Riens du tout (1992) Script

Can you imagine all the people out there?

Wake up. Me?

Yes, you. I don't want to go to school.

Tough, you're going.

Why? Because.

What's the weather forecast?

It's going to be changeable. No further details.

Did you brush your teeth?

Are you coming?

Why do you listen to the forecast? Dunno. You?

It's nice for you, but not for me.

I live there. And I live over there.

You could...


How was I supposed to know? I'm not a mindreader.

Where do we go? Yours or mine?


I can assure you this was not my idea.

My name is Anne-Marie, I am 37.

I live in the 13th arrondissement.

I'm recovering from a nervous breakdown.

No, it's near République.

Do you want to walk?

We are not a marriage bureau, we are a dating agency.

You have to start small. People will tell you...

The atmosphere on the square is extraordinary.

A big demonstration organized by public advisors.

I don't like being alone.

You're not the only one.


Hey, shake a leg, get dressed, and take the rubbish when you go.

Here we go again. Rubbish, commute, work.

There's always one! I'm not the only one!

I'm going to work. Me too.

Do you often run round here?

Hey, miss.

She's not yours. He's married, miss.

Hey, Roger.

Are you going to a wedding?

These are my regular clothes.

Hey, Roger. Go to work, you lazy oaf.

Shut your face, Lucien.

I'm telling you, they'd better not give me the push.

There's no danger of that.

There's Mr. Martin.

Why do you think I'm standing outside?

He could at least give up his seat.


Are you married?

No, wait, it's more complicated than that.

First, he had to take me away from my family.

To see the faces of the gormless idiots On their way to work I hop on the Tube I keep my trap shut


Have a good day, Mrs. Yvonne.

You too, Mr. Martin. And you too, Mrs...


Yeah, right.

You took a taxi this morning, Mr. Pizzuti?

Yes, my roller skates are broken.

Hi. Hi.

I don't want to go.

Hi, Véronique. Where's my kiss?

What about our kiss? We're just lowly salesgirls.

That's harsh.

You don't know her. I know all the girls.

He's such a ladykiller!

Hey, let's go.

See you later. See you.

Hi, Hubert. Where's my kiss? Wanna kiss this?

Take a julienne of vegetables for example.

Tomatoes, carrots, parsley, onions, etc.

At the touch of a button...

...you don't just get a mixture or a blend, or a plain, tasteless ratatouille, you get a real nectar in which you can taste all the ingredients.

It would be easier without you standing behind me.

Let me just put my clip in.


Are you done? Hang on. Excuse me.

My hair's so flat, it's annoying.

Excuse me, Isabelle. 30 seconds and I'll be gone.

I can't afford to be late.

And we can?

You're late most of the time.

See you later, girls. Thanks.

What a bitch.

Hey, slowcoach. Move it, we have customers.

Come on.

Is this a good one?

It depends what for.

For hammering in nails.

Obviously, but what kind?

Just nails.

We have hammers for upholsterers, hammers for glaziers, sledgehammers.

Wooden or rubber handles.

It depends on the use.

It's for everything. Then take them all.

I'll think about it. You do that.

Excuse me, miss. Yes, madam?

The new season is here.

Don't miss our promotions on our autumn collections.

Where will I find raincoats? Go up to the second floor.

The customer is always right and the customer could be anyone.

So everyone is always right. Absolutely.

Modernity is an old tradition in the Grandes Galeries.

With our centenary approaching, we need a radical makeover.


To succeed, I will need to rally, unite and muster the energy of the whole staff.

A global strategy against dispersal dissipation and division, in a nutshell, against splitting up.

Very well, Mr. Lepetit.

You will be managing the firm and rallying our employees.

If nothing has changed by this time next year, we will have no option but to shut up shop.

And make everyone redundant.

Yes, sir. Here's the list.

There are clear divisions.

In no particular order, over there you have furniture.

On the third floor you have tables and household goods, electrical appliances.

Over there you have clothing, lingerie and shoes.

And downstairs you have perfume.

Over there you have paint. Give us a second, will you?

Fine. Yes.


The pots of paint don't go here.

I spend my whole time tidying up after people.


The sports department.


Let's order 500. 500?

No, 1,000. 1,000!

All right, then, 150 and no teddy bears.

High fashion.

This is unbelievable.

I was sent to the fifth floor and now you say it's the second!

No one knows where anything is anymore.

The music department is upstairs.

I can't sell you this one. I use it to compose on.

I've got used to it.

Take the other one. It's not as good but it's cheaper.

The DIY department is downstairs.

Please follow me.

For little girls and boys and all their back-to-school needs make your way to the ground floor.

The lover she has chosen This is the staff restaurant.

This tradition is as old as the store.

But people have stopped joining in.

Mrs. Crécelle who leads them is retiring.

It flows, flows, flows Its banks in full bloom It sings, sings, sings, sings, sings...

This is a bit ridiculous.

Wait a second.

It is very beautiful. It's important. It's a group.

Yes, a group. We should promote these activities.


Do you mind if I switch off this bland music?

Could you turn off this schmaltz?

The music is getting on everyone's nerves.

Thank you.

That's better.

They play music to relax us but it really irritates me.

The first thing to learn here is the geography.

We're going over there.

Do you know where...?

Do you know where we're going? I think we've been down here before.

It is a patchwork of corridors.

Ah, Mr. Lefèvre. Mr. Lepetit, meet Mr. Lefèvre.

He runs our workers' council.

Which way is it to Mrs. Dujardin's office?

It's easier that way.

The first thing you have to learn here is the geography.

Mr. Roger Blanchard is wanted in Mrs. Dujardin's office.

Mr. Roger Blanchard.

That's me.

Can you look after this for me?

Thank you.

If I don't come back, pass it on.

You've only done temporary work so far, right?


It's just the way I am. I can't sit still, I need change.

But I've decided to settle down.

Mrs. Dujardin, head of training and staff distribution.

Pretend we are not here.

As I was saying, to be a sales assistant you need to be stable, but I think we may have a suitable post for you to match your profile and background, if you like. Yes.

This is a temporary job as what we call a "supply salesperson".

You will come to my office every morning for a briefing and you'll be told which member of staff to cover.

So this is replacement work to replace missing members of staff and...

With interdisciplinarity comes more discipline so you will need to be extremely active and quick off the mark.

Do you follow? I do.

You will also need some time to understand the geography.

That is the toughest challenge.

Have you asked him what his motivation for working here is?

No, but I was about to.

My motivation is the cost of my rent.

What does the business awaken in you?

It wakes me up at seven every morning.

Nothing comes easy. That's business for you.

We'll leave you to it.

We need to talk to Mrs. Dujardin. Keep up the good work.

Thank you.

This is Jacques Martin, our staff manager.

I suppose you have a lot to ask Mr. Martin.

Indeed. Any relation of Jacques Martin, the TV presenter?


But I am the great grand-nephew of Arthur Martin, the industrialist.

How funny. If you like a good laugh.

I rarely laugh but I appreciate humor.

Yes, you can find anything in the Grandes Galeries.

For just 12 more minutes...

There is no arguing about matters of taste.

I've been arguing about them for 32 years.

So I can't buy the colors I want?

Yes, but you should get matching colors.

Take your T-shirt for example.

Don't you think it clashes with my dress?

Mr. Pizzuti. Hello.

Are you the...? Follow me.

It's upstairs.

Any more than one manager and you get dissipation.

You're right.

So, over there... Sorry.

The person in charge of the decoration...

Hey, the office is this way.

Like the vital organs in the human body, men and women need to work together to build the business...

Why do you think I'm showing you this film?

I decided to talk first about the vital organs of this body in an attempt to be methodical.

You are the vital organs of this body.

Any questions?

You work in a department store.

What can be found in a department store?

A bit of everything?

Exactly, a bit of everything.

How could you define that in two words?

Home, leisure, work, clothing.

Well, four words, then.

You know...

People think department stores are very complicated, but I'm telling you that they are simple.

It is great apart from the contradiction between what you say and the way you look.

Look at me.

You are talking to me and you say, "I'm telling you that they are simple".

Go ahead.

I'm telling you that they are simple.

It lacks confidence and conviction.

Try that again.

I'm telling you that they are simple.

That's the gesture I wanted to see.

The thing is, when you say things are simple and you make that bold gesture which implies a thousand possibilities, you are contradicting yourself.

Bring your hands closer together. Things are simple.


Things are simple.

More like this?

All right?

Another thing.

You need to get rid of this "all right".

You say it all the time and it's patronizing.




Fair enough, but how?

By thinking that coordination is not the business of everybody but of each and every one of us. Let me explain.

Everyone needs to be completely aware that a group is always stronger than the sum of its elements.

I would like you to understand that you are not in the Grandes Galeries, you are the Grandes Galeries.

How's it going, big gallery?

Soon, in the Grandes Galeries, we should be able to say that no one is no one.

Let me explain.

I'll use an example.

Young lady.

Yes, you.

Come here.

Please come and join me.

Don't worry, I won't make you disappear.

It is quite the opposite.

How many of you know her name and her job at the Grandes Galeries?

Hello. Hi.

Be honest and put your hands up, it is very important.

Right. How many of you don't know her? See.

This forest of hands pinpoints the major and fundamental problem, the only problem of our business: the lack of communication between members of staff.

He's having a laugh. He only hired her two days ago.

Hello. My name is Véronique Joffrin and I've worked here for two years in the women's clothing department on the ground floor.

Thank you so much, Véronique. You see how easy that was?

With that simple introduction Véronique is no longer anonymous.


You can go back to your seat. Thank you.

Together, we can act so that nobody is unknown.

We're going to get to know one another and form a winning block.

It's no secret that our business is going through a rough patch and unless we react, in a year's time we will have to shut up shop.

So, one for all...

All rotten.

...and all for one!

Together, we will win!

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I raised both hands when he asked if anyone knew you.

I didn't see.

Hi, Véronique. Do I know you?

Well, I know you.

Let me introduce myself, I'm Fred.

It seems we're about to embark on a big adventure together.

I'll take care of him.

Well done. That was great.

I think it worked. It did.

They're all on the starting blocks.

They're ready to fight.

Come on. Don't touch me.

What's wrong? Don't touch me.

I don't touch you so don't touch me.

We're all friends!

Isn't that right, Pizzu?

We're all friends here.

Leave it.

Bye, Véronique.

I don't want to lose my job.

They just want us to work more.

They've been saying that for 30 years. It's always the same.

It's not that simple.

I like the idea of training. It's a good opportunity to meet people.

Can you see me taking classes?

I can.

I don't think so.

Let's try another exercise.

You're going to stretch your muscles, your zygomatics.

That's it, stretch them... and release.



Stretch, stretch, stretch.

And release.

Stretch, and release.


Stretch. Go on. Stretch, stretch, stretch.


One last time, please.



This is the technical side of things.

Now you need to add the mindset.

Right? And how do you do that?

Through your eyes. OK?

Let's try.

The eyes.

And the smile. Smile, smile, smile... and release.

Be careful not to appear too artificial.

Some of you overdid it a bit.

If you overdo it, the customer will notice and they won't buy it.

Watch out for that. And remember to practice at home.

Smile and release, smile and release, and don't forget the mindset, the mindset with the eyes.

I know who it is.

The hair makes it easy.

It is Mrs. Yvonne.

Don't talk or you'll give yourself away.

Trust your colleagues. Nice and stiff.


Good, that's it.

Gently, gently.

Let's support her. Come on.

As a child, I would always hide under the table whenever we had people over to the house.

I didn't like answering the questions the grown-ups asked.

That's good. Carry on.

Don't hesitate to share very private and intimate details.

Yes, very private and intimate.

No, no, no, no, no.

If you want something interesting to happen, you need to open up.

Back then, I would hang out with my brother and his friends.

Of course, they were always making comments.

One day, there I was, listening to them, when a guy they knew cycled past with a girl on his bike rack.

For them, it was obvious what those two were up to, if you know what I mean.

And one of my brother's friends shouted, "Where are you going, Gérard? Do you want a hand?"

And another one said,

"Don't use the wrong hole".

And back then, and I'm sorry to be crude, but I got to thinking that a woman's vagina had two holes and one was the wrong one.

I was too embarrassed to ask for more details and for a few years it stopped me having my first sexual experience.

That's it.

That was excellent, François.

Let's give him a round of applause. What just happened was fantastic.

Now, let's get back into our group and...

I couldn't stop laughing.

He was on a bike with his brother and a girl on the rack and he told him, "Don't use the wrong hole".

It can be any style. You even get guys who say really personal stuff.

How's it going, sweetie?

Great. Work's going really well.

You like work? I'm the opposite. The less I do, the better I feel.

You're looking good. Me? I'm depressed, as usual.

Now that you're famous, you dress like a star.

Given what I sell, I can't wear casual clothes.

Of course not. Where did you get your pin?

This is a brooch, not a pin.

Hey, there are people waiting to be served.

I thought the new policy was to communicate.

I don't have time. Mister is in a hurry.

Yes, Mister is in a hurry and has only one hour to eat.

He's not interested in your yapping.

All I ask is that you're efficient. Efficient?

You should relax in your lunch break.

I am quite relaxed.

As for you, you're a bit too relaxed. She's allowed to talk.

Yes, boss.

Thank you.

Ring mine up.

Thank you.

We're allowed to talk.

We're allowed to talk.

I guess not.

You're free to talk. It's only the cashier who has to shut up.

Right, Zaza?

You're such a big kid. Don't be such an old lady.

Do you want some water? Go on, then. I dare you.

All right, then.

I'm not that stupid.

We're all friends here.

I've always had problems with boys.

Shit! Mr. Martin.

It's a style, it's an atmosphere, it's the Grandes Galeries.

What the hell?

Why don't you lie down? You don't belong here, young lady.

There are no customers.

What about these two?

Should I wait?

No, forget it. Go home.

A lot aren't taking it seriously. We are at war.

You need to let them know. Soon, they will feel part of it.

Once people get an idea, there's no stopping them.

Of course.

Look straight ahead. OK.

Let's go. Five, four, three, two, one!

Well done, Jean-Luc.

Five, four, three, two, one, go!

Great! It's amazing.

Well done.

I'm petrified!

A bit further forwards.

No, keep holding the railing.

Move your feet a bit further forwards. That's it.

Great. Now, stand up straight.

Stand up straight. We'll do a countdown, OK?

Look at the horizon and push into your legs.

Five, four, three, two...

I can't. It's a challenge.

Let's go.

Five, four, three, two... It's too stupid.

Take this off. OK.

Never mind. I'm sorry.

OK. There, that's better.

Such a pity. So stupid.

I'm not going to look yet.

Grab the railing. It is very nice.

Stand up a bit straighter.

That's great. A bit more, Yannick.

OK, no problem. Now, look straight ahead, And just push off. OK.

It's easy. Off we go. Five, four, three, two, one.

Are you OK?

No problem.

You're one of us now.

Could you turn me the right way up?

Simone, is this your first jump?

Yes, Pierre. Come with me.

Grab the rails, look at the horizon and push off with your legs.

Let's go.

Look at the horizon.

I'm afraid of heights. Don't worry.

Leave me alone. I can't do it.

I can't do it. I can't.


No, I can't.

I can't do it. I can't...

It's stupid. I'm sorry but it is completely stupid.

What a bunch of idiots.

It is too stupid.

"Go on, jump."

And they all jump. Idiots.

And this thing is shaking. What the hell am I doing here?

That's just the way it is.

When I decided not to jump, I felt so relieved.

So relieved.

I'm glad you're finding this funny, but keep the noise down, please.

You either laugh or you cry.

Come and see all the stars.

Don't look at the stars or you'll get vertigo.

Go ahead and laugh.

Oh! Over there.

Looking at the stars! Grow up.

Compared to that, we don't amount to much.

You don't need to look at the stars to realize you don't amount to much.

Very funny.

Are you coming to bed?

When Armstrong came back, he said the most impressive thing wasn't walking on the moon, it was watching the earth go to bed.

Can you imagine?

You're on the moon and all of a sudden you see it all.

That's osmosis for you. Yes. Come to bed.

To sum up, we want cleanliness and quality.

Let's launch a cleaning operation together.

You have new uniforms, so give it all you've got.

We need to find fun activities.

We could teach tourists how to play boules.

There's an idea.

Avoid meetingitis.

Only hold small meetings for dispatch purposes.

No more "if only" and more "can do", OK?

Through dialogue we can confer, come up with ideas together and form action groups.

It would be great to work more in groups.

Do you all agree?

Oh, no, not him. I'm out of here.

We're all here so let's start. She's leaving. Good start.


It's no big deal.

What do you want to sing?

Mrs. Crécelle made us sing "La Seine".

I'd like to sing something lively. Me too, some rock 'n' roll.

OK, it's all me, me, me.

Being in a choir means singing from the same hymn sheet.

We're looking for osmosis.

Everything OK? Yes, thanks.

Everything OK, sir.

Don't forget, ladies and gentlemen, our fashion show is at 3pm on the ground floor.

Véronique, how is it going?

Very well. No problem?

No. Connection?


It's all perfect, sir.

Sure? Sure.

Can I go ahead? Go ahead, sir.

Now people know each other.

Before, it was a real mess but I said, "Stop, it's quite simple."

In a big business such as ours, you can't succeed without teamwork and communication.

Cut. Wonderful.

Is that it?

Did you get a good view of the store and the staff?


Let's do the interview? Absolutely.

Is this why the Grandes Galeries sets great store by its events?

Absolutely, the Grandes Galeries is not just a place to buy.

It is first and foremost a place to share, a place of culture.

We're starting with this show because fashion is essential to a department store.

Change, new trends and fashion.

To quote Jules Lafflou, "Fashion makes us all different at the same time".

Thank you for your ending.

It was Jules Lafflou's.

A sawdust problem?

We have a sawdust problem. Could you sort it out quickly?

A cleaning operative to the set.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to...

Hurry up, Mamadou.

A big thank-you to our cleaning operative.

Welcome to our fashion show here at the Grandes Galeries for our 1991 spring-summer collection.

I could have been a model too but I'm too curvy.

They only want sticks. Stop it, they're gorgeous.

The first two models of our collection.

I like the white dress.

I prefer the black one.

I like the blonde. I prefer the brunette.

The see-through material is evocative.

It's atmospheric and stylish, it's the Grandes Galeries.

Japan is on the lookout.

NTM is looking for a spot like yours to build a hotel and convention center.

The deadline is in eight months.

I hope you're on top of it. I've only seen costs so far.

I had to set it all up but now it's ready.

We've done a lot of work on the technology.

With such quick financial management, we plan to cut costs by... Wait for it.

How much? 50%.

The tills will all be connected.

By Christmas we will see the real-time turnover, its location and its exact nature on this screen.

Give us something more concrete, Lepetit.

We're here to warn you that the risk of closure is still there.

My strategy is to rely entirely on the human factor.

I'm looking for paint.

Paint. Everything has changed here. It is on the first floor now.

Ask for Mrs. Yvonne. Say Véronique sent you.

Say hello to her from me. Merry Christmas, sir.

Exceptional bargains for an exceptional period.

It's all here in the Grandes Galeries.

And don't forget, for the next ten minutes you can take advantage in our video department of our promotions on camcorders.

And all day on the first floor you can watch a display of folk dancing which can't fail to delight.

It's all happening right here in the Grandes Galeries.

Can I listen to the one with the red button?

This one. Can I have a listen?

Oh, right. How about this one?

That's a harsh sound too.

Can you turn that one on?

Where is the toilet, please?

It's on your left after the tea towels.

I want a skirt for my daughter. Do you have this in a size 2?

This is the right size for you.

It's for my daughter. I want a size 2.

Do you have it?

Do you have this in any other colors?

Salmon pink and lilac.

Do you have it in red?

No, madam, just salmon pink and lilac.

I'll take over. If you want red, I have another style.

Do you have a machine to mix the colors?

Of course, sir.

With this polychrome mixer, you can get over 12,500 different shades.

With so much variety, you are sure to find what you want.

I'm not asking for so much.

Would you have a color chart?

Yes, of course.

Oh, yes.

So, you're related to Véronique?

No, I don't know her at all.

I've seen you before. I've been here before.

You've been here before and I recognized you That's a song by Mistinguett.

It's all right for you, I still have to be Santa Claus.

Are you paid extra?

The Christmas holidays are here and our city is clad in winter's white coat and our store is adorned with...

The store is adorned and the snow is falling on our winter coats, which are in the clothing department.

Everybody is at the Grandes Galeries.

Accessories change everything.

They're essential.

Benjamin's mum and dad are wanted urgently at the till in the toy department.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, everyone is at the Grandes Galeries.

Any perfume or color you could possibly want on every floor and in every department.

Everything everywhere for everyone.

Excuse me. What is it?

Where's the toy department?

I'm going there. You can follow me if you like.

It's this way.

Are you coming? I can't.

I have customers. I can't leave.

François, your hands are full.

I'm rushed off my feet.

Don't use the wrong hole.

I won. Benjamin.

But... Your daddy is here.

Thank you.

No harm done. Where do I put this?

In the soft toys department.

I'm done, I can't take anymore. I'll send someone.

Giselle, go and help François. Yes, sir.

Mind the train, children.

Ah, boules.

This is the jack.

This is the ball.

You throw the jack.

And the ball.

You have to get the ball as close as possible to the jack.


Yes? Hello.

I was told to come to you for sophisticated accessories.

Yes, of course.

They are fundamental to enhance a body.

Would you have a hessian petticoat and an emery-paper bra to match my wooden socks?

Our women's underwear department...

Very funny. Stop wasting my time.

How rude!

What's that?

Right, that's it!

Stop messing with me, you bitch!

She's crazy.

What the hell?

Have you lost your mind?

You bitch!

Mr. Martin, I have a partial cancellation but some of it has been reimbursed. Should I press reset?

Absolutely not!

They have already... I don't have time.

It has stopped working.

Maybe I shouldn't have pressed reset.

I want a louder ring.

Can you cover for me? I'm taking a break.

He's going to help you.

Are you OK?

Good for you. They had it coming to them.


I can talk to them if you want.

That's kind of you, but it's fine.

It's only natural.

Véronique, I can do a lot for you.

No, Hubert. It's kind of you, but drop it.

Miss? Yes, madam?

I've wasted 15 minutes looking for a sales assistant.

What were you doing in that department anyway?

Do you realize how serious this is?

Do you think it's acceptable? Yes.

You do? Yes.

You see?

Young man, come this way. Come on, quickly.

All good, François? Yes but I'm working, you know?

What's wrong? Nothing.

We're like sheep. Don't start.

What did you do to Zaza? She's not well.


I didn't do anything. That might be the problem.

Sorry, could we have some peace and quiet, please?

Get a move on.

I didn't steal it. Show me your receipt, then.

I didn't do anything.

Do you think I'm stupid?

Either the store presses charges or I give you a beating.

I said I didn't steal it.

Show me some respect.

You're hitting me because I'm white. Don't beat up a kid.

Don't play Mr. Nice Guy with me. You're not tough enough, Fred.

You're just a big mouth. You're not cut out for this job.

You're the good guy, he's the baddie.

I can be a baddie too.

You stay out of this.

What do you want?

What do you want, Fred?

What are you trying to do?

You're both stupid. Shut up.


What did you say?

I don't get overtime, I'm a student.

How much do you get for being Santa Claus?

Nothing, I'm here on a placement. I do what they tell me to do.

Santa Claus, magician, selling blenders, bellboy...

You didn't get paid for being Santa Claus?

Let me explain. I'm a student. I'm doing a master's in marketing.

This is my placement, that's all. All right, calm down.

But why do you work for free?

I think you make a good couple.

It's sad when things don't work out.

Are you talking about us?

What do you mean?

Don't you get it? I'm a master's student.

I don't care. I'm studying marketing.

I don't have the same status as you.

It is not a question of status, it's a question of ethics.

You work, you get paid. We don't have the same job.

Plenty of people would love to have your job.

But it's part of my training.

You wanted to talk to me, you waved at me.

No, I just wanted to take my break with you.

Really? Yes.

Great idea.

Knock it off. This room is for relaxing in.

And we can't talk in here?

Can you talk? Yes.

It relaxes me to talk, doesn't it you? I talk to her and him.

You want a poem? I am relaxed.

"When the low, heavy sky weighs like a lid."

We're sick of it.

If you're not happy, just leave.

We're all here to talk to one another.


OK, thanks!

I'm sick of keeping quiet.

We have to be quiet at work and now in the staff room too.

That's no reason to work for nothing.

It's not for nothing, I'm a student.

It doesn't matter, you can't do Santa Claus for free.

You do Santa Claus for free? I get paid!

Zaza is not here?

She was here earlier. She's such a slacker at the moment.

You're going this way?

Can I sit here? Yes, great.

Are you tired? Is that why you're in a bad mood?

It wasn't my fault.

Of course not.

I'm not taking computer classes four months before retiring.

They want us to show an interest. I'm too old to feign interest.

And it's not even interesting. We need to show an interest.

I don't know about you, but I think we work too hard.

I need to piss. I'm coming with you.

Do you do Santa Claus for free? Who told you that?

Hi, Michel.

The music is getting louder and louder.

They think it encourages customers to spend.

Who is they?

Our ears will soon be fucked.

One day, we'll all snap. Then they'll have their noise.

What? I'm expressing myself.

Call an ambulance. Calm down and clear the way.

Can someone make a call?

Clear the table. What's happened?

I think she took some pills.

Call an ambulance! What's up?

She took some pills. Why did you do this?

Don't say that. What's the point?

Don't say that. She mustn't fall asleep.

Can you hear me?

What? Nothing.

My little Zaza.

She mustn't sleep. Are they coming?

Give her some air. Get out of the way.

Go back to work. Off you go.

Give her some air. Go back to the till.

Go back to work, everyone.

Get back to work.

Go on.

We'll take care of it.

Whose fault is this?

When will they be here? Don't worry about that.

Wake up.

She has to stay awake until help arrives.

Are they on their way?

Can you see me?

Do something.

OK, unbutton her. She needs air.

You're going to be OK.

If you go half a tone lower... you get a major chord.

That's a major chord.

GRAND GALLEY Why should the cleaners have to put up with that?

I think it's a spiritual idea. Whoever did it is not stupid.

And it's true, they do work us like galley slaves.


I think most of the training courses were welcomed, but the atmosphere is still rather tense.


We have witnessed some spectacularly annoying misbehaviors.

That's Jones' theory.

With fusion comes potential friction.


A lot of people complain about the loud music.

Do you know the origin of the word "companion"?

Etymology enables us to go back to the real meaning of things.

A companion.

"Com panio" is the one with who we share bread.

The modern word is "copain".

It is essential to know the origin of one's acts.

Today, people don't know what they are fighting for.

So my question is: what are they fighting for?

To keep their job.


People work to keep their job.

This is very important.

Don't forget that if we fight for efficiency and extra sales, it is for them.

If the music needs to be louder to boost the sales, then it will be louder for them.

Today, one must make a big effort to avoid doing nothing.

Make an effort or we'll never get to sing together.

You're always ahead of the beat.

Try to listen to each other instead of singing alone in your corner.

There's no need to scream. Sing quietly and listen.

OK? One more time.

This is what I've organized. We needed a catharsis.

That's a great idea.

Sport is a modern catharsis... Absolutely.

Making an effort is really important.

I run every morning. Before work?

Yes, around six.

Impressed? Totally.

They want us to run now?

I bet everyone is going. I almost won last year.

You did? Yes.

This year, I've been practicing every day.

We'll come and support you.

Those idiots are taken in by him.

One day I'll put a stop to that.

I'll make them a poster.


We have to go.

I'd better be off too.

What motivated you to make this decision?

This might sound a bit pretentious, but I think I'm the best in the group and I have what it takes to handle the responsibility.

I think so too.

However, I hear things on the grapevine, I catch feedback.

And I gather you have a hard time getting on with your colleagues.

Mediocre people often try to conceal their unprofessional attitude by pushing others aside.

There's some truth in that.

It's called a downtrend.

You say in your CV that you had an abortion.

That's original on a CV.

It was the child or the Grandes Galeries.

Maybe you're right.

I had some doubts myself.

You did?


Sorry to interrupt.

You're not.

I need to talk to you. Are you free tomorrow night?

I'm taking my son out for dinner.

I'm having a dinner at my place, so...


I'll call you.


So, where were we?

I've never experienced such a sex drought before.

And yet there's plenty to choose from in the store.

Do you have a girlfriend?

Do you have a girlfriend at the moment?

You're dropping stuff. Well?

No, I don't.

Are you with someone? No.

Don't hesitate. We're slashing prices on every floor in every department.

Make the most of the promotions.

Tomorrow is our 100th anniversary...

I wonder what they'll come up with for the centenary.

He's not going to turn the music up even louder.

It's to boost sales. It's not his fault.

Isabelle, come here, quickly.

Aziz got a letter from Zaza.

Did he? If this carries on, I might do what she did.

She's certainly making the most of her convalescence.

"The weather is wonderful. Guess who I saw on the beach?"

What are you doing here?

Unwinding. What about you?

I am convalescing.

Yes, of course.

Are you feeling better?

I'm OK.

This is my wife.


Do you want to join us?

No, thanks. We're playing ball.

"Lefèvre." On a nudist beach?

"He's different on holiday. His wife is a good laugh.

"We have become friends."

Zaza, this place is great for natural products.

It is important to go back to nature, to find yourself again.

The world we live in is so crazy.

That gives them plenty of time to find a costume.

You're as crazy as I am.

You're a real nutcase.

I'm not a nutcase, I just want to be different.

Everybody is different.

Do you think it will work? Of course.

They're so stupid. They're coming. Hurry.

Have you seen this? What is it?

Fancy dress? A fancy-dress carnival.

It's great.

Thank you, that was lovely.

Yes, thank you.

Right, bye.

What was it again? Sayonara.

What are you going as?

Tomorrow? I don't know. A naked married man with a ring?

You're so stupid. Your party was a success.

Next time, I'll cook something for you.


That was great, wasn't it? Thank you, Michel.

Hello? Hi, this is Annick.

I'm sorry to call so late...

Wait a second. Who is it?

- Am I interrupting? No, not at all.

- A little bit. I can hear that I am.

Who is it? Do you have a second?

I'll call you some other time.

I'm just... Wait.

I'll be right back. Bye.

Hey, girls. Pizzuti!

What's up, pussy cat? Do you dance?

Ladies and gentlemen. Isabelle!

Look at Snow White. Do you want my hand?

No, I don't smoke.

I'm joking.

It's about to open.

So, you're a manager now? Yes, it's been two days.

Just a word before we open.

It's the boss. Oh, yeah.

Just a second.

For those who are protesting, the carnival was not our idea.

No kidding! - I don't know whose joke it is, but I quite like it and I think customers will enjoy the show, though some might find it hard to work in the costume they've chosen.

That's it. Get ready for work and good luck.

Unbelievable. I'd love to know who did this.

It was so expensive.

You can wear it another time.

He pulled it off.


He has a knack for salvaging things. One day I'll tell him to fuck off.

Our 100th anniversary will last another few minutes and yet, our store is still so fresh.

Enjoy the celebrations and remember in your own way the youth of the Grandes Galeries.

I'm looking for a keyboard with MIDI switches to connect it to a computer.

I'd like a polyphonic keyboard with a multitude of octaves, if possible.

And I'm looking for a reliable product.

I would also like an extra memory card to add sounds to the ones it already has.

Even more sounds.

Yes, if possible.

This one does it. Can I try it?

Go ahead. Thank you.

I'm cracking up.

I'm going to do a bad thing.

Could you transform me into Prince Charming?

You're a fairy after all... This fairy has had it up to here!

Hey, what are you doing? Stop.

Please, ladies and gentlemen.

Let's stop this. Don't be stupid.

Let's stop this to observe one minute of silence.

Please, let's stop this unnecessary noise.

One minute of silence, please.

You'll get us both fired.

Stop and observe a minute of silence.

You're making a big mistake.




What's going on? Quiet!


Can I ask...?

They're asking for silence.

Just for a minute.


Hello, sir. Could you come now? We have a problem.

What's wrong? Follow me. I'll explain on the way.

Tell me what's wrong.

What a beautiful silence.

You do understand that after your little prank yesterday we can't keep you on?

I wasn't planning on staying anyway.

Was the tag yours too?

It was.

I'm glad you didn't appreciate it.

Destroyers like you are always happy with themselves.

I don't hold the key to perfection, but I try to build something.

Keep on building, I'll go and destroy elsewhere.

Goodbye, sir.

Hi. I've come to say goodbye.

You're leaving? I got fired. Didn't you know?

No. Yes.

I lasted a year in one company. That's impressive for me.

So I won't see you?

I don't know.

Actually, I barely know you.

Let's meet at the café later. Sure.

Are you sure? Yes.

Sir? How much do I owe you?

Five francs without the tip.

Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen.

I was meant to meet a blonde girl at five.

She normally wears a red oilskin and her name is Claire.

If she comes, could you tell her that I'm tired of waiting?

I'm tired of these pointless meetings and she's a stupid bitch?

Be sure to tell her she's a stupid bitch. Sure, we'll tell her!

Sparks are gonna fly!

It touches me to see how much you care about this boy, but in football, a mistake gets you a red card or a penalty.

It's stupid, it's just a question of principles.

He said, and I quote, "Tell her she's a stupid bitch.

"And I'm tired of these shitty meetings."

He said "pointless".


Thank you. You're welcome.

Hi, is Roger in? Yes.

Yes? Could you call him for me?

Don't come outside in bare feet. In you go.

Is Roger in, please?

Yes, he's in his room. I'll get him. Gégé, there's a lady here to see you.

Roger? Roger?

How did you find my address?

I found it in your file.


Come on.

They call you Gégé? Only my sister's kids.

You didn't come to the café. I did but I was late.


Did anyone say anything? Who?

At the café. No, why?

No reason.

Why don't you come in?

My sister.

Come on.

Why didn't you want us to stay here?

I don't know.

I'm happy you're here.

Hey, stop that.

I thought you'd hate the flowery wallpaper.

I hate the flowery wallpaper.

You'll be happy together.

Why do you want me to meet your parents?

No reason.

This is it.

I can imagine their faces.

I doubt it.

It's me.

Hello. Come in.

Hi, Mum. Hi, darling.

Roger, this is Mum.

Hi, Roger. Hello.

Come on in. Give me your jacket.

Go on, close the door.

I like rock 'n' roll. You do?

Yes, I like it as much as you do. So we have the same taste?

I might be an optimist, but I think people can agree sometimes.

Well, I think it's important for people to disagree.

I disagree.

Would you like some coffee? Yes, please.

Could I have a drop?

I think there's enough left.

Your theories are all very well, but I'd like to see you sell.

I'd like to see you with customers. Absolutely. Whenever you want.

I'm ready to give it a go.


Everything OK? It's hard.

This really is the most...

You don't like it either.

Could you show me something bigger?

How much for this? I'm busy with someone else.

Put yourself in my shoes. Put yourself in mine!

You're new? Yes.

You'll see, it's boring and badly paid.

Why are you staying, then?

It's the same everywhere. Anyway, it's about to close.

Don't say that. It seems to be going well.

I've heard there were some changes this year.

Yeah, it's much better now.

It's the sort of place where you can tell the boss to go to hell.

If I were you, I wouldn't try too hard. We're meeting in one month I know, but we already have results.

Everything's changing so quickly, we can't stop now.

- It's up to you. This is not just about me.

You'll see, the marathon will be decisive.

I'm banking on a big media success.

There, we made it. We have nothing at the moment.

We have the TV set. Let's connect it quick.

Hello. Put those inside.

How's it going? Good. You?

You're together?

How is it going, lovers?

I'm not surprised you went for a daddy's girl.

Calm down.

Have you got nothing better to do than to come and mock me?

Go to your rich girl. Don't keep her waiting.

Calm down. Don't touch me.

Fuck off.

You have to accept differences. It's like with us.

You are different from us, but you are our friend.

Cut the crap, I'm not your friend.

Yes, you are. Of course not.

Zaza, you are our friend.

They've started, Hubert is in the lead. Look.

An excellent athlete, originally from Guadeloupe...

Do you recognize him?

It's Hubert from the store.


Look, he's in the lead.



You're doing great, Hubert. See you at the finish.

Come on, Mamadou, get a move on. Full speed ahead!

Let's sweat.

Run, you idiots!

Maybe one day you'll stop this bullshit.

Nothing can stop them now. They are heading for the finish.

It's wonderful to see them all, all running individually but together.

It's fantastic to see people pushing themselves to their limits.

You're totally right. It is fantastic.

I feel as if we'll never be a good match.

Of course we won't be.

Nothing is a match around here.

Look at this mess.

I wanted to tell you...

Hubert Saint-Pierre is on his way to victory.

There's just 400 meters left.

Mamadou Motoutou is overtaking him 200 meters before the finishing line.

The two men are neck and neck.

After 42km, it is amazing to see the efforts

- on their faces. I recognize that guy.

It's Mamadou. Grandes Galeries!

Yes, he's a cleaning operative. Why isn't he wearing our shirt?

I don't know.

He's taken the lead.

Surely Hubert Saint-Pierre can't catch him now.

Motoutou wins this 14th edition of the Paris Marathon.

We did it!

Two Frenchmen on the podium. This is great.

So much suspense at the finish for the two French leaders.

Well done.

You did it.

You're all right now.

Hey, there's no need to get into such a state.

I'm so pleased. Could you please put that on quickly?

You were amazing.

How do you feel? Great.

It has to be straight.

There you go, nice and straight. These guys are from the TV.

Yes, we're very lucky to have Mamadou...

Is it a media success for the Grandes Galeries?

Absolutely, it is a great success for the Grandes Galeries and for our motivated staff.

We have two winners from the Grandes Galeries.

Our modern company shows that driven people who work for their company, the Grandes Galeries, can win, and you should talk to them.

Two winners from the Grandes Galeries.

It is wonderful, so moving to see.

They come from a group and they have won together.

Well done.

It's over, Lepetit.

The sale was concluded yesterday.

What do you mean?

What sale?

Even with the results? Your results are exemplary.

You've turned the business around in a remarkably short space of time.

Your career is safe.

To tell you the truth, the decision was taken before you got hired.

When we saw you, we were already negotiating the transfer of the premises.

Thanks to you, we didn't make too much of a loss.

Thanks to your management, we sold the premises for twice the advertised price.

What about the staff?

All the redundancies,

and I mean all of them, will be covered by our profits.

It's a stroke of luck for our small shareholders.

Come on in, it's about to start.

I am me And you are you I am me And you are you I am me And you, shut up You're not the only one Who can say me I can too Me, me, me, me Me, me, me, me, me Me, me, me, me, me Me, me I don't like to be alone Nor do I, nor do I You're not the only one Nor do I, nor do I I don't like to be alone Nor do I, nor do I You're not the only one Nor do I, nor do I Me, me, me me Me, me, me, me, me Me, me, me, me, me, me It's osmosis!

I don't like to be alone Nor do I, nor do I You're not the only one Nor do I, nor do I I don't like to be alone Nor do I, nor do I You're not the only one Nor do I, nor do I Me, me, me, me Me, me, me, me, me Me, me, me, me, me, me, me