Rio Grande (1950) Script

Sick call!


A Troop, forward right, yo-ho!

Forward right, yo-ho!


Gentlemen, congratulations. Thank you, sir.

The Indian scouts...

When you're dismissed, walk your horses for half an hour, then water and picket them.

The sutler's store will remain open until 12 o'clock.

Have some beer. We thank the colonel.

That's a fine idea.

Officers post. Gallop.

Prepare to dismount!


Good evening. Good evening, sir.

Good evening, sir.

Have a cup of your own coffee, York? I've been thinking of nothing else.

Tough, huh? Tough, sir.

I haven't had a cup of duty coffee with you since we rode down to Shenandoah.

15 years ago, isn't it?

15 years, two months, seven days.

How did you fare on patrol? Had a running fight for 30-odd miles.

We captured Naches, their chief, eight others before the Apaches reached the Rio Grande and crossed into Mexico.

Pursuant to orders, I halted on our side of the river.

Men didn't like it very much. Neither did you. And neither do I.

But that's the policy. Soldiers don't make policy. They carry it out.

State Department could do something. They'll write a sharp note of protest.

If you care to read sharp notes of protest...

I'll declaim them over the graves of the troopers guarding the waterholes.

Three of them staked face-down on anthills.

You've got the dirtiest job in the army. No doubt of that, Kirby.

I'm not complaining. I get paid for it. Maybe you should complain. I'll listen.

This coffee isn't as good as it used to be.

I'll make a note of that.

But maybe someday it'll get better and stronger.

I'll drink to that, sir. Stronger.

Too bad about your son.

I hadn't heard. I'm sorry, Kirby. I thought you knew.

He failed mathematics at West Point. They dropped him from the academy.

Indeed? It's no disgrace failing mathematics.

I missed it myself by the skin of my teeth.

I haven't seen my son in 15 years.

Yes, I know. It's... Well, Kirby, this coffee is weak but it's all we have.

More? If it's all we have.

Knock it off, knock it off.

Left face.

Aye, you're a fine body of men. Now put your bags down.

This is your home, so make yourselves comfortable.

Aye. I bid you all welcome to Fort Starke, recruits that you are.

But in no time at all, you'll be soldiers.

Sure. Why, in less than six months, with good behaviour and hard work, you'll be wearing yellow stripes on your breeches.

Would you mind putting your cap on your head?

No, not at all, Doc.

Did any of yous ever ride a horse?

Yeah, some.

Now answer the roll-call.

Adams. Present.

Boone. Yes, sir?

Boone. Yeah?

Just say "yo".


Carol. Dirks.

Dark. Eaton.

Fragman. Goodwin.

Hegginsmith. Heinze. Dibbs.

Murphy. O'Toole.

Perkins. Selby.

Tyree. York. Present, sir.

All right, pick up your bags.

Left face.

As you were, Sergeant.

I don't want you men to be fooled about what's coming up for you.

Torture. At least that.

The war department promised me 180 men.

They sent me 18, all told. You are the 18.

So each one of you will have to do the work of 10 men.

If you fail, I'll have you spreadeagled on a wagon wheel.

If you desert, you'll be found. Tracked down and broken into bits.

That is all. Forward!

Trooper York, sir.

I haven't seen you for 15 years.

So I've been told, sir. I have no clear memory.

You proved that when you failed at West Point.

Yes, sir. Where did you enlist?

At Highland Falls, sir, next day. Lied about your age.

Recruit training? Jefferson Barracks, sir.

Well, on the official records, you're my son.

But on this post you're just another trooper.

You heard me tell the recruits what I need from them.

Twice that I will expect from you.

At Chapultepec my father your grandfather - shot for cowardice the son of a US senator.

That was his duty. I will do mine.

You've chosen my way of life. I hope you have the guts to endure it.

But put out of your mind any romantic ideas that it's a way of glory.

It's a life of suffering and of hardship and uncompromising devotion to your oath and your duty.

Have I permission to speak? Within proper limits.

I didn't ask to come to this regiment, but I wouldn't have it otherwise now I'm here.

May I also put something straight? Proceed.

I'm not in this post to call you Father.

I was ordered here as Trooper Jefferson York of the US Cavalry.

That is all I wish to be, sir. Then we understand each other.

We do, sir. Sergeant Major.

The recruits are for field duty as of now. Dismissed.

Trooper York.

What are you waiting for? For the salute to be returned.

Military regulations, sir. Quincannon.

Once again, and faster! Up a notch. Give him a good jump.

Do you see how easy it is? When I was a young man like yourselves I could jump nine feet tall, and with an Indian under each arm.

What tribe?

Once again, and faster.


Appears to me they make a lot of fuss jumping a horse over some sticks.


That's a six-foot jump, Travis. Now, keep 'em ahead. Now over.

You see? That gives you an idea what horsemanship is like in the US Cavalry.

Now, after that comes the Roman teams.

That's easy. It's the way the Romans used to ride, the ancient Romans.

Standing up. Standing up.


Slim. Upsy-daisy.

Mister? What time do you blow the horn around here for folks to eat?

You think you'd like to try that before you eat?

You mean ride like them ancient Romans?

Yes. Yo.

Let's go, Sandy!

Come on, Sandy!

Easy, now! Easy!

Horsemen! Oh, boyo, horsemen!

Nice team, Corporal. That the general idea, Doc?

That's the general idea.

But before I'm through with yous, you'll take them jumps backwards. Is there...?

The marshal wants to make a check.

He thinks perhaps this man might be among our new recruits.

Anybody by the name of Tyree among your horse thieves?

Horse thieves, is it now? That's what I said.

They're wearing the uniform of the US Cavalry.

Fella I'm looking for is from Texas. Wanted for questioning about a killing.

Is there a man from Texas? Yes, sir. I'm from Texas.

Name of Boone. Daniel Boone.

Daniel Boone?

That name's kinda familiar, ain't it, Mink?

Name's Tyree. A $50 reward.

Right tidy sum. Tyree. Nobody here by that name.

Sergeant, be taking the marshals and give them a wee drop of comfort.

Who's gonna pay for that liquor? The sergeant'll pay for it.

Horse thieves we don't have here. But horsemen I'll make of yous yet.


Anyone else like to try the jumps after the manner of the ancient Romans?

Yes, sir. I would.

Get it done, Johnny Reb.

Get up on them!

You'll get busted for this, Quincannon.

Get your hat. You all right, boy?


Now cover them well and cool them off, men.

In six months, we'll have the finest drill team in the world.

Come here.

Break it up!

Break it up!

Break it up, I tell you.

Let 'em fight.

Now, what started this fight?

I refuse to answer, sir. Go ahead. Tell him, Reb.

This fella here spoke real derogatory about the boy's pappy.

He said he was the teacher's pet of a chowder-headed Mick sergeant.

What's that mean, Doc?

Did you say that? Yes, I did.

You did, did you? Yes, I did.

Did you mean it, did you? Yes, I did.

We'll settle this tonight behind the picket lines. Soldier fashion.

Marquess of Queensberry Rules.

Chowdered-face... Chow... What was it he said?

Chowder-headed Mick sergeant. Chowdered-headed Mick...

And you meant it? Yes.

Nine o'clock tonight, boys.

Get it done, Johnny Reb.

Come on, boy!

Pull him up. Put some water on him.

You're winning. Like a mountain lion. You're doin' good.

But don't forget to keep your left up. Twist it like this.

You're doing good. You'll get busted for this, Quincannon.

You're doin' all right, but use that right. Keep throwing that right in there.

Hit him with the right.

It's a lovely fight, Heinze, but watch them fouls. None of that.

And when you come out of the clinches, none of that.

Well, Quincannon? Talk fast.

Soldiers' fight, sir. What caused it?

I refuse to answer, sir. Respectfully, sir.

Heinze? I refuse to answer, sir.


No, sir.

Soldiers' fight, eh?

Carry on.

You heard what the colonel said. Carry on with the fight.

Thanks, Heinze.

Sorry, soldier. I apologise.

Now, sonny, let me have a look at that eye. You'll be all right.

You little rascal. It's the left you should have been watching. The left.

The left like that.

Good morning, sonny.

Why, that's castor oil.

Two hours and 20 minutes late.


That's the colonel's quarters, ma'am.

Well, Trunkett. When did you take unto yourself a wife?

I ain't yet.

Beggin' your pardon, but unauthorised ladies are not permitted on this post.

I am not unauthorised. I am Trooper Jefferson York's mother.

I... I'm afraid we have no accommodations... quarters for mothers of the enlisted men.

I have a pass signed by General Sheridan.

May I help you, ma'am?

I'll handle this, Captain. Thank you, sir.

Good evening, Kathleen.

Good evening, Kirby.

Sergeant, see that Mrs York's bags are unloaded and taken to my quarters.

Yes, sir.

Welcome home, darling.

I see you still have that arsonist with you.

If you mean Quincannon, he is a sergeant major in the US Army.

Anything he may have done long ago in the line of duty, he did in obedience to my orders.

Reluctantly, I may add. Oh.

The reluctant arsonist.

The safest way to start our conversation would be for you to just say, "To what do I owe the honour of your visit?"

I saw the reason for your visit today.

How is he? He's grown considerably, I thought.

Right now he's bruised up a little. Had a fight.

A fight? With another soldier?

Hardly an officer.

Hardly with an officer. He's not gentleman enough for that.

Soldier - that's enough for me.

Not for me. Jeff was boyishly ashamed when he was expelled from West Point.

He shouldn't have enlisted. I could have sent him to Lexington.

He could have tutored in mathematics and got his commission.

But he did enlist and he's here.

Here he'll stay and here he'll serve.

Ramrod, wreckage and ruin! Still the same Kirby.

Special privilege to special born. Still the same Kathleen.

Kirby, I've come to take Jeff home.

He signed enlistment papers. He took an oath.

Oath! Jeff can be released from the army, bought off honourably for the sum of $100.

I brought that amount with me in Yankee gold.

You forget one very important detail, Kathleen.

Such a release requires my signature as commanding officer.

You've overlooked several other important details.

Number one: you're a fine figure of a woman.

Number two: you probably haven't eaten.

There's a box of silver in that chest. I'll send someone over to set the table.

You will dine with me? Of course.

The regimental singers.

Probably to serenade you.

That is... very gracious of them.

With Mrs York's permission. Thank you.

I'll take you home again, Kathleen

Across the ocean wild and wide To where your heart has ever been

Since first you were my blushing bride

The roses all have left your cheeks

I watched them fade away and die This music is not of my choosing.

I'm sorry, Kirby.

I wish it had been.

And tears bedim your loving eye

I will take you back, Kathleen To where your heart will feel no pain

And when the fields are fresh and green I'll take you To your home again

Goodnight, Kathleen. Sleep well. I'm sorry to dispossess you.

I dispossessed you more forcibly 15 years ago.

You've grown more thoughtful.

Pleasant dreams.

Goodnight, Kathleen.

Who's that? Sergeant Major Quincannon, ma'am.


Sergeant, tell them Indians to stop that yowling.

And make them put them fires out!

Would you like to have me carry you across?

I would not!

What was that verse you used to sing about the Alamo?

Trooper York.

Fellas, this is my mother.

I'm deeply honoured, ma'am.

Glad to make your acquaintance. Howdy, ma'am.

You don't have to hide your bruises, Jeff.

Your father told me all about them.

What kind of man is he, Mother?

He's a lonely man.

He's a very lonely man.

They say he's a great soldier.

I suppose he is, but...

...what makes soldiers great is hateful to me.

I've come to take you home, Jeff.

I can't leave, Mother. It'd be quitting.

You're stubborn and proud, Jeff.

Just like he is.

Just like you are, Mother.

I'll buy you out. No.

I failed at West Point.

I'm gonna work this out my own way.

I'll take you home as soon as your father signs your papers.

Maybe they didn't tell you, Mother, but the application requires my signature, too.

I refuse to sign it.

I'd like to... Them blasted coyotes.

What coyotes, sir?

Them ain't coyotes, sir. How long have you been out West?

Long enough to know a coyote when I hear it, sir.

Watch it.

Jeff! Jeff! Put out that light.

Call the alarm.

Yes, sir.

This is an attack, Prescott. Order a skirmish.

Skirmishers! Follow me!

Uncle Timmy! Uncle Timmy!

How's Mrs York? Mrs York is not in her quarters.

Trooper York, take your mother back to her quarters.

Yes, sir.

I will see you later, Captain.





White Mountain.

They've concentrated three tribes.

This means real trouble, gentlemen.

Unless we can stop them before they cross the Rio Grande.

Captain St Jacques, you will form Troop A.

Two bandoliers of ammunition per trooper, four days' rations.

Is that clear? Yes, sir.

Sergeant. Yes, sir.

Ready to move out in 30 minutes.

I suppose I'm under arrest for being out of bounds, as you call it?

No, but we can't have the colonel's lady fainting every time there's a little shooting.


I'll take them.

Thank you.


Column of twos, Captain.

Right by twos!

Singers! Give us a tune.

Water, Sandy.

Hang these up by the feet, Sandy. Yo.

Good morning, Mrs York. Morning, Doctor.

Busy woman. Yes, indeed.

Can I help with your wash? I generally let one of the other ladies.

But I'm sure the sergeant here would like to give you his trade.

As a doctor, I would diagnose those as saddle-sores.

Trooper Tyree? Here, sir.

I have a demand from the Deputy United States Marshal to seize you.

Under warrant issued by due and legal process by the district court, "Fernando X Hernandez, judge, on charges of manslaughter."

The way that language sounds, I must be arrested.

As the commanding officer is not present, you will await his signature.

Got any place I can lock this soldier boy up till I get them papers signed?

With a fella like this, sir, I mean, a desperado, leave him at the hospital.

It's a good idea. I can get my feet checked.

They been bothering me.

You wanna come along peaceful or want me to use these cuffs on you?

I'm always peaceful, and there ain't no use doing nothin' else.

Excuse me, ma'am.

Are you arresting that nice young man?

Not me, Mrs York. The United States Deputy Marshal.

Manslaughter! Well, what are you going to do about it?

A nice gentle soul who'd walk ten miles out of his way before he'd step on an ant.

You get him some tobacco, anything he wants.

And we'll also get him a lawyer.

He's partial to molasses candy. Well, get some.

Yankee justice.

Arresting a nice young man like that for manslaughter.

And promoting arsonists to be sergeant majors!

Uncle Timmy!

Singers! Sing out.

Make you forget your thirst.

Doctor, I get spots in front of me eyes and me heart is palpitating.

And I'm... Sitting on it.

Thank you, Doctor.

I feel better now. It'll kill you or cure you.

Doctor, with your fine education, would you be telling me something?

Yeah. What is an arsonist?

An arsonist is a person that sets buildings on fire for profit or perverse excitement.

Is that what it is?


It all started when we rode down to Shenandoah Valley, Doctor.

Every trooper of General Sheridan's command during the late war.

It was because he'd ordered to burn the crops and the barns at Bridesdale.

With herself looking daggers at me.

And same as at the colonel.

He was a captain then.

Silent as death, she was, with a baby in her arms, little Jeff.

Little Jeff.

Well, it was grim duty for both you and the colonel.

That was his wife's plantation? Aye.

It was owned by the same family ever since that grand Irishman, Sir Walter Raleigh, first smoked a pipe.

Seems like I've heard that story before.

And there's the black hand that did the dirty deed.

I wish you'd knock it off with that stick.


I make it out to be a Mexican officer approaching to meet you, sir.

Cool off and water your horses.

Bugler. Honours, please. Three flourishes.

Welcome to Rio Bravo. Buenas tardes, el teniente.

And my respect, Senor Coronel York.

Wish I'd reached the Rio Grande sooner.

I wish the same. It would have saved me three brave men killed and two wounded.

Have you medical aid for your wounded?

Unfortunately, no.

Tell the surgeon to bring the pack mule, cross the Rio Grande...

With your permission. Granted with gratitude.

...and attend our wounded comrades on the Rio Bravo side.

I would suggest... Yes, Senor Coronel?

...Naches and his band are a scourge to both your country and mine.

We can catch them before they reach their mountain stronghold.

I would gladly place myself and my men under your command, if you would invite us to join you in pursuit.

Unfortunately, Senor Coronel, my orders are firm.

I must above all protect the Rio Bravo.

With three men, sir? That's courage.

And my orders are firm also.

I must stay on the Rio Grande side.

My compliments on your fidelity to duty, sir. Adios.

I am eternally in your debt, Senor Coronel.

Bueno. Vamonos.

I'm sorry, Kathleen.

Your sense of duty again, Kirby.

I've seen things that make my sense of duty important. I'll take you home.

I'm sorry your duty made you destroy two beautiful things:

Bridesdale and us.

I was sorry, too, when it had to be done. You know that.

But you rebuilt Bridesdale.

That was easy. It required just physical effort.

The other would require more?

It would be a start if you'd let Jeff go.

And get you back?

If that were a condition.

I could say yes to you very easily, Kathleen.

But I owe Jeff something. He's a fine boy.

But he must learn that a man's word to anything, even his own destruction, must be honoured.

Good evening, York. How about a cup of coffee?


To your very good health, sir.

To the President of the United States.

Perhaps Mrs York will favour us with a sentiment.

To my only rival.

The United States Cavalry.

Sir, the traditional singers would like to sing...

The regimental singers. Just what I was going to say, sir.

The regimental singers would like to sing a traditional song for himself.

Very good, Quincannon.

Carry on.

Donnelly, sing it.

Thank you, men. Allow them the privilege of the sutler's store until midnight.

We thank the general.

Now, don't abuse the privilege. Men.

Goodnight, General. Why, you're not...

May we walk with you to your quarters?

Thank you. Goodnight, Mrs York.

Goodnight, sir.

If that marshal's here, I'll sign those papers now.

Did you hear that music? That sweet, lilting music.

You blasted policeman, get to the colonel's office and get your papers signed.

And take this poor boy with you.

No hard feelings, son. Protect my interests, Doc.

Yeah. Protect my interests!

Protect my... interests.

Hey, son, do you know that man has a warrant charging you with manslaughter?

A lot of people use that word "manslaughter" pretty freely.

Boy, why don't you tell us about this? Maybe we can help you.

Well, it could be that a fella had a run-in with a Yankee down in Texas.

Somethin' about the fella's... sister.

It could be that the Yankee drawed a gun and started shootin', got himself killed.

Mrs York wants to get you a lawyer to get you out of this.

Thank her kindly for me and tell her...

Look, fellas, my sister's gettin' married to a man she grew up with.

A Texican. Fine fella.

They kinda plan on goin' to California and startin' fresh.

And I don't think it's quite right to start a lot of talk and scandal in open court until their dust has settled behind them.

Well, that makes sense to me.

Of course, when I hear they're in California, I'll be wantin' that lawyer, wantin' him bad.

Tell you the truth, I kinda like this man's army.

Thank you for your kindness. Let's get her done, Sergeant.

If that boy was one of my troopers, I wouldn't be so eager to see him hung.

I'll just take a little sup for me cold.

And then I'll take it to the colonel's tent.

Unless you're a blackguard, steal a horse, stay away for a few days.

Come in!

"Demand from the Deputy US Marshal to seize one Travis Tyree"

"under warrant issued by due legal process..."

Mrs York, I believe, has become interested in the case.

She's written a lawyer in Dallas to represent him.

Well, if a... Dallas lawyer can't get a man off a charge of manslaughter...

Who's there?

Hey! Corporal of the guard!

My horse! Yes, sir.

I sacrificed the happiness of your home once, Kirby, to the needs of war.

Now I'll probably ruin your army career.

I'm gonna issue an order and give it to you personally.

I want you to cross the Rio Grande, hit the Apache and burn 'em out.

I'm tired of hit-and-run. I'm sick of diplomatic hide-and-seek.

Strip the camp of the women and children. Send them to Fort Bliss.

Be prepared to remain all winter. All next winter, if necessary.

I've waited a long time for that order, sir, which, of course, I didn't hear.

Of course you didn't hear it.

If you fail, I assure you, the members of your court martial will be the men who rode with us down to Shenandoah.

I'll hand-pick 'em myself.


I wonder what history will say about Shenandoah.

I can tell you what my wife said about it.

What seems to be the trouble there, Kirby?

Shenandoah Valley, a place called Bridesdale, and Philip H Sheridan.

How about a cup of coffee? Yeah, sure.

You'll find it's stronger.

You look very elegant, sir.

Gentlemen, with the regiment leaving for a winter campaign in the morning, and the women and children being sent to Fort Bliss, I am sure you have many arduous and difficult tasks to perform.

Please do not let me keep you from them.

Thank you for the coffee, Madame.

You're welcome. You're very kind, Mrs York.

Thank you.

You do look very elegant, Kirby.

What I said about the women and children is true.

You're leaving in the morning for Fort Bliss.

Jeff is going with you. He'll be one of the escorts.

He'll hate it, Kirby. He'll think that... He's my son. Our son.

He's too young to...

He'll still hate it, Kirby.

But I'll love you for it.

I cleaned and ironed your uniform.

It's a good job.

I'd like to get my hands on this white jacket sometime.

That'll cost you four bits, as they say out here.

Four bits, huh?

$10? I...

Kathleen, that was meant for us.

There's your change, Kirby.

I've been carrying that around for a long time, hoping someday...

I'll take the flowers now.

Well, I...

Aren't you going to kiss me goodbye?

I never wanna kiss you goodbye, Kathleen.

Well, here we are, children.

We're all going on the choo-choo.

Come on. There you are.

Ready, Mr Markham? Carry on.

Goodbye, Mrs York.


Uncle Timmy, you're gonna be a good boy, aren't you?

Darling, darling.

By your leave, sir.

By your leave, sir.

You be careful, Trunkett. Yes, sir.

Prepare to mount!


I got this from the paymaster. That's sweet.

I'll write you at Fort Bliss. Be sure not to forget.

I won't forget.

Wagons and escorts, lead out!


Hey, Travis. I thought you'd show up.

Where's your canteen, Sandy? This one's dry.

We'll have to report you to the sergeant.

Bein' as I'm already on all the reports, that ain't worryin' me none.

I'm hungry.


Nobody ever told the army they grow beef round here?

Not lately. We'll be on cold rations for three days.

One of you better tell the lieutenant that the waterhole I come by this morning is all muddied up.

Big Indian signs. We'd better get going.

Thank your pappy for his horse.

You thank him.

Back to post. Tell the colonel what's happened.

Look out, Indian!

Jeff! Jeff! Hand me your gun, boy!

Go ahead, Jeff!

Dr Wilkins.

Report. Four troopers, sir.

They got away with the children.

Trooper York brought the word. We came as soon as we could.

Those children, Kirby.

We'll get 'em back.

Well done, men.

Forward, trot, yo-ho!

Follow me!


Doctor, sir.

Corporal Bell.

Sorry, son.

Permission to go forward? Stay here.

It's my wife! Wouldn't you wanna go? Yes, I would, but...

If I had a friend, he'd keep me here.

Stay with me, boy.

Pack mule!

Troop, halt!

Who is that? The deserter, Tyree, sir. On your horse.

Arrest him.

You're under arrest, Tyree.


Any liquor in this village?

Mucha tequila. They were sluggin' it down copious like when I left.

Drums, singing? Yes, sir.

Vengeance dance. They'll dance until dawn and then...

Where are the children held? In an old church, sir.

Is it dark enough for you to get in? With two men I pick, sir.

Two men you pick?

I know that you are an excellent judge of horse flesh, Trooper Tyree.

Proved that when you stole my horse.

But how are you as a judge of men for a dangerous mission?

I consider myself a good judge of the men I trust, sir.

That's a good answer. Call your volunteers.

Sandy! Jeff!

Troopers Boone, York.


Take my horse. Good swimmer.

Get it done, boy. Thank you, sir.

Sandy, are you scared?

Me? Yo.

Troop, halt.

Pass the word. Dismount.

Forward by trooper.

Oh, Sandy! I'm sorry. I thought you were an Indian.

Be quiet, Margaret Mary.

Hi, Jeff.

Thanks very much.

Honey, where are the children? They're over there asleep.

You're gonna have to be brave. There's gonna be lots of shootin'.

Oh, goody!

You youngsters, be quiet.

I can't figure out which side that kid's on. Them or ours.

Let's go, Alamo!

Margaret Mary!

What the hell's the matter with you?

Sorry, Sandy.

Bugler. Tell 'em charge.

First platoon! Second platoon!

Follow me!

Shooters, follow me!

The wagon's coming. Get 'em loaded.

Margaret Mary!

All right, men! Once again, follow me!

Once more, men! Hit 'em again!

Pull it out, Jeff.

Go ahead.

Get it done, Reb. Yo.

Children secure? Children secure. Ready to move out.

Son, help me to my horse.

Bugler. Sound recall.

Our boy did well.

The honour detail is formed, sir.

"For gallantry in action beyond the call of duty,"

"on 8th July, in an engagement against hostile Apache Indians by the US Army"

"by virtue of the power vested in me by the President of the United States,"

I hereby commend the following men:

"Corporal Bell, Trooper Boone,."

"Trooper York, Trooper Tyree,."

"Navajo Indian scout Son of Many Mules,"

"given under my hand this 16th day of..."

Hey, you! Soldier boy!

And Trooper Tyree is given a seven-day furlough! Yo!

Travis has swiped your horse now, General.

Whatever else the man is, he's a good judge of horse flesh.

An excellent judge, sir. Excellent.

Pass and review!

First troop forward! Yo!


Eyes right!