Rio Conchos (1964) Script


Stand up, mister!

You are in my land. Get off! I said stand up!

You know, I figured just sitting here in my own parlor resting a spell, so

..why don't you take you little boys in blue a go along?

-Sergeant, give me that rifle.

Help yourself.

Where did you get this? I said, where did you get it?

Captain, that in none of your damned yankee business!

What kind of a rebel butcher are you?

Well, now..

Do you blue bellies got a law against killing Apaches?

Get up on your feet!

It's a long ride to Fort Davis. Get your saddle.

You can walk or ride, it's your choice. Either way you are going with me.

Was it Blood Shirts people you butchered up there? They were Apaches.

Where did you get this gun?

Colonel, I've already gave your pup my answer, to that, now do you wanna direct...

Now, this is important! It's more important than your private honor, your private war.

Now, where did you get the gun? Well, Colonel. If you are so interested in that gun.. Why don't you just keep it?

And I will be going Do it, and I'll blow the top of your head off!

Pfff.. Go ahead! -Major Lassiter! Have you gone completely mad? -Major?

Well don't let that stop you! I was in the Confederate Army.

How can anyone get to you?'How do I get into the persets guts of yours? - You don't.

Oh, I guess not. Massacring and burials parties proves it Colonel...

You are an old man.

Yes, but still a man, not a blood craved butcher!

Lassiter, it's been almost a year since your wife and your daughter... No no, you listen Don't you think I know what it means to a man come home and find his wife and child dead?


All right.

Tortured, and then... But it's been almost a year.

Your are not looking for revenge against Blood Shirt anymore.

Your are using that as an excuse to go on killling! But I am gonna stop you.


What are you gonna charge me with?

You are an animal An animal that belongs in a cage.

Now, either you tell us were and from whom you got that gun or I'm gonna put you in the guard house until you rot!

Now, where did you get it? Well I guess you do want it direct..

My answer is still, it's none of your damned yankee business Sergeant, lock him up.

The charges is possession of stolen government property.



You are not going to get anything out og that drink sodden rebel -Maybe not.

Well, what do we do now? Do we just sit around here and wait?

Do you have a better ideas, Captain? Yes sir.

The time has been running out on us. I scoured all over Texes...

..and I've come up with one gun out of that whole shipment.

The rest of them must be down there in Mexico by now.

Well, that is out of the question.

If any of our troops crossed the border, Mexico would be justified to declare war.

I did not mean to send the whole army down there. No sir. Just two men.

Sergeant Franklyn and of myself.. out of uniform Out of uniform?

And how do you intend to find the guns? Bait. Gun powder, a whole waggon load Once we get down there, and if we can't brings those guns back..we'll destroy them.

And how do I explain to Washington that the officer who lost those guns are... now roaming Mexico trying to hand over a waggon load of unpowder? Forget it!

Yes, sir!

Muchos gracias Listen, you take that, huh? You eat it. It's good porridge for you.

Oh. I have interrupted your sleep. I am very sorry.

Permit me to offer my apologies by offering you a drink.

Bad whiskey, huh? And I've just traded my fathers watch for it.

You were cheated. Perhaps not.

They say it is a lucky kid that knows his own father.

Permit me. I am Juan Luis Rodriguez. Are you sure?

Last time it was Martinez. Lassiter?

But it is impossible! Is it you, amigo? Alive and the same? Do you think I'm a ghost?

From what one hears certain indians wants to think that Lassiter is an evil spirit.

You trade with Apaches now?

If a man buys himself he can not always choose his customers.

Hey Amigo.. when I was Martinez, do you remenber?

3 card money and a cold deck.

Oh, how a man gets his money does not matter It is how he spends it, Amigo.

Martinez was a king, remember... the french girl, remember?

You now she was of noble blood that one. Had I married with her, amigo...

One little mistake, thats all. Some little mistake..

You shot Maximilian's military attache. You see, they were his pistols.

The duel was fair, amigo When a man shoots the way you do, that's murder.

Hey what is going on there?

Compadre. What we talked about that is all in the past.

Two old friends like us we meet in such a place like this, huh?

-You're in bad trouble, amigo? -No. Nothing. -Same with me Well who's all that for?

Well that? For me.

Well, I did'nt know they could hang you for trading with Apaches.

Oh no, they say it's for fighting. And thas is unjust.

The soldier had a gun, I had only a knife.. that's all And the soldier had a wife?

Amigo.. such a wife! Ah.. but I have always been unlucky.

Locked up here I can not even console the poor widow. What a shame!

More people come to the fort every day. I will have a large audience for my hanging.

I'm going to die but it is you I pity, amigo You'll go loco in this place. The gringos commands is wise.

You know how easy it would be to die.

Hey.. Perhaps if you talked to him we could change places

-He's a fool -Si. -And you're a fool.

Well, I've been here long enough Hey, you blue donkey!

I want to see the colonel.

Adios, amigo!

Now, what is so important about this gun? On February 10th, six escorted waggons

..left the arsenal of St. Louis.

On March 1st they were ambushed and the waggons stolen Even against the Indians.

The quality of Yankee troops have not improved.

They were ambushed by white men. The waggons carried 2,000 new repeating rifles Yours are the first one to turn up.

Well Colconel. I bought a gun in Presidio. You bought it? Who from?

Lassiter, this command contains 300 men.

What do you thing what happens when we are faced with

2000 apces armed with better weapons than we have?

What do think it mean to those families out there? The women, children...

Well, Colonel...

Tha mans name is Theron Pardee.

Pardee? One of Bedford Forrest guerilla raiders?

The galant leader of the southern cavalry and my last command and officer.

Is he still in Presidio?

Sir, that was over a month ago. He could be just about any place.

Could he be across the border... in Chihuahua? Who knows?

But you could find him? Now, why do I wanna do that?

You memory of your wife and daughter.

Or because it is your only way out of here

Well, Colonel. If I could find Pardee? What then? Go on home, wherever you want.

Captain Haven will take over from there.

Captain Haven?

Just the two of us? You will have his sergeant along.

Oh I see. That Yankee and his black and me. Colonel, I don't wanna hurt anybodys feelings, ..but what's to prevent me to get a bullet in the back of my head about one second after I point him to Pardee?

The captain will be under orders. I'm sorry sir, but that's just not good enough.

I want my man of my own along. Who?

-Rodriguez. -Rodriguez? That cut throat breed sitting in the guard house?

-He knows the country a well as I do and speaks the language better. -He is gonna be tried and hung for murder.

Thats why I know he'll volunteer. Now Colonel... It's gonna be that or nothing!

You're not going to saddle me with this and that... Do you want to undertake this mission, Captain?

Well, you know that, Colonel -Then I say in the time we probably have left he is the only chance slim as it may be.

But if you prefer not to go, there are other officers I can ask to volunteer.

That won't be necessary, Colonel All right.

You'll give me your word you will get them there?

My word? That's right.

Well Colonel. For whatever it's worth.. can have it.

hey, Lassiter! Yes sir, Captain!

You said it would be water. Where is it? We've been riding all night.

Well I thought time was important Are you tired, Captain?

No.. I've been thinking about the horses.

Well there will be water for them up ahead.

Well, let's get going Yes, sir!

Anything else, Captain? No.

There is no water here for at least a full days ride You know it..and I know it I see.

The waggon is carrying omething valuable that must be in Mexico pronto, heh?

Friend, the only other thing you'll have to know is that the farther we get from that fort, the farther you are from a rope Si..and for that I'm in your debt, compadre.

Si. Forever.

Ahhh that's better. Much better.

Por favor? Sigarette?


Lassiter, mi amigo, I need your help. Tell me something.

To old do you think I look? hmm?

How old do you think I look? What difference does it make?

To me it is very important. How old?

What old do you think?

Ahh maybe I think I look about... just ehh, 25?

-Do you agree? -Guess again. -30?


Ay carraco!

But you did not take into consideracion that I have had not sleep for two days.

That shows on a man.

Yes sir! It sure does Por Dios!

Permizzo, heh?

Are we going to eat?

-Put it out -Huh? -The match. Put it out!

-Si! Perdone, Capitane.

Bueno. I'm very hungry. Can I help you?

Ahh.. that smells so delicioso.

That's it. Vamonos. Si, Capitane, Si.

Put your into it you skunks! -Que paso? We've got ourselves some trouble. Bandidos!

Bandidos? Are they many? Six I saw for sure.

-Now get those mules moving -Where are the rifles? -Under the seat.

I have no weapons.

Give me something. You are my friend.

Bueno diaz!

Bueno diaz, amigos Hi there. Good day to you.

Where are you and your frineds going?

Well sir. We were headed for Presidio, but I think we've got ourselves lost.

-Maybe you can put us on the right track? -Maybe We would be much abliged. Oh. sure..sure.

How long afar did you come? All the way out from Rosewell.

Well now. Where did they come from?

Poof! Just like that.

Big surprise, no? Yes, it is!

Look! There's more. More poof!

More surprise, huh?

Big surprise. Well poof... and five men!

Gringo, ole, ole, and poof!

( How are you? We're good. )

( Medaljon! nice. Leave him alone, man. )

( I will, but it is beautiful. )

Mucho gun!

Yes sir Have you seen one like that before? No..never.

Well it's brand spanking new.

-Too much bullets? You know, bang-bang -bang. too much? -That's right.

It is a good gun. Hey, let me show you.

Gringo, I don't think...


Friend of yours?

-He is number 6 -Let's take a look and see how many more friends you got around.

You first.

Apache! Rodriguez,

Hold it! You led us right into this trap.

Would now would it have been better if went around and have them sitting up there taking pot shot at our waggon...

..load of gunpowder?

Why didn't you shoot this man while you had a chance? If I saw him number 6 up here so did you.

Drop it!

He's got parts of the same uniform as you have.

And that's second stolen repeater we've come across.

I came from the same place, Pardee.. Who is now going to be hard as hell to find

..because you were so trigger happy down there I told you not to move until I did!

Of course I saw him up here. I was looking for a deal!

He is one of Pardee'smen and he could have taken us to him.... You!

What I wanna know from her is how they found out How come they were weaiting for us?

Come on!

I don't think this one will talk.

No? Give me the knife. What knife? I have no knife.

-I lost there in the fight below. -Look in your shirt -My shirt?

Si? I forgot. I am sorry, amigo.

Now you tell her that I will split her nose So everyone can see... how she dirties herself with the white man.

She said it did not matter since we will all die very soon.

In three suns time all the clans of the Apache will gather to be given great new medicine.

-She must mean the trade. You ask her where it is going to take place. -Who cares?

What does it got to do with me? Everything.

The Apache has been raiding further south than ever before They are not interested in picking up any live stock What they are looking for are gold and jewels.

It's gonna be a trade allright. And if we know when and where, we can be there to stop it.

So you can be there. All I gotta do is to find Pardee.

Maybe you can't. Or won't. Wait and you'll see. Lets go!

Well, what about her? Shoot it.

Better yet.Save the bullet. Nobody is touching that girl She's going with us. Like Hell hew is!

You are not giving any order While you're looking Pardee, ..she just might remember where will be trade is going to take place.

What harm can she do this little Indian, heh?

Tell her she is going with us. Si. Capitane si.

Hey Captain, two of them are Indians. Rodriguez? Apaches?

Membrano clan. And that one too.


Can you read that?

No If you are parallel to the Rio Grande, they are too.

Apache and Pardee people are already working together.

Sergeant, are these mules ready to move?

-As soon as we bury these men. -Who says you were? -There isn't time.

What about the guns, Captain? Put them on the waggon.

But hey, Capitane., I have no weapon.. only, ..this little knife You do not need no weapons. And you don't need this.

Franklyn, put her on the waggon too.

Tell her not to have nothing to be afraid of as long as she does as she is told.

She might believe you more if you gave her something to eat.

You! You opened this last night, huh?

The fuse is gone. What did you do with it?

Lower the gun, senor. What did you do with it?

-It is there. La Reata!

The lariot! Si.


I wove it during the night thinking of hiding it for you better that way When a man sets out oin what may be he last ride, he should go with people he could trust.

I'll take the gun me and Lassiter. No gun for you. You mount up.

Well the reasons for staying with this detail are getting less and less.

-Just try leaving it -Whoo Captain. You wouldn't shoot an unarmed man?

You try me.

I'll see how deep it is.

The water would build on top of the waggon before we get to the middle. -I know.

The Major and I told you so, heh?

Si and the water is low as here for 100 miles.

We will move on to Presidio.

But capitane. You can't just take the waggon across, can you? How?

There is a ferry in Presidio isn't there? Yes sir, Captain.

There you are, Captain. There is your ferry. Now all you gotta do is to ride down..

Tell those Texas Rangers that you have a waggon full of gunpowder... that you want to get to the other side so you can trade with the Apaches.

Bueno tardes, senorita. Bueno tardes You got any other bright ideas?

You know I have, but you know something.. I can't remember one of them without my rifle.

Franklyn, let me have Lassiter's rifle.

First thing we do.. is to see what we can find out about Pardee.

You, and him and me. We'll ride up there get us a drink and look around.

And leave him with the waggon? Yes sir. And he'll need a rifle too.

Franklyn stays with the waggon.

Now what is Franklyn gonna do with the waggon when he gets it across? If he gets it across.

Do you know where the Split Mountain is next to the swamp?

No -Well Captain. Rodriguez does.

How do I know that we won't desert us? Capitane, what are you saying?

Rodriguez is my man. He wouldn't desert me Si, amigo!

You and I we will be... ...side by side. Shall we go, Captain?

Have fun, amigos.

There is a loaded rifle under the seat. Thank you very much.

Savage is impossible. Just wasting my time.

On the red!

-Pardee been in yet? -Who? -Theron Pardee.

Sometimes calls himself Colonel. I've never heard of him.

16 on the red. Let it ride!

( How are you, darling? Good. )

( As my friend Pardee?)

( I do not understand. )

Ahhh. you ibuy me drink? In a little while.

Five! red again. All bets down or your're out.

One more time. Where is Al?

Al, you say? -The man who owns this place? -I own this place.

And so far mister. I don't know what you are talking about Well Al does Maybe that's why he died You don't say. I didn't even know he was feeling poorly

23, red again. You got $ 40 on the red, what is your pleasure?

One more time. Let's get ourselves a drink

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm terribly sorry sir.

He said he was sorry sir. Now you sit down!

28, black. You loose mister. That comes as no surprise at all.

You're not accusing me of... Oh, no! Whiskey and three glasses, please.

I've got no more whiskey.

I've got no beer either. Franklyn...

Everybody relax.

I want you to listen to me... real carefully.

Are you listening?

Yeah. That's good. Now...

I want a bottle of whiskey and three glasses. Right up here.. Come on!

Give'em. Right now. Come on.

Oh friend, you are not listening.

I said one bottle and three glasses.

That's right. I want you to pour carefully. I don't want you to spill any

That's right. There is one.

Here you are! And one more to go.


Here is to the Union!

Now friends, just keep the peace. Each man his own pew and we'll be taking our leave

Guys, there's some crazy Reb out ther!

Come on, Sergeant!

What music! Bravo!

Split Mountain! No Rodriguez no waggon! Thats right.

The man's been and gone. He's got the waggon across and he left a clear track.

The trail heads right into that swamp.

We lost five hours in this God forsaken place.

Well Captain. We could have lost a lot more.

Indian ponies. Unshod.

Let's head on in Nobody could get that heavy waggon through there Maybe it's Rodriguez. Yes, sir, Captain.

Now drop it.

Thank you to all the saints, it is you amigo, I'm glad to see you.

Drop it What this?

And thank you for taking that shot at me.

-Oh, but I did know it was you, amigo. -Stay were you are -In the mud?

In the mud. I do not understand! Ah, Capitane!

-You are a long way from Split Mountain. -Where's the girl? -Gone.

Gone. Gone where? She tried to give me to the Apache.

Si, si it's true. We crossed and were waiting at Split Mountain.

There weere the sound of horses. I knew it was too soon to be you Then I hear the Apache talk. She called out to them I put her head into the water.

Did you drown her? That is my sincerest hope, amigo.

How many were they? You forgive me, I did not wait to count them, You know amigo, I think the Captain here were a little worried that you took this waggon for yourself.

Hey, Capitane! And you, compadre? What did you think, huh?

I wondered.

All right.Let's get this waggon moving.

Can I get out of the mud? Yeah, get out of the mud.

Rodriguez doesn't kill so good. Could be an ambush.

Maybe. maybe not. But we just can't leave it there.

-You can't. I can.

I hate to see brave men die.

Better we ride now, huh?

Too bad!

Amigo, amigo, why? Because you gave your word, huh?

This man is crazy. You gringos drive me out of my mind!

She waited for us to come with the waggon and we came.

She is the bait, this one.

Captain, take a good look.

We're moving out.

Do you have any orders, Captain?

You were right.

About her... or everything?

About sundown they will picking us off one at a time... and we're sitting here and waiting for orders.

Captain, you must have studied situations like this at West Point?

I bet you wre the first man in your class Thats right.

Amigo. You got nothing to worry about You'll live to be a a hundred, ..and die in bed with some muchacha.

This is not very funny, my friend.

There is only one thing thats worries me, Captain, That detail that were guarding those guns that were stolen.

Who was in commanded of that detail? Was it you?

I didn't hear what you said. Yeah, it was me.

What a shame to die out here in a place like this and in blight of a great career You are stupid enough to become a general.

And don't you worry about it. You just live long enough to see it.

He's¸ taking off! He just may be trying to draw them off, Captain.

What a man!

Bueno amigo.. Bueno.

No! Let him burn! Let him burn!

If you don't like what they do, don't make it right.

You have killed him? No. He will be all right. I'll get some water.

No. there's no time for that. Two of those Apaches got away.

You! You tie him up and put him on his horse. Si, Capitane.

The captain thought it was better until you came back to yourself again.

-Who hit me? -You were clear out of your head -All right.

No more problems. Captain!

He stays tied!

Well, Captain. I've got a bottle in my saddle bag. Do you mind? Give him his bottle.

Amigo, how do you feel, heh? Untie me and I'll feel better.

Oh I can not break the rules.. You heard the capitaine.

Maybe you can help you hold the bottle.

Rodriguez! Come here Hey, you save me some, heh?

I do not know what this man wants in this rain.

Ask her if there is anything more we can do for the baby.

The baby is dead.

Well do you think she knows it? She knows.

A chant for their own dead. I think she will let you have the baby now.

Maybe she'll tell us now. What?

Ask her where the trade is going to take place

Even if she knows, she would never say.

Tell her we know about the guns, new Medicine, her people are going to be given.

Tell her.

Tell her that we had come here so we can keep her people from getting those guns.

Not because I want my people to be stronger in war than yours.

We want no war.

None more babies.. our peoples or your peoples shall ever die like this one day.

When we found her, she said three suns.

There is still time if the trade of place is not too far.

Ask her.Ask her if she would lead us there.

Will you lead us there?

Rodriguez is gone. Has he now?

He took one of the repeaters too.

Well, you don't look very surprised. Which way did he head?

Wich way would you think he was heading? You brought him along.

-Well, that depends on why Rodriquez left.

He might have decided that this mission was all over... and you wouldn't be needing him no more.

You got two mules to pull this waggon and you are not going to get very far It sound like you want out too.

I told you I'd find Pardee.

When and where you'll find Pardee? I can't say.

Maybe in two more days. Maybe. Maybe never.

And if what she says is right, tomorrow are gonna be too late.

The Indians are gonna have those rifles.

Now why don't you just go back to Presidio.

Now, you would just like that wouldn't you?

I give my big chance of becoming a general?

Look Lassiter. I liked what you did back there. Maybe you did save our lives.

Now, I don't know what you got in mind, But if you want to get, then just get.

Now, have you got some idea that she is goinna guide you? Well, I don't know.

But your are going on anyway? Yep.

To do what? Do what we came out here to do.

And you. You are going to go with him? Yeah.

Well, are you planning on becoming a general too?

Heh. That really would be something, wouldn't it?

Sergeant. I would be obliged if you would get me my horse

Good luck to you! Thank you, Sergeant. And good luck to you.

About half a day's ride southwest of here the Rio Conchos.

If Pardee's is not operating out of Presidio, the Conchos is a good place to find him.

You get to the Conchos, follow it downstream about 3 miles past the big bend.

There is a box canyon with live oaks in it. Makes good hiding place for the waggon.

If I find my Pardee, I'll bring him to you.

Thanks, Major.


And good luck to you, Captain. Good luck to you, Major.

Tequila, heh?

-Dinero? -Si -Do you know many people here?

-Money! Molto dinero You have heard of a man Pardee? Never.

He is a gringo. He is very rich.

I am a gringo myself and I am poor. Like me. On the side of my father.

This is all I have to remember him by It is bery nice, no?

Look. Solid gold.

And this was Mother's. She was a very nice lady, my mother.

The chain is of gold too. They are all gold. Nice, heh?

Senor, do you want something to eat? Isabel!

Give something nice to this hombre to eat, huh?

Do you want something else, senor?

No I do not wish to sell such fine things for a plate of beans.

We will serve you up stairs, senor.

-Anita! -Una momento! -Pronto!

Take a shot of tequila. Go on!

It would be a pleasure to be your guest...

-.. if I did not have to find this Pardee. -Pardee? -Si.

It seems to me I've something about such a man.

Wait. Si. I wait.

You were right. There is such a man.

-But on a night like thist, it will gonna take some time to find him -Oh I'll wait.

Upstaris. Make yourself comfortable.

( Pusti! He chose me! How? I saw him first. )

( I am beautiful. Thin. -It cow. Skinny Cow... ). Maybe!

Tell me something, do you think she is too skunny this one? Take them both!

What are you waiting for, amigo? Of course!

Jim! -Chico! -I see that gun and thought it was the crazy one here.

-Crazy one? -He is upstairs. Come on sit down. I'll buy you a drink, huh?

What brings you here in the middle of such a night? Business.

-With Pardee?

Now how did you know? Tonight, everbody is trying to find Pardee.

Including the crazy ones? Mexican speaks english, got a rifle like this?

Yes. If it's going to be any shooting, Jim -What are you talking about. He is my partner. I sent him on ahead.

Where is Pardee? -His man is gonna be here soon In that case I'll better wake that one up.

He did not go to sleep. Hey Anita!

Theres is not one, Theres is two, Jim!

Mi amigo! Come on up and bring a bottle!

He never told me once that he had a partner. He is very careful man!

That's why I picked him. Pardees man gets here you call me.

Come in!

I missed you this morning. Oh, you did not think I deserted you?

To my fathers honor, whoever he was.

Believe me, amigo. It was my plan to share with you Just like now. Which one of these beauties do you like?

Come on, Anita.

This is better than being the capitaine. That loco.

You fooled me with that giving your word, amigo.

Well, I said that were going to bring his waggon to Pardee Thats what we are doing, aren't we?

Hey stop it you drive me crazy. How much do you think it is worth? 50 barrels of gunpowder, heh?

About hundred american dollars a piece.

And we will share? Just like brothers.

We will drink to it, amigo.

Amigo, who would have thought the night we got out of jail... that we would be here like... a rich man, heh?

But I knew. You remember, the time with a rope almost around my neck I said that my luck had changed We donn't have the money yet.

But we will. Tomorrow or the day after.

The waggon is where we can find it, yes?

And the captain. And Franklyn.

You did not kill them?

You left and they just let you go?

I told them to was gonna find Pardee.

You told them were gonna find Pardee?

Lassiter, you and I. We will live like kings.

If we sell the waggon instead of blowing it up.

To.. to blow it up?

Everyone but us. Why should we do such a thing?

You make a joke, heh?

What do you think?

I think you're trying to fool me, amigo Rodriguez...

Tell me something. Just one time in your life did you ever think about doing something for somebody else, somebody besides Rodriguez? Si. For you, amigo. For you

You did fool me, amigo.

And I was wrong about the good omen.

I remember now.

When I said meeting you again had changed my luck And you said..for the worse!

The americano. Pardee's friend.

Well now, you must be Lassiter.

Who are you? That's Pardee's man. New one This Mexican I was sent here to see? We had a slight disagreement.

I dissolved the partnership and I speak for him now.

Well? Where is the Pardee?

Hand your weapon over to my men and follow me.

Now, you can either hand them over or have them taken.

Live or dead, makes no difference to me

-Fourteen pounder? -Thats right. -That's the fourth one I've seen.

We have a brigade of light artillery disposed through the heigths..

This we are camped here permanently, we take special precautions

Corporal Dennis G. McWherter, charged with violation of Article 3, prohibiting officers to possess personal firearmss

..further charged with dereliction of duty reflection the most grieving discredit upon the arm and tradition of the army of the Confederacy.

The general court marshall, The accused had obtained the benefit of counsel and judged his fellow officers are... Colonel Pardee?

How dare you to interrupt a military formation! Put yourself at attention!

-Yes, sir.

Carry on!

Fellow officers.. who have due the liberation handed down the unanimous verdict. Guilty.. as charged!

Proceed Firing squad, ready. Aim! Fire!

Dismissed! James, my boy!

It's good to see you!

Thank you, sir. Come on.

I comissioned that man myself, but he turned out a petty thief.

Major at ease!

What do you say now? A miracle, isn't it?

Chihuahua instead of Louisiana. Rio Conchos instead of the Mississippi.

Riverview! Back to life again rising from the ashes.

Beautiful, isn't it?

You have no idea how happy I am to see you Come, my boy. Come.

I have been expecting you, you know. How is that sir?

Naturally your little little escapade in Presidio were reported to me. We are well organized.

It reminded me of our own conversation.

-Colonel, may I talk to you?

Out! I remember, you looked at me as if I were mad.

-Sir, that is not so. -No need to deny it, James. I was not offended.

Here you can see for yourself Here it is not all a dream, but reality.

Actual wood and stone, land and an army. Now.. What do you say?

I'd like to join you, sir If you still want me Tell me James. What did make you return at this particular time?

You do not know what day tomorrow is?

No, sir. I'm afraid I don't.

I can't say I blame you.

Not a pleasant day to remember. April 9th.

It is just two years ago tomorrow that Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox.

We were better soldiers, better men, a spiritous course, full of battles, and still we did not win the war.

Have you ever asked yourself why?

Because we were insufficiently ruthless!

We allowed our own code of honor to destroy us But tomorrow, on the anniversary of that battle, I shall dispatch at least one thousand mounted men against the enemy and they will be ruthless. I do not need to organize them, instruct them or lead them, and ye they compare to the best troops I've ever seen

The Apache!

Ah, James...

The plan is flawless. I give the Apaches these, they give me gold and silver for them and attack the enemy without pause or quarter in the rear of this army, his home, as the enemy did to us Well Major, do you approve of my tactics?

Sir. I think I can give you something that will make your tactics more effective You mean the waggonload of gun powder?

Theron Pardee, The Grey Fox. How in the world did I think I could fool you?

Do you really know me, Major? Come.

It was picked up late yesterdaym by one of my patrols.

Well sir. That comes as absolutely no surprise.

The only surprise is that it took your people so long to find us when we were trying so hard to be found

Well. I see there is no blood on any of you as I can see. I told Colonel Pardee... that you let yourself be taken. Please James, I'll talk first.

Or let them speak themselves. What good would that do?

They would lie. Deserters always do.

That tells me nothing. Renegades are always a risk.

The man turns his coat once. What is to prevent him for doing it again.

As for the black. Why should he wants to join us at all -Well sir. I think -No, James!

No, James. Let him talk. He's capable of talk I assume - Yes Remove your hat!

Well? Meaning no offense to you, all I want of this is the money.

And you? Money. but alot more than you pay him.

Ask the girl what she knows of these men.

They tried to make her to lead them to the place where the guns would be traded, her people but she would not do it -Well, sir. We figured that weherever the trade where going to take place

..that's were we would find the highest bidder. Whoever he might be.

Open the canvas.

Do you want to see more, hefe? No, that's enough.

Tell the girl to join her people.

Allright. I'll meet your price.

Have the mules unhitched. We will leave the waggon here for the time being.

Tell them below to have a raft ready. We will probably be shipping them the same time the guns goes What about the money? Later today when I get mine

Gold at $ 20 an ounce, 250 ounce, makes $ 5,000.

$ 100 a barrel.

As soon as the customer arrives, we strike the balance and you will be paid.

Meanwhile I think this calls for a drink. Open the door!

Give me the gold.

Guns all here as you give word. Here is gold that I promised.

This gentleman is. Chief Blood Shirt.

And here are the men that brought you the wagonload of gunpowder.

And this is their leader, Major James Lassiter.

I drink to our coming victory!

You are not drinking, James.

Lassiter. Lassiter.

They tell me that there is such a man. The great killer of my people.

Often I think. What kind of man is this Lassiter?

..who hunts Apache as the Apache hunts the white-eyed.

Now I look, I see.

It's the same as me. The same hate here.

Now, you say Lassiter come to help Apache? Why?


-Gold. That gold.

-No, not for a waggon load full of gold.

I will tell why Lassiter come.

To kill. And then to die. Is this the truth, James?

No. Yes! You know I speak truth!

Here we are like brother.Same dead seeds. Same alone.

No women, no child Only left to kill, to die.

But new guns good. With new guns Apache will kill. Kill. Kill.

Until white-eye never forget what he take from Apache.

Always the blood of wife and child to remind him

You want water?


It is good that you are strong. At the next sun I come back for you We'll see how strong

( Tomorrow we'll have a good time. )

( Do not fall asleep. I will not, Chief. )

( One of you will not be greeting dawn. We want to have fun?)

(Why not?)

( Look at that one! Barely MIEE!)

( Orders are orders, go. )

( You're betraying the order? Yes, I do. )

( If it is for the general good... If it is for evil. )

Get him over there in that gulley. You have a cover there.

Where are you going? Blood Shirt, heh?

I'll give you plenty of time before I start shooting What about the guns?

Isn'n that why we came here? Or was that Apache right?

You just wanna kill and be killed.

That powder is a hundre yards from those guns and you got nothing to light that fuse with.

Help me to take my boot off.

You know. He may be to be a general yet.

You out for a little stroll, Lassiter?

Major Johnson, if you are gonnna pull that trigger...

You had better aim good. Real good.

You wouldn't wanna wake up the chief?

Major Johnson!