Rinjin 13-go (2005) Script

Move it, Juzo!

Over here.

Walk, will you?

Hold him tight, or it'll get on your hands, too.

Public School 5 Keep still.

It won't hurt.

Not even a bit.

Don't move.

Don't make such a big deal!

Hold him down!

Keep still!

Is he okay?

Dumb ass!


No, no!



I'll put that up later.

I'll do it. Now, ain't that lovely!

Did you choose it?

Yeah. Leave it.

It's great.

Bring that stuff in, okay?

Yuki! Don't bother the man!

I'll open this box for you.

Yes, please.

It's all hooked up, Mr. Akai. Sign here, please.

Do I look like the boss, asshole?

Open your fucking eyes!

Stop fucking around.

Stop it, will you!

What are you doing?

Smarten up!

You shouldn't lose it over something like that.

Could you sign here?

I'll be going.

Thank you.

Sorry about that.


Let's take a break.

I'll go buy us something...

Come on, Yuki. I'll race you to the store.

Come on!

Right! Let's go! Sing me a song.

Kagome, Kagome...

When does the bird leave its cage?

At dawn and in the evening. Crane and turtle, all fall down!


Listen up!

This is Murasaki Juzo. He's starting today.

How do you do?

Don't stand there like we're going to eat you!

Maybe we will.

Don't scare him.

I'm not.


You're late, Akai!

You on the board now, Tohru?

Me and the wife both slept in.

You're slacking off, Akai!

He'll work under you.

How do you do?

Seki! Great, huh? You're not low man anymore.

Don't make such a big deal of it!

Mr. Yazawa! Coming up!

This won't be enough!

So the bottom is...

Forget that! So the bottom is...

Grab that.

Don't just stand there. Get this stuff moved by noon.

You'll need help.




I'll talk to the boss. Take the day off.

When did you get promoted?

What good are you?

Hey, Murasaki! You okay?

You going to be in there all day?


An orange down vest on a building site looks stupid!

Get out here! Are you dead?

Come on, Akai.

Leave the damn kid alone.

Dumbasses piss me off!


My name's Akai. We've just moved in upstairs.

This is a little get-acquainted gift.


I just moved in myself.

You did?

Introduce yourself, Yuki.

My name is Akai Yuki.

Hello. I'm Murasaki.

Is your leg all right?

I just hurt it a bit at work.

Yuki, don't pull my coat.

Take care.

Thank you.

Mama, you promised you'd buy me Donkey Kong!

I know.

When I make a promise, I cross my heart and hope to die.

That's a promise!

Setting Out: Graduation Album, PS5


How's the leg?

It's fine.


Sorry to drop in on you...

That's okay.

A get-well gift.


Come in if you like. It's still a mess.


You just moved in?


You collect figurines?

Kind of.


Where'd you get this?


Yeah? This is cool!

I do cartoons.

Ever seen this one?


Some friends did these.

I did this one.



Can I see it?

Sure. Can I see it?

I've submitted them to places...

They're good.


I'd like to quit my day job and just draw...

...but then my mom would just send more money.

That wouldn't be manly.


Sit down. You've been standing since you got here.

I'll put these in the fridge.

You okay with sweet stuff?


A grade school album!

What class were you?


That's okay. Where'd you get this?

Right here.

Anyway, let's have a drink.

I'm glad about today.

What you did...

Akai's an asshole.


I'd like to kill him.

He's been on my ass ever since I started there.

The other guys are all right, but he's different.

He's wacko.

Let's kill him.

Just kidding.

It's a joke.

For a second...

...you were like a different person today.

That was another me who lives in my body.

He's been waiting inside me for ten years...

...to take revenge on Akai.

Revenge on Akai?

He keeps getting bigger.


But now he's started acting on his own.

I'm scared.

I can't do anything about it!

Seki, help me!

Look at my real face.


You did this to me!

Die! Die! Die! Die!

What color is your face?

Huh? Huh?

Salmon pink? Salmon pink?

Salmon pink? Salmon pink?

Salmon pink? Salmon pink?

Black and blue? Black and blue?

Juzo, I'm going.

Thanks for everything.

That's okay.

That's fine.

We start early tomorrow. Take things easy.

See you then.

Take care.

Thanks a lot.

No problem.

See you.

See you. See you.

Take care.

Absent: Murasaki Dead!

Look at his desk!

Disgusting! It's filthy!

Come on, guys.


Shut up! You know what time it is?



What the hell do you want?

Ever seen this one?


Shinjuku, Shinjuku 3-Chome, Yotsuya 3-Chome, Yotsuya...

Ow! Ow! Ow!

Please, call 911.

What? Tohru, this receipt's wrong.


Put that away.

What are you so irritated about?

I'm not irritated!

Let's go somewhere.

Go where?

I don't know. We haven't been out for ages!

Dumbass! What about Yuki?

Okay, forget it.

Hey, what's this?

Clean up after yourself, will you?

I haven't been in the can since I got home!

It has to be either you or Yuki.

Then it was him.

Don't I have enough work as it is?

Aw, shut up, will you? I said it wasn't me.

See? Murasaki's not here.

You owe me 10,000!

That hurts!

Mr. Akai...

What do you want, fat boy?

I need to talk to you.

What, you're quitting?


You're popular, Akai. You swinging both ways now?

Fuck off.

What's with you?

Let's roll.

Don't bust your balls.

It's lunchtime. Let's eat.

What's up?

Yeah... Yeah...


Did you look for him?

Okay, I'll be right there.

Thank you.

I'm not Juzo.

He's split-off from me.

Uh, about Mr. Akai...

You'll help me?

You're a nice guy.


Yuki's right here.


Papa's here. Let's go shopping.

Why didn't you phone? If I'm not at the site...

...no one does any work!

...no one does any work! They won't miss you!



Sit down, will you?


A package for you.

Sign here, please.

You lied about Yuki being gone!

Don't make it such a big deal!

Thank you.



...I'm sorry.

What's that.


Give me one.

Where are those bastards?

Maybe they eloped.

Anyway, Akai won the bet.

10,000 says he shows tomorrow.

He's not much use even if he does.

10,000 yen, that hurts!



Sorry to bother you.

My mother sent us some tangerines. Would you like some?

Oh, you shouldn't have.

Thank you.

Is your leg all right?

Yes, it's fine.

You're always so nice to me...

Don't worry about it.

Yeah, but...

See you later.


I'm sorry.

Wait here...

What are these?

Take them.

Movie tickets? You're giving them to me?

They came with the paper.

Thank you.

You could take Yuki.

Yuki won't sit still through a movie.

Are you busy tomorrow?

Break through the wall!


Uh, is something the matter?

I'm sorry.

What about your husband?


I could look after Yuki while you're gone.

You two should go.



See you.

Let's go.

Thank you for these.

That's okay.

Take care.

You call yourselves bikers?

Is this all you can do?

Come on, you bastards!

What the fuck?

Who's the shrimp?

What is this?

Is this all it takes to get into The Dogs?


From today on, call him the "God of Death."


I'm Akai. The boss.

I'd never had a leader before.

Yeah, man, you were cool!

Forget that old shit!

Take this, will you?

You two should come to the rallies sometimes.

No one's got any balls now.


Play more!

Well, Yuki...

Yuki, stop it!

It's okay.

Isn't it time you settled down?

Naw, the beast inside me won't lay down yet.


Come on, Yuki.

Try it out. Families are good.

Nice and warm.

I'd kill anyone who laid a hand on this kid.

I envy you.

Then find yourself a girl!

I'll set you up.

Can we go see...

...a movie tomorrow?

You listening?

What about Yuki?

Come on!

Are you nuts?

Lots of people with kids still go out!

Yeah! Go out and have yourselves a date.

I'll watch Yuki.

I couldn't...

Anytime you like!

Huh, Yuki?

Well, you want to go, then?


It's a date!

Come here, Yuki.

We'll hit the arcade.

It's okay. We've got a friend downstairs who'll watch him.

In this building?


Yuki, stop it!


Don't do that, I said!

Stop it! I mean it!

See you.

See you.

Take care.

See you again.

It's not me you want.

You only call on me when you need me.

What's this flick?

It's a love story. I'll probably fall asleep.

Just don't snore.

What's this person downstairs like?

Real nice.

What's that supposed to mean?

Should I go say hello?

Not at this hour. I'll take care of it.


Yuki! Look this way.



Want this?

Men's Restroom


Give me your hand.

Let's wash hands.

What the fuck are you doing?

Ow! Ow! Ow!

What's wrong?

What's wrong?

Are you lost?

Anything wrong?

I think he's lost.

Are you okay?

Let's go find Mommy and Daddy.


Great, huh? Daddy's here!

Where did you get to?

Come on.

Come on.

Thank you.


So heavy...

I'll never make it!

Open the door.

Get down.

No! It's been forever!

What has?

Since we were alone...

Get off, will you?

No, I won't!

I will not!

No, I won't!

Let go.

Come on, just for a bit!

Go get Yuki.

Just a bit.

Just a little bit!

Stop it!

Get off me.

Just a bit.

That tickles.

Stop it!


They're awfully late.

They'll be back soon.

You like those?

They're great!

Call City Hall, not the police!

Ring! Ring!


You've been robbed?

Calm down, Miss, and give me the details.

What was stolen? Your heart? Or your cherry?


Why would you bother the police about a thing like that?

You've got a safe place between your legs. Keep your jewels there!

What does she think we are?

Ring! Ring!


Your son hasn't come home?

Calm down, Ma'am, and give me the details.

Oh, he's dead.

It's my detective instinct. He's dead for sure.

If he's not, I'll kill him.

You don't need a patrol car, you need a hearse.

Ring! Ring!


It's getting real late.

I've been down a few times.

Maybe he drove somewhere.



A guy named Murasaki...

How come he lives downstairs?

I don't know!


Hey, Murasaki!


Should we just walk in?


What's that?

What's going on here?

This is Yuki's!

Hold these!

Is this my fault?

What's that?


Want to try that?

Juzo Murasaki

Throw it!

Aim at him!

Come on, you guys!

Get the water right on him!

Eat it.

Eat it.

Eat it.

Eat it.

Go on.

Juzo Murasaki




What was that there?

What? What?

Go and get Yuki, will you!

Bring him back!

Shut up, dumbass!


This goes back years...

Class reunion

Class reunion

It's been ages!

How are you?

Just great!

This is a real surprise.


No problem!

Watch your step.

You know how to use this?

You put the shell in here, then you cock it...

...aim it, and bang!

Got shells?

Good enough?

It's a hair trigger, so be careful.


It's delicate.

Let me carry it.

Class reunion





Heiwa Apartments.

Mr. Kaneda, Sadao.

We're on the scene now.

What happened?

He was six months behind with his rent, so I came over...

I opened the door, and...

It's my fault Yuki's gone.

You don't have to look any more.

I'm sorry!

Mrs. Akai?

I'm sorry!

Mrs. Akai...

Is something wrong?

Don't, Ma'am...

Hands off!

Let's go inside.

Take your fucking hands off me!

Is she all right?

Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

Are you...

...really Murasaki?

Where's Yuki?

Where did you put him?

In the bag.

Did I shoot him?

You did this.

You didn't have to do that!

Did I shoot him?

Did you?

Which one of us was it?

Do I look like a nice guy?

Do you look like an asshole?


How does it feel?

You never felt like this before, huh?

Tell me.

Who shot him?

You did.

You ruined everything.



You look like shit, Juzo.

I'm not Juzo.

I was wrong.

I'm sorry.

Don't say that.



Come on, people! Line up!

6D! Hurry it up!

Take your hands out!

Hurry up!

Come on, people!

Ito, eyes front.

Quiet over there.

Murasaki, middle line!

Let him in!

Out of the way!

If you please.

Here goes...


Come on!

Cold rain pours down on my heart All my tears disappear in the rain Just now, my heart awakens from a long sleep That day, I realized that kindness was strength My broken heart helped me survive I could carry on with my wounded body

Dark night sky covers my eyes All my memories disappear into darkness Just now, I see a faint light in the distance That day, I realized that warmth was comfort My broken heart helped me survive I could carry on with my wounded body My broken heart helped me survive