Rishtey (2002) Script

Get him!

He can't hide.

He shouldn't escape.


They're hiding somewhere around. Kill both of them.

The father and son mustn't escape. C'mon!

Look there.. over there!

"Your relation and mine.."

"..is a thread no one can break."

"Your innocent face.."

"..reflects my heart, whether someone believes it or not."

"Your relation and mine.."

Who's that man? We hired him just today.

Seems to be hardworking. And needy too.

Yes sir.

This is the place, son.


"For a smile of yours.."

"..I can do anything."

"I wish I could be a toy for you."

"When you hold my hand and walk with me.."

"..I feel as if my life walks with me."

"May you smile through your life.."

"..may you be blessed with the rest of my life."

"May you smile through your life.."

"..may you be blessed with the rest of my life."

"Your relation and mine.."

"..it's a thread no one can ever break."


What was that? Say that again, son.

Papa. Papa?

Maji, come here! Coming, son.

Pyareji! What happened?

Come here! What happened?

Munna (Son) called me Papa. That's the first word my son has uttered!

So what's new? He had to call you Papa someday.

You're going to remain a moron. Now listen..

When a child starts speaking, the first word he utters is "Ma".

Heard that?

But this kid's first word is "Papa".

Know why? Why?

Because he went to sleep on his father's shoulders..

..and awakened in his father's lap.

For the child, he's the father and the mother.

God forbid may this relation never be affected by the evil eye.

Munna, won't you play with Grandma? Here, take this ball.

Won't you play with grandma?

Come to me.. come.

Hello, Ma-ji. Bless you, son.

You're late today. It was the weather I had to be delayed. Karan..

What's the matter? You look very worried.

I don't understand this, son.

Children of Munna's age are already running around.

But your Munna can barely stand on his own feet.

What are you talking about? My son is absolutely all right.

My son.. let me see you stand. Go on.

Come to your Papa.. C'mon.

C'mon.. come to your papa.


Pyare. Aunt.

Mr. Suraj, collect the child.

Is my son all right?

You said your son was born prematurely. Yes.

In such cases, the growth of the child is somewhat affected.

Your child is a victim of one such weakness.

What weakness? The bones in his legs..

..aren't sufficiently strengthened.

He won't be able to walk all his life.

Impossible. My son is absolutely all right.

He lacks nothing. He is alright, doctor.

I can understand your anguish. But we must face the truth.

This child will remain an invalid all his life.

No.. God can't do this to such a small child, doctor.

My son will run like other children.

Medically, that is an impossibility.

Science is not an end in itself, doctor.

There is someone who keeps the world going and He'll make my son walk too.

My son will walk on his own two feet and lead a normal life.

Not only will he walk, he'll even run.. he'll sprint.

He'll run.. he'll surely run.

"All darkness was dispelled. A lamp was lit in the heart.."

"..when you brought my name to your lovely lips."

"When I call out to you, you will come running to me."

"I live only for you, I have forsaken this world."

"At your feet, I could lay the world.."

"..in you, lies my life."

"At your feet, I could lay the world.."

"..in you, lies my life."

"Your relation and mine.."

"..it's a thread no one can ever break."

"Your innocent face.."

"..makes my heart tick, whether someone believes it or not."

"Your relation and mine.."

Karan! Yes, Papa?

Come on, Karan. Move. Come here.

You can walk. Move. Come to me.. walk.

You can walk! You can! Come to me.. c'mon!

Well done!

Parents! Please go and sit down. The race is about to begin.

Sir, is this cripple running with us? Shut up!

It's the Principal's orders. Running is a far cry, sir.

If this cripple can even crawl there, it'll be an achievement for him.

That boy is right. You're making a very big mistake, Mr. Suraj.

That your son can walk is enough in itself.

You're subjecting him to cruelty by making him run in the race.

It could have an adverse effect.

The child could lose the ability to even walk.

Please don't make him run.

Doctor, my son will run and even win the race.

My son, you will run. Won't you? Yes, Papa. I'll run and I'll win.

All the best.

Everybody get ready.

Run, Karan!


Suraj, your son is running!

Run! Run!

Faster, Karan. Faster!

Come on. Karan, come on. You can do it.

Run, Karan!


Run, Karan!



Our boy won.

I am so happy.

He won.

Friends, what we witnessed here today..

..is a miracle and a lesson for all of us.

The miraculous part is that a child who couldn't even walk..

..has won this race today. And the lesson is that..

..should you have good intentions and be determined enough..

..no task in the world is too difficult.

I congratulate Master Karan on his success..

..and invite him to the dais.

Come, son. Congratulations. Here's your trophy.

Thank you, sir.

We are proud of you. Sir, I wish to say something.

Sure. Come on.


We say a prayer in school everyday which tells us..

..that it's God who made the world. He's the master of everything.

That nothing is possible without His wishes.

That I ran in this race and won this trophy..

..is more the result of my Papa's efforts than God's wish.

It's true that God gave birth to me. But it's my Papa who gave life to me.

I love you, papa. I love you.

"Had it not been for you, I couldn't have walked a step."

"From you I have got a new lease of life."

"I speak the truth, there's no one like you in this world."

"Not for a moment do I want to live without you."

"You are my life, Papa.."

"..you are my God, Papa."

Where're you taking me, Uncle Pyare?

Just come with me and stand here.


Thank you, papa. Thank you so much.

Do you like it? Yes. I really like it.

Will you ride it? Of course.

Come on. Sit.

Ready? Okay. Come on. Yes.

Let's go.

That's it, Karan.. don't be afraid.

Let go, Papa. I'll manage. You'll fall down, son.

Let go, Papa! I'll manage! Must I?

Watch it, Karan! Don't ram into someone.

He'll manage to ride it. Don't worry. Come with me.



Fresh prawns!

Where are you taking me? Jam the brakes!

Damn you! You're killing me!


Look where you're going! Pull the brakes!

Okay. Thank you.

O Mother..

Damn you! You've spilt all my fish!

I'm not sparing you! Where are you going?

Wait there..

Eat it. It's delicious. Where are you going, I say!

Sorry, darling.

I'm not sparing you.

You crab!


Stop there!


Where will you go now?

Little prawn! Into my net now, aren't you?

I'm going to skin you!

Forgive me. I made a mistake, mausi ( maternal aunt )

Mausi? You call a nineteen year-old a mausi?

Am I your mother's sister? You..

Constable! Where's the constable? Where?

I'm not sparing you. You caused me great losses


I'm not sparing you.

Someone help me. One moment..listen!

Why're you using your hands? Why're you hitting me?

Hold it! I'm trying to help you! Hurry up then..

..I can't even breathe. You soon will. Stand still.

I am stuck.

Hurry up! How did this vessel get stuck?

"This girl is in love."

"The clouds have gathered.."

"..resulting in heavy shower."

"The clouds have gathered.."

"..resulting in heavy shower."


You needn't apologise. I actually liked it.

What happened? You work for Mumbai Electricity?

Mumbai Electricity? You touched me..

..and I felt a shock run through my body.

Really? Oh yes.


Damn you, little devil.

Did he call you Papa? Yes.

Is he your "porga"? Porga?

Your son? Yes, he's my son.




I'm ruined! God Almighty!

Shut up! Why're you crying? What will I tell you?

My tears tell the story of my heart. I have no home I can call my own.

Who's this girl? Why's she crying?

My niece, Vyjayanti. She came from Alibaug just yesterday.

She has a heart the size of a watermelon.

I wonder whom she ran into. She has kicked up a storm in the locality.

Wait, let me ask her. Okay.

Tell me, what happened? What will I say?

My love-story ended even before it began.

There in the afternoon, the two of us gazed at each other.

Through the eyes, our hearts struck up a connection.

And I heard the voice, "Papa"! He has a seven-year old son!


This world isn't meant for me anymore.

Vyjayanti's youth isn't worth anything anymore.

Silly girl! That man you ran into, his wife is no more.

What? How do you know? I know him very well.

He's a very nice man. Listen..

..tonight, the whole locality will assemble to celebrate the Full Moon.

He'll be there. So you can come over too, okay?

God! I'm going to lay it out right there tonight!

If he refuses, give him a pill. See what it does.

What pill is that, uncle? The kissing pill.

Anyone who pops one pill, takes a hundred kisses.

You swear? A hundred kisses in just one pill?

What if I feed him the whole bottle? It'll all be ruined!

Look at that uncle! How he clings to his son.

How will I make my pitch? Don't worry, I'm here.

I'll fix it for you.

C'mon, kids! Uncle's gonna take you for a free ride today.

C'mon! Karan!

I'm taking the kids to the swing. You can bake Suraj in the oven.

I love you, Uncle.

Would you like a pill? A pill?

Not a bullet. A calming pill.

You'll like things when you've swallowed it. Want one?

Since you praise it so much, I'll have one.

One's got to mix it in a sherbet. I'll get it, don't go away.

Thank you, God!

Let me check out what uncle's pill can do. Where's the sherbet?


Where's he going away to? Hey Suraj!

Where are you going? I've got some sherbet for you.

It's late. I'm not in the mood now. How's that possible?

I bring it with so much of love. You must have it.

What's the foam on the sherbet? You'll also foam when you have it.

It's excellent. Try it.. Go on.

Was it nice?

Looks like the pill is working.

He's staring at me.

He's coming for me..God!

Tonight, my wish will be granted!

Where's he?

Where are you going? Get him, someone!

Suraj! Where are you going? Stop there!

Wait there, Suraj!

Where has he gone?

Why've you climbed the tree? Get down here.

No, I'm not getting down.

If you don't get down, I'm jumping up to get you.

Jump. Go on.

Why are you acting funny? Come down, lover-boy.

That's not how you get your hands on him.

Swallow a bottle and tell him what's in your heart.

Will I get my hands on him then? Oh yes, tell him..

..that he's the one you want. How?

Like this.

Me? Go ahead.

"I want you, I want you."

"I want you, I want you."


"..want you, only you."

"My eyes.."

"..love only you."

"Come into my arms, love. Take me for your own.."

"I've been telling you that I love you."


"..want you, only you."

"My eyes.."

"..love only you."

"Come into my arms, love. Take me for your own.."

"..I've been telling you that I love you."


"..want you, only you."

"You're the one I'll love without a care."

"You're looking absolutely dashing today."

"You're my Prince, I'm your Princess.."

"You're my Prince, I'm your Princess.."

"..we make a first-class couple."

"Let's find a quiet corner. Let's get set together."

"Don't waste time, let's get on with it, love."

"I've been saying that I love you."


"..want you, only you."

"I want you, I want you."

"What net have you cast on me?"

"What's all this about, beautiful?"

"My heart's connection with my brains has snapped.."

"My heart's connection with my brains has snapped.."

"I find myself slipping today."

"Do not create trouble, love. Do not act smart.."

"..mind your cleavage, love, fear the world"

"Why do you say that you love me?"


"..want you, only you."

"My eyes too.."

"..like only you."

"Come into my arms, love. Take me for your own.."

"Come into my arms, love. Take me for your own.."

"..I've been telling you that I love you."


"..want you, only you."

Vyjayanti, tell me the truth.

What did you give me to drink last night?

What was it? A calming pill in the sherbet.

I thought it would be fun. Weren't you ashamed?

Weren't you ashamed to do something so cheap?

What are you watching? Get lost! Why're you yelling at me?

Had Karan's mother been alive, would you have shouted at her like this?

My child!

No, Suraj! Don't!

No, Suraj! Stop there!

Sir, Komal has got a fit again. She's unstoppable!

Komal! Komal!


One moment, Yashpal-ji.

The injuries on her body will heal, but there is no cure..

..for the wounds on her heart.

So what am I to do, doctor?

I've changed my house, even left my city..

..only to make her forget her memories. But..

Going from place to place does not heal wounds, Yashpal-ji.

A mother has lost her child. With every passing day..

..the longing to have her son back will only get stronger and stronger.

And this obsession could have been the cause of her death today.

If you wish your daughter to live, somehow give her son back to her.

Otherwise, anything could happen.

I can understand your problem, Yashpal-ji.

In a population of a billion, where will I find your son-in-law?

He is not my son-in-law!

He's a thief! He has run away with my daughter's child!

I agree, but it'll take us some time..

..to find out where he lives and what he looks like.

It is just a matter of time.

You needn't worry.

We will get him. Okay? Okay.

I don't understand this, sir. You wanted that kid killed at birth..

..you never even tried to find him in the last seven years..

..and you now need the police help to search for the child?

I cannot get it.

I'm helpless, Madesh.

Had we succeeded in having the baby killed in the hospital itself..

..it would have been the end of the story.

But now, my daughter has driven me to helplessness.

To keep her alive, I'll have to give her back her son.

And I..will surely find him.

Great thing you did You taught Akhilesh a nice lesson.

Ajju, here comes the guy in glasses. Wanna bet, Junior?

I'll knock out his glasses in one throw. From this distance?


Let's bet a chocolate. Go on!

What happened? Someone threw a ball at me.

Why did you hit my friend? Get lost.

What if he had lost his eye? Even better!

He wouldn't need to wear glasses. Shut up!

Gathering lots of flab, aren't you? Your father isn't feeding me.

Don't drag my father into this.

To hell with your father! Don't talk about my father.

Don't push me, I say! What are you going to do?

You hit me?

One moment..look down.

Now look up.

You'll bad-mouth my father?

Karan..break it up! What are you boys doing?

What is the matter, Karan? Have you gone mad? What is it?

That fatso abused you! Forget it, Karan.

Don't hide behind your father. Face me, if you're a real man.

It now has to do with your self-esteem, my son.

He's fat and the fight is difficult to win.

But go for him.

Don't bite his ears!

You're beating up Ajju? I'll call uncle right now.

Go and call him!

Uncle Hussain, there's this boy badly thrashing our Ajju.

Go and stop him immediately.

Fantastic Karan. Come on.

Come on Karan.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on. Bravo. Come on.

Come on.

He fights well. My son after all!

How he's beating up the fatso. That fatso's my son.

For seven years, I only broke stones in jail.

Today's my chance to break someone's neck.

If your son beats my son..

..you and I are going to have a duel.

My son! Watch your punch! You'll hurt the little boy.

He's Uncle Hussain's son!

If you could let go of my neck, I'll go and change the scene there.

Give me an opportunity, Hussain. You now come to your senses.

Go and make your son see reason. Go on.

Listen to me, Karan.. Let go, Papa!

Listen to me! Why've you been wasting time?

Just go and knock him down.

As you command, papa! Papa!

Bastard! I'm not sparing you!

Get aside. Fatso is chasing me.

Where d'you think you're going there?


Get up. How much more will you hit me?

Only a hundred blows. Start counting.

One.. two.. three.. four.. five..

I'll open your skull now.

May I have some chillis, uncle? Sure, go ahead.

Does it hurt, uncle? Sure does!

Here's the rose-sherbet. It'll make your pain vanish.

Drink it.

Hurry up.

Isn't it nice, uncle? Little devil!

I like this one.

You want the pink one.

You stupid man! What are you doing?

Call the police. Yes, call the police.


I'm not sparing you! No way!

Papa! You're coming with me.

You feed chillis to Hussain?

Papa! Papa! Call your father! Call him!


Hurry up, son. Hurry up! Coming, Papa!

Watch it, son..gently! Papa, you're great!

What a fight you put up! A great right, left and a kick!

You flattened out that rhino!

Papa, why don't you kick your job and take up professional fighting?

The two of us will make a lot of money.

So you want me to be get beaten up and lie down like this every day?

Just give my shoulder some warmth. It hurts.

Okay, Papa. Here you are. Mother!

Papa, how was my mother?

Was she beautiful?

Yes, my son. Your mother was very beautiful.

Did you love Mummy very much? Yes, my son.

You must be missing Mummy very much, isn't it?

"You, only you I see everywhere."

"You, only you are the one in my heart."

"I'm so helpless, I can't cut one moment without you."

"I want your fragrance to invade my breath."

"My love, I want you flowing within me like blood."

"Such is my obsession with you."

"Such is my love for you."

"With the hues of my love I shall paint you."

"I shall cross all limits in loving you."

"I shall take your sorrows and give you my joys."

"Don't ever leave me."

"I can't live without you."

"You are dearer to me than life.."

"..this much you must know, my love."

"I shall even give up my life for you.."

"..put me to test."

"Such is my obsession with you."

"Such is my love for you."

"You, only you I see everywhere."

"You, only you are the one in my heart."

"I'm so helpless, I can't cut one moment without you."

"I want your fragrance to invade my breath."

"My love, I want you flowing within me like blood."

"Such is my obsession with you."

"Such is my love for you."

"Such is my love for you."

"Such is my love for you."

Papa, I am sorry.

I reminded you of Mummy.

I am really sorry.

Karan. Karan.

Come, let's go and eat.

Here it is, uncle. The fish. Sit here, don't go away.

I feel like it now. Stop it today.

I'm not in the mood to work today. I'm going to sit by myself.

As if I can stop it!

Vyjayanti! What's gotten into you?

Milk makes cream, milk makes yogurt.

If we got together, life would be set.

Life would be set.



Mother Dear!


No, Vyjayanti.. this can't be happening!


Why're you screaming? What happened to you?

How will I explain? I see him every place I look.

And he won't look at me even when I stand before him.

What's worth looking at in you? What did you say?

Don't get excited. I'm speaking the truth.

You're going around selling fish all the time.

Your body stinks of fish. When you pass by someone..

..it appears as if a mackerel were dressed in a sari!

If you want him in, it's time you went all out.

Turn modern.. for the present times.

How will I be modern, Uncle?

I know a famous tailor in the film industry. Satish Kulla.

He's a master at stitching small dresses for big ladies.

I'll ask him to stitch an outfit for you. And you'll just fit!

I love you, uncle!

Don't worry, brother. I'll be very careful.

Make a nice manly portrait for me.

Or else, you'll lose your other eye too.

Don't worry, Khan saheb. Once I paint a manly portrait for you..

..other men in the world will look like eunuchs.

Is the portrait ready? Absolutely. Take a look.

One-eyed jack! I'm not letting you live anymore!

Where has he disappeared? I'm left holding his pyjamas!

Vyjanti! Help me!

Hold me tightly. Don't leave!

I don't know how the rope snapped!

Sorry. I am really very sorry.

You needn't be sorry. I liked swinging with you.

What? I mean..

..how do I look in this modern dress? I look great, don't I?

He smiled, which means he's in!

You do look sohni now (beautiful) Sohni?

I mean, you look beautiful now.


I look beautiful to you.

Oh yes, Vyjayanti. You're really beautiful.

You really find me beautiful? Oh yes.

'You look very beautiful.'

'You really look beautiful.'

'You really look beautiful.'

"My heart.."

"..my heart.."

"My heart.."

"..my heart.."

"Those crazy, go mad."

"They find no peace."

"It's when you fall in love with love, that you lose your heart."

"Those crazy, go mad."

"They find no peace."

"It's when you fall in love with love, that you lose your heart."

"You meet someone.."

"..who steals your heart."

"The heart then belongs to her.."

"..never to come back to you."

"When the breath is held.."

"..when sleep eludes you.."

"..the agony incites a sweet pain in the heart.."

"..it happens when you lose your heart."

"Those crazy, go mad."

"When the breath is held."

"It's when you fall in love with love, that you lose your heart."

"Someone has stolen my heart.."

"..and given me his heart in exchange for mine."

"I pray to God.."

"..that our hearts never be separated."

"When the eyes meet.."

"..when his hand is in yours.."

"..when things fall in place.."

"..it happens when you lose your heart."

"Those crazy, go mad."

"They find no peace."

"It's when you fall in love with love, that you lose your heart."

"My heart.."

"My heart.."

"My heart.."

"My heart.."

"My heart.."

What's Vyjayanti doing here?

Come on!

How did an unmarried girl undertake this fast?

That's all right, but find out who she's fasting for.

Let's go and find out. Come on.

She's going to Suraj!

Vyjayanti.. you really look beautiful today.

I know you find me very beautiful.

Come on.

So she's fasting for Suraj.

Come on.

Why've you brought me to the terrace? I'll explain. Stand here.

What are you doing, Vyjayanti? I've been fasting today.

For your long life.

What? What do you mean by 'what'?

Today's Karva Chauth and every woman fasts for her husband's long life.

I observed the fast too.. for you.

Are you in your senses, Vyjayanti?

Are you alright?

This is a fast a woman observes only for her husband..

..and you're making a mockery of it? You poke fun at our customs?

I swear it on God. I observed the fast with all my heart.

Who asked you to observe the fast? What do I mean to you?

Everything. You're my life, my happiness, my support in life.

You've gone mad! Yes, I've gone mad.

I'm madly in love with you. I keep dreaming of you all the time.

I take you for my God. That's enough!

That's enough, Vyjayanti.

I know you're a good girl, you have a clean heart, but..

..but how will I explain to you? I understand.. yes, I do.

You turn me down because I will ask for a son of my own after marriage?

I swear it on God.. I'll never be a mother.

I'll lead my life only as Karan's mother.

Only never distance me from yourself.. never.

Else, I'll die, Suraj. I'll die! That's impossible, Vyjayanti!

Why's it impossible? Tell me!

Because my wife is still alive!

Maybe no one heard me talking about her in the past seven years..

..but I haven't been able to forget her even for a moment during this time.

Vyjayanti, no woman in the world can take my wife's place.

No one can take Komal's place.

I must say, Yashpal-ji. Your arrival lends glamour to our party.

I don't see Komal around? She was here just now.

There she is. Why's she all alone?

Excuse me. Yeah, sure.

Komal, I brought you here because if there are around..

..you'd feel less lonely, my child.

You shouldn't have brought me here.

How can you say such things, Komal? You must mingle with people.

No, please. Come. Be with people! Come on.

Enough. Stop here.

Stay here, Karan. I'll get these papers signed and return.

I'll be back in five minutes, okay? Okay.

Have you been to the party exhibition? No.

It's a beautiful exhibition.

You must. Okay.

Want to join us tomorrow? No thank you.

Don't you go to exhibitions? No.

Should I get you a Coke? No! Really, thank you.

Good afternoon, sir.

You? I wanted some papers signed, sir.

Oh yes, Gupta called. I told him to send the papers immediately.

The goods ought to be delivered tomorrow.

Come on, be quick. Go. Thank you Sir.

Karan! Coming, Papa.

Catch me! Let's go.

Give me a kiss. Come on, let's go.








Suraj! Wait there!



Wait there, Suraj!


Have you gone mad? Whom were you running after?

I saw Suraj, Papa! He's taking my son away.

There he is!

That's Suraj. He works for me.

I can even take you to his place. Yes, let's go!

Go home, Komal. I'll bring your son there.

No, I'm going with you. Listen to me, Komal!

Go home. I'll bring your son home in half an hour. Go on.

That's it. Stop here.

Thank you, Papa. Thank you so much for the ball.

Bye. See you in the evening. Come soon. Bye, see you!

Come on.


That boy in the blue t-shirt is Suraj's son.

What are you doing? Hey! Give it to me too.

Give it to me too.

Out of the way Who are you? Lay off, old hag.

Leave me!

Where are you taking the boy?


Where are you taking the boy?

Save our boy!

We must inform Suraj. Immediately.

Suraj! Hey Suraj!



Hey Suraj, listen!

Some guys came and carried Karan away.

They came in big cars.. one of them was called Yashpal.

Driver. Yes Sir.

Break that bastard's head. Yes sir.

What's all this about?

Papa! Well done. Be quiet!


Go on! Ask your men to touch my son! Touch my son if they have the courage!

Try touching my son!

Try touching him!

Listen to me.

Because you beat up a few of my men, you think you've won the round?

I'll come back again.. and I'll snatch your son from you!

Till now, you dealt with your daughter's husband.

Don't make the silly mistake of taking on a father.

Should you try to touch even my son's shadow again..

..you won't have a cremation or the last rites.

Papa, I know that whatever you did you must have done it for my good.

Why did you have to separate from Mummy?

Didn't mummy love you?

No, my son. She loved me very much.

She meant the life to me..

..she was my worship, my inspiration.

A thousand bucks? Terrific! You're accepting bets on John?

I know Suraj is going to win. So I'm making money on John.

Odds on John.. 1 to 10!

Boss, your tiger has gone down without a whimper.

Smart-ass, let her arrive. You will see how my tiger springs to life.

Get up!

Suraj, I love you.

Here's your money for winning. Here it is. Take it.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven!

I bet 5000 on John! Come on.

Come on! Come on!

Come on! Come on, Suraj!

Come on! Come on!

Come on, John!

"I want to take you for my own."

"I want to hold you to my bosom."

"I want to take you for my own."

"I want to hold you to my bosom."

"In your arms, I want to die."

"I want to take you for my own."

"I want to hold you to my bosom."

"In your arms, I want to die."

"I want to take you for my own."

"I want to hold you to my bosom."

"The more I look at your face, my love.."

"..my love for you increases that much more."

"You have filled my heart with love.."

"..thank you so much for accepting me."

"Listen to what my heart says, my love.."

"..this relation of love, we must honour together."

"I want to take you for my own."

"I want to hold you to my bosom."

"In your arms, I want to die."

"I want to take you for my own."

"I want to hold you to my bosom."

"I've lost my heart ever since I have desired you.."

"..I thought it belonged to me, but it went out to you."

"Strange are the ways of love, my love.."

"..in the loss of the heart is the victory."

"You are my love, you are my mate.."

"..in love, my love, we must transcend all boundaries."

"I want to take you for my own."

"I want to hold you to my bosom."

"In your arms, I want to die."

"I want to take you for my own."

"I want to hold you to my bosom."

"In your arms, I want to die."

Sorry. That's strange.


What the hell is your problem?

What do you want? Relax. I was just dancing.

Don't try to act smart.

I know girls like you very well.

If you do a thing like this again, I'll break your bloody arm.

Komal, what are you doing?

Let go of her hand. Get lost!

What are you up to?

Who the hell does she think she is? Komal, please.

Just leave me! Komal relax.

I won't tolerate this. Relax. Let's go outside.

Let's go outside. Come on. Come on. Just leave me. Leave me, Suraj.

What the hell does she think of herself? Come on, cool down, Komal. Relax.

I said leave me. Just forget it, Komal. Cool down.

I know what such girls want! I know what was on her mind.

I can't bear to see another girl eying you!

Suraj, I can put up with any situation.

I can do without anything we don't have in life.

But the day you betray my trust..

..will be the last day of our relationship.

When I have such a beautiful beloved, why'd I look at cheap imitations?

I mean it.

Tomorrow's your birthday, right?


I'll meet your father and discuss our marriage with him.

Your arrival has brought cheer to my party.

One minute.

Mr. Kothari, your glass is empty.

Waiter, come here.

How are you looking after the guests? Why's his glass empty?

Sorry Sir.

Thanks a lot for coming. Hi, Suraj!

Sir, he's the one I told you about last night.

Happy birthday. Thank you.

Come with me. Where to?

Papa, this is Suraj. Greetings, sir.

What are you wearing, my child?

I got such a beautiful dress made for your birthday.

Go and wear it. But Papa, this is fine.

Come on, my dear. Go and change it.

Okay. I'll be back soon. Okay.

What name did you say? Suraj.

Nice name. Thank you.

The cake has arrived, sir.

Very good. Come with me.

This is Komal's birthday cake.

You mustn't even have seen a cake like this in your life.

And I'll feed you today. Here.. What are you doing, sir?

I'm sweetening your tongue. Come here..

This is the most expensive liquor in the world.

You mustn't even have smelt it. And I'll make you drink it today.

Drink! You're crossing the limits, sir!

Cheapskate! You hold my daughter's hand and walk into my party?

Leave me. Stop it!

Do not take his silence to be his weakness, Papa.

If he's quiet, it's only because you are my father.

And let me tell you something. Suraj is your future son-in-law..

..and my husband-to-be! Any place where my husband is not respected..

I will not stay at even for a moment! Let's go, Suraj.

"You are one who rules my heart. You are the one who lives in my heart."

"You mean the life to me."

"You are one who rules my heart. You are the one who lives in my heart."

"You mean the life to me."

"I desire you with all my heart."

"I seek you with all my heart."

"My life I could lay down for you, my love."

"You are one who rules my heart. You are the one who lives in my heart."

"You mean the life to me."

500 bucks on Suraj. Very good!

You are amazing Suraj!

People sweat it out to earn money, and you shed your blood for it.

Here's your rightful share. Here you are, Suraj.

Thank you.

Thank you.

"This relationship between hearts.."

"..this bond between hearts.."

"..this union of lives.."

"..culminates in our coming together."

"Just one desire in my heart. A promise too.."

"..I will love you more than my own life, my love."

"With you, I will live. I will never go away.."

"..I take an oath, my love."

"You are one who rules my heart. You are the one who lives in my heart."

"You mean the life to me."

"He will be the Sun during day, a star by night.."

"..our darling son will be the most lovable."

"My heart says.."

"..that our childhood is returning to us."

"Come, let me embrace you. Let me merge with you.."

"..I want nothing more, my love."

"You are one who rules my heart. You are the one who lives in my heart."

"You mean the life to me."

"You are one who rules my heart. You are the one who lives in my heart."

"You mean the life to me."

Ready? Yes.

"I seek you with all my heart."

"My life I could lay down for you, my love."

What's that, madam?

Can I come in, Sir? Come in.

Is everything all right, doctor? Yes.

Can I have this? Sure.

What are you looking at? Such injuries are commonplace in our profession.

In fact, we are paid for the injuries.

There's no cause for concern, I hope?

Cause for concern, there is. You'll have to be very careful.

See your brain-scan? This portion of your brain is badly hurt.

Because of this injury, you will have to give up this profession.

I'm afraid, you'll never be able to enter a ring again.

But why, doctor? Because..

..if by any chance, you sustain another injury in the same place..

..you can suffer a brain hemorrhage or even have a paralytic stroke.

You could even lose your life.

It's a very serious matter.

You'll have to take care.

I understand that.. but I have a request to make.

You mustn't mention this to Komal. She's pregnant..

..she'll be upset for no reason. All right, Suraj. But..

I'll take care of myself. Thank you.

I'll leave now.


One second.

Hi! Hi baby.

How are you?

Looking nice. Thank you.

What's that? Vitamins. All of them.

Eat vitamins and be fit like I am.

Listen, what did the doctor say? He said..

I'd live for a hundred years and sire eleven children.

Suraj, give up this profession. God forbid..

..if something happens to you? One moment!

Strange! Your son's saying the same thing!

When the mother and son get together..

..what'll poor father do? No more fights! Promise!

This is an invitation to Anita's wedding. You're going, aren't you?


Why not?

Papa will also be there.

And I don't want us to come face to face.

Don't be silly!

You're going to the wedding and I'm booking the tickets tomorrow.



Congratulations. Thank you.

Komal, I can't tell you how happy I am to see you here today.

Where's your husband? He had some important work..

..so I came on my own. He insisted that I attend..

..so you wouldn't take offence. So nice of him!

You've travelled far. Your baby must be hungry.

Go and eat something. No, we'll eat together.

Don't be so formal. Go ahead. I'll join you later.

Okay. See you later? Bye. Bye.

This is the ideal couple. For a beautiful daughter..

..you have found a great son-in-law. And I'm not so lucky, am I?

What's this uncle? You meet your daughter after all these days..

..and you are so indifferent?

You wanted Komal to be happy, didn't you?

And she's happy. Very happy. And perhaps you don't know..

..she's pregnant. And you're going to become a grandfather.

I'm sorry, Papa.

I have hurt your feelings. Please forgive me.

I must leave now, my child. Look after yourself.

What's this? You come this far and won't come upstairs?

No, dear. I don't have the courage to face Suraj.

I've been very.. Suraj holds no grudge against you.

In fact, he'll be very happy to see you.

Come on. I won't take no for an answer. Come on.

Okay. Come on.

Come Papa.

He doesn't even know I'm returning today.

He's going to be surprised to see the two of us together.

Come on in, Papa Give that to me.

Sit down. He must be in there. I'll give him a surprise.

Sit down. Yes, I'll sit down.


How dare you get into my house?

And how dare you wear my nightgown?

Oh come on! You talk of sharing a house and the nightgown?

I've even shared your husband.

I've slept with him.

Komal! What are you doing? I'm not sparing you!

Have you gone mad? What is the matter?

I won't spare you!

She says she has spent the night with my husband!

Let me go, Papa.. What happened, Komal?

You're asking me? First tell me what she's doing here!

What are you doing in here?

Why put on the act when you see your wife?

When you can have fun, have the balls to admit it.

Tell your wife that you've spent the night with me.

What rubbish are you talking? What? You're the one talking rubbish!

Suraj, tell me the truth. What is the truth?

What's happening here? How did this woman land here?

I don't know a thing, Komal! No! You're lying!

What's this? Where did you get this lip-stick stains from?

How did you get this lip-stick stain?

I don't know. I swear I don't know anything!

Now tell me that you know nothing about this ear-ring either! Tell me!

I swear it on you! I know nothing!

Listen to me, Komal. Hear me out! You are lying!

You have cheated me! Komal, can't you listen to me!

Why did you do this to me? Listen to me. Hear me out..

Why did you do this? I did nothing! Nothing!


No! Don't touch me.

What is this insanity?! Leave me!

Control yourself, please! Don't touch me!

Our relations are finished. I'm dead for you!

I'm dead!

Komal! Komal!

Lay off, scoundrel! You have ruined my daughter's life!

Hear me out, Komal. Komal! My child!

Someone send for an ambulance!

That man, for whom I left you, I forsook the whole world..

..he was the one who betrayed my trust.

He has defiled the husband and wife relationship.

I'll never forgive him. Never!

Congratulations, sir. It's a baby-boy You've become a grandfather.

This child mustn't live. Why not, sir?

Theirs is a relationship I caused to split forever.

And the link to bring them together again is born today.

I will not let this relationship be revived.

Go Madesh, kill him.



Suraj, your wife doesn't any have faith in you.

Your father-in-law wants to kill your child.

If you wish to see your child alive, take him and escape!

Don't waste time thinking. Just escape! Take your son away!

Escape with your son! Escape!

I lost everything.

Everything I had, was gone.

These seven years, I lived only for you.

Papa, they won't separate me from you. Will they?

I can't live without you, Papa. I can't live without you.

I want to know who gives you such silly advise!

Where was the need to do such a foolish thing?

We have a law in this country.

He's the one who betrayed his wife, he's the one who fled with the child.

In just one hearing, I'll strip that bloody Suraj in court!

The name is Advocate Katre. Those I hit, die of suffocation.

But you will have to do as I say.

Because there are allegations and counter-allegations in the court.

One has to speak the truth and also use lies at times.

And I'm sure, Komal. To have your son back..

..you'd be willing to go to any lengths.

I don't want any explanation. Yashpal Chaudhary is our financier..

..and I can't hire an enemy of his. Settle his accounts, Mr. Mehta.

I heard Suraj has lost his job? Yes, dear.

When difficulties come, they come from all sides.

Their house is in a shambles. They don't even have water to drink.

I'm filling some water for them. Don't worry, aunt.

I'm here. I'll do all the chores. No dear.

Let go, aunt. I'll take it.

Madam, that's the house.

Anybody in?

Who is it?

You.. Where's Suraj?

You're Komal, aren't you? Where is Suraj, I say.

He returns from work at this time every day. He should be here.

Why're you standing? Sit down.. I'm okay here.

You live in this house?

You could say that.

What relationship makes you stay here? Nothing.

Do you know, when a woman lives with a man outside of any relations..

..she's called a keep.

If people are going to call a devoted woman a keep..

..yes, I am Suraj's keep then.

Let go of my hand! I'm not here to look at your immorality.

I've come to give you the court's summons.

I'll have my child from you.

I'll see you in court.


Your Honour, this case is a unique case in the history of the law.

It hasn't anything do with a robbery or a murder..

..it has to do with the unfortunate mother who delivered a baby..

..and someone ran away with it.

It wasn't anyone else who committed that despicable act..

..it was the woman's own husband and the father of the baby!

To prove his guilt, I seek permission..

..to summon the nurse Bilkis Banu to the witness box.

She was on duty at the hospital that night.

Permission granted.

What did you see that night? I saw this man..

..beating up Yashpal-ji's manager and running away with the baby.

I screamed. The security men tried to stop him..

..but he beat them up too and escaped.

Thank you. Welcome.

This man had a special motive to steal that child, Your Honour.

From the only daughter of a billionaire father..

..he wanted to extract a price for the child.

Because he was himself a depraved, characterless and lecherous man.

That is a lie, Judge! It's the truth!

And to prove this truth, I have solid evidence.

Hussain Bakshi.

Hussain Bakshi, how did you and Suraj come to be friends?

We share our habits, sir. Every time we drank together..

..there's just one thing he said to me. What?

My son is what I have earned. The day my wife comes asking for her son..

..I will extract whatever price I want for him.

He's talking rubbish! This man is an enemy of mine, sir!

Liquor's too unimaginable a thing. I haven't even shared water with him!

He has been bought out! He's not the one who's bought out.

You are the one who has sold out! To prove that..

..I seek permission to present Mrs. Komal in the witness box.

Permission granted.

Komal-ji, did Suraj ask you for a price to return your son to you?

I'm asking you, Miss Komal.

Did Suraj ask you for 20 million to return the child, or didn't he?

Why aren't you answering me?

Did Suraj ask you for the money, or didn't he?

Without these ploys, you can never have your son.

You can never have him.

Did Suraj ask for the money, or didn't he?

Yes. My husband asked for money.

Mr. Suraj, is there anything you wish to say in defence?

You're the one I'm asking, Mr. Suraj.

Do you wish to say something in defence?

All aspects of the case have been presented before this court.

It has been proved what motive Mr. Suraj had..

..behind abducting his own son.

For the sake of money, he has played..

..with the relationship of a father and a husband.

The child has no future with such a self-centered man.

The court therefore orders that the child be entrusted to the mother.

'It's true that God gave birth to me. But it was my Papa who gave life to me.'

'I love you, Papa. I love you.'

"In a matter of moments, what has my life come to?"

"I wonder whose evil eye has affected our relationship."

"I will always miss your innocent face."

"When you go away, who will call me Papa?"

"What does God make relations.. Why does He break them?"

Karan, you haven't eaten anything since last night. Come on..

..have something to eat. Please.

You won't eat from my hand?

I'm your mother.

Do you love my Papa?

Do you love my Papa?

If you don't love my papa, you cannot be my mother.

Go away. I don't want any food from your hands.

Go away.

Just go away! Leave me alone! Go away!

Just go away! Go away!

Who broke the window pane? Who?

I broke it. What are you going to do about it?

Are you out of your mind? I'm only out of my mind..

..but you've sold out on your faith!

How much money did you get to give false testimony in court?

How much did you earn in separating a father from his son?

That's my business.

Who the hell are you to sermonize to me?

You call yourself Hussain? Do you even know who Hussain was?

He was the Prophet's grandson. He laid down his life, was martyred..

..only for the sake of truth and justice. And you..

..you have brought disgrace to his name. You have abused your faith!

You'll have to account for that. You will have to!

Sir, the credit of this celebration goes to you, Mr. Judge.

The lawyer is right. Had you not delivered a verdict in our favour..

One moment, Yashpal-ji. I haven't delivered a verdict in your favour.

In the light of the evidence and the testimonies..

..I only delivered a verdict to uphold the truth.

Well said, Mr. Judge! That was fantastic.

Let's drink to that, Mr. Judge. No thank you. I don't drink.

I came to share your happiness because you were so insistent.

As you please. Excuse me, Sir.

One moment, sir Excuse me. Please.

What is the matter, Madesh? Why are you disturbing me?

Suraj is at the gate, sir.

How dare you come to my door? Get lost.

I'll go away, sir. I'll go away.

Please let me meet my son for a little while.

If you have come to ask.. ask like a beggar.

Go down on your knees.

Down on your knees!

With folded hands, cry.. and beg to see your son.

Don't you hear me? Beg!

Please let me meet my son, sir. Please let me meet him.

You aren't even getting alms from this house.

Get out! Get out from here!


Well done, sir!

Nice lesson you taught him! He was out to clash with you!

You've made a dog out of him! He doesn't know..

..who he was dealing with.

The pauper and the king!

Come, let's party and have fun. Yes.

This guy's gonna smash everything!

Oh no!

What are you doing?

Commissioner, this is Yashpal Chaudhary.

A thug has got into my house! He's vandalising everything.

Send the police force immediately. Our lives are in danger.

Please! Hurry up!




Karan! Papa! Papa!


They snatched you from me, Karan. Take me away from here, Papa!

Of course, Karan. C'mon.

Papa! Papa!

They'll kill our Suraj!

Leave my Papa alone!

Save my Papa! Let me go!

Sir! They'll kill my Papa! Please save him!

I beg you, sir.. please save him!

Your father's a bastard! He's better dead!

Get lost.





Suraj brother!

That was a nice thing you did, sir.

He's a criminal.

He'll be brought to your court again.

And this time..you must send him to hang! To hang!

His only crime is that he loves his son very much!

As long as he lives.. he's going to continue committing this crime!

So relieve him of the trauma of dying every day, sir..

..just hang him, sir.. hang him!

Come on. Your bail has been arranged.

Mr. Suraj..

The law is like the blind traveller who finds his way..

..with the help of witnesses and evidence.

On the basis of the evidence and witnesses presented in court..

..I had delivered a verdict against you.

But what happened yesterday has opened my eyes.

File an appeal to reopen this case. I assure you..

..I'll do my best to see that you get justice.

On what grounds is this case being reopened?

This case has already been decided! What farce is this?

Mr. Chaudhary...

You are trying to obstruct the court's proceedings.

But Judge.. If you do not remain silent..

..it shall be treated as contempt of the court.

Stay quiet, Yashpal-ji. Suraj is out of prison.

But they could lock you up. Please sit down.

You may proceed. Thank you, Your Honour.

I seek permission to summon Mrs. Komal in the witness box.

Permission granted.

I now seek permission to summon Master Karan in the witness box.

Permission granted.

Mrs. Komal..

Place your hand on your son's head and tell us under oath..

..that your husband asked you for a price to return your son to you.

Are you listening, Mrs. Komal? Swear it on your son..

..that Mr. Suraj sought 20 million from you to return your son to you.

I'm saying something to you, Mrs. Komal.

Place your hand on the child's head and say it under oath!

Tell the court how much money Suraj sought from you!


I don't think I need to explain anything more to the court.

That's all I have to say Your Honor. Thank you.

Mr. Judge..

I wish to say something. You may.

I admit, a mother lied to have her son back.

You may very well hand over the child to his father.

But ask him to accept a cheque of 10 million along with the child.

This man is no position to give the child a good upbringing.

For seven years, I have reared my son, sir.

I can take care of him in the future too. I don't need this man's charity.

Oh yes, why would you need charity?

You have a treasure-vault, don't you?

Your Honour, everyone knows what his status is.

Even the house he lives in is under litigation..

..and he can be thrown out at any time. He has already lost his job.

It's kind of Yashpal-ji that he's giving you some charity.

Have you the ability to deposit 1.5 million in court..

..for your son's upbringing?

Well? Why have you sealed your lips?

Speak up! Say you can't bring up your son!

Yes, I can bring up my son. Hear that? I can bring up my son!

Really? As security, can you deposit 1. 5 million rupees in court?

Yes, I can!

Judge, he himself says that for the upbringing of his child..

..he can deposit 1. 5 million rupees in court as security.

If he fails to do that, I beg the court..

..to have the child entrusted to his mother for a better future.

Do you agree? Yes, I agree.

Mr. Suraj, are you saying this in your full senses..

..that you will keep your promise within a given period of time?

Yes, sir.

Mr. Suraj is given 3 months, as per the arrangement..

..to deposit 1.5 million rupees in the court as security.

If he fails to honour his commitment..

..the child shall be handed over to the mother forever.

By agreeing to our condition in court..

..you have distanced yourself from your son forever.

Forget raising 1.5 million in 3 months.

You can't raise it in 3 lifetimes.

I'm sorry to say this, Yashpal Chaudhary.

You sure are fond of winning, but you do not know how to play the game.

1.5 million is too little.

Had you even asked for 150 million for my son..

I'd have thrown it in your face.

All the best, Papa!

Rs.50 for Ranjeet and Rs.500 for Rahim. Bet now!

Rs.500 on Rocky! Give the money. What about you?

Rahim! Rs. 1000 on Rahim. Don't worry.

Suraj! After all these years!

Where have you been? Where?

Where were you? I've been searching for you for years.

God! Am I glad to see you today! My brother!

Are you mad to think of getting into this profession again?

Even a tiger forgets to hunt prey after being caged for seven years.

And you've been out of touch with fighting for seven years.

Why are you endangering your life? What for?

Manibhai, I'm not talking about this common betting fights.

I'm talking about the fight that takes place only once in a year.

Where the victor gets 2.5 million.

You've gone nuts! You're out of your mind.

One moment..you were hurt on the brains, weren't you?

And the doctor had forbidden you from fighting too.

Don't take this risk, my brother.. you will die.

I'm dead anyway after being separated from my son, Manibhai.

If you wish to see me alive..

..help me in getting my son back.

I could even give my life for you, Suraj.

But I don't have the money. Who'll invest the money for your preparation?

Who will train you? I'll train him.

I have committed a grave sin by separating you from your son, Suraj.

Give me this opportunity to do a good deed.

Maybe I'll be able to face my Creator then.

This is terrific news, Madesh!

Suraj has decided to enter the ring again!

This time, he mustn't leave the ring alive.

That's just what will happen, sir. Take a look over there.

Madesh, buy out this man. And tell him..

..that he hasn't just to win the fight, he's got to kill Suraj.

Winning is a part of my personality.

And I'm going to win this battle against Suraj.

I will. Yashpal Chaudhary will.

God, protect my father.

You are the Lord.

And yet, Your brother and Your wife were with You in exile.

But this seven years of exile, Suraj has been through on his own.

To fight the demon, You had an army of the apes.

But he? He has fought the world single-handedly.

Your justice is being put to test today.

Help him, Lord.. protect him.

"Glory be to Lord Rama!"

"Glory be to Lord Rama!"

"Glory be to Lord Rama!"


Suraj! Suraj! Suraj!







Why were you calling out to Suraj? Who are you?

I'm the woman who ruined this man's life.

I'm the one who had him separated from his wife.

And God has punished me for my sins.

This was a body I was proud of..

..and this is how it is today.

My husband has left me. I went begging from door to door.

I lived only to beg at this man's feet and ask for forgiveness.

You've come to the right place. Come with me. Come.





How dare you come to this house? Get the hell out of here!

Get out! Wretch!

Whom did you call a wretch? Watch your tongue!

You think only you can get angry? I'm in a fit of rage too.

You've spoken enough. Now listen to me.

Recognise this woman?

You do recognise her, don't you?

Yes! She's the one who lit the fire between you and your husband.

She's the one who ruined your family. Tell her the truth.

What did you do what you did? Clear her doubts.. tell her.

Nothing happened between your husband and me that night.

It was part of a conspiracy to poison your mind.

Your husband is innocent.

I was given a pair of stolen keys to get into your house.

I was the one who applied lip-stick marks on Suraj's shirt.

I was the one who hooked that ear-ring on him.

To make you believe that your husband had spent the night with me.

To ruin a happy family, to commit such a grave sin..

..the man who paid me whatever I asked for was no one else..

..but your father.

You are a very rich man's daughter, aren't you?

But I've yet to see someone as poor as you are.

You have neither the happiness of being a wife..nor a mother.

A husband and wife's relationship is based on love and faith.

And you.. you wouldn't trust the man who loved you?

Men never lack women. A million girls could die for Suraj.

I was willing to die for him! I! But he never even looked at me.

You know why? Because you're the only one he loves.

There's just one woman in his life.. and that's you.

That son you pine for, you couldn't even have seen his face..

..if Suraj had not escaped with him from the hospital.

Because your father was bent on killing the symbol of your love.

He wanted to kill your child!

This bridal necklace you wear..

..it proves that you haven't been able to forget Suraj in these 7 years.

You still love him and consider him to be your husband.

But you will wear that necklace for just half an hour more.

For the sake of his son..

..Suraj has chosen to walk into the jaws of death.

He won't come back alive.

Only you can save him. Go..and save your husband.

Save your Suraj. Save him.

That scoundrel mustn't survive. Listen carefully to what I say.

I've just received information from Madesh..

..that Suraj's nerve to the right of his brains, is damaged.

Just gun for his right temple.

Like I've thrown him out of my daughter's life..

..you must throw him out of this world!

Just finish him off!

I want to see him dead!

Do you understand? I want to see him dead!

My daughter..slaps me?

My daughter?

No. You were slapped by the woman..

..who gave false testimony against her husband in court.

You were slapped by the wife..

..who could not preserve the sanctity of her bridal necklace.

You were slapped by the mother..

..who could not feed her child with her own milk.



What have you done, my child? What have you done?

I've punished the daughter who struck her father.

God, have mercy.

God, protect him.

Protect him, Lord.




Don't waste time. Hit him here. Here! Finish him!



You've got to win, Suraj Scorpio!

Hit me! Come on!

Hit me! Come on! Hit me!

Hit me! Come on! Hit me!

Clobber him!

Harder! Hit him, Suraj!

Hit him! Hit him!

Don't spare him!

Come on!

Our Suraj has won!

Get up.

What are you doing? Go around there!

You have won! Pick him up!

My lion!

Go to your Papa. Go on Papa!

Papa! Karan!


Suraj, my son.. I had never accepted defeat in my life.

Winning had come to be part of my nature.

But your honesty has defeated me.

I today understand the significance of the word father.

Here's a father, who defied death for the sake of his son.

And I.. I gave my child nothing but sorrow.

I won't ask you to forgive me.

I don't deserve that even in charity.

You're running scared of punishment?

You're surely going to be punished.

Whatever punishment you give me..

..I will face it, my child. So go down on your knees.

Go down on your knees, I say.

Embrace me.

Embrace me, grandfather.

My child!