Rive droite, rive gauche (1984) Script


"Confidential, urgent. Cargo ship X2 813.

"Change course. Abandon destination Niger.

"Turn 280 degrees. Pervillard, Paris."

This is pure fantasy and rumour.

There's no basis to it, no proof.

No ship was ordered to change course.

These falsities are prejudicial to the reputation of a man and a business.

It's libellous.

My client, François-René Pervillard, President of the GGEI, will be entitled to a symbolic franc every time this libel is printed in any publication, anywhere in France.

Senanques is good.

You're pissing me off!

The president suggests dinner.

Not this evening. You must.

I'm tired. You must.

Mr Senanques... Yes?

Can I have a word?

See you later. You're coming. OK.

Bravo, you won. But I'm disappointed.

Naturally. No. I'm disappointed because I've seen you defend worthier causes, less powerful people. You've been won over by money.

I'm disappointed.

This afternoon saw the conclusion of the libel case brought against the Informateur by François-René Pervillard, known in politics and finance as "The President".

Mr Pervillard will be our guest on The Whole Truth, on this channel next Wednesday.

This will be the first time that the influential but very private Mr Pervillard has agreed to appear on our live program.

I'm very pleased with your service.

You're a good team.

We've been working together for 10 years now.

It's been a success. Of course.

Guarrigue, you're the organizer.

Senanques, you're... the talent.

You've got it all, Senanques.

And a gorgeous wife.

Babée. Right?

That's right.



Stop it!


I said not to come here. I had to!

Did you hear something?

No. Stop!

...can operate at the back of the eye, thus avoiding blood loss.

This is a major development.

Medical specialists like you will realize that.

But the Minister's unsure.

This is made abroad. People say it's dangerous.

Our hospitals need this laser, but the Epsilon laser needs your support.

Mr Ericson, tell Catherine it went well.

I'll see her at the office. OK.

Excuse me... We're faculty doctors.

Can we buy you a drink?

Is this your first time at the university?

No. I'm here for the laser. What's so good about it?

I'll tell you.

It provides a painless solution for detached retinas.

Do you see?

What do you do? PR.

Is that a job? Sacha Vernakis...

Is your husband Greek? My ex.

I see.

Sacha's a man's name.

It's short for Alexandra. It was Tolstoy's daughter's name.

My father taught...

How are you going to sell your laser?

It's not "my? laser. You get commission.

That's none of your business.

I'm not available for lunch. Thanks for the coffee.

See what he wants.

You take care of the president.

Hello. How are you? Happy? Good.


Sort it out. Take this. File that. See you later.

Sacha, how are you? Trousers?

No good? Not really.

So the doctors liked it?

Fill me in tomorrow. This is chaos!

Are you OK? Yes.

These days, these events have to be a bit chaotic!

The Minister.

We're about to start.


Very good.

Speak to you later. OK?

How are you?

I'm not feeling so good. Don't make a fuss.

Come on.

Calm her down, Guarrigue. I won't be long.

So? Are you happy?

Does my suffering please you?

Excuse me.

I'm sorry.

I'm proud to be the President of Métrologie and today Métrologie is proud to present our latest and smallest interior computer.

Grid System: an IT revolution.

Minister... Grotesque.

What used to be called "patronage? is now referred to with the awful word "sponsorship?


This unique setting has been chosen, for the President of Métrologie, Mr Antoine Macart, to share with his friends...


...with you, ladies and gentlemen, the unveiling of his new product.

Whatever the case, ladies and gentlemen, if art and culture...

Have you dropped something? My earring.

Is there a reward?

Get off. Are you crazy? Sorry.

...a domestic revolution...


...a new way for families to live.

Thanks. No problem.

We're grateful to Métrologie for donating...

Does that work in your seedy pick-up joints?

...this wonderful space which will bring to this prestigious museum the finishing touch it deserves.

Could I borrow your earrings?

These ones. Can I borrow them?

I'll bring them back.

I'm going. I won't stay long.



Would you like these?

Even now you're not funny.

Of course.

So? Shh...

I'm Bobby, the babysitter.

Hello. Hello.

Good evening.

It's bed time.

Come on.

Good night.

What's this? He couldn't sleep.

We played a bit of gin rummy, then he wanted to play cops.

Let's finish it off. 10 francs a point. OK?

If you like.

I'm coming up.

Come here. Thanks.

The big baby. Thanks.

My baby.

See you tomorrow.

Here we go.


Hello, good night.

Good night, hello, darling.

Have a nice snooze, with your little bear and the black cat and the elephant.

Go to sleep now.

Did it end well?

My client was happy. Everyone was there.

This awful guy hit on me.

Really? Yes. Handsome.

But a real pain.

Paul Senanques! Who?

Senanques. Paul Senanques. Don't you know him?

Everyone knows Senanques.

Who's everyone, Catherine?

Who won? What?

The gin rummy. He did.

No. I did.

No, he did, I think.

When did you finish?

We didn't. We went out.

Where did you go?

I'm late. I'll tell you later.

My dear friend, you're on time and so am I.

Punctuality is a royal virtue.

After you.

Exceptionally, we'll walk to your office.

What's up?

Come on, chin up.

Be good, work hard. OK?

I'll pick you up later.

Dad, I've got a secret.

What is it?


You imagined it.

It was a dream. You were asleep.

You didn't see anything.


Go on.

Bye. Bye.

Senanques-Guarrigue Legal Practice That's what Pervillard wants.

A new libel case.

It's the same thing, with a newspaper in Marseille.

Same problem.

I'm getting sick of him.

Steady on. He's our golden client.

You know, I can swallow his dishonesty, vulgarity and disdain but something gets stuck. What?

He looks at me like: "You could be my son.?

That makes me puke.

There's a leak.

In the Pervillard case. No, fool, here.


A leak.


Sorry. He's not available.

He's in a meeting.

Ah! Mr Paul! Mr Guarrigue.

Look at this!

Your machine is leaking everywhere.

It's just a little leak.

Do something! This is impossible!

I'll deal with it.

Hello. I'll be right with you.

One minute.

One minute.


And the information you wanted.

Sacha Vernakis.

Thank you, Mrs Racet.

Mrs Racet...

What? What is it?

What if it was all true? No, wait.

Maybe he rerouted those supplies from Africa to get a better price elsewhere.

He'd have been starving them.

That's disgusting.

Here's another question:

Who owns those two Mercedes out there?

Look at me.

We started off small. We worked hard.

We defended outsiders, who may well have murdered little old ladies.

And this is the pay-off.

What about you?

That guy's money pays for your wife's jewellery.

What do you want? OK. I hear you. OK!


Mr Pervillard. What line?

He's here. Then show him in!


We were lunching at Prunier's. I thought I'd stop by.

You're welcome.

Mr Senanques.

How are you, my boy? Well.

With this Marseille case, there's a document that may come out.

It's a forgery, but it could be tricky.

It'd help if you told us what it contains.

Imagine if we had the records for those cargo boats.

They must record their instructions and movements.

That'd put an end to these libels.

The accusation of withholding food is serious.

I'm not surprised our client is suing, but these constant denials of responsibility don't look good.

Don't you think?

What are you playing at, Mr Senanques?

I gave you enough to make a defence.

But not the key document.

It doesn't exist.

Make do with what you have.

Do the job I'm paying you to do.

You're expensive!

You were lunching at Prunier's?

The grilled turbot is excellent. And that white burgundy.

Not bad.

There's a real problem.

The Minister won't take this laser.

Why not? No idea.

Go back to see Franchet. He can sort this out.

Why me?

I'm helping you make a living.

You don't want to sell panty towels and frozen food.

I understand.

Give us a moment.

Listen, you know how to talk to officials.

Use your talent. Seduce them!

Leave it out! No.

You complain about money.

If Ericson takes those lasers, it'll be huge!

You'll get your commission.

Your money problems will be over.


Franchet's the guy to speak to?


Sacha, a firm of lawyers asked for your details.

Mr Senanques' secretary.

She was so nice.

Mrs Racet. She wanted everything.

What did you say? Nothing. I just told her.

My number? Yes, why?

Are you crazy?

Marie-Claude, listen.

No one should give out my details.

To anyone.

Shall we sit here? Yes.

What did Catherine say?

Got a cigarette? Yes.

I changed my mind.

I feel so tired.

Do you mind if I don't come for dinner?

Are you OK? I'll go home.

I'll pick up Charlie and spend the evening with him.



The first sentence is hard.

It can be funny or annoying, but it's hard to find.

Then move on to the second.

I'm pleased to see you too.

I love Chinese cats. I like cats too.

We must have a lot in common.

I'm not so sure.

I don't know what you want.


Just getting to know each other.

I know who you are. You found out?

Hello, Madam.

I understand you did too.

Sacha: a man's name, short for Alexandra.

Your father taught literature and liked Tolstoy.

Paul Senanques started out defending truth and justice.

Now he just makes money and doesn't care about morality.

What do you sell?

What exactly is PR? Get off.

Don't touch me. I don't like it.


Get lost. And don't call.

I don't want to see you.

I'll miss you too.

Sir. Yes. The cat?

4,500 francs.

Please leave a message.

I miss you already.

I've got an idea.

Let's forget what happened and start again.

Breakfast tomorrow. 8.30am at the Plaza.

We'll get to know each other. Take a risk!

I arranged to see Sophie. I won't be long. Wait for me.

No harm done.

I shouldn't say this, but... you're better than this.


What you do at night. The clubs, the whores.

Sophie's not a whore.

Well... maybe a little bit.

But so is my wife. They all are.

Does that make me a bad guy?

I didn't say that.

Am I a whore, for making good money?

Then what are you?

You're living in a brothel here.

You're a voyeur. Watching and judging.

You're 18 and beyond reproach.

So pure, so innocent...

Old people are whores, right?

I didn't say that.

Am I interrupting?

No. I'm going.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

Who's he here for? You or our boy?


Where were you?

That's rich, coming from you.

Paul, how long can this last?

I asked where you were.

I'll let you guess.

The opera, maybe.

Perhaps with my lover.

The guy that you bring in here as soon as I turn my back and fuck against the door.

Like this.

I've got an idea.

Let's forget what happened and start again.

Breakfast tomorrow. 8.30am at the Plaza.

We'll get to know each other. Take a risk.

OK, Jean-François? Yes. You?

Very well.

Very well.

Everything's fine?

Isn't it? Yes.

Franchet sounds keen.

It looks like you convinced him.

Are you playing squash later?

Get him to meet Ericson, while you're there.

That's a bit much.

Not if Franchet likes you, which he does.

Don't be late.

I'm meeting my man first.

Give me a kiss.

We'll have sausages next time.

Do you still like mustard?


There we go.

Are you thirsty?

I'd rather meet here than at the ministry.

That said, Mrs Vernakis...

Sacha, your case isn't that easy.

I know.

You're very... persuasive.

You know... sometimes, through one's professional contacts, bonds can be formed.

A coincidence is a coincidence, whatever you think, but guess who plays squash here.

I'm all ears.

Mr Franchet!

Mr Franchet...

You tried to play me for an idiot.

It was quite innocent.

You don't expect me to believe that was a coincidence!

Things like that used to happen, but not anymore.

That's influence peddling, corruption.

No. It's putting people in contact, overcoming prejudice and protectionism to equip our hospitals, whatever the product's nationality.

Or danger.

If you'd let Ericson speak, instead of reacting like this he'd have shown you that the laser is perfectly safe.

You're still as...

persuasive as ever.

We could talk about this over dinner.

So you trust me?

Of course!

Let's have dinner with a technical advisor.

Good idea.

Carpark Pont-neuf

Mr Senanques...

The President's document isn't a forgery.

Here it is.

This is the record.

The ship's course was changed.

I thought you'd be interested.

Why me?

Because you never believed in this case.

So what do I do with this? Whatever you like.

What are you doing?

Checking for a wire. I've got nothing!

But it wouldn't be beyond the President.

What's in it for you?

You might have guessed that I don't really like the President.

You've never seen me.

This is a trap.

It stinks.

Who gave you this?

I can't say. Don't you trust me?

You've seen it.

I don't believe it.

Welcome to the entirely renovated

2nd storey of the Eiffel Tower and the Jules Verne restaurant.

We wish you a pleasant evening.


Hello. Hello.

Isn't your advisor here?

He cancelled. But I've brought everything.

Please, have a seat.


You know...

today, you're practically the only person I've seen.

I mean, first the squash, then... our little exchange on the esplanade and now this dinner...

You're becoming part of my life...

It happens all the time.

In my job, you see people a lot and then not at all.

Yes. Of course.

My real friends are separate from my work.

Real friends? Or boyfriends?

That's daft. So old-fashioned.


It must be hard, living alone with a child, with no stable income.

How do you manage? Badly.

I have to borrow money at the market.

Don't worry about me. This evening's not about me.

Have you decided about the laser? I haven't. Not yet.

Don't act colder than you are.

We're talking business, but it didn't take much to get you to dine with me.

You politicians are so trashy.

It doesn't work like that now.

Women don't put out for contracts.

Didn't they teach you that at your fancy school?

No. But they taught us moderation.

Not to push a joke too far.

You were joking, Mrs Vernakis?

You fool.

You fool.

You fool.

Did your pride get the better of you?

He annoyed me. He was so predictable.

How do you know what he wanted? And what does it matter?

Is your ass made of gold? Catherine, please.

What about you?

We've lost money and our reputation at the ministry!

That's a quarter of our business!

You're finished.

I'm not giving you anything else.

Do you think you're too good for this?

How did I get all this?

I used my head. I'm as smart as you are.

Maybe even smarter.

But I used everything I have.

And I'm not ashamed.

I played my little role.

See you.

The show's over.

I don't want to hear her criticized.


At last.

Be quiet. You oaf. How dare you!

I won't let you insult me, or the French food industry and its workers, or my clients in countries that are friends to France.

Mr Pervillard, everyone deserves a say.

You've spoken almost without interruption for half an hour.

I'm the main guest. He's good.

Let's get back to East-West relations.

Jean-Jacques Jaffré, go ahead.

Then Mr Marlat.

Mr Pervillard... President Pervillard.

I don't see why you have that title.

It's totally unjustified.

To me, you're Mr Pervillard.

To me, you're no one.

Colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, can't you see through his clowning?

Pervillard you haven't answered a single question.

May I? Of course!

I'd like to know which bin you found these people in. And which party they're from.

Don't lecture us.

Please, sit down.

He's right.

Mr Pervillard hasn't answered any press question.

The press doesn't ask questions. It libels.

I sue. And I win.

I've won all my trials, for a year.

Your lawyers have ensured that nothing has been proven.

Camera three on the lawyers.

There's a document that would prove you withheld tons of food from Africa. It doesn't exist.

This is a trap.

I could sue you, Mr. Marlat. Be careful.

If it did exist, would your lawyers maintain their case?

Would you like to reply to that?

No, no.

I would.

That document exists.

I'm not sure it's authentic.

I only received it yesterday.

But that's not the point.

This rare, pertinent question concerns a lawyer's belief, or lack of it, in his client.

That's what interests me.

It's an important question.

To defend a client, it's better to believe him.

To believe he's telling the truth, the whole truth.

But there are compromises with the truth, compromises with one's conscience.

The lawyer plays a game, just as we all do.

There are games of justice, power and money, and to play the game, with society as it is, you have to lie.

You can lie by omission, about things that are known but not admitted.

In politics, there are special funds...

What a word!

They exist, but no one mentions them.

To finance an election campaign, you need a lot of money.

Where does it come from?

Let's say it came from me.

After giving, giving and giving, I want something back. I feel I'm above the law.


That's not your question, Mr Marlat.

You were more specific.

I'll translate.

What you're asking, and what I've been asking myself, is: "Am I a louse for defending a louse?"

It's a damn good question.


Let's get back to the matter in hand.

You're biting the hand that feeds you. You'll pay for this.

Calm down.

Repeat what you've just said.

Is that a threat? Come on.

Let's go.


I'm entitled to recoup the whole of your fee.

Of course, President.

You were great.

The telephone hasn't stopped ringing.

All right, all right.

France-Presse, Libération, Le Matin...

That's enough now.

Give that here! Unbelievable!



That wasn't the press.

It was the Plaza. They have a message for you.

From a certain Sacha.

It seems he can't call.

Yes. I see. Thanks.

Yes. I see.


I forgot something.

I'll be back. OK.

Madame, excuse me.

It's done. And?

I don't know.


Ah. Jean-François.

Where is she? She was here...

Has she been gone long? No.

Thanks, Jean-François.

That was good.


That was good.

I can't hear.

Would you like some mash?

Don't you like it?

I grew up with potatoes, so I'm allergic to mash.

Mash, chips, crisps?

Yes? everything.

And Pervillard, too.

I'm scared.

So am I.

Who's that? Jack Donaghy.


I've always wondered who lives there.

Everyone does.

It's sublime.

Why's the light always on?

I don't know.

I don't know.

I love you.

I love you, too.

"You're a Liar!?

"TV Scandal?

To me...

They did this to me!

François Carré, Sygma News.

I'm late.

You can't leave it there. You were great.

You are the news.

Can I film you? With that?

It's a Betacam.

I can work anywhere with it.

It's faster than writing.


OK. No pressure, but... if you're going to say something, call me.




It won't unlock.

Mr Guarrigue changed the locks.





This is a bit hasty.

No more than you were in destroying a 10-year partnership and a great business.

Don't exaggerate. I hope that's a joke.

Do you realize what you've done?

Do you know who Pervillard is?

What he's capable of?

Did you see my car?

I found it like that.

A first warning.

It probably didn't happen to you.

After saying your piece, you were nowhere to be found.

Everyone was looking.

Babée. Your son.

I've seen Babée and my son's at school.

Leave my private life out of it. I'll leave it all.

It's over.

I'll try to fix things with Pervillard.

They're going to take this up at the Bar Association.

I should smash your face in.

You're not quick enough.

Stop it, both of you.

You're so selfish.

What about us?

What's going to happen to us?

Do you realize what you've done?

You think you can fight this out, like two macho fools?


Mrs Racet, calm down.

There, there.

This isn't funny.

Really, I wasn't laughing.

If you'd seen her!

Poor Mrs Racet, beating away like this...

Give me two days.

What do you mean?

We'll leave it all behind.

Two days isn't long.

He has to pay, one way or the other.

You say he swore not to circulate it, but it's in all the papers.

Who's backing him?

He didn't do this for fun!


Leave us.

You too, Monblanc.

Yes, Mr Guarrigue?

You've always trusted me. Let's forget Senanques.

My business is still operating.

I'll still represent you.

And Paul... I mean Senanques, didn't forge the document.

The leak was from your people.

Give me a name.

A name! I don't have one.




Julien, darling, wake up.

A call for you.

Hello? Ask Dad where he is.

Hello, Dad?


Where are you?

What's happening? Where are you?


Go to sleep, darling.

Try again. That's the number.

There's no answer, Paul.

Open your eyes!

She's using your son. It's a classic.

Would you do that?

Maybe, to keep you.

How do you like your eggs?

Scrambled or fried?

I want to know why he went, after that call.

Didn't you hear what I said?

It's his pony club weekend.

He left early, with his friend Thibault.

I thought you knew.

Why did you come back so fast?

Are you feeling guilty? Shut up.

Come on.

Why use him like that? Are you that angry with me?

Who were you with?


Your friend Sacha?

Tell me, Babée.

You're seeing someone, Paul.

And not a whore. This is different.

It's a woman.

Look at me when I'm talking! Watch it!

You're playing the hero.

Dressing up.

Showing off. Like every man.

Let's get one thing straight.

One thing...

...between us.

Never use Julien again.


I'll fight to keep him, Paul.

You don't get it.

I'll fight.


I understand.


We need to be apart for a while.

We're not ready to tell Charlie yet.

You're right.

I think... you're amazing... an amazing woman.

I think at 8.30am, when we've both taken our sons to school I think we deserve eggs at Café Flore.

With bacon?

My car?

Easy does it.


All good.

We're rolling.

Just paranoia.

Shit. Look out!

Look out!


Mrs Senanques? Mrs Paul Senanques, yes.

He was lucky.

When you see the car, it's incredible.

He's fine.

Not a scratch.

He's out of his mind.

He's not himself. He's not sleeping.

He's wild.

We'd like to keep him in for a while.

Look. That's it.

A 1cm scratch.



You were lucky.

I'm here, Paul, despite what's happened.

You can count on me.

This wasn't an accident.

How do you know?

It's what you said about Pervillard.

I don't like what's happening.

I'm getting anonymous calls, Julien was followed.

The holidays start in two weeks.

Don't wait. Take him now.

Send him to your parents.

So it wasn't an accident.

No. Get Julien out of school.

By the way...

Where were you coming back from?

Get Julien. It can't wait.

This could be the time.

Good idea.

Nice flowers. Yes.

There are some fruit jellies, too.

Without Bobby, it would have taken longer to find you.

But I would have. Of course.

What's up, Paul?

Babée said she'd stop by.

So I have to go?

That's it.

Then just say it.

Sacha, could you go?

My wife is coming soon.


OK. Then I'll go.

Sacha, be reasonable.




Monblanc, Perillard's colleague, "died from a heart attack in his car."


Unbelievable. Would he do that?

I don't know.


I can feel something going on.


What's up?

I'm fine. Really.

Why don't you say?

I just didn't like what happened at the hospital.

Having to sneak out like that...

I understand.

What I feel for you is...

I hate this sort of situation.

It's just not me.

You're right.

It won't last long.

Those fuckers are getting to me.


Wait here.


Oh! Hello, Sacha.

Are, Sacha, how nice to see you.

It's been a while.

I'm completely broke, but when I got up I was feeling so ugly that I decided to come anyway.

Quite right.


Sacha's here. Take care of her.


Sacha! Are you well? Yes.

Shall I wash your hair?

No. She's coming with me. Let's see what we're doing.

Who's Sacha?

She used to come a lot, but she's been having work troubles.

What does she do? PR.

Is that a job?

Is she married? No idea.

I'll make you look brand new. Make me feel better.

Stop. It's not finished!

Yes it is.

Mrs Senanques is going.

You maniac!

I saw everything.

I can testify.

You can't let that pass.

Look at your car.

This is my card.

I don't need this.

I really don't.

Did you try Marie, on the floor above?

There's no answer.

Her agency said she doesn't work there anymore.

Her son hasn't been in school for two days.

Don't get the files mixed up.

There's a colour code.

Her son's not in school? Not for two days.


That's the 4th time today.

It's getting on my nerves.

Fifth time.

You've tried everything?

Sacha, open up. It's Paul.


Sacha, I know you're there.

Sacha, it's me.

What does this prove?

Sacha... I know. I heard about it.

The car crash, Babée's hysteria...

But I...

I'm sorry. I never wanted this to happen.

I understand why you wanted to leave.

But it gave me time to think.


It's hard to say... I never had the courage, but I love you.

I love you.

Open up. Please.

Who's there? Are you smoking?


Marie? Where's Sacha?

She got lucky.

She went away, for some peace and quiet.

Where? For how long?

I can't say. Tell me!

I swore we'd leave her in peace.


OK. Too bad.

We want to talk.

Fuck off.

Not his head. Not the head.

Granddad! Look!

Charlie, be nice. Play with your truck.

I couldn't stand it anymore.

I wouldn't give up, if I were you.

He's worth it.

Sacha, don't turn your back.

Stop running.


Yes, Marie.



I'm coming.

OK? Yes.


There we go.

I'm stopping this.

I know what to do.

It's risky, bit if I pull it off, Pervillard's finished.

It may be hard going, Sacha.

You're not cut out for this... I'm cut out for you.

I won't leave you, Paul.

Those bastards hurt me.

Hey! You!

Hey! Hey!

Call them off. I won't be long.

I'll sort this out.

What do you want?

It's hot. May I?

Keep your thugs away from me.

It's like a bad film.

It's out of date. You fool.

Wasn't one beating enough for you?

What did you get out of all this?

Yes, I sold that food to Cuba.

Of course I did.

And I've done worse.

I deal with heads of state.

You caused me problems with the press, but they can be bought, just like I could buy you.

I'd be surprised, President Pervillard.

You've just signed my life insurance.

TV hurts more than a truncheon.

No! No!


Get Guarrigue here, fast!

You wanted to see me, President?

I want to settle things.

This is ridiculous.

I want you to call...


We're out of touch.

Fix up a meeting.

Impossible. He wouldn't come.

Yes he will.

He's missed you.

You still love each other.

Don't waste my time with your scruples.

This evening.

Make it happen this evening.

In your office.


Let's go.

Wait. She's washing.

Paul, I need the cassette.

No TV channel will show it.

None of them.


That's why you called?

Tell Pervillard you won't use it.

Call him!

You don't understand. You haven't changed.

Wait. What?

Wait. My lenses.


I'll help you look.

I can't see anything.

Don't shout.

You'll wake the boy up.

That'll just make it worse.

Never fight with contact lenses.

I wasn't expecting to.

You idiot.

I didn't want to either.

Is that it?


What are we like?

Have a drink.

It'll help.



It'll help.

Another drink, maybe?

You know, Paul... Yes.

Where's... What's her name? Sacha?


At her place.

Waiting for me.

Why? I...

I think they... used me to get you away from her.

Oh, God!

I'm going to shout.

He wouldn't do that!

No answer.




He didn't wake up.



This means war.


I need an associate. Are you free?

Thanks for coming so quickly.

My associate, Mr Guarrigue, and I have an interesting film for you.

It concerns a highly powerful man.

Then Mrs Vernakis will describe to you the case she's bringing against that same man.

But first, this.

I sold that food to Cuba. Of course I did.

And I've done worse.

I deal with heads of state. With a video of under a minute, Mr Senanques revealed the truth about President Pervillard.

The video was filmed without Pervillard's knowledge and confirms the facts that he previously denied.

A cargo of food destined to starving Africans was sold to Cuba.

Senanques' victory in this battle with his former client will be far-reaching, as it will be supported by the press. Pervillard stated:

"The press can be bought, like anyone else."

Imagine the headlines we'll see.

"Press for Sale? Have a go?"

Subtitles: Eclair Media