Rio (2011) Script

All the birds of the feather Do what they love most of all We are the best at rhythm and laughter That's why we love Carnival All so clear we can sing to Some adventures reborn Dance to the music, passion and knowledge Show us the best you can do Everyone here is on fire Get up and join in the fun Dancing with strangers, don't mess with danger Magic could happen for Rio In Rio, all by itself (itself)

Your dancing and knowing You can't find it anywhere else Yes Rio, in Rio You know something else You can feel it happening You can feel it all by yourself

It's okay, it's okay.


I'll take care of you.

Stupid clock!

Good morning Blu.


Tyler Blu Gandersen.

You know these vitamins are good for you.

Uuh, what's this?



Enjoy the new book.

Thanks Linda.

Bye now.

Yes, Mum. I love to visit.

But who'll take care of Blu?

Mum, they don't have candles for parrots.

Here's your hot chocolate, Blu.

Just how you like it.

Because I don't trust leaving Blu with just anyone.

No, I don't have a bird sitter.

What is a bird sitter...

This is the life.

The perfect marshmallow to cocoa ratio.

One, two, three, four, five,... Six!

Well, if it isn't my favorite nerd bird.

Very funny, real mature.

Hey Pet, where are you migrating to this year?

The 'broad-first' nook?

Throw all the snow balls you want.

I'm protected by this magical force field, called "glass".

It's what keep us so toasty and warm in here, while you guys are out there freezing your...


Ara-ara! Ara-ara!

Are you all right?

I'm not really built for this weather.

Oh, are you looking for some books?


No, no.

I've come six thousand miles looking for him.

Doctor of Ornithology?

Ooh, he's magnificent.

Linda, a little help here. Linda!

Wow, you're actually communicating.

Yes, I introduced myself and shook my tail feathers, counter-clockwise, thus referring to his dominance.

I did not get that at all.

So, Dr Monteiro.

No Dr. Please, just call me Tulio.

You know your Macaw is a very special bird.

In fact, as far as we know, Blu is the last male of his kind.

Really? Yes.

Recently we found a female.

And our hope is to bring the two of them together to save their species.

Well sure, when can she come over?

Oh, no, she is in Brazil.

Blu must come to Rio De Janeiro.

Rio, Brazil?

Oh, no, no, no, no.

I never let Blu out of my sight.

He needs me.

Oh no. You misunderstand.

It's all arranged. You'll be with him every step of the way.

And I'll be with you.

Look, I know you're doing your job.

But... well, Blu's very particular...

And we have our little routine here and we're not big on travel.

Heck, he doesn't even fly.

Of course he can fly.

He's a perfect specimen.

What are you doing?

Don't worry, their natural instincts always take over.

Wait, no!

Well, almost always.


What kind of doctor are you?

Are you okay?

Perhaps he's too domesticated.

It was very nice of you to step in, squawk around and throw my bird, but now it is time for you to go.

I'm very sorry.

I'm very sorry, but wait, Linda.

This could be our last chance.

Have a safe flight.

Linda, please listen to me!

If we don't do this, his whole species will be gone.

Just think about it.

Natural instincts.

There is nothing natural about being thrown half way across the room.

Hah, I'll show him.

I can do this. I just have to work out the physics.

I have quadrated my vector angles.

I have adjusted for wind shear, house every reinforcement.


Okay, let's see.

Flaps open, perfect.

Landing gear, checked.

Tail flaps, operational.

And actually, not bad.

This is it. Let's fly.

Just keep it simple.

Thrust, lift, drag, and wait.

Thrust, lift, drag, wait!

Thrust, lift, drag, wait!

Thrust, lift, drag, wait!


I promised I'll always look out for you.

Didn't I?

Have I ever broken a promise?

I'm scared too.

But I wouldn't make you do this if it wasn't the right thing to do.

What do you say Blu?

That's my big brave boy.

We will be back home before we even know it.

Your turn Blu. You don't want to get 'beak-burn'.

Wow, what's going on here?

You arrive in time for carnival. Carnival?

Yes, it's the biggest party in the world.

You know a time to have fun and dance.

Oh mine!

Is she a performer?

No, in fact she's my dentist.

Dr. Barbosa!

Do not forget to floss, Tulio.

You got it.

Come tomorrow night, everyone will be dressed like that.

Oh, not me.

Oh, wait.

I am not from here.

Hey Nico, he's a tourist.

Funny, you don't look like one.

Really? I don't?

Except, you've got pigeon dodo on your nose.

Oh, no, this is just SPF3000.

So, are you here for carnival?

Actually I'm just here to meet a girl.

Huh, a girl? Yes.

Little word of advice. You make the first move.

Brazilian women respond to confidence. Oh, right.

Yes, it's all about swagger.

You've got to pop out that chest, swing that tail, eyes narrowed look like some kind of crazy love hawk.

But first we've got to bust you out. What?

I'm gonna pop that cage open like a soda cap.

No, no...

No, that's okay.

You call that popping?

This thing's robust.

No, guys really, I'm fine. The cage is great.

Love the cage.

Dabbo, suit yourself.

Don't forget, love hawk.

Yes and to you as well.

This is the heart and soul of our aviary.

Our treatment room.

They really like you.

A lot. Yes!

I'm their great big mama bird.

You want some? No, I'm good.

Many of the birds here were rescued from smugglers.

Smugglers? Yes.

Unfortunately, the poor birds are often hurt.

Or even killed in the process.

But with proper care, they can be saved.

Look here.

This poor guy was found last night.

Hey buddy, you're looking great today.

Much better, much better.

Get well soon.

So, where is Jewel?

Oh, we have a special place for Jewel.

She's a very spirited bird.

I'll say.

She did that?


Okay, I want to go home now.

No, don't worry.

I'm going to make you look irresistible.

Help! Help! Let me out of here!


Maybe I should... No, give it a chance.



I come in peace.

She's beautiful.

What were they talking about? She's... like an angel.

An angel whose getting really close up!

You're standing on my throat. You're an American.


I need my throat for talking, so thank you.

You look like me.


Hi. My name is Blu.

You know like the cheese with the mould on it.

No, it smells really bad.

That's stupid, stupid, stupid.

Alright come on, we don't have much time.

Wait, wait! Ouch!

Are you ready? For what?

Oh, oh, wow. Aah... okay.


Crazy love hawk.

Wow, hey! What are you doing?

What? What you want me to.

But just for argument sake, what are you doing?

I am trying to escape.

Oh..., ya... escape, that's where I was going with that thing I just did.

Wait, wait.

Did you actually think we were going to kiss?

No, no, no! We just met!

Oh mine! I think they need a little help.

I know how my feathers look, but I'm not that kind of bird.

Okay, I had nothing to do with that.

But, it's actually a pretty good song.

'Naturally...' yes, sing it Lionel.

Wow, That was fast.

Lionel Richie. Works every time.

We should probably give them some privacy.

I'm not so sure I should leave Blu here alone.

Oh no, don't worry.

Sylvio will keep an eye on them all night.

Besides, he's got Jewel.

Help me!

This is the final countdown to Carnival! Let's Samba.

Come here little birdie.

It's okay. I got you.

Excuse me!

Please, I'm trying to sleep.

I'm sorry sleepy head, I'm trying to escape.

Escape, why? This cage is awesome.

This cage...? Oh, what was I thinking?

I wouldn't expect a pet to understand.

Pet? Did you just call me a pet?

For the record, I am not a pet.

I am a companion.

And you know what? Do what you want.

Cause' tomorrow morning Linda will come for me, and this whole nightmare will be over.

Incredibly, you rather be with a human than with your own kind.

Well, that human has given me love and affection for the past 15 years, whereas my own kind tries to strangle me after 15 seconds.

Yah, it's because of them, I've lost everything.

You can't trust them!

Of course, you can trust humans.



Hi there!

It's nice of you to join me for dinner.

I often eat alone.

Because of my work.

I thought I was the 'bird-mad' until I met you.

Yes, right. Do you have a favorite bird?

Well, obviously I'm a Blue Macaw kind of gal.

That makes sense. They are very handsome birds.

Actually, it's the brains I'm attracted to.

I'm not so impressed by fancy feathers.

I know exactly, what you mean.

My favorite bird is the spotted owl.

I've always been mesmerized by those big, round intelligent eyes.

Chicken rolls?


Chicken eyes.

Oh gosh!


Oh, Blu.

We should have never left.

This is all my fault. No Linda, please.

This is not your fault.

You're right, It's not my fault.

It's your fault! What?

With your little bird talk, and that whole...

Well, you know what?

Squawk squawking is squawk-squawk!

I am sorry. I didn't mean to curse.

I don't understand!

Sylvio is the best guard in the business.

So let me get this straight.

You were attacked by a little white bird.

Yes, with this rag he held it to my mouth, like this.

We're doomed.

Okay, there's no place like home, there's no place like home.

How I wish I was back in my cage with my mirror and my swing and my little bell.

How I miss my little bell. Ssshh, play dead.

What? I don't need to play dead. I'm about to have a heart attack.

Just do it! Fine.

Stop twitching. Come on, itís the twitching that sells it.

Come on in, kid.

Well, what do you know? Good work, Fernando.

You see boys. What did I tell you about this one?

That you are going to pay him half as much as what you said?

No, you idiot.

That he reminds me of myself when I was that age.

Smart, resourceful. Here you go, kid.

Hey, it's only half of what you promised me.

Shut up, kid.

What the...?

I thought I told you I needed these birds alive.

Tell me, Fernando. Does this look alive to you?


Get it! Over here!


Hello, pretty bird.

What's the matter?

Cockatoo got your throat?

Nigel, alive.

To be continued.

That was your plan! To take off and leave me!

Gee, thanks.

Why didn't you follow me?

Nice work, Nigel. Yah, nice work, Nigel.

The last two Macawsan birds.

These are worth a fortune.

Hey, Fernando! Hang these up in the other room.

Hey, birdie. Let me out! Let me out!

Let me out of here!

Pretty bird. I'm a pretty bird. Pretty bird. I'm a pretty bird, hahaha!

I was framed. They got the wrong guy.

Sorry guys. Nothing personal.

So, what is going to happen to them?

Don't worry. We're going to find good homes for them.

Now go home to Mama.

But I don't have a Mama. Father?

Brother? Gold fish?

Can we keep him, boss?


So Marcel, what's really going to happen to those birds?

Dulled, plucked, stuffed, eaten, who cares.

All I know is, we are going to be rich.

We're gonna to be rich.

Come on, the game's starting.

Yes, you be very clear. Tomorrow or the deal is off.

Of course, I have both the Macaws.

Yes, I'll deliver them myself.

Au revoir.

Alright you two, we load the truck tonight.

First thing in the morning, we bring those birds to the airport.

You got it? Yeah, sure, heard you.

And one of you, feed Nigel.

Rock paper scissors, shoot.


No-no, scissors cut rock.

Oh man, how come you always win?

Nice birdie.

Here you go.

Ughh, cannibal.

Okay, hold it together. The key is not to panic.

I'm not panicking.

I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to me.

But it's okay. Any minute now, Linda will find us.

Oh great, and then she'll just stick us behind another set of bars, right?

Yes, I mean No!

Look, pet cages might work for you but I don't want to belong to anyone.

Something seems to be lodged in my beak.

Would you mind?

Oh, I know I'm not a pretty birdie.

But I used to be quite a looker.

The star.

Lights, camera, action.

I was striking svelte.

Ambitious feet-to-beak.

So birdie-licious.

Now I'm vile. I'm villain and vicious.

Oh, and malicious.

I had it all, tv shows, women too.

I was tall. Over 1'foot 2".

Then they got a pretty parrot to fill my shoes.

That's why I am so evil, why I do what I do.

He was a superstar. So young and vital.

He's nasty. A Southern American idol.

He's a vicious bird. Who said that about me?

A very vicious bird. I'll have you rotisseried.

I am a feathery freak with beak, a bird murderer.

You think you're better than me. I've never heard of you.

I'm evil. I'll feed your cheese balls with weevils.

I poop on people and I blame it on seagulls.

It was him.

He's a nasty bird, I'm invincible.

He's ghastly.

I'm invincible, I'm unwashable, unrinsible.

Like an abandoned school, I have no principles.

All of you Brazilian birds All 18 million birds.

I'll tell you what I'm going to do.

I'm going to make you...

Shut up now, shut up!

Just me.

I will make you ugly too.

Hey! Sweet nightmares.

Not cool man. Scary, but not cool!

Hey, are you okay? No.

I'm definitely not okay!

What are you doing? Getting out of here.

You going to help me, or what?

Actually our survival guide said to sit and wait, and help will come.

No one is coming!

We are on our own and if we just sit here, we're going to die!

Yes, yes, yes.


Nigel, get out of the way!

Stop, stop. Why don't you just open the door?

Are you kidding me? Why? It's just a standard flip slide ball.

What are you doing?

Well I can't... What? You can't what?

I can't fly!

You couldn't tell me before now! It didn't matter before now.

I hate you.

There is something else I need to know? Yes!

I can't fly, I pick my beak and once in a while I pee in the bird bath.


There, they are!

We got to get out of here!

Wait. Listen to me.

Flying may not be my thing, but walking is. Follow my lead.

Inside right, outside left. Okay, I've got it.

Inside, outside, inside, outside.

Yes, yes! Come on!

See, I'm bilingual too.

This is great!

I'm chained to the only bird in the world who can't fly!

Actually, there are 40 species of flightless birds.

Duck! No, Ducks can fly!

No! Duck!

Oh yes!


Calm down!

Nooo! NOoorrr!

Get out of here, you putrid poultry.

Oh, what was that? A stick.

Ahh, and that? It's just a rock.

Is that a spider on your back? Will you quit it?

It's just a leaf. Turn around.


Told you.

Come on, we need to find a safe place to spend the night.

Safe? Safe! We're in the jungle!

You know when people say it's a jungle out there, I'm sure they don't mean it as a good thing.

Look, I hate to break it to you but this is where our kind naturally lives.

Hey, don't talk to me about nature. I watch Animal Planet.

I know all about the food chain.

You see, out here I'm just a hors d'oeuvre.

Nothing more than a feathery spring roll.

That is why we stay on the trees and not on the ground.

After you.

Oh no, I don't think so.

I'll feel much more comfortable in something man-made.

How about up there?

I can't believe I've to drag your clumsy butt up there.

Drag me? Watch and learn.

Blu! Just wait!

Who's dragging who's butt now, huh?

Ha, ha very funny.

You see, who needs flying?

Birds, birds need flying.

Flying is... freedom and not having to rely on anyone.

Don't you want that?

I don't know. Sounds a little lonely.

Letís get some sleep.

I'm probably going to be up for a little while.

Because I'm still on Minnesota's time.

Good night.

Good night Jewel.

Good night Linda.

Excuse me, sir. Have you seen my bird?

Have you seen my bird?

Excuse me, have you seen my bird?

Have you seen my bird?

Lady, American lady.

Blu? Blu?

I know where your birds are. You found Blu? Are you sure?

It's his.

Let me see that.

You're right.

Okay, where is he?

Come on, letís go. I'll take you to him.

No, no Linda, wait. We don't know this boy.

We can't trust him.

I have to trust him.

I don't have a choice.

Do you think I'm an idiot?

There were two birds, chained together, in a cage.

How could you lose them?

They out smart us boss. But don't worry.

We'll get them back. I have a plan.

Oh great. What are you going to do?

Wonder in the city, calling "Here birdie-birdie, here birdie!"

Well, anything sounds dumb when you say it like that.

We have to get birds to the airport by tonight.

But it's Carnival. All the roads will be blocked by the parade.

That's why I wanted to go this morning!


This bird is ten times smarter than the two of you combined.

If he's so smart why don't you put him in charge?

I am putting him in charge.

Stop suggesting things!

Go find them, Nigel.

Hmm, if we can't get through the parade, we'll have to be in the parade.


Are you sure it is going to work? Positive.

Check my map.

Yes, that's just comforting. Thank you.

Look, letís just get this chain broken.

Right, then we can go find Linda.

No, you can go find Linda.

Once this chain is off, I'm going back to being free in the jungle.

Deal? Fine, deal.

Nice try Brainiac.

I think something is watching us.

Oh, be careful Blu. They might snuggle you to death.

Oh, come here.


What is going on down there?

Go, go, go. Off with you.

Okay guys, guys. I told you a thousand times.

Manuela Sofia Kamana, listen to me. Ow! O'yah, right in the eye.

Oh precious, ain't they?

The kids! Seventeen of them and one on the way.

Hey,... stop shaking them.

They have given me great feathers.

Oh, this papa needs a break.

So, you two love birds headed for Carnival?

Wow, love birds? We're more like acquaintance birds.

And not even that. We're more like 'chained-together' birds.

Yes, I mean... Ouch!

What is it with these kids and the feathers?

We have no idea, we're having them tested.

So, do you think you could help us get this thing off?

Lucky for you, you know Rafael, and Rafael knows everyone.

Ow! Again in the eye!

Okay, you want me to call your mother!


Works every time. They are scared to death of her.

Call me for what?

Eva, my love.

I must take this young couple to see Luiz.


You don't fool me for a second.

You and your amigos just want to sneak off to Carnival.

Oh Carnival.

That magical time when I met the most beautiful bird in the world.

I still remember the song that was playing when I first laid eyes on you.

'Tall and tanning, young and lovely,'

'the girl from Ipanema goes walking.'

Come on baby, sing it.

'And when she passes'

'Each one she passes goes 'Aah!"

Like a river of the sweetest honey.

I guess love is deaf too.

Come here, mmm.

Okay, take them to Luiz, but hurry back.

You are an angel.

I'll miss you, my juicy little mango.

Oh me too. My pouchy papaya.

Hey! Paco, Carlos! Put your brother down, now!

I can't believe she actually let me go.

So how far is this Luiz?

Not far, 30 minutes says the crow flies.

And how long does the Macaw walks?

Bobo here can't fly.

But he's a bird. Not all birds fly.

There are Ostriches... You're not an Ostrich.

Well, not technically. Wait, wait, wait...

My friends, I want to help you, but to walk the whole way, it... it can't be done! Where's daddy...?

Daddy, daddy!

But hey, we might as well give it a shot.

Let's go, quickly.

No, don't back. They sense fear.

What an adorable monkey.

Hey, my watch!

Hello boys.

Seems like you had a busy day.

Oh, what? This?

This is just some stuff we found.

Right boys?

I'm not interested in your nicked knickknacks.

Your burgle-bobbles bore me.

There are two blue Macaws out there.

And I need your multitude of vice to help me find them.

Oh yes, what's in it for us?

That's a fair question.

Let's discuss it.

I certainly see your point.

But what could I possibly do for you in return?

Save me, save me!

Oh, that's a thought.

This is enough?

I don't want to feel like I'm cheating you.

We'll do it, we'll do it. Save me, please.

Save me!

Alright, you twisted my wing. Deal.

Now then, any more questions?

No? Good!

You'll spread out and find these Macaws by the end of the day.

Or it's flying lessons for everyone!


Go do your monkey business.

I changed my mind.

Maybe we can find a bus schedule or something.

Come on, you are not going to back out now?

Not in front of a lady.

Okay, yes..., sure.

All right, that's the spirit.

You sure you're up for this?

I mean it's not like we're hurdling ourselves off the mountain or something.


Actually that was pretty much my entire plan.


Don't worry Blu. It's in your DNA.

And if our featherless friends can do it, how hard can it be?

Help me!

Fun right?

Yeah, fun.

Okay, I need you two to get closer.




Now, put your wings around each other.


Come on amigos, Not that she's going to bite.

Will you? We'll see.

Now, you flap your right wing and you flap your left wing.

And together, you fly.

This doesn't seem aerodynamically possible.

You think too much.

Flying is not what you think up here.

It's what you feel in here.

And when you feel the rhythm of your heart.

It's like samba.

You fly.

See, it's easy.


Easy for you to say because from here, it looks really hard.

Hey, if want to see Linda again, This is the only way.

Okay, you're right. Yes, I am.

This is for Linda. Right.

Keep it simple. Easy breezing.

Trust, lift, drag... Come on, let's go!

Wait! Outside, inside, outside, inside...

Come on Blu, you can do it!

I can do it, I can do it...

I can't do it!

Not again!

Am I dead? No, we are still alive!

This is incredible.

This is the most beautiful thing I ever seen.

See what you've been missing? Yes.

Alright Blu, you're flying. Sort of.

Not really, but do you feel it?

Yes, I do feel it.

No, no, Blu!

Mi Caramba!

Sorry, sorry, sorry!

We're going to die!

You did not feel it in here. You think?

Let's catch a ride to Luiz.

Hurry you two barbos!

What's to the species here?

Move it!

Come on love birds.

You made it.

I would love to go five minutes without getting killed.

Is that too much to ask?

For a bird who can't fly, yes.

They're starting to close off the streets for Carnival.

Better be right kid because we're running out of time.

Never be able to get my car through this crowd.

Don't worry, I'm on it.

Hey kid, where did you get this bike?

I traded it for your jeep. What?

Yes, it's in great condition.

Well, good condition.

Hey, out of the way!

Look out!

Hold on!

I'm going to chew through my own leg if this doesn't come off soon.

Relax, we find Luiz, we're right where we want to be.

Hey, Ralfie! If it isn't the king of carnival.

Nico, Pedro! What a family?

Where've you been hiding yourself bird? I thought you were dead.

Hold up, rewind.

Ain't that the bird from the cage?

I think our love lesson when down smooth.

You work fast.

Baby got beak.

You're locked up and now you're rolling with a hot wing.

I want to be like you.

Don't, it's not what you think. We're just chained together.

Hey, I'm not judging you. Keep us spastic.

Hey guys, we're looking for Luiz. Have you seen him?

Yes, I see him but you didn't.

You just missed him. He took the trolley back to the garage.

Oh great.

Relax baby bird, you can catch the next one.

It's time to take it to the next level.

What's wrong with this level?

Come on, this ain't the level. Next level is the level.

You got to shake your tail feather. Oh yes.

We got to get this chain off. Come on love birds, you are in Rio.

You should enjoy it. Live a little.

We got them.

Welcome to paradise.

Some party, huh?

This is the coolest place I've ever seen.

Despite all the RVS health code violations.

I like you. Nothing you say makes any sense.

Alright everyone listen up.

Ralfi has some special guests from out of town.

Letís show them some love because I don't think they get out very much.

Everybody put their wings together and clap them as loud as you can.

Clap them, clap them. I don't care, slap them.

Party in Ipanema baby.

(Song: Will I Am - Hot Wings Ft. Jamie Foxx)

* I wanna party *

* I wanna samba *

* I wanna party *

* I wanna samba *

* I wanna party and live my life (my life) *

* I wanna party (party) and fly *

* I'mma fly, fly just like the birds * * (But you are a bird) *

* Oh yah thats right so let me fly * * like a rocket then *

* Fly so high where I need * * to come down for oxygen *

* Cause once we start it baby * * ain't no ain't no stopping then *

* Cause I just wanna live * * my life and party *

* All I want to do is to be free * * and rock my body *

* And around the world * * and I wanna live my life *

* In Rio, cause of Rio, * * cause of Rio, Rio Lajula *

What are you doing? I do not know.

Alright, Blu.

* I'm that samba samba master * * master master master master *

* Who shall sound from my ghetto blaster * * blaster, blaster, blaster, blaster *

Hey, she likes you. What are you talking about?

Have you been listening? No, I've been watching.

Just be yourself, go on.

* I wanna party *

* I wanna samba *

* I wanna party and live my life (my life) *

* I wanna party (party) and fly *

* Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey *

* Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey *

* lyyal lyyal lyyal lyyaaaa *

* lyyal-lyyal-lyyal-lyyal * * lyyal-lyyal-lyyal-lyyaaaa *

* Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey *

* Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey *

* Hey, hey, hey, hey *

You two are coming with me.

In your little monkey dreams.

That was meant for you.

Come on, can we all get along?

This isn't your fight big nose.

You mess with my friend, you mess with me!

And us!

Yes, little King Kong.

I don't know what's going on here.

Birds vs. Monkeys! Get them!

Yipee-kay-yay mountain man!


We have to go!

Need a lift?

Take that you, funky monkey.

Thank you! Any time!

That's what I'm talking about.

Bird man, we threw down!

Yes, we threw down.

You guys were like fire and ice.

Thunder and lightning.

Hip and hop.

Cheese and sprinkles.

It's a Minnesota thing.

You see, nothing you say makes any sense.

Come on, follow me.


But, the birds were here.

Yeah, sure they were, kid.

I swear. The birds were right here.

How do you know?

Because I'm the one who took them.

You? I didn't want to hurt anybody.

I just needed the money.

Fernando, I trusted you. I know but...

Oh man, that's good.

Hey guys.

What are you doing here?

I just wanted to see if you have any work for me.

Well, if you were here two hours go, you could have helped us load...

What? Shut up!

So, why are you guys dressed for Carnival?

No one will know us when we smuggle these birds... Ouch!

Shut up!

We need a float.


A float!

So you guys are going to the parade. Can I come?

I'm a great dancer. Can he come?

Come on, please. Three's better than two.

Fine. We got to hurry though.

Wow, I almost forgot.

Where did I put it? I thought it was right here.

There it is!

Got it!

Let's go.

Hurry up, kid.

Can he go on the plane with us too? Shut up.

We can't let them get on the plane.

You can ride a motorcycle, right?

You insult me.

No, I can't drive a motorcycle.

It's just like riding a snowmobile.

What happened?


What happened?

Don't hurt me.

Stop your chirping and talk to me!

No, I don't know anything.

When I go biting down your head, will it go pop or will it go crack?

Where are the civilian birds?

That means Blu by the way.

They escaped, went to Luiz.

Anything else?

They said you were very nice.

Did they?


And handsome too?

Never send a monkey to do a bird's job.

Don't worry, I got it.

There he goes. That's my boy.

Is it hot? I think I'm sweating.

I don't think it was even biologically possible.

Look Oh, wow.

Yes, that's your boy, alright. Okay, so he needs a little help.

Oh, let's give him some.

Set the mood.

I'm on it. I know how to set the Mood.

Check it out. (Song: Will I Am - Drop It Low)

* Get it, get it, get it, get it girl * * Get-get, get-get, get-get it girl. *

* Take her, take her to the floor * * Show her, show her how you roll *

* Drop it, drop it, drop it low * * Drop it low, drop drop it, drop it low *

Wow, wow, wow! What kind of mood is that?

Pedro, Pedro. A little too aggressively.

I'm not hating on your creativity, but I think I've got this one.

Follow my lead.

Now that's more like it.

(Song: Jamie Foxx - Fly Love)

* Wasn't really thinking, wasn't looking *

* Wasn't searching for an answer *

* In the moonlight *

* When I saw you face *

Wow, what a beautiful sunset. Yes.

Psst! Blu, down here.

Tell her, you have beautiful eyes.

That's good, great idea.

I have beautiful eyes.

Yeah, okay, sure, they are nice.

No! "Her eyes," her eyes"!

Your eyes.

Your eyes are great, not mine.

I mean mine are okay but yours, I bet you can see right through them.


Just tell her how you feel.

Jewel. Yes?

I've been wanting to tell you, that I... that I... hoook!

How sweet, you're getting choked up.

You're choking!

Okay! Alright!

Yap, that's my boy.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Luiz's garage.

After you.

No, no, you first. Please, I insist

I guess this is it.

Yes, quite an adventure.

End of the line Ah, yes.

I guess things like these don't happen in Tiny-sota.


Oh wait, Minnesota? Yes.

That's very good. That's very funny actually.


Are you here, Luiz?

Hey Buddy.

I got some friends I want you to meet.


I got you... good.


I could have rip your throats out.

But I didn't.

But I could have.

Hey Luiz!

Stop scaring my friends.

Hey Ralfi, come here! Where have you been?

You look good.

Wait, wait. Luiz is a bulldog?

You got something against dogs?

I do when they're drooling on me.

It's a medical condition.

No, amigo. We really need you.

She's mean brother.

Luiz come on, please. We need your help.

I think I know what to do.

Are you sure this is safe? Sure, there's nothing to it.

Now if something goes wrong, scream really loud.

Because i can't hear too good with this thing on.

Hey Ralfi! Get the switch, please!

Don't worry. It's a professional.

Try not to move. I can't really see out of this thing either.

Hey, where'd you go?


But I'm free.

Jewel, we are free!

Slimey, but free!

Contaminated probably, but free.

Can you believe it, finally.


Oh yes!

Come on guys, let's go!

What are we standing around for. It's Carnival!

I know just how you feel.

Watching them up there, makes you want to chase them, grab them in your mouth and bite their heads off.

I'm just kidding, bro.

Chasing them is plenty.

I'm flying, just like a bird.

Jewel, but you are a bird.

Hey, where are you going?


Blu, What wrong?

Nothing. Everything is perfect.

You be off to the rainforest. I be back to Linda.

Just like we planned. I...

Hey birds! Stop yapping and start flapping.

Let's go!

I guess I thought maybe... What, that you'll come to Minnesota?

Great, I guess I make you a scarf.

No, that's not what I meant.

Look Jewel, I can't spend my life walking around following you wherever you're going.

Hey, it's not my fault you can't fly.


Okay, okay.

You know what? This is good, just clear the air.

Just be completely honest with each other.

You want honesty! Fine, I can be honest.

I don't belong here.

In fact, I never wanted to come here in the first place.

And... and, you know what?

I hate to Samba!

Hey, that's a little too far.

Make the mean bird take it back.

Yes, I said it. Every song sounds exactly the same.

Tiko-tako, yayaya, Tiko-tako, yayaya. Urghhh.

I'm tiko-tako out of here.

Fine! See you around Pet.

No, no, no, come back!

You belong together! You're Juliet, Blu is Romeo.

Sure, they both die in the end but you get my point!

Young love, always so melodramatic.

Alright boys, go after her.


Come back here, come on!

I'm ready for Carnival!

Who wants to ride on my... fruit?

They left without me.

I'm missed out.

Jewel! Jewel! Wait up!

Going somewhere, pretty bird?

Oh yes!

I was on my way to crawl your eyes out!


Temper, temper.

Now come along my dear, we are going to the parade.

Everybody loves the parade.

Let go of me!

Hey, get back here!

Nobody messes with a friend of Pedro.

Ain't happening! It's on! Come on!

Did you see the talon on that guy?


Maybe it's on, next time.

Ralfi, help, help!

Rafael, quit following me.

You're going in the wrong direction. Isn't Carnival that way?

I'm not going to Carnival.

No, I'm going home. But I thought you loved Carnival.

I do, but I love my family much more.

And that's a choice I made with this, and not with this.

Blu! Blu! Hey Blu! I was flying, then I saw this big cockatoo with big ninja talon.

This cockatoo was ugly. Anyway to the point.

Then Jewel was there, and he snatched Jewel up.

Then he was like, "You coming with me you little princess?"

And Jewel was like, Pssh!, pssh! "I'm no princess, leave me alone."

And I was like, "hey!". Then he was like "what!"

Stop! Just tell me what happened.

He got Jewel.

And he's taking Jewel to the parade.

This is all my fault.

Let's fly!

Carnival, here we come!

Hey dog, I'm flying back here.

You'll get wet on this flight!

Come on, come on, come on. Where are these guys?

Yes, nice.

Very nice.



Oh, boy.

Bird, chicken.

Come on Fernando, dance.


Excuse me!

Coming through!

Watch your feet.

Oops, sorry.

Go ahead. Come in.

Wait, stop please. Performers only.


Linda, I was just a...

I look ridiculous, don't I?

(Lionel Richie - Say You Say Me)

* Say you, say me *

* Say it for always *

* That's the way it should be *


The Parade! It's about to start.

Ok, one Witch. Go ahead.

Okay, just follow my lead. Act naturally.

Are you okay?

Come on.



Wait, no, no, no. I'm looking for a blue bird.

Birdo. What birdo? Move it, move it...

Wait, what are you doing?


Hey! Let me out!


This is not good. This is not good.

This is...

Cheese and sprinkles.

Okay, you can put me down now. I think we are done here.

I think they like my moves.

Hey, keep dancing my boy.

One down and one to go.

You'll never find him.

He's already gone.

Oh, I don't need to find him.

He'll find you.

This is the spit!

Yeah, baby.

Now I can get my freak on.

Luiz please, rescue first, freak later.

Come on. Out of my way, people!

All right guys, I'll fly ahead to look for Jewel.

Hello ladies.

There's the big nose, hold up!



Excuse me, excuse me.



Speak English!

Linda, you got to shake your dooche.

No, I don't shake our dooche in Minnesota.

Hot dog coming through.



Tulio! I saw Blu! What?

Hold on Blu! I'm coming for you!

What a view.





Blu we found her. She's on some weird chicken float.

Come on!

Let's go get Jewel.

Wait Blu! Where are you going?

I saw Blu. He's riding on a Bulldog. What?

There they are. That's the float.

That float is a crime in itself.

There he is!

Hey Jewel. Blu?

I'm gonna to get you out of here. No.

No Blu, you can't be here. You have to go. Nigel is...

Hello pretty bird.

So kind of you to join our little charade.

Oh come on. You think I came alone.

I got three of the roughest, meanest, craziest birds in all of Rio right behind me.

You know that guys, we're saved!

I think he means us.

Love, it's such a powerful and stupid thing.

Oh, yes. Well done, Nigel.

Out of the way.


Wait, wait!

We actually made it!

Hey Marcel, can we do it again next year?

Please, please.

Right, next year too?

Wait, come back!

Get in!

I don't know how I got up here, but I'm never coming down!

Come on, kid.

I'm going to get you guys out of here.

What do you think you're doing? Nothing.

You shouldn't have done that.

Come on.

Just forget him! Get the birds!

They're getting away!

We'll see about that!

Watch out!

We did it boys! Yes, we are the best.

Is that a float?

Look at the detail on that thing.

Pull up you idiot, pull up!



Oh Blu.

Sorry Eva, I'm not going to be home for dinner.

What are you doing?

I'm going to pop this open like a soda can.

Now that's pop it!

Hurry, we got to help the others.

I'm a pretty bird, I'm a pretty bird.

I'm a pretty bird, Pretty bird, I'm a pretty bird!

Come on!

I'm out!

Oh, the light!

Go, go, go!


Come on, we need to get out! Wait, wait!

It's okay.

It's okay.

We'll figure this out together.


Let him go!


My wing.

Oh, pity.

Now we have two useless, flightless birds.

Not cool man, not cool!

We're going down!

Okay. Rock, paper, scissors, - chute!

Hasta la vista, losers!

Wait for us!




Blu, you're crazy! What are you doing?

I'm not going to let you go.

We're chained to each other birds, remember?


Blu, you're flying! Yes!

I'm flying, I'm really flying! You're right.

I'm not an ostrich! I'm not an ostrich!

Dad, look!




It's Blu! Look Tulio is Blu!

And he's flying. My Blu is flying.

He's flying!

Here, let me see.

Don't worry, I'll take care of you.

That's my big brave boy.