like this, the more time that goes by the...

If you have any information please call our hotline or email me directly or Detective Shepherd, and um Mrs. Dawn has something to say.

I just like to thank everybody here for your support in helping find my daughter.

I'm overwhelmed by the support here today.

And I know that my daughter wherever she is, would be touched as well.

If you have any idea, any sorta idea at all, about where she might be, a sighting, or a rumor or anything, please... Please just...

You look good. I'd hire you.

You already did once.

I still don't know why you want to leave.

Because I want to work somewhere, where I'm not miserable all the time.

You're only miserable all the time when you think you're miserable all the time.

There's a little girl missing. Something very bad happened to her. I don't want to surround myself with that.

So you want to surround yourself with... Insurance.


When we find Halley... I'm quitting.

Well I'll be here waiting.

Pleased to meet you Miss Willow.

It says here that you're a detective, is that right?

Yes, I've been with the department for three years.

And why do you want to move into insurance?

Um my profession isn't the most cheerful one. Uhm.

I'd like to do something that... Something that I don't have to get depressed about.

Well insurance isn't the most cheerful field either.

People call us when there house is on fire, or they've been in a car accident, or... When they're unhappy with their insurance payments.

Frankly there's a lot of paperwork.

Paperwork doesn't shoot back.

Haha that's... Good answer!

Um, so, um, so why did you go into the police field anyway?

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. Um... But if I was going to wander through life I might as well help people while I do it.

That's an admirable thought, but I'm not sure it was yours.

Hey we found something, we've got to go.

Was there anything in it?

Uh, well there's some books and papers, and a little stuffed animal of something like that.

Well she could have dropped it running from someone or something.

Or she could have just forgot it accidentally.

Well we're running it for prints.

We're about halfway between her house and her mom's work.

What does that say to you.

Well that says that they stay close.

You know she could still be a run away.

Or whoever was driving by just threw it out the window here.

On the way to where?

I don't know. That's the 64,000 dollar question isn't it.

Not so sure you're giving me a choice on this one.

Not much of a choice about what?

He's going to be sitting out of the race tonight.



Yea, we're short on supplies. I'm the only free hand.

Really. Well that's too bad. We came to see you race!

You'll just have to come back next week.

I guess we will.

Yup. Come on.

How long are we going to be here?

You're not enjoying this?

It's a little loud.

I think I'm going to give Maddie the backpack.

See if she can find anything.

I'm going to go find Maddie.


Guess I'll go find Clayton.

But why do I got to be the one to make the run tonight.

I mean... There's 30 other drivers out there.

I don't want them guys touching this one.

Coke? What me... Meth?


Guns? I didn't like those guys that bought them.

I guess if nobody else will do it, I'll make the run.

Oh well that's good to know.

No it's that bigger thing.

Bigger thing?

Don't act like you ain't heard the guys talking about it, ok?

We're moving something a little bit bigger, a little bit more profitable.

And it's getting dark outside so you might wanna take off before it gets too late, alright?

Late? These guys got a bedtime?

Something like that, yea.

Well, what if I say no.

Oh you can do that if you want. You can say no.

Hell, you might able to catch the race.

Ok then I choose that.

Ok well, but let's think that through for a minute.

Because hypothetically speaking you will have told me no, and in a world where I run everything, you will have openly made a choice to make me unhappy.

Then gone out and done some little activity where half that audience out there excepts you to splatter your dumb little brains all over the track.

I've got 30 guys out there, every last one of them say yes to me, 100% of the time.

And you want to try to be the odd man out.

Boy don't make me... Don't make me have to clean up that mess, alright?

Hypothetically speaking of course.

Yea I wouldn't want you to have to either.

Good man.



They find Halley yet?


Ok, we can keep my name out of this right?

I mean there's no need for me to come up, at all.

I... I had absolutely no idea that her mom worked there...

Your partner has been shot!

What? Officer down!

Get an ambulance.

Get me an ambulance!

Trying to cash in on a bad bet?

I think I saw her. I saw Halley...

I saw her.


Were you with him?

Sarah... No.

What happened?

We separated and he...

Where is he?

He's in 517.

Mrs. Shepherd?


I'm sorry. Your husband didn't make it.

You haven't thrown since...

I know.

What are you going to do?

I don't know, work on my curve.


What do you want from me mom?

They're cop killers and on top of that they probably moved Halley very far away, even if she is still alive.

You know how proud of you your dad was?

I know you think it's because he always wanted you to be a cop.

But it isn't.

He was so proud of you...

Because of the way you always cared for others.

He could have cared less if you were a Walmart greeter or if you were President of the United States.

It was your character that he was so proud of.

The woman that you have become, the woman that you are.

What's the point mom?

Do you remember when you cried when they made you go to softball league and you wanted to quit all together?


What did dad say? He said what's the point.

Quitting would just prove them right.

Quitting would say, that the hand you were dealt was the hand that you deserved.

So you gave yourself up?

I did.

Running drugs and everything?


What about murder?

No, I'm not that low.

Oh I'm sure.

Hey! Racing in small towns is not the highest paying job.

Everyone at the track does a side job.


And yours is being a runner?

Yes. I thought it would be just that.

That much I could live with.

Then what?

Then it moved up to guns, then it was just...

Girls? Halley?

I heard rumors. I swear only rumors.


At the track we don't openly talk about the moonlighting jobs.

But what I did hear at the garage was that we were moving into something bigger altogether.

A job that big, people don't stay quiet about something like that.

And you thought that was the line.

I crossed my line a long time ago.

The thought of selling people, made me look back.

And why didn't you say anything?

About Halley? I didn't know if someone had her.

I just know what I heard, and last night...

Last night changed things.

You really messed up in life when you do my line of work.

You think that you're just getting people high and no one's really gonna get hurt.

When I saw her eyes...

Man, I'm not going to stop thinking about those eyes.

So you saw her then?

He said he saw her too.

Races are busy times at a racetrack.

It's easy to do deals when everyone is focused on the cars.

I've done a ton of runs, but last night Clayton said she was the run.

He wanted me to take her down to the truck stop.

Said someone was going to buy her off of us.

I wouldn't think about living with myself if I went through with it.

So I turned around, went looking for you and your partner.

What about Clayton?

I'm sure he shot your partner.

And I went out looking for you and he took Halley in van.

And where do you suggest we look?

Come on a run with me later tonight.

No one knows I'm talking to you.

You think they have Halley?

I think they might know who does.

This doesn't get you off the hook.

I know.

White car, black stripes.


He said he was on his way.

How long?

Not very.

You ok?

We just met. You're a criminal that I'm using.

Don't be offended if I don't want to talk about my feelings.


Excuse me.

Who was it?

I've never seen him before.

What happened?

He didn't want the drugs.

He asked for her by name.

He said he called last night and talked to Maddie, before they killed...

Did he look familiar to you?

No, but he talked like he knew Halley.

He had a Southside Elementary sticker on his car.

Mr. Flynn?


Detective Willow, we met the other day.

Great, how can I help?

We may have had a break in the case, and I wanted to ask you a few questions about that.

Really? Uhm, yea, anything I can do.

Last night a man connected to Halley attempted to buy drugs.


He had a Southside Elementary School sticker on his car.

I'm going to ask you again.

Do you know anything or anyone who may have had an interest in Halley?

What the hell?

I don't have her! I don't have her!

Shut up!

Where is Halley?

I don't know.


I mean why would I have asked the racer for her last night if I already had her.

So what? You just call someone up and they bring you one of your students?


And you have sex with a 12 year old?



And you pay money to have sex with a 12 year old?


Where does this happen?

Ethan, where do you rape and molest a child? Halley?

Her house.

Her house?

I... I call her mom. She gives me a time. I go over.

And I... I leave money on the table.

You're a teacher.

People trust you with their kids.

You're supposed to protect them.

Make sure nothing bad ever happens to them.

I promise you, everyone will know who you are and everyone will know what you did.

I'd like to thank you all for coming out tonight in the rain.

I don't how many of you believe in prayer, but I sure do.

I do know that Halley would be thankful for all you coming out.

You all do so much.

I just ask you to pray with me one last time.

Dear God, we ask you to bring dear Halley back to us.

Watch over her, wherever she is.

We thank you for these people, who've shown their love to this little girl that isn't even their own. Amen.

I talked to Mr. Flynn.

I will arrest you in front of all of your new friends.

Just get in!

What's this about?

How many people did you let sleep with your daughter?


Your 12 year old daughter.

Where is she? Who is she with?

What did you do you sick, twisted, awful..

Do you have any kids detective Willow?

Huh? Do you? You don't know the first thing about what it takes to raise another human being. You have no idea.

Let alone by yourself.

I had Halley when I was 18, and by the time I was

24 her daddy died.

And what do I know about raising kids.

You try to provide for 'em, but you can't because you don't have make enough money or... Or you're not smart enough or somewhere along the way you didn't work hard enough.

It never goes away.

You always got to pay your debt.

I will never be able to forget...

I have done some things that I'm not proud of, but that does not mean I don't love my daughter.

Oh judge me all you want detective...

But you can't judge that.

Where is your daughter Maddie?

Clayton. We talked about more money.

I wanted to move to a new house.

And then he got the idea about the truck stops and there's less chance of people recognizing anybody and...

They only drive through there every once in awhile.

Clayton just took her. He knew I couldn't say anything.

And then when you guys couldn't find her..

I will find her Maddie. I will find her.

And I will make sure that monsters like you do not get a happy ending.

I will make sure that you're put away, to never see the light of day.

You will not win. I want you to think about that tonight, when you sleep in jail.

I'm sorry this happened to you.

It's not right.

I wish I could've seen it sooner.

You've been through so much and I haven't the slightest idea what to say to you.

I want you to know that all people aren't like the ones you've known.

You've lost so much. I'm sorry Halley.

I don't know what to say.

Because there's no amount of explaining that would ever make this any easier for you.

I'm so angry about everything that happened to you.

It's not right.

And you have every right to be angry.

But things will be different from now on, I promise.

There are good people in the world, people who will protect you, and take care of you and love you.

I promise.